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I Went Into the Crowd During Bassnectar 📷: @paytonselzer

Okeechobee shot by henny p @paytonselzer

Alone ft. BIG SEAN & Stefflon Don ⚡️

Martin Thomas

2 days ago

I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this song!!!!!

Kathleen Jeffcoat

2 days ago

Halsey you are beautiful and unique. g easy lucky to have you as his girlfriend.

Andrea Tommaso Putignano

2 days ago

all ur songs are amazing,everything!!! halsey.....

March 15th feat BIG SEAN & Stefflon Don
3pm PST
6pm EST
10pm GMT

Cecilia Steen

5 days ago

Please, no 😭 Song is good on its own, if it ain’t broke don’t F with it

Sonia Altamirano

5 days ago

Tatchanan Jirananda ในที่สุดก็มีศิลปินตัดเพลงที่กูชอบที่สุดในบั้มสักที 555555555555555

Servando Balbin

5 days ago

Lachlan Tipping I’m so torn about how I feel about this

I’m gonna be voicing Wonder Woman in the new #TeenTitansGoMovie ☺️😇💪🏼 IM A SUPERHERO Y’ALL! This is the coolest thing ever. The original Teen Titans animated series was my FAVORITE show ever growing up! See you guys at the theater 7/27 ❤️
Mami lani ❤️ technicolor dream. @kehlani
I think you're crazy, maybe.

I think you're crazy, maybe.

@iheartradio ❤️❤️❤️ pic by @gradybrannan outfit by @stylememaeve
Family affair @sevianfrangipane

Family affair @sevianfrangipane
🖤🖤🖤 📷: @gradybrannan

Him & I is the number one song on the radio! WOW! Thank you guys so much! @g_eazy 💓💓💓💓💓

‪Bless the women who have paved the way for us to yell loudly and proudly. The world is watching the world is listening. I’m honored to be alive in this moment in history. This brave one is heavy on my mind today. 🙏🏼❤️‬

Maeve DID that! @stylememaeve

I match the Oscars stage ☺️ @galialahav @stylememaeve

Vanity Fair. @galialahav
Stumbled upon these lil throwbacks of my first ever @playboy shoot, at 19 years old I think. 😂🌊

Happy Oscars @g_eazy

20,000,000 records in the USA. FUCK!!!!!! Fuck!

Chubby baby in the middle is Dante. He’s 13 years old today! Holy HELL where does time go. Happy birthday DJ. You are the brightest, coolest, calmest kid I know. You are all the best parts of me and your brother, and none of the bad. You’re artistic, intelligent, kind, funny, empathetic, and I believe you’ll change the world some day. I’m sorry I’ve missed birthdays, and Christmases, and basketball games but I work hard every single day to make sure you have a better life (and all the sneakers u can dream of). Everything I do is because of you, and because I hope to give you all of the opportunities you deserve in this life. Have a sick fucking birthday little man. I love you. ❤️


Snack Story 🍕🍪 📷: @hoeg

Okeechobee 🤘🏼 @hoeg

The Youth Will Always Win. 📷: @hoeg

Today USC @uscedu awarded me with the Inspire Award. I’m floored to be amongst the incredibly impactful individuals to receive this honor (Ryan Coogler ?!!!!!). Know yourself, be yourself, trust yourself. Thank you guys so much. ❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️ 📷: @somyadalal

🏆🏆🏆 📷: @hoeg

Dat side eye tho 📷: @hoeg

In The Bay wit bae. @gradybrannan

With the queen herself 👑 📷: @gradybrannan


Vegas. @gradybrannan

🎱🎱🎱 @gradybrannan

Rare moment alone. @gradybrannan

Vicious. 📷: @gradybrannan

My first cover of 2018!!!! Wonderland Magazine ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹

Gabriella Pensa

a month ago

It does not hurt to ask. With all respect, ask the woman who raised you to see if you were adopted by her. It seems Lisa Dean Ryan's personal record in New Jersey back in 1994 coincided with your birth. Let me know when you get the answers.

Freya Sundby

a month ago

hi little rat when are you going to finally get pregnant just so you can cancel that career you have cuz nobody likes a lana del rey wannabe!! 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

Jen Knight

a month ago

I love your music, you are a brave and inspirational woman. Your music has taught me to be express myself and not care what anybody says, and that has turned me into the 12-year old I am today, thank you so much and keep up the good work!


🌹🌷🌹🌷 shot by @ellenvonunwerth 😁

This beautiful young lady pitched me on a V Day face paint, so you know we had to get the matching glitter rainbows. 🍭🌈☁️

This: is love. It’s real and it’s ours. Happy Valentine’s Day. You make me the happiest in life. 💘

happy v-day, u big craze. I love you + miss you a kaskillion + am very proud ur starting ur tour tomorrow. crush it bb. 🏹👼🏻🖤

stockroom syndrome 🤙🏼 @complex @upnup

Posting from my story bc @markgierl told me to
Perfectly imperfect 🌸🌺🌼

Halsey Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Julia Wiener

a month ago

I already loved shoes... you just... made me fall more...

Also, Halsey giving me new hair goals with every video she releases. EVERY. VIDEO.

Karen Ossa

a month ago

So I watched your episode then proceed to watch about 2 hours worth of other episodes. I now have a new obsession

Faysal Salaheddine

a month ago

Michael Preston she’s dating G easy lol

Perfectly imperfect 🌸🌺🌼

My episode of @sneakershopping with @complex is out now. I talk history; gift giving; and will probably surprise you. ➖➖➖➖ today I’m holding these little guys in my hand in honor of the upcoming “holiday”. If you know, you know. (Thanks babe. 💞). PS I’m a size 6 I have no idea why they look like a size 16 in this pic 😂

I am SO honored and excited to announce my collaboration with @yslbeauty !!! Last night I did my own makeup for @amfar using Tatouage Couture Liquid Lip Color in #9 and All Hours Foundation in BD40. Working with a makeup line I actually love and use is honestly a treat and I’m excited to show you the other looks I cook up 💄 #yslbeauty

@imsebastianstan was allowed to wear a coat and I was in the #fashiontanktop ❤️ @tomford

Thank you @tomford for having me at your show ❤️❤️❤️😍



At least 6 shades of grey 🌫🌫🌫

today’s thoughts: don’t seek negativity. don’t look for tragedy in mundane corners where it may have never been to begin with or you will create it yourself. never be stupid. but don’t confuse optimism with naïveté

Anthony Johnson

a month ago

...nah...I do not need money from you. I am waiting for my back pay bonus and reward monies coming from Attorney Barack Obama.

Sammy Danielle Lightowler

a month ago

i didn't see a duet Valentine's day. so hoping Halsey would perform her duet with Justin Biber "the feeling" loved watchiong it. looking forward to her next song. missing her a lot. happy valentine's day!

Brenda Galleguillos Paredes

a month ago

Watched your video today, cried through its entirety. You expressed the lives of so many of us...... Thank You

here is my entire “A Story Like Mine” poem from today’s #WomensMarch2018 in NYC tw: rape / assault. Thank you.

Titan Reimer Friesen

a month ago

Confession: I've never heard of you before today. I mean, I'm a 48-year-old dude with no kids, so you're not exactly on my radar. :) But after today....

Goddamn, were your words powerful. So moving. Thank you for being brave enough to speak out as you did, but thank you even more for chasing your dreams and becoming who and what you are.

Deep bow, queen. Deep bow.

Emilly Ellen

a month ago

Halsey - thank you for you. My 15 yr old amazing, brilliant, beautiful daughter Kayleigh was/is a huge, huge fan. With an anguished broken heart and a fracture to my soul, she was recently tragically killed in a car accident just days after successfully prosecuting her rapists for a rape when she was 14. She spoke out, like you, and used her voice - and her art in telling her story - the most magnificent young woman I know, My Love, who teaches me daily the essence of light, love and courage. At your recent November concert in Cleveland there were thousands of purple hearts passed out in her name held over phones giving off a purple light throughout the crowd you may have seen during "Sorry." Those were for Kayleigh - and for you. Again, thank you for you. Like Kayleigh's brilliant light keeps changing the world, keep shining - we need your light. As Peter Gabriel once wrote, "you can blow out a candle but you can't blow out a fire - once the flame begins to catch the wind will blow it higher" - With our love, Kayleigh and Kevin Mooney

Angelica Tabornal

a month ago

Dear Halsey. I am a 58 year old grandmother from Sweden that until some minutes ago never had heared your name. I still have no idea about your Music but I have a clear and strong picture of who I belive your are after I have listened to your poem. I want you to feel my deepest respect and kindest support. <3