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Much love to YouTube for sharing our spooky video for "Do Not Disturb" on the #RockHotlist with some bad ass bands.

Kimie Uehara

2 days ago

All the bad ass bands gotta be in one place, of course you’d be there 🤘

Jennifer Hicks

2 days ago

lol i posted this last week and Halestorm just now officially post this music.... C'mon ...

Jeff Jones

3 days ago

Really love it!! 🖤

Dane Nicoll

10 days ago

El Rock está más vivo que nunca, Congratulatios LYZZY, Happy Birthday 35th yeah! 🍀🤘🤘🤘

Chirobocea Noemi

10 days ago

Very glad this led to a new video haha

Suzanne Martin

10 days ago

I loooove this song! I hope you play it in December in Wichita, KS!

Let's get uncomfortable. Submit your questions in the comments below.

Amit Ulrich

21 days ago

To the Lzzy Hale
The concert at London Brixton was flipping excellent are u planning to do bigger arena’s at all and how long do we have to wait for the next album and tour in the UK

Lucia Pardo Orge

21 days ago

Missed you in Kalamazoo Mich. But I won't again! Would you be interested in taking a tour of the old. Gibson factory? Gibsons are a Kalamazoo original. They are now Heritage guitars.A little piece of History. I know you two are Gibson fans.

Christina Eve Boatright

22 days ago

Both: i want to start playing guitar (or even drums :P ), which brand would have great sound on a college student's budget? P.S. you're my idol, Lzzy <3

Josh Smith - a man not afraid to get a bit uncomfortable and break the 4th wall.

📷: Judy Won

Isadora Gacel

a month ago

Awesome show in Belfast last night. First time seeing you guys. Blew my mind.

Lizette G Aguilar

a month ago

Professional photobomber. I applaud you, sir.

Aurica Tarlea

a month ago

See you sunday in Glasgow

Freaks, I’d like to do something! I want everyone who has ever struggled with mental health to #RaiseYourHorns take a pic, tag and share it!

The more people that are brave enough to put it out there, the more we will all see that we are not alone in our battles, in fact, we are the majority! Let’s get one step closer to breaking the mental health stigma!

Much love in Rock n Roll! 🤘🤘

Muawia Sharabati

a month ago

Depression, PTSD, early childhood trauma, and postpartum depression. I keep the horns high, and rock/metal saves my life...every. single. day. #RaiseYourHorns

Karen Tribouillier

a month ago

It's an everyday thing, these wars that rage inside our heads. Remember the lessons learned yesterday, Apply them to today and prepare for the battles tomorrow. Take Care and Fare Thee Well! 🤘

James Andrew Toman

a month ago

Lives with severe depression, high anxiety, bipolar type 2, borderline personality disorder... Halestorm gets me through everything, they are the most played band when I go to YouTube, a majority of their songs speaks to me in a way, (mainly I Am The Fire)... These things are a daily battle, no matter what type of help or medication you're on
🤘 #raiseyourhorns 🤘

As long as I’m weird...and you're weird...let’s be weird together! Xo Love you all madly.

Norma Madrigal

a month ago

?why b normal? LOL 😜 love you guys ... excited for Dec. 14th in Tampa!

Aziz Louati

a month ago

Never want to be a normal! Weirdos are the best! Love you honey, safe travels.

Becky Medina

a month ago

You know we're full of weird up here in Canada 😜 hope to see some dates soon added to that tour...Quebec would be awesome but I dont mind driving to Montreal and would love to see you guys rock it live 😘

More options for the upcoming Halestorm Tattoo Studio! Open 12pm day of show.

Pre show tattoo venues:

Sheffield: Dove and Rainbow
Glasgow: Victorious Tattoo
Birmingham: The Flapper
Manchester: Jimmy's
London: Skunx Tattoo
Bristol: TheHatchet Inn

Message Old Sarum Tattoo for all inquiries.

Paolo Villafane

a month ago

Steph McClelland could see you getting all of the above 😂

Tracy Meckley

a month ago

Tattoo’s just aren’t my thing. I’ve got no ink and no piercings.

Christopher Emondts

a month ago

Signatures for sure!!

Pre-show in Minnesota on our latest US tour. Now we're taking Vicious worldwide. ✈️🌎

Jesus Salas

a month ago

Everyone overseas coming to see you is so lucky. They’re in for a hell of a show. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Susan Freeman Babcock

a month ago

Your not stopping in Madison Wi. ? Coolest city ever, and so many awesome venues to play at. 🤘🤘

Bartholomew Adie

a month ago

Please squeeze in a show in London, Ontario, Canada and Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

Black Vultures circling the sky
Pick at the pieces
Scavengers wait for me to die
But I’m not defeated

Janice Albert Chumbler

a month ago

That song is so amazing. The whole album is. Good luck on your overseas leg of your tour. I can’t wait to see you guys in CA again sometime soon. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Jean Michel Dumond

a month ago

15 days till sheffield & meet & greet🙌🙌

Savory Irawan

a month ago

Can't wait to hear you guys blast this song in Manchester on the 26th! Plus im looking forward to getting my Halestorm tattoos and the meet & greet! #freak 🤘

Touring worldwide all year. We’re coming back louder and more vicious than ever.

All dates and tickets on

Driele Ferreira

a month ago

Scrolling through the comments, I see a lot of Aussie & NZ fans wanting a show soon. Please Halestorm give us a show early next year.

Praveen Kumar

a month ago

I saw you a few weeks ago & had an amazing time! And how you play in those sky high heels is beyond me!

Jeannie Litton

a month ago

We're coming to see you in Springfield, MO in December---cannot wait! You're always singing in my ear! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

It’s official! “Uncomfortable” has hit #1 at active rock radio. Thank you freaks for getting VICIOUS with us!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

Mayra Medina

2 months ago

Love. Love. Love. This New CD you guys. I'm old enough to be all of you guys older sister but I Freakin Love all of you. Be Safe and Rock On. Everybody needs to buy this New CD Halestorms Vicious. Fucking Rocks.

Иван Иванов

2 months ago

About damn time! Thanks so much for this whole album...I love it more each time I listen to it!

Chris Tommy R Horner

2 months ago

Really enjoying the new album and looking forward to seeing you in Dublin next month.

Somewhere in Maine with a Gibson Les Paul Supreme.

Teyona Harris

2 months ago

Great concert that was I was nowhere near the crowd I was over the boat dock Stand in the truck after a little bit sitting I can't believe you had me all the way up to the boat dock

Ahmed Mohmed

2 months ago

don't look so happy about it.

Maria Anaya

2 months ago

But like, come back to Wisconsin tho 😏

Thank you to the iconic Joan Jett and the Blackhearts for being such a vicious trail blazer. You’ve inspired Halestorm and so many others. You’ve given so many of us hope. It’s an honor to share the stage with you to play some rock and roll!!
📷: Judy Won


2 months ago

Amazing show last night in Council Bluff! 4th time seeing Halestorm and the best thus far. Keep on rocking it!

Cindy Tymchuk

2 months ago

My Wife and I just saw Joan Jett live a few weeks ago. She and the BlackHearts still rock it!!

Mohsen Khajvand

2 months ago

Please, oh please, go on tour together. I've seen you both and you both are amazing! I would seriously lose my shit if y'all were on the same ticket...

Today is the 21st Anniversary of our very first rock show as Halestorm! 8/9/97 - 8/9/18.

We get to spend it opening up for the legendary Joan Jett and the Blackhearts tonight in Minnesota!! What a journey it's been, thank you FREAKS!

Lukrécya Baptista

2 months ago

I remember the early days. Helping your dad at JnJ working on AJ’s inverted drum set. You guys are a great band now

Alisha Rauf

2 months ago

And we FOUR DEEP got to open for you HALESTORM in Herrin, IL and that means the world to us, you guys are awesome and you put on an awesome show.

Andrea Cobos Ricardo

2 months ago

Iv always said lizzy sounds like joan jett, pat benatar and nancy wilson all in one. Im jellous Minnesota. That should be a great show. Tear it up guys. I did manage to get this super cool pic of lizzy and joe at columbus ohio on the seventh of this month. Tell me if you guys like it

None of this would be possible with out YOU, the FREAKS!!! Thank you for continuing this journey with us and affording us the opportunity to play you rock and roll each night!!

Tina Melvin

2 months ago

Congratulations and All The Best to You, Joe, Arejay, and Josh! I love every song on the New Album! This Album and The Strange Case Of ... are my top 2 favourite Halestorm albums! Keep up the Excellent work! Hope to see you live in Ontario, Canada soon!

Hal Matsuo

2 months ago

Congratulations to four great musicians. I LOVE the new record, and can't wait to see you guys rock our faces off in Colorado in December!

Garry Simpson

2 months ago

Awesome. I hope you hit number 1!!! I also hope you sing a duet with Todd LaTorre of Queensryche!!! Just thought I'd toss that in there for good measure. :D

Don’t worry freaks, "Do Not Disturb" is based on a true story. Find a quiet corner and turn up your head phones -

Tammy King Wyatt

3 months ago

I don't know what these people are talking about. This is an amazing song with a really hot groove and a great story. I can't stop listening to it. Well done, Halestorm!

Sabrina Borges

3 months ago

Thank you for doing so much sex, and sexuality positive things with your art. Sex shouldn't be a dirty word, and people's bodies are beautiful.

Nze-Ezra Quizera Omutuuze

3 months ago

Love this album, as 6 spins the day it came out shows. :-) And "Do Not Disturb" is pretty freaking hot! Thanks for the great tunes, again and again!

Incase you’ve been living under a rock, our new record VICIOUS is out now! We’re celebrating all weekend with a complete take over of SiriusXM Octane, so tune in! You can hear our new tunes plus our favorites.

Gabriel Prado

3 months ago

I purchased the CD on the first day it was available ! It is FANTASTIC !! Love it !! PLEASE bring the tour to Greensboro NC .. I've seen you in Akron and Nashville. PLEASE come to GREENSBORO !!!

Samantha Nicole Alderman

3 months ago

Thank you for an absolutely legendary album! I’ve been singing this for the past 2 days!!! (Poor neighbours)
And CANNOT WAIIIT to see you guys down under !! 🖤🤘🏽❤️🤘🏽🖤🤘🏽❤️🤘🏽🖤

Maribel Martinez

3 months ago

Sounds great on YouTube. Not buying the album on ITunes until the deluxe version comes out because I'm not buying it twice (which is what the 4 songs will cost). This ploy by Atlantic to release the deluxe only on vinyl was a horrible idea.

Our friends at wrote a very special Friday the 13th MUSIC HELL featuring yours truly. Enjoy the spookiness as we attempt to fight off a "Dream-Fever" !

Read the story here:

Levoulian Sampson

3 months ago

Only works if they cruise around in a "Mystery Machine" hunting ga ga ga ghost.

Coleen Foster-Wright

3 months ago

Damn, the story is great! I'm ready to see the adv entures of Halestorm every Saturday morning! How about some black vultures pj's at the merch table to go with it?😍🤘🤘🤘

Annamaria Kargotić

3 months ago

That’s good wrote a very special Friday the 13th MUSIC HELL featuring yours truly. Enjoy the spookiness!

Read the story here:

What makes you uncomfortable?

Peter Saint Marie

4 months ago

When bands I loved change (or I change?) and their music goes into a direct that doesn´t touch my heart anymore.

Vincent Wallace

4 months ago

Not being right up front at a concert...seriously. I just won't go.
Argumentative people who post mean things on social media...They must not realize it is hurtful?

Anna Maltschnig

4 months ago

Many people that surround me everyday. 😑

Jacque Rose

4 months ago

One month away until we all get vicious

Sara Petrovic

4 months ago

Can’t wait. I’ve played black vultures a million times. My 3 year old son sings at the top of his lungs in the car to your music and at random, unprompted moments we hear “baaaack pultures” and “uuuuuuuncomfable”; he’s guessing what the words are, but it’s funny just to hear him sing so loudly that he scares people around us.

Tammy Lopez

4 months ago

You are so strong honey!

Lzzy filming the "Uncomfortable" video.

Naoki Ogura

4 months ago

I am surprised TRL doesn't play Rock Music anymore on MTV. Good thing I YouTube and play IHeart Radio. Ember Moon Entrance music rocks now.

John Pilcher

4 months ago

Awesome show at riverbend. Didn't care for 3 opening bands but halestorm rocked

Jason Fraser

4 months ago

Yes, I watch them! Awww! I'll definitely be checking it out! And I know you it will be great!

"Uncomfortable" has been added to the YouTube Rock Hot List playlist. Thanks for the love everyone!

David Garza

4 months ago

I pre-ordered the album.... Looking forward to its release

Aden Douale

4 months ago

Far from my favorite HS track... hell, of the two I've heard from the new album, I prefer "Black Vultures"... but since it means a new album, and since I've been a diehard since I discovered 'Strange Case Of', I'll still support it. :P

Pat Mcritchie

4 months ago

Looking a bit like Joan Jett love it

Anyone else got some Halestorm ink? Let's see it with the hashtag #HSink !

Photo by Amanda Monger

Renate Mikaelsdatter Holte

4 months ago

Got my ink 4 years ago. Halestorm is my life 🤘
#HSink #ILikeItHeavy

Trapwiz Solomon

4 months ago

Looking for ideas for halestorm and in this moment

Jan Werbil Myers

4 months ago

#HSink The two things I love Halestorm and Star Wars. The lettering is in the Star Wars alphabet “ Here’s To Us ——— Here’s To Love “. Lzzy and Leia the most badass ladies I can think of.

VICIOUS merch bundles available now.

Phil Van Horn

4 months ago

I'm so exited, I want heard all track right now!!!

Bianca Moysan

4 months ago

Josh Holt we need to save money but ya know, I need it

Emily Obando

4 months ago

Why 4 bonus tracks on the LP and not the CD? Release a Deluxe Edition CD with the 4 bonus tracks also? Very Disappointing.

Robert Swanson

5 months ago

Yeah, I know... I'm feeling rather uncomfortable waiting for this album to drop. So much Antici......pation!

Helton Luis

5 months ago

Not my favorite. 😐 Their older stuff was better.

Aivars Daugulis

5 months ago

Can't wait to hear the new album!

On this day 9 years ago we debuted our first studio album. Thank you to all the freaks - old and new - who joined us on this journey so far.


Richie Gates

6 months ago

I've been a fan for 3 years and I'll be for the rest of my life, you guys are one of the greatest 21st century's bands keep it up, lzzy you're THE greatest female vocalist ever since the big bang ♥ your cover of heaven and hell is playing on repeat on my phone :) hail storm! ♡

Sarah Morrison

6 months ago

Been a huge fan since you guys opened for a show at Pops nightclub in St Louis!!!! Been hooked from the moment you started singing "It's not you"

Sina Schlegl

6 months ago

I bought the digital download before the physical album came out. They opened up for Trapt, but their lead singer got sick, so we got a full set from Halestorm and Red. I was up front singing along with Lzzy. I might have been the only one that new all the songs. Lzzy game me one of her many white bracelets she wore during the concert. Met them all outside the front of Scout Bar in San Antonio after the show. They we impressed that I knew the songs. Got this poster along with a signed drum stick from Arejay.

Lzzy Hale. The Screamin’ Demon of Rock Falcon.

Boglárka Borsi-Lakatos

6 months ago

Look forward to seeing you at Carolina Rebellion AGAIN!!

Ewa Moroń

6 months ago

No one else is thinking about what the eleventh button, fours in and six rows down does?

Varvare Tiberiu

6 months ago

All I know is that, when I saw them live in March, the new song they played was SICK! 😁😍

Sign up for the Halestorm newsletter by 8pm TONIGHT for an exclusive presale code for our upcoming tour with In This Moment and New Years Day! These summer shows are going to ROCK and we want to see you there!

Head to to join the email list.

📷: Jamie Taylor

Amy Kivett

6 months ago

The code I got in the email does not work on Ticketmaster please help

Malan William Arthur

6 months ago

I am looking for the presale code for reno nv. I signed up but no email yet.

Ashley Rand

6 months ago

Wish I didn't already have plans - add an NYC show, please! :)

FREAKS! We're excited to announce a summer tour with In This Moment and special guest New Years Day! Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am. Check out the dates below + stay tuned for details on the Halestorm Fan Club pre-sale an VIP packages!

7.27 Kansas City, MO - Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
7.29 Toledo, OH - Centennial Terrace and Quarry
7.31 Baltimore, MD - UMBC Event Center
8.02 Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena
8.03 Albany, NY - Albany Cap Center
8.04 Portland, ME
8.06 Buffalo, NY - Artpark
8.07 Columbus, OH - Express LIVE
8.10 Council Bluffs, IA - Stir Cove
8.14 Missoula, MT - Big Sky Brewing Company
8.16 Spokane, WA - Star Theater at Spokane Arena
8.17 Seattle, WA - WaMu Theater
8.18 Eugene, OR - Cuthbert Amphitheater
8.20 Medford, OR - BiMart Amphitheater At The Expo, Jackson County Fairgrounds, Oregon
8.21 Reno, NV - Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
8.23 San Francisco, CA - The Warfield
8.24 Funner, CA - Harrah's Resort Southern California

More info:

Michelle Hirsch

6 months ago

I've seen in this moment, they put on an awesome show. I'd love to see halestorm! I miss the misery oh, oooh...

Alejandra Gutierrez

6 months ago

Pauline Mon cœur a manqué deux mesures là, et après il est redevenu caillou quand j'ai vu qu'il n'y avais pas de dates en France 😣

Viktor Mata

6 months ago

Any chance of coming over to Sydney Australia... and bring Black Stone Cherry with you... you’d make me a very happy woman 🤘😁

What an amazing night and community with the WWE, Ember Moon, Paul "Triple H" Levesque and more.

Thank you to all the fans for holding the rock and metal flag so high!! It was such an honor to be a part of this whole WWE NXT experience!

Ashley Scott

6 months ago

I freaked out! So awesome!!

Elaine Dancer

6 months ago

Racheal Baker keep an eye out for this

Wong Chee Fu

6 months ago

I loved it!


Bania Youcef

6 months ago

Is Halestorm performing at wrestling match? I would have bought a ticket if I had known they were on the gulf coast!!

Mark Anthony Simbulan

6 months ago

I didn't think it was possible, but I love you guys more.

Michelle Lynn

6 months ago

Your such a Bad ass I friggen love you

Cannot wait to tour with these ladies very soon!! Who’s got their tixs???

Keirstin Adams

6 months ago

Play a Richmond, Roanoke, or Norfolk VA show and I'm there. Closest you will be is Pennsylvania or Charlotte NC and either one is a $500+ endeavor when you add tix, hotel, food and fuel.

I'm seeing you manchester in september...who will be support acts for uk?

Nancy Williams

6 months ago

Come to Orlando! Outside of missing my finals, there's not much I wouldn't skip to see you 4 ladies.

Are you ready for a rock show?! We're kicking off our tour with In This Moment, New Years Day, and Stitched Up Heart this month.

Dates and tickets:

Kim Noseworthy

7 months ago

Sigh no Souther Ontario date's. Maybe when the new disc drops?!

Chris Passias

7 months ago

I’m SO sad you’re not joining ITM until late April. They come here in two weeks and I’d die to see you and NYD with them. Gah, see you next time you’re in SoCal!

Nathan Vallely

7 months ago

See you in Reading! Cannot wait! All 4 bands are incredible!

Women rule. Got your Devil Girl tee in the mail yet? Share itwith #BADGIRLSWORLDHALESTORM and be featured on!

Patricia Bushay

7 months ago

Waiting excitedly for it 😊😊❤️

Michael Weninger

7 months ago

It arrived today!!!! #badgirlsworldhalestorm

Rodrigo M. Pereira

7 months ago

Y a México cuando? Sigo esperando que vengan...

Today's the last day you can grab this LZZY and Bella print to benefit Best Friends Animal Society!

Learn more at

S'babalwe S'bae Tebelele

7 months ago

Love this band - especially you, Lzzy! Love your vibes and female empowerment. Amazing music.

Ernesto Garcia

7 months ago

She a bad ass lady

Rishabh Singh

7 months ago

Cameron legit perfect in every way

EUROPE! We’re coming your way for a fall tour! Tickets go on sale this Friday at midday. See the full list of dates in our bio.

FREAKS! We're stoked to announce a European tour this fall! Check out the full list of dates below. Tickets go on sale Friday, 9 March at 12 pm GMT.

More information at

Ryan Collins

7 months ago

Hey Guys,
I have a question on your picture is One tour date in Berlin but if I try to buy Tickets there is only Hamburg Frankfurt und Munich. Is there a Mistake in The picture or at The Website ?

Ruthie B. Etoll

7 months ago

You know what I would be stoked for? A new album announcement! Hell just give me a new single! Having a new album from Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Shinedown AND Halestorm in the same 2018 would be set for music.

Linn Isakson Lindquist

7 months ago

I love your band and always listen to your music. You guys need to come to Washington State...I haven't had a chance to see you yet. You are amazing!

Devil Girl is back! New t-shirt dropping Thursday at our webstore to celebrate all the bad-ass women out there! #InternationalWomensDay

Conor O'Mahony

7 months ago

Nicole Sinclair do they have singlets?

Nathania Kwan

7 months ago

lol The top comments (& likely more ooo exciting *sarcasm*) all pissed/disappointed shows how much they remember/know of the (band's) past decade or so 🙄 (lol)

Willian Buba

7 months ago

Helen Crowther maybe we need these ☺x

Cassandra Evans

7 months ago

International Women's Day and MY BIRTHDAY and MY DAUGHTER'S 12th BIRTHDAY!! Annnnddd we both LOVE you guys! You rock! ❤❤❤

Brian Ruggles

7 months ago

Lee Batts, fingers crossed this could be a new song??

Anthony Careatti

7 months ago

Are we finally gonna hear new music rather than bullshit teasers?

Happy Birthday Joe!!!

Ashley Renne

8 months ago

Happy Birthday Bro. Be seeing you this summer. More than once I hope. You Rock!

Nick Austin

8 months ago

It's not my birthday..?

Bobby Johnson

8 months ago


Happy Birthday @thejoestorm !! 🎂

FREAKS! We're hitting the road this spring with our great friends inIn This Moment, New Years Day, and Stitched Up Heart! This is going to be an insane tour. Tickets go on sale Friday, 10am:

Halestorm Fan Club Presales Begin TODAY at 12pm EST for all dates below. Become a member right now and get first access to tickets and Meet & Greet VIP Packages! More information -

4/30 - Houston, TX - White Oak Music Hall
5/01 - Corpus Christi, TX - Concrete Street Amphitheater
5/03 - Nashville, TN - Metro Nashville Municipal Auditorium
5/04 - Cincinnati, OH - The Pavilion At Riverside
5/07 - Pittsburgh, PA - Stage AE
5/08 - Indianapolis, IN - Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park
5/10 - Reading, PA - Diamond Credit Union Theatre at Santander Arena
5/11 - Boston, MA - Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell
5/12 - Asbury Park, NJ - Stone Pony Summer Stage
5/14 - Huntington, WV - Big Sandy Superstore Arena
5/15 - Grand Rapids, MI - The DeltaPlex Arena

Maggie Hunter

8 months ago

the ultimate would be Halestorm at Red Rocks!!!! Always wanted to travel to Red Rocks and to see Halestorm play!

Anna Molin

8 months ago

Wish you had Az on that your list. Saw you with In This Moment and Eve to Adam at the Marquee Theater a few years back....hands down one of my favorite concerts. Come back soon.

Ιουλια Μα.

8 months ago

I’m just gonna what to see Halestorm at Rebellion cause the closest show to me for this tour is that same weekend

Appropriate #tbt?? Thanks for the perspective @mintypicsflint.

Appropriate #tbt?? Thanks for the perspective Mintypics.

Doriane Mollet

8 months ago

my husband..our daughter and myself caught your show for the first time in Youngstown in 2009 we got to meet you guys afterward and my husband got a pic with your entire band...been in love ever since..we go to every show we can...we surprised my husband on his 50th bday with a cake with that picture on it...our daughter put that cake on Twitter that day and Lzzy retweeted...very cool...happy you guys are big time now!!!!!

Dustin Ould

8 months ago

Is that the wedge in Youngstown, Ohio? If so, I was at the show. It was my first concert and probably the best 16th bday present any guy could ask for(even better than a car). Seen you guys twice since.

Elin Stuvland Henriksen

8 months ago

Happy that you've grown but I loved intimate concert at Croc Rocks in Allentown...twice!! Been to 6 concerts bc you are my fave!

Hey Freaks, be our Valentine today! Treat yourself to 15% off on your next official store purchase, because you deserve it! Link in bio.

Hey Freaks, be ourVvalentine today! Treat yourself to 15% off on your next official store purchase, because you deserve it!

Charlène Bapst

8 months ago

James Watkins the temptation

Spencer McCoy

8 months ago

I want a ball cap. none on the site!

Proud to be making our best music with my favorite people. - Joe

Tyson Carroll

9 months ago

Were all ready for more lizzy!! Keep rockin!! 🤘🤘

Doug Miller

9 months ago

I was disappointed by your last album. Hopefully the next one has a majority of heavy tunes.

Dallas Thibodeau

9 months ago

Can't wait for the new album!!! 😁 Soooooo excited to see you guys in Edmonton tomorrow night!!! 🤘❤

Thank you so much to everyone at the Hall Of Heavy Metal History for acknowledging the noise that I make, and all the great talent of the inductees this year! I’m so honored to be a part of this community of the chosen, because as we know, Rock and Metal truly chooses you, not the other way around. Most of us can’t even put into words the “why” of why we fight day after day for our right to make a loud noise. We don’t do it cuz it’s on trend, or the next big thing, we don’t do it to acquire money or fame. In fact, if you take away any of those things that some of us may have miraculously achieved, we would still be content to play our loud noise in the corner of our local bar for tips or beer. We follow this intangible, primal need to the end, because it is US, and we would not be the people we are without it.
Love and Loudness to All,

Watch the induction here:

Teresa Hurst Schwake

9 months ago

Congrats Lzzy! 🤘🏻
Hope to see you soon!
Love from TEXAS!❤

Peter Sidoruk

9 months ago

Wicked awesome! And we will be seeing you tonight in Dawson Creek!

Victoria Lopez

9 months ago

You deserve it😘 can't wait to see you again

We are THIS excited because tomorrow is the first day of our tour with Stone Sour and The Dead Deads!! We're kicking things off in Abbotsford, BC and bringing the rock show through Canada and parts of the US. 🤘

Full list of tour dates and tickets are available on

📷: Tara Lakatos

Rachael Pyper

9 months ago

Can't attend this time, plus would rather another headlining tour with a show at The Commodore anyway. 😉

Ryan Revelator Hillier

9 months ago

Lydia A. Ritter check out Friday night fights feat. Former members of new medicine.

Meg French

9 months ago

Super excited!!!! First time seeing you guys in Calgary!! Next time I'll be bringing my daughter she's a huge fan as well!