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Prabowo Hadi Kuntjoro

8 days ago

Is it just me or has John aged beautifully he looks as great now as he did 20+ yrs ago

Michele Rumfield

9 days ago

Johnny looking smokin hot

Becky Wilson

9 days ago

Matthew Mark
Duane Thilmony

Thanks to everyone at Johnson Beach and The Russian River for a great day in the sun yesterday ...

Subhash Mina

10 days ago

Love seeing the shout outs from other countries. Goo Goo Doll fans are everywhere!

Shyanne Neale

10 days ago

Such an amazing show! So happy to have been able to finally see you guys! 😍😍😍

Chatiri Whitted

10 days ago

Enjoyed watching the livestreams. Looked like a wild crowd ;)

"Before It’s Too Late" was released as a single on this day in 2007. What does this song mean to you?

Stacey Louise Dragone

13 days ago

One of my favorite songs from them!!! Have the soundtrack & I love it!!! I listen to this song a lot!!! To me it means to take a chance out of life & don't be terrified!!! Love the Googoodolls forever!!!

Cathie Hebner Watson

13 days ago

”Live like you mean it, love ’til you feel it”. Such beautiful words. I love this song, It’s one of my favourite GGD songs.

Richard Price

13 days ago

Definitely belongs on the greatest hits CD. I didn’t know it was on the Transformers CD either...


Davide Dylan Clark

17 days ago

Dude!!! This album cover makes me feel so old.

Eddie Boy Hibionada

18 days ago

This post is perfect xD I got dragged to a graduation and it's pouring rain

Sara Alaniz

18 days ago

I just added Broadway to my repertoire for my solo acoustic cover show . I also stop off in Buffalo sometimes just to drive Broadway and think about the song :) when I'm on my way back Into Ontario from my trips down to Ohio to see my family :) I love this album so much. It's Gold

'What I Learned About Ego, Opinion, Art & Commerce' was released on this day in 2001.

Gabriela Silva

21 days ago

I wish I could find it, somewhere!

Miguel Barrientos

21 days ago

Love this. Best music I own. This is the one that changed my life. Thank you.

Gladys Taboada

21 days ago

This album changed my life...I heard Iris on Vh1 and I went to my local record store to buy the album that had Iris. This was the only cd they had, I bought it and I never looked back. It's still in my car to this day.

Anissa Lonebear

25 days ago

Black balloon was our wedding song xx

Michael Maibach

25 days ago

Kind of a lame ass quote.
Feelings change.
that’s awesome that you “feel” beautiful. More power to you.
It’s just be realistic one day you might “feel” like shit but feelings change.
Be real,
Just because you feel something,
Doesn’t really matter if you are not doing it.

Diane Drewes

25 days ago

Dee Odonnell.... ah the memories! Jumping on your bed singing this song when your mum bursts in & tells us to shut up cos we were gunna wake the kids 😂

We’re excited to announce our new live album, The Audience Is This Way. It includes 10 tracks recorded live during our recent tours. The album will be available on July 21 and will only be physically available as an exclusive limited edition black vinyl at indie-retail stores nationally as part of Record Store Day Crawl. There are only 3,000 copies made of this pressing.

The album will be available for digital download and streaming on August 24.

Orlando Correa Hernández

a month ago

It is sad that it will not be on CD, but then I realized. The only place I play CD’s now, are in my car. That is 10 years old and due for an upgrade. Best Buy already announced that they will stop selling CD’s on July 1st and Target may soon follow. “You Should Be Happy” maybe the last new CD the Goo Goo Dolls will ever put out on CD. I think it’s time that I make the transition to digital.

Latonya Johnson

a month ago

Don’t like digital.... bit old school like a physical CD .... but doubt I’ll get a record in Australia

Martin Gordo

a month ago

The Audience took over Iris this Summer in Boston...would love to see it on this album!!!

Rhydhima Raj

a month ago

‘Tomorrow’ is now!
What’s the news⁉️❣️❣️

Max Arturo Peña Barrientos

a month ago

So excited for Goo news!! 🇦🇺

Justin Sullivan

a month ago

It's tomorrow.... SPILL!!❤❤❤

"I'm not the one who broke you. I'm not the one you should fear"

Estella Pool

a month ago

Love the picture!!!!!! Love love love this song!!!!!!!! Ur amazing johnny!!!!!!!!

Jeremie Berube

a month ago

Fav song. Fav line. Second to this one.

'And I've got my defences when it comes to your intentions for me.'

Shaun Gavin

a month ago

My favourite song! Pleas play This One at De Melkweg in Amsterdam 😃🙏

Thank you Dallas, The Wildflower Festival, Lifehouse and Gin Blossoms ... great night ...

Isaac Ehijie

a month ago

Please tour w/ Gin Blossoms again...I missed it in 96

Ga Peach

a month ago

I follow Goo's page from Rome, Italy. Hate sitting on my sofa knowing i'll never be there to see you live!
You're lucky, american guys.
Bye and sorry for my english 🤣.

Elena Schuurman

a month ago

It was one of the best shows ever!!

Dom PasHel

a month ago

Remember laying on a bench in San Jose college campus listening to this album in 99. Can’t believe how much time has passed. Dizzy up!!

Karen Hendricks

a month ago

Back when I was only 14 at that time in 1998!

Eka Triana Setiawati

a month ago

Please bring the tour to Australia!

Denise Bartomeo

a month ago

I don't know which is better: the classic red plaid shirt, or the fantastic photographer who captured a moment, as we all should with our lives...

Naveed Ali Slamat Ali

a month ago

A picture from the future!!?!?!?!

Kate Broussard

a month ago

I want so badly for this to be either new music, or more #dizzy20 one closer to me!! Come on boys!!! Make my day!!!

John performing live with a youth orchestra at 'From Classical to Rock' last month to benefit OC Music & Dance. #TBT

Photos: Maxine Evans

Bee Ravouvou

a month ago

Yes Andrew, it really is the Goo Goo Dolls!

Jackie Kulongowski Makowiec

a month ago

Gift that keeps on giving 💞 thank you to these true artists for following their dreams and inspiring generations, the world needs more, so cool !

Rachel Hamm

a month ago

I need that you come to Argentina !!! Give us your first show here,that's all.

'Boxes' was released on this day 2 years ago! What's your favorite song from the album?

Tiara Darden

a month ago

Long way home or Lucky one. So annoyed that we're on holiday when you come to the UK in July so can't make a gig. Please come back soon & play Birmingham or Nottingham x

Dree MackCall

a month ago

I love the full album. So alive is awesome, so is souls in the machine. And the pin. And over and over. I can go on lol x

Chris Dickson

a month ago

I ❣ this whole album, Over and Over is a favorite....

Which songs are you the most excited to hear live on our 'Dizzy Up the Girl' 20th Anniversary Tour?

Bill Montague

2 months ago

All of them ♩ but especially Acoustic #3, because I have never heard it live. I catch you guys everytime you come through Vegas but never heard that particular song. It's one of my favorites.

Leonard Christian Penolio

2 months ago

Looking forward to hearing, " Acoustic # 3, Black Balloon, All eyes on me,... all their songs! Love the Goo Goo Dolls, love Johnny, he is so talented.

Calvary's Way

2 months ago

Black balloon. Acoustic 3. Slide. We are the normal and Big machine (even though it's not on that album).

'Let Love In' was released on this day in 2006! What's your favorite song from the album?

Nayari Paredes

2 months ago

Stay with you, best opening song at any concert I've seen. Takes straight up to 10 and sets the standard for the show. Ace

Erin Smith-Kreps

2 months ago

That's a really tough question because I love multiple songs so much on that album. "Listen" is one of my favorites, as are "Can't Let It Go," "Stay With You," "Become," "Without You Here" & "Feel The Silence." Not to mention the title track. You're killing me, guys! Don't ask me to choose 😅💖

Magdalena Uzarowska

2 months ago

The first 5 songs are the best: Stay w/You, Let Love In, Feel the Silence, Better Days, Without you here... Too good of an album to name one best!

"Here is Gone" music video was released on this day in 2002.

Doug Schaeffer

2 months ago

One of my all time faves - I remember it being released on the radio - the DJ played it 3 times in a row because it was that amazing. I was on my way home from a funeral for a dear friend - that moment has always stuck with me every time I hear it play <3

Marvin Cayetano Pizarro

2 months ago

In 2002 I was 14 years old.. "here is gone" is still one of my favorites <3

Alexis Mayotte

2 months ago

First time i heard this was in an episode of season one’s “Smallville”!! One of my favorite songs!

Thanks to Cash Cash for letting John crash your set Coachella.

Peter Møller

2 months ago

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Sergio Hernandez

2 months ago

so awesome! whats not awesome os that your buffalo show is already sold out!!!

Shalisa LeBaron

2 months ago

Best part. I would have loved them as main act.

'Gutterflower' was released on this day in 2002! What's your favorite song from the album?

Diego Borrego

2 months ago

Coming down thecworld tuns over angels fall without you there I go on as you getting colder are you someone's prayer all because I you became to me

Mary Helen Binns

2 months ago

Big Machine, hands down. That song helped me through so many difficult times in my life. Thank you for playing so many songs from this album when you came to OK.

Mathew Franz Jumagdao

2 months ago

"Love, sex and loneliness take what's yours and leave the rest so I'll survive God, it's good to be alive, I'm torn in pieces I'm blind and waitin' for, my heart is reelin' I'm blind and waitin' for you"...🎶🎶🎧🎧🎸🎸(Big Machine)

Shiloe King

2 months ago

If you guys would rock this hard again you’d prob sell as many albums as this did again 🙂

Too many ballads. But i love you both. 2x live last year. Yes johnny happy is great. But rock more!

Justice Isaac Hlobo

2 months ago

Iris, the song that really broke them into the mainstream... The whole album is great, as is their previous career, but this was a perfect single.

Sean Cassidy

2 months ago

Black balloon, iris and slide. Still 3 of my all time favourite songs!

'Warner Sound Sessions' was released on this day in 2014.

Bernadette Camacho

2 months ago

Gary Isaac Johnson need

Jose Rangel

2 months ago

Still wish Keep The Car Running would’ve been released as a single.

Shelin Siahaya

2 months ago

Love this album man 🤘🏼

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#TBT "Acoustic #3" live in Buffalo on July 4, 2004. #dizzy20

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Join us in celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Johnson's Beach in #Guerneville, CA! #RussianRiverFestivals #FeelGood 📷: @irmalovesyou

"Broadway" music video was released on this day in 2000. #dizzy20

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#SundaySpin | Live In #Buffalo July 4th, 2004

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Working on some secret stuff in NYC. #dizzy20

Jare Angeles

3 months ago

Can't wait to see the final product

Frederick N'dja

3 months ago

John looks like he’s hoping to get the last golden ticket in his Wonka bar

Angel Pirmun

3 months ago

Eagerly waiting for the secret to open. Just watched your 2007 interview where you guys shared your stories about a rental deep fryer absoutely funny :)

"Over and Over" was released as a single during this week 2 years ago.

Hmmm, what could be going on here? #dizzy20

#TBT "Slide" live at @redrocksco in #Denver.

Caught in the breakdown. 📷: @ajpgphoto

#Spain! We'll see you in July! Sat July 21 | #Madrid, Spain | #LaRiviera Sun July 22 | #Barcelona, Spain | @sala_apolo #🇪🇸 📷: @ajpgphoto

March 18, 2018 | Tampa, FL | 📷: Amanda Laferriere

Diana H Pesquera

3 months ago

Is that a new tatoo on johns hand or just some writting?

Shyla Knox

3 months ago

Great Show, So glad I was able to see you Guys 💕💕

Bill Clement

3 months ago

Amazing photos, first time for me to be in the 2nd row! Loved every second!

March 18, 2018 | #BuschGardens | #Tampa, FL | 📷: @ajpgphoto

Germany! We've just announced shows in Hamburg & Berlin this Summer! July 31 | Gruenspan | #Hamburg, Germany August 1 | Columbia Theatre | #Berlin, Germany #🇩🇪 📷: @ajpgphoto

Thanks to everyone for coming out to Busch Gardens for the show yesterday, c u all soon!
Thanks to everyone who came out to Busch Gardens yeste day afternoon for the show, c u again soon!

Natarsha Haxby

3 months ago

Guitar heroes!!! You guys definitely rocked out! Sounded so great. 💖🌟💖

Missy Smith

3 months ago

Hope to see you in Germany. Maybe, Someday 🍀

Angelica Vendramini

3 months ago

You guys rocked it!!! As always!!! Awesome show!!! Thanks guys!!! 🎶

#SundaySpin | Greatest Hits Volume One: The Singles

Can't wait to see everyone at @buschgardens in #Tampa tomorrow at 6pm for the 2018 Food & Wine Festival! #CorksandCoasters 📷: @whitnewell

Poland! We can't wait to take the stage at @polandrockfestival on Thursday, August 2 in Kostrzyn. #polandrock2018 #polandrock #🇵🇱 📷: @irmalovesyou

'A Boy Named Goo' was released on this day in 1995! Do you remember the very first time that you heard this album?

Sharon Bradley

3 months ago

The day it was released! Being for NJ, they used to play alot in Asbury Park. Saw them after "Hold Me Up" was released at the Fastlane...they ran out of songs to play and were taki.g requess...John was making fun of Cheesequake!

Theo Karan

3 months ago

I can't remember the first time I heard it- my dad played it for me a lot in the car when I was a kid, but I can remember the first time it mattered. I can remember the way it felt to be on the way to my first Goo Goo Dolls concert, in converse and plaid and feeling like I owned the world. I can remember taking this album home and putting it on my iPod and listening to it over and over. I can remember the first time I wrote the lyrics on my wall- "You grew up way too fast and now there's nothing to believe. And reruns all become our history." I can remember being sixteen and feeling like no one understood.

I can remember the first time it really mattered.

Vitor Paiva

3 months ago

I was in USA doing and exchange program... that means .. cooking , frying at SIX fLAG Great America ... I stopped cooking to listen the song NAME , even the customer claimed ... I answered in spanish speaking so softly to "the hell ¡¡, wait for a while ,
as well I knew my old girlfriend there ... good times ¡¡

"When the world breaks your heart, I can put it back together." ❤️

Maria Yasinskaia

3 months ago

Love Love that song!!

Billy Joe

3 months ago

Favorite song off that album

Mohit Kumar

3 months ago

One of my favourite songs...

#SundaySpin | A Boy Named Goo

#Tampa! Can't wait to see everyone at @buschgardens on Sunday, March 18 for their 2018 Food & Wine Festival! #CorksandCoasters 📷: @ashleyosborn