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#Repost @corybooker ・・・ When ignorance and bigotry are allied with power, it’s a dangerous force in our country.⠀ ⠀ To not stand up to this; to be silent— is to be a part of the problem.

Because it did not directly effect you doesn't mean its not important to realize that for 38 minutes on Jan 13th people in Hawaii thought we were on the brink of nuclear war . In their panic people put their kids in down sewers because they thought they might be safe there . Some people were desperate to locate family members and spend what the thought was the last minutes of their lives . But also know that not since it happened had #pelos #45melapela #trump spoken to the #americanpeople or when it happen did he tweet #falsealarm . Cause he was too busy golfing ⛳️ he might say " Im the most caring person you've ever seen " bullshit ! #ftp he's broaden his views to include that he doesn't give a Fuck about anyone who's not him 🖕🏾🖕🏾😡😡😡 let him know nuclear weapons will fuck up the greens at Lago Mar 🌎🌎 you there were wives that said to their husbands “ is there anything you want to confess before the world ends ? ... “ Uh , Hmm , Uh , cant think of anything .. “ really , nothing ? Uh .. Hmmm .. Uh .. oh yea , what was that secret ingredient you used to make potato salad 😂😂😂😂 #falsealarm ( Trump’s official statement is “ We’ll take of it “

Trump talks about Obama like they used to be married This fool is a stone cold bigot #valeverde #worthweiner ! And if you voted for him “ I hope your grandma falls and can’t get up 🙀

Show of hands 🙌🏾🙌🏾 all our parents would do this @moronsdoingthings #gacho #shotsfired ( Ryan look out #aguas @benballer @arseniohall @mrwupass @comedygetdown @roxarroyo58 @mayanlopez @mariolopezextra @michaelrapaport #thanks @moronsdoingthings one of favorites was trapping someone in a upside down trash can 😳😳🤜🏽🤛🏽

Pinche Pelos @realdonaldtrump bring some #respect and dignity to the highest office , its the people all people from your so called #shitholecountry that make American great , now if you excuse me I have to take Ashley #thelady to the bus stop🛑 #Gacho @katzsdeli @votolatino #yaenough @momorodriguez #chingon @mrwupass @johnmayer @johnleguizamo @mariolopezextra @officialjackieg @officialraulcastillo @officialdannytrejo @evalongoria @paulsdaburgerjoint @carrillostortilleria @carrillostortilleria @eltepeyaccafe1 @aclu_nationwide @benballer @boxerbray10 @thenicolelopez @josealtuve27 @josemangin

" Dairy, Sugar, Wheat, White Flour, Meat, Fish, Poultry, Gluten, Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Walnuts , Brazilian Nuts , Shellfish, Soybean, Chesse , Butter, Margarine , Ice Cream , Yogurt, Milk Powder , Cashews, Pine Nuts , Lobster, Squid, Scallops, Linseed, Sesame Seed, Banana , Avocado, Peanut Butter, Garlic , Celery, Camomile, Salt , Mustard Seeds , Kiwi Fruit have a great week @hoodclips

Its the most incredible venue @hollywoodbowl. If you've never been ( go ) anyone who's been knows how great the vibe is , the music is , and The Host #chingon I was excited to see this post this morning 🎶🎵🎹🎼. Just announced! The 40th annual Playboy Jazz Festival will be presented June 9-10 at the #HollywoodBowl, hosted by @georgelopez. Check out the artists scheduled to appear. Link in profile! Tickets go on sale February 21. #somethingfunkyintheair

Merry Christmas 🎄 everyone , Have a great day , surround yourself with friends and family and people you can go a year without seeing again 🎁 the true gift is silence #chingon claus 2017

With all the advances in entertainment , I can’t find anything I enjoy more than one of these , is it too hard to just walk #toma #saspasytas #Repost @americasgotnotalent ・・・ @playfactory delivering the gold

Wait for it .... #boom @llcoolj Alright , this is the next big thing , we need to make this happen in @losangeles_city Who’s In ! And burning calories too #GordosUnite 👍🏽 you’ll be dancing burping up #tamales till mid March 🙌🏾 I’m making it official my first party of 2018 will be a #chingon retro skate party #Repost @nytimes ・・・ Wheels on wood. That soothing sound is a giveaway — the gymnasium at the Salvation Army Bedford Day Care Center in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, isn’t a sad, decaying space cheered up with Christmas lights and a disco ball. This gleaming setting is home to Brooklyn Skate Club, a weekly tonic for the soul. What make this space come to life are the bodies: To the pulse of disco and rock, they swoop and swirl in time to the rhythm, some touring the perimeter with graceful arcing strokes, while others stationed in the center of the floor work out the intricacies of tighter footwork, longer spins. For the last 8 months, @jessierocks has been documenting the scene at Brooklyn Skate Club — a word-of-mouth oasis that convenes every Wednesday. Visit the link in our profile to watch #Brooklyn Skate Club regulars, like André Chin, dance their wheels off. #🎶

Here's my theory on how we discovered #socialmedia and it was taken from us while we were creating @airbnb ( have people stay in your house with you that you dont know #latino 🏠@emiliorivera48 @evalongoria @arseniohall @mariolopezextra @roxarroyo58 @rootsoffight @bigboy @bigcitric @chingonkitchen @comedygetdown @cedtheentertainer @eddiegriffin @realdlhughley @realnickswardson @hatsbyalberto @boxerbray10 @benballer @missjoannz @alyshadelvalle @momorodriguez @iamraffles @nadinevelazquez @michaelrapaport @michaelbearden @michaelzislis @og_blur @og_goonster @officialjackieg @officialgcapaldi

This might be you , but im asking @starbucks to step up and take action and defend its employees , I ,know everyday people who work harder than this woman providing a service at minimum wage with respect for everyone . You don't want to be this person #entitlement white privilege, whatever, you don't call the shots , fear brings out the real of what's really inside to the top , #Repost @meraulll show respect or when asked to leave .. Leave its not the 50's anymore so Fucking adjust , or get an office ・・・ #Repost @wasabi_paste) with @EasyRepost… This woman ranted at fellow Starbucks patrons for not speaking English.

Great group to be in business with incredible Chef’s every person working at #Chingon in the restaurant and in the tequila bar makes it live up to its name #thankyou @sanmanuelcasino @chingonkitchen and #thankyou #gracias to everyone that has come out to make it look like 2018 will be #maschingon my grandmother would be like #itsnice 😬 it all started with a weenie and a piece of bread #nocolas of bread tho 🙀🙀 @comedygetdown see you in Austin on Friday @erwincenter #elotes @michaelzislis

This is a beautiful thing #Chingon #Repost @theshaderoom ( who could make you cry ? #icantbelieveit ・・・ #PressPlay Aww #KevinDurant made this boy's day! Via: @sportscenter

"Call the police cabron , me and your Tia Cuca have been scouring the southland , hasta over there by where I fell " #missingpinata its official this shit is crazy @mstheater @comedygetdown @comedygetdownbet @bigboy @bigcitric @cedtheentertainer @realdlhughley @eddiegriffin @mariolopezextra @evalongoria @djvice #chingon

Thousands of firefighters have been on the scene, saving lives in SoCal. #CreekFire & #ThomasFire Support them by donating to @CAFireFound #repost @arseniohall ( to make a donation click the link in my bio , this is something that doesn’t stops when the fires are extinguished, lets and our humanity and love for the people affected active us , do what you can , even leaving water out for the animals who might not have it otherwise . It’s heartbreaking to see your hometown on fire and to see people who their possessions , pictures and momentos that can not be replace . And don’t want anyone to lose their lives .👍🏽 bravo to all the firefighters .

Compassion and kindness should be shown to all living things 🙌🏾 even that mosquito you spend all day chasing with a hand towel 😭 #Repost @thedodo ・・・ This little boy and his mom have saved 646 dogs so far by making videos to help them get adopted. 👏💛 #dogrescue #kidsanddogs #adoptdontshop (📹: @projectfreedomride)

Take a really close look at this video , and then ask yourself.. " Have I done everything I could with my life ? ? Have I used my time wisely ! Because an infant I is killing these drum pads ! If I could do this at his age my grandfather would of had me doing 9 shows daily at Plaza De La Raza #MijoTheBoyDrummer 🥁👶🏼 #Repost @talented_musicians ・・・ By @brucebeckerdrums Still working on the doubles… And they’re coming along nicely. Follow @talented_musicians for more videos like this Tag 2 friends who would love this! #talentedmusicians #drums Via @drummersilike

It’s a rich culture , deep in traditional foods , but also in deep in traditional behavior . Here are a couple of situations you might find yourself in this month #muycatolico #ayii @roxarroyo58 @alyshadelvalle @bigcitric @bigboy @louieg @idayallday @heynatalia @og_blur @og_goonster @vic_da_producer @fifty150brand @georgelopezstore @tattoochick1383 @comptondavid @comedygetdown @shannonmccollum @cedtheentertainer @eddiegriffin @realdlhughley @mariolopezextra @evalongoria These meme’s are from my private #comochingas collection 👌🏽 @momorodriguez

Hey @shannonmccollum #chingon , as always 🙏🏾 there’s a CHINGO of people tagged in this post . cedtheentertainer DL Hughley eddiegriffin this Friday @sevenvenues Norfolk VA @comedygetdown See you soon @erwincenter Austin TX 👌🏽 #getdownwiththegetdown #Repost @eddiegriffin ・・・ #Repost from @comedygetdown 🔥 Let's Do This Brooklyn! 🔥 The Comedy Get Down heads to the @barclayscenter Friday, January 12! Don't miss your chance to see #ComedyLegends @cedtheentertainer, @eddiegriffin, @realdlhughley, and @georgelopez all in one place for one amazing night of comedy. For tickets info, just follow the link in the bio! #brooklyn #brooklynny #cgdtour #comedygetdown #comedygetdowntour #comedygetdownbet #cedrictheentertainer #eddiegriffin #dlhughley #georgelopez

With the popularity of the Mexican Cuisine " I use that word out of respect " this last thanksgiving weekend was a proverbial cornicopia of comida , with the integration of cultures , some perennial food remains traditional, but there's always that one person who's trying to elevate and go SIN transfat or SIN manteca , they've been told to " go back inside " even though they are inside , that means get out of the kitchen .. But they don't wanna listen so they try to circumvent 😳 and bring a health option 😤 👎🏽 #cacacopia #chorro 💩💩💩 @antoniquesmith @momorodriguez @bigboy @roxarroyo58 @missjoannz @carmenserano @chingonkitchen @ninoc4 @hatsbyalberto @miss_jalexander @phillipbloch @bigcitric @alyshadelvalle @officialjackieg

Why settle for leftover turkey when you can have #baconpancakes and have the song stuck in your head too #Repost @hoodclips @worldstar ・・・ Lmao😂💀

Where most interviews accept an answer , I kept dogging until the truth was revealed #whitegirlweed @snoopdogg @camerondiaz #lopeztonight @michaelbearden @televisionmonk @teigalicious

Its this kind of investigative reporting that's missing from late night @michaelbearden @camerondiaz @snoopdogg #lopeztonight part one of two 1️⃣

If you tune into the @comedygetdownbet tomorrow night , you'll understand why I’m dressed like Mexican candy🍭 it’s a night of too many stars @theamandasalas @bergmaster5000 @trondynewman @eddiegriffin @realdlhughley @cedtheentertainer and on Friday night @comedygetdown hits #thetwincities @targetcentermn #getdownwiththegetdown ( is there an echo in here 🤜🏾 🤛🏽

Tis the season , and you will eat more in the next month then you did all year 🐮 and be prepared to lie " aren't these better than your moms " 🤥🤥 @momorodriguez @roxarroyo58 @alyshadelvalle @bigboy

About to host the groundbreaking ceremony for the new @raiders staduim , I said " lets keep digging " #Repost @raiders ・・・ An early look at Las Vegas’ new stadium. The groundbreaking ceremony begins at 5 p.m. PT, streamed live at

" You got to change your evil ways " #notecreas @hoblasvegas #gracias great night in @lasvegas #carlossantana #chingonreconizeschingon 🤜🏽 🤛🏽 @roxarroyo58 @rootsoffight @alyshadelvalle @missjoannz @bigboy @bigcitric @benballer
A nice little soulful number @kissonline @thecommodores @genesimmons @paulstanleylive ( pardon the edits @djcummerbund brilliant piece of work 👋🏽👋🏽 it’s in three sections so make sure you check out all three @comedygetdown @comedygetdownbet

Big week coming up , tonight @hoblasvegas to check in on my brother #carlossantana , tomorrow hosting the groundbreaking ceremony for the new @raiders staduim , On Thursday a new episode of @comedygetdownbet @realdlhughley @eddiegriffin @cedtheentertainer and Friday we are at @targetcentermn in Minneapolis 🎯 and Sunday in #mexicocity to see #raiders play @patriots #chingon @momorodriguez Have a great week ✌️🏾

" He said good afternoon bulls / toros " 🐮 Que, Guey , degame Cabrone , speak english you condescending white haired fuck , Pinche gringo pendejo , Tu y tu amigo pelos De elote valen verga , what do you have to say about that in Spanish #45melapela #ftp #buenastadess #tuabuelamelapela 😭😭 #tangerinetwat #mangomotherfucker !!! #Repost @hoodclips ( his expression at the end says Fuck it ・・・ Accurate af 🙄😂 #hoodclips

Its important in life to #maintain a sense of humor . In Sports teams suffer loses that are tough to take , but great teams come back .. As a @dodgers fan ill be there opening day .. As a #chicano I couldn't resist 🤧 @momorodriguez @arseniohall @alyshadelvalle @hollyrpeete @jennaelfman @bigboy @bigcitric @idayallday @iamraffles @heynatalia @louieg @roxarroyo58 @benballer @boxerbray10 @carnojoe @fearofgod @jerrylorenzo @og_blur @americasgotnotalent

Part of being devoted to a team are the highs and lows , and the undying love that a fan has for the city and the team @dodgers . Im gonna get up tomorrow disappointed we didn't win, or course . Will fans be easy to be around for a few days .. No ( was it great to be back in baseballs grandest stage #hellyeah it was 👌🏽

Game 7 tonight @dodgers staduim , its been an incredible 6 games of baseball @astrosbaseball .. But as crazy as it seems NOV 1st we will crown a champion #worldseries2017 #chingon @arseniohall @jennaelfman @hollyrpeete @roxarroyo58 @benballer @idayallday @heynatalia @bigboy @louieg @momorodriguez @og_blur @bigcitric @mayanlopez @drunkpeopledoingthings #goingintogame7like

This is where the bandwagon fans can pull the string and get off , its the reason the #worldseries is SEVEN games , this World Series isn't going to be Lost , its going to be WON , Two great teams giving fans baseball like its never been seen 👀 ! Welcome Home @dodgers and lets see another #chingon game tomorrow night @astrosbaseball @alyshadelvalle @felipeesparzacomedian @arseniohall @benballer @hollyrpeete @roxarroyo58 @josecruzjr @bigboy @bigcitric @og_blur @carnojoe @boxerbray10 @teamaffiliated @ecrowns @oralewear @cedtheentertainer @realdlhughley @eddiegriffin @comedygetdownbet

Headed back to #losangeles , I've been to all 5 world series games , haven't missed a pitch , saw some incredible baseball from right behind the dodger dugout .. Considering the @astrosbaseball home record .. Where they play their asses off , that team has some hitters .. But so do we , seeing Bellinger find it and Joc step up , Kike, Forshyth , Taylor , Seager .. Shit .. Etc .. 2 games at @dodgers staduim .. We got em right where we want them .. I invited @felipeesparzacomedian to the game cause I've known that fool for maybe 20 years and he's always been right there puro dodgers 👌🏽 and he was hilarious with the Astro fans .. Rest up for tomorrow ( and the umpires are always #chingon and their families too ( and it was great meeting @josecruzjr_ @josecruzjr and the Familia ! That game was five and a half hours of chingasos , whoever wins this #worldseries will have earned it !🏆🏆

Tonight #chingon @dodgers win , and tomorrow @clayton_kershaw_22 special guest invitee @felipeesparzacomedian #whatsupfool and were going back to #Cali #flashdance brings good luck ⚾️ #thisteam The traditional picture with the umpires @benballer @arseniohall @hollyrpeete @alyshadelvalle @goconstance

Well we'll be going back to LA ⚾️⚾️ tonight was a must up @cody_bellinger @yungjoc650 @kikehndez @yasielpuig @redturn2 @felipeesparzacomedian

Hours away from game 3 , and an incredible weekend of baseball in Houston @astrosbaseball #thejuicebox The Astros are looking to Win their first #worldseries , and have not lost at home this season during the playoffs 😳The anticipation is building , just like in school when you knew chingasos were happening right after the bell rang 🤜🏽 🤛🏽 @dodgers dodgers are looking for their first Championship since 1988 👋🏽👋🏽 El #chingon is out here representing .. if I have to jump in I’m ready #worldseries #take17 #Repost @mlb ・・・ From bat flips to incredible reactions, #WorldSeries vibes are contagious. #suerte to both teams @arseniohall @og_blur @benballer @rolandsmartin @cedtheentertainer @realdlhughley @catbelanger @bigboy @alyshadelvalle @kenjeong @coachdaviddavis @comedygetdownbet @eddiegriffin @momorodriguez @bigcitric @victheproducer ( thanks @mlb

All my life I've been surrounded by people who's first language wasnt English , Ive always thought i had a pretty good ear .. If they were uncomfortable they would use a translator . You'll finally get it with the help of Vincent Vega

Well I believe theres another lesson to be learned here as well , that the #BROWNCORNPOP is doing the work the thousands of Yellow Corn Pops dont want too 🤜🏽 🤛🏽 lets lets not be so hard on @kelloggsus Im sure in the Kelloggs plants right now the Brown Corn Pops are hard at work to bring product so the Yellow Corn Pops can feed their families @theinsidedrop @undocumedia @theinsidedrop @comedygetdown @comedygetdownbet. Also ( dont leave a comment from a private account ( hiding behind that bullshit

The City of Los Angeles has waited 29 years to host a #worldseries game , it’s reflected in the vibe today around town , restaurants have employees wearing @dodgers tee shirts and jerseys , and every age of fan can’t wait till the first pitch , wherever you are or wherever you are in spirit get ready cause it’s gonna be #Chingon Welcome to #losangeles @astrosbaseball may the best team win #losdoyers #thisteam #ittakes17 @roxarroyo58 @bryankellen @arseniohall @bigcitric @bigboy @alyshadelvalle @missjoannz @comedygetdownbet Repost @dodgers ・・・ World Series. Game 1. Let's go Dodgers!! #ThisTeam

Unfortunately in life theres a saying " you can count your real friends on one hand , people will falsely befriend you and have an ulterior motive , thru bad health and heartbreak you know who your real friends are , tough times reveal good people , I've rescued 6 dogs over the last 5 years and they have brought love to children and friendship to a shut in @peta @officialpetalatino #adoptdontshop #Repost @dogsandmen ・・・ #Repost @buzzfeedanimals ・・・ Do you own a rescued pet? Comment their name below! @hopeforpawsrescue • #pawsitivelyprecious #dogsarefamily #adoptfosterrescue #furbabies #dogsdogsdogsdogs #ILoveDogs #BePawsitive🐾 #adoptdontshop #paws #dogshaveheartsofgold #dogmom #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #dogsdogsdogs #woofwoofwoof #dogsaremyfavoritepeople

My grandfather passed the night before opening day in 1988 , he loved the @dodgers .. He said in 88 " this is the year " I was like .. Cmon ! So this #worldseries means so much on so many levels , baseball was the one thing we saw eye to eye on ! So as we get closer to game one .. Whatever happens is gonna happen .. But this is our year ⚾️ #thisteam @catbelanger @alyshadelvalle @momorodriguez @arseniohall @benballer @redturn2 @yasielpuig @kikehndez @cody_bellinger

My mash up of @comedygetdownbet @comedygetdown promos #whiteterry @bergmaster5000 is hilarious in every episode and the guys @cedtheentertainer @eddiegriffin @realdlhughley #charliemurphy #darkness are all #chingon and we honor Charlie in every episode ! So tune in tonight #pussycatpiefactory ( and tomorrow night check out the episode on @comedycentral #thankyou @shannonmccollum for all the great video and pictures 🎥👌🏽 #samecameradifferenteye

Tonight #getdownwiththegetdown @comedygetdownbet premieres @cedtheentertainer @realdlhughley @eddiegriffin @bergmaster5000 @trondynewman @carmenserano #darkness 10 great episodes starts tonight #Repost @eddiegriffin ・・・ Tonight! #JustWatchIt @georgelopez on @comedygetdownbet #Chingon #TeamGL

Either you are for #tang #45melapela or against #Repost @worldstar ・・・ #Eminem was gettin at #PresidentTrump like...🔥💯 Via: @Cycle #8Mile #WSHH

First lets wish @mariolopezextra a #happybirthday 🎉🎉 and thank @extratv @tanikaray for a great morning with the boys of @comedygetdown @comedygetdownbet @cedtheentertainer @realdlhughley and the ladies of @therealdaytime . The Comedy Get Down Premieres this Thursday at 11:30pm and Friday on @comedycentral @eddiegriffin #darkness #chingon #getdownwiththegetdown

So now police procedure is to pull a gun while asking questions .. This is insane , filming a movie .. Okay if the movie sucks you want your money back , but no shooting till we've at least seen the trailer for it . #Repost ( hey Adam 12 relax puto @1000entertainment ・・・ Bodycam footage shows a #Indiana police officer shoot at an actor he thought was robbing a business 👀😬😳👀#1000ent

No One Deserves Heaven More #Rip #hughhefner