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Starting July 16, 1979, Frank spent three days in the studio. The fruit of these sessions? "It Had To Be You" and "I Had The Craziest Dream," both appearing on 'Trilogy.'
Listen to the Grammy-nominated album now:

Latiffa Dobbins

13 hours ago

A great album, sometimed underated. I wonder why...

Kenneth Wright

13 hours ago

Francis albert the king! Sadly missed! Yr music will always live on!👍

Thượng Kiên

13 hours ago

Got the limited edition vinly. Marvelous.

On July 13, 1939, a then-23-years-old Frank Sinatra walked into his first commercial recording session, which produced “From The Bottom Of My Heart” and “Melancholy Mood,” issued on a 78rpm single (not too dissimilar from the one in this photo!)

Dmitry Giacintow

2 days ago

The Capital Years are Frank at his best. His voice had matured as had he from life experiences. The songs were tried and true from the best of Broadway in the 20s and 30s. He was teamed with the greatest arranger of all time, Nelson Riddle, and hi-fidelity recording had been perfected. We will never see that again in any artist but those 10 years are enough to sustain us.

Monique Doyle

3 days ago

Just heard that Nancy Sinatra Franks first wife has passed away.RIP🇮🇹🙏

Hrishikesh Rabha

3 days ago

Nancy Jr was born 1940, so who was the young girl?

Happy #Twosday! Frank Sinatra & Ella Fitzgerald—talk about a power duo!

Simone Gadda

5 days ago

Estes maravilhosos e memoráveis cantores Ella e Sinatra. Amo de paixão.

Alexandra Cristea

5 days ago

Frank and Ella, in a class by themselves. The best of the best. Anyone interested in a singing career? Put Frank and Ella on and study the way it is done. I never get tired of hearing them. Who follows them? No one!

Daba Diayete

6 days ago

When music was music - no crotch grabbing, screaming frenzy, political platforms, just pure talent and class! Two of the very best in American history! Such memories.........

With summer in full swing, what’s your favorite Sinatra song to play by the water? 🌊
“Sand and Sea” is a great option! “Sand and sea, sea and sand // And the warm, bright sun up there above // Summer days, happy days // With my love…”
Listen now:

Andis Aleksandrovs

8 days ago

I think The Summer Wind captures the spirit of it!

Cynthia Polanco

8 days ago

Ok this pic baffles me, I see him untangling a knott but where does the back rope go? It's taut too. A genuine Blue Eyes mystery!

Telesa Stalone

8 days ago

Summer wind....., we remember the famous singer and entertainer Frank Sinatra, he is never forgotten !

Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸🎆 If you haven’t heard Frank’s live recording of “The House I Live In (That’s America To Me)” from Madison Square Garden in 1974, well, there’s no better day to get acquainted!

Mafel Martz

12 days ago

One if a kind...the best there ever was

Jenna Larson

12 days ago

Can you believe, at the time, some politicians thought this was promoting communism?

Cynthia Burbank

12 days ago

Missing a past that I wasn't even around for.....

Gotten a chance to listen to 'Standing Room Only' yet? Frank Sinatra shines in this collection of live performances from Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Dallas, released just last month.

Yuriko Shin

17 days ago

I have 49 Frank Sinatra cd's; waiting to buy "Baby Blue Eyes" which Tina Sinatra compiled of her dad's offerings. Heard it on SIRIUSLY Sinatra channel 71 of Sirius; we were driving back from San Angelo, Christmas day 2017; they were featuring this album....have to wait until it gets "reasonable" in cost.

Flavin de Chanes

17 days ago

Got it for Father's Day...doubly blessed: I was in the audience when this was recorded in Dallas @ Reunion Arena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris King

17 days ago

we were lucky to see and hear Frank at least 7 times. no one will ever top this great entertainer,no one. period.

On June 26, 1970, Philadelphia radio station WWDB’s Sid Mark set the record by playing 61 consecutive hours of Sinatra songs and never repeating a single tune!

Angelica Solorio

19 days ago

One of my friends last night showed me a clip from a guy who is Frank Sinatra impersonator who's going to be at Mission Viejo Lake sometime this summer is pretty darn good it would be need to go see him. The tickets are only $9 if you know somebody who is in the Lake Club which I do.

Natalie James

19 days ago

Listened to Sid and the Sounds of Sinatra since I was a kid 50 some yrs ago always imitated never equaled

Tumelo Mpoko

20 days ago

Met Mr S backstage Caesars 1977 told him you sound great you sound just like you do on the Sid Mark radio show he looked at me with that look and said yeah Sid does a good job for me

Happy Birthday to Frank’s first daughter Nancy Sinatra (with the laughing face)!


Alain Damotte

a month ago

Frank Sinatra was and still is the best...I listen to his music every relaxing especially the older classics.. just makes me happy❤️

Maireni Abad

a month ago

I wish a very happy belated birthday to Frank's first daughter who was born in the same month I was but 24 years and 10 days earlier.

Deborah Meribole

a month ago

Happiest of Birthdays Sweet Nancy you are a blessing to all who hear your stories may you have many many more!

60 years ago today, Frank Sinatra performed at a benefit in Monaco for the United Nations Fund for Refugee Children, a favorite charity of his and Princess Grace’s

Alex Moody

a month ago

Amazing Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra.

Brittany Chen

a month ago

I have a copy of a concert in Monte Carlo with a unique introduction by Noel Coward, but it is dated 14/06/1958. Is this the same or did Frank sing twice? I believe we hear Sinatra's voice at its very best! It may possibly be that he was particularly relaxed when performing at this type of charity show.

Lloyd Devenport

a month ago

Great pic RIP, to both of you 😊

Beginning on June 4, 1973, Frank Sinatra, along with arranger Gordon Jenkins and producer/arranger Don Costa, recorded 11 songs over four sessions. What would emerge from these sessions was 'Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back.'
Listen to "Send In The Clowns" 🤡:

Lucy Mitchell

a month ago

Fantastic songs I love Winners and there used to be a ballpark play them all the time in my car

Geno Langford

a month ago

I saw him back in the day in Vegas. Will never forget it. Front row and beautiful!

Debra Kilgore

a month ago

Listening to this album right now. Feeling sick with a virus like me? Time to get out the Sinatra albums. 😀

Happy first day of June! Throughout this month in 1964, Frank Sinatra recorded 15 songs in Los Angeles, including "Fly Me To The Moon" from 'It Might As Well Be Swing' ➡️

Rina Fukai

a month ago

I heard an interview with Frank Sinatra and he said he always had listened to the trombone and kept his breath when finishing a song similar to the way a trombone finished in music

Jacqueline Brügger

a month ago

I have the vinyl album. So great to from the actual recording.

Sheila Williams

a month ago

One of the greatest albums ever recorded

In the studio with Nelson Riddle, Frank Sinatra recorded three tracks from 'Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely': "Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry," "Angel Eyes," and "Ebb Tide."

Listen now ➡️

Ana Claudino

2 months ago

Some selections from this album were ones that Linda Rondstadt also covered on her first "Gershwin period" album that she recorded with Nelson Riddle: What's New; Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry; Goodbye.

Diandra Perez

2 months ago

cuanto me gustan sus canciones.Frank Sinatra uno de mis preferidos cantantede todas las epocas.

Sanvida Satpute

2 months ago

"drinkup, drinkup all you people, the drinks and the laughs are on me"Greatest saloon singer and singer period of all time.

Have you listened to the brand new 'Standing Room Only' release yet? From live performances in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Dallas, Ol’ Blue Eyes doesn't miss a single beat ➡️

Imane Attaibi

2 months ago

Sorry for leaving the topic but i'm looking for a song that frank sang, i dont know if he was the author or not. The song said something like now we are in (insert month) and we will be better in June or something similar, i dont remember well, may be im wrong but i think i remember the lyrics saying that in june things would improve. He sang it in a tv show i think with a band behind. It is not a known song but if any fan knows what song is i would love to hear it again.Thanks

Marilyn Gillis

2 months ago

Love Frank Sinatra Simply the Best.

Dave Gillem

2 months ago

If the family finds a copy of Sinatra signing in the shower, they'll cash in and release it! There's a reason this material wasn't released when Sinatra was alive. He was very particular about what he released, and for good reason. Most of the new live stuff I've heard is not very good.

50 years ago today, Frank Sinatra hosted the 20th Emmy Awards at the Hollywood Palladium!

Josealvaro Castrobravo

2 months ago

One of the greatest entertains ever. Great voice and great music came from this man...….My favorite always.....

Daht'Kid Sah-Tee Asenathi

2 months ago


Brianna Lennon

2 months ago

That was a class act, not like the political, disrespectful, no-talents of today.

Swing Along with Me (later released as Sinatra Swings) was recorded in May 1961 with arrangement and conducting by Billy May and his orchestra. "Granada" from the album spent four weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.
🎶 :

Gavin Mikkelson

2 months ago

Great album. Not as well known as some of his Capitol stuff, but just as good. Billy May goes nuts on "Granada" and it's wonderful.

Stacy Esteve

2 months ago

Truly a great album; it is lively and the orchestration is robust. My favorite tracks are "Moonlight on the Ganges" and "You're Nobody Until Somebody Loves You."

Jimmy Jones

2 months ago

Sinatra has released over 4000 songs in his lifetime. Elvis also released over 4000 of them. Since I had the pleasure of enjoying both of them I feel very lucky. I still place Sinatra above Elvis. I feel sorry for the people that have not enjoyed the great music Us older folks have had.

Here's to the Chairman of the Board!

Tommy Archibald

2 months ago

This man has been"under my skin "since WW2 - still listen to his tapes exclusively in the car - a fan forever!

Delano Elms

2 months ago

The greatest ever. "Let me try again" his greatest followed by "Strangers in the Night". And many many others

Boglárka Gazsó

2 months ago

I should make investment opportunities in a corporate entity available this year. Thanks for the suggestion. Meanwhile, back to Old Man River by Frank Sinatra.

"Isn't she lovely // Isn't she wonderful // Isn't she precious…"
Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely, wonderful, precious mothers out there!
Frank Sinatra's take on "Isn't She Lovely" is available now from the new 'Baby Blue Eyes' collection:

Gabriela Carvalho Porto

2 months ago

Nice memories from Ol,Blue Eyes , Frank Sinatra ! We remember this famous singer, entertainer and filmstar !

Barry Snook

2 months ago

Frank Sinatra’s love life is the stuff of Hollywood tabloid legend. But how many women got to walk down the aisle with ‘Ol Blue Eyes?

In total, Sinatra was wed four times:

Nancy Barbato – 1939 Until 1951

His first was his 1939 marriage to Nancy Barbato which ended in divorce in 1951 with Sinatra admitting he had numerous affairs. The couple married before Sinatra had become a star and while he was working as a lifeguard in Long Branch, New Jersey.

Barbato is the mother of all of Sinatra’s children, Nancy, born in 1940, Frank Junior, born in 1944, and Tina, born in 1948. In 1946, amid tabloid rumor of Frank’s infidelity, Barbato had an affair.

The marriage finally ended in 1950 with their divorce following in 1951. The final straw had been Frank’s affair with Hollywood starlet, Ava Gardner.

Ava Gardner – 1951 Until 1957

Following their affair, Gardner became Frank’s second wife in 1951. The marriage seemed to destined to fail with Gardner filing for divorce as early as 1954. By then, Gardner had begun seeing matador Luis Miguel Dominguín.

Despite the divorce and their tumultuous marriage, Gardner and Frank remained friends.

Mia Farrow – 1966 Until 1968

Arguably Frank’s most notorious marriage came in 1966 when he wed 21-year-old actress Mia Farrow. At the time, Frank was 50. The relationship lasted until 1968 when they were divorced in Mexico. Like Gardner, it was known that Frank and Farrow remained close until his death in 1998.

In 2013, Farrow speculated that Frank might be the father to her son, Ronan, who was born in 1987.

Barbara Marx – 1976 Until 1998 (His Death)

Frank’s final marriage came in 1976 when he married Barbara Marx in Rancho Mirage, California. This one stuck and the pair remained married until his death in 1998.

Aantoine Griezmann Fauzi

2 months ago

May14 is the tragic day in international music. We will always remember you Frank Sinatra, through your songs.

To honor Frank Sinatra, the United States Postal Service issued a commemorative 42-cent postage stamp 10 years ago this month. Any stamp enthusiasts out there with collections to share?

Valentina Hernández

2 months ago


I have just recorded Night & Day on a album myself and children, ☺

Sarah Esser

2 months ago

We remember one of the best singers, entertainer, who we ever had : Frank Sinatra !

On location in Hawaii, Frank Sinatra made his directorial debut, shooting None but the Brave for Warner Bros. on this date in 1964.

Čheła Đrůciłła

3 months ago

My name is Monica... I'm single and seriously searching chat me up if you're interested

Michelle Lenfert

3 months ago

j'ai été toujours fan de Frank Sinatra comme chanteur et comme acteur surtout dans "Comme un Torrent "avec Martha Hier !!!

Yelena Tiginyanu

3 months ago

Beings of light.
They are entities that have transcended their knowledge, in their rapid teachings, reaching their last reincarnation, the essence of God. Having a certain weight, to gradually expand knowledge towards the environment, is the basis of the total mastery of peace, within the path of Elohim, as an indicator of the healing of human beings. Light is energy in the maximum expression, it is that being that reordered from the harmonious principle, the universal and total cosmic teachings, that turned the teachings into healing of his spirit, like that of his fellows. To reach this wealth of knowledge, they must oppose evil, and cultivate that peace and that university of the path of God, as savannahs of faith. However, it is not in following a hunch, it is in awakening in the harmony of igniting from your core, your inner flow, as visionary of framing your soul, as a force, to those teachings of originating love of neighbor, as yourself, Amen.

'Standing Room Only' is out May 4 and available for pre-order now! Frank Sinatra shines in this 3CD package of rare and previously unreleased live performances at The Sands, The Spectrum, and Reunion Arena.

David Jardon

3 months ago

Absolutely World Class xx

Walid Jansen

3 months ago

Start spreading the news!

OG Black Lion Muller

3 months ago

When all the songs are out of tune, they just make noises and not melodies, Been up and down and over and out, That's Life! It's all Blue Eyes,My high Hope, He'll be my music!!!

Paying for all the expenses associated with it, Frank Sinatra and his band embarked on the philanthropic World Tour for Children on April 18, 1962. Frank said that as an "overprivileged adult," he "ought to help underprivileged children."

Hector Manuel Caniulao Flores

3 months ago

Frank was the greatest entertainer of all time..also very charitable to people in need.

Jason Usry

3 months ago

There never will be any one like Frank Sinatra and his music will live on forever. For me he was the best singer of all time. Wish he was in peace ol Blue Eyes. 😍🤧


3 months ago

Throughout his career, Mr. Sinatra raised millions of dollars for children's charities and hospitals by performing in benefit concerts! He was no saint but who of us are?

One of Frank Sinatra’s most celebrated songs “Strangers In The Night” was recorded on this day in 1966. Not only was “Strangers In The Night” a huge success as a single, but its album of the same name ruled the charts at #1 for 73 weeks, as well as won Grammy Awards for Best Vocal Performance, Record of the Year, Best Engineered Record, and Best Arrangement. Listen now:

Esther Garcia

3 months ago

Where has this great music gone. I turn to my LP collection all the time instead of today's crap they call music. Wonder what they will be playing as golden oldies in fifty years from now.

Allen Martins

3 months ago

I can’t go too many hours without listening or singing something by Frank. He’s the best ever and I’m so honored to have been chosen to compete in the annual Sinatra Singing 🎤 🎶 Competition at Sinatra Park in Hoboken this coming June.

Emily Florence

3 months ago

Still have this album, Strangers in the Night, brilliant, first time I heard Summer Wind, love it, arrangement fabulous. Frankie, the Best of the Best, always.

Frank’s daughter Tina Sinatra’s curated compilation 'Baby Blue Eyes… May The First Voice You Hear Be Mine' is out today on CD and 180g 2LP vinyl!
Featuring a baby photo of Frank on the album cover, this compilation was carefully chosen from among his Reprise, Capitol, and Sony catalogues. Get your copy now.

Noble Conquer

3 months ago

Frank what more can I say

Marisol Ramos

3 months ago

Love forever Frank .

Esme Moodley

3 months ago

Love forever Frank .

Frank recorded 15 songs with Nelson Riddle between sessions on April 4, 5, and 9, 1956, in the second group of marathon sessions during an exceptional year of Sinatra recordings. "Hey Jealous Lover" and "It Could Happen To You" were just a couple among them.

Luiss Martin Poumian

3 months ago

I saw him in Philadelphia around 1973. He was the life of my marriage then and we fell in love all over again the minute he walked on to the stage. That was a night I’ll never ever forget!!!

Josephine Lennon

3 months ago

I had the privilege of being a guest at the recording studio when Sinatra recorded the album "Big Bold and Brassy" with Neil Hefty.

Mari Avila

3 months ago

My favorite was ‘Under My Skin’...absolute masterpiece!

Wish you were spending "April In Paris"? Just close your eyes and press play…

Khúc Việt Bắc

3 months ago


Tiffany Rose Holmes

3 months ago

Had this L.P. as an 18th birthday present from my girlfriend at that time in 1958

Jerek Rinker

3 months ago

Sinatra said he hated this album cover. He said it looked like a travel poster and that he was shilling for an airline. (All of which is ironic because he would go on to shill for products ranging from Garrard record players to Apple computers.)

Released by Capitol Records​ on this day 60 years ago, Frank's 1958 compilation album 'This Is Sinatra, Volume Two' was yet another Top 10 record, featuring "Hey Jealous Lover," "If You Are But A Dream," "Put Your Dreams Away," and more.

Pamela Hays Stabler

4 months ago

Very Best of Sir Sinatra


are all in there

at the back of our minds- always.




New York-New York,

My Way


all the antics of

The Rat Pack.

This takes

we music listeners

back to a wonderful era of music



reflecting the many moods


memories of the legend

we knew as 'Old Blue

Guillermo Castilla

4 months ago

I’ve been a fan forever, timeless talent!

Christelle Brigitte

4 months ago

I bought this original vinyl record in a Havana second Hand Store! ;-)

#FrankSinatra starred in his first dramatic role as Father Paul in 'The Miracle of the Bells,' released 70 years ago #OTD!

Erin Frank

4 months ago


Clare Gehlich

4 months ago

With his string of songs, From Here to Eternity was our theme song & first time met my husband & during his viewing was the music played.Still have his record played when sad& listen to his tunes which times made me smile!!!!

Marilyn Choque Lucas

4 months ago

It's Fred McMurrey, Alida Valli and the Chairman of the Board!

In March 1962, #FrankSinatra and #DeanMartin made cameos in #BobHope and #BingCrosby's 'The Road To Hong Kong,' playing visitors from another planet.

Ruben Contreras

4 months ago

Before everyone was PC crazy. Good times

Cody Wilder

4 months ago

I love this movie:

Kelly Nauwelaers

4 months ago

We were fortunate to have seen them at their absolute best! Loved Frank and Dean in "SOME CAME RUNNING". Truly legends in their own time!! The so called "stars" of today couldn't even pack their lunch!

Watch Frank perform “Fly Me To The Moon” live with Count Basie _ Verve Records​ & ​​Quincy Jones​ at the ​Kiel Opera House in St. Louis—
Pre-order 'Standing Room Only,' out May 4:

Prøféśšør Çhárįśmã

4 months ago

Favorite all time artist, favorite song of all time. This song tells the story of how at the end of the day every man feels and desires. Yes, lady’s we men too are sensitive, have true feelings and want true love. And this song is about us as loving Men for a change! Thank God that I can finally go to my grave with my sweetest song having been sang. I found the one who’s taken me to the moon. ❤️

Roman Davoust

4 months ago

Always liked this rendition. Great combo of Frank, Count Basie and Quincy.

Christina Vargas-Adams

4 months ago

Erin K Lindsey One of a kind performer and voice. The way he lays back on the beat, wow. Few people have ever done it like that Frank.

#FrankSinatra returns with the new live collection 'Standing Room Only.' For those not fortunate enough to see Sinatra in performance, this is the closest fans can get to the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen. The 3CD package includes Sinatra's rare and previously unreleased performances at The Sands, Las Vegas (Jan. 28, 1966), where Frank had a 14-year residency, as well as his show at The Spectrum, Philadelphia (1974), where Frank performed in front of a crowd 17,000-strong, and his show over a decade later at Reunion Arena, Dallas (1987). Available May 4, pre-order your copy of 'Standing Room Only' today:

Available May 4, pre-order your copy of 'Standing Room Only' today:

Photo credit: Frank Sinatra Enterprises

Lou Lacan

4 months ago

Nope there won't.........a toast to you Mr. Sinatra!.......cheers

Isaak Rosales

4 months ago


Rey Nieves

4 months ago

Dos extraños son los que se miran......dos extraños son los que suspiran.....somos tu y yo en esta noche azuuul! J'aime et quand j'ai la pression je la chante et je décompresse!

Frank Sinatra returns with the new live collection 'Standing Room Only.' For those not fortunate enough to see Sinatra in performance, this is the closest fans can get to the most legendary entertainer the world has ever seen.
The 3CD package includes Sinatra's rare and previously unreleased performances at The Sands, Las Vegas (Jan. 28, 1966), where Frank had a 14-year residency, as well as his show at The Spectrum, Philadelphia (1974), where Frank performed in front of a crowd 17,000-strong, and his show over a decade later at Reunion Arena, Dallas (1987).
Available May 4, pre-order your copy of 'Standing Room Only' today:

Thom Walker

4 months ago

Are there any chances to see this performances on the video too?

Belen Montoya

4 months ago

We remember the Voice: Frank Sinatra , he is never forgotten !

Lindsey Martin

4 months ago

Saw him live it was everything they said it would be!

“May you live to be a hundred and the last voice you hear be mine.” Tina #Sinatra’s compilation of her father’s most fondly-loved recordings, curated especially for children and parents alike, will hit the streets on CD and LP (for the first time) on April 6. 'Baby Blue Eyes...' is available for pre-order now:

Honza Blažek

4 months ago

Il più Grande di tutti. Ciao Frank

Francisco Manuel Antunes

4 months ago

Andrea Bengimina heads up.

Chrissy Durfee

4 months ago

Nicholas Heinze now there's another record you need

March 11, 1947 saw Frank record two songs that day: "Stella by Starlight" and "Mam'selle," the latter of which became a Top 10 single.
"Someday you'll say goodbye / Then violins will cry / And so will I, Mam'selle"
Listen to the 1960 re-recording of "Mam'selle" on Capitol Records​' 'Nice 'N' Easy':

Keith Beck Sr

4 months ago

I've heard Stella I don't remember Mam'selle I must check on that I'm sure it's fantastic he's still the best !!!

Harsh Vardhan

4 months ago

Nice memories from the famous singer Frank Sinatra !

Eloy Molina

4 months ago

I think I have this on 78rpm I have to look

On March 2, 1957, #FrankSinatra was on the US album charts with 'Close To You' and would stay on the bestsellers list for 3 months. Rediscover 'Close To You':

On March 2, 1957, Frank was on the US album charts with 'Close To You' and would stay on the bestsellers list for 3 months.

Rediscover 'Close To You':

Michael Stewart

4 months ago

We remember the famous voice of Frank Sinatra , he is unforgotten !

Dirk Wallrath

4 months ago

Only Frances Albert could make it happen With a string quartet 🎶🎵🎼

Juan Pablo Simón

4 months ago

my old lp's are worn out. Once the cd's came out, I tried replacing all my albums with the cd's, but never liked using the cd's, and eventually I didn't play my music (not just Frank) even half as much as with the old stereos and lp's. Very sad

On 2/28/1977, #FrankSinatra began a series of concerts in #London to benefit the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Taking place at the famous @RoyalAlbertHall, British fans circulated a petition to rename the famed theatre to Francis Albert Hall!

On February 28, 1977, Frank Sinatra began a series of concerts in London to benefit the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Taking place at the famous Royal Albert Hall​, British fans circulated a petition to rename the famed theatre to Francis Albert Hall!

Jouko Viitamäki

4 months ago

Without the arrangements of quincy jones he would not have sounded good

Ashley Davis

4 months ago

We remember one of the famoust singers at the 20. Century , The Voice Frank Sinatra !

Márcia Regina Macambira

5 months ago

Aaagghhh...Francis Albert Sinatra...humanitarian personified...

Frank's 'Duets' album went multi-platinum this month in 1994! To this date, 'Duets' has sold over 3 million copies.
Listen here:

Naji Jabr

5 months ago

One of my favorite albums, along with Duets 2. Love Barbara Streisand's duet, I've Got A Crush On You and Bono's duet, I've Got You Under My Skin and definitely the painting by LeRoy Neiman. A classic album cover.

Григорий Терентьев

5 months ago

Hopefully the fall release this year is the solos would make sense with it being 25 years since the release of duets they need to be heard

Chiara Montesi

5 months ago

I love Duets 1 and Duets 2,
I play them all the time. My favorite was the duet Frank did with Aretha Franklin.
Old Blue Eyes is the best.

We heard a rumor that a certain other Frank had recently released a cover of "Moon River"—for your consideration, here's Frank Sinatra's version, recorded in January 1964:

Astrid Hampe

5 months ago

Saw him three times in Concert ... there will never be a duplicate, his arrangements, his timing, his voice.....

Ozelleona Chu

5 months ago

Álbum excelente, muy buenos temas. Soy repetitiva pero no importa, todo lo que grabó, películas y todo lo de él es , fue y será excelente. Love you Frank!!!

Stephen Earley

5 months ago

There is and was only one Frank Sinatra.

This month marks 60 years since #FrankSinatra was on location in France filming Kings Go Forth. Frank both co-starred in the movie with #NatalieWood and #TonyCurtis & sang "Monique" for the film. Listen to "Monique" on the 'World On A String' collection:

This month marks 60 years since Frank Sinatra was on location in France filming Kings Go Forth for United Artists. Frank both co-starred in the movie with Natalie Wood and Tony Curtis, as well as sang "Monique" for the film.

Listen to "Monique" on the 'World On A String' collection:

Eiko Sesumi

5 months ago

I down loaded the album to my SPOTIFY FREE. AND NOW HAVE 42 songs and four albumsof old blue eyes.....Yeahhhhhhhh

Stephen Earley

5 months ago

🎶😘 Merveilleux acteurs ! Toute une période disparue, Nostalgie d'un beau passé artistique. J'écoute souvent Frank Sinatra, voix unique, paroles très fortes sur le sens de la Vie !! 🎶

Marimar Garrido Lopez

5 months ago

The Film is No. 1 ranking of Sinatra's by Me!

Does your funny valentine make you smile with your heart? Their looks unphotographable, your favorite work of art? Happy #ValentinesDay!

Today marks 57 years since #FrankSinatra launched #RepriseRecords, his own record label. To mark the occasion, Frank's first single on Reprise "The Second Time Around" was delivered that same day!

Along with Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra performed at a benefit concert at Carnegie Hall for Martin Luther King Jr.'s Southern Christian Leadership Conference, on this day in 1961.

Yannick Vanhussel

5 months ago

Sinatra and friends were very giving in many ways to many causes and people.

Miranda Geisinger

5 months ago

Aaaagghh...Francis Albert unsung humanitarian was he...yessir

Mal Kline

5 months ago

When i travel, i listen mainly to Frank, such a smooth relaxing voice, and let's all face it every word the singers of that time sung we all knew the words. Today's singing is one big mix mash of nothingness

On this day in 1980, the largest paying audience for a solo performer—175,000 people—assembled at the Maracaña Stadium in Rio de Janeiro to listen to Frank Sinatra perform. At the time, this set a Guinness World Record!

Mahmoud Goudarzi

5 months ago

There’s just something about him that has always captivated me. His voice can take the most tumultuous of days and bring a sense of peace and calm to it. Listen to him every day. His voice always takes me to another place. His album with Jobim is one of my favorites. Thanks, Frank!

Manana Tchumburidze

5 months ago

Saw this concert DVD from the library. It's hilarious, but when he finishes singing "Strangers In The Night" the audience goes crazy applauding and Frank turns to the orchestra and from a camera view behind them, says, laughing "Worst f---ing song I've ever heard!" The orchestra cracks up laughing as it is common knowledge that he hated that song for years and it was THE song that everyone in Rio wanted to hear.

Edrees Sahtout

5 months ago

Love Frank Sinatra and his wonderful songs!!! His music and talent were what I grew up enjoying! God bless is soul...❤️🎼💞

Frank Sinatra played the role of Maj. Bennett Marco in 'The Manchurian Candidate,' which began filming on this date in 1962. At the time, Frank said, "I'm more excited about this part than any other I’ve played." Co-star Angela Lansbury would be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the film.

Jay Joshi

5 months ago

Frank's karate chop breaking wood during the fight scene was real. He hand would bother him for years, painfully curling up. Evenually he had to have surgery to fix the problem. The recovery was just as painful. An amazing performance.

Marie Malá

5 months ago

A great film; watched it a few weeks ago on The Essentials on TCM; the guest director, William Friedken stated, and it makes sense, Janet Leigh's character did not make any sense being there, was she a double agent working for the Communist. Watching the film after that, I tend to concur.

Ryan Gould

5 months ago

Great film staring 2 of my favourite actors, Sinatra and Harvey. So sensitive it was banned. You know you’ve got a winner when that happens.

In January 1959, Dean Martin recorded his new album 'Sleep Warm' but with a catch—Frank Sinatra conducted the Capitol Records orchestra for it. 'Sleep Warm' was also recorded in a brand new format at the time: full dimensional stereo.

Mahmoud Goudarzi

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Jorge Sousa

5 months ago

I was little in love with Dean in my teen,still love him now one great singer. Saw him at the apollo years ago be for his son died he was great.was always going to come back,but when that happened it broke him.

Nicholas Goodrum

5 months ago

Is that Lucy?

Frank Sinatra was bestowed the Career Achievement Award on this day in 1993 at the Palm Springs International Film Festival & Palm Springs ShortFest. At the ceremony, director George Sidney said, "His first take is better than most people's tenth. He always went for the best and took risks."

Ирина Рыжих

5 months ago

The greatest singer of all times! Will always be! Ask any singer from the early days & today & I guarantee Sinatra’s name will be first on the list!
He was magical in many ways! His delivery was impeccable! He made you feel his deepest emotions!
I could go on & on!
Love him.❤️

Olivier Junkar

5 months ago

You can wait in hope nut there will never be another like him only one francis albert sinatra

Stephen Earley

5 months ago

Frank Sinatra and his songs will never die

Frank Sinatra’s classic album 'Come Fly With Me' celebrates its 60th anniversary today!
Recording this album was also Frank's first time working with arranger Billy May. May remembered Frank's passion for the percussion on "On the Road to Mandalay": "That gong was big…and when [percussionist] Lou [Singer] hit it, it rang and rang. When Frank heard it the first time he said, 'Yeah! Let me hear it again…Let's end it with the gong—and let the mother ring!'"
Take a listen:
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Diego Moser

5 months ago

Great album has been in my collection for years, Songs For Swinging Lovers is another favourite from that era.

Haydn Kramer

5 months ago

We remember one of the greatest singers , Frank Sinatra, he is not forgotten , and his hits were famous !

David C. Graves

5 months ago

Fond memories of this L P as. I listened to it all the time while recovering from Mumps delaying me joining my Dad in Nairobi.