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Hey guys Its going down foreal at The Hustler Club Las Vegas this Saturday for their Anniversary party and I’m bringing the party! Get your tickets now!

Luisa Flores Calma

5 days ago

Looks like fun

Nay Zaw

6 days ago

When are you coming to Canada????

Christine Yanez

6 days ago

I ll be there foreal🤩

Midwest, let's GO!! Los Dells festival today! #losdellsfest Los Dells Festival #wisconsin

Salvador Adame

17 days ago

He was the best of the night! Awesome dude

Jasmin Karl

17 days ago

Oh gosh handsome, you so sweet.

Rhonda Howard

17 days ago

Hi wish I could b there x

What song should I remix and turn into a #Flomix 🤔 any suggestions? #help

Lynn Guy

a month ago

Like what you sing/mix - just do it.

Reginald J Bowen

a month ago

A 60’s remake...into Flo!

Marvin Gaye - I heard it through the grapevine

Chubby Checker - Lets twist again

The Temptations - My girl

The Ronettes - Be my baby

Something classic....make it Flo modern!

Lori Herod

a month ago

Ac/Dc thunderstruck, done right be a number 1 hit, no offence but could be out your league, Eminem would manage it, royalties for the suggestion lol

When it’s all said and done #TheGoldenArmy will be remembered as Barrier Breakers: competitively these young men will face any and all competition; academically, they strive for excellence in the classroom; community, they expect to be Presidents of the United States, doctors, lawyers, engineers and Law-abiding citizens. They understand discipline, hard work and dedication. Check them out all season long...You won’t believe your eyes! #BigDreamsForKids ✨ ((((STRONGARM))))

Leslie García Castillo

a month ago

Well done boys Nic one Flo

Brooke Maddox

a month ago

Ai Chát video với e nhé

Andrea L Gaye

a month ago

Ai Chát gọi video với bé hem

#Hola Midwest, we’re turning up Labor Day weekend! 🔥🔥🔥 Welcome to #MiCasa #losdellsfest Los Dells Festival

Najdan Milicevic

a month ago

i hope it will be cool

Linda Barrentine

a month ago

Ohhh!!! i wanna go there!!!
miss you( 💓∀💓)

Paul Sparkes

a month ago

Ai Chát qua video không

My heartfelt condolences to this Queen. I was blessed to meet Miss Aretha Franklin after her concert in Miami Beach. Her voice was as strong, powerful and soulful as ever. I will always remember the words of encouragement that she whispered to me. Rest In Peace to the Queen of Soul🙏🏿

Sabrina Ford

a month ago

God bless you Aretha, may you RIP....😪🙏💒😘

Terri Jackson

a month ago


Mark Wright

a month ago

RIP you blessed us with your songs, now sing your heart out in heaven with the other greats

🌴Palm Trees🌴 and Leather Seats.
Where could I be ........😉🤔???

Heriberto Rosa Velez

a month ago

Somewhere awesome x

Raja Bebar

a month ago

Are you back in Miami?

Jackie Elkins

a month ago

I don't know

Best way to start your week off right 😎 #celsius

Juan Meza

a month ago

Looking good Flo Rida!!! I Love Your Music!!!

Aida Redi

a month ago

Looking hot as usual baby

Marco De Ascentis

a month ago

Look at them Gun's.. Go with it..

“ Only 1 FLO & 1 RIDA... “ 😎😏

Deanna Barnes

a month ago

Why is this even on my news feed, I don't care..

Roc Jackson

a month ago

Only one Flo


Jessica Aguirre Rendón

a month ago


Getting Spanish lessons from @luisfonsi x @therealdjlaz 😂🤷🏽‍♂️ #FloFonsiLaz

Doris Elaine Parker

a month ago

Kya baat he Florida bhai jlwe he bhai ke

Ashley Upperman

a month ago

Super FLO, PLEASE don't forget that Sebastian, Florida loves you! I'm friends with Kartina. I'm the white lady, Ellen! Love you Super FLO! God Bless you always!

James Byrdo

a month ago

Something about the guy on the rights legs don't look right.....🤔

That time I was needed... 😏😎 #tbt

Cecy Cortez

a month ago

Dang forgot the cape

Christen Evanston

a month ago

awww man this is the man so damn hot mmmmmmmm

Terezitha Lopez

a month ago

#alwaysneeded #superhero #teamflo

Now I know why the Pyramids are considered one of the 7 wonders of the world. Not just because each took 40 years to build without electric tools but because they have been able to withstand the test of time. Humbled, Grateful and Blessed to have witnessed these great monuments with my #StrongArmTeam #Proven #TimeTested #bucketlist #egypt

Seif Lewandowski

2 months ago

Family how hot is it.

Диди Лазарова

2 months ago

It`s Scucci Time ...=)

Julio Dorantes

2 months ago

1. No one knows how they were built
2. They certainly don’t know how long it took!

Egypt 🇪🇬 it’s my first time here and I’m excited to bring the #Low10tour here! Can’t wait to explore the city! #Egypt

Sid Claymore

2 months ago

Welcome to #Egypt 😀

Arianne Montes De Oca Gonzalez

2 months ago

Nice to get to travel have fun

Betsy Pharrella Kuteh

2 months ago

Enjoy your stay. I haven't been out of the states yet but maybe someday.

#Repost @e40 with @get_repost
Put it together like the weather #Snackvideo

Ronald Atienza

2 months ago

The good fellas!#

Jareth Bartolo Segura

2 months ago

You are the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Melissa Mackrell

2 months ago

Love it x

AUSTRALIA! Sadly, I won’t be making it downunder to party with you later this month due to the cancellation of Air + Style in Sydney.We have had to move the Melbourne & Brisbane shows til next year, so hold on to your tickets which will still be valid for each show! Full refunds also offered if you can’t make the new dates.
New Dates:
Thursday 17th Jan - The Forum, Melbourne
Friday 18th Jan - Eatons Hill, Brisbane
New Tickets & Inquiries at

Graca Damane

2 months ago

Um Jackson Rees

Daniela Bello

2 months ago

Felicity Biasio Tegan Biasio flo rida coming to AUS 😍🔥

Bret Cox

2 months ago

Why not Canberra 😘😘😘😘😘

Sarah Nguyen

2 months ago

he on tha free giff shi hahahaha nice am recon 5k free shi

Miguël Angël Mönröy

2 months ago

Love this pic!! Gucci down!!!💪💞🤗

Chris Mcgill

2 months ago

Move to the Hamptons?

Excited to be in the studio in London 🇬🇧 #uk 😎

Amin Ashory

2 months ago

We love you 😍😘😘😘

Shubham Jakhete

2 months ago

Sarajean Morgan hey babe

Bxi Segovia Pulido

2 months ago

so damn hot !!!!!

“ I got a pay phone and play phone... “ London where’s the party at tonight ? #sweetsensation #low10tour

Robert Scarboro

2 months ago

When you come to Italy ??? 🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️

Ana Lucía Carranza Gildemeister

2 months ago

Come to the Balfour in Devon it's always party time there xx

Jeremy M J Pulat

2 months ago

Low 10th tour Enjoy⁉️
WoW four ☎️‼️
Im waiting in Japan😍✌️

Good vibes @zwfmiami

Isabela Cicenato

3 months ago

Kawaii( 💓∀💓)love love cuteee

Akuchi P Ugo

3 months ago

Both Cute but little monkey a little more love animals 💖😘❤️😍

Philip Christopher Anselmo

3 months ago

Aha hahahahha hahahahha hahahahha hahahahha hahahahha

Had a blast at @Nickelodeon’s #NickSlimeFest! 😎😎😎

Bethany Baldwin

3 months ago

I wish I was there 😭😩

Seydouba Sylla

3 months ago

I got slimed at Nick studios once, smelled like applesauce...

Antonio Hardy

3 months ago

Jazzy Mariah, are you in any of these pics?

Thank you #Connecticut! Y’all definitely brought the party! @mohegansun 😎

Marc Ribó

3 months ago

Sure you knocked them dead as usual my handsome Flo

Debbie Long

3 months ago

Your performance was amazingly supportive and loved. Thanks for all the love for the kids and respect for woman. # massachusetts visited you in#Connecticut#

Alec Ross Olivieri

3 months ago

Cara Louise Jones has he nicked ya shades 😂😂😂

#Houston!! June 16th kick off the summer with me at houpalooza music fest! Get your tickets now! 😎

Martina Passaro Arroyo

3 months ago

would love to see you in Sioux Falls SD...just because your an amazing person...❤️❤️❤️...💋💋💋...

Don't miss TWO new shows in Melbourne and Brisbane celebrating the 10th Anniversary of ‘LOW’.
Tickets: ⬅️

Kamila Selke

3 months ago

Vikrant Banana Pratap Mitchell Perry this guys still around?... thought he woulda been outta fashion like them apple bottom jeans..

Kami Hosack

3 months ago

Mitch Schupp we can see the greatest artist ever to live

Kelly Owens

3 months ago

Alex you love a bit of flo

You know I’m the #lifeoftheparty. Now you can become the #lifeoftheparty wherever you are with the #Iloud by @ikmultimedia.

Lilly Cancel

3 months ago

Joshua Morris Ugh

Kathy Broderick

4 months ago

yes i need that

Sandrine Lala

4 months ago

Cool shirt we need a build board all over free ways and Art work on walls and street singed etc.


Marcin Powroźnik

4 months ago

Zero wow 'going green' great initiative @Flo Rida

Mike Harllee

4 months ago

Thats a big sprocket!!

Richardpaul Morgan

4 months ago

I remember that song

AUSTRALIA! 2 shows just announced in Melbourne and Brisbane celebrating the 10th Anniversary of ‘LOW’. Tickets on Sale 10am, Thursday 7th June from

Coco Rei

4 months ago

Elisha Nicolazzo bahaha this reminds me of that time at the Grand Prix 😂

Brittney Jazmine

4 months ago

Rose oh lawd! Finally one i’m here for 😂

Marcela Quiroga

4 months ago

Zac Smith do we make it a week long event and go to Flo rida also?

#tbt Who you got #Cavs or #Warriors?
#NBAFinals 🔥

M.L. Stallworth

4 months ago

As if....Cavs honey....

Midian Santos

4 months ago

Steph Curry with the shots

Wities Yabala

4 months ago

Cavs sucks moron fans cry baby ape dubsnations never ever the cavs no class punks

#Sydney come put your hands "In The Ayer" with me August 3rd at Air + Style 2018 alongside my boy @shaunwhite and the worlds best snowboarders and skiers
@airandstylesydney Get your tickets now!

Sylvia Ngwako

4 months ago

Pop in on Melbourne #sweetsensation #wildones #teamfloaus

Ardy Firmansyah

4 months ago

Hey FLo.. Rida auntie Mae Love you.

Marie Parfait

4 months ago

Dang if it was in Melbourne I’d come listen to my favourite artist

Feelin' like a damn good time to be alive 😎
#TransformationTuesday: Which one?

J.R. Johnson

4 months ago

You need a real smile on your face to look like you be Feelin' like a damn good time to be alive😎 Flo Rida👑

Dewo Hourglass

4 months ago

Please come to the Atsugi base again.
🇯🇵✈️🌊Naval Air Facility Atsugi

Augusto Portillo

4 months ago

Wish you a colourful life 🖒

Forever grateful to the men and women who defend the American way of life. I especially want to acknowledge those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defending our freedom. Thank you for your service. #MemorialDay 🇺🇸

Lesleyanne Hogan

4 months ago

You go Flo! So nice to see a Top Notch Hip Hop Artist supporting all the causes and concerns going on in the USA 🇺🇸!!
God Bless you always with continued blessings! We love ❤️ you! Ellen the white lady from Sebastian! (Kartina’s friend)

Chris Gibson

4 months ago

El Carlinhos des bist doxh du ganz rechts

Vaughan Tobey

4 months ago

Amen FLO, they deserve all our thanks and gratitude! We are free and able to do as we wish because of their sacrifice, love u! Xo ❤️🇺🇸❤️

@robinsjean #SweetSensation 🔥🔥🔥

Andrea Mazariegos

4 months ago

Josh stylish bloke

Gary Endicott

4 months ago

In my neighborhood if you go with a jacket like that or you are a trafficker or you are a pimp

Criss Dfa

4 months ago

Samuel Lamoureux les lunettes

I’m in love with a dancer. #WCW 😍

Diane Waskiewicz

4 months ago


Alex Newton

4 months ago

I know who is this. Thank you, Love you too Flo Rida

Ada Paradisea

4 months ago

Well I love you wish you were mine

Its Going Down Foreal!

Matty Allgino

4 months ago

R u going to come to Canada

Marco Rave

4 months ago

Good thing my trips already paid for

Emily Sims

4 months ago

I wish I could see you again

WOW is all I can say! Maluma THANK YOU. From my city 305 to yours MUCH LOVE! #Hola #Miami #StrongARM

Jim N Cindy Ross

4 months ago

Ayyyyu no se me callo un ídolo!!!! Odio a Maluma !!!! Jajaja

Jon Paul Docherty

4 months ago

I love this!!! Your look is Fly as always!!!🤗💪😍😚🎶

John Weik

4 months ago

You're song 'Whistle', is one of the first songs I play to wake me up and always puts a smile on my face!

Congrats Prince Harry & his wife Meghan. #TheRoyalWedding

Thee Irresistible Kadii

4 months ago

Your lucky Flo

Dale Lewis

4 months ago

Would love to know what Harry said to Flo! U keep good company doll! Xo 👑

Eric Grauls

4 months ago

She's not even a princess

Môhåmmëd Hãśśãñ Eĺhāğ

4 months ago

Babies are a blessing disabled or not if you didnt want no kids should have used protection than going to ask her to abort the child how low I pray you change your heart for the better of your son you dont even know if that angel will live a long life go and bond with your son.....

Kostas Skarmountzos

4 months ago

I’m sorry, but I read an article about how badly you treat your little boy, why? That baby didn’t ask to be here and he needs his dad. Especially now that he has a disorder. Have a heart and go love on your son.

Mariah Kelly

4 months ago

Flo Rida + Juventus = 🔝🔝🔝
Man, I love your music !!! When you'll make a concert in Italy? I can't wait to see ya in Turin at Allianz Stadium! Greetings from your italian big fan Nik Rtg ⚪⚫⚽️🇮🇹🏆🏟🎤🔊💪🏽😎

Vanessa Handy

4 months ago

Love this man

Mariano Morando

4 months ago

Do you know im coming to miami? Flo Rida well you be around? She should have told you! 13-22

Mar Lizeth Jáuregui

4 months ago

Looking hot as usual baby

Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t. #LiveFit #FloFit

Derek Penning

4 months ago

keep it up nigga 💪💪

Henriette Casteur

4 months ago

Call & Whatsaap Me +971561616995

Samantha-Elizabeth Jean

4 months ago

How was Vegas?

#tbt @gorillazoe @richforever

Jonathan Manley

4 months ago

Super les gars

Tanya Jackson

4 months ago

Would you step into an Elevator with these Young Gentlemen????

Francesco Mattei

5 months ago

Okay that's what's up

#Vegas I hope you’re ready because this Saturday it’s going down foreal! @rehablv 😎

Gabriella Basone

5 months ago

Documentary Film “Human Harvest” Screened at Columbia University
December 07, 2016
The award-winning documentary Human Harvest was screened at Columbia University in New York on December 1, 2016. The university’s Falun Dafa Club sponsored the event. Around 50 people watched the film. Several students who arrived late found that no vacant seats were available.

The film is about China's gruesome state-sanctioned practice of harvesting vital organs from imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners. Viewers applauded warmly after the screening. Some audience members stayed and shared their thoughts about raising awareness and stopping the crime.

At the screening, a practitioner explains the background of the film.

A viewer was interviewed after the screening.

Kidney doctor Cheryl Kunis from Columbia University said that some of her patients expressed interest in going to China for an organ transplant. She explained to them the risk, and the live organ harvesting issues, which changed their minds.

Jeff Odgis, an undergraduate student, said he did not know about the live organ harvesting. He said, “I think it is horrible. It seems to be the most horrible thing since the genocide.” He indicated that he could not imagine why a government would sanction live organ harvesting.

Genevieve said that the film was impressive. She knew some of the issues, but not all the details revealed in the film.

Some audience members signed a petition to be delivered to the United Nations, asking it to urge the Chinese communist regime to stop the organ harvesting crimes immediately. Doctor Kunis said that this was a huge issue and expressed hope that the World Health Organization and UN can do something to exert pressure on the Chinese regime.

Some audience members sent emails next day expressing their appreciation for the film screening, and wishes to be informed about future events. The club plans to hold more screenings in the future.

The club was established in 1999 with a mission spreading the grace of Falun Dafa and raising awareness about the persecution of the practice in China.

Amin Firdaus

5 months ago

Looking hot as usual baby

Alexa Edmo

5 months ago

Yes! Wanna go! Anybody wanna take me lol?

Excited to announce I’ll be performing live at The Mohegan Sun June 7th!Get your tickets here:

#JMKGlobal #MoheganSun 😎

Karen Kruger

5 months ago

Please come back to Colorado.

Jerrilyn Dahlstrom

5 months ago

Come to Perú!♥️

Kelle Blount

5 months ago

Marvin fliegen wir hin ? 😍

Which one was your favorite
#Whistle or #Wildones? #tbt 🤔

Claudia Vanessa Carter

5 months ago

Best of all time is Right Round ft. Kesha

Eva Patriquin

5 months ago

Dubaï:wild one,,just thé best

Alex Alejandro Cedeño

5 months ago

U know, I known how, to stop and step as I zone out, the club can't even handle me right now...

I can’t wait for y’all to see what @robinsjean and I are working on!

Very sexy in that

Laura Wiechel

5 months ago

Love that jacket

Lea Rinker

5 months ago

Any tips for a budding rapper Flo Rida?? You're an inspiration bro!

Who’s ready?
#SweetSensation 🎥

Esseve C. Rin

5 months ago

I know I am flo#

Lydia Lee

5 months ago

play away flo..

Sea Sessi

5 months ago

u have the same kind that i love

My heartfelt condolences to Avicii and his family. You were an amazing musician, producer and DJ whose legacy will Live on. #GoodFeeling will never be the same again. I will always think of you when performing “Our Song.” Rest in Paradise🙏🏿

Darion Fredericks

5 months ago

Oh my god, he died at 28?!

Susan Moates

5 months ago

I am in total shock he was my favourite DJ, his musical talent will be sadly missed, avicii forever in my 💓

Rosita Alejandro

5 months ago


#tbt name the video. 🤔

Renee Parker Booker

5 months ago

oooh somtine.. i get good feelings.. it's " #good_feeling " with the motor of the movie #tron #florida

Some bs featuring pitbull shooted in miami like all ur videos?

Fonzy Wood Pawn

5 months ago

Wild ones and Club can't handle me ....

I am super pumped to be performing live tomorrow at Orlando's Biggest Free Concert in ever, thanks toThe Law Offices of Dan Newlin and Dan Newlin

Павел Довгань

5 months ago

It was incredible!! Had a great time

Shawn Gensch

5 months ago

Thanks for the update.

Rosemarie Stark

5 months ago

My aunt will be there sent reggie da pic

Straight outta Carol City.

Jorge Avalos

5 months ago

Ill be there in june where will u be

Matthew Pritchett

5 months ago

ijju pwoliku mutheweh Akhil Joseph

Laura Lamb

5 months ago

That’s awesome

Don’t miss the party tomorrow on @FOX!!! #ShowtimeAtTheApollo

Piero Angrywolf

5 months ago

I was watching!!! Looking good in your gear as always!!! 😎😍😉

Nancy Kretzschmar

5 months ago

Hello Flo Rida, have a great time at your amazing event bro !. It is so cool to see you hosting Showtime at the Apollo. Remember keep on keeping it moving !. Stay smart and stay strong . You are the man !. I am from Sacramento, Ca.

Lorenzo Iznaga

5 months ago

Thanks for the update.

#Repost @lifeinpiecescbs with @get_repost ・・・ Work 👏 It 👏 Prepare to be dazzled by Lark's dance to @official_flo 's new song, #SweetSensation in Thursday's all-new #LifeInPieces!