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HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! Santa Claus is COMIN’ to town #CarpoolKaraoke style 🎶🚗 🎅 The Late Late Show with James Corden James Corden SAM SMITH

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Fashion Beauty

3 days ago

Oiie ❤, peço licença ao dono da página mas preciso muito da ajuda de vocês, venho pedir que ao menos dê uma olhadinha na minha página , se uma pessoa só curtisse e gostasse eu já ficaria muito feliz e ajudaria muito, cada curtida é muito importante, quem tem uma página sabe disso, por favor ajuda vai? Obrigado <3

Loved getting to perform “He Like That” for @Spotify 🎶 Hear our #SpotifySingles session, including our cover of “Feels,” available now!

Loved getting to perform “He Like That” for Spotify 🎶 Hear our #SpotifySingles session, including our cover of “Feels,” available now!

Sheeran’s Angels 😂 So good seeing you last week Ed Sheeran! #FBF

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Daniela Romero

6 days ago

Babies, you're worth it!
I'm so proud of you! Love you with every piece of my heart!
Mexico loves you, comeback pleaseeeee!
Marry Christmas ♥

Loved getting to perform a couple of songs for Spotify 🎶 Hear our #SpotifySingles session featuring “He Like That” and a cover of “Feels,” available now!

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Sneha Agrawal

8 days ago

They are so insecure for 12 january..

All the members are adding "shop now" button as if they have already assumed nobodys gonna buy after that 😂

Angélica Calheiros

also shared about Fifth Harmony

Dude, go to your favs page. You might love them to keep tabs on them. If you hate an artist, why stalk them? They have real problems, like a label that gives them 0.5 attention and promo. Be happy for your fav's album and go celebrate her instead of being such a kid.

Share the Joy and #ShareYourEars! Help make wishes come true this holiday season with Disney Parks and Make-A-Wish. For every “ears” photo shared with #ShareYourEars, Disney Parks will donate $5 to Make-A-Wish America up to $1 million! ❤️❄️

Our friends at Spotify have a new edit of the #PorFavor video on their #VivaLatino playlist! Pitbull

See it here:

TONIGHT! Catch us on the #LipSyncBattleShorties Holiday Special. Tune in at 7p/6c on Nickelodeon! 🎄🎁 #LSBS

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Abigail Sabellina

10 days ago

I'm still hoping for an ot5 photo op in the jingle ball with Mila. I know it won't happen but God I will dream

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Carlos Hernandez

12 days ago

girls you're the best i love them a lot and i hope you're very well i am great fan i love it their music god bless you always

Thrilled to have Lost Kings joining us in AUSTRALIA next year on the #5HPSATour!! 🇦🇺

Tickets & VIP packages👉

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Khayelihle Mkhize

13 days ago

Honey u aint got manners at all.If nothing good can be said by you,shut your mouth.How dare you?Stop trashing the girls.Because like it or not,theyre the best.

Shanice Lambright

also shared about Fifth Harmony

I'm looking to watching the Disney holiday special with my favorite all time girl group fifth harmony tonight! I can't wait 2 see it.👧👩👭🎎✨🔮🏯🏰🌲🎁🎄🎅

James Kevin

also shared about Fifth Harmony

UMMMMMM ... but yall struggle to sing live . I cringe everytime yall are on stage . so in conclusion u cant sing or dance and Ally is that unwanted member who tries so hard . What exactly should i be tuning in for ? Give it a rest , this is clearly not working out !!

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Carlos Carrillo Vega

14 days ago

Jajaja la chiquitica? La Perra en celo? (Camila)

Aww una camilazer ardida😂
Camila se cuelga de la fama de otros artistas, si no no sería nada 😂😂

Carlos Carrillo Vega

also shared about Fifth Harmony

Exacto camila siempre busca colgarse de la fama de otros como
Shaw, Daddy Yankee, J balvin, Major lazer etc. Para después ella subir una canción en solitario y que tenga fama sólo por aver colaborado con los otros artistas, ahora Camila le debe más fama a fifth harmony si no pues como te digo camila no sería nada, y espera a fifth harmony que vienen muy fuertes en 2018😉

Trina Segelbaum

also shared about Fifth Harmony

Guys, this has Nothing to do with Camila, so why even mention her name!?!? Happy holidays to the 5H girls and their crew, and families. 💖

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Gina Gómez

15 days ago

I am so happy to see this, that they speak with sincerity, that they are not uncomfortable and that their fans open up more to us. I love you girls no matter what happens 😘😘😘

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Mariennys Alvarez

16 days ago

Me emociona que se estén abriendo mas emocionalmente hacia los fans , y con eso del detrs de escenas la vez pasada , creo que a los fans nos encanta todo eso porque las sentimos muchisimos mas cercanas :"v y espero suban mas video vlog y ustedes haciendo cosas e n videos , los fans deberiamos crear una dinamica o algo para que se den cuenta que es algo que pedimos desde hace mucho pero no sé alv

Since you said “Por Favor”...The #PorFavorMusicVideo is out NOW! 💃 Pitbull

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Vinícius Valadão

18 days ago

E o povo da geração mimimi chamando o video de cafona! Quero ver a cara dos haters vendo esse video agora como vcs estavam se divertindo para faze-lo!

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Josh TheSupremě

20 days ago

Let's discuss on dis matter!!
The bride on her wedding day giving it to her ex the last one at uncompleted building near wedding venue caught by her bridesmaid. If you're the bridesmaid what will you do. Tell everyone or save your friend marriage.?
Be honest.
Please kindly share

Always a pleasure Dancing with the Stars! 💜 If you missed our performance with Pitbull, watch it here:

Dancing with the Stars starts NOW!! Tune in to see us perform with Pitbull #PorFavor? 😘

The one and only Mr. Worldwide 🔥 Loved getting to perform #PorFavor with you at The Forum Pitbull! #TBT

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Larissa Mcstay

a month ago

Meg Stewart First ,they cancel their New Zealand Edgefest dates and let everyone down. Now, they don't even announce New Zealand dates, smh. Camila Cabello would never.

Nur Sakinah

also shared about Fifth Harmony

Make this happened in the future !! 😉😱💋💪 My gurls I've been looking u as my role model since XFactorUSA till now .. It's been 5years till now..

Arihia Witana

also shared about Fifth Harmony

They cancelled their Brisbane November concert and rescheduled for next year in March! What a let down literally 2 weeks prior to the concert date. Suppose to be my daughters birthday present boo 😡👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

MTV EMA voting ends SOON!! So grateful for all of you voting for us as Best US Act 💋

Tis the season! We’re thrilled to be a part of Walt Disney World’s #DisneyHolidayCelebration ☃️ Tune in 11/30 at 9/8c on ABC Television Network.

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Erick Delgado

a month ago

Wow.... I love it 😃

His face when he saw you was priceless and he catch the mood of the song pretty good! Add him to the group asap 😂

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Paola Gozm

a month ago

Mis amores las amos mucho ... y plis no olviden que tienen muchos fans que las amamos y que hariamos cualquier cosa por ustedes ...son nuestra mayor inspiración incluso cuando tenemos momentos difíciles

All that glitters ✨ Thanks Pitbull for having us! #PorFavor

Anoche 🌹 #LatinAMAs

Loved performing the Spanglish version of #PorFavor with Pitbull last night at the #LatinAMAs!
Cop it 💋

OUT NOW! Listen to The Star Movie soundtrack, featuring our song #CanYouSee ✨

Dale! #PorFavor with Pitbull is available now:
Apple Music:
Amazon Music:
Google Play:

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Ray Souza

2 months ago

Vem vem vem... Camz lança um lacre, 5H lançam outro em seguida ♡♡ Tô me sentindo como uma criança com pais separados, duas casas, dois quartos, dois presentes, tudo em dobro hahahaha

THURSDAY NIGHT. Ready to take the Latin American Music Awards stage with Pitbull for the TV premiere of #PorFavor 💃
Tune in on Telemundo at 8/7c!

Follow us and TIDAL as we go behind the scenes at #TIDALXBrooklyn on this special episode of #BeyondTheRider:

Couldn’t do this without you, babes! Keep getting those MTV EMA votes in for Best US Act 🇺🇸

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Chris Bell

2 months ago

I love y’all but this has to be the saddest thing y’all done✅. First off his entrance and all his bars was dubs. Second off (and most important) ALLY’S VERSE DESERVED BETTER! WHOS IDEA WAS TO RUIN HER SHINE AND PUT FRENCH ON THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG?! IM CALLING MY LAWYER!


Jennifer SaCz

also shared about Fifth Harmony

It's not a remix... it's more like a mashup.. but honestly the song didn't need a rap to be great, Ally's verse added much more to it than a random rap weirdly shoved in... I hope you do a decent remix with it because it does deserve it. Or at least release the Down MTV awards remix! That was lit 🔥

Our #HLTremix with @frenchmontana has arrived 💃

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Bryton-Jessie Lambert

2 months ago

Why would yall do that lol, of all people French Montana. This could’ve been a nicki feature or someone other than him he sounds like a dying goat.

Akinmoye Boluwatife Precious

also shared about Fifth Harmony

Me too when I read bad comment about them it like it about me it like some people are blind to see how talented this girls are beyond Camila they Re doing what one direction couldn't

Don't miss our performance at #TIDALXBrooklyn! You can watch the whole show on TIDAL's exclusive live stream:
Harmonizers! Be sure to tune in to Jimmy Kimmel Live TONIGHT because he’s airing our #TIDALxBrooklyn performance of #HeLikeThat 🙌

Our song #CanYouSee from @thestarmovie is out now! ✨ Honored to be a part of this film! Get it here:

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Myaser Al-Dhebwi

2 months ago

“I just want to travel the world and explore and try new foods, and meet new people, and learn new things, and do something that really scares me.”💙

‪Panama City 💋💋💋💋
#PSATourPanama 🇵🇦 ‬

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ChanSoo B. Butuan

2 months ago


Fans shared about Fifth Harmony

Vero Gutiérrez

2 months ago

Yo fui cuando estaban las 5 y eso jamas nadie lo va a superar 😣😣😣 este año ya no fue lo mismo falto algo me dolio

Luis Alfonso Nuño Nuño

also shared about Fifth Harmony

Lo siento mis chicas hermosas no pude asistir a este gran evento yo tambien las quiero y espero q regresen pronto ya q quiero verlas envivo ya se q no responderan o no leeran este mensaje pero les juro q soy un gran admirador suyo y me duele, me psrte el ama no haber podido asistir anoche

Zaira Esquivias

also shared about Fifth Harmony

Wooow fue Genial gracias por venir me la pase muy bien cuando quieran venir de paseo o con sus conciertos siempre seran bienvenidas por tierras tapatias :) Las quiero mucho 😘

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Danniela Fernanda

2 months ago

I can't explain you the energy and excitement you brought to every single person in the venue 🔥🙌


Fans shared about Fifth Harmony

Kelin Teresa Austed

2 months ago

Lauren Jauregui ya estas lista para que Camila Cabello te cante la canción que te escribió ya sabes esa que dice When she drop, it bounce back like a yo-yo 🎶🎶😏 (a por cierto ni me vayas a bloquear Lauren Jauregui o a contestar feo,por que yo también soy latina por que hablo la idioma y cocino la comida)

Marcos Salavarria

also shared about Fifth Harmony

Espero que luego de presentarse, ninguna de ustedes informe vía sus representantes que luego de 5 años de estar juntas decide salirse de la banda. Plox chicas 😂💜

Thanks for making last night so special, Mexico City 🇲🇽 #PSATourMexicoCity