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Great getting to know y’all these past couple weekends Coachella... who took my bandana? #COACHƎLLA GALLERY #2

Photos: Jeremy Deputat

Tóth Balázs

a month ago

Kill mary also known as maria also known as mo also known as manual and also known as manny and save the child he is with and pick me up and you will not be paralyzed by manny.

Mark Baclawski

a month ago

Work with Redman man!!!! We been waiting since off the wall. You need to go ultra bananas man. Let us have that 90s feeling one more time EM damn it :D :D

Miska Benjamin Paananen

a month ago

Hello Eminem,

I honestly just wanted to leave a message to say a sincere congrats on your 10 years sober. I obviously don’t know you personally, but I admire you a huge amount. I myself have 12 years and 4 1/3 months sober, so when I heard you had 10 all I could say to myself was Fuckin’ A, I knew that guy was awesome!

Again congrats man, and keep up doing everything you do. You’re a big inspiration and a great human being. Don’t ever stop being you. If I ever got the chance to meet you, I would proudly shake your hand and say thank you for being the person you are.

Anyway, I hope you get this message, and I hope it finds you doing great. Take care, and keep up the great work man.

Thank you for everything you don’t even know you do.


Austin Collins

In da club #COACHƎLLA

Gens Petenk Thedeath

a month ago

Hi I love Eminem rap he is awesome +
I wrote a few lines I wanna share please like if you like

A few lines I wrote in a memory and love of one who they wrote on his head the king of the (xxxx)cross

‎‏So when you turn on
‎‏The lights and darkness remains
‎‏It was never voices inside your brain
‎‏That tells you to run away
‎‏You can’t beat your fears
‎‏They travel in familiar things
‎‏Like Souls without friends
‎‏that demand
‎‏Your execution right away
‎‏Jesus wanted to return
‎‏But they wrote his life story
‎‏And it didn’t end in his walking body in his country
‎‏He disappeared that’s why
‎‏He is not here
‎‏They know they track
‎‏They are little country
‎‏And everybody knows their name
‎‏They are always ready to receive him in the flash and flash out his bones
‎‏And send him overseas
‎‏In a spirit that called his own

‎‏It’s not fare turn on the lights
‎‏He is not here in the flash to
‎‏Wipe away your tears
And give you drinks of kings and faith of fears

Matt Tysoe

a month ago

The last state of emergency was a state that has been a major problem in recent months and the fact is there a lot to do with this and this is why we have a lot to say

Tamiris Vieira

a month ago

CONGRATS on 10 years!!!! The fact you are so honest with your Sobriety takes some of the shame away from the rest of us who are struggling!! Keep up the good work! Alcoholics are sick people trying to get well, not bad people trying to be good!


Photos: Jeremy Deputat

Daniela Morale

a month ago

For a minute, i hated u, hated what u said to us about Trump. But we forgive u big bro, u r the soundtrack to my life. Lost big and pac, wont lose u. God Bless. Eminem Forever.

Josipa Sučić

a month ago

Eminem I heard today Mark's ten years sober. Big ups. You've been the biggest inspiration through my journey In life and sobriety. Big ups. It takes strength to make the choices of being sober and i love the fact you're genuine about it. Never change man. I love your music. All of it. Especially revival. That album really hit home. Stay blessed and i look forward to someday meeting you and working together

William Singleton

a month ago

Wish I could see him before he ends his tour but I don’t think I’ll have the funds in time...

It’s sad because he only tours when he has a new album and who knows when the next one will be.

I think what made Eminem great before was always evolving and bringing new elements and content.

He’s incredibly creative with the words he used to rhyme and he’s told the same story a thousand times with different lyrics. That’s impressive. I think he can move on and focus on new stories new rhymes and kill it. He should build another identity because he isn’t the same rapper. I was feeling those lyrics in Bad vs. Evil - took me out of some dark places


Maribel Lopez

a month ago

Eminem is the only rapper I respect, He was doing songs back in the gangster rap era, where 50 cent and Tupacs songs were full of sex, drugs, money. His actually told a story, a story about himself. REAL shit, not fake stuff that was made up to attract an audience. I hated 50 cent the most though. Also.... What does moms spaghetti taste like?

Himanshu Singh

a month ago

is Eminem trying to say he’s got a really hot woman in the picture? if not, it’s really ****ing ambiguous and disturbing.

Dorcas Motema

a month ago

People need an escape goat to express everything they are they are holding inside. Doesn't.Don't hate on him for letting us let go of stuff we're holding inside. Doesn't mean we'll take action. It's just a expression. Gosh


Tony Zaremba

a month ago

Your musics / moods / really / different, / but / those / just / different / phases, / what / presents / your life, / therefore / do not listen to primitive critics!!!! (Sorry, / if / i write a lot. :) )

Bridget McLaughlin

a month ago

Pau Pau maybe this is how you can see him at Coachella

Bruno Nicolau

a month ago

No available on Samsung Galaxy S9 😭 I also want Marshall with fire in my bedroom 😂😂
fix it pleaseeee!!!!

Terrance Hawkins

a month ago

I will explain the gentle man middle finger it is when you wait two year's and then do it and if you like her then remeber your taste bud's and it has to be a gentleman and there can be no misunderunderstanding about the gentleman middle finger either

Dakota Palmer

a month ago

and then did you eat it when there was meat in the sauce cus thats good and you only were suppose to eat allot was when there was allot of meat in the sauce and then even then butter and salt was always atleast good even for me

Stacy Witzig

a month ago

I will be back in the office tomorrow at noon so we can get the ball rolling on this one and the other is a lot of work to do and I don't have to work at the hospital with my friend from high school shooting in the morning.


Photo: Jeremy Deputat

Noemi Jacobo

2 months ago

He looks hot now,but his lyrics have been better in the past. he was aggressive and mercilessly honest in his lyrics.I miss that meanwhile..
He`s a little psycho, i like him😉😁

Abhijit Paul

2 months ago

I'm sorry if this offends people.. But I could see Eminem as a vlogger.. Just had to come out with it. I've been listening to him ever since I was a kid.. Thanks big brother.. letting a child listen to rap without mom's consent.. Idk.. it's been like 8 years I have been listening to Eminem all thanks to my brother for getting me hooked to him. But yeah.. I could totally see Eminem as a vlogger.. Again, sorry if this offends people..

Irene Wen

2 months ago

You look like my current soon to be ex. Don't worry, you're the better looking version. I'm sure he would agree which is why he hated the fact I love you ;)....

Freaky Tales - #FRAMED VIDEO TOMORROW NOON ET @VEVO + EMINEM.COM Photo: @jeremydeputat

Been looking forward to this collab for some time: Em & M's! White chocolate- in stores now! #candyshop #fackingdelicious

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Lea Apel

2 months ago

Oh finally, you do remember where you live #detroitpride

Theresa List

2 months ago

I would look good wearing your t shirt 😘

Daniel Pulgarin

2 months ago

Like it, but sorry man, I'm a long suffering Indians fan. I'll tell my son, he's a diehard Tigers fan.

I was fraaaaaaamed #REVIVAL

Sometimes I don’t know what this world has come to it's blowin’ up and / this whole country is goin’ nuts… #NOWHEREFAST (EXTENDED VERSION) FT. @KEHLANI LINK IN BIO

Sometimes I don’t know what this world has come to it's blowin’ up and / this whole country is goin’ nuts…


Yairem Sana Laishram

2 months ago

Was a huge fan until he said we should be thankful for Obama and going deep leftist on us. Now he's trying to sell records by feeding on the political division of the country. Sell out, go ahead side with all the tide pod eating soy boy cucks, I'm getting back to cleaning my guns and loving freedom.

Thomas Braun

2 months ago

You are an attention whore. you are not allowed to do an anti-gun rap =p just aint your persona. Really sucks that i have to say this but you should just stay out of politics. Also, this is why it is "better to burn out than to fade away" =p

Emanuel Facundo Nahuel Bron

2 months ago

Sheela Mk Wesley I totally forgot we were going to see him for a moment there. Saw this and thought Oo I’d like to get tickets... I already have. *facepalm*

Eminem - Nowhere Fast (Extended/Audio) ft. Kehlani

Eminem - Nowhere Fast (Extended/Audio) ft. Kehlani


Jen Bremer

2 months ago

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Ireneusz Gaudyn

2 months ago

M&M i dont find you in these recent songs of urs.. wheres the real slim shady, slim of 8 mile😑😑 i still need your songs.. to motivate my rap songs and rap passion... its ur songs which push me in rap... less commercial and more inspirational... 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 where r u slim 😕😕

Ogt Tramposa Ogt

2 months ago

Sorry Em but your last album was atrocious. I can’t see myself ever buying an album or yours again.
I’ll use lyrics from one of the songs “Throw that in the trash bin”

Eminem - River (Behind the Scenes) ft. Ed Sheeran


PHOTO: Jeremy Deputat

Salman Sarkar

2 months ago

I think the biggest message eminem can make through his music is to teach people how to come out of and transform from their pain. He obviously has a lot of experience with the painful side to life which we hear in his music, but the fact he is evolving and changing is a normal part of life. What are we going to learn from our life if we just stay down in the dumps miserable dark and depressed. We need to evolve and grow and mature and reflect on our mistakes then make something better and more positive out of it. There is too much hate in the world. I hope eminem realises how much more of an impact he can have in the world if he uses his music to display positive words and reflections instead of just targeting people who like rap music he can attract people from all backgrounds if he starts tweaking the style of his music. I pray he explores this more within himself. He needs to make sure the remainder of his life is different and more positive impact on others then he will have a legacy to remember. And its the same for all of us.

Liz Poland Heist

2 months ago

Listening to Recovery album last night. Amazing, deep, so full of real emotion. Can't wait to see and hear anything new he's got to say as well.

Olivia Solitro

2 months ago

Song against guns from the same guy who sings about killing body gaurds , Kim and many others pbbbt please....sell out!!! Kinda hard to take you seriously when you've been the total opposite for many many talks

“Now, hold up, let’s make this official / Everybody let’s agree that MC’s need a tissue” … indeed a sad day for losing such a groundbreaking MC #RIPCRAIGMACK

Brenda Smotherman

2 months ago

The best Rapper big Respekt

NA Khazii

2 months ago sad.....Craig Mack is dead......what a tragic loss......was such a good rapper.....and here I was listening to Flava in ur ear rap just some days ago......

Heidy Martinez

2 months ago

Eminem. Revival is a great album. It feels like shady met Big Proof again. But 50 cent is missing. What happened to that situation.?

#NOWHEREFAST @KEHLANI #IHEARTAWARDS "We are going to be too loud for them to ignore” - Alex Moscou It was both an inspiration and an honor, Alex!

"We are going to be too loud for them to ignore” - Alex Moscou
It was both an inspiration and an honor, Alex!

Pragalya Kasirajan

2 months ago

Lol. Dude.

"I'm going to get my gun!..."

"1 shot, 2 shots, all I hear is gun shots, this is where the fun stops..."

"Never was a thug just infatuated with guns..."

"As soon as I pull it you sweat bullets...."

"I'll take 7 kids from Colombine, put em all in a line, add an ak47 a revolver and a nine...."

Come on, the list goes on. How you gonna be all anti gun now?

Moetaz Ahmed

2 months ago

Your bullshit rant on the nra and guns... Lmao... Your album sells have been in the tank for a few years. Retire already. No one cares. You have your opinion and that's just that yours. No ones really gives a shit.

Nkosikhona Cwazibe

2 months ago

On of the most beautiful performances I've ever seen and heard!
This is one of my fsborites off the ablum so i was sp hsppt tp see this!!!!
Love you forever em. You'll always be my greatest inspiration and greatest motivation in life.

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We may never understand each other… #UNTOUCHABLE LYRIC VIDEO LINK IN BIO

Eminem - Untouchable (Lyric Video)

Felt like I needed to get this off my chest… #RIVER VIDEO FT. @teddysphotos LINK IN BIO

I’ve been a liar, been a thief / Been a lover, been a cheat #RIVER Music Video ft. @TeddysPhotos OUT NOW #LinkInBio #UNHAPPYVDAY

Eminem - River ft. Ed Sheeran

Hi Suzanne / Bye Suzanne #River 10AM EST VDAY TOMORROW

Eminem - River (Trailer: Boxing) ft. Ed Sheeran

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Darlenee Smith Lopez

4 months ago

I am studying abroad in Italy this summer. I'm from America and I have envied Eminem my whole entire life. I have memorized his lyrics and always loved him. I would do anything to see him in my life time, and the fact the tickets sold out instantly breaks my heart. I though I was finally going to see you Em. I've been heartbroken all day. Praying for a miracle 🙏😭❤️ Slim Shady fan since day 1!! I hope to see you someday, because your music has gotten me through some of the hardest days of my life and I always had your music to keep me going!

Gino Castucci

4 months ago

Picked up 5 tickets for Twickenham on the 14th buzzing!!! Loads of people saying they had problems getting them, if they had just signed up to Live Nation for FREE, they would have had day early pre sale.... I sailed through! Not that I'm a smug bastard or anything 😁😁, just hope they get the sound better than it was at Wembley last time!

Sead Kelmendi

4 months ago

so i just listened to revival for first time, and i must say i cant beleive anyone is hating on this thing. if your looking for the 1996 slimshady style your stuck in the past. em has grown as a human an artist a father and a person. ive grown with him im not saying everything of his i liked but respect his lyrical skills because hes truely the most gifted artist. no one can complete on his level with a style like his. now hes creating his own styles of genres. hes only rapper that can take joan jet songs and smash them and rap w/ beyonce and ed sheraan on same cd. i couldnt let this go w/out voicing this im bowing down to ya em, if this your last album you ended it ona epic note sir! arose literally brought tears to my eyes and then you brought it back and killed it. speechless man... damn!

EUROP∃ 2018. Link in bio.
EUROP∃ 2018

Thomas Hunter

4 months ago

Cus yal are ungrateful lil bitches i would disown yal too

Chris Robinson

4 months ago

Rhiannon KG beat me to it 😂

Kayla Lee

4 months ago

Derek Bytheway Revival is Fire. The actual worst album was Relapse...

"We're using it as a metaphor for everything that's happened to him over the course of his life." - Director Rich Lee. Watch the full behind the scenes for the Water music video #REVIVAL

Dorian Leyva

4 months ago

Rappers with talent are turning into activists and trap is keeping hip hop culture alive. Btw em sold out. Remember all those pop artists he used to bash ? Well.... how many songs on his album feature a pop artist instead of a fellow rapper.

Preston Cook

4 months ago

Fuck you. Hows that for a reaction

Erik Pempsell

4 months ago

No one cares Eminem. You’re not an artist anymore. Just a hack who has gone against everything he used to stand for to make a buck to pay for your opiate addiction. Crawl back in your hole and leave the world alone loser.

Eminem - Walk On Water (Behind The Scenes) ft. Beyoncé

Still Aftermath!

Billy Blaze

4 months ago

So let's get down to business

Itz Prince Ranking

4 months ago

relaspe was a shit

Venessa Haile

4 months ago

Amen!!! You said it😎 EAZY

So let the river run... Ed Sheeran on set #REVIVAL

Váca Damián

4 months ago

play song Criminal for example, you'll get the hate immediately

Danny Borse

4 months ago

I LOVE Revival with a passion Em's still got it to me!

Wai Kai Wong

4 months ago

If you don’t like it, fine. Keep scrolling until you find something you do. Why follow an artist you don’t like? Go away, haters! I love ya, Marshall. And I still you.

Thanks to those that weathered the cold & snow for the Revival / Mom’s Spaghetti Pop-Up at Saint Andrew's Hall last month. Check out what went down!Video and photos on the site:

Kyle Witt

4 months ago

Eminem is trash just like modern rap, was interesting when they first came out but ends up sounding like the same garbage a five year old made.

Cyrille van As

4 months ago

Same here.. It had to grow on me and it did.

Rob Thorn

4 months ago

Marjorie i Agree have an opinion, but no need to carry on like a school girl crying because it’s not what they wanted.

Eminem X Snapchat Lens GO GET IT

Edson Megamind Gmb

4 months ago

Chas Laramee walk on water is kinda an excuse, but it almost made me cry 😭 great song Nas, PAC,B.I.G, James...
This part puts me confused cause he said that he's #RapGod and then he says that he's not god and mention that Legends

Chas Laramee

4 months ago

What about Walk on Water is good at all?

Criminal and the other the marshall mathers lp1 songs is em's best work and eminem show of-fuckin-course


Jesse Keeble

4 months ago

Also Jeffrey is that a picture of your clit ring between your legs?

Jesse Keeble

4 months ago

Yeah you heard Jeff, he's very upset when people put lyrics on Facebook he could just ignore what people say but he's special. So remove this content for him please. You're really triggering him.

Jeff Conley

4 months ago

We know how the fucking verse goes idiot


Greg Buchman

5 months ago

I meant how much money Trump endorsed for him and he go out and act like that...

Greg Buchman

5 months ago

You must have forgotten how much money Trump to-do list to him and then talkshit on him. Joke!!!

Lellys Matos

5 months ago

he is a meth head ,and it has destroyed his brain cells,and besides he looks like a bum i mean he can at least dress his age and decent,m where is your dignity,?oh wait you have none ,,,,

Eminem - Walk On Water (Official Video)


Dawn Marie Cox

5 months ago

I like Trump and guess what I still like Em to. Truth be known I prefer the old Em, but every artist changes eventually.

Tash Burke

5 months ago

Fuck you Brendan Maher 😜😂😂😂 don't be jealous haha

Brendan Maher

5 months ago

Stop talking so much horse shite Tash Burke


Last week Complex came to Detroit to discuss #Revival and to try and get inside my head a bit.Check out the cover story and piece on their site

Rebecca Hardy

5 months ago

Eminem is an entertainer, he has no responsibility to take care of this country, he can say anything he wants. The responsibility for this country is on the POTUS. Period.

Kerri Rinaldi

5 months ago

You should spend more time learning how to write the English language and less time hating fellow Americans. ✌Hence, follow his lead.

Joseph Miranda

5 months ago

Right, tell that to all the Parents that are getting an Extra $1000 on their tax returns per child and when they get more on their tax returns and more on their paycheck and when they finally get a raise they haven't seen in the 8 years under Obama. Tell that to the people sitting on welfare that get a job because Business Owners like me will be hiring more people and expanding business as direct result of paying lower Taxes. Yeah all thanks to that nasty Trump you hate so much. The Tax bill will in fact give me more than $240,000 extra at my disposal now that I will pay 10-12% less in taxes. That money will go towards hiring 4-5 new Employees which I plan to hire from the Welfare and Unemployment offices since how it is those people I voted to help. I will upgrade and Invest in some new machinery that will increase my production and I can even lower my prices a bit too. All that in the first year. Also I plan to donate about $1500 more a month to local charity and food banks to help the homeless. Anything I have left over I may buy me a New Truck for myself as a celebration for Electing Donald Trump and achieving new success. But yeah tell me how the Tax Plan won't help me. I'm far from being "rich" as I only take home about $80,000 per year after all my bills and employees are paid. Hell now that I think about it I may even give myself a $10K-$20K raise for once. FAR from being rich but I most certainly will feel a Positive Benefit from the Tax plan and Donald Trumps policies. And so will my employees that I am gonna give a raise to and the new people I hire. They are gonna love their new $12 an Hour Job and will love the escape from Welfare and being Unemployed. Trickle Down Economics at it's best!

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Kevin Cregg

5 months ago

Thats Great lo lI LOVE IT

Kevin Cregg

5 months ago

You are 100% accurate unlike like the meatheads on this thread , I like your Rapping Doug St. Laurent. Eminem has nothing on you..

Dustin Colwell

5 months ago

You're a Fucking tool! A useless tool with a useless opinion

Can’t wait to share this

Anthony Taylor Masters

5 months ago

Branden Newman he's one of us..not yous...youre a not you. Em is a actuality

Anthony Taylor Masters

5 months ago

With the benefit of hindsight...dont let this happen often mk?

Kane Maschewski

5 months ago

Wasn't called for at all

#Revival Collection Out Now!

Photos by Jeremy Deputat

Natausha Stevenson

5 months ago

ive been a fan of eminem since i was like.. 10.. doesnt mean you have to like everything the guy comes out with.. his last album sucked too

Frankie White

5 months ago

"And I admit, there have been times where it's been embarrassin' to be a..White boy" from Untouchable

Joonas Karppinen

5 months ago

He aint in the throne no more lol

Snapple fact:Eminem threw out 69,000 pieces of paper during the writing of #Revival.Here’s the proof…

#Revival Out Now on Spotify:

Ben Ogston

5 months ago

Chris Risdon the worst songs on it are the metal/ rock bullshit. That’s all thanks to shit face Dick Reuben.. I mean rick Reuben . Shadys gone down hill since, at least Dre played some part in this album. Content is always good, but beats? Rap on rock/ metal.. fuck off

Chris Risdon

5 months ago

Its everything as a whole though his whole flow everything its like he's swapped places with dre in the i need a doctor tune he dont believe in himself anymore yoy can hear it. I got the album i do like a few tunes on it but its first album hes done i cant let it all play through

Rick Timko

5 months ago

He shouldn't have released this cd, he probably felt the same way after relapse dropped

Had to show Joe La Puma why I don’t mess with some sneakers. Check it out Complex Sneaker Shopping

Rob Hope

5 months ago

You should do more hashtags playa

Michael Hamilton

5 months ago

Nope.... not gangster.. lmao. Just logical. Real. Not #pussybitch ball sucker. 😂😂 Heard it all dumb ass. Dis your fans it's what you get. #eminemisatruepussybitch

Chase Ennis

5 months ago

For all the haters:

"Didn't you listen to the last round, meathead?
Pay attention, you're sayin' the same shit that he said
Matter of fact, dawg, here's a pencil
Go home, write some shit, make it suspenseful
And don't come back until somethin' dope hits you
Fuck it, you can take the mic home with you."

Point is, until you're capable of doing what this man does...... shut the fuck up, change the channel, and listen to something else. This album was a self reflection album for himself. So if you don't like it, fine, don't listen to it. But don't sit here and whine thinking he owes you something. Because he owes you nothing.