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Check what went down at the Empire State Building w/ Jimmy Kimmel Live - for the Behind The Scenes #ƎmpireState #Pixel3

William J. Glover

2 days ago

That all you got? 😂😑 For a rich rapper im wondering? Why do all your high-billboard chart things look like low-budget reaches?

Not impressed.

Michele D. Clemons

2 days ago

Marshall, my post might get bogged by the many others that precede it, but you have well established yourself in the halls of musical integrity and art. I wish you only further success and prosperity.

Miggy Perales

2 days ago

King Kendrick Lamar runs the hip hop game your Slim "oxford" Shady is nothing comperd to K Dot someone had to say it

Just rappin on top of the EMpire State Bldg last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live... dropped some gems on Guillermo too #pixel3 - Watch here:

Ashley Mcknight

6 days ago

Happy birthday Marshall Mathers 💞
You are one of my biggest inspirations and influences in my Life, my idol 🙌
Happy 46th Birthday Eminem 🎂 🤘🏻
🐐 🐐 🐐 Rap God 🐐 🐐 🐐

Jason Molina

6 days ago

All you guys telling him what he should do but I don’t see you up in the Empire State Building rapping. Ohhh yeah I forgot you guys are haters. Keep feeding us we need more music from him. Fucking haters

Koly Rasolofonjoa

6 days ago

"Oh don't mind me, Imma just write an album, have it panned then make the best album of the century, drop a diss track that destroys the sales of the Artists next EP then perform on the empire state building to show I'm on top of everybody... And imma do it in 1 year, hope that's cool."

KING KONG AINT GOT $#*! ON ME! EMpire State building is where it’s happening tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Raimonds Linde

6 days ago

Looking good Eminem! Been missing ur tunes! Curtain Call is my fav CD! My son turned me on to you when he was 10 yrs old. Now, 18 years later, we are still blasting your rhymes!😍😘💯📀🏆🎤🎶🎵🎼

Ioanna Michalopoulou

7 days ago

I was an obsessed fan of yours since I was 15. Your first 3 mainstream albums were the first works of music to truly impact my life. What you've become since then is very depressing. Eminem from 2002 would be disgusted at you, especially from all this virtue signalling. I enjoy a good criticism of any politician or party, but this senseless (and wholly unoriginal) Trump bashing is just a desperate attempt to appease whatever fans you have left. At least make an attempt to take stab at both sides, if that's the road you're gonna go down. I hope you find your way again one day. PS I really don't care about Trump, not trying to defend him.

Juan Gutierrez Fernández

7 days ago

Neil Nikkesh goat in the building. MGK is reportedly outside holding a sign saying "will suck dick for a cheeseburger".

"what good is a machine gun when it's out of ammo" haha

Knock knock, let the devil in… Venom October 5! - Hit the link for the track now -

Jack Firth

a month ago

Chamillionaire should be on this soundtrack.. Lyrical mastermind, not to mention he still has an album named “Venom” he still has yet to release! Em.. make a track with this fellow talent, pleaseee!!

Marli Silva Coelho

a month ago

Side note: The Hollywood Reporter, obviously doesn't understand! As much as EVERYTHING in Hollywood is a copy or Remake with NOT a damn thing original these days. One would beg someone with the FKING platform to call the shit out!!! So Fk them, and Fking THANK YOU EMINEM!!!

Sarah Johnston

a month ago

So I heard mgks ep, I guess he really is a mumble rapper now! Other than rap devil the whole thing is auto tuned! I'm a die hard Eminem fan but I honestly thought magistrate would do better than that fucking garbage!! #letstalkaboutit


Emma Therrien-McInnes

a month ago

The way I see it, Eminem song will never feature on a CD or never have a music video and MGKs diss will be MGKs biggest song he’s done.

David Clark

a month ago

MGK L’d himself with his own weakass back-and-forth between insults and complimenting Em. He tried to tie his empty, random lines to a catchy chorus for ear worm points but had next to no content. Em took everything he said, flipped it back on him, and spanked him with it with minimal effort. You could tell how hard MGK tried. Meanwhile, Em barely had to raise his voice to get his point across. Everyone saying Em is always so angry... notice the lack of that in his voice on this? The delivery itself is another insult to MGK. He didn’t invest angry energy into and he didn’t waste a catchy beat on him. It was about the diss. Em slapped that baby off of his booster seat with just enough force, and no more. If you think MGK even has a leg to stand on at this point, just pop back in your 6ix9ine tracks and leave the rap world alone.

Diny Strickland

a month ago

Some people here are saying, “Em sucks because he changes up his flow a million times.”

You have to be kidding me. Either you don’t know the properties of rap, or you’re just stupid. Have you ever heard of flow/cadence? They go hand in hand. Not only do they show how versatile you are as a rapper, but they also introduce other forms of word manipulation within the track, in specific locations within the track. Wow... Please get the fuck out of here!


Ovi R. Rojas

a month ago

people can say shit to you without knowing your side...Fuck dude it makes me realise how they don't even know you...I'm not claiming I do... But there are always two sides of a coin, and these ass-holes decided to make their minds up before they heard you

Mary Limuancuo

a month ago

You going to lose mad respect if you don't respond to Mgk track he went in on you Em and to say you don't wanna make him bigger I don't see it Ja, Benzino , Everlast, or Dilated People's none of them got bigger after battling with them. Limp, Canibus, none of them got bigger so why would MgK. But he will grow and get bigger for sure if your don't respond.

Ali Asadi

a month ago

Does Em really need to prove anything anymore? He's so much higher up the rap chain than MGK will ever be to even give him a serious second thought! Everyone can say what they want on why Em's said what he has, but you all know that he could so easy destroy MGK if he wanted to and you all no it!

Art by Mike Saputo - Limited drop of autographed #Kamikaze prints in the store -

Deanna Wiser-Rhinehart

a month ago

I know your probably sick of hearing about this stuff but I think to show your skills are far superior you should write a diss about yourself and package it up real nice and give it to him to perform, just to show that your a far better lyricist and that he needs your help even if it is to go head to head against you.

Wiktoria Pawelec

a month ago

I'm thinking of becoming a famous rapper myself and I think I'd spit those real good bars, Eminem. If you want I could teach you some of them. I'll be Skittle, similar but definitely not the same ya know. Just let me know.

Salme Vaarala

a month ago

Eminem naming his diss album kamikaze just makes me think he knows his career is devolving. Hes going down fighting, and i dont blame him. But i think even he knows its dusk in this mf. This album is an act of seppuku. "Dont give your enemy the pleasure of killing you himself."


Granny Price

a month ago

Eminem so you know I loved Revival, and I loved Kamikaze along with all your other albums. Even Encore was great I know you implied you didn’t like it much, and you said Relapse made you cringe cuz of all the accents but honestly Relapse was a genius piece of work for the fact that it had its own sound, that’s what makes all your work unique, it all has its own unique sound like Recovery. That’s what makes you the greatest artist out there, you’re always doing something different. My advice is don’t take what the internet says to heart. Numbers don’t lie and every album you’ve made has hit number 1. Keep doing what you’re doing because it works, just continuing not giving a fuck that’s why you’re different, you’re not afraid to voice your opinion. Great interview! I’m excited for part two.

Tungning Boonkum

a month ago

Em, you are killing me with this not telling me when I can see the interview part 2, the mgk rebuttal (though I think you already murdered him enough to not have to say Shit), even dropping Kamikaze without notice (but at least i wasn’t anticipating it). You got me checking the internet 1500 times a day looking for any clues of when the next thing is coming, fucking genius!!! Em, the suspense!! I hate this marketing tactic, but damn its genius!

Fábio Martins

a month ago

Yooooooooo,em,noticed that sway kamikaze interview,good lookin family,it’s only up for you,your in good head space,I would say that we have never had a better em in our lives,your everything and more,funny how things work,your in gods hands and from the look of it,you already know😉,oh,need to get this off my chest,we all conform in one way or another,all I’m saying is make sure it’s done nice and slowwwwww,who in there right mind is going to complain if the cow is givin milk,feel me,somethings are best said from another cuz of another,Got me posted,can’t wait for what’s next,100!

#KAMIKAZE- physical copies hit stores! Hit the link

Josh Dubelu

a month ago

Anyone else pissed off at how the media is talking down on Em and the kamikaze album. Its pissing me off with them calling him a joke. Fuck the media, Eminem is killing the game and I hope he takes out all the mumble rap pussies. Fuck joe budden and MGK.

Trevor Hoff

a month ago

I’m a huge em fan but all you people saying MGK’s diss track was garbage need to get off shady’s dick. That track was 🔥 prolly the best thing MGK has made, is em going to bury him, if he ever responds. But it was cleaver. The first line prolly flew over yall’s heads. Plus give the kid a nod for actually spitting bars at shady instead of just taking the whooping slim gave out on kamikaze.

Junior Narciso

a month ago

MGKs bars on his diss/praise track was a piece of dog crap that got stored away just incase Em fired at him. His reaction said it all and that was his best work...the beat was dope though. But thats it.
Not Alike kills Rap Devil.
Plus #1 album in 70 countries in the 1st week of release...who gets those numbers? Not MGK that's for damn sure.

When your trying to explain to people that MGK ain't on Ems lyrical level.


So much love! Amazing AMAZING album. ❤️🎶💥
I did a work out today and got to enjoy this album start to finish. Now I want to listen again and again! Revival shouldn’t have got the negative rap it did. I mean I see why people where not that keen. I guess it felt like too many cameos and many choruses that become boring or long winded. I loved Walk on Water. Such a raw, deep song. So moving. And different. Different is a nice change. Being an artist he’s always going to try new things. People should just try and be kinder. Eminem’s rhymes and the greatest and his flow is like no one else in this world! So talented and I love the humour he slips in!
KAMIKAZE 🔥 is next level! Amazing Em! You are one of a kind talented! Such a lyrical genius ❤️

Juan Hernandez Herrera

2 months ago

For those wondering why Kamikaze I think it's because all that is coming out now is mumble rap, which is talentless rappers that rely on autotune and cool beats to make their money because anyone can be placed in front of a mic and say things like:

djfadjflkajlkd shots / shoidoijgojgogihgoj you're not / godiudoi forgot

Not every rapper has the delivery that Eminem does; clean, understood and no guessing as to what he said. You never have to get online and look up Eminem's lyrics because you understand what he says! He's not hiding his disses, and I think it's Kamikaze because that's the message to other "rappers." If you come at me (Em) that's career suicide!!

Stavros Vatistas

2 months ago

I’m beginning to wonder if revival was a intentional flop. The guys way too smart for this game. He let them rip him apart for a couple months, just to come back strong.

Tried not 2 overthink this 1... enjoy. 🖕


Tanya Tapioca

2 months ago

Eminem went Thanos and got all the Infinity Stones and he snapped his fingers, destroying half of hip hop.

Véronique Bédard

2 months ago

Eminem went in on Tyler, Budden, Hopsin, Logic, Drake, MGK, Tech, Xan, Yachty, me, my dog, my 6th grade teacher, the state of Delaware, an entire school of goldfish, the aurora borealis, industrial microwaves, semen, ewoks, fishing lines...

Stephanie Kocmirski

2 months ago

Other celebrities trynaa promote their album, but this man still don't give a damm about promotion and sales.... Thid is how a real artist give surprise to his Fans..... Proud to be Stan 😍😘


Elphas Oloo

3 months ago

Wtf!!!! These people been eating to much cabbage

Jennifer Westrum Johnson

3 months ago

Ur a do lab, and I have a sore lip and I'm craving chilli. That's all I have to share right now

Moses Jiker Elske

3 months ago

I am whatever you say I am if I wasn't why would I say I am. Huge fan <3 come to staples center pls.


Eric Bezio

3 months ago

it would be cool if Eminem and twenty one pilots will make a new album together

Po Han Peng

3 months ago

Drake/Eminem you should visit the house na binigay ko ang address kay Allyssa Mae Lao. 352 GSIS Street Guitnang Bayan I San Mateo Rizal. I'm ordering you as the 4th son of our mother na we called her grandmother.

Nadiane Cristina

3 months ago

Julia Doveren... Kratz schonmal ein paar gulden zusammen, der könig verlangt bald seine Abgaben


Photo: Jeremy Deputat

Ernani Cesar

3 months ago

The only lyric I ever took to heart was “next time you blow up, try to spit a flow”. I took it as meaning rap when pissed off.

Linda Tenney

3 months ago

Legend. Em is number 1. No doubt. Dre drop the detox this year. Em ain't fun he will rap till he 60. That's what legends do.😊

Snadaizi Omar

3 months ago

I think em forgot about living in poverty. I can't pay 25 for a shirt man that's just shits gas to me I remember 15 years all you were rapping about was not having enough money to buy groceries now look at ya charging us each a lobster a piece just to wear a fucking shirt made of the same basic cotton?

VIDEO: River ft. Ed Sheeran at Twickenham - - Thanks for coming thru Ed Sheeran!

Photo Credit: Jeremy Deputat

Eric Clark

3 months ago

I've been a liar been a thief been a lover been a cheat all my sins needs holy water feeling wash up over little one I don't want to admit something what's gonna cause in pain truth in my life so let the river run

Paola Escobar

3 months ago

Sooo much love in all those posts!😍 Been there sunday night and loved it!! 50 cent, ed sheeran, skylar grey, royce da 5'9...Amazing show!! Can't wait to see em again 😍 🍾😎🤗 Marco Six Sabrina Gaudmann 😘

Xuan Vy Nguyen

3 months ago

Majorly dislike and feel so betrayed! Where were you on Saturday Ed? I paid the same amount of money as the people who went on Sunday and they got more for their money ✋


Tobie Brummund

3 months ago

I can die happy 😍
Sunday was the best night of my entire life.. thank you Em you are amazing. You absolutely killed it, I'm still so buzzed and not quite got my voice back yet 😂 so worth it!💚💚

Keren Elverez

3 months ago

Have major weekend blues, Sunday was the best night of my life, without a doubt. Come see us again soon 😪

Alana Torrez

3 months ago

Me and my husband were with you Sunday night and I’m still buzzing from it now!!!!
Most surreal experience of our lives and we got so close so even better.
Praying 🙏 you come back again,we will definitely be there,a true rap god,an absolute legend 😍👌✌️


Ellie Eastman

3 months ago

I still have 4 Slim Shady t shirts from back in the day.... 2 are unworn... 1 still has the original tags lol

Alma Eiseny Perez Carmona

3 months ago

He’s keeping that middle finger up too keep his image up, he’s dead and gone his Ego has hit the roof.

Luh Ladie

3 months ago

Saturday through Sunday Monday, Monday through Sunday yo, maybe I'll own this one day... but for now I own a lot of the Shady Ltd. collection and I'm not paying 250 for a hoodie. Choosing to let this shot slip.


Cathrine Johannessen Skogen

3 months ago

I may have never been able to be at a concert of yours but I never fail to see why they sell out. You and Denaun always put on awesome shows! I actually get excited for the ones that can since what an experience it must be for them! <3 :D

Mike Makowski

3 months ago

Truly the best concert of my life!! 😍 me and my brother would be there in Amsterdam in 2005. Our 1st concert ever, but unfortunetly it was cancelled. I was and am still a huge fan! Your concert was at the top of my bucketlist...I waited and waited and finally me and my brother could be there! It was the greatest present for our birthday ever! I didn't get the change to see you though...because of the crowd☹ but Marshall, you are still awesome!!! 😍

Brooks Allec

3 months ago

Rap God, You were awesome in Hannover! The best Concert of my life! Thx for making my night! Come back soon Marshall

LONDON TODAY: Come through - eat spaghetti, win tix for this weekend and check out #rbXeminem rag & bone.Starts Noon TODAY at The Sun & 13 Cantons.

Mohsin Akhter

3 months ago

A lot of people get tired of touring. Not everybody... are you going to tour forever? Since you cut your teeth in front of crowds, is the stage your happy place?

Véronique Bédard

3 months ago

This was the first time iv seen eminem and my god it was amazing..i didnt stop dsncing the whole night. Loved every minute

Karina Chiritescu

3 months ago

When you've paid over £500 for tickets to Twickenham plus fuel costs for your sons birthday you don't expect to have to leave before the gig is over because the sound system is set up that bad you haven't heard a single word ☹😠 waste of money should of been an epic experience


Anastacia Aleman

3 months ago

I want to come! But live in Belgium I Just Checked the price to come to your concert😑😑😑 gonna book iT now! Will hurt us but need to see you! Me and my husband loved you since the beginning!!!

Dji Cilácio Lá Família

3 months ago

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Cinthia Selene Muñoz

3 months ago

So sad.i cant go to his concert in twickenham.❤❤❤ him.😭


PHOTOS: Jeremy Deputat

Stéphane Côté

3 months ago

EMINEM thank you so much ror coming to milan and seeing you in italy live it was m always wanted dream to see live and i across alone to travel to you from greece all my feelings my heart my soul was with you and was with till day one and till i die and after that... i always believed in you that i would make it one day to see you live and i did here milan 2018 the bst dream of me that came true thank you my heroe i love you my whole life you mean everthing to me im into your songs like one heart one love always i even met new friends in the concert you brought me the best feelings and tears of hapiness and love ill miss you we all will do hope to see you again in your future shows till then ill will remain your best fan this is penny stan: ) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Mandy N Brett Webb

3 months ago

Good job for
Give my dream come true when you see you in real life but i f you can come here again I will be clean and have all my sense and stay myself clean , sure if you are still in your rap music you build With another shady believe that you start to grow up and be music not same if not exist Eminem in head to grow update the same thing happened shady fan for the rest of my life!

Kristy Flap Jack

3 months ago

(Fuck!) I keep constantly wondering, every time I close my eyes, everytime I fall asleep whenever I think of the hot summer is coming, whether it was all true. And how am I going to go on! Past adolescence to hang posters, searching everywhere for more gadgets unobtainable wait whole nights to hear a stanza, a song, for hassling people close because, of course, the music of Eminem in 8 years is all ... In my heart and in my life from 98 there is no place for anyone except for him! Totally catches you, dragging you and you never enough; It helps you ...
I don't want to appear exaggerated, partly because I feel a human being extremely lucky, who lives in a cozy house, with a family who loves him, with a happy childhood, with the food on your plate etc ...-but the feelings you can't stop and Yes, I say , Marshall saved me; He offered me his anger when I wasn't against what wall to beat mine, she offered the symmetrical perfection of his melodies when I didn't know which way to go; It made me feel strong and now here I am, a grown woman who must become a "bread and Eminem". "If you know what I'm talking about"!
Then take all these moments, all these moments, all those notes and those words, those expectations, and impastateli together in a single night, in just one hour and forty minutes and you'll have an evening that you waited a lifetime. A swirl of uncontrollable emotions. Milan has never looked so good, my legs ever so strong, my conversational English heralded with other fans during the hot hours in front of the gates of the vast Expo (shudder) ever so fluid ...!!!
Will shortly at 21.00 when they remove the fateful locks. I don't know how, in the blink of an eye I am there, ten meters from the floor that in a few hours will be vigorously trodden on by my Nike (them, always the same) of the musician whose been to every interview, every word of every fucking song. Beyonce, Jay ... I could really care anything: frankly I looked more the clock hands that don't show. "Why taking so long?" and again "but it's really me downstairs to wait him?" What happened next, once the curtain fell with the gigantic silhouette of a hooded, I cannot say in Italian, nor in any other language.
There was Marshall Bruce Mathers III, my idol that Yes, he was singing for me too. And for all of us. Eminem's greatness is to bring people together, each with its own problems, each with its own demon to fight with one's love to chase, each with its own "moment to capture," brought together only by the music just that ...! 3:00 am, white america, kill you, the way i am ... Etc ... Fuck ...!!! Those are my songs are my afternoons locked herself in a room! Have a glimpse of life, an interlude overflowing with joy and memories. But those tracks are also 80,000 people who move their hands in time, trying the same irrepressible electricity. But still it is not true I tell myself, still it is not practically possible, I feel empty, with my soul hovering high in the sky of Milan. Buffy. "My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why ..." "STAN" ... I realize what's happening, and then I cry I cry alone as a kid.
But that is about it I tell myself, it's your night, you don't hear those notes? Don't remember them? They don't tell you anything? I pass by all the places where I listened to that song and I can't stop crying ... Bum! "Sing for the moment" ... His voice, the song ... it's all true and it's beautiful ... "My Name is" ... you can't! The Real Slim Shady, Without me ... Etc ... All the jewelry, all to be touched, to be sung as if there was nothing more to do in life. Before we say goodbye, having reiterated his promise with Not Afraid, to reach out his hand to us and us to accompany him, we wanted to say goodbye so, bending heaven, destroying the Expo to smithereens, flipping the world ... Two words, "Lose Yourself" .... It's exponentially reductive write these things from a keyboard, but what I can tell you that with this concert I realized a dream that lasted a lifetime. It was only a moment, a few seconds. Eternal magic and. .. It was so close ... But always unattainable ... But I can touch him whenever I will listen to my heart ... And I see him sing li. .. Inside me ... Every time I close my eyes ... Was and will remain the happiest day of my life ... And your "EVEN?" ... Always answer "Yes!" .... FOR HIM ARE JUST ANOTHER FAN ... BUT HE FOR ME. .. MEANS THE WHOLE WORLD ...!!! ... Thanks for giving us your spirit ... Thanks for saving us all time to take in hand the microphone ... Thank you to exist and to be just the way you are ...! I thought only one thing during the whole time ... "How could I SURVIVE the NOSTALGIA ... AFTER KNOWING THE SOUNDS OF HER SIGHS ... HIS LIVE VOICE ... HIS WAY OF MOVING ...???!!! " ... And I think it's impossible ... But whenever I get a pair of headphones ... I see it materialize inside me like the sweetest healing and feeling in the world ... That will not delete that nostalgia ... But will disinfect a little ... Every time I hear his voice ...!!! 💝💝💝😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍👊👊👊💪💪💪💕💕


PHOTOS: Jeremy Deputat

Michelle Donnelly

3 months ago

3x Eminem standing tickets for sale. Sunday 15th July @Twickenham Stadium. Big screens to show the match. Tickets bought at £110 each but will take £90 each or £250 for all three. PM if interested.

Mercure Zoubir Coco Kyo

3 months ago

This man will never give up or in. He's a damn soldier!

Stielf Erdmann

3 months ago

Old Eminem - definitely. That Slim Shady back when Burger King actually gave you ketchup instead of asking for it!

Gov ball the grimy way w/ WESTSIDE GUNN CONWAY #shady #griselda The Governors Ball Music Festival Full gallery:

Photos: Jeremy Deputat

Funnett Leach

5 months ago

Oh buddy loved the show, I was like 4 people back. Chick with the red pink hair, flipping you the bird. Much love!

Ceriah Henderson

5 months ago

I think I wanna play house! Got some tough men and super way to “express yaselves! Pecevis good but being a put on puss and you all know , Well.....

Christy Thompson

5 months ago

You & your music has got me through some abusive and tough relationships Eminem, keep up the fantastic recovery and work!!

‪Dope shot by @tyschu33! #EminemAugmented The Governors Ball Music Festival - everything you need to know on the site‬

Abundance Ozoemena

5 months ago

Please help get me to bonnaroo Eminem been waiting for you to headline for years and at this point I can’t make it unless a miracle happens

Khantpyae Lwinnaung

5 months ago

Eminem has admitted to taking HGH, (Human Growth Hormone) as yet another of endles efforts to improve his "Rap Game". Unfortunatly, says Eminem, "There has bee a bit of an unforseen, and undesired side effect. I'm now around 100 feet tall"

Wilson Alves

5 months ago

Can we get a "Bad Meets Evil 2" ? I can't stop banging the first one! #classic #bestrapperalive #Eminem #Royceda5'9

EM-SMMR18-USA-EUR | 2018 Tour Issue Camo Jacket | Available at The Governors Ball Music Festival + 2018 USA + EUR Live Dates

Brenda Meyer Dinan

5 months ago

Eminem My daughter and I have been trying to contact you she is really sick with Sickle Cell Anemia and I get scared every day because having that condition gives you a shorter life span. I'm trying to make her dream come true to meet you before it's too late. We will be at the Firefly Music Festival so we could arrange meeting there.

Alejandra Tiago Iara Pablo Amaro

5 months ago

I so want one for twickenham live concert been a massive fan since I was a little girl can't believe I'm seeing you live for the first time woop woop roll on 15th July 2018 x

Abdul Gafaru

5 months ago

Not only the small little people are fan's. 😇🤗🤓
And we need an distributionpoint from within the EU !! These gadgets become much too exprnsive with all import taxes double paid VAT etc.

Yo I need to tell you somethin’ somethin’ somethin’…. Boogie#SelfDestruction Song + Video + Cover Generator on the Shady Records site. #selfie🐐

Francisca Rory

5 months ago

If I was an american, would I sing about the joke-presidents from USA. Oh my god the oil, the power and the war is soooooo important.
Paint the white house black, plese do so.....
John Lennon had balls ♥ and I also love Eminem, who is soon coming til Copenhagen, Denmark to Roskilde Festival 2018, room for 100.000 people, Welcome Sir. Eminem, Welcome.

Jorge Jasso

5 months ago

I just don't know where Eminem went ? He ain't the same maybe he is over his helping hands of anygoodness!why is what I keep thinking why ? ?

Simonetta Ostinelli

5 months ago

It's sad Em. I wonder what happened to you. You're not the same as you used to be. I know age has to do with it but you withdrew so fast from the media and that's what im interested in.

We’ll walk this road together, through the storm
Whatever weather, cold or warm… THANK YOU Boston Calling Music Festival!Gallery on the site.

Photos: Jeremy Deputat

Fucial Whitfield

5 months ago

I just want to say thank you Eminem for everything , I was in a dark place many times in my life but every time you droped ablulm there were 3 or 4 songs that hleped out of it all thoe I love ever song you ever put out .
You inspired me to rap myself I've been practicing since I was 5 I get better every day

Jorge Nicanor

5 months ago

Magnificent Mr. Mathers,
Mighty Eminem,
My motion might be mistaken
for a manipulative game
I'm just asking for one date,
this gimmick ain't for fame
So listen for these words
From a dreamer dame.
This is a story about the little me,
how mighty you helped me to see.
For me your voice is like a vitamin B.
For 16 years you’ve been setting me free.
Out of my desperation, separation,
Depression, self-impression –
You’ve helped with them all,
Maybe you feel like you sold yours to the devil,
but you saved my soul.
So how am I supposed to reach you?
Say thanks for all of your influe-
Hence I am rhyming up here,
‘cause I am not a magician,
No ABRA KADABRA and then you will appear.
praying that somehow, someway you will hear.

How dare you to rap your life struggles right into my ears,
Numbing and helping me get over my fears.
While you are a star on a faraway plant,
your world is so full,
there’s no place for me in it.
Truly, I am just a nerdy girl in my 30s,
trying to ask you Mr. Shady
for a date
And it might be too late.
Well, maybe not nerdy, maybe just sad,
that this is what I'm doing alone in my bed.
Somehow I was led to believe
that every dream meant to be achieved.
yea, I am naïve, but this is just my way give.
Maybe I am just a groupie that has an obsession with you,
But maybe, just maybe I really do see you.
Saw ‘Southpaw’ the other day, and I realized
(without any surprise)
That you are like a phoenix,
Leading the way when you fall and when you rise.
Man, it opened my eyes.
I do too, put guts over fear,
In some way, guess that’s what I am doing here.
Sometimes it feels like my skin had been peeled
Like my flash is shown, left out without a guarding layer,
I hide frightened in my lair.
I can feel, I can hear, absorbed all of the tears
From all day to day struggles,
see demons and gargoyles with goggles.
Than I am reaching out for the play button,
putting my space helmet on.
"Marshall i've got a problem,
time for your magic wound".
Than “Poof”, the blackness is gone
I use to be and I am still
a troubled kid with a skill
to drive people away,
or drive them crazy,
nothing to be proud of, but now I can face it.

Back then when my life started to crack
inspired by you I’ve tried to write
some kind of rap music.
Friends said it was crap music,
that I could never use it.
Never meant to, really,
but couldn’t stop writing,
wrote how we at home ware always fighting.
wrote few songs that I have died in,
That was me, in silent, crying,
kept going cause I couldn’t get why life is so hard,
what is so wrong, but just now I know,
I was growing with thorns

And whenever I said that I was your fan,
that you were the man,
My second husband, I claimed,
They all said that I was pathetic,
that I was so lame,
so I’ve stopped.

Now days I do try to be as true as I can,
I am what I am, crazy but tamed.
16 years of written words made this public affection,
a dreamer child who crave for attention.

So, damn you, Marshall, I want you to see.
I want you to listen for a person like me.
And yes it may be,
that all I do is stand and worship your words,
But that’s not what I seek.
I want to shake your hand,
tell you my story
(it's without any glory).
Who knows, it might be euphoric, even ironic,
Do hope it is clear that I am not one of your "Stans”,
That I am just a dreamer
aka, Little Dreamer Dame

Kingston Thobeking

5 months ago

Il never forget when i attempted to eat an entire box of fruity pebbles in one sitting. Everyone told me it was impossible.

They were right :(

Great getting to know y’all these past couple weekends Coachella... who took my bandana? #COACHƎLLA GALLERY #2

Photos: Jeremy Deputat

Tóth Balázs

6 months ago

Kill mary also known as maria also known as mo also known as manual and also known as manny and save the child he is with and pick me up and you will not be paralyzed by manny.

Mark Baclawski

6 months ago

Work with Redman man!!!! We been waiting since off the wall. You need to go ultra bananas man. Let us have that 90s feeling one more time EM damn it :D :D

Miska Benjamin Paananen

6 months ago

Hello Eminem,

I honestly just wanted to leave a message to say a sincere congrats on your 10 years sober. I obviously don’t know you personally, but I admire you a huge amount. I myself have 12 years and 4 1/3 months sober, so when I heard you had 10 all I could say to myself was Fuckin’ A, I knew that guy was awesome!

Again congrats man, and keep up doing everything you do. You’re a big inspiration and a great human being. Don’t ever stop being you. If I ever got the chance to meet you, I would proudly shake your hand and say thank you for being the person you are.

Anyway, I hope you get this message, and I hope it finds you doing great. Take care, and keep up the great work man.

Thank you for everything you don’t even know you do.


Austin Collins

In da club #COACHƎLLA

Gens Petenk Thedeath

6 months ago

Hi I love Eminem rap he is awesome +
I wrote a few lines I wanna share please like if you like

A few lines I wrote in a memory and love of one who they wrote on his head the king of the (xxxx)cross

‎‏So when you turn on
‎‏The lights and darkness remains
‎‏It was never voices inside your brain
‎‏That tells you to run away
‎‏You can’t beat your fears
‎‏They travel in familiar things
‎‏Like Souls without friends
‎‏that demand
‎‏Your execution right away
‎‏Jesus wanted to return
‎‏But they wrote his life story
‎‏And it didn’t end in his walking body in his country
‎‏He disappeared that’s why
‎‏He is not here
‎‏They know they track
‎‏They are little country
‎‏And everybody knows their name
‎‏They are always ready to receive him in the flash and flash out his bones
‎‏And send him overseas
‎‏In a spirit that called his own

‎‏It’s not fare turn on the lights
‎‏He is not here in the flash to
‎‏Wipe away your tears
And give you drinks of kings and faith of fears

Matt Tysoe

6 months ago

The last state of emergency was a state that has been a major problem in recent months and the fact is there a lot to do with this and this is why we have a lot to say

Tamiris Vieira

6 months ago

CONGRATS on 10 years!!!! The fact you are so honest with your Sobriety takes some of the shame away from the rest of us who are struggling!! Keep up the good work! Alcoholics are sick people trying to get well, not bad people trying to be good!


Photos: Jeremy Deputat

Daniela Morale

6 months ago

For a minute, i hated u, hated what u said to us about Trump. But we forgive u big bro, u r the soundtrack to my life. Lost big and pac, wont lose u. God Bless. Eminem Forever.

Josipa Sučić

6 months ago

Eminem I heard today Mark's ten years sober. Big ups. You've been the biggest inspiration through my journey In life and sobriety. Big ups. It takes strength to make the choices of being sober and i love the fact you're genuine about it. Never change man. I love your music. All of it. Especially revival. That album really hit home. Stay blessed and i look forward to someday meeting you and working together

William Singleton

6 months ago

Wish I could see him before he ends his tour but I don’t think I’ll have the funds in time...

It’s sad because he only tours when he has a new album and who knows when the next one will be.

I think what made Eminem great before was always evolving and bringing new elements and content.

He’s incredibly creative with the words he used to rhyme and he’s told the same story a thousand times with different lyrics. That’s impressive. I think he can move on and focus on new stories new rhymes and kill it. He should build another identity because he isn’t the same rapper. I was feeling those lyrics in Bad vs. Evil - took me out of some dark places


Maribel Lopez

6 months ago

Eminem is the only rapper I respect, He was doing songs back in the gangster rap era, where 50 cent and Tupacs songs were full of sex, drugs, money. His actually told a story, a story about himself. REAL shit, not fake stuff that was made up to attract an audience. I hated 50 cent the most though. Also.... What does moms spaghetti taste like?

Himanshu Singh

6 months ago

is Eminem trying to say he’s got a really hot woman in the picture? if not, it’s really ****ing ambiguous and disturbing.

Dorcas Motema

6 months ago

People need an escape goat to express everything they are they are holding inside. Doesn't.Don't hate on him for letting us let go of stuff we're holding inside. Doesn't mean we'll take action. It's just a expression. Gosh


Tony Zaremba

6 months ago

Your musics / moods / really / different, / but / those / just / different / phases, / what / presents / your life, / therefore / do not listen to primitive critics!!!! (Sorry, / if / i write a lot. :) )

Bridget McLaughlin

6 months ago

Pau Pau maybe this is how you can see him at Coachella

Bruno Nicolau

6 months ago

No available on Samsung Galaxy S9 😭 I also want Marshall with fire in my bedroom 😂😂
fix it pleaseeee!!!!

Terrance Hawkins

6 months ago

I will explain the gentle man middle finger it is when you wait two year's and then do it and if you like her then remeber your taste bud's and it has to be a gentleman and there can be no misunderunderstanding about the gentleman middle finger either

Dakota Palmer

6 months ago

and then did you eat it when there was meat in the sauce cus thats good and you only were suppose to eat allot was when there was allot of meat in the sauce and then even then butter and salt was always atleast good even for me

Stacy Witzig

6 months ago

I will be back in the office tomorrow at noon so we can get the ball rolling on this one and the other is a lot of work to do and I don't have to work at the hospital with my friend from high school shooting in the morning.


Photo: Jeremy Deputat

Noemi Jacobo

7 months ago

He looks hot now,but his lyrics have been better in the past. he was aggressive and mercilessly honest in his lyrics.I miss that meanwhile..
He`s a little psycho, i like him😉😁

Abhijit Paul

7 months ago

I'm sorry if this offends people.. But I could see Eminem as a vlogger.. Just had to come out with it. I've been listening to him ever since I was a kid.. Thanks big brother.. letting a child listen to rap without mom's consent.. Idk.. it's been like 8 years I have been listening to Eminem all thanks to my brother for getting me hooked to him. But yeah.. I could totally see Eminem as a vlogger.. Again, sorry if this offends people..

Irene Wen

7 months ago

You look like my current soon to be ex. Don't worry, you're the better looking version. I'm sure he would agree which is why he hated the fact I love you ;)....

Freaky Tales - #FRAMED VIDEO TOMORROW NOON ET @VEVO + EMINEM.COM Photo: @jeremydeputat

Been looking forward to this collab for some time: Em & M's! White chocolate- in stores now! #candyshop #fackingdelicious

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Lea Apel

7 months ago

Oh finally, you do remember where you live #detroitpride

Theresa List

7 months ago

I would look good wearing your t shirt 😘

Daniel Pulgarin

7 months ago

Like it, but sorry man, I'm a long suffering Indians fan. I'll tell my son, he's a diehard Tigers fan.

I was fraaaaaaamed #REVIVAL

Sometimes I don’t know what this world has come to it's blowin’ up and / this whole country is goin’ nuts… #NOWHEREFAST (EXTENDED VERSION) FT. @KEHLANI LINK IN BIO

Sometimes I don’t know what this world has come to it's blowin’ up and / this whole country is goin’ nuts…


Yairem Sana Laishram

7 months ago

Was a huge fan until he said we should be thankful for Obama and going deep leftist on us. Now he's trying to sell records by feeding on the political division of the country. Sell out, go ahead side with all the tide pod eating soy boy cucks, I'm getting back to cleaning my guns and loving freedom.

Thomas Braun

7 months ago

You are an attention whore. you are not allowed to do an anti-gun rap =p just aint your persona. Really sucks that i have to say this but you should just stay out of politics. Also, this is why it is "better to burn out than to fade away" =p

Emanuel Facundo Nahuel Bron

7 months ago

Sheela Mk Wesley I totally forgot we were going to see him for a moment there. Saw this and thought Oo I’d like to get tickets... I already have. *facepalm*

Eminem - Nowhere Fast (Extended/Audio) ft. Kehlani

Eminem - Nowhere Fast (Extended/Audio) ft. Kehlani


Jen Bremer

7 months ago

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Ireneusz Gaudyn

7 months ago

M&M i dont find you in these recent songs of urs.. wheres the real slim shady, slim of 8 mile😑😑 i still need your songs.. to motivate my rap songs and rap passion... its ur songs which push me in rap... less commercial and more inspirational... 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 where r u slim 😕😕

Ogt Tramposa Ogt

7 months ago

Sorry Em but your last album was atrocious. I can’t see myself ever buying an album or yours again.
I’ll use lyrics from one of the songs “Throw that in the trash bin”

Eminem - River (Behind the Scenes) ft. Ed Sheeran


PHOTO: Jeremy Deputat

Salman Sarkar

7 months ago

I think the biggest message eminem can make through his music is to teach people how to come out of and transform from their pain. He obviously has a lot of experience with the painful side to life which we hear in his music, but the fact he is evolving and changing is a normal part of life. What are we going to learn from our life if we just stay down in the dumps miserable dark and depressed. We need to evolve and grow and mature and reflect on our mistakes then make something better and more positive out of it. There is too much hate in the world. I hope eminem realises how much more of an impact he can have in the world if he uses his music to display positive words and reflections instead of just targeting people who like rap music he can attract people from all backgrounds if he starts tweaking the style of his music. I pray he explores this more within himself. He needs to make sure the remainder of his life is different and more positive impact on others then he will have a legacy to remember. And its the same for all of us.

Liz Poland Heist

7 months ago

Listening to Recovery album last night. Amazing, deep, so full of real emotion. Can't wait to see and hear anything new he's got to say as well.

Olivia Solitro

7 months ago

Song against guns from the same guy who sings about killing body gaurds , Kim and many others pbbbt please....sell out!!! Kinda hard to take you seriously when you've been the total opposite for many many talks

“Now, hold up, let’s make this official / Everybody let’s agree that MC’s need a tissue” … indeed a sad day for losing such a groundbreaking MC #RIPCRAIGMACK

Brenda Smotherman

7 months ago

The best Rapper big Respekt

NA Khazii

7 months ago sad.....Craig Mack is dead......what a tragic loss......was such a good rapper.....and here I was listening to Flava in ur ear rap just some days ago......

Heidy Martinez

7 months ago

Eminem. Revival is a great album. It feels like shady met Big Proof again. But 50 cent is missing. What happened to that situation.?

#NOWHEREFAST @KEHLANI #IHEARTAWARDS "We are going to be too loud for them to ignore” - Alex Moscou It was both an inspiration and an honor, Alex!

"We are going to be too loud for them to ignore” - Alex Moscou
It was both an inspiration and an honor, Alex!

Pragalya Kasirajan

7 months ago

Lol. Dude.

"I'm going to get my gun!..."

"1 shot, 2 shots, all I hear is gun shots, this is where the fun stops..."

"Never was a thug just infatuated with guns..."

"As soon as I pull it you sweat bullets...."

"I'll take 7 kids from Colombine, put em all in a line, add an ak47 a revolver and a nine...."

Come on, the list goes on. How you gonna be all anti gun now?

Moetaz Ahmed

7 months ago

Your bullshit rant on the nra and guns... Lmao... Your album sells have been in the tank for a few years. Retire already. No one cares. You have your opinion and that's just that yours. No ones really gives a shit.

Nkosikhona Cwazibe

7 months ago

On of the most beautiful performances I've ever seen and heard!
This is one of my fsborites off the ablum so i was sp hsppt tp see this!!!!
Love you forever em. You'll always be my greatest inspiration and greatest motivation in life.

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