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A wonderful first Washington show! Ready for another round of the #EltonFarewellTour tonight? 📷: Ben Gibson ✨

I saw your fantastic concert in DC on Saturday.
That was my 13th Elton concert, and it was amazing!
Thank you, Sir Elton.
Please release it on DVD when the Farewell Tour is over.
Much love! 😘

Jorge ManUel Zevallos Condori

6 hours ago

Elton has always been ELECTRIC....He is an amazing talent!!

Kristian Vaaland Amdal

6 hours ago


Welcoming that weekend with open arms 🙌

Happy Friday to you all! Take a look at the latest #EltonFarewellTour pictures in our gallery: ✨

📷: Ben Gibson

Daniboy Ortiz

16 hours ago

Elton John make my son’s dream come true with tickets to tonight’s show? He’s your youngest fan!

Roberto Poggi

16 hours ago

Brilliant career and musician. Lovely man behind the showman. Big heart. Sad that he"s being cloned on Messenger. Watch out for that. Some people need to get a life! Luv ya Sir EJ!

Mat Nicholas

a day ago

Sorry Sir Elton but that picture reminds me of Toad in Wind in the Willows!

Taking in a wonderful view and crowd at the XL Center 🙌 See more #EltonFarewellTour photos at: ✨

📷: Ben Gibson

Gabriela Rios Aravena

2 days ago

Such a great night. Took my 11 and 7 year old to see such amazing talent by all. The kids and I loved it!

Mari Rumo

2 days ago

I will miss his final concert in Denver, oh I love his music, have listened for years, you are a wonderful musician

Tyrone Hopa

2 days ago

I left my vacation to attend last night's show. I am so happy I did. It was an amazing experience. Although I didn't get to spend one on one time with EHJ this concert as I did previously, I wouldn't have missed it. Feeling sad that someone I've admired for my entire lifetime will not be available to see after the Farewell tour. Happy Retirement for he and family. I'd see he's earned it.❤

Happy Birthday to our #EltonFarewellTour band member, Ray Cooper! Read more about his career with Elton: 🎉

Małgosia Bajor

3 days ago

So glad we got to share your birthday with you where did show at the XL Center in Hartford. You are a Madman. 😻😻

Izzy Bacelis

3 days ago

Happy Birthday!
I saw concert in Japan in 1995.
I t was the most wonderful concert I have ever seen. I'm looking forward to seeing Ray and Sir again!!!

Karl Wickert

3 days ago

Saw him at the 'Ammersmiff odeon' many years ago., when Yellow brick road came out. Fab album (yes I have an original pressing in vinyl) and what a concert!!

#EltonFarewellTour life for Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy. See more tour photos in our gallery: ✨

Là Barbone Chic

4 days ago

I met both of these men in 1976 in Seattle when they were in town recording some music. Talked with Elton a little and as I shook his hand he mentioned how small his fingers are. And they were. Probably still are.😎

Abdou Aihar

4 days ago

My 50th Birthday present was tickets to your show in state College pa. By far the best Birthday present ever! I’m not gonna lie, I got emotional! I’m still riding high from that experience! Thank you for bringing your beautiful talent my way! Love and light to you and your beautiful family in your retirement from touring.
Love, michele from Altoona Pennsylvania!💕❤️

Arne Christian Brockmann

4 days ago

Superb pic! Watched 'Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool' last night. 'Song for Guy'....bloomin Fantastic Captain!

Take a bow 👏 See many more images from the #EltonFarewellTour in our exclusive gallery: ✨

📷: Ben Gibson

Jorge Cardenas

4 days ago

He's coming to Florida in November !

Андрей Клеймёнов

5 days ago

Elton, I must say. This tour was the best I have ever seen. Very emotional with Tiny Dancer, and Philadelphia Freedom as always. The videos were breath taking, I could keep on going about the show. If you read this. You must go. Love you Elton <3

Antonio Branca Todisco

5 days ago

Tomorrow night in CT, can't wait!!!!!

Buffalo, you were brilliant! 👏

As the next #EltonFarewellTour continues tonight, check out our tour gallery: ✨

📷: Ben Gibson

Ilona Kallio

5 days ago

We were at this show. Best concert ever. Thank so much for Take Me To The Pilot! I love that song and I love you.

David Čobanović

6 days ago

Hi Elton John good luck on your tour I love you and your songs I listen to your songs all the time I'm a big fan of yours I hope to see you in concert someday

Raul Teran

6 days ago

My hubby bought the tix in January and we were in section 305, so the sound was super distorted, but I had an awesome time anyway! I hope he adds Syracuse to his tour so I can hopefully buy a better seat ! Love you EJ - you’ve gotten me thru many a hard time and many tears for 50 years!! Thank you!!!

Backstage during the #EltonFarewellTour in Philadelphia last night with Adam Weiner, from the amazing band Low Cut Connie. ✨

Silvia Sanchez

8 days ago

I like all his songs and his pianos.

Tim Bouverat

9 days ago

Looks like dueling wigs going on there.

Zachariah Langley

9 days ago

Id love to see Eltons wardrobe.. He must have the greatest jacket collection in the world.. I reckon Liberace would be jealous if he were still alive..

Two sold out #EltonFarewellTour shows. Two amazing audiences. Thank you, Philadelphia! More tour images at: ✨

📷: Ben Gibson

Yoseph B. Gessesse

8 days ago

Thank you for an amazing show!!!

Kate Evans

8 days ago

Thank you for the music of my life for the last 48 years. Wednesday’s concert was the best ever.

Rick Kranzel

9 days ago

Wish I could of been there would love to see u live

48 years after Elton's first Philadelphia show, he was back there with the #EltonFarewellTour last night. See even more exclusive tour pictures at: ✨

📷: Ben Gibson

José Carlos de Oliveira

9 days ago

Just saw him at PPL, and going again in March at the Garden!!!!!!

Kaua Ferreira

9 days ago

Sec 203 Row 15 (can’t get any “higher”!!! 😁) and still loved every second of your incredible fifth concert with each one better than the last. The sun will NEVER go down on you!!! 🎶💕🍀🤟🏻😊💕🎶🍀🤟🏻💕

Scott Atwood

10 days ago

What a fun and fond memory of your incredible career and journey! 😊😊😊😊

The #EltonFarewellTour merchandise truck is open now in Philadelphia, outside the Wells Fargo Center. Come down for a look!

If you're not in the area, head to our online store for your FYBR items: ✨

Rich Seefelder

10 days ago

Are the prices the same online and at the shows? Elton John

Jen Langford

10 days ago

Elton John, staying tuned for 2019 merch!! 😘😘 can't wait😍

Diana Montero

11 days ago

I'm going to be broke from merchandise table!❤️

What a start to the #EltonFarewellTour!

The beautiful PPL Center audience, the Rocket Entertainment crew, my tireless tour team, the visionaries at Gucci… so many talented people made this such a special first show! Elton xx

📷: Ben Gibson

Dana Setiawan

12 days ago

I am very saddened that Sir Elton John is ending his composing, concert, and singing career. Of course I am very happy for the compositions and songs he shared with us. Actually I used to have his recordings from "60 Years On and Your Song." However due to unfortunate event I lost them all as our place was devastated by storm. Eventually, I was able to save some money and bought a modest mobile phone that could access "YouTube" and hear my IDOL. Thank you Sir Elton John for imparting us all your compositions and songs. Wish you all the BEST, my IDOL!

Āllejandro Mwarnert

12 days ago

We can't wait! Mother and son to see their 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th Elton concerts together next month!!!!! YAY :)

Mary Wilson

12 days ago

Hi Elton, My wife and daughter are going to your show tomorrow night. It would be awesome if you could give them a shout out. I know they would be thrilled as I am not telling them as they would think I'm an idiot for asking. Well maybe I am but It's worth a try. Their names are Susan and Amy. Farewell Elton We will always love you and your music. Sorry I couldn't go money is a little tight these days.

What an amazing audience last night to start the #EltonFarewellTour with! Allentown, THANK YOU! 📷: Ben Gibson ✨

Corey Stainbrook

13 days ago

Allentown show was beyond amazing ! Thank you ❤️

Candy Gutterdandy

13 days ago

Been to all his Melbourne shows since old enough to attend. Not missing this one for anything. My idol.

Bell Kimberly

13 days ago

Can’t wait till Ft Lauderdale and Atlanta! You wowed Allentown!! 🎹♥️🎼🎤😎🎼🎹♥️😍😎🎤🎼🎹♥️

Summer is over. Back to school and back to work, with the #EltonFarewellTour starting on Saturday! 👍

Carlos Fernandes

19 days ago

Such a cute family picture♥ I'm looking forward to seeing you one last time here in Texas for my 60th birthday. I saw you at Dodger stadium in 1976 for my 17th birthday again at the Hollywood Bowl and in Vegas for the Red Piano. I have all of my original albums I stared collecting at 15. It will be bittersweet although I agree with why the retirement... family is everything.

Veronica Arce

20 days ago

Hope you and your beautiful family had a wonderful Summer! Can’t wait to see you one more time in Atlanta on 12/1. Happy for you and those beautiful boys but you will be so missed. Nothing like Elton John live... Nothing!! Ignore all of the negativity on this string—- some people do not understand priorities or simple economics. Cheers!

Vytautas Beniusis

19 days ago

I took a picture on the first day of school from Kindergarten till her first year in college. If you do this it will be some of the greatest momentos to share when they are all grown up.

Elton has teamed with Twickets to let fans get or sell #EltonFarewellTour tickets at their fair face value price. ⭐👍

Head to: http://eltonjohn.twickets.liv e

Marcus Latham

23 days ago

I'm happy he's doing this, but the original ticket prices were beyond what I could afford. For my family of 3 it was close to $600 with ticket agency fees and such. Completely out of range for one evening. So dissapointed that two generations of Elton fans in this house will never get to see him. 💔 Will always love his music anyhow.

Steve Dewolf

23 days ago

Wish I could afford tickets for Tulsa...

Kerstin Sertdemir

23 days ago

Sir Elton John has always cared about his fans. This doesn't surprise me.

An #EltonLIVE extravaganza that became one of the greatest concerts in music history. Read the stories from those at the Dodger Stadium show: 🎶

Patrick McAleer

25 days ago

Lots of posts here lamenting the unavailability of EJ on DVD - it’s too bad - something I researched for quite some tine for my book which included the dodger stadium concert - Elton has no “official” dvd releases of him playing live from his entire formative years - madmen thru brick road thru captain - no dodger stadium - no Central Park. But you can find footage on YouTube and you can find people that market boot dvds that do have incredible footage, here or in the U.K.

Géo Vazaha

25 days ago

I went both days! Got hit in the eye with an apple on day 2

Margaret Doble

25 days ago

I'm Sure it was Fantastic....
I missed this famous concert, but your other 64 concerts I've attended are superb for Me!!!!

"Hold me closer, Tiny Dancer..." 🎶

Two generations of artists, one timeless song. This Miley Cyrus duet at the Grammy Awards created another amazing #EltonLIVE moment. Learn more at:

Rafael Hernandez

a month ago

I like this song by EJ and MIley Cyrus really looks like a young lady in this picture. she is actually gorgeous

Ted Miller

a month ago

Both GREAT Artists, Miley was just young and finding herself. She always looks so BEAUTIFUL in her gowns when she sings with Sir Elton John! (I saw Elton John in concert with my sister).

Renée Armas

a month ago

Shouldn't be on the same stage. Elton John is a legend with numerous undeniable great albums, hundreds of songs. She twerks

#ThrowbackThursday Waiting backstage with John Lennon before an #EltonLIVE show in New York City, 1974. Learn more about this photo at: 🎶

Fernando Amaro

a month ago

Wow....I'm amazed at how many people in the comments were actually there. So epic. I don't think video was ever captured from this concert. What a great story to tell...

Mafohla Mpota

a month ago

The only time I wish I was a little older is when I see something about an Elton concert before I was old enough to go without my parents!

Martin Pelley

a month ago

This was Thangiving concert. I was there the following night. Heard all the buzz outside the Garden that John Lennon was at Eltons concert the night before. So sad that I missed it. Looking forward to seeing Elton during his farewell concert tour.

Who has been your favourite guest that has joined Elton onstage? Artists like the one and only George Michael have made for some unforgettable #EltonLIVE moments. 🎤

Read about them at:

Johnny Naicker

a month ago

I really loved the performance together with Kiki Dee, Pavarotti and Shania Twain.
I'd love to hear more great performances together with great artists. Looking forward... :-)

Juan Hernandez

a month ago

I saw Elton and Billy in the first Face to Face Tour - Vets Stadium, Philly. Fantastic!! Saw him with Leon Russell on his 64th birthday, Philly again. Another fantastic show!!!

Luke Paul Bottomley

a month ago

wow thugger remixed rocket man and it so good I had to come here to give a credit although it don't count but I think I should 9.9/10

Jake Isaac toured with me last year and he’s just released his new EP, We Used To Dream. A great guy and tremendous talent, give it a listen. E xo

#WeUsedToDream EP:

David Jones

a month ago

well I never had listen to Jamaican music I don't want to call so much attention but this image says it all

Derek Rayson

a month ago


Linda Kerley

a month ago

I like the lyrics, it has a kind of Jamaican🇯🇲️ vibe to it. His voice reminds me of Labrinth and John Legend. Liking his tooth gap too, very nice👌

The loss of Aretha Franklin is a blow for everybody who loves real music: Music from the heart, the soul and the Church. Her voice was unique, her piano playing underrated – she was one of my favourite pianists.

I was fortunate enough to spend time with her and witness her last performance – a benefit for the Elton John AIDS Foundation at St John The Divine Cathedral. She was obviously unwell, and I wasn’t sure she could perform. But Aretha did and she raised the roof. She sang and played magnificently, and we all wept. We were witnessing the greatest soul artist of all time. I adored her and worshipped her talent. God bless her.

My condolences to all her family and friends. We shared the same birthday – and that meant so much to me. The whole world will miss her but will always rejoice in her remarkable legacy. The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.

Elton xx

andrea faroppa da costa

a month ago

Aretha is no longer in pain. She. Has joined the heavenly choir. I'm sure she'll run it! God needed a a new heavenly voice for His choir. I'm sure it won't be long until she's the headliner. She sang in a way all the mass of people could understand. She was a rare talent. We will surely miss her.
I see her now riding around the streets of gold with Michel in her Pink Cadillac, top pulled, singing at the top of their lungs.
Be free. Fly high our songbird. Peace. Thank you for music that accompanied the times of my life. Great memories.

Maria Boccia

a month ago

I was 16 , living in England...Hearing her voice for the first time. My senses came alive. I knew then, there was a voice like know other...... and never will be again. The thing is she could arrange the song to make it her own, play the piano ....sing with a voice that could uplift us all......It is little wonder she is “The Queen of Soul”!... I reckon Aretha Franklin got a first class ticket to heaven! And she’s still singing! R.I.P. Aretha🎼

Arbnora Morina

a month ago

Yes! Music from and for the soul, from the deepest parts of her glad I got to grow up with many talented artists!

#ThrowbackThursday "Free to fly, fly away, high away..." A reflective moment on the Starship jet inbetween #EltonLIVE shows. ✈️

Learn more at:

Shrook Ch Kabakebo

a month ago

The Elton John that I remember? I was 11 years old. His music will always remain my favorite.

Kevin Jackie Lediard

a month ago

This photo and many of this era bring me back to my teen years when I would find any magazine with an article and photo of Elton so I could read the latest Elton news and then cut out the photos and hang them on my wall.

Jonathan Wenzel

a month ago

Sorry Elton realised your not scowling, It looked that way at first glance. 😁

If you were sailing the skies with Elton and Cher on the Starship, which other two celebs would you invite? Names below and wheels up!✈️

Read #EltonLIVE stories:

Niall Strickland

a month ago

For Sure John Lennon and David Bowie (Lady Gaga wouldn’t be born yet, but you know I’d be dreaming of her coming)

Samuel Zaffran

a month ago

2 who could help my amazing, physically challenged daughter by reading her awesome screenplays and other work. She has a Master’s in screenwriting, has done teaching and written stories and articles. She has a great work ethic and is very talented (and that’s not just her mother talking!) I pray every day that she will find a way to get at least feedback from some people with experience and knowledge if she’s not able to sell a script (or 2!). Any takers??


a month ago

Elton, Cher, Willie Nelson and Garth. Clapton, Frampton, Townsend and May bring the guitars. Ringo and Collins to keep the beat. We probably should bring Paul to play Bass guitar. Perhaps, we could have the Jacksons singing background. The brass should come from Bruno’s band.

Fasten your seat belts, you are now flying with #EltonLIVE! ✈️ A penthouse of luxury in the sky, take a tour of Elton's one of a kind 1973 jet:

Aleksandra Rychlewska

a month ago

Just watching you guest present The big match live! Brilliant. Elton John.

Vickie Boettcher Emling

a month ago

I wish Elton would write an autobiography. I've seen tons of material on album history and artist evolution, but I want to hear his party stores, backstage escapades, nervous breakdowns... He was as A-list as musicians got, so I believe he's a goldmine of fascinating tales...

Adriano Araujo

a month ago

Is Elton johns 1984 Wembley concert the best ever? What made it so great?

Forever the showman! ⭐ Look back on some of the fabulous #EltonLIVE fashion he's wowed us with onstage:

Jr Monroe

a month ago

hi old frind wast plam bech all of aus and boy goreg thank hope all will one of kind thank miss joy delight yers back wen i was in show binnes i hed fun loved my fans thank blss you yours now reven joy her in f l

Ben Jones

a month ago

These might be my favorite glasses Danny Dodge

Jill Marshall

a month ago

Love it what a showman sir Elton you are awesome!

A War of the Wardrobes! 🥊 Which is your fave #EltonLIVE look - sparkling silver or fabulously feathered? Answer below!

See more Elton fashion:

محمد حامد

a month ago

I never liked any of the costumes but I have followed and loved all his music since the late 60's.I do,however like the sequined tuxedoes he wears nowadays

Valerie Beckwith

a month ago

I like both but at a pinch I prefer the first one in silver. I am sure Versace are going to out shine !,

Wayne Houia

a month ago

I actually like the white feathery outfit and you singing Crocodile Rock*. You look so happy..I am sure you and your band have had lots of hilarious stories on the road. A laugh a day..keeps the doctor away..what I say. 😂

Iconic, imaginative and incredible. 🙌

The wardrobe during an #EltonLIVE show has wowed us as much as the music! Learn more about Elton's fashion legacy:

Mao Maeda

a month ago

Mister Sir Elton John,My name is Frank Arrigo and I live twenty miles south of Richmond Virginia in a village called Matoaca.That is the child name of Pocahontas.I have loved your music since I first heard you on my old VW AM radio in the early 70's.My sister started listening when I did.She is five years younger than I.I am sixty two and seen you in concert three times here in Virginia..We are both dying of a disease called Scleroderma.I promised her that I would try my best to get in touch with you.I know you are a kind man.I would like to sing Your Song on stage with you for her.She only has about two years left.I can carry a tune if I don't start crying in the middle of the song.It is one of her favorites.If there is any way you can make this happen it would be the time of her life.I can still walk and so can she.Hands are getting bad.We love you and you could make a dream come true for both of us.It would take three minutes to make a dream come true.If you don't believe me,I can send you all of the paperwork.Thank you for all the good music over all these years.Your friend and fan,Frank Arrigo.

Karen Jones

a month ago

Hi Elton john. My nieces are in trouble. I would never ask but I need them safe if you can help sir.

Lena Bielsten

a month ago

My number one Entertainer

Elton explains just whyGucci's fashion genius, Alessandro Michele, had the perfect vision for designing his #EltonFarewellTour wardrobe in the new issue of Vogue.

Read more:

Jessica Ramrams

a month ago

Whatever Elton wears on his farewell tour will be fabulous. Its his performance that's always the best ever.

Kishan Kumar

a month ago


Katherine Stewart

2 months ago

I would be happy hearing Elton play his music in jeans and a t-shirt. Save your money on clothes, give to the poor and play your wonderful music!

What were your first thoughts of Elton?

Did you predict big things for him, the same way Robert Hilburn did after seeing#EltonLIVE at The Troubadour? 🎤

Casually knew of him because of radio hits such as Crocodile Rock and Bennie and the Jets. I listened to greatest hits album around that same time and fell in love with Don’t Let The Sun go down on me. Then
Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy came out with Someone Saved My Life tonight and that was a life changing music moment for me. Captain is still one

of my all-time favorite albums and is arguably in the top 2 of his all-time greatest albums. To me that album is perfection.

Nathalie Zeudes

2 months ago

I remember my first album "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" - Ive loved his music since I was a little girl. His music has made a positive impact on my life, just for the pure joy of hearing it. So glad he found the gift God gave him and shared it with so many. Love you Elton John.

Maki Sato

2 months ago

I heard Levon when I was 7 yrs old in 1975 and just felt so much in my heart from his voice. My first album,
My dad bought me, was Milestones and I wore it out. His voice has always sang to my soul, even at such a young age. I have been privileged in my life to have seen him 7 times in concert. ❤️

With a shot like this, you can understand why this #EltonLIVE show at The Troubadour became one of the greatest nights in Rock & Roll history!

Learn more about it: 🎤
Imagine being lucky enough to have got a ticket for The Troubadour show?! You'd have been at an #EltonLIVE moment that shook the American music industry.

Learn more here: 🎤

Tonny Scott Flores Ponce

2 months ago

Love you so, may have a dedicace photo for me, I french and i don t wrote english very well
I want this to buy a house for my children
Please contacte me en MP
I pray for that
What ever arrives you my great singrr, thanks

Chanse Bullock

2 months ago

I was too young to travel across country for the Troubadour concert, but I saw him for the first time in Philadelphia in 1972...and have seen him 54 times in concert since then. Sad to say, September 12 in Philly will be the last and 55th time!!! Loved all the years and all the music! 🎼🎵🎶

Nobutaka Watanabe

2 months ago

No matter how many versions of this story about the Elton John Troubadour shows I have heard and read over the decades, it’s always a spine-tingling, thrilling experience. The emergence of a super star & my musical hero.🤩

Thank you Zane Lowe and all my team at Beats 1 for this cool plaque. Can't believe we've recorded 150 #RocketHour shows.Here's to many more!! E xx

Cesar Nunez

2 months ago

I wont to go on rude.. I need your, motor bycycle??? If you have, give me, please. Lol

Elaine Gahgo

2 months ago

Hello Elton, cheers from Brazil! We love you here! And I do love you. I hope to have the chance to go to a concert of yours someday.

Claire Lampaert

2 months ago

You,re not nice but have a nice heart,love you👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹

Happy Birthday, Matt Bissonette! Elton's band give their brilliant bass player some birthday wishes here: 🎉

Hasnain Khaliq

2 months ago

Feliz aniversário meu ídolo sempre fui sua fã Mais de 40 anos atrás mais tive meu sonho realizado fui no seu show em Londres no ano passado amei você é maravilhoso Bjs

Alan Hopper

2 months ago

Happy Birthday,Matt Bissonette!!!

Fzap Fzap

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Matt!! 🎂
Rick Springfield fans love and miss ya!

Honoured to launch MenStar Coalition with Prince Harry today alongside the Elton John AIDS Foundation and our loyal partners, in an initiative to engage with men to break the HIV cycle.

They are part of the solution and a vital key in this fight to end AIDS once and for all. Elton xo 📷: Michael Kovac / Getty Images

Angela Siu

2 months ago

Your fighting a losing battle over aids, stick with your aids campaign and do not belittle 17 million + UK citizens who voted for Brexit which is not a new breakfast cereal as you quoted.. I sincerely hope you enjoy having your oats with David prior to breakfast..

Jonas Marley

2 months ago


Abhisheek Khadka

2 months ago

You are awesome! Keep helping because you can!

#ThrowbackThursday "Aaahh, freak out! Le freak, see'est Chic!" Studio time in 2015 with disco legend Nile Rodgers. 🎤

Sole Perez

2 months ago

He came to New Zealand in Feb this year with Lionel Richie. Great show, loved the songs and he really set the scene for Lionels show.

Anitaphirianita Phirianitaphiri

2 months ago

I hope you have fun where ever you are 😳

Leith Lachlan Wulf

2 months ago

Come on sir Elton get a new collaboration with Nile Rodgers for a new album !! Pleeeeeaaase ! It would be so chic ! 😊

Fancy a trip back in time to the 80s? PEEX can take you there with Elton’s full Berlin live show from April 1989! Download the app and listen at 🎶

Ro Murray Chiaravallotti

2 months ago

My very favorite artist elton sacrifice

Bernardo Pacheco Trejo

2 months ago

This picture holds alot of memories

Frances L Reta

2 months ago

i have so much nostalgia for that photo/album cover of Elton! 80s Elton was the soundtrack to my childhood and I adored the music videos from them the most.

⭐ NEW Elton PEEX concerts are here! ⭐ The stunning Amphitheatre of Pompeii and fan voted Baton Rouge, Louisiana2016 live shows can now be yours!

Download the app and listen:

Sarah Grisdale

2 months ago

Thank you for the music, 5 decades, you are truly amazing 😘

Matteo Allegra

2 months ago

Love the guy. But when people go away for an itsy bit it will cause one to Wonder and muse more about them. A little bit of mystery goes eons these daze. Who's driving this train? DF most likely. Legend grows larger Reg when there's more mystique. No not Mustique! Former is the trip, the journey inside that re cultivates creativity instead of burning it out. Stay blessed. Goodness + grace on whatever path you see as Forward.

Neguézi le Choko

2 months ago

The crocodile still rocks! Lawdy momma.

Summer magic. 😎🌞

Deyon Gomez

2 months ago

Can't wait to see him in october!! My husband and I grew up and fell in love with this man's music.Thank you for all your music!Enjoy your family!!!

Sam Monea

2 months ago

I deeply,deeply admire Elton Jonh's musucal talent but as a christian i support God's model/design for family Genesis 2:24.

Nathan Callaghan

2 months ago

No, 4 children who don't care that they don't have a "mother". They have what is most important: two parents who love them and obviously CHOSE to bring them into the world. Take your comment and shove it.

RIP to the most handsome and special man, Tab Hunter. “Young Love” forever. E xx
So tell us, what's your favourite track off of #RESTORATION? Comment your answer below after a listen to the album: 🎸

Chiara Palmiero

2 months ago

I remember Tab Hunter when I was younger, but I thought he died years ago to be honest!! Handsome and well-known US Actor in Hollywood in the 50's and 60's. RIP ❤️🙏❤️

Debi Gray

2 months ago

So sad. He was a good looking man. I had such a crush on him in the 60's. I think all the women did back then. RIP 😥

Aiza Bakhtiar

2 months ago

Oh, Tab Hunter, the hunk of the 50's and 60's. RIP.

Last night Ed Sheeran, Victoria Beckham, Taron Egerton and many more joined Elton to celebrate 25 years of the Elton John AIDS Foundation at the #ARGENTOBALL in partnership with Bulgari. The event raised £4.4 million.

📷: Dave Benett / Getty Images

Гала Лаврентьева

3 months ago

Congratulations Elton to a job well done!

Aggie Abel

3 months ago

Congratulations and thank you for 25 years of heartfelt caring! <3

Janessa Downes

3 months ago

Liz Keddy Melford Jenna told me how much you love Elton so I thought you would like this!

Elton will be joining Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 tomorrow to chat about #REVAMP and playing 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' by Q-Tip feat. Demi Lovato. Tune in at 7pm! ⭐

Ross Mcculloch

3 months ago

I wish you was that lady I love him she's so lucky.Elton should be President then things in the world would be much better.

Mohammed Mamdouh

3 months ago

I love Elton’s generosity in sharing his music with new artists.

A man who is totally comfortable in his own musical skin and progressive in his thinking.

Val Little

3 months ago

WOW, U look so relaxed and at ease,I LOVE too see U like THIS U lOOK Awesome this way GEORGIA, Xoxox FOREVER to U from Me

Listen to the Complete #RESTORATION & #REVAMP playlist on Spotify now. Featuring the songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin reimagined by the superstars of pop and country! ⭐🎸

Martina Dessena

3 months ago

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Mirshod Naimi

3 months ago

I LOVE the title,IT'S REALLY original and Every one WILL enjoy this its refreshing,U know I LOVE ELTON for ALLWAYS going to the next level of MUSIC, Georgia

Fawad Rahimi

3 months ago

I am working here to help.

Listen to Elton and Ken Bruce chat all things #RESTORATION and more tomorrow on BBC Radio 2 from 9.30am! 🎸

Jair Vallejo

3 months ago

Entradas para el concierto de mañana 26/06/2018 en Madrid, escribirme por mensaje directo

Sakshi Mishra

3 months ago

So much fun to hear the stories!

Farida Dehas

3 months ago

It would have been so cute if you and your family had a float in the parade that was so colorful and seemingly fun...color, color, color...#NYC

As FIFA World Cup fever kicks off today, we #ThrowbackThursday to Elton with the English football commentator Brian Moore. ⚽

Bart Veeken

3 months ago

Ah! Brian Moore. The gentle authoritative voice of The Big Match which I think used to air around Sunday lunchtime.

Robert Freitas

3 months ago

A bit of a Robbie Williams look there Elton :)

Vinicius Espírito Santo

3 months ago

I want home! Why you don't come and help me? ?? Your daugther Rose

"The conflicts of tomorrow will be less about the weapons we carry in our pockets and more about the values we carry in our hearts."

- Elton at the Princess Diana HIV Lecture ❤️ (Photo: Harry Richards)

Antal Kovácsik

3 months ago

Thank you Sir

Luam Prince

3 months ago

Sounds great! - when you're surrounded by bodyguards and gates🤔

JoseRa Jrv

3 months ago

we lost an angel.....

For the 150th #RocketHour, Elton welcomes a very special guest for this milestone show - Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age! Listen Saturday / Beats 1!

Starts 9am LA / 12pm NY / 5pm UK 🚀
Repeats 6pm LA / 9pm NY / 2am UK 🚀

Rafał Haun

3 months ago

Excited about this!

Leonardo Carrizo

3 months ago

Ask him who’s got more capes between you two? The answer may surprise you.

Mayte Alfaro

3 months ago

Whate re ELTON does is,GREAT We all Love him no matter what GEORGIA

Elton and David spoke on Ukraine national radio last week, discussing HIV awareness and the vital work of the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Learn more at:

Emily Eden Strachan

3 months ago

What an honor. This is a tremendous impact to share with the world. Thank you for breaking down barriers no matter where they occur.
God bless your efforts. 💕

Valentin Ivanov

4 months ago

Looooooooove you guys from Western Australia ❤❤❤

Antonio Matias

4 months ago

I watched the second Kingsmen movie this week, Elton was in it and he was pure joy to watch....I do love him.

Last week, Elton visited Armenia and Ukraine, witnessing how the Elton John AIDS Foundation team and supporters are changing lives within the HIV / AIDS community.

Learn more at:

Christopher de Vogelaere

4 months ago

Funny, I am listening to an Elton John compilation on YouTube right now! Love you, Elton!

Tarra Jennings

4 months ago

God bless sweet well done you love sherin 🤗😇😘 XXX

Harriet Parker Neil

4 months ago

luv u Elton and bless those on your team and your supporters

Discover how PEEX have teamed with Elton to give you his live shows in a thrilling and revolutionary new way: 🎶

Rafael Prado Jr

4 months ago

Ware does the pink panther come from? Durham DURHAM!!! BLESSINGS!!! AMEN!!! BONNIE LAD XXX

Ginny Howell

4 months ago

It’s pretty cool stuff, too bad it’s kinda pricey.

Manuel Sanchez

4 months ago

In lay mans terms what do people have to do ? How much ?

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Puyol Inaaz

4 months ago

1985. The shows he did with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in Australia. Watched it on TV. Best concert ever. Madman Across The Water was incredible and was a highlight.

Beverly Dosch Spearman

4 months ago

Anything in 1975 or prior where the set list would have had numerous deep tracks from my favorite albums. First time I went was 1982 (I think?) — did a number of great deep tracks including Where To Now, St. Peter? and Ticking. My ultimate dream would be an all early deep tracks show. That would be heaven.

Edeltraud Tas

4 months ago

Went to see him in Savannah about 6 years ago and was surprised he came to such a small town. It was a great concert!

#ThrowbackThursday An emotional show at Twickenham Stoop in June 2017, where Elton dedicated songs to George Michael and Manchester Arena victims.

You can download and listen to the full live concert in the PEEX app for iOS & Android:

Julie Blanchot

4 months ago

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Svein Lillevik

4 months ago

Thank You For Share

Yui Ogawa

4 months ago

Love to your​ kind ❤️ miss him too god bless Manchester love all ways sherin 🤗😇😜 xxxxx