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Jullianny Reis

4 hours ago


Dear Sir/Madam,

As you may know, Kerala, a state in India, which is going through the worst time of its history. We are exposed to tumultuous and disastrous flooding which have destroyed both our life and living.

All the rivers, streams and lakes are overflowing throughout the states due to heavy rainfall. The shutter of all the dams have been opened and the water rush have washed away the towns and villages on it's flood path. The situation is much more frightening than we can explain.

Over 1.5 lakh people are in rehabilitation camps. Even hospitals are under water. The count of the lives that we have lost and people missing are still not confirmed yet. The roads, bridges and homes damaged are beyond repair. Rivers have been spilling over and the hills are crashing down in landslides to thickly-populated settlements. Our government and rescue bodies are doing commendable work for saving each and every life, but are facing severe shortage of funds and resources. This has affected the efficiency of the rescue efforts, which also contribute to the increasing death toll. It is estimated unofficially that the cost of disaster can be up to 100 billion INR, which seems to be a huge fund for our small state.

So hereby we are requesting your kind donation and aid towards relief fund of the state.Your valuable donations will grossly help us to ease our efforts for relief, re-habitilation and re-building.
Unlike donations to national organizations that can take months to begin distributing funds, your support to us will have an immediate and substantial impact in our state. With your help,we can feed families who have lost everything in the aftermath of the flood, give them a warm place to stay and help rebuild the landmarks that make our Kerala such an amazing place to lives. So we kindly request you to join our effort to reclaim and rebuild our state and uphold our passion to football, which you can't see anywhere in our country. Any amount you decide to donate will be very much appreciated and will make a huge difference in the lives of our neighbors whose lives have been upended. Together, we can restore the place that we all know and love.
We love you and we expect your kind effort towards this natural calamity.

Bank Transfer

Bank : State Bank of India (SBI)
Account Number : 67319948232
Branch : City Branch, Thiruvananthapuram
IFSC : SBIN0070028
Account Type : Savings
Name if Donee : Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund
Address : Govt of Kerala
District : Thiruvananthapuram
State : Kerala
Pin : 695001

Romeo StatusQuo Polo

4 hours ago

I love my little smokies!! The top pics is them as puppies and the bottom is what the look like now. Brody & Gizmo the Long Haired Dachshunds

Alice Ribeiro

4 hours ago

This my KoKo looks a lot like that one in post ... she passed now miss her so much ❤️

Ten years ago, Wayne Dyer officiated our wedding ceremony. These words were life-changing to us then, and they mean just as much now.

Lara Lara

a day ago

Happy anniversary to two of the most beautiful, sweet and inspirational women the world has ever known. Your marriage is a beacon of hope for many and a vision of pure love. The world needs more of that. I wish you both many more decades of happiness. ❤ Happy 10th Anniversary!

Anita Gilmore

a day ago

Congratulations! My wife and I were also married on August 16th, only 15 years ago.this was the weekend the power went out all weekend in Ontario, Canada. The food and flowers were saved and we only lost the wedding cake. My best friend gave us a beautiful cake later. We have been together for 27 years!

Rosie Ruane

a day ago

I wish in the ten years since, "we as a people, are truly becoming better than we used to be," was still true. I feel like we, as a nation, are becoming divided and hateful toward those who don't fit the "norm." Ellen and Portia are insulated from this, but many others are not. I encourage people to keep an open mind and heart in consideration of others, be they immigrants, people of color, LGBTQ, football players standing for social justice, etc. Be tolerant!

Oh, brother. These sisters are cute.

Alexis Clare Myers

3 days ago

Laura Fite our kids one day! And explaining to them that they are best friends forever...sisters by choice/forced by their moms 😂😂😘😘

Kerane Petter

3 days ago

These could be my babes only if I could have had time to photograph them, and not have to pay for the developing... xx

Ryan Adkins

3 days ago

How to properly store your crayons.

Okay, who ate garlic?

Dustin Forsgren

4 days ago

Cute but when my post mate customer let his dogs out on me like that I accidentally drhis food stayed still til they returned in the house. Sadly the dog peers on my toes and of course he didn't tip

Melody Godlay Aballa

4 days ago

OMG look at that child’s face so close to the dogs mouths! So, so stupid!! Beautiful dogs, beautiful child, but one bite would mean tragedy 😥😥😥

John Sam Follis

4 days ago

My husband had a Newfoundland when he was a boy; ended up moving to Florida so he left it with a family member in NY because Florida is tough for them (thinking he was doing the best thing for the dog).... 6 months later, came back and his dog was gone! We have wanted another one for the last 2 years but children and finances don’t allow it... :(. This picture makes me sad because i wanted my children to have the same sweet pup as their dad!

Love is all around. ED Ellen DeGeneres

Dineo Neo Mgavu

7 days ago

Hi Ellen love your show, our pup Charlie meeting my Dad (who has dementia). Dad often talks now about the lovely dog x

Cristian Frongia

7 days ago

What a cute little "doggie"!

Andrea Almiron

8 days ago

Hello Ellen from the tiniest Shepherd on the block!

Fashion icon. #EDbyEllen ED Ellen DeGeneres

Angel Mendez

9 days ago

This is my daughter name Ridhima.she is 3 yrs....but love to take pics. I thought i should share with Ellen v love your show....always watch....either at home or work. Love to meet u in my life 1 time atleast. U came to calgary....but due to limited sits....v couldnt get it.....

Ida Carlberg

9 days ago

Beautiful baby check out my beautiful baby girl

Jhon Jairo Gonzalez

9 days ago

We love our Ellen outfits!

Let it sink in.

Elizabeth Villela

10 days ago

I don’t have a kid but I have a cat, so there’s that 😂❤️

Bobby Payne

11 days ago

I used to bathe my son and granddaughter in the sink in between a real bath..a precious memory. Life goes by fast.

Herverton Perez

11 days ago

Who needs a sink when u have a corn field full of rain water lol

Chris Krigbaum

14 days ago

Ellen I love your show even though I have not had time to see it for awhile but I am asking for a favor from you for a very dear friend who I think is in need. her name is Ruthie Eddings Etheton a widow I have know since before I was married her husband married me and my husband 43 yrs ago on valentines day. She seems to be having the worst luck with cars of the last 3 yrs. I told her I would have to contact you to see if there was anyway you could get her a new one tax free as I know she is on a fixed income. She is probably in her late seventies to early eighties now but still a go getter. She is known as the Pink Lady by her grandchildren. her address is 34 North Star Circle, Kaiser, Mo. 65047. My address is Lena Rose, 25790 Audrain rd 812, mexico, Mo, 65265. P.S. We only talk on Fb now we haven't seen each other in a few years but she is very dear to me and my husband. We will be gone gone on the 17, 18 and 19 of August. I hope you can help her thanks so much. Love u so much you make so many people laugh and we all need more laughter these days.

امير منتظمي

14 days ago

My 9mos older daughter, Audrey wanted to eat the flowers. My 3yo daughter, Josie knows it is better to smile quickly & get it over with

Jack Byron

14 days ago worked! After reposting this to all my friends, my newsfeed showed a WHOLE new batch of friends’ posts I haven’t been seeing.

Here’s how to avoid hearing from the same 25 FB friends, due to FB’s new algorithm. 🙅🏻‍♀️

If you are reading this message, do me a favor and leave me a quick comment...a "hello," a sticker, whatever you want, so you will appear in my newsfeed‼️

Then, copy and paste onto your wall so you can have more interaction with all your contacts. Just hold your finger down anywhere in this post and "copy" will pop up. Click "copy". Then go to your page, start a new post on your page, then put your finger anywhere in the blank field. "Paste" will pop up and click “paste.”

Thanks! 💕

This is Hope. I find her inspiring. Also, she knows a good read when she sees one! Nancy Sovran

Claudia Torres Tejo

14 days ago

To know Hope is a amazing feeling I’m blessed to call her our friend .Her and my daughter are my hero because they give back to others and are both very brave

Edith Avilés López

14 days ago

Maybe it's because Ellen DeGeneres has a good heart. She loves people!

Shun K Nowden

15 days ago

I think the question why Ellen finds this inspiring, is kinda what are you talking about? I'm sure she finds something inspiring, but what is it?

Waiting for the pool boy to bring the mojitos.

Tania Furio

16 days ago

Literally came on here to see how many positive posts I’d see before some over reacting freakout of a person posted a comment!

It was 1, 1 positive post. Wow people. Seriously.

Babies naturally hold there breath underwater for the first 5 or 6 months (can’t remember exactly) it’s a reflex, if the baby did fall off, the split second the parent got to it, as they are obviously holding on the the float, the baby would be fine.


Vadim Batirev

16 days ago

I sure miss those cute, little chubby babies & all the millions of kisses we planted on them! But, then they grow up!

Benjamin Baca

16 days ago

Well, she could be waiting a while.....the pool boys are busy floating too 😂

Poolside style. ED Ellen DeGeneres

Robert Jeffrey

17 days ago

I love your pups! Bella Blue & Lux DixonOurs could be cousins. Let's plan a play date. This photo was her thinking she was actually helping me lol. #fionathefabbostie on Instagram

Filipe Fabian Buscariolo

17 days ago

Ellen DeGeneres ellentube checkout the video on my Facebook of my daughter and her dog Waylie. My daughter is 32 weeks pregnant today and her dog knows where the baby is. Lol

YorDi Nuñez

17 days ago

Ellen has worked for what she has, live and let live , she is one of the most generous people on the planet!

Happiness is a warm ear for your head.

Noe Rohim

20 days ago

That dog looks better than some of these b****** running around on Mill Street in New Castle that's real talk

Heather Contreras

20 days ago

Jarrad Molitoris Brittany Poole Julie Poole ummmm I thought this was Willow and got confused ... it’s her twin!!!

LaQuandra Gibbs-Colclough

21 days ago

Rebekah Clark this will be Lexi with your child 😍
Not the ears thing though, she doesn't have the right ears for it haha

Happy #KardashianWeek, Kendall Jenner!

Marilyn Williams

22 days ago

Love your show, this however was in my opinion a very poor decision.
Not a fan of this family. No respect for them as far as anything I have ever seen on Television or read in the media.
Their lifestyle would never be one of my choice. I need stronger women with better morals as my mentors.
I hope if they are your friends, they will understand the multitude do not feel the same way as yourself Ellen.
To each their own.

Edward Puga

22 days ago

Ugh; Ellen seems like such a quality person and these women are so gross. Superficial, whiney, and so fake with all their plastic surgery and enhancements. So sad that they have to cover up what must be huge insecurities by showing their boobs all the time.

My whole family enjoys watching the Ellen show together, but definitely not this week!

Kayo Kayo Matsukawa

22 days ago

Oh no Ellen. This entire concept is odd. All the way in South Africa.... We love you, but the Kardashian/ Jenner are an absolute bore. Cant bare any of them. #StopThePandering

Makins Chris Tony

23 days ago

This dog looks just like my Jack. He's a yorkie/bichon mix.

Баба Цоцолана

23 days ago

A lovely dog that u have ellen looks like your dog is havin a great time enjoying himself on the beach.. i don't have a dog like yours here in new zealand.

Christopher Ritchie

23 days ago

BO will only take a selfie on my

Ready for Cabo.

Halina Maleńczyk-Boguszewska

25 days ago

That could be my granddaughter when she was a baby!

Cheryl Ann Lisa Hurley

25 days ago

Well don't have a 2 legged baby, but I have a 4 legged baby he is ready for the beach. His name is Harley

Marcio Da Costa

25 days ago

I can’t with this little one!!!👁💖🤣

Happy birthday, David Spade! This is still one of my favorite stories.

Sarah Kathleen Cairns

a month ago

When he was on Meghan Marco is from Ontario Canada not USA as he said.

Iris C. Dumasis

a month ago

Love David Spade! :)

Louie Amato

a month ago

Happy Belated Birthday David Spade,,Hope you had a great celebration in which I,m sure you did,.A fan of yours.

Ready for bed.
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Catherine Gomez

a month ago

Here is my husband's guide dog Izaac from Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation. He is always ready to go for a walk. Such a sweet guy.

Mac Russell

a month ago

The bed is cute. I'd like one for my dogs, when I get them. It won't be for at least another five (maybe more) years tho. Gotta retire first. Sigh...

David Michael Rothans

a month ago

Ellen DeGeneres look at my 4 year old female yorkie Khloè, I found her like this. 😂😂 It’s like she knows to pose and stay like that for the camera for a picture lol. I love my Khloé to pieces. ❤️

P.S. It was 10pm and I told her to go to bed and this happened.

Too cool for pool.

Resa Storm

a month ago

I just finished reading a gut wrenching story: it was penned by a mom who just looked away for a MOMENT, and her baby girl drown... she begged people to be aware... drowning is the Number One reasonfor death in babies from 1-4.... then I happened across this image of this baby... in a pool... no adult in site. Please reconsider this image... thank you!! And... I have danced with you at your show-/ I love you Ellen!! Please know that this is simply feedback for you and your hard working staff to consider...thank you!

Kathleen Folks

a month ago

Yup! My daughter Graciela in Marsha’s magic pool where the Lazy &SS swim club convenes every friday🙃come on by Ellen and become an honorary member.

Carlos Palacios

a month ago

Babies can learn to swim at a very young age - I started my daughter in swimming classes when she was 6 months old - whose to say this baby doesn't know how to swim. Also, I really doubt she was floating around in the pool without an adult very close by. Take the picture for what it is, although, maybe a sun hat....LOL I think this is for sure one cool picture of a very cute baby

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Fa'eeza Balah

a month ago

Oh hey ; fun fun in the 🌞 making sand castles on 🌴 all day drinking sweet lemonade!

Tera Smith

a month ago

Does anyone have yesterdays secret code-Monday. I had a Dr. appt and I missed it. ty!

Travis Haight

a month ago

Marleen Matsko!!! This is weird. It just popped up! 🍨

Puppy in the front, party in the back.

Alba Ramos

a month ago

Opal my Aussie mix was purchased through rescue to help my blind Catahoula dog. She helped keep him safe until 18 years. Yesterday she was diagnosed at age 14 with glaucoma. Dr orders do not move anything keep her where she knows. I added a white water container in case she was a little light. She is one of my best girls.

Phumela Khulela

a month ago

come to our party #gocro #worldcup2018 #croatiafulloflife 🇭🇷❤❤❤🇭🇷❤❤❤🇭🇷

Mika Shibata

a month ago

I know you know what I’m talking about today please call Rhonda today please

When you can read, you’re really gonna appreciate how adorable this is. ED Ellen DeGeneres

Debbie Davis

a month ago

Braxton has had more than 100 surgeries in his short 9 years but he’s not worrying about himself, he is on a mission raising money for Meals on Wheels! Nearly 15k and counting in just a few weeks!

Miguel Angel

a month ago

Bad case of torticollus!

Uyapo Modisaotsile

a month ago

Ellen DeGeneres here is my little dude, 4 weeks old. I dressed him in your sleeper and 2 minutes later... we had a diaper fail!

Bandanas. No longer just for outlaws. ED Ellen DeGeneres

Ieva Perkons

a month ago

Please can you bring a deflated English woman on your show feeling sad after our loss in the World cup 😧😢😨

Ivanilson Amorzinho

a month ago

Pixie would so love one of these. She's my best buddy and always has my back when we are out together and she's "working" (to her it's games and treats and fun).
Big love from Nottinghamshire UK

Corey Ort

a month ago

Looks like my Archie! Archie is an Irish doodle. Irish setter and poodle. He is a trained therapy dog. We visit schools, nursing homes, camps, etc.

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Patrice Quammie

a month ago

Everyone did an amazing job, but this story is so sad, SOME of the THE WILD BOARS team members are among STATELESS in Thailand.
STATELESS people in Thailand continue to face challenges accessing their basic rights,
With no birth certificate, no ID card and no passport, STATELESS cannot legally marry, get a job or bank account, travel, own property or vote.

ﻋﻠﻲ ابكر

a month ago

You seriously need to put officer smith from FB on your show and some of the lip syncs officers are posting on FB! Wonderful!

Doreen DeRosa-Schipper

a month ago

Showing $0.99 for me.

Engagement photo.

Aneta Kazimierczyk

a month ago

Unable to find another way to inform you of what we have in NEW ZEALAND that our best friends ( dogs ) are so susceptible too. 1080 poison we drop from helicopters that torturously kill many pet dogs every year & because of a lie. Having just watched a friend of yours say on your show. She drank from a NZ stream & later that day telling Oprah of what she did. Oprah replied " my dog died doing that " in NZ that happens all too often. Would love to hear your thoughts publicly announced of what our government does with every 1080 drop. Is ecocide in NZ. We need help to stop this crime ! 😥

Yaregafe Aguilar

a month ago

Tadaaa my dog petal this photo is a bit old now but hey who doesn’t love a chic staring into a dogs soul?

Nathalia Fernanda Zavala

a month ago

Here's my cute little pig and duck

Clear the beaches.

Mary Rosa

2 months ago

Andrina & Malcolm- you NEED to get this for Poppy 😂😂😂

Maria Jose Cortez

2 months ago

Henske misschien tikt deze haai wel eerst op je schouder 😂

Julio Galindo Alvarado

2 months ago

Ellen, Tell my mom to chill out...I'm a great swimmer! I don't need this

Get a head start on your 4th of July gear in The Ellen Shop!
Promo code: ellenjuly20
This is my producer Alissa’s dog, Fanny, named after Fanny Brice. This felt appropriate for #Pride Week.

Judith Nunn

2 months ago

Harley & I wish you the best 4th Of July ever.

David Garcia

2 months ago

How can i get on the show i am one of ellen biggest fan my name Dan A Smith

Yessie Pueblas

2 months ago

Me & my daughter love your show & watch as much as we can online as here in Spain i don't get cable,, her Birthday is 4th July & i can't do her party just yet as going through some tough treatment,, be lovely if you sent her a Birthday message Ellen ❤️

This week, you can pay forward the adoption fee for a dog or a cat in need. Seems like a great thing to do for $25.

Kaia Aloha

2 months ago

When I adopt I donate what I can. When I buy pet food I donate -I call it my pet tax. I heard somewhere oh yes animal cops maybe, that a small fee keeps people from
1. Adopting kittens
To feed to their boa
2. Adopting to train dogs to kill
(Bait dogs)
3. Adopting to pet hoarders.
I wonder if a potential adopter made a case if they would waive the fee?

Gabriella Smith

2 months ago

I spent a lot more than $25 on this little sweetheart. A vet, some toys (ok...a lot of toys) and food will cost a lot more than the fee. Here, have a look at her, she's amazing (+ super smart :D)

Tiara Darden

2 months ago

I have a dog that I have showed on your post over 300 times in the last 15 seasons.I can't afford to donate ...for other dogs.on my I am on SSD totally disabled at u know..and live in low income..i could use that and extra to get a ticket to c u... Lol.....oh wait...I can't even afford that.i pray that people will donate and get a dog they make great friends and RAIN' as u know is a registered dog to help keep me calm for my health. .I have been very sick Ellen for at least a mth I haven't been able to comment anymore.hope others pay it forward I believe in it.I got my dog when he was 6 weeks old pd. $50.for him.because he is registered..I can't afford a chip for my dog.but he is well loved.spoiled half .I hate when I get a picture on FB of an abused pet.because someone has hurt them. abused them badly.or left them hanging w a chain outside.these people make me sick.... RAIN*
says" hi"....I am still waiting on pch ... I can get a car...but hope ur show goes well.i am just to sick to comment anymore.god has u ellen.comment day 401 season 15...take care.

Who’s ready for the weekend?

Anna Elza

2 months ago

You got it, I love you meet you. I feed you, I’m pretty hot, sexy and everything in between. Just asking, life to short to say no. Stay in the flow always move forward no matter what. People who don’t respond are cowards, want control and don’t let God in for this work to be shown.

Ibrahim Zahid

2 months ago

Julianna Makrinos Morgan Neibar Shelby Underwood when I grow up I want to have half the amount of style this baby has. Also, look at all the little swimsuit wearing bbs in the comments 😍😍😍

Lukas Sternard

2 months ago

I'm ready for fall. I LOATHE HUMIDITY & HOT. East coasters like me love our hoodies & flip flops to be worn together.

Remya our kids in the future

Bart Dejesus

2 months ago

Ashley I was just showing this beautiful picture to a friend yesterday. Your little guy and dogs are adorable and your talent is amazing.

Sasori Rider

2 months ago

Peter Le This. This is what I want in my future.

Much better. #Oceans8Week

Pathum Tushitha

2 months ago

#9 is waiting for everybody to come in the " Cheesecake Factory " - nice place & people, good food.. :-)

Alison Sandoval Monsalve

2 months ago

I would maybe if Ellen were in it, lol

Laura Valentina Gonzalez

2 months ago

Awwe, and then we have 9. Well done ELLEN 😍

Send me your cute summer photos! Summer great. Summer better than great. #ellen15

Claudia Liliana Garcia Vera

2 months ago

My favorite summer picture so far . We were trying to take a picture to announce that we beat infertility and our rainbow baby is on the way! It was supposed to be a rainbow smoke cloud but instead it looks like my husband farted . We didn’t realize it looked like this till we got home.

Lathara Forte

2 months ago

we will be spending our summer in the PCICU. my daughter just had open heart surgery 4 days ago, and had her chest closed 2 days ago. She is currently in 3rd degree heart block and may possibly need a pacemaker. we have been here since she was born on March 15th. cant wait for the day we are discharged to put her toes in the sand.

She was born with Tetralogy of Fallot with Absent Pulmonary Valve. This stems from a chromosone disorder 22q11.2.

Prayers for our sweet girl. She has had a tough life!

Nicole Gehrmann

2 months ago

My 3 year old triplets girls 😍❤️ Summer is their favorite time of the year, they can’t wait to get to go swimming! Though the beach will always be their favorite place to be! 😊❤️

#FathersDay is next weekend! You know the old saying – dads love Ellen underwear.
Discount code: DADSDAY_2018

Sima Tovmasyan

2 months ago

Hi guys good day! Will you help me guys to fund my eldest brother for a kidney transplant? For he's able to work again for his childrens. Thank you🙏🙏🙏

Erika Segovia

2 months ago

What happened to the Ellen Funko Vinyl Pop! Release today? Got an email yesterday, went on the site at 9am PST and cannot find it.

Emilie Billard

2 months ago

Didn't think I'd ever say this, for Father's Day, would be happy with Ellen's under my pants!

Sometimes, Tuesday can feel more like Sundae.

Sal Jackson

2 months ago

I agree with both sides sometimes shame is the way to get the attention of the people and maybe they will finally see what they are doing to their children or them selves this child will have health issues as well as bullying problems and it's not his/her fault MOM and Dad It's yours.

Kyle Deets

2 months ago

The problem is this baby is not an infant that is "chubby" but a toddler. I'm all for body positivity but this is kind of sad. Most of times when children are overweight at such a young age is because food is used as a reward or means to stop crying. I hope for a healthy life for this young one ❤️

Kyle Mathew Gibbons

2 months ago

Ellen is a douche. If you've ever listened to people who have worked for her, shes a mean tyrant. You think shes gonna act like the nasty peice of work she is on screen? Also, that's just a happy chubby baby. A lot of babies are a little chubby at that age.

Thank you to all of the amazing people I met on my trip, who helped make it so special.
This is my foster elephant, Enkesha. She was found as a baby with her trunk caught in a snare. The The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust took her in. #BeKindToElephants

Paula Socha

2 months ago

I love you Ellen, because you actually do care about humanity, the planet, and care so much for animals, and you are kind, and you practice what you preach, it is not all talk with you, it is the real deal!! Thank you for being you!! <3 <3 <3

Lolita Christina Hoffstead

2 months ago

Love this pic! Love Ellen! I hope she spends an entire show when she gets back just talking about her trip! It would have been so cute to have seen all these kids in her Ellen Gorilla Shirts or her Ellen shirts! ❤️

Lauren White

2 months ago

That is so adorable with those children Ellen there a place in heaven for you those children glad to be with you they adored you there enjoyed your self i know when you come home you have a lot to talk about love YOU Ellen

This was us about to start our three-mile trek up the mountain to see the gorillas. Every moment of it was incredible.
This trip has been pretty great sofari. ED Ellen DeGeneres
Kym Douglas, I’m sending you love, light, and healing thoughts. From me and everyone at my show.
I’ve waited my whole life to make this trip.
This is Dian Fossey’s desk in Rwanda. Sitting here and helping carry on her mission moved me more than I can express. I’m so grateful to each one of you who’s helping me do it, and the amazing people at the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.

Alexis Kendrick

2 months ago

I read Gorillas in the Mist. Such an inspiring woman Dian Fossey. These shots of your trip give me goosebumps. You both are truly Blessed to experience such a breathtaking adventure. This would be on my bucket list if I had one. Lol. So grateful to you for sharing your Love ,Generosity, and Kindness. Keep being the wonderful awe-inspireing, People that you are. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

Leonardo Pellegrini

3 months ago

You are so blessed Ellen. This has been on my bucket list my entire life. I worked with exotic animals for over 20 years. I tried to book this trip on two different occasions and each time it was cancelled to violence in the area from civil war. Now I no longer work with animals and can not afford to do this. So glad you got to live this dream. One with my family. I will at least I hope so.

Rose Flower

3 months ago

Thank you so much for continued glimpses Into this journey. Everyone has written beautiful things about you both but I have a different point I would like to bring up. How on earth can Portia look amazing in the jungle and the pic is from the back no less. Love it and look forward to more posts. Not a bad birthday gift eh . From a great grandmother in Australia 🇦🇺

We found them. Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International

Carol Ediger Goss

3 months ago

Love from Bangladesh Ellen DeGeneres! You are truly a beautiful person, inside and out. I try to learn from you always. Watching you is like a stress reliever for me. Always keep on doing so for us all ❤

Kelvin Kiara

3 months ago

The absolute best experience EVER!!!! We saw the mountain gorillas in Bwindi (Uganda) last month and I've been on "cloud 9" ever since. SO AMAZING!!!! Everyone has to go and help save these amazing animals.... only 900 left in the world but with the money raised from the gorilla permits.... it is helping to bump up those numbers!!

Antonio Filipe Dias da Costa

3 months ago

Oh Ellen DeGeneres,!! So utterly thrilled for you!! For all you do for others this is such an incredible experience for you. Congratulations on your journey with these magnificent mammals. You have earned this for being such an incredible humanitarian!

It’s an itsy bitsy teeny weeny coral polka dot bikini. #MDW

That’s why I love my Ellen 💐💐💐💐Been watching your show since season one and trying to get tickets but with no luck 😍😍

Jessica Vogan

3 months ago

On behalf of my daughter Alyssa Morales I just want to thank everyone for the beautiful Comments on my granddaughter Emma Morales and special thanks to the Ellen Show for posting her picture on Facebook, thank you all....... Emma Emma Emma Morales..... 👏👏👏👏👏...... Emma Emma Emma........ 👏👏👏👏👏

Michael Chalan III

3 months ago

Cindy McFadyen Madison McFadyen keep yours eyes peeled for a bikini like this ! And glasses !!

Giraffes! #giraffemanor #discoverthesafaricollection
Quick question: Who likes a good deal? #MemorialDayWeekend

Sanjukta Mookherjee

3 months ago

Ellen. ..did you touch Giraffes? What do they feel like?
Any updates also on the mudslide "after" stuff, how's it coming in your city?? I live here in St. Paul, Minnesota. Been a fan since your stand up comedy days. Knew back then, that you'd go far in life.
You & your wife have a good holiday!!

Raben R Milon

3 months ago

Ellen just back from Kenya. My son was killed in a plane crash last July and was due to be married on the 28 th of
March in Kenya. He resided in Nairobi with his Fiancé. Please keep this awareness going they need so much help. Please look up Artist for Africa my son and his fiancé look after these kids and please look out for Joel Kioko. Thankyou

Pooya Valioun Kivaj

3 months ago

OK yes, giraffes are awesome. I'm super excited about that. But I can't get over how Ellen with no make up looks younger than me and she's twenty years older than me.

He’s gonna teach that baby so much... like where to get a perm.

Jaswinder Chaddha

3 months ago

here's my baby and puppy rolled in one! :)

Fabio Oenning

3 months ago

Ashley Sarah can we recreate this with your four 🙈🙈🙈

Mary Howell

3 months ago

This is my daughters cat with my grand daughter.

Happy 5th birthday, Heads Up! Check out all the exciting new content in our birthday update!

Darrett Smith

3 months ago

Lisa Dubblestyne-Thomson this is happening when I’m home!! 😂

Zach Bulman

3 months ago

Ellen I just wanna say I love you all the way In South Africa your my inspiration and I hope one day I could meet you

András Vámos

3 months ago

Has this app been fixed? It was great 4 years ago but tried playing a couple times recently and it always skips the first clue, it crashes and glitches. Most times when you tilt down it says pass. I uninstalled it I was so frustrated.

#RedNoseDay is tonight on NBC. Don’t just donate because Stephen tWitch Boss is so adorable. Do it for the kids. But also because tWitch is so adorable.
Here’s the first look at the new Disney's Christopher Robin poster. I’m still not quite sure what a “pooh” is, but this is adorable.

Peter Cuevas

3 months ago

That’s why I love my Ellen 💐💐💐💐Been watching your show since season one and trying to get tickets but with no luck 😍😍

Michael Navinkagra

3 months ago

I bought my wife and myself, red noses in April. 🤡

Margaret Kougioumoutzi

3 months ago

My girl got her nose going on to...
Oklahoma strong

OMG. I scared BTS.

Marie Reid

3 months ago

Ellen it's no surprise you get Hoseok and Jin though, they the babies of the group when it comes to scary things, especially my baby hoseok 😭😭❤❤❤😅😂😂 but like you got Jungkook!!! The golden maknae found his weakness, Ellen! 😂😂😂😂

Sashin Karunarathne

3 months ago

I am 34 and LOoOooVe BTS 😍 My daughter loves them as well. She showed me Blood sweat and tears and .. 💗💞❤ love happened.
Cookie and V - adore them!
Can't wait 1st June to buy tickets for a concert in London ! Aaaawwwwww!!!!! 👊💪👏

Dianna Ganga

3 months ago

My daughter and her friends love BTS. Promised I would get her tickets to their concert in New Jersey. OUTRAGEOUS!! Couldn't even get through ticketmaster and when I finally did tickets were over $400. Was hoping they would drop, but thats not the case. Thankfully my daughter was understanding and gets why I couldnt get her tickets. She settled for some BTS Merch. We listen to them everyday and I actually like their music.

All they need is Netflix.

Birla Saab

3 months ago

I see the intended fun in that comment Ellen DeGeneres, but dont you think you should be promoting kids to play with animals and nature rather than sit idle and watch whatever??!!!

Carmen Mlynska

3 months ago

Hold on now... I wouldn’t let my relatives kiss my baby on the mouth ...nevertheless a freaking dog.Thats just nasty !! The dogs( as sweet and loyal they can be ) are licking their private parts...and sniffing nasty stuff outside and j side he House .... That’s a big NO NO here !!

Marcelo Ramirez Riqueros

3 months ago

Well dog lick their private but this ain’t my business🤢🤢

I had a wonderful morning. #RoyalWedding

Meaghan Keane

3 months ago

I noticed when he was holding Megan hand and tears rolled down his cheek then he held her hand differently and rubbed her ring. The ring that was made with jewels from Princess Diana's jewelry. My heart ached for him and you knew at that moment how much he was thinking of his mom... and Megan knew it and smiled so big at him. Happiness always

Bobby Terance Ajit

3 months ago

Seriously? Why does anyone have to criticize anyone's wedding choices? Are you kidding me? The internet gives people way too much freedom to be unkind. I often wonder, some of the mean things people say, would you say it to that person's face? Really? Would you be that rude, that unkind if the person were standing right in front of you? I hope the answer would be no for most of us. I'd hate to think people in the world have become that negative toward others.

Keisha Njenga

3 months ago

The Wedding was elegant & Classy! Her Dress was perfect! It’s what she wanted, she picked it! They could have paid for any dress they wanted!
All those people complaining about her dress and make up please stop! Just be Happy for her and stop picking her apart!

The Dress doesn’t need to be over the Top when ur Marrying a Prince!,

Most people that have over the top Dresses are not even Married anymore, No names!
Or still paying for the dress they wore once!
I loved her Dress!

Andy’s ready for the royal wedding.

Amado Bansil

3 months ago

Keep it up and you might just get me paying attention in the future as well. 😍😍

Tracie Vaughn Bostwick

3 months ago

I'm catching a driverless cab to the wedding Ellen

Raina Thomas

3 months ago

Ellen you make me laugh

I’ve got chills. They’re multiplying. It can only mean one thing... John Travolta is on Facebook.
This dog can read?!

Daniel Arias

3 months ago

How weird that I’m watching this right now as I see this?! Still one of my favs and I’ll always remember “hopelessly devoted” as my first solo 💗

Chris Tovar

3 months ago

Yep that' when I fell inlove with John Travolta. But I must say that Patrick Swayze stold my heart. And even though he's dead now, he still number one in my life.

Jovana Jovanovic

3 months ago

💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 love it Ellen you really bring my day to day struggles with your crazyness and make Me LOLLLLL and make me feel better 💓💓💓

Being a mom isn’t easy. Take it from my friend, B-Dude. Happy #MothersDay, everyone!

Jay Seigel

3 months ago

My daughter that's going to be 21 in September Drew and wrote me this Mother's Day card! The homemade ones are the ones that mean the most to this mama! Make sure you view the rest of the card!!

Κωνσταντίνος Λυκούδης

3 months ago

Apparently I say lots of bad words, am 30 years older than my birth certificate and work for Minecraft. 🤦‍♀️

Rasmichael McKinney

3 months ago

No card but my grandson greeted me with. Happy Mother’s Day nan. You’re old now cause you’re a nan. Are you gonna die soon?
He’s five.

Here's the view from the Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. This is the same mountain where Dian Fossey first did her work with gorillas. The Campus is going to be so amazing! I can't wait to tell you all more about it soon. Thanks Michael Murphy MASS Design Group and Tara Stoinski Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International for doing this project with me.

Ilona Dubbeldam

3 months ago

I have always been a fan of Dian excited to see this Ellen!!! Would love to see this area in person some day.... one of the things on my bucket list!!

Christine Deanna Sass

3 months ago

Visiting this amazing place and the amazing Gorillas in July! Can’t wait! Diane fossey is a hero of mine and can’t get through Gorillas in the mist without sobbing 😭 my eyes out xx

Jessy Falk

3 months ago

Why do animals trump humans?? Cuter and more love able?? Ellen! They are animals! Please help us with the human diseases!! You have the means to do that and we need you!! Please look into Batten disease!! We need your help for these kids!!

Just keep napping.

Ludivine Bonnin

3 months ago

My daughter, Nicole Kelly, Miss Iowa 2013, uses a stuffed Nemo when public speaking in schools about accepting diversity! --Also, check out the Lucky Fin Project 💕---And Nubability💕: Two great supporters of the limb different community!

Vorn Vat

3 months ago

We love Nemo and have an extra special #LuckyFin in our lives! Owen has been such a gift and we’ve been able to join the most amazing community that supports and celebrates #LimbDifferenceAwareness! Forever grateful for Lucky Fin Project 💛

Olivya Koko

3 months ago

This is my lucky fin, Bella! Thanks to the Lucky Fin Project and Molly Stapelman, we have found a supportive community full of positivity and love! We met Nikki Kelly because of the organization-and my daughter loves and admires her so very much! Bella has also had the opportunity to be a role model for younger children-all because one mother had a vision and follow through! Please have Molly on your show! It would be perfect for Dory to show some support for the LFP!! #luckyfinproject #tenfingersareoverrated #luckyfinfamily

Somebody bring me this basket.

Mateo Vega

3 months ago

This is him outside the basket. A chunk

M Ch Marak

3 months ago

Dear Ellen,please do something for the poor dogs around India...You would've cried each and everyday if you were here... Most people here are so heartless...they even bit the newborn puppies...please help them...

Siobhan Ross MacDonald

3 months ago

Melissa Karen-Joy Hewitt totally darcy! Never was a chewer before Paige came along, and pretty sure hes chewed anything shes left on the floor!!!