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He’s gonna teach that baby so much... like where to get a perm.

Mary Howell

6 hours ago

This is my daughters cat with my grand daughter.

Veronica Morales

6 hours ago

This broke my heart into pieces!😞😞😞

Lily Ferrara

6 hours ago

Contact me. There is more to know about this baby! Shocking news!

Happy 5th birthday, Heads Up! Check out all the exciting new content in our birthday update!

Darrett Smith

6 hours ago

Lisa Dubblestyne-Thomson this is happening when I’m home!! 😂

Zach Bulman

15 hours ago

Ellen I just wanna say I love you all the way In South Africa your my inspiration and I hope one day I could meet you

András Vámos

a day ago

Has this app been fixed? It was great 4 years ago but tried playing a couple times recently and it always skips the first clue, it crashes and glitches. Most times when you tilt down it says pass. I uninstalled it I was so frustrated.

#RedNoseDay is tonight on NBC. Don’t just donate because Stephen tWitch Boss is so adorable. Do it for the kids. But also because tWitch is so adorable.
Here’s the first look at the new Disney's Christopher Robin poster. I’m still not quite sure what a “pooh” is, but this is adorable.

Peter Cuevas

15 hours ago

That’s why I love my Ellen 💐💐💐💐Been watching your show since season one and trying to get tickets but with no luck 😍😍

Michael Navinkagra

15 hours ago

I bought my wife and myself, red noses in April. 🤡

Margaret Kougioumoutzi

a day ago

My girl got her nose going on to...
Oklahoma strong

OMG. I scared BTS.

Marie Reid

2 days ago

Ellen it's no surprise you get Hoseok and Jin though, they the babies of the group when it comes to scary things, especially my baby hoseok 😭😭❤❤❤😅😂😂 but like you got Jungkook!!! The golden maknae found his weakness, Ellen! 😂😂😂😂

Sashin Karunarathne

3 days ago

I am 34 and LOoOooVe BTS 😍 My daughter loves them as well. She showed me Blood sweat and tears and .. 💗💞❤ love happened.
Cookie and V - adore them!
Can't wait 1st June to buy tickets for a concert in London ! Aaaawwwwww!!!!! 👊💪👏

Dianna Ganga

3 days ago

My daughter and her friends love BTS. Promised I would get her tickets to their concert in New Jersey. OUTRAGEOUS!! Couldn't even get through ticketmaster and when I finally did tickets were over $400. Was hoping they would drop, but thats not the case. Thankfully my daughter was understanding and gets why I couldnt get her tickets. She settled for some BTS Merch. We listen to them everyday and I actually like their music.

All they need is Netflix.

Birla Saab

4 days ago

I see the intended fun in that comment Ellen DeGeneres, but dont you think you should be promoting kids to play with animals and nature rather than sit idle and watch whatever??!!!

Carmen Mlynska

4 days ago

Hold on now... I wouldn’t let my relatives kiss my baby on the mouth ...nevertheless a freaking dog.Thats just nasty !! The dogs( as sweet and loyal they can be ) are licking their private parts...and sniffing nasty stuff outside and j side he House .... That’s a big NO NO here !!

Marcelo Ramirez Riqueros

4 days ago

Well dog lick their private but this ain’t my business🤢🤢

I had a wonderful morning. #RoyalWedding

Meaghan Keane

6 days ago

I noticed when he was holding Megan hand and tears rolled down his cheek then he held her hand differently and rubbed her ring. The ring that was made with jewels from Princess Diana's jewelry. My heart ached for him and you knew at that moment how much he was thinking of his mom... and Megan knew it and smiled so big at him. Happiness always

Bobby Terance Ajit

7 days ago

Seriously? Why does anyone have to criticize anyone's wedding choices? Are you kidding me? The internet gives people way too much freedom to be unkind. I often wonder, some of the mean things people say, would you say it to that person's face? Really? Would you be that rude, that unkind if the person were standing right in front of you? I hope the answer would be no for most of us. I'd hate to think people in the world have become that negative toward others.

Keisha Njenga

7 days ago

The Wedding was elegant & Classy! Her Dress was perfect! It’s what she wanted, she picked it! They could have paid for any dress they wanted!
All those people complaining about her dress and make up please stop! Just be Happy for her and stop picking her apart!

The Dress doesn’t need to be over the Top when ur Marrying a Prince!,

Most people that have over the top Dresses are not even Married anymore, No names!
Or still paying for the dress they wore once!
I loved her Dress!

Andy’s ready for the royal wedding.

Amado Bansil

6 days ago

Keep it up and you might just get me paying attention in the future as well. 😍😍

Tracie Vaughn Bostwick

6 days ago

I'm catching a driverless cab to the wedding Ellen

Raina Thomas

7 days ago

Ellen you make me laugh

I’ve got chills. They’re multiplying. It can only mean one thing... John Travolta is on Facebook.
This dog can read?!

Daniel Arias

9 days ago

How weird that I’m watching this right now as I see this?! Still one of my favs and I’ll always remember “hopelessly devoted” as my first solo 💗

Chris Tovar

10 days ago

Yep that' when I fell inlove with John Travolta. But I must say that Patrick Swayze stold my heart. And even though he's dead now, he still number one in my life.

Jovana Jovanovic

10 days ago

💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 love it Ellen you really bring my day to day struggles with your crazyness and make Me LOLLLLL and make me feel better 💓💓💓

Being a mom isn’t easy. Take it from my friend, B-Dude. Happy #MothersDay, everyone!

Jay Seigel

12 days ago

My daughter that's going to be 21 in September Drew and wrote me this Mother's Day card! The homemade ones are the ones that mean the most to this mama! Make sure you view the rest of the card!!

Κωνσταντίνος Λυκούδης

12 days ago

Apparently I say lots of bad words, am 30 years older than my birth certificate and work for Minecraft. 🤦‍♀️

Rasmichael McKinney

13 days ago

No card but my grandson greeted me with. Happy Mother’s Day nan. You’re old now cause you’re a nan. Are you gonna die soon?
He’s five.

Here's the view from the Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. This is the same mountain where Dian Fossey first did her work with gorillas. The Campus is going to be so amazing! I can't wait to tell you all more about it soon. Thanks Michael Murphy MASS Design Group and Tara Stoinski Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International for doing this project with me.

Ilona Dubbeldam

13 days ago

I have always been a fan of Dian excited to see this Ellen!!! Would love to see this area in person some day.... one of the things on my bucket list!!

Christine Deanna Sass

13 days ago

Visiting this amazing place and the amazing Gorillas in July! Can’t wait! Diane fossey is a hero of mine and can’t get through Gorillas in the mist without sobbing 😭 my eyes out xx

Jessy Falk

13 days ago

Why do animals trump humans?? Cuter and more love able?? Ellen! They are animals! Please help us with the human diseases!! You have the means to do that and we need you!! Please look into Batten disease!! We need your help for these kids!!

Just keep napping.

Ludivine Bonnin

16 days ago

My daughter, Nicole Kelly, Miss Iowa 2013, uses a stuffed Nemo when public speaking in schools about accepting diversity! --Also, check out the Lucky Fin Project 💕---And Nubability💕: Two great supporters of the limb different community!

Vorn Vat

16 days ago

We love Nemo and have an extra special #LuckyFin in our lives! Owen has been such a gift and we’ve been able to join the most amazing community that supports and celebrates #LimbDifferenceAwareness! Forever grateful for Lucky Fin Project 💛

Olivya Koko

16 days ago

This is my lucky fin, Bella! Thanks to the Lucky Fin Project and Molly Stapelman, we have found a supportive community full of positivity and love! We met Nikki Kelly because of the organization-and my daughter loves and admires her so very much! Bella has also had the opportunity to be a role model for younger children-all because one mother had a vision and follow through! Please have Molly on your show! It would be perfect for Dory to show some support for the LFP!! #luckyfinproject #tenfingersareoverrated #luckyfinfamily

Somebody bring me this basket.

Mateo Vega

17 days ago

This is him outside the basket. A chunk

M Ch Marak

18 days ago

Dear Ellen,please do something for the poor dogs around India...You would've cried each and everyday if you were here... Most people here are so heartless...they even bit the newborn puppies...please help them...

Siobhan Ross MacDonald

18 days ago

Melissa Karen-Joy Hewitt totally darcy! Never was a chewer before Paige came along, and pretty sure hes chewed anything shes left on the floor!!!

Congratulations, *NSYNC! You got a star on the Walk of Fame! All without a vowel. Congratulations!

Michael Graves Woode Jnr

25 days ago

*NSYNC was nominated for a star even though they haven’t done anything in ages, while the BSB had to continue to work to get theirs.

Christine Cater

25 days ago

Trying to get this to the Ellen Show--Today marks day 74 since my son Scott J. Beigel was shot and killed senselessly at the Parkland massacre. I have waited all this time in hopes that the owner of Talon Air, Inc.. would show some compassion, but as you read on you will see that unfortunately he has not.

On February 14th, at approximately 2:30pm, after hearing that a geography teacher and cross- country coach had been shot at Margory Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, FL., my husband, my brother (Mark Peters), and I were frantically trying to find the next commercial flight down to Florida ~ that teacher and coach was my son and I had to find out what hospital he was in because I had to be with him. We took to our computers searching every airline that could get us to Florida from Islip, LaGuardia, JFK or Newark. Long story short, due to school having winter break and a major PGA golf tournament taking place in Florida, there were no available flights to be had. Without taking an extra second we got on the phone and proceeded to call charter plane companies pretty much begging to get us on a flight down to Ft. Lauderdale, the closest airport to the command center. We explained our circumstances to Talon Air, Inc. and they said they could have a plane ready to go in 90 minutes.

We were out the door within 15 minutes, headed straight to Farmingdale where we signed the necessary forms, handed them a credit card and were on our way. The pilots were more than accommodating and truly seemed to understand our “as best as could be held together hysteria”. We landed, got into a rental car and were at the Marriott command center by 9:40pm. The rest of the story is history or, as I refer to it, my living nightmare.

Soon thereafter we received the bill from Talon Air, Inc.. Even though I had never chartered a plane before, I knew it was going to be super expensive. It didn’t matter what the cost ~ I had to get to my son! Talon Air, Inc. not only charged us $18,229.57 one way ~ they charged us another $18229.56 to bring the plane back to Farmingdale because they did not have anyone wanting to charter the plane back from Ft. Lauderdale. REALLY???

Now anyone who knows me knows that I have never taken to social media to write a negative
review about a company. This being said ---

We called and emailed Talon Air, Inc. and explained and re-explained our circumstances. From the $36,459.13 bill they offered us a $1000.00 discount or a $2000.00 donation to the charity of our choice. After much back and forth, they agreed to reduce our $36,459.13 charge to $34,459.13. I ask, “Are you kidding me?”

I have no problem accepting that I have to pay for one way, even the fuel charge for the return flight… but $18,229.56 for the return of the plane? Where is the compassion from Talon Air, Inc.??? After February 14th JetBlue offered 30 days for any flights to and from Florida at no cost to the victims’ families. They even gave us a special # to call so that they could help make our flight arrangements. JetBlue could not have been more accommodating and understanding.

I ask anyone reading this post to not even consider chartering a plane from Talon Air, Inc.. There are many more charter companies available and I would bet way more compassionate and understanding. This company charged this grieving parent both ways. Please help if you can.

Sammie Strahley

25 days ago

Well looks like life got in the way for some a good hair cut and some hair dye would of helped. I mean they have not done anything in almost 20 years. At least NKOTB and BSB got there’s first and earned it because they are still going strong.

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

Barr Moses

a month ago

It's a shame that my boy wasn't on here, I sent Ellen a letter and a picture over 6 years ago never got a response shame on all of you!!!!😬😠

Debbie Watts Gaydos

a month ago

My Sister and Brother in law's dog, they had to relocate so of course I took this wonderful boy Bruno in!!!!

Gelo Escasinas

a month ago

It is great, comedic gold possibly. Haven’t LOL'd this hard in forever. Is this severe brain damage? 😍👏

Wanna do something to make yourself feel good, and help amazing animals? Then get this gorilla! All proceeds go to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund.

Ania Wróblewska

a month ago

That’s why I love my Ellen 💐💐💐💐Been watching your show since season one and trying to get tickets but with no luck😍😍

Agyepong Crespo

a month ago

theses girls have made my day ellen and hope they do the same for you you need them on your show love love love them and you

Lalo Martinez

a month ago

Purchased a Gorilla & a hat! Thank you Ellen for supporting this cause! My husbands company (Gorilla Movers of Wisconsin) and I super support it!! 🦍

Pup pup chick chick.

Christina Alaniz

a month ago

Pat Quinlivan Anne Curtain Omg look how cute!!!!! We have that dog toy though ours doesn’t look like that anymore

Kim Prather

a month ago

Jordan I think your pup needs friends like these

Alexandrine Manuel

a month ago

Oh what a relief it is!! Haha i luvu and ur pictures and ur pets!!😘😘

Van Jones knows what's good.
I love you back.

Eddie Lee

a month ago

So ashamed of people who don't give law enforcement the admiration they deserve for putting their lives on the line every single day!!

Daniel Macamo D'm

a month ago

Van seems educated and thoughtful. As far as I'm concerned, I won't listen to anyone who hasn't educated themselves and hasn't take time time to think about what they say.

Mark D Sugiyama

a month ago

Here are the 2 sheriffs that were gunned down because they were cops should be ashamed of your ignorance

This kid’s got Tuesday whipped.

Nicola Asti

a month ago

Kinda looks like the baby from The Incredibles!!😍

Jean Mull Gasca

a month ago

Terri Ward this will be Ellis 😂 just as jazzed as the dogs lol

Iroy Emmy

a month ago

Now that's funny ellen.

Stop it. Double stop it. #pawkerchiefs

Tamela Mann

a month ago

Rocky (aka) Rockstar, formally referred to as Roxy, at a very early age! ❤️

Kristine May Martinez

a month ago

Check out the new artist Schenay Mosley... Her song "Fall". Can you give her some advice in this industry?

Anja Urban

a month ago

Thanks for posting. I needed to see this. I don't know about anyone else.. But, I've not been able to sleep after I saw video & witnessed a sociopath evil peice of junk video passed around . A peaceful golden retriever. Disgusting so-called owner continually struck her head over again. Abused this damaged pup. Most sad, the young golden stuck close to owner EVEN though he was beating the life outta it. Innocent beauty golden retriever. I just can't sleep knowing this happens. I can relate: my childhood. I don't care what anyone says, this hits hard. Skipping coffee.

A golden doodle and a white-bowed dribble.
DJ Pauly D looking D-lightful.

Anais Debski

a month ago

Ellen....did you injure yourself? How come Twitch does all the dancing?? You do know it won't hurt to dance, right?

Debuichiro Shamu Harada

a month ago

This is cute but it needs to be replaced with Tessa and Frances. She is way more adorable. You should send a photo to Ellen with them.

Loris Peres

a month ago

I really like Ellen but I don't like all they political bashing,,she has the right to her opinions don't make have to turn tv til she is through.

Happy #NationalPetDay to these cuties.

Thelma Sif Sófusdóttir

a month ago

i need a small doggie my white schnauser mitzi has been gone for a year this april and i miss her, i mayber ready for a new sweetheart girl

Fahad Khan

a month ago

Belle is our newest member of our fur baby pack! We have 4. Happy national pet day from ours to yours!

Martha Telefus

a month ago

You don't know me I'm doing time in a maximum security prison in the Dominican Republic😔😔😔 is hard to yes do prison time in a another country😢😢 no food no water no family😢😢 yes asking for help🙏🙏🙏🙏this is what my number whatever you can't do for me please😇😇1809 668 9818 whatAApp thank you friends God Blessed day everyone 🙏🙏🙏

I’m pretty sure this dog is running for political office. And winning. ED Ellen DeGeneres #EDbyPetSmart

Lonniie Johnson

2 months ago

Aaron thought this was GQ lol

Youssef Hotait

2 months ago

I wish Ellen DeGeneres would let people know who is in these Instagram and Facebook postings. Toby LittleDude (and others) should get credit. Follow him on Instagram. He’s a cutie ❤️

Kailyn Dooley

2 months ago

Love the Ellen toys and beds at PetSmart !!! I have 8 dogs o yeah can’t forget the clothes love the Ellen clothes my dogs dress the best w Ellen clothes love Ellen

Hope this makes your Monday a little more meme-ingful. #MeMeMonday

#Repost @octonation ... Is octopus your totem animal? Here are some words used to describe tapping into the spirit of the octopus. Self aware, flexible, fluid, creative, mysterious , intuitive, infinite(8), evolving, illusionist, logical, focused, expansive, adaptive, intelligent, regenerative, insatiability, unpredictability,— and more- any words you can relate to or that we are missing? 📬 @rodeubanks

Cheers, big ears.

Mätîñcø Dé Wõrld Bõss

2 months ago

That’s why I love my Ellen 💐💐💐💐Been watching your show since season one and trying to get tickets but no luck.

Faby Matos

2 months ago

Ellen DeGeneres I can't watch any of your shows while I'm in college. Please put Optimum as one of the providers for online tv, specifically for your show. Your show gives me a ton of joy and laughter through difficult times. Love you <3

José Cornejo Paz

2 months ago

Hi Ellen, I'm a young man from South Africa, Durban in need of a job, I just finished my Diploma in Public management, we are a family of eight depending on my grandma's pension money, please help me, I also want to save so I can send my sister to varsity who's still in high school. Thank you.

My show is ALL NEW this week! Starting with @SethRogen’s story about Stormy Daniels. #Seriously. #SeeYouMonday

#repost @octonation ctonationPetting the Curious Octopus ❤️ 🎥: Tim Dunn #animalonearth

I hope everyone has a great Easter tomorrow, and the Easter Bunny doesn't try to eat your head.

I hope everyone has a great Easter tomorrow, and the Easter Bunny doesn't try to eat your head.

Sandhya Kumar

2 months ago

Happy Easter all the way from Lincoln,NE!! I asked my kids to smile for their Easter picture.. this is what I got! (This was also taken 2 years ago!) 😊🐰

Lynda Eskalante

2 months ago

My son was giving the Easter bunny high fives and laughing at her before he sat on her lap, but lost it when we handed him to her. After the photo he was giving high fives again 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ikhure Osasere Junior

2 months ago

This is cute, but I have to tell you s old as I am, a checkout clerk at Walgreens asked me if I wanted to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap? What happening was that Walgreens was celbrating with the Easter Bunny for kids like Christmas with Santa Claus. OF course NO! But we both got a heary laugh and that was a good thing.

Ji Spielberg

2 months ago

Sweta Reema Natasha Nehali Sakshi Juhi I don't have the emotional capacity to handle dogs and babies in the same photo

Mike Scott

2 months ago

I read it somewhere.. If one has to judge a human then see him behaving with animals.... If he/she is human then it will not be animal to the animal.... Applicable to the social animals... And I just like the sincerity and humane nature of both Ellen DeGenres and Portia.....

Davetta L Wilson

2 months ago

U know how i normally feel about baby pictures...but this one is just dope!! Gang signs missing but still fresh 😄😂 Samantha

#Repost @portiaderossi

My beautiful wife and a beautiful sunset.

#Repost @hoodreport_ ・・・ He don’t seem drunk to me 😂😂😂 but wait.... 🤦🏽‍♂️ #HoodReport

#Repost @thedodo ・・・ This tiny baby cow was rescued after Hurricane Harvey, and she grew up to be a happy, sassy cow who has the run of the house — all thanks to her rescuers, and her friendship with a very special pit bull. 🐮🐶 📬@RodEubanks

#Repost @pleasantcats ・・・ Wrong calculation 🤔 #pleasantcats

I hope this dog runs for office.

They’re back! Preorder your adorable stuffed gorilla and support the @EDWildlifeFund right now.
I hope this dog runs for office.

Terri Robertson-Nicknair

2 months ago

Ellen. I really miss you when you’re not on. Repeats are no good for me because I’ve never missed a show! Enjoy your vacation! But please hurry back! 😉

Shawn Barrett

2 months ago

Please we need your help can you please go on Alfie army page alder hay hospital are going to kill this baby we need someone like you to speak out for this baby please please HELP

Yumie Okada

2 months ago

As my scrolling landed me on this picture, Cindy Lauper's TRUE COLORS played on the radio. I wonder if that's a sign. DAWG 2020?

#Repost @animal_unity ・・・ From @pearlspigtales: Piggy kisses ❤️

Who’s ready to watch #SplittingUpTogether? It stars these two. What more could you want? Tonight at 9:30/8:30c on ABC. @theoliverhudson @msjennafischer

#Repost @animalonearth ・・・ Family ❤️ By :@victoriacoombe #animalonearth

#Repost @languageofanimals ・・・ #Repost @cocothemaltesedog ・・・ Say hello to my little sister! 🐶💗👶🏼 📬@RodEubanks

Happy Spring Break, Everybody.

Angel Rios

2 months ago

A truly loved couple by many, I am a senior who loves to watch you and the generosity to many in need, I loved the birthday present from your wife, I wish the world would learn and follow your examples, but that's in my heart, maybe one day,we can live together as one, imagin,love, hugs & Prayers up

Calvary's Way

2 months ago

awwwwwwww ellen just beautiful x you deserve the break hun x from bradford england xx been watching you since ive seen you on british tv .. your book store sitcom. we heart you for all you without thinking its going to benefit you ... true person inside n out . Would love to see you in america ... maybe one day x

Anna Ska

2 months ago

I absolutely love You Ellen! You continue to amaze me every year with your kindness and the beautiful caring things you do for others, the less fortunate and more. You’re truly blessed and you share that with the world. You have a beautiful heart and I wish you and your family all the best always beautiful! God Bless! 😁😍😘❤️💋🤗🙏🏼🤗🙏🏼

#Repost @animalonearth ・・・ Me, when people start talking about politics at the table. 🙄😂 By : @legendofcara #animalonearth

#Repost @savinggorillas ・・・ Sigourney Weaver mentioned meeting infant gorilla Josie in Rwanda, pictured here with mother Pantsy in 1983. @theellenshow

@msJennaFischer and @theOliverHudson are the stars of my new show, #SplittingUpTogether on ABC. But right now, they’re in my hot seat for #BurningQuestions. Watch this, and don’t miss the premiere tomorrow night!

Cathleen Ann

2 months ago

Is there an owl or a cat in that snuggle wrap?? It looks like a large eye looking out over his right ear. Yikes!

Kate Vazquez

2 months ago

This was my special pup, 14 years old. Also had to say good bye 2 months ago. I am lost without her.

Rick Gillies

2 months ago

I have one similar from the other day.

This clip is insane. I hope winter gets here soon. #LittleBigShots

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone donating to @EDWildlifeFund. I'm reading your stories and each one means so much to me. We're gonna do something amazing together. #WeNeedGorillas
#Repost @savinggorillas ・・・ Meet Ziz! He’s the silverback mountain gorilla Sigourney Weaver talked about encountering in Rwanda. We could listen to these stories all day long! 😍 @theellenshow @edwildlifefund

There are so many wonderful GIFs to be grateful for. Thank goodness it’s Thank GIF It’s Friday. #TGIF