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#Repost @cats_of_instagram ・・・ From @hellolittle.theresa.erin: “Working on photographing our new fabrics for Hello Little Props....and had the best day ever.” #catsofinstagram

These men are awesome. Go see this movie. #BlackPanther
Me and Lil’ Mushroom speaking the international language of selfie.

@StephenCurry30 and @AyeshaCurry are on my show today. Fun fact: Steph is short for Stephahoolahan.

Lil' Mushroom brought down the shroom with this performance.

#Repost @sir_twitch_a lot ・・・ @theellenshow caught us sitting around on the job. #airsitchallenge #ImAtEllen @dmcguire68

Tomorrow, find out how great @StephenCurry30 is at cooking. (Thanks, @AyeshaCurry)

The Olympics opening ceremony has never made me happier. @thekalenallen

#Repost @cats_of_instagram ・・・ From @rina_takei: “Early morning cleaning of the bedroom window – left-hand side👷🏻‍♂️ Of the videos posted so far, this is possibly Guinness at his most excitable! With light steps, it’s a hop, skip and a jump for Guinness to chase the wiper🐈💨💨💨 Meanwhile, Pimms is merely trying not to get in Guinness’s way😂” #catsofinstagram

#Repost @animalonearth ・・・ This will melt your heart ❤️ [🔊 sound on] Video by :@barnsanctuary with @danmckerna #animalonearth

Tomorrow, @DavidSpade is here. With the munchies.

And a bed full of rose petals.

I couldn't be with my wife on Valentine's Day, so I sent her this. #Repost @portiaderossi ・・・ I love you too @theellenshow #whenyoucantbetogetheronvalentinesday

Happy #ValentineDay from some of my favorite couples.

Gotta love valentines like these.

Tomorrow, one of my favorite piano players is back to tell me the FUNNIEST story.

I’m glad this video came with a warning label. #Momsplaining @kristenanniebell

Happy #MardiGras

@DuaLipa is duamazing.

@JerrySeinfeld talking about being in his sixties is perfect.

Fans shared about Ellen DeGeneres

Andrew Wason

5 days ago

Hi Ellen...I'm Sadie the Aviation Dog!!🐕I'm the mascot and greet all of our customers & airplanes on the red carpet at Innisfree Jet Center in Pensacola, Florida. I celebrate a big special Birthday & milestone soon....I will be 13 on February 17th. 🎉💕🎉💕

Oscar Williamson

also shared about Ellen DeGeneres

This is Lucky....I picked him up off the street by the Burbank Airport. When I found him, he was malnourished, covered in fleas, and so sad. Clearly, he has adjusted to ownership quite well. 😂 #ellenratemydog #adoptdontshop #target

Ton Janssens

also shared about Ellen DeGeneres

This is Strauss, my Service dog... his little sister, Josephine, takes advantage of his willingness to be helpful

Honored. Humbled. Grateful. 🙏🏼 #ObamaPortraits

White Claw is hard seltzer and may or may not make celebrities come to your party.
The CEO of @Chobani is such a cool guy, and his foundation is getting healthy food in schools
Thank you, Anthony Kiedis, Josh Klinghoffer and @GuyOseary for making the night so special.
Thank you so much for performing at my birthday party, @alessiasmusic.
@tignotaro likes to do a duet.

Thank you so much for performing at my birthday party, @alessiasmusic.

@MelissaMcCarthy, you delivered on everything you promised. Dancing and chest bumps.

@BrunoMars, I love you.

Thanks for making my birthday so special, @Pink.

Two of my favorite people. Thank you for being there, @Oprah @Pink. I love you both.

Thanks @Melissa_Etheridge for a fun night.

Fans shared about Ellen DeGeneres

Andrea Mead

5 days ago

Seems like all the shows I like get cancelled. I told myself years ago not to get hooked on any shows.. but dang it here I go again.😞

Shelby Maynard

also shared about Ellen DeGeneres

Omg, my 3 daughters and I are obsessed. Great show and we Are all sad it’s ending. Super Fans. Pretty please with a cherry on top can we be in the audience?????

Joshua Bays

also shared about Ellen DeGeneres

Get them on there! At the very least Maia Mitchell, Teri Polo, and Sheri Saum! The Fosters is an amazing show! I have never missed an episode! I will really miss it!

Amazing performance by @Diddy "love" and @FrenchMontana "unforgettable." Thank you.
Do you have a photo of a dog that you need rated? Look no further. #EllenRateMyDog

Thank you @Pharrell for making my birthday so special. And of course the amazing @mettenarrative.

Thanks @FrenchMontana for singing "Unforgettable" at my party and helping make it an unforgettable night.

Tomorrow, I scare the Krasinski out of this guy. @johnkrasinski

Jennifer Aniston, I love you like a friend who loves me more than she loves @Oprah. Happy birthday.

#Repost @cats_of_instagram ・・・ From @milaivyofficial: "Nothing to see here, hooman! Move along!" #catsofinstagram #twitterweek

I don’t know how you’re supposed to carry a baby in a public bathroom, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t how. #Momsplaining @kristenanniebell

#Repost @animalonearth ・・・ ANIMAL SHELTER IN FLORIDA JAIL! Via :@dp4k.m #animalonearth

#Repost @cliffspot ••• So proud that my dear friend is adding this to an already impressive legacy. Not only is it important to Ellen, Portia, and many of our friends, it’s important to the world. But it’s most meaningful to the species on this planet that need our protection and support. Bravo!. #donatenow #theellenshow #ellendegeneres #conservation #ellendegenereswildlifefund #endangeredspecies.

I love you, @KLeman.

#Repost @savinggorillas ・・・ We’re still spinning with joy from today’s amazing birthday gift from @portiaderossi and #EllenDeGeneres. Portia’s 60th-birthday present to her wife will help build a permanent, state-of-the-art home for the scientists advancing work begun by our visionary founder, Dian Fossey. #thanksellen #ellensavesgorillas @TheEllenShow #africa #rwanda #fieldwork #conservation #dianfossey

#Repost @savinggorillas ・・・ Nearly 10,000 miles from L.A., some very special people wanted to say thanks to Ellen DeGeneres for her love of wildlife, a passion honored last week by her wife Portia de Rossi’s stunning gift help build a scientific home for our conservation work in Rwanda, Africa. Please share this, to help us say “Murakoze!” to them both! #ellensavesgorillas #conservation #thanksellen #rwanda #trackers #dianfossey @theellenshow @portiaderossi

Okay, who made this a GIF?

Selfie with the Super Bowl selfie kid. @ryantheselfiekid

@DrewBarrymore hasn’t aged a day.

#Repost @animalonearth ・・・ Brotherly love 💙 They may be in different bodies and skin compared to cats and dogs, or compared to you and I, but don’t let that fool or blind you. They are conscious and aware of their lives and of the lives of others. They feel. We are all the same within. ✨ Video by @gentlebarntn #animalonearth

@BrunoMars, I love you. #Repost @brunomars ・・・ 🎥 Rehearsal @swagpitt @tjlewis_916

The #SuperBowl selfie kid himselfie is here tomorrow. And so is someone else.

Paw talk with @melissamccarthy

This is why I insist on being filmed everywhere I go.