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‪Just because our Mean Green doesn’t have the chance to win something special this March doesn’t mean our fans can’t! Make sure to sign up for our bracket challenge today!‬‬

Joan Sebastian Vidal Castro

3 days ago

Siera- <3 this band!

Laura Jones

3 days ago

Come back to Myrtle beach S.C. love you guys!!❤️😘❤️😘

Can't wait to see y'all this week at The Backyard Bar Stage and Grill in Waco, TX, The Cotillion in Wichita, KS and The Roundup Outdoor Music Venue in Boerne, TX!
Get tickets now:
Photo Credit: Adam Kliebenstein

Clifton Park,NY tonight! The fans are ready for the show!! Thanks to Karen and Paige at the EYB street team!

NYC. Packed House. Damn fun.

To the most important women in our lives, thank you for all of your love and support! #internationalwomensday

What was the first EYB song you heard?

Tanmay Parulkar

9 days ago

Guinevere! I had a friend in college that turned me on to EYB, but after getting married a couple years later Crazy Girl is our song.

Rosalind Rara Pickens-Johnson

9 days ago

Either Small Town Kid or When It Rains would have been the first song I heard. And they are the reason my daughter has her name, Guinevere ❤

Christian Walz

9 days ago

Drunk last night! Been hooked since. I have all your albums in my iTunes and jam out to every song. One of my favs-Always the Love Songs, Say Goodnight, Crazy Girl..I could go on and on.

What was the first EYB song you heard?

Trivia Tuesday! What university did Mike and James meet at?

What a fun time playing this packed house at the @thenationalva! 📷@adamkliebenstein

Jenice Janice

12 days ago

When are y’all playing in Austin again? You guys played my senior party in Abilene, TX 10 years ago and haven’t seen y’all live since.

Ashley Stahlheber

12 days ago

Best concert ever! ❤️
Y’all rocked the National.
That’s me on the balcony by the red light.

You are stuck on a deserted island. What 3 EYB songs would you have on you? 📷@thesegreatmoments

Today is March 4th,2018. 10,000 towns was released 4 years ago. Happy anniversary ! We will be celebrating all week!

We wanted to show our love and appreciation for a very special fan: Tadum, you and your mom are awesome and we hope to see you guys real soon! #HeartsongofaHummingbird #autismawareness #eliyoungband

Got a chance to try out some great local beers here in Greensboro, NC! You’ve got new fans Preyer Brewing Company and Joymongers Brewing Co.
Got a chance to try out some great local beers here in Greensboro, NC! You’ve got new fans @preyerbrewing and @joymongersbeer. #eliyoungband #drunklastnight #localbeer

Linda De Felice Mitchell

14 days ago

I can see y'all enjoying yourselves so salud or cheers❤

Jacqueline Stone

14 days ago

Can’t wait to see you guys this evening in Richmond, gotta get a picture with y’all.

Ron Jensen

14 days ago

The show was great last night. Had a blast.

#TBT from the “Drunk Last Night” video #eliyoungband #drunklastnight Comment your favorite drink below !

‪Due to popular demand, starting today we will be selling a special VIP MEET AND GREET package at the merch table! Make sure to show up early and grab yours!‬

Angela Goble

15 days ago

Y’all were great last night!!

Tex Pride

16 days ago

My friend and i got to meet them for $20

Joan Garcia

16 days ago

Please do not promote animal captivity and cruelty.Please do not perform at SeaWorld

‪Due to popular demand, starting today we will be selling a special VIP MEET AND GREET package at the merch table! Makes sure to show up early and grab yours!‬

Took my daughter to early voting today! Make sure to get out and vote :) - Jon

Cameron Wright

16 days ago

She getting so big

Cindy Atilano

16 days ago

Very sweet Jon.

Tiffiney Wilson Michael

16 days ago

Awww, that's too cute!!!

Took my daughter to early voting today! Make sure to get out and vote :) - Jon

“Might've been a little too tired to fight
Might've been I got a little drunk last night”

Jeanette Kinney

16 days ago

My favorite song

“Might've been a little too tired to fight Might've been I got a little drunk last night” #drunklastnight #eliyoungband

Monday Blues? Lets try to change this!

What is your favorite EYB track to sing at a live show?

Can't wait to sing for y'all this week at The Tarheel, Cone Denim Entertainment Center & The National! 🎶🎶🎶
Get tickets here:

Zonk XiongPasee Boyles

16 days ago

See y’all at Cone!

Jim Gracie

18 days ago

See ya @ The Pub Station in Billings MT!

Jess Williams

18 days ago

3/3 can’t wait 🎶🎤

Happy Monday ! What is your favorite EYB song to sing along to? #singalong #eliyoungband 📷@thesegreatmoments

Thanks Austin Intercontinental for the surprise delivery to our rooms. Glad to be back in Texas tonight!

When in Philadelphia, you have to sample the cheesesteaks #eliyoungband #patscheesesteaks #genoscheesesteaks

#TBT. “Crazy Girl” Released March 7th,2011. #crazygirl

What is your favorite EYB music video? Comment below 😄

Chris behind the drums. Who likes to air drum to EYB? 📷@coreyray10 #eliyoungband

This week's shows at TLA and Baltimore Soundstage!
Get tickets for the tour here:

Jacquelyn Sweeten

24 days ago

Please, don't support animal cruelty by performing at SeaWorld.

Billy Cook

25 days ago

why anyone would actually agree to perform at a festival hosted by a company that confines complex, emotional, and social orcas to barren concrete tanks 24/7—sometimes alone and sometimes with incompatible orcas—depriving them of everything that's natural and important to them.

Seven marine mammals recently died at SeaWorld, including a 3-month-old baby orca named Kyara, her grandmother Kassatka, and her grandfather Tilikum, who was featured in Blackfish.
On top of all the deprivation and death, investors filed a class-action lawsuit against the company. And it's also being investigated for criminal fraud. Yikes.

Compassionate artists and bands—such as Barenaked Ladies, Martina McBride, Willie Nelson, and Trisha Yearwood—have all canceled their performances at the marine hellhole. But Bachman & Turner, Daughtry, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Eli Young Band, Hanson, Huey Lewis and the News, The Jacksons, Larry the Cable Guy, Lifehouse, and Chris Young are still set to participate.

Kevin DeCamp

a month ago

Will you have meet and greets for sale at TLA?

Thank you Muddy Bottoms ATV & Recreation Park for the hospitality, the great show and of course, the mud

Patches Croteau

25 days ago

A lot of people are trying to bring attention to the performance you really should cancel at SeaWorld. I can't believe that you think it's cool to play at SeaWorld, despite overwhelming evidence that orcas and other animals confined there are treated cruelly. Please reconsider, and cancel your performance at SeaWorld. You have got you SPAM filters set to delete these comments. Is this because you feel the money is more important?

Tiffany Collins

a month ago

Please consider cancelling your show at Seaworld .... don't support the cruelty !!! Thank you !

Manny Adam Rivera

a month ago

Please, do not perform at SeaWorld, a company that imprisons, exploits and deprives complex, emotional, and social orcas of everything that's natural and important to them. Thank you.

If you’ve ever seen us live you know that the extremely talented Cale Richardson is always tearing up the guitar or keys next to Jon and James. Check out his debut EP @caleandthe45s #newmusic

Always a pleasure to share the stage with our good friend and part of the brains behind “Even If It Breaks Your Heart,” the fantastic @ericpaslay

#ThrowbackThursday from the hit single “Dust” & music video off the album 10,000 towns ! What is your favorite scene?

“Keep on dreamin’ , even if it breaks your heart”

Tasha Hagena-Altmann

a month ago

Why are you performing at a place like SeaWorld which is known to abuse their marine mammals for profits? Please take a stand against this cruel industry that keeps whales and dolphins confined in small, chlorinated tanks where they are forced to perform and many live all alone, when they are normally social animals. Watch the movie, “Blackfish” if you think SeaWorld is a fun place for the animals who are kept imprisoned there.

Robert W. Davis

a month ago

Please consider cancelling your performance at SeaWorld and not supporting the cruel confinement of animals - animals that would normally swim miles and miles a day if they weren't prisoners in a concrete cage, forced to do tricks as "entertainment." Thank you for considering.

Kathy Stritt

a month ago

Please cancel your event at Sea World! They treat animals horribly, and 3 have died in the past year. Please cancel and tell Sea World we will NOT take it anymore! Thanks

Hello everyone ! Comment below a time when you kept on dreaming, even if it broke your heart. #nevergiveup #eliyoungband

Say happy birthday to Jon! To celebrate his birthday we are offering 15% off EYB merchandise today!

Discount Code : jonsbirthday

Amanda Jones

a month ago

Wishing You All the Best Happy Birthday Wishes To You' Jon'.. #EliYoungBand Member Guitarist.. =) Enjoyed Your Show Concert. @White Oak Amphitheater.. During Your Concert Tour W/ Country Music Artist' @DierksBentley.. =)

Chelsea Chappell

a month ago

Happy Birthday Jon!

Amy Mason

a month ago

Looking good Nebraska man.

Shout out to The North Face for keeping us and our crew warm out here on the road!

Kathleen Maier

a month ago

lol...don't get freezer burn!

Drew Everett

a month ago

I turned 60 Groundhog Day, sorry for the extra CPL weeks of winter guys. Stay warm n best wishes, you're awesome tho I've only seen you on TV. Lol SSI/disability doesn't allow frills and don't have a car anyway to get to see you but you're awesome n love the tunes.

Shout out to @thenorthface for keeping us and our crew warm out here on the road! #eliyoungband #thenorthface

#ThrowbackThursdayto Mike and Chris in the early 2000’s
Where were you back then?

Alyssa Lucas

a month ago

In a nut sack..

Jenna Oliver

a month ago

I was eating bugs and playing in the dirt. 😂

Ros Hull

a month ago

Driving a tow truck, with a Jet Black & Jealous CD cranking “Radio Waves” ... Great tune!

#tbt Mike and Chris in the early 2000’s #college #backintheday Where were you back then?

We’re real excited to finally get back on the road! See you tomorrow in Shelby, Michigan and check out to see when we’re coming near you!
Happy Monday
So excited for this week's shows at Coyote Joes in Shelby Township, MI, Capitol Theatre, Wheeling WV,The Bluestone in Columbus, OH and Belterra Casino Resort in Florence, IN!

Tag your valentine! 😍

Get tickets here -->

First official tour poster. Still going strong after all these years! #tbt

We are tour ready! Comment your favorite thing to do before an Eli Young Band show. #eliyoungband

Ryan Chambers

2 months ago

Portland, OR sometime soon? Been a while!

Heather Francis

2 months ago

I get to see you twice in Feb!!

Jamisue Shoop

2 months ago

Love to see all again in Oklahoma

#tbt Chris & Jon in the early days of #EYB #college

Lawrence Saenz

2 months ago

Sigma Nu Fraternity

DeAnna Middleton-Fidler

2 months ago

Oh my gosh! So young!

Trey Maben

2 months ago

Wow that’s a throwback!

Say hello or comment your favorite EYB lyric in the comment box below.
📸 Jason Kalish

Tour Dates and Tickets :

Melissa Anne

2 months ago

Come back to CT!!! One of my all time favorite bands!

Jennifer Virdell

2 months ago

🎼She carries memories around like souvenirs down in her pockets, she should I have let some go by now but can’t seem to drop it. ❤️

Jen Kindred

2 months ago

And love and hate and all these emotions
I never thought that you'd be going
Now I'm just going through the motions
Where everything is you, everything is you

New merchandise available!
Snag some new gear before you see us on tour !
Sometimes you have to let them believe that they really are lap dogs #mansbestfriend #dogs #bigdog CT

#TBT from the very beginning of Eli Young Band. Best friends🤘🏻

Jenna Newland

2 months ago

Wow. College memories. #DentonTX #UNT

Gregory Scroadie Harris

2 months ago

That is the Eli AND Young Band...not the Eli Young Band.

Margaret Lawson Konecny

2 months ago

We met you guys in 2003 and we're so excited to see your success!

Happy to one of the birthday one of the best guitarist of all time, James Young !

Say Happy Birthday below
Everybody wish a happy birthday to our guitar guru Mr. James Young today!

Jen Grisbrook

2 months ago

Happy Birthday from Maddi Rose in St Louis Mo!

Michelle Prince

2 months ago

Happy Birthday to us! (Also my birthday!) Love you guys!

Steve Brown

2 months ago

Happy Birthday from a fellow Irving Tiger!

Best fans ever. Thank you Baton Rouge,LA And Mobile,Al for a great weekend.

Kali Morgan

2 months ago

Kevin Silloway Jr Amie Silloway hope y’all had fun

Pre show warm up backstage. @soulkitchenmobile #pinball