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Can’t wait to get back at it in the states this week! Which of our east coast friends are coming out?

‪We’re heading out for our last show for the military in South Korea this week, but we’re back at it in the states next weekend! Who’s coming out to sing along?!

Brooke Smoes

5 days ago

Literally cannot wait for this concert in South Korea.

Jennifer Michelle

5 days ago

Ready to see yall in ruston, miss you guys had fun hanging out last time yall were here.

Lukáš Valíček

6 days ago

My son is so excited to see you guys at Camp Humphrey! Thank you for supporting our men & women who defend our great nation! ❤️

Hate that we weren’t able to play an actual show, but so happy we were able to still have a meet and greet at Thule Air Base.

Vita Jansen

10 days ago

OMG! Space force is for real???

Natasha Bruce

10 days ago

That's awesome! My dad was stationed there in 1957.

We’re stranded in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland for the day, so how about we answer some questions for you guys while we wait!

Judy Cochrane-Brodie

11 days ago

Again, when are you coming to the UK? You have fans here. We even named our youngest son after you! "Band" is now 5 years old!😂🤣😂

Mamo Smith

11 days ago

Aren't ya'll on your way to Paducah Kentucky

Brandi Kroger

11 days ago

Hi when are you coming going to play the UK,please come soon

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What a great time meeting and playing for the fine folks at AUTEC Navy Base tonight!

Jason William

15 days ago

Hey y’all need to come play out here at NSF Diego Garcia base sometime

Anisa Annisa

15 days ago

Simply wonderful. Good job representing us back home ! ❤️🇺🇸

AUTEC Air Force Bass, these Bahama mommas coming for ya!

Dany Romo

16 days ago

We would love to see you in Guam!!!

Kelly McKinney

17 days ago

looks like a great time...have fun

Happy Labor Day weekend! 20% off our full store from now through Monday night👍🏼


‪Packed for two weeks overseas; Bahamas, Greenland and South Korea here we come! Thanks PRS Guitars for this beauty, can’t wait to play it for the troops!

Kristin Julian Hultgren

19 days ago

Looking forward to meeting you at Camp Humphries South Korea! Thanks for playing for our Troops.

Safe travels! Can't wait to see you in September!!

Marilu Rojas

19 days ago

Write a lot about this adventure. Pls.

Had a blast getting to come home and rock the North Texas Fair & Rodeo last night! | 📷: Jun Cleveland

Savannah Beal

23 days ago

Denton sure rocked this weekend. Take care. Travel safely. See you soon. Peace...

Wolfgang Hartmann

23 days ago

Absolutely love y'all! Are you coming to NC anytime soon?😉

This kind of stuff is never cool. We want everyone to have a fun time at EYB shows, but also everyone needs to respect each other and look out for one another.

Darlyn Javier

23 days ago

Just STOP, seriously 😒

Shamal Khalid Marzani

23 days ago

Should have screamed something. ..enough good folks would've kept you safe n the boys in the band 😁😁
Touch me and everyone will know your scum...

Carol D Williams

23 days ago

I would throat punch someone with zero fear of repercussion.

Come on down to the Wolf’s Den and party with us for FREE tonight!

Tonight’s the night brother. Let’s bring the smack down in Stamford if you smellllllllllelelelell what EYB is cookin’.


Palani Inn

a month ago

Waiting for you guys! Can’t wait

We've finally made it back to the east coast! Who's coming out to get a little wild with us this weekend?
8/16 - Dewey Beach, DE Bottle & Cork
8/17 - Stamford, CT Stamford Center for the Arts - The Palace Theatre
8/18 - Uncasville, CT Wolf Den At Mohegan Sun.

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Gilberto Carrillo Lopez

a month ago

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Nicole Fromme

a month ago

See you Friday!!

Patricia Zemanate Ibañez

a month ago

See you in Stamford! Love you guys!

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Sayra Calderon

a month ago

Tiffany Hood Hawkins

Amber Morris

a month ago

Ummm yes please. I’m small enough to just be extra luggage size !

Throwing it back to getting down and dirty with Jeff Hanna from Nitty Gritty Dirt Band!

Charity Joy Henneberg

a month ago

Sooo jealous right now. !!!

Cameron Tate Benedict

a month ago

Can I love this twice???

Dario Teotonio Dos Santos

a month ago

Fishin in the dark!

Thanks for adding us to the cover of the Country Megamix playlist Deezer!

Listen now to hear our song "Love Ain't":

Stefano Soderi

a month ago

You guys deserve all the Kudos!! Love your music :)

Jayant Aryan

a month ago

💛💛💛. One day. One day everyone will see what I’ve known for many many years ! Amazingly awesome!

Marv Lang

a month ago

Great New Single

When the immortal Billy Gibbons happens to swing by sound check on their day off.

Rosangela Souza

a month ago

Hopefully not showing you the Velcro fly. Doh!

Levi Castillo

a month ago

Hey its Angela's dad 😂😂 Bingeing Bones

Charles Venin

a month ago

We just saw them last night in Sandpoint Idaho at the Festival.

Gonna be a busy month of August. Who will we be seeing at a show?

Vickie Stanford

a month ago

Come to the U K please please please

Papy Ekenge

a month ago

Yessss 8/25!!!! Justin Sliva Shawn Harris Whitney Harris So excited!! 🎶🎶

Alberto Escalante

a month ago

We could fly to see them

Looking forward to a real busy month of shows coming up! | 📷: David Conger Photography

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Jose Ruben

2 months ago

#12DaysofChristmasinJuly Tricia Martin Cheryl Everittch Demetrica Harvey

Pâmela Krumenauer

2 months ago

Brianne Schulein Gauna Theresa Padilla Fajardo Jessica Ortiz-Martinez- present for the men?!

Kimberly Reese

2 months ago

Last day for #12DaysofChristmasInJuly Teresa Harvey, Cheryl Everitt, P Annette Skeans

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Guibs Breezy

2 months ago

Wonderful giveaway! Thank you! 😊
Kortney Lah

Elisha Jones

2 months ago

Cheryl Lynn #12DaysofChristmasinJuly love to wear this to Boots & Hearts Music Festival this year. What a sweet shirt.

Nazim Shaikh

2 months ago

Like and shared love this #12DaysofChristmasinJuly Day 11 Beth Wade

Throwback Thursday to getting to chat a bit with Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco while he was in Dallas

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Mark R. G. Mouttet

2 months ago

Rebecca Ann, maybe I will win!

Marly Pahola Cabrera Aguilar

2 months ago

This is my favorite song of yours. That's as close to God as I can get amazing lyrics #eyb it would be an honor and privilege to win this shirt, right Jon Hawk? #12daysofChristmasinJuly Also, did I mention I look good in red and reds my favorite color,too!!!!

Alejandra Slim

2 months ago

Woo hoo! Pick me!
Hannah Milk Marie

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Rene De Oliveira Silva Oliveira

2 months ago

Dawn Waddington I wish I could have every giveaway day so far 😂 they’re amazing

Robin Bowman

2 months ago

Lori Kyle wouldn't you have loved to win that bag?? I love band merch, would be a fun win!

Marcy Folensbee

2 months ago

Three more days!

I’m outnumbered!

Cristhian Cuellar

2 months ago

They will keep you grounded.

Mickey Mzozo

2 months ago

I didn't know you had kids!!😍

Christina Smith

2 months ago

Welcome to motherhood.

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Getze Mendez

2 months ago

WOW would LOVE to win this bag!!!! THANK YOU for the chance! Liked, Shared, and tagging some friends Christine Dollar Tonya Potter Amy Windsor Megan Heath Tina Herrin 🌸😍🌸

Natalie Thomas-Ellis

2 months ago

Fingers tightly crossed, I love it! Thanks for the incredible chance! Lana Lee Cliff Plummer Amber Fitzgerald

Rebecca Smith

2 months ago

What a beautiful bag! Liked and shared thanks so much for the amazing chance! Cliff Plummer Shella Paquette Paquette Linnzie Pieper

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Eliezer Martinez

2 months ago

yes please!! Jeevon Kay #12DaysofChristmasinJuly

Liz Easley

2 months ago

Melissa Skipper

Lindsay Clay

2 months ago

Yes please! I desperately need some great t-shirts Chris Naugle

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Orange Tababa

2 months ago

Another Awesome Opportunity!Thanks so much!
Tammy Schiff
Kris Adams Paull

Judith Parks

2 months ago

Thanks so much for havIng Christmas in July!,and giving us this awesome opportunity,Eli Young Band!
Lori Odaniel
Tabitha Ochoa

Cheyenne Church

2 months ago

I really want it! Thanks for the shot! Anne Stull #12DaysofChristmasinJuly

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Brooke Dupre

2 months ago

Thanks for this chance
Lisa Back

Adrian Amador

2 months ago

Amy Zeek Swanson

Paula Festervan Parrish

2 months ago

Anne Stull #12DaysofChristmasinJuly

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Absolutely Adore this 💋
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Sky Hitt
Lisa Bloomberg Wahl
Victoria Betancourt

Steven Leonard

2 months ago

Very Pretty Backpack Would So Love To Win This Could Be Used As A Purse Thanks So Much For The Opportunity. Liked And Shared Hope To Win .
Diane Mullins Scott
Mary Holden
Sissy Smith

Mona Da Made

2 months ago

Oooh so fabulous! Come join in Nicki Hunt Jet Jett Tammy Lynch Sigond retweered on twitter as kymnasium. Thank you!

That elevation is outrageous, but we can’t wait to get high at Snoqualmie, WA at Snoqualmie Casino and Grand Ronde, OR at Spirit Mountain Casino this weekend!
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Reba Mcculley

2 months ago

Can’t wait for this tonight. How bout a meet and greet

Mary Beth Walker

2 months ago

Kimberley Bailey! Our very first date, 3 years ago athe the Eli young band concert and Lonestar❤

Adrienne Dickson

2 months ago

Wearing this oldie but goodie today

Escaping this Texas heat wave and making our way to the pacific north west for the weekend!

Fabio Mazuera

2 months ago

That was the first time I seen you in OKC. That show was great. W fireworks after.

Michel Déspache Junior

2 months ago

Looking forward to Friday! Just saw William Clark Green tonight. Gonna be a great week

Mohammad Fazzly

2 months ago

It’s pretty dang hot here right now!

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Joseph Alex Gomez

2 months ago

I like the shirts

Yolanda Hilliard

2 months ago

Pat Butterfield if you don’t know this song, Saltwater Gospel, you have to check out the video.

Butta Scotch

2 months ago

Hey guys, Jo Mays is a fan, I think she would love the Saltwater Gospel T-shirt!!

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Nathan Corle

2 months ago

Karli Wanner Saltwater Gospel in Ice Blue!!!!! Loved y’all in Green Bay! Congrats on the newest addition to the family!!

Zlatko Smeker

2 months ago

Amber Henning - would love anything, but love Crazy Girl, cause me and my bestie are, also Love Ain’t and Even if it Breaks your heart are awesome!!

Maria Rene Paredes Abett

2 months ago

Looking forward to seeing you guys...been a lot time since the Denton Texas rodeo's....

After a little time off for babies and vacation, we’re ready to get back at it this weekend!

Chris Martin EC

2 months ago

See you guys in Oregon.....

Galioushka Kimiko

2 months ago

See you Friday outside Seattle! #TXgirlinWA
Please sing Guinevere!!🖤

Clayton CashlessClay Trudgian

2 months ago

Beautiful pic of Daddy & baby Cash :)

Kyle Messerli

2 months ago

Insert guitar riff here...or maybe a righteous bass line...much love and God Bless.

Justin Hurtubise

2 months ago

When did this miracle happen? Name?

Going into the weekend like.. 🍸🥃🍹

Camilo Hurtado Torre

2 months ago

Pee wee herman

Just making waves on our time off - James

Leonardo Moreno

2 months ago

Omg! He's so big! Great pic

Mariano Coto Corrales

2 months ago

That pretty red hair. 💖

Thank you Kash for giving us some time off so I could take the family to Longboat Key! - Jon

Milagros Sorensen

2 months ago

Beautiful beach! Look at that water! Sunblock that head! 😉

Annette Goh

2 months ago

My favorite place.

Carla Griswold

2 months ago

What? Mike wasn't back at work the next day??? (Just kidding, but I could tell a bad story.., never mind...)

The EYB family grew today by welcoming a little boy to the world! Kash Eli was born happy and healthy this morning and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks for all the well wishes. We are truly a lucky family!

Benjamin Aguilar

2 months ago

Congratulations on your new blessing god is good

Pamela Cole-valentine

2 months ago

Congratulations! You said at the July 4th concert that he was due anyday now, you weren't kidding!🍼👶❤

Yousef Faber

2 months ago

Awww congrats. Glad you didn't have to leave show early on Saturday lol

The crew and I enjoying some of the great rides out here at Frontier City Theme Park before the show tonight! - Jon

Liliana Evans

2 months ago

Was great watching you guys perform!

Riccardo Ferretta

2 months ago

Well deserved fun!

‪I’d like to thank Martin Guitar for this beautiful, D-28 acoustic they built for me. We’d also like to thank Chris Thomas for giving us an opportunity to be apart of the family! - Mike‬

Great way to end the weekend in Casper! Can’t wait to get it going again next week.

Peggy Holland

3 months ago

I didn’t see a merchandise table last night 😕. I looked on your official site, is there a possibility that an “Oklahoma Girl” shirt is available online somewhere that I can’t find with my lack of techy skills?

‪Thanks for the love 4th Infantry Division! Happy to show our support from the road.‬

Nothing makes us happier than getting to play shows for the troops. You guys rocked Fort Carson tonight!

Keicha Moorehead

3 months ago

I had a great time, glad I got to me y’all!

We never were able to find the Samsonite family to return their briefcase, but we still had a good time with you tonight Aspen.

‪Had a great day taking in the nation’s capital before the show tonight!
Thanks so much for the great review of #LoveAint R.J. Curtis All Access Nashville! Have y'all been liking the song?

Antonio Woodkins

3 months ago

I'm digging the Weezer shirt.

Nichole Dunn Estright

3 months ago

Please come to Australia soon

Nafeeza Hussain

3 months ago

I call our local radio station everyday and request it.

Shout out to Detroit Metal Studio for this awesome custom logo they gave us last night! It’s now hanging proudly in the bus. #eliyoungband #loveaint #detroitmetalstudio