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My folks Brandon Crawford & his wife 💯✊🏾 San Francisco Giants Golden State Warriors

Nick Amilasan

15 days ago

Boo the Giants...go Dodgers! 😀

Juuso Knuts

16 days ago


Brian Forti

16 days ago

Can't Nobody Do It Like the 40 water that jacket though

Lake chalet new tequila bar E. Cuarenta Tequila

Melissa Davisson Graves

16 days ago

I don’t drink anymore but I would love to have a bottle signed mayne!!

Charles Clltt

16 days ago

Wait...where’s this

Selina Hlole

16 days ago

I love that restaurant we have our Christmas party there every year

Only thing changed about me is my change & that can fluctuate from time to time

Diana Aranda

19 days ago

Niki DeLisle cartoon forty water 😂😂😂

Alexi Trujillo

19 days ago

You done raised me to expand my mind and do better. Real talk

Emily Vandenberg

19 days ago

Money aint changed me,money changed the way people look at me

40 with the 30
Life with my wife

Julie Cardenas

20 days ago

Say mayne...sprinkle that high yeller mf on how to dress like a boss😂😂😎 sincerely

Vinod Jaiswal

20 days ago

On everything iluvdabay, two Tycoons In Da room,what you really gotta say, Ambassadors's in the bizz ,40/30 it don't get no better than this,Man E40 you raised my mental since I was a kid,a long the way steph curry warrior change the bizz,we thank you both,me&my rib ,live,move &vision, stay in sharp on all corners like40say,precise like an incision, GoldenStatekeep winning.

Zach Stange

21 days ago

Hope to see you both at the Drake concert!! That was the highlight of my whole life ever seeing you E40 walk on stage with everyone in 2016! Love you E40

It’s stages to these wages - E-40

Δήμητρα Ντεντοπούλου

23 days ago

First thing peoples need to understand is that nobody should settle for minimum wage! Even if its $30 an hour nobody should settle for raising a family on any minimum amount of income! Always strive for the max and then move to the next level!

Stacey Hutton

23 days ago

From a case to a pallet uncle.

Takashi Suzuki

23 days ago

Well all my bills are due and the car runs the gas out alot. 2 girls too many jobs and school. Can I borrow some money please?

Millersville 1991 E-40 my brother D-Shot& my son Droop-E in front of our clothing store New Fad Clothing on Solano Ave., Vallejo Ca.

Steve Berry

a month ago

Is the store still there I need some gear

Amy Hays

a month ago

Damn, the shot was a straight monster.

Dyan Corachea

a month ago

E40 is a knoccout artist don see him action

E. Cuarenta Tequila now on available at the Oracle Arena chase Club & bmw club #warriorsground
Pure Class! Proud mother #RoyalWedding

Prudence Bowlin

a month ago

I need me one of these though...

Jaydeen Deaver Wohlers

a month ago

Does anyone know where I can get a bottle? I cant find the answer online and the bevmo in my city doesnt have it yet.

Jennifer Easterling

a month ago

Its avail at total wine and more in the bay area!! #pleasanthillcastore

E-40 New album
June 29th 2018 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Diana Ramirez

a month ago

Give me some credit for that being in my last album as why I was stunting on em the gift of gab the jibber I jabber.....because I knew exactly what my mind was after

Gabriel Moyaho

a month ago

Thank god cuz that b legit album was some bullshit 😂😂😂😂no cap, i was dissapointed when i listened to it

Yisenia Torrenegra Antequera

a month ago

The best that ever did it...E40..been bangin yo shyt thru out the Compton streets since flamboyant in a real way..holla at ya boy!!

MC Eiht
Ol' Dirty Bastard
That time we recorded at studio tone studio on Solano Avenue in Millersville Vallejo, Ca
#Compton #vallejo #Brooklyn

William Wayne

a month ago

E40 come back to Kzoo please when I got broccoli

Chris Goodman

a month ago

This version of shimmy by far the tha best💯🔥

Kathyrine Seidel Harrelson

a month ago

ODB knew what time it was when he called up studio ton to do a remix

Support My brother D-Shot & I new movie "Don't Get Caught" featuring: My Self, Mike Epps, The comedian Luenell, Snoop Dog, Brian Hooks, Elease Neal & many more, you can watch the movie on the big screen on "May 18th at the Crest Theatre Sacramento". To Purchase Tickets Online Go To:​

Or Pay At The Door @ 1013 K Street. Sacramento, CA, 95814

Jamesetta Reid

a month ago


Lisa Libby

a month ago

I mean how come you're not in it good acting career is right in front of your face 40s my n****

Brandie Slottke

a month ago

Rory Chandler @ Palmer D-Boy Movie Night #1 Choice

😂😂😂😂😂 it’s her again the charcoal police lol

Nate Feathers

a month ago

I'd be pisses if I was sitting behind that big ass picture of E40 face. I couldn't see shit

Call the jewelry store tell them make me a grill

Lore Ortega

a month ago

And empty planes driving like toys for another hate. War. Can citizen arest them all ?


Laurie Carter

a month ago

Love your music man its about all I like to main stream on pandora you cold with it brah

Liyah Wb

a month ago

I'm from the wow wow wow wow West would aim for the dome in chess E-40 love

Lili's Alvarado

a month ago

I play your music and my vehicle every day is E-40 day

Happy Mothers Day momma you are a super hero you raised 3 boys & 1 girl, You had 3 jobs still managed to make it to all of our baseball & Football games thank you for raising me & my Siblings D-Shot,Suga T,Mugzy to be strong minded & independent I salute you!!!🙌🏾🙏🏾

Cristal Velazquez

a month ago

I didn’t D shot was your brother damm you learn something everyday

Blessing Gulubane

a month ago

Such a beautiful sentiment to your lovely mom and her beautiful children. ❤️

Basliel Atnaw

a month ago

Family 💝 this pic makes me so happy. I love it 😊

Happy Mother’s Day to my wife the mother of my boys 🙌🏾🙏🏾

Jose Noe Lorenzana

a month ago

Black Love , God bless you and your family

Mark Cavin

a month ago

Thanks God bless you and family have mercy happy Mother's Day

Beverly Szumski

a month ago

Happy mother's day mrs Stevens..

Congratulations to the young Hyena Devin Haney #BayArea

Felicia Juan Ariza

a month ago

E-4-O look tore up

Ale Zenon

a month ago

Suited and Booted

Chris BrownFan

a month ago

E40 is the man
That kid would get his ass handed to him from me one on one in the streets.

This is a picture of E40 taking a picture with E40

Agustin Rodriguez

a month ago

E40 still banging that west coast g funk.7 much.

Deborah Isabella Pique

a month ago

And Walter white!? Nigga selling meth to kevin and kevin giving it to E-40?

Sarah Rountry

a month ago

The king of the bay!!! Now u got all the stars posted up at Nba basketball games! I am going to call u 40 tha trend setter!!! 💪💪

NEW!!! @e.cuarentatequila
smooth no burn %100 agave
#Blanco #reposado #Anejo

TaMim Rahman

2 months ago

where it at doe?

Andrea Gutiérrez

2 months ago

Who do I talk to about paid features

Mtho Mpanza

2 months ago

You aren't Mexican.

1995 That time when Snoop Dogg& The Dogg Pound came to my crib in Rancho Solano

Adam Schumacher

2 months ago

Being from where I'm from..It was Snoop Cube E-40 B legit Pac N
WA Common Sense Twista Crucial Conflict Ant Dub...These Cats go hard but don't get recognize because they stay Solid

Ravinna Kanniappen

2 months ago

Suge was right. Snoop didn’t know what set to claim. He was like pick one b no”@&$a

Chris Schillinger

2 months ago

That Nevada sweater go hard!

Boots Riley, E-40, Tupac
#waybackwednesday #legendary #riptupac#gonebutneverforgotten

Gabriela Godoi

2 months ago

Dope old school pic and true West Coast Bay Area Gangsta Hardcore Rap Legends right there & R.I.P Da Thug King 2Pac Much Respect.

Elsie Jackman Thera

2 months ago

Million dollar flick, better yet #priceless you can't make this photo shop preservatives just straight G'z

Donald Koller

2 months ago

I'm the one who sent 2pac out there to do Mac Mall video my boy J swift is Donald D potna from NY n he came n got me to go to records release party for that cop killer album it got pulled r something so ice t was giving copy's away thats where me n 2pac had a meeting n I told him wat that Romp life like free Mac Dre n he said hey man u rite who r u we just dialog somemore than my crew rushed me out of there we had to go handle some bizz as I was leaving I said stay up n watch yo backhe was wit suga that nite n two other cats

Surisa Mitchell DeVaughn

2 months ago

Hey they bootlegging your new album at 7th Heaven in K.C., Mo 👍🏾

Trillian Adams

2 months ago

Cause it may be the last move you take

Mita Uthaman

2 months ago

Da Cliq coming through my speakers right now as I hit these keys, earlier I came across some notepads, ancient, don't need um nomoe, been about my paper, elders like E40 and Da Cliq been letting the world know. Mucho Gracias! Good Music always made the get through better, good game, the reason we clever and dance wit the devil, young front liner, born in the struggle, 80's baby, it was like new jacc city. Walkie Talkies, bricc cell phones, jj the king of beepers, wrong mfs got caught in the discount, got woowopd, da woo is that 1 piece, the wop they was hitting the ground, on to the next, Young Northerner, I didn't even have hair on my nuts bacc then. 👀

Say hello to the #BayArea's new favorite duo -- @GuyFieri and @E40 -- who were spotted courtside at last night's #Warriors game in #Oakland

Linus Seven

2 months ago

Let Em Know Show Em Earl E40 Stevens Guy Fieri Flavor Mane Uhhh!!!

Dana Ayman

2 months ago

Nice pic and way to represent the Bay Area. Go DUBS!!!

オカダ ケイスケ

2 months ago

I bet guy fieri is a super fun dude to hang out with

E. Cuarenta Tequila
on the trucks ready for Cinco De mayo

Blanco- 100% Blue Agave, Stone Oven Cooked 48-60 Hours, Complex aromas of Cooked Agave, Spices, Floral Notes, Vanillas, Caramel. A long sweet ultra-smooth finish.

Reposado- 100% Blue Agave, Stone Oven Cooked 48-60 Hours, Complex aromas of Cooked Agave, Vanillas, Caramel, Maple, and Spices. A long sweet ultra-smooth finish.

Añejo- 100% Blue Agave, Stone Oven Cooked 48-60 Hours, Complex aromas of Cooked Agave, Hazelnut, Caramel, Chocolate and Maple. A long sweet ultra-smooth finish.

Kim Ocheltree

2 months ago

u really regret it ur aagaisnt me forver and roll wit it i regret sayin dru down is rapper want be like dat wit most thaught bout not wat i thank

Jeff Swetland

2 months ago

Gabe Segovia you gonna try them cuz?

Farah Farraj

2 months ago

Will it be available in Minneapolis??

Sometimes you have to pat yoselfon the back and say Good Job sahob

Brad Hughes

2 months ago

E-40 you need snap and make the link so BayArea slap can be heard in the east coast. The Bay got the talent but is never heard

Amber Nickerson

2 months ago

Then click boys smiling deep and cuts acting mean ish

Anita D GA

2 months ago

Continue to work hard and play hard Brother wishing you the best in all your endeavors and escapades

Amanda Grace

2 months ago

Stay stickin to the strip 4life hustle non stop from tha Bay to Tha Rock Arkansas

Monica Magaña

2 months ago

All day every day

Bronwyn Human

2 months ago

Lieutenant roasta botch i still listen to that. The cure for any bad day.

Far from Hollywood we just genuine good people mane!

Atul Borken Al Gala

2 months ago

That’s why I love you 40!!! Beautiful Queen!!!!

Ariel Mendoza

2 months ago


Denise Shontae Johnson

2 months ago


Follow your dreams
Ain’t nobody handed me nothing I had to get it on my own #motivationHogan High School
#flashbackfriday #tbf

Kendal Jenner

2 months ago

Cool pic oldschool v town

Nadeebah Khan

2 months ago

See you at the concert in the "D".

Zahra Ahmed

2 months ago

The REALEST is 40 water, even as a pup his tail was straight up!!!!! Ya see, he's always been in too the music thang!!!!!! It's gotta be in your blood

Happy Birthday to my Queen MrsStevens

Nicole Lopez

2 months ago

Don't do it! 🌬 Even if it's not for mom! Lol 💪🏿👇🏿

Get your order in now! Why wait? This year be EARLY and I'll hhandle everything else with 💞 and care!🔖 #alwaysOPENj

Valerie Johnson

2 months ago


Paulina Ramos

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Ms. Stevens. It’s awesome to see black men and women follow The Lord’s Hebraic model of marriage. I salute you both Mr. and Ms. Stevens. #marriagerocks

Lenny Kobbe

2 months ago

E-40 Will always b the BEST by far no one ever in Rap history will b able to duplicate him. And Pac was a poet genius....

Herminia Armando Macuacua Macuacua

2 months ago

E-40 is one of the greatest rappers, but Not the greatest rapper of all time. Yet, E-40 is a legend in the rap game.
Just sayin'

Mariana Mchartlennon

2 months ago

Nope! E40 wrong on this one mang ...
Because if something were to try to go over MY head..
I would catch that shit!

HAPPY BORN DAY LIL BROTHER Mugzi Mugzilla love you little bro you beensolid all yo life I’m proud of you continue to Inspire & lift hope 💯✊🏾 #stevens

Diana Paraschiva

2 months ago


Mariana Lujano

2 months ago

To hit me up. This is Will from Pomona love y'all above the law Pomona snoop where you at love 1

Hans Jürgen Novakovic Sebald

2 months ago

That's right bruh stay solid. Represent yo,. I'm givin you love from P Town. Tell 40 water I said keep it crackin. Much love

#3 on @itunes top albums
Hip-Hop/Rap charts E-40 & B-Legit “Connected & Respected” album Out now!!! Link in my bio! ☝🏾

Fernando Perez

3 months ago

Number three on a independent label 💯

Immaculate Shanice

3 months ago

Who is that came in number 4

Rohit Khare

3 months ago

Still on top.even with this new wave!

E-40 & B-Legit new album “Connected & Respected” available everywhere this evening 9pm pacific 12am eastern

Gabriel Abiha

3 months ago

The rich fucking with that 40 andb ka strait slappers

Juan David Guzman

3 months ago

I want that signed CD

Bridget Butler

3 months ago

Got mine last friday, still hasnt left the deck once #707

Ask yo uncles about these 3 Africans ! @earlstevensselections @therealdshot@blegit72 #solid #samesince88 #vallejo #legends #beforerap #e40andtheclick #sugat#magazinestreet @blockmovementrecords @sickwiditrecords#hogties

Caroline Reed

3 months ago

If y'all had suga T in the pick that would B the CLICK....e-40 ...D shot....B Legit...Suga T...O yeah that old school cut...

Lauren Bell

3 months ago

I have so much respect for these three!!! I started reading the bible when E-40 spit that real "when you feeling down and out read proverbs" , now I'm a Minister, but I still knock that 40 water, I no that withoiut hearing and feeling all that 40 and the click gamed us up about, I would not have made it, you can learn so much if you sit back and listen.

Mulibay Le Berre

3 months ago

The click just missing Suga t salute to real ogs in the rap game for years 💯

Party starts Cinco De Mayo!!! @e.cuarentatequila %100 agave handcrafted straight out of tequila, Jalisco 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Coming soon!!!

Claudio Smussi

3 months ago

Love the video with the Jabbawakkee my son say mom rewind that lmao. Much love for real. You and your wife are solid and B Legit, T all guys I love much for real. My son likes your stuff you put out play it more then new shit. Much love!😂

George Smicklo

3 months ago

Yo, Ya Lo Compre.

Ammie Peterson

3 months ago

What a has been.

Matt Haslinger

3 months ago

Let Em Know Show Em Earl E40 Stevens Complainaholics Real Talk Uhhhh!!!!!

Chandra Horne

3 months ago

Kimberly 😂😂😂😂 can u think of anyone!??

Marta Maciejewska

3 months ago

Tell that to the protestors here in Sac!!

Sasha Smith

3 months ago

Some things will never change that's just the way it is when will we ever learn

Louise Baker

3 months ago

And what's so crazy is these children now a days r caught up wanting. Not loving

Rossano Guerino Ricciutelli

3 months ago

No bullshit... At times, no phone, heat, even food... That roof was there though... 💯🙏🏾

TEXAS today's bottle signings will be at .......
2810 Samuel BLVD
Dallas, TX 75223
12pm -3pm
2377 Stemmons Trail
Dallas, TX 75220
Beverage Depot 2
4pm to 7pm
Come get the new E40 Sluricane SWEET TEA!!!! YELLOWBIRD, BLUE LAGOON, & HURRICANE Ready to drink pre-mixed cocktail drinks
Buy a bottle get it signed & Take a picture with me! 🥃🍋 🍹🥤#sluricane must be 21 & up

Jairo Leon Taylor

3 months ago

u such a shady ass muthcfucka relaly uu sketch as fuck

Ron Putman

3 months ago

Yo E40 This Elliot/ BIG E, i met you at the Liquor Depot out in Glenn Heights!, I was Wanting to Buy A Couple of Your bottles and Get your Autograph in Honor of Respect of your Music!, After i left i went to go get Money to try and come back to get your signature! and was jamming your song Choices/Yupp!" You Cool AF! Man! ,How Long you gonna Be Here In Texas Brotha? :)

Shy Nette

3 months ago

Damn i missed it

Beverage Depot #3 - 6575 East Northwest Highway, Dallas TX 75214
12pm to 3pm

Liquor Depot (KMY) 1308 Bear Creek Road, Glenn Heights TX 75154
4pm to 7pm
at @bevdepot locations
Come get the new E40Sluricane SWEET TEA!!!! YELLOWBIRD, BLUE LAGOON, & HURRICANE Ready to drink pre-mixed cocktail drinks
Buy a bottle get it signed & Take a picture with me! 🥃🍋 🍹🥤#sluricane must be 21 & up

Michael S. Verano

3 months ago

Wow! You're still around the DFW?? I went to the signing event, Wednesday, in Glenn Heights.

Gábor Boros

3 months ago

Is there this your last signing? Are you doing one today? Trying to get my bootle and play some the song “Carlos Rossi” while waiting in line

Joanna Magill

3 months ago

Why is it no longer in oklahoma ?

Wednesday March 28th
2pm to 8pm
Spirits Depot
1551 South I35
Glenn Heights TX 75154
Come get the new E40 Sluricane SWEET TEA!!!! YELLOWBIRD, BLUE LAGOON, & HURRICANE Ready to drink pre-mixed cocktail drinks
Buy a bottle get it signed & Take a picture with me! 🥃🍋 🍹🥤#sluricane must be 21 & up

Marianne Aiello-Fellmann

3 months ago

I am on mt way to get like 3 bottle 2 to drink an one a autograph! Getting to meet one of my favorite artist yeah boy!!

Dave Starkey

3 months ago

Where Can i find this in France?

Virginia A Reid

3 months ago

Wish I was out there Mane

4-7pm E-40 Sluricane Sweet tea demo tasting at Lafayette Safeway.
Address: 3540 Mt Diablo Blvd
Lafayette, CA94549

Lawrence G. Gilardi

3 months ago

Come to San Jose end of April. I going on vacation then.

Jonathan Guillot

3 months ago

That looks real tasty fam!! I got too try that one out on ice!!! One luv too you Forty!! Fam bam!!!!

Wolfgang Pointner

3 months ago

Wow!! This is big. Congratulations!

E-40 & B-Legit "Boy" Feat. P-LO (New Music Video)
Save the song to your Spotify playlist:
Pre-Order the new E-40 and B-Legit album Connected & Respected - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jessika Ds Ruizz

3 months ago

E-40 and B-legit always coming with🔥🔥🔥

Melissa Williams

3 months ago

Blegit murdered this hoe!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

Frankie White

3 months ago

Damn E-40.... bringing the heat with this slapper

Angela Schoonover Simmons

3 months ago

Never forget your roots!!! That's why 40 water been relevant for sooo long...#SaluteTheLegend#

Jenelle Waterman

3 months ago

The Bay has been waitin' for this. It would be nice to see Artists from the Bay to put on a venue showcasing this talent. Alot of folks would support it.

Jayson Hobbit Thew

3 months ago

This will be classic long time coming

Liquor Depot
1308 Bear Creek Road
Glenn Heights, TX 75154
Thursday March 29th 4-7pm come get the new @e40sluricane SWEET TEA!!!! And take a picture with me! 🥃🍋

Antonia Steinberger

3 months ago

Hey 40, are you doing a Vegas bottle signing?

John Michael Demesa Sueno II

3 months ago

When you coming to corpus christi tx
Graduated in the v

Ginevra Anir

3 months ago

Ohhh we! I will def be there! Been waiting for this to happen!

One day the whole rap industry will be drinking wine 🍷
don’t shoot the messenger

Katheen Franklin

3 months ago

He is a great CB. I hated him because of the seahawks but I recognize his skills, will see what results will get from him as a 49er now.

Chirag Choudhry

3 months ago

I still despise that man and will always despise him..WTF Whatever!!

Cheryl Gittens-Walker

3 months ago

😂now all of you 49er fans love sherm. Its hilarious. He's a baller. I look forward to the hawks playing him twice a year. I'll always be a fan of 25

In my mind I’m forever 21 like the store
But I m really a dinosaur 😂🤷🏾‍♂️🚀 #itsgameinvolved
#oldassyoungsta #thelastofmymake #trapperturnedrapper #30yearvet #samesince88 #whatwebeendoin

Vanesa Anabella Nasci

3 months ago

Lookin at the cts v in person felt good like i can do anything i just went for information and got enough i have to build credit pay things if my karma comes back and more it felt good lookin at it he said we get em i got his number and all so ima fix myself up and my lemon so i can get there and when i can ima go for it Thursday i have a interview im 50 days sober today no weed but unc im at it i dont have to rap i love diggz and mama for the love and even if i end up rappin like ima work on me and let yall be for a bit i may need a bit more time yet im on it ima keep my hair waved up ima get my grill and swagger squat the lemon hell id use credit to get some of that but im tired get enough walls and u get tired of ur self. Ik i wrote saudi king Farrakhan and more but i mean no harm even if ali denied me too id never lie about dna spots and all that but ik to be myself yet just in case i never see yall im workin my way up and out

Kim L Puebla

3 months ago

4ever represent E!!! So much luvv sent to you from Gila River💙Arizona!!! We been with u from the gate!!!! A'kimel O'odham Tribe of Southern Az!!! #tellmewentogo #function 😄😁😁😁 come out n see us!!! #Efortayallday 💙💙💙💙

Khaua Costa

3 months ago

Yes E-40 is one of my favorite rappers thanks to Rick rock my world my voice is World want to schedule a meeting with all you guys see you soon


Ariana Mushnick

3 months ago

Look at this legendary shit here......

Tahlor Riley

3 months ago

E-40 Ice Cube one of the Greatest OF ALL TIME!! But WC??? Maaaaan most UNDERRATED rapper ever!!! A Flow like No other!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Noël Van Huffelen

3 months ago

Dub throwing the strongest W ever

Old ass Youngsta

Gary Lee

4 months ago

Yup I see you looking good MR.FORTY WATER. Man when you gonna come back nd bless us with your love up here in SEATOWN TOWN BIZZNESS MAN COULD USE SOME OF THAT. GAME UP HERE

Darrell Henderson

4 months ago

40, one of your songs you say that your music is about things you've seen, and heard, stories told to you. I have one for you. You will trip, after a long 14 year prison sentence, 69 months in the SHU, I am a very successful man. The story is realigee. That should be the name of it Re-al-a-gee. Holla at me.

Adrian McNealy

4 months ago

Hi E40 see u soon stay tremendously gifted and blessed and yes we all know you're underrated

#gramfam #louisiana#gsuithoughtyouknew 🐯 #gsu

Richard Vigil

4 months ago

40 Mane, that was the biggest biggest surprise I've ever witnessed my entire life. I wouldn't of never ever thought a tycoon like you from the bay went to a college way down south in Louisiana. I went to Jackson STATE university which is also a Historically BLACK College University. That's wassup 40

Mini Motto Lyricz

4 months ago

Drew Hall, and Pinchback

Darrell Henderson

4 months ago

Feel free to stop by my classroom, any time this year, to help me reinforce this ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS TRUTH, which my 5th graders, haven't quite grasped yet....Ms. K.

#TBT 1987 magazine street mobb #hillside #sickwiditrecords #dayones #b4rap E-40, Dolla Bill, B-Legit

Aretha White

4 months ago

It’s ruby time collection drank VK spread legs o.g

Sherrie Glover Brownsuga Blessdiva

4 months ago


Horace Grayes

4 months ago

Y'all straight look like you're gonna bust out with "King of Rock".

Need y’all to help me wish my oldest son Droop E

Marie White

4 months ago

Yo little dude i just would like to wish you a very happy birthday from my hood to yours love you little man 😉

David Herman

4 months ago

Reppin the bay with no delay beats smack so hard gotta hit replay, recognized and respected so no he say she say they see what you done so they know he dont play push hard line like Felix or old school Freeway not Miami but thee Bay. make the music for players that slang hard and that pay-pay for the ones on the block or got a stay away SON OF THE ONE AND ONLY E-40TAY...
happy birthday bruh much love...

Crystal Bridges

4 months ago

Big up Maang
Your father has changed my life
Happy Bday to you
Stay up and stay down🙏🙌☝

All star weekend 2018

Jeffery Knox

4 months ago

Looking Sharp,Fly & so Handsome E-40.

Antonio Woodkins

4 months ago

I c u Big Pimpin, love the jacket!!

Colin Otis

4 months ago

Playa ,Playa! That came up from the Dirt! Yes. I been down from day 1 !