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You can’t fake and you can’t manufacture it.
You can only feel it.. soul.
They’ll never be another.
Thank you Queen.
#Aretha 🙏🏾❤️💫

Abhishek Chowdhury

8 hours ago

She was a talented singer and a very godly woman.
One of my faves she did and it was with George Michael " I knew you were waiting ".
I know she's in Heaven.

Sacha Gosling

19 hours ago


Wil Watkins

19 hours ago

Well Said Rock she will be missed but Her music will go on. RIP MS Franklin. Deepest Sympathys to the Family, Friends and Fans.

It’s non stop with me and this lil’ enema lovin’ popcorn fart Kevin Hart 🍿💨🖕🏾

Tamla Robinson

19 hours ago

Nice to see they were able to get the size comparison correct !!! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Kevin Hart is probably no bigger than the Rocks left thigh
Well played Mountain Dew attempting to boost the little mans ego 😂😂

Emilio Fernando Cabrejos Garcia

a day ago

What in all the hell..those electric blue ball busting no kids incubating pants on you Kev! Holy hell..the fact that you're 6 feet taller here than actual scale is distracting and disturbing because we all know your actual size is more like the rock's armpit deodorant clingy hair ball in relation to his own body. "Dwayne" and his mannequin-cant skipped leg day here...too soon considering the latest flick?

Roberto Varallo

a day ago

I had no idea the rock and Kevin Hart were the same height! Wow, movie cameras not only add 10 lbs they must add 10 inches! Unless the Rock is actually shorter than he appears?

Some real heat 🔥 heading into our season of Ballers.
And Ava DuVernay is a hungry trailblazer and brilliant visionary. Love that woman. It’d be my pleasure to work with her one day and dramatically disrupt the game.
Til then, enjoy our new season and thank you for the support. ✊🏾🤟🏾
#ballers HBO 10pm Sundays.

Tony Kellner

2 days ago

On HBO Brother
On Sunday
On 👍👍👍

Mikhail Sølas

2 days ago

You rude motherfuker you make funs of I truly Express about my father f*** you mother f*****

Toni Marriott

2 days ago

Omg! Dieing here my HBO go e missing my favorite show, last season right!

Me: So anyway dude, I’m kinda famous and cool and chicks dig me.
Seal: Don’t give a shit.
Me: Cool.
#GeorgiaAquarium #SpecialConnection #TwoDudes

Brett LeMaster

11 days ago

You have just become every animal care professionals’ favorite celebrity! Your fan base now consists of some of the most selfless, dedicated, big hearted people in the world!!! Thank you for supporting the zoological community and in return, supporting the animals and research/conservation that GA dedicates itself too. You are an inspiration 💙

Makepe Hlengiwe Portia

11 days ago

Dwayne- glad to see you enjoyed Georgia Aquarium. Moreover, I’m glad to see you maintain your level head when it comes to the obvious: accredited zoos and aquariums not only take better care of their animals than pet owners do, but they fund important conservation work that would otherwise not occur. Those that complain about your visiting these animals do so with little more than an uniformed opinion given to them by a vocal and ignorant monitory. We can smell what The Rock is cooking: common sense!

Ben Houk

11 days ago

Dwayne, please stop promoting whale and dolphin captivity. These animals really suffer in captivity. Most of the babies die within a few years of birth. How do you think the mothers feel? Its a horrible life for them. Please find out the facts about it. Watch 'Blackfish' and 'The Cove'. They will inform you!

Found my next co-star.
Just look at this beautiful animal with staggering intelligence.
And the Beluga Whale is awesome too.
Seriously, in awe of these creatures.
#GeorgiaAquarium 🐬👊🏾🙏🏾

Manasseh Kamai

11 days ago

The zookeeper community is eternally grateful for you sharing posts. Many of us are currently discussing your visit, and how uplifting it is to have you publicly supporting an amazing facility like the Georgia Aquarium. It’s been a rough sea for those in the field of animal care, and every voice like yours helps give hope that we can continue sharing visits like this with the next generation. I hope you’ll continue to visit more amazing facilities like this that are working hard to protect species across the globe!

Llasi Tu Destino Chentouf

11 days ago

Thank you for supporting zoological institutions & the important work that they do! It's so nice to see a celebrity do their homework & not succumb to the misguided viewpoints & pressures of activists! You rock! 👍

Shawn Hernandez

11 days ago

Dwayne, I want you to know that even with the large amount of unhappy people who are sure to speak out concerning this photo and your visit to Georgia Aquarium, the zoological community thanks you for taking the time to learn about the importance of what we do, the standards we uphold in doing so, and the love and passion we hold for all wildlife. Thank you for supporting us and these amazing animals! You have helped to contribute to vital research, conservation initiatives, and the suburb care of animal ambassadors such as this stunning creature through your visit to Georgia Aquarium. Looks like both you and your new friend had a fun time together too :)

Such a great time with our ohana & friends at the famed Georgia Aquarium.
The second largest aquarium in the world and the only institution outside of Asia that houses Whale Sharks.
More than 100,000 animals and sea creatures here that I’m in constant awe of.
Specifically, this Whale Shark that I’m contemplating jumping in the tank and jumping on its back.
They call me the brown 💪🏾🦈 AquaMan.
Thank you to President & COO, Joseph Handy & the entire Georgia Aquarium staff for being so gracious, kind & informative to my family and our friends.
We had a blast!
#GeorgiaAquarium #OhanaDay
📸 Hiram Garcia

Maynard Eckert

11 days ago

Thank you so much for supporting The Association of Zoos and Aquariums accredited aquarium Georgia Aquarium!!! The work GA and many places like it across the country are doing save animals across the world and help spread the messages of the need to protect our natural world so thank you for getting out the word!!!

Chad Theesfeld

11 days ago

An amazing place and amazing staff! Please don’t over overlook the good places like the Georgia Aquarium, SeaWorld, Columbus Zoo, San Diego Zoo and others do! Touch the heart, teach the mind!

Monica Dobbs-Faulkner

11 days ago

Thank you for supporting good zoos and aquariums! Facilities that encourage passion about these animals help to save them in their natural environment! As conservationalist Baba Dioum said, “ in the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.” Good zoos and aquariums help to save animals from extinction! Check out Zoos Saving Species to learn more!

Smart biz piece on my strong relationship with CHINA & it’s audience. Started to build our equity of trust 10+ years ago. From my films to my Under Armour launches to our future build outs.
Forward thinking always wins the long term game my friends.
Everything I do is considered - no action is ever by accident.
Sometimes it’s works and sometimes it doesn’t, but I’ll always control my effort with my own two hands.
Seven Bucks Productions Seven Bucks Creative

Tywiz Dox

12 days ago

“‘Travelling carnival’ of a gym”. Gotta day, I immediately envisioned you walking the high-wire in a pink leotard dude. Bahahaha. Lion tamer would be more close to reality...but the leotard is way more amusing!

Angel Jhaen Sajet

13 days ago

It's because their native language isn't English so they are unable to accurately gauge your acting skills and focus more on your physique. I really like you, but you gotta be more realistic about what makes you a big deal

Antonio Gman

13 days ago

Ain't nobody gonna tell me how I conduct myself. If you don't like what I say to the Rock. You can kiss my A Hide all my posts or keep scrolling. Aint nothing wrong if I wanna have fun. I got that comment. I got that much. Now swing back. I'm talking to the Rock. I'm a fan too. I can talk business too. You can't see that B. Don't do that. I'mma do what you did. Indirectly throw shade. I usually don't like to act like this, but alot of b get jealous for absolutely nothing. Just because. I was born with it, but go to charm school, we wouldn't be having this indirect conversation. I'm "B N MYSELF. Too much for some, not enough for others. Yeah, I'm used to it by now. Lol thanks. ♥️

Thank you fans for making SKYSCRAPER a global box office hit 👏🏾🤙🏾👊🏾
Thanks Jim Amos & Forbes for the smart and refreshing journalism.
It’s astounding to me, my team and all my studio partners (and parent companies) how many Hollywood press “experts” refuse to recognize our industry is a global business and our domestic market is now just one of many worldwide territories.
Within a week or so, SKYSCRAPER will cross a quarter of a billion dollars at the box office with almost an incredible 75% of those earnings coming from overseas.
The movie will profit - bottom line.
This is the reality.
Global economy.
My friends in the press (not all, but some) be expansive with your thoughts when you report our business and don’t get pulled into the sludge of our clickbait era and don’t be afraid to disrupt your old school mentality.
Forward thinking always wins the game.
The half Samoan, half Black man transforms into.. Jesus, I mean Hercules.
Five hours daily of hair, make up, scars and armour for four months straight.
No tequila or cheat meals due to an extremely strict diet. 🥃🖕🏾🤣
Fatiguing production, but worked with some outstanding actors and producers. Made a good one!
#HERCULES #SonOfZeus #2014

Мартин Томов

20 days ago

He's no Arnold. Highest paid actor yet can't deliver a critically acclaimed hit movie....banks on the simple minds of third world citizens to make his movies a buck....made in Hollywood but the home market doesn't mean trend.

Jonas Alves

21 days ago

I used to follow every DJ movies and always check news updates following the release. One thing I noticed is that everytime a Johnson movie is out, movie critics desperately wants to prove that Dwayne Johnson is not a huge movie star and how eventually his movies are going to bomb at box-office.
They said jumanji is mediocre, rampage is dump and blah blah blah. Yet these movies amazed huge amount at box office. Guess wat we the people love Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson anyway......
DJ lover forever ♥️

Việt Hùng

21 days ago

He knows he makes bad films. He makes money, not movies. Unfortunately I don't know how long his song and dance can last.. fortunately for him, he'll have so much money once the masses get tired of it that he won't have to worry about it.

Been my inside joke for years now, but if you’re ever in a conversation with me and I hit you with the “I love you” sign 🤟🏾 and follow it up with a “I gotchu bruddaaah” or “I gotchu sistaaaah” with a wink and a big smile, then just know that you’re breathing rarefied air and officially in my inner circle of love, trust and fun devilish ways.
Miss ya uncle.
#SuperflySpirit #FamilyTradition 🤟🏾⭕️😈

Joao Guerra Jonathan

25 days ago

My 11yr old son is halfatasi also. He's working on growing up to 6'5". His Mom is from Savaii, so he comes by the size honestly. Your a good man and my kids love ya. Keep it up.

Monju Monjurahaman

24 days ago

I was a bit peathed to think that the genuine rock has been mocked by some 1 pretending to be the real dwayne johnson I was nearly a victim of this wicked person who was a scam please dwayne protect yourself from this has u deserve much better for yourself & your loyal fans love u always x

Kevin Teater

25 days ago

Everyone getting in on those "Secret Society" hand gestures eh. Guess the Rock is in "the club" or he wouldn't be where he is now. Makes me LMAO! As they all make out it's something else. He already "hailed Satan" and proclaimed in an interview he "likes to eat kids" (look it up yourself if you think i'm full of it). To get anywhere in Hollyweird you have to "sell yourself" in more ways than one......

Ambition has no limits.
Because we’re all in the same game, just different levels. Dealing with the same hell, just different devils.

For years you’ve made us, HBO’s #1 rated hit show and now we return with an ALL NEW SEASON of Ballers.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for rockin’ with us all these seasons and I guaran-damn-tee we gon’ light this MF up and some fun 🔥

#Ballers Seven Bucks ProductionsStephen Levinson Mark Wahlberg

10PM AUG 12th on HBO

Claudia Andrade

a month ago

So there's a guy on my profile pretending to be dwayne johnson selling movies as if uv seen such a thing he's really pissing me off I don't want to block him because I would love him to check my bank account so I can empty his

Jamie Prytulak

a month ago

Please welcome to the new MacGyver
DJ Take a brake
And make a good movies please
No more big changos fast cars
And no more skycraap.

Felix Gallegos

a month ago

⭐Game of who the heck gives a f*ck..? 😂 At least ballers tries to hit the gym once a week...😱 ⭐Game of buncha pasty @ss snowflakes stabbing each other in the back for laughs⭐🤦 I'd rather watch ballers any day... ⭐Show me the money..!🤑

I work extremely hard but never anticipated (in my wildest dreams) I’d become the highest paid actor in Forbes’ history.
I don’t have a Harvard MBA, but my business philosophy and acumen has been sharpened over time and thru failure.
My goal when I was wrestling in flea markets for $40bucks per match (well before the bright lights of the WWE) is still the exact same goal I have today - ALWAYS put my AUDIENCE FIRST.

I have one boss - the world.

Send you home happy, and I’ve done my job.
I’m the dude who started w/ $7bucks.
I’m grateful to the bone and hungry to the core.


Linda Harrington

a month ago

Not just a good actor but a good person. Money doesn't change him, he keeps it real. That's why we love him. I get so excited when I hear there's another movie coming out with Dwayne, I literally can't wait to see it, because you just know he worked hard, put everything in to it, and it's going to be awesome!!!! The only actor that I say, 'I have to see this movie.'

Cuquis Talamamtes

a month ago

I've been a fan of yours Dwayne then the early days of the WWF WWE. I first became a wrestling fan back at WrestleMania 2. I am very glad you went to movies thank you very much for entertaining us and please apologize to Scorpion King LOL love you Dwayne keep it up.

Steph Carlson

a month ago

Doesn't need to go back to WWE any more he's taking good care of himself now in good quality timing of Movies, such great guy also live him while he get so funny on talk shows

A crisp and cool 99 degrees in the IRON PARADISE this weekend.
Welcome to hell my friends.
Where I say — Devil just come on back if you ever wanna try again...I done told you once you son of a bitch, I’m the best that’s ever been.
#IronParadise #DevilWentDownToGeorgia #AndGetsHisAssKicked 💪🏾🔥😈
Great to recharge the batteries this weekend, back home with all my girls and teaching this lil’ tornado how to swim.
Took my shirt off and she said, Daddy I like it your brown boobies.. 😂🤔 Thank you baby, but daddy has pecs, not boobies.
#KickThoseLegs #UseThoseArms #MrBrownBoobs

Barb Chapman

a month ago

Question Mr. Johnson? How many days a week should I go to the gym? I mean between work and motherhood, its hard to find the balance. Presently, I go 3 times a week and I am with a trainer 2 of those times. Is that enough? Also I try to make sure i eat well. What would be the best to get results?

Michael Grijalva

a month ago

Me and my family we will love to meet you...we admire your work ethics...your strength and the honesty of your thoughts...My whole family loves you...We are in Atlanta Ga too...enjoying this hooot weather...

Bility Enaks

a month ago

Love Charlies Daniels and Im surprised, but thats not hot, I love in California Mojave Desert and it was 110 here yesterday are hottest day has been 124, now thats hell!

That’s a wrap. Boardin’ the 🦅 after takin’ it to the limit one more time.
This tour schedule was intense so you had to be on fire right outta the gates. Your pistons gotta be firing on all cylinders for every
Hand shake
Training session
Every word is judged
Every performance is critiqued.
It requires a certain DNA, thick skin and capacity to be “ON” 24/7.
No one really understand this pressure. I can count the people on one hand in my life who do and still have a few fingers left over 😉🤟🏾
I’m in love my job and I’m the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet.
The job is incredibly rewarding and equally, fatiguing, but the most valuable asset I have that keeps me motivated is
the people.
the audience
the fans
Every handshake, hug, autograph, selfie, conversation, laugh, cry and laugh again, that I experience out on the road with you is my fuel.
My secret weapon that keeps this big, brown, bald, tattooed machine firing on all cylinders.
Grateful to the bone.
Love y’all and enjoy Skyscraper this weekend.
#ThatsAWrap #SkyscraperGlobalPressTour

Nancy Love Owens

a month ago

Wow all these good comments about skyscraper. I usually love the rock movies, but this one was a cliched mess that challenges movie goers intelligence. Can't have a good hero flick without a good villain but to each their own I guess

Jamison Carter

a month ago

Job well done, looking forward to see Skyscraper when we’re back in Sweden 🇸🇪 Enjoying ourselves in Zakynthos at the moment. Take care and have a wonderful summer with your family ❤️

Keyli Alcantara

a month ago

I feel you on that. Go home, kick back, feet up and spend some time with your beautiful family. Then with Lauren and a little Tequila and some lemons. You deserve it!

My exclusive post Skyscraper premiere after party for 1.
Go back to my suite.

Reflect and raise a glass of gratitude & tequila to the city that made my career.

Then shower and devour my egg whites, oatmeal and blueberries.

Everyone goes to the after party.

I go to bed.

I’m so cool. And boring.

#WhatANight #LuvUBackNYC #SKYSCRAPER #NYPremiere 🙏🏾🥃

Kristin Engel

a month ago

Rampage was perfect! Pain and gain is one of my faves, and my hubby has a pain&gain tattoo, but he insists it is not of the movie 😂 it just happened to appear right after he saw it 🙄 😂

Susan Chilson McCarty

a month ago

Welcome back to the Big Apple Dwayne, I know this is where you made it big your fight in Madison Square Garden. Look forward to seeing you on Seth Meyer's tonight. 😉

Wiilmar Prado

a month ago

You are awesome. My son Dylan who has autism has always been one of your number one fans. He loved you as a wrestler and as an actor. Thank you for being a good role model. One of his teachers once called him Little Rock because he so looked up to you.

A real pleasure to be on Good Morning America this am with my Skyscraper writer/director Rawson Thurber and the man who was a big inspiration for my amputee character in the film, Teamglas.

He’s very excited to see the film for the first time tonight and myself and Rawson are very proud to show him.

What a man.


Max O'Kelley

a month ago

So very happy for you and all your success. <3 May God continue to bless you! Also, can you please stop by the house and visit?! Like soon, k? thanks! :)

Alina Kleemann

a month ago

KC Mitchell is another inspirational figure. Wounded combat veteran who has dominated in the powerlifting world.

Juanis Vazquez

a month ago

Where else would you be promoting your movie in New York , I want to be lucky and at least see u from a glance. 🙏

🤷🏾‍♂️ Many calling us crazy for releasing our original SKYSCRAPER amongst the summer of giant superhero franchises and sequels. That’s cool cuz us crazies sometimes dent the universe.
Our movie is an open love letter to films we grew up on from DIE HARD to TOWERING INFERNO to the SPIELBERG classics that mastered the art of building tension.
I’m proud we made a great one and early audiences loving the film.
I live to compete, so bring on the summer giants.. again, just don’t punch me too hard 🙏🏾👊🏾🤣 in the face.
#LoveLetterToTheClassics #SKYSCRAPER
Rockin’ it.
Anticipation is building. It’s in the air.. you can cut it with a knife.
Incredible luv from this amazing city.
I’m grateful. And sweating bullets.
#SkyscraperGlobalPressTour #HongKong

Krishna Detharwal

a month ago

Superhero movies and animations are becoming superboring and tired. It's about time a proper action packed movie comes out

Paul Graham

a month ago

Your fans are sending YOU a love letter....Thanking YOU for releasing, "Skyscraper," this summer!!! We need our Dwayne Johnson movie fix....Action....Suspense....Thrills.....the whole nine yards.....and then we can go back to our normal lives and do what we do....UNTIL YOUR NEXT FILM and the next and the next....into infinity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁 PS....Keep on "denting the universe."

Alice Palermo

a month ago

Saw the full cinematic trailer for this on the big screen for the first time last week. It looks AMAZING. Going to be an IMAX visit for me for certain :-)

*swipe left 👏🏾👏🏾📸
Energy was HIGH as CHINA was the first around the world to see our SKYSCRAPER.
An amazing press conference and world premiere.
They loved the film!
Look forward to sitting with press today here in Beijing.
Good times. More to come!
#SkyscraperGlobalTour #WorldPremiere #BIEJING
I had these ultra cool vintage posters made paying homage to the two classic movies that inspired me and generations, and became the inspiration for our film SKYSCRAPER.
My respect & luv to the GOAT’s - Willis, McQueen & Newman.
#DieHard #ToweringInferno
Almost midnight and cheers to SKYSCRAPER and all the brilliant, hard work our LEGENDARY/WANDA partners have given to make our movie as successful as possible here in China and deliver something great for the Chinese audience.
If you look closely, my sweatshirt is drenched in sweat because I had to come directly from the gym. If you look even closer, I was considerate enough to place a towel on my chair so I wouldn’t get it wet.
I do believe that me drinking this special Chinese vodka is a great substitute for my post workout protein/carb mix that’s in my shaker cup that’s on the table in front of me 😂🥃 cheers. #ThankYouTeam Legendary #Wanda #SkyscraperGlobalTour #BEIJING
Beijing bound 🇨🇳
A pleasure to return back to China.
Can’t wait to see everyone. Let’s roll.
#WheelsUp #FlyingSilverEagle #SkyscraperGlobalTour #BEIJING

Alfred Kojo Baks

2 months ago

I'm glad they loved the film Skyscraper.

Andyboy Bradley

2 months ago

Can't wait!

Daniel Garcia

2 months ago

Nothing this Gentleman can't do!

Ladies, gents and children of all ages.. The JUMANJI SEQUEL is officially underway.
Holy shit what a dynamite pitch from our writer/director Jake Kasdan.
We couldn’t stop laughing and most importantly - like our first JUMANJI - the HEART in our story is our anchor.
Writing with Jake,
are our original JUMANJI writers Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg.
Back to produce is my twin, Matt Tolmach and myself, Dany Garcia & Hiram Garcia.
And sorry for the spoiler but Kevin Hart dies in the first 15 seconds of the movie, to what I’m assuming will be a HUGE standing ovation from the audience and the cast Karen Gillan Jack Black NickJonas 😂
#TheSmolderReturns #SevenBucksProds #SONY #JUMANJI

Petr Jachan

2 months ago

Do you actually sleep? Or is it your goal in life to star in more movies than Nicolas Cage? I mean don't get me wrong I was dead against the Jumanji film when you first announced it and I decided to give it a watch and I was actually impressed! But man you need to slow down a little with the movies lol spend some time with your family 😄

Mahoro Clarisse

2 months ago

We laughed thru the whole movie so definitely can’t wait for the sequel to come out Even though Kevin Hart dies We will still enjoy it..

Eder Aguiar

2 months ago

Laughed so much, glad you guys are doing a second but I will admit the chemistry between you and Kevin hart is amazing

Dude on the left is pretty good at what he does.
Writer/Director, Rawson Thurber, of our original action film, SKYSCRAPER.
He also directed, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE and will write and direct, RED NOTICE with myself, Gal Gadot and a certain handsome SOB actor whom we’ll announce very soon.
He’s carving out his unique niche in our business of a writer/director of only original concepts and IP. It’s a rare club.
He’s a good dude and I love seeing good people do well.
For the record, he promised to pay me in tequila and steak if I said that “he’s a good dude” bullshit.
#PhotoShoot #LATimes #JohnsonThurber #SKYSCRAPER

Pam Sutton

2 months ago

Y el tipo de la derecha del suetercito azul esta bien buenototooootee y bien guaperrimo y aparte está cómo le da la gana estar y es bueno en todo lo que hace y ese eres tú 💓💋

Justin Zelaya

2 months ago

The shoes...f*cking awesome DJ! Of course with millions...and millions, you better have those Italian gators close by. And a fanny pack. Lol.

Sol Martinez

2 months ago

Nice shoes u got there...will u send one for me, i have to work one mpre year in Saudi Arabia to buy something like that...

*scroll left. This one’s special.
Congratulations Make-A-Wish New Jersey for 35 YEARS of granting wishes to kids.
What makes this day especially meaningful to me and my family is that, 35 years ago - my dad, Rocky Johnson (pro wrestler) granted one of Make A Wish New Jersey’s first 10 wishes ever.
My dad told Bobby, “Just think of yourself as a champ, and you’ll be a champ”... Amen.
What a special moment.
I remember my family feeling incredibly lucky and grateful to be there and meet Bobby and his family and watch my pops make Bobby’s day.
Congratulations again New Jersey. Keep up the amazing work and have a great fundraiser tonight.
And to the highest bidder, you’ll be my special guests for our SKYSCRAPER WORLD PREMIERE on the red carpet in NYC! See you there!
#MakeAWish #RootsRunDeep #NewJerseyChapter #35Years

Justina Beckett

2 months ago

Many years ago I had a nice house and good people, {my bad luck}
now it's not all, I've got disintegrated now

Felicity Tsenesa

2 months ago

Been trough some wishes done when i was kid (1979-1987) but every thing else became superficial after... i wished be part of the Family of something called race and had already vision of the franchise of Fast and furious before it even arrive to the tv. I guess all my dream is only into my head that will never be granted... because they are truely impossible... most of them! I never wished to be part of Hollywood or be a most famous personnage. I just want to have a fzmily that would understand me... because i write too much! 😂... 😕...

I will see how far i will go since i have been declared innapt to live and innapt to express myself and innapt to defend myself. Its a prison every where and a real alive paradise... there is only one... well 2 kind... Majestic Celebrity just as Dwayne The Rock Johnson and as like the Franchise of Fast and Furious to witch i still feel very much attach just because of Paul Walker. He's the only one who can put me back a smile in my sad time... i forgot who i am and it would give me up to an head ache because i'm not myself anymore. Many will tell me i cannot have that kind of privilege nor that i am not a good medium... blah blah blah. I just... hold on to him somehow because he's my anchors! If i am sad... its all because of my life problems because of talking communication matters... and then surge a rant line out of no where... its feeling like a deep hug that i doesn't have and that i doesn't receive since 10 or 11 years!

Ismael Escalera

2 months ago

Thank you Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Make-A-Wish New Jersey for honoring my cousin bobby macaluso. My aunt bev and uncle mike (Bobby's parents) felt so much love for bobby last night and they were so happy to be there to see it all happen. Please, Dwayne The Rock Johnson thank your dad for us as he will never know how happy and special he made bobby feel that day. He loved your dad and he was always his favorite wrestler and till the day he passed he told everyone about that amazing day with your dad. It was a great honor to be there with everyone.

*scroll left and haters will say it’s photoshopped. They can’t stop your shine homie

Willy Tong

2 months ago

You were right ...
But my father said some one else behind... It is too bad and hurting..
It's about.. "Arnold " movies ..
I mean Terminator ...
I Miss Classic "007"
and "Matrix"

Especially missed something relevant friends...

The "Mummy Returns"

Patti Mericle

2 months ago

So Kevin Hart wears a racoon mask now? Are you guys super heroes? Is he called racoon man, kevcoon man or Hartcoon Man.?

Nickie HD

2 months ago

A very talented man , Mr Johnson. I do agree with one comment on here about you taking it easy. Hope you don't wear yourself out. The best of luck in everything you do and take care.

Just three dudes.
Great chop session with this empire builder, Jeffery Katzenberg and our Seven Bucks Productions prez Hiram Garcia.
JK & I have been trying to meet for months (literally), and finally able to break bread.
Been a big admirer of Jeffery’s vision and tenacity for a very long time. We’re cookin’ up some cool stuff to do together.
Gonna be fun!
#AudienceFirst #ContentCreation #NextMeetingWeDrinkTequila

Christian Sunday

2 months ago

Hey Dwaye, I barely watched your Jumanji movie, it promotes high school killings, it gotta hidden message about promoting high school killings as mass school shootings.

Rhonda Stark-Bush

2 months ago

Watching some old movies “Game Plan” “the Rundown” and I thought he was big then! Now his muscles have muscles. 🙃

All joking aside, love watching your progress. From your wrestling days when i was a newb in the USN on Friday nights at Daemons in Pensacola to the star you are now… Inspiring

Djamel Amirouche

2 months ago

while in life what make friend so strong every sngle. moved you are there .the joyed bring friends closers. you see and observed the real family's around MR. Dwyane everything you are doing my sweetheart thanks your a real father a great man a great friend to other God blessed the good personality you have with all your friends out there who care for you most and family's. peace love from me to

I’ll handle this business 😉💪🏾
Mama has her hands full nursing/feeding Baby Tia, so I’m feedin’ mama her dinner.
My pleasure.
So much respect to her and all mamas out there holding it down and running things.
Just landed and good to get all my girl’s settled in.
Now, I gotta go satisfy my own appetite..
Iron Paradise, here I come.


Tiến Đạt Hoàng

2 months ago

My husband waited on me, forced me to rest and took care of everything after our babies were born. This shouldn't be rare. Men, take care of your ladies and they'll take care of you!

Emmy A. Unger

2 months ago

When my girls were babies, I didn't eat a hot, fresh meal for about four years. His response? "That's what the microwave is for".

So, when he said "make my plate just like you would make yours", I did. Cold, dry, and a half hour after everyone else's.

Mahalia Anne

2 months ago

You sir are a true gentleman. I treat my wife the same but i fear you have one upped me for sure. Gonna take notes for the second pregnancy. You truly rock Rock. Huge fan of everything you do.

The back of the jet is called, “DJ’s Think Tank” where I get my work done, let creativity flow, have meetings and then stare out the window thinking intellectualized and profound thoughts like, If you could only smell like one food for the rest of your life, what would you want to smell like?
Tequila infused pineapple
#ThinkTank #TotallyNaturalPose 🤣✈️ 🍍✍🏽
Wheels up / rockin’ out 🤟🏾
#FlyingSilverEagle #MoreThanAFeeling

Zeny Bello

2 months ago

Fresh bread and fried onions 🍞... I need a back of a plane for alone time to think, write poems and make jewelry, because every time I try the kids or my husband needs me to stop what I am doing to help, listen, or make them something to eat 😉 Lol

Marsela Palomo

2 months ago

Dwayne The Rock Johnson why don't you open another Rock Foundation in Holland? The "center" of Europe. You can help kids here too. You are an great example for many children who need an orientation in life. God bless you !

Tim Bachman

2 months ago

I’d want to smell like Tequila infused pineapple that you poured for us, on your jet, in the meeting you held where you discussed me being your personal assistant for life. Now that’s intellectual and profound thoughts. 😂😂😂

Still much to learn in the shoe and apparel business, but GREAT to see such a strong sell out launch with our new Under Armour #ProjectRock1s.
Our #ProjectRock collections have become Under Armour‘s #1 seller around the world, but the most important thing here is to continue to sharpen our game, grow and ALWAYS keep my one boss - the people - happy, by delivering products that consistently improves their performance.
Thank you all for the love. Love U back.
#Growth #Performance #UnderArmour #ProjectRock

LJ Javier

2 months ago

Mr. Rock i know that you have so much other things in your life to do and especial the Volanco in Hawaii - your heart is big as i know it is please look into the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand(John Dalley is co-founder) where some 1800 hundred dogs and cats are round up because of the rabies out break that might not even be true but those animals need help - my heart is large and in pain cause my pockets are very short and life is promise to no one - please find it in your heart to assist in any way that you can just by sending a few hundred bags of food to them thank you for reading this and GOD bless you and your family and Hawaii

JasonandJanelle Gilman

2 months ago

Looks aside, people are going to buy anything you produce because of your humility and genuine appreciation of fans. That shoe isn’t my “style” but I will want to own a pair to support

Jun Robinson Villarino III

2 months ago

Dwayne The Rock Johnson, I waiting on you to go ahead and sign that deal to star in the next Transformers movie after Bumblebee finishes. You would be epic as always.

Sunday shakas and scripts.
Reading our new Fast & Furious spin-off, titled HOBBS & SHAW w/ my dude Jason Statham and a few surprise casting announcements coming soon.
Director, David Leitch (directed DEADPOOL2) has a sharp/cool vision and tone for our movie and our writer, Chris Morgan is turning in inspired work.
Good to see our franchise evolve and grow.

Helluva fun ride - this one’s for the fans.
THANK YOU to our entire hard working production crew putting in the hard work to make something great.
Mahalo and see you soon!
Hobbs 🤙🏾

Color Heart

2 months ago

Fast and furious 1 and 2 were good. The rest are rubbish. Went from racing to cars driving out of planes or choppers and dragging safes through a city behind a car. Make a racing movie. Thats just me though

Jesse Borrego

2 months ago

I think it could be good. I believe they will stay away from the fast and furious essence and create a new story with these characters. Hopefully it has nothing to do with the original franchise.

Danita Whipple-Park

2 months ago

The movie should with Hobbs and Shaw in a ring getting ready to fight, ala Rocky 3, than Shaw says there isn’t supposed to be witnesses, Hobbs looks and says “Those guys?” Camera turns and we see Sylvester Stallone and Carl Weathers sitting of them comments on being to old to move or end just as both Shaw and Hobbs come to blows

Thank you GQ and THANK YOU to everyone for making my signature training sneaker #ProjectRock1s debut a big success.
100% SOLD OUT in 30min. Actually it was 27 1/2 minutes but who’s counting 🤣🙋🏾‍♂️
For all of you who didn’t cop them, we’ll have a second drop next month with thousands of more shoes with my next workout gear drop, #ChasingGreatness2Collection
Thanks again and enjoy the shoes!
Train hard. Stay strong.
#HardestWorkerInTheRoom #UnderArmour #ProjectRock1s #SoldOut
The Murph was a beast of a workout today. Honored and humbled to pay respects to Lt. Mike Murphy and all of our brave fallen. Your service and sacrifice will never be forgotten.
#MemorialDay #TheMurph #IronParadise (mahalo John Krasinski for the motivation)

Elinor Whitty

3 months ago

Sporting goods combined annual revenues of about 47 billions. So Who really care if u can afford it or if the product can make u gain any progress, bottom line - it’s business. Just my 0.02.

Carolyn Emerick

3 months ago

So the example here is ... A man that comes from nothing to become the best paid actor in years and more to come .... And instead of getting inspired by that so you can become the same or a better version of him .. you criticize his business!
You can't afford them don't buy them... Make your life simple shouldn't be hard for you haters!

Norma Campo

3 months ago

I would honestly from my heart appreciate if you can send me a pair I know I can’t afford them right now but please send me a pair P.S Your sales will go up the roof I promise you that

#ProjectRock1s AVAILABLE NOW 🔥

Shop the link below.

My first signature series shoe from Under Armour. I’ve engineered, beat up & broken down these for over a year.

New technology designed to deliver your best performances in the gym.

Stay strong. Train hard. Enjoy the shoes!

#SignatureSeries #UnderArmour #HardestWorkerInTheRoom #ProjectRock1

Ciara Miller

3 months ago

There are millions and millions of your fans in India, and even you mentioned Under Armour India in your post , but still none of your product is available in India.SAD.
Would have loved to wear one of those 😞

Karl Gotts

3 months ago

Will we be able to find these in stores? I have fitment concerns because I wear a wide shoe, I don’t want to order online and not have it fit. I’ve been looking for the last project rock deltas since they came out and have never seen them in stores, including an Under Armour store.

Ben Worth

3 months ago

I don't know about that logo. I was trying to figure out how to make a rock look cool, maybe your silhouette stylized holding a bolder over your head. Instead it looks like a sumo wrestler lifting a rhinoceros.

Gentlemen, scholars & trouble.

My producing partner and bearded white man on my left, Beau Flynn graduated from NYU.

My dude (and one day my director) and bearded white man on my right, John Krasinski graduated from Brown University.

The big, brown, bald, tattooed man in the middle graduated from the greatest college football program on the planet where we piss greatness (and got in trouble) on the reg - University of Miami.

The good kind of trouble 😈

Good times & good talks hanging with my brothas.
#Hawaii #HanginLoose 🤙🏾

Keisha Lanell Merchant

3 months ago

The Rock...thinking there is need the space if you are planning to inviting someone for a cuppa...well bravo guys....X

Edward Sanchez

3 months ago

My favorite match was the 99 I quit match in the royal rumble thanks for all the awesome matchs I grew up with & the movies that I love the rock is still cooking and its awesome

Cassadie Miranda

3 months ago

nice photo. very awesome picture very cute. in life we team up with those that are very precious friends and family's we cherish and value the people who care for us God blessed the day time years for all of you guys
peace and love to you guys may our almighty God blessed all with love compassion of friendship with those who always around went needed some love and secures with all the hardship pay the time for big accomplished for our successful journey. keep on moving the path will show the direction of a lifetime for the best and better future. God blessed you always Mr. Dwyane Johnson yesterday I went church I give a big love prayers to our God almighty for guidance with the people of Hawaii may heavenly God protect those family in Hawaii

Swipe for the exclusive first look at my new Under Armour PROJECT ROCK1’s dropping THIS MONDAY 5/28.
My goal to create one of the greatest training shoes you’ll ever wear continues to be my drive.
Been training in these for over a year to improve their quality, engineering and performance.
They’re ready... and so are we.
#UnderArmour #ProjectRock1s #HardestWorkerInTheRoom

Paula James

3 months ago

I've always been a Reebok shoe guy, but if there are any other color ways I might give these a try. Definitely need a new pair of shoes...

Rachelle Maturan

3 months ago

:( 1. they are out of my price range and 2. Women's size 5 or slightly smaller? :( don't think so. (medium width too)

Willson Grande

3 months ago

I have been wearing under armor shoes, for years most comfortable , I have small wide feet, I work out, work in... yard ..listen best made shoes and fit, or at least mine r.

Happy Mother’s Day Mama Rock.
The OG Johnson matriarch holding it all down.
It’s incredible when I think about what this woman has been through. What she’s had to overcome. Like so many mothers out there, sacrificing so much to do her best to raise a good (most of the time;) boy into a good man.
My gratitude, love and respect is boundless.
And even though she looks high as a kite in this picture, truth is she’s never hit that Devil’s Lettuce.
Unlike her son. Never mind.


Deanna North

3 months ago

She's beautiful, Happy Mother's Day, You did an outstanding job with Dwayne, I am sure he is a reflection of you. He is truly an amazing man and I know he gets it from his mama. ♥️🌹🌹♥️

Phyllis Wilkerson

3 months ago

You don't need a date on a calender to tell your mum happy mother's day; or to say I love you. I would just like a hug every other day and a thanks mum 😉

Jody Smith

3 months ago

The reason this man is so great is because a great women raise him. I see where he got his good looks too. Happy belated Mother’s Day Momma Rock. 😊


Lotta fun w/ my brothas Jason Statham & director, David Leitch in our production meeting.

This is what happens when I whisper under my breath, “Smile for the camera you bald Harry Potter bitch!” And he says - Yeah clearly that extra small shirt is cutting off your brain circulation you big asshole.

All while our phenomenal director keeps his poker face knowing he’s gonna have the time of his life directing our film.
Been wanting to work with David for years now. Very talented and knows how to create and shoot bad ass, cool and FUN characters.

He directed JOHN WICK, ATOMIC BLONDE and next week his new movie, DEADPOOL 2 looks to be huge with audiences worldwide.

We have a lot of fun surprises in store with our movie and what an opportunity for us to smartly build out our beloved Fast & Furious franchise with our spinoff.

We’re pumped to shoot and most importantly, THANK YOU FANS for all the love, support and excitement.
Shooting starts this September!

#HobbsAndShaw #DavidLeitch #ChrisMorgan #NealMoritz #HiramGarcia #SevenBucksProds #UniversalStudios

Herman Østby

3 months ago

Whatever people.... This is what others hoping to see in F8, Hobbs and Shaw in a fight. The director and the producer just making it possible. My family is #teamrock, and we love Jason Statham and Vin Diesel too. Still want to see these three in one movie.

Claudio Santillan

3 months ago

It isn’t his franchise! I love the Rock & Jason Statham too, but this franchise is Vin Diesels’ baby, always will be as far as I’m concerned. With all that the Rock has going on this seems wrong. I do know the Rock & Jason Statham will do a great job with the spinoff though.

Emily Snyder

3 months ago

I love everyone involved in the films throughout the years! Rock...we watch you in the ring, out of the ring, in the movies, whatever you got goin, we support. As long as there is no vindictiveness or bad blood, my family is team Rock!! Buuuttt...could you maybe throw Kevin hart in just for a scene or 2...just for few laughs? 🤣 Ya'llare a trip together!! Much love and respect to you all!! Cant wait to watch the movie! 🏎🤼‍♂️💪

Happy Mother’s Day to my main squeeze @lauLauren Hashian Official, holding my little main squeeze, Jasmine Lia, who’s holding my tiniest main squeeze, Tiana Gia - both our daughter’s middle names are in honor of their great grandmothers, Lia and Giavanna.

I’m in constant respect and grateful awe of all the things this incredible mama accomplishes on a daily basis. Here’s a fun small recap:

Having a two and half year old and a newborn attached and clinging to her 24/7.
Managing the wonderfully fun, Terrible 2’s with Jazzy.

The “Hi, I need to eat every 3hrs and preferably from your boob” (just like daddy;) with Baby Tia.

Managing multiple family properties.

Managing an ever growing staff of family employees across the country.

Picking up the ENTIRE FAMILY, STAFF AND DOG and moving to multiple locations AROUND THE WORLD, throughout the year because of my filming and production schedule.
All while continuing to build an amazing career as a music and song writer/producer. As an artist and businessman myself, I recognize how incredibly hard this part is of her job is. She’s a brilliant visionary storyteller and lyrically gifted - all qualities that are hard to tap into when you’re managing this nonstop life of ours. But she does it like a brilliant bad ass.
And here’s the best part and the thing I’m most proud of... Lauren does it all with a big genuine smile and is truly, the kindest and sweetest soul you’ll ever meet.
People tell me all time after they spend time with her, “Lauren’s the nicest person I have ever met”. I always say, “Yes she is and being nice runs in our family... and so does kicking ass, so don’t ever get on her bad side” Lol.

And finally - of all the human beings on this earth she could have as her partner - she chose me. One big, brown, bald, tattooed, very lucky SOB.

Happy Mama’s Day Lauren.

Take a bow and Queen it up - you’re an amazing mama and amazing mama’s make this world go around.

#yvpagm x

Rene Kröger

3 months ago

Happy Mother's Day to your beautiful and graceful Wife!!! You are truly blessed and so appreciative of the life that God has blessed you with and I'm so very proud of you and your Family!!! Thanks for being such a great actor and man all around!!! I have so much respect for You!!! You give me hope that there are real men out there and one day God will bring me my forever soul mate!!! Thank you!!! Keep on Rocking!!!! You da man!!!! ❤️🙏😘

Renee Wilson

3 months ago

Ok Dwayne its time to do the right thing! I never thought I would say this so xe I been in live with you since I first saw you BUT she swswrves a better title than baby mama. Marry the woman she has has to deal with a lot your kids needs a fulltime Father and their Mother is going to need help raising those beautiful girls Dwayne. I love you enough to let you go! LOL .

Zsuzsa Gyöngyösi

3 months ago

Kings recognise and appreciate their queens, only foolish men speak ill of their wives. Showering her with love and praises means that you have found the secret to long life. Happy mother's day to her and to all the mamas, step mommies, girlfriends, step dads, single dads, widowers, who never receive appreciation/ recognition for all their selfless love and hardwork

Congrats to our Seven Bucks Productions Director of Photography, Brian Henderson for just winning an EMMY for Outstanding Sports Journalism for his powerful piece on Syria.

I wanted to raise the bar for my social media platforms and I needed to find an excellent storyteller who can help me create and deliver compelling, cool and inspiring stories as opposed to a lot of the noisy content that floods our devices daily.
He’s a great shooter with an eye for cool composition- fun to see his growth.

Here he’s capturing me in my natural environment when I lock eyes on something I’m going to hunt down and devour... the beautiful and elusive two legged dear.


Maria Eduarda

3 months ago

Blessings dear Brother. The Homeland. Creator protect all people there. To the Four Wind's. Ancestors are thankful.

Leah Findlay

3 months ago

The way nature looks with you while you embrace the way you "how you look with nature, naturally"...way to go braddah!!

Samuel Richardson

3 months ago

Just watched Central was HILARIOUS!!! So much love between you two. I really needed this tonight. Thank you xoxo

Productive script breakdown here in Hawaii with my JUNGLE CRUISE team. Producers Beau Flynn, Hiram Garcia & Scott Sheldon.
Writer, Justin Haythe and my phenomenal Spanish director (white t shirt) Jaume Collet Serra.
Feeling good about our world creation with this movie. Stakes and responsibilities are big... so much so I demand DJ BALLOONS be brought in and hung over Beau Flynn’s head when we have production meetings.
It helps me focus.

Roger Rivera

3 months ago

Awesome I'm a big fan of your DJ I will watch any movie you have not seen a bad one yet keep them coming 56 and still watching any movie you make they are all awesome

Farhan Badilla Syam

3 months ago

Please donate to fight the environmental racism in New Orleans, where Dwayne Johnson was paid to record an advertisement in support of a power plant...along with "Crowds on Demand".

Lisa-Marie Haßler

3 months ago

Seguro será un éxito más para su carrera, pues es un hombre que trabaja y se esfuerza muy duro para conseguir que las cosas salgan impecables, y eso se lo consigue también siendo responsables en la vida

Hawaii bound.
Let’s get to work my friends. This one’s special.. #JungleCruise
One of the most critical (and enjoyable) meetings of the year for me is sitting with my top and most trusted advisors.
Six long and very productive hours of strategy and build out.
WME partners, Brad Slater, Jason Hodes and Todd Jacobs.
My financial advisor and investment strategist, Howard Altman of Grant, Tani, Barash & Altman.
And she’s the greatest enterprise builder in the game, Dany Garcia, founder of the The Garcia Companies which also serves as my management company.
Joining us later, my entertainment attorneys, Harold Brown and Bianca Levin of Gang, Tyre, Ramon and Brown.
And our newly appointed CFO, Simon Walshaw.
Surround yourself with brilliant, hungry people who are experts at their craft - and go to work.
And if you fail, even better. You’ll be stronger and smarter next go around.
I never wanted to just play in the game. I want to change the way the game is played.
A very productive day - thank you team.
#AnnualGDS #TeamRock #SevenBucks #GlobalEnterprise

Xóchitl Ceballos Medina

3 months ago

Come see us that have been evacuated on the Big Island.....Puna strong. Could bring some smiles tova few folks around here...Mahalo..

Md Shåkîl Ãhmêd

3 months ago

Driving on Kauai today and saw a Buena Vista studios truck with set decoration inside drive past us. (there was a sign that said it was set decor, I didn't see anything. 😁) I figured it was for Jungle Book since I read it started filming here this week. Then I see this post. So that confirms it, I guess. :)

Jen Joshua Boco

3 months ago

We would love to see you at Aliamanu Middle School! It would be great for our mix of military kiddos and local kiddos to see where they can go it they put in hard work! Mahalo for everything you do for us military families and the people of Hawaii!

Our partnership with Under Armour has now become the #1 global footprint for the brand.
I’m not selling a dream to win championships or gold medals.
I sell a raw concept and idea that in life you’re gonna get knocked down and fucked up, but it’s in that critical moment when you rise back up, dust yourself off and keep going, that we find success.
No championships. No medals.

Just people around the world from different cultures, religions and occupations, getting better daily and putting in the work with their own two hands.
THANK YOU everyone worldwide who’ve joined our #ProjectRock family. We’re just getting started.
#UnderArmour #HardestWorkerInTheRoom 🌎
HUGE thank you to my phenomenal management team The Garcia Companies for this bad ass creative birthday cake made of my 2018 To Do List. Thank you so much for making my birthday a great and fun one.
And for the record, I’ve never written “Dominate The Globe”.. but what I do write is...
“Global Domination - With A Benevolent Smile”

#NobelPeacePrize #AndMyTattoos 🌎💪🏾🤣
Cause every girl’s crazy bout a sharped dressed man.
In mean green shoes.
Productive 2 days of creative content and publicity work for SKYSCRAPER.
Thank you Team Universal, all our marketing partners and my press friends who made the trip in.
We had fun!

Brea Taylor Galbreath

3 months ago

I am sure you get asked repeatedly to donate to causes and I am sure they are all worth it. But, I am asking for you to go Gold in September for Childhood Cancer. Perhaps, just perhaps You and Under Armour could donate a small percentage of sales to go towards Childhood Cancer research. 4% of the National Budget goes towards childhood cancer research. I know you love the kiddos and this would mean so much. Not because it's money, yes that helps, but because as I have watched your career, you are the real deal. You are passionate, and hard working and well a super hero to some of these kiddos who are facing the worst monsters, cancer. Don't get me started on the worst monster, DIPG. But it's just a thought, one I hope you seriously consider. There are some great organizations working to help develop treatment and cures and if we don't have little bambinos, then we are lost. I appreciate your voice.

Miguel Romero Monge

3 months ago

Usted tiene una hermosa madre cuidela mucho porque madre es una sola y como esa nunca la podra encontrar ojala quisiera tener un hijo que aunque me pudiera comprar un cacharro aunque sea para ir al doctor comprar mi comida,senora usted tiene un hijo que bale la Vida y el mundo entero dios le vendiga siempre muchos besos y abrazos mi #1muahhhhh

Ren Jady

3 months ago

I didn't mind paying 15 or 20 bucks for a "Brahma Bull" tshirt! Probably my favorite shirt! It does cause me to walk around with my right eyebrow slightly raised and increases my use of the word "jabroni," but other than that it's awesome!

What a cast we’ve put together!
Welcome my good bud, Paul Giamatti to our Disney’s JUNGLE CRUISE family.
I’ve gotten glimpses of the character he’s creating and man, is it gonna be a fun one.
Production kicks off in one week.
Trust me, I’m your skipper.. what could possibly go wrong?

#AllAboard #PaulGiamatti #JungleCruise

Alexandra Berger

3 months ago

Dwayne The Rock Johnson So you know... just out of curiosity when am I going to get my notice about being apart of the cast? 😂🤣

Boaz Thomas

3 months ago

I'd ask how you make a movie out of a boat ride, but it worked out just fine for Pirates of the Caribbean, so alrighty. He should randomly be the boat captain at Disney one day, people would freak.

Precious Ibe Kalu

3 months ago

I know Paul Giamatti. He is an excellent actor, acting like if it is real in San Andreas movie.

Horns forward - cracked and scarred. Momentum. Mana.

THANK YOU around the world for joining our #ProjectRock movement and making our new CHASE GREATNESS
COLLECTION one of Under Armour’s most strongest selling collections ever.

Unlike my fellow UA partners, whom I have the utmost respect for - I never became a pro athlete. I failed and never achieved my dream of playing in the NFL.

But it’s in our failures, that our story is defined.

#HardestWorkerInTheRoom #ChaseGreatnessCollection
#UnderArmour #ProjectRock

Patrick Furlow

3 months ago

Apparently I got called ugly, because I like Nia Jax in WWE group. I absolutely said nothing to the man. I just commented about Nia. As I said before, I don't let people define me. I don't think Nia is ugly and I think she deserves her belt and I think she's absolutely beautiful. Some men need to stop shaming women seriously.

Dominick Trousdale

3 months ago

Just overheard my 11 year old ask his dad if they can do some weight because he wants to look like The Rock.
I can buy the shirt but any advice welcome.... 😉

Guillaume Sambuchi

3 months ago

Perhaps it was NOT a failure...perhaps something BIGGER said, NOPE...we have different plans for you!!! its is not your "failures" that define YOU, but YOU!!!!!YOU defined YOU!!! not your athleticism, not your bald head or your big mouth...its that spark inside you that IGNITED!!! ROCK ON!

To my beloved son, Kevin Hart

Twinkle Twinkle little Hart
I just don’t know where to start
Daddy will always love and protect your tiny little soul
Even though you were delivered directly out of the butthole.
#Shhhh #JustShutYourLittleMouth #AndGoNightNight #OnDaddysPecMeat

Pete Sanchez

4 months ago

Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

Janice Fowler

4 months ago

if anyone doesnt find this hilarious i have a simple plan for you.
1. Take your tablet/laptop/phone back to the shop,
2. Cancel your internet package as this place isnt for you
3. read a paper or listen t' wireless like the good ol' days.
4. collect coupons and knit sweaters

K-nine Whisperer

4 months ago

I don't think this is funny I think actually it's quite disgusting that someone has Photoshop this photo. Nasty this take a really tender moment and make it into a bad joke that is very distasteful.

THANK YOU FANS! In just 10 days RAMPAGE crosses $300M globally and growing.
#1 movie in the world for the second week in a row.
Thrilled and grateful audiences are loving the movie around the world and especially when my best friend, George the ape gives me his infamous salute 🖕🏾🦍😂 #RAMPAGE #1MovieInThe🌎
My God look at this beautiful lil’ 4 3/4’s year old human. I’m so grateful this post caught my eye. We’re all pulling for you Caroline for a successful surgery tomorrow. I don’t know you, but I never knew how much I needed to see this picture until now. You inspire and motivate me. And I’m bald too, so that automatically makes me cool like you. Stay strong. Love, DJ.
#Repost @maltz30
Hi @therock ! I wanted to reach out to you on behalf of this little , fierce warrior. THIS is Caroline Lantz, she’s 4 ( she’ll tell you she is 4 and 3/4 🤣) and she is battling Stage 4 Stage Neuroblastoma: a high-risk, aggressive cancer that has spread throughout almost all of her body, including her bone marrow. She needs us all on our knees praying🙏 for her as she goes in for her surgery to remove her tumor this Friday, April 27th at 8:00 am CST. I know you are a busy man, but if you have a moment to reach out to all of your fans to ask that they pray for Caroline this Friday it would mean the world to this precious girl! #carolinestrong

Elias Torres

4 months ago

Have you ever heard of the little film known as Infinity war? It already made $139 million in Europe in one day. I'm pretty sure rampage will be devoured by infinity war and be simply regarded as a tiny foot note in cinema history.

Lizeth Abad Montañez

4 months ago

The only reason why is because your film was the only one released... Again... Course you're gonna be top when nothing else even close to a blockbuster comes out. Probably another film where he rips off his wwe persona. When are you going to retire because you obviously have enough money now, the world doesn't need any more Dwayne "The pebble" Johnson sigh.

Terrell Kirby

4 months ago

God I also love ur leading lady
Can't wait for ur next movie,I know its going to be great and awesome
I know it will beat rampage number
Watching it again today
Nice work sir

Skin to skin. Our mana.
Blessed and proud to bring another strong girl into this world.
Tiana Gia Johnson came into this world like a force of nature and Mama Lauren Hashian Official labored and delivered like a true rockstar.
I was raised and surrounded by strong, loving women all my life, but after participating in baby Tia’s delivery, it’s hard to express the new level of love, respect and admiration I have for Lauren Hashian Official and all mamas and women out there.
Word to the wise gentlemen, it’s critical to be by your lady’s head when she’s delivering, being as supportive as you can.. holding hands, holding legs, whatever you can do. But, if you really want to understand the single most powerful and primal moment life will ever offer - watch your child being born. Its a life changer and the respect and admiration you have for a woman, will forever be boundless.
And to my third and youngest daughter, Tiana Gia - like I did when your two older sisters Simone Alexandra and Jasmine Lia were born, you have my word, I’ll love, protect, guide and make ya laugh for the rest of my life.
Your crazy dad has many responsibilities and wears many hats in this big ol’ world, but being your dad will always be the one I’m most proud to wear.
Oh and one more thing.. you’re gonna love rollin’ in daddy’s pick up truck.
#TianaGiaJohnson #3rdDaughter #BlessesAndGratefulMan

José Alejandro

4 months ago

Oh and PS. You’ll never have a boyfriend. 😂 (not cause you’re not super totally are, but cause uh —-> your dad is the Rock and he will flick boyfriend off the porch with his eyebrow)

Joshua Avila

4 months ago

Can you imagine the poor kid that wants to take her on a date in 18 years or so, goes to pick her up and the freakin Rock answers the door? I would piss myself right then and there. That is if The Rock is not off filming The Fast and the Furious 27: Freaky Friday Edition. In that Fast and the Furious Hobbs and Dom Toretto switch bodies like in Freaky Friday.

Cathrine Betzer

4 months ago

Some of these comments are ridiculous. He may not have pushed the baby out but that’s his child too. He deserves the skin to skin with her as much as his significant other does. I’m sure she doesn’t mind him holding THEIR child and isn’t sitting uncomfortably somewhere for him to do so. I was up walking around a few hours after both of my children while my husband held them. NOT A HUGE DEAL. Poor guy can’t even enjoy the birth of his child without a bunch of morons trolling because they have nothing better to do. Snuggle that baby, Dwayne. Time goes so quickly. Congratulations ❤️

Scroll left to see some big, brown, bald tattooed dude crowned @GQ's Best Dressed who also crushes his airport style with gigantic biceps and a huge head (circumference wise) to match.
Thank ya @GQ for the style nod and a big thank ya and hat tip to my stylist and one of my fav humans @ilariaurbinati - the Italian assassin.
#BestDressed #RAMPAGE #WorldTour #LA #London #ShangHai

Cornell Knott

4 months ago

Ya big show off ;) x congratulations hun looking good x

John Henderson

4 months ago

It is pretty dreary next to the standard stuff.Simply leaves me having this hollow experience, just can’t grasp it completely. ✨

Rose Singh

4 months ago

No surprise here😍 Best dressed, sexy... What else to say?? What does that song say?? "Coz every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man" 😁😁 love U❤️❤️

Jeff Bezos + RAMPAGE = 🤙🏾
The love and respect is mutual brother. Keep inspiring the world - myself included.
Look forward to working with you down the road... until then we’ll continue to be the trail blazing Smolder Bros who make being bald look bad ass and sexy on every day that ends with Y.
#BezosRock #TheSmolderBros
This Thursday, I'm gonna introduce you to a few very unique and special athletes who, like myself and my dude from Team Onward here, overcame obstacles and achieved their dreams through extreme hard work and willpower. Join us for the debut of our NEW Under Armour #WillFindsAWay campaign this week.

Francisco Eduardo Avariano

4 months ago

I don't dislike you. But ffs, we can't get teacher's paid but you lifting an eyebrow makes millions....

Louise Fasey

4 months ago

Yesturday my daily battle report aka "man down" was interrupted or changed by this "five injured". Five injured workers from water station at the eastern Ukraine. They also might be your fans if they survive. I hope they do.

Zama Ntuli

4 months ago

So this is what the guy I work for looks like lol I must be the only associate who never thought to look for a picture of the big boss. And gotta say to the rock..YOU ARE AWESOME!!

THANK YOU CHINA (from me and big George) for this massive love and support bringing in my biggest box opening ever in the Middle Kingdom and Warner Bros 2nd biggest opening of all time. This one means a lot.
I’ve worked extremely hard over the years to establish a real global relationship with every country around the world - including China.
Years ago when I set out to establish myself globally, I knew the odds were stacked against me, because I wasn’t going into all these territories around the world as a superhero for Marvel or DC or an established IP backing me like a Harry Potter, Hunger Games etc. I was going around the world as just me, Dwayne Johnson - the big, brown, bald, tattooed human being. Who laughs a lot, drinks a lil’ too much and cusses even more.
Stayed focused on my long term plan. 15 long years later - here we are.
#ThankYouCHINA #BiggestOpeningEver #RAMPAGE

Wonder Mlangeni

4 months ago

Hubby and I went to see it this weekend..did not disappoint! Thank you for all of your hard work..we love the line "that's a big arm" and have noticed it in the last three movies..cracks us up every time! <3

Helen Henaway

4 months ago

Going around as just you. Lol. Being one of the most renowned WWE superstars called the Rock sure helped Dwayne Johnson conquer the world. You’ve put the work in, no doubt but you “did” have a franchise like Harry Potter or the hunger games called the WWE invest in you, helping build that fan base you so remarkably entertain and care about.

Marta Bukšnytė

4 months ago

I love you Dwayne but please don’t hang out with Saudi Arabian princes who believe in the inhumane treatment of women ~ ✌🏻✌🏻❤️

‘Cause every girl’s crazy bout a sharp dressed man.
Who lives his life walking thru basements, side entrances, secret exits all just to get where he has to go. Which is usually the mini bar.
#WorldTour #RAMPAGE

Margie Guillot

4 months ago

Always looking good! Dwayne it don’t matter what you do! You can have the worst day and u will beat the sexy button every time, anywhere! Anyhow! Your beautiful inside and out!

Helga Rebecca Lee

4 months ago

Luv ⭐My Rock~ Dwayne⭐
He has such Class.. A great son..husband n father taking care of business. I bless him n all his familia always. His parents get credit for good job raising him. So proud of him n all he does for make a wish fdn. & he truly luv's n respects his fans. 💖🙋🌹
👏🙏👏 I was born in Bay Area n knew some families back in day..n unsure..but i hv a gut feeling now they n Dwaynes fam may have been related. 🌴🌴🌴🙋
Love n Blessings. Bendiciones🙏

Chino Chetty

4 months ago

I certainly enjoy the movies he’s been in,my fav is “The Run down” second “ San Andreas” and 3rd “Journey To Mysterious Island” they are all good movies and funny! I wasn’t really into “Doom” but,that’s just me! Karl Urban was good in the movie to,it was just seeing Dwayne in a different character is all,it wasn’t a bad movie 😀 he inspired me to get back into shape again,I put over 60 lbs on and got up to a size 18 pants and 2X top, I am now in a petite size 8 pants & a size 8-10 medium top 😀 my Husband is proud but mostly for my health! Mr. Johnson is INCREDIBLE in all he does! Look forward to his next movie! Oh,loved Jumanji😍

Historic milestone. JUMANJI becomes Sony’s highest grossing film ever.
Audience always comes first and its a pleasure creating big, fun theatrical rides for the world to experience.
Love y’all and THANK YOU - it’s because of you we just made history.
#JUMANJI #SevenBucksProds #Issa🎁 🤟🏾

Shayne Matthew

4 months ago

I enjoyed the movie. But that was because it had a solid cast. Sony got lucky with this risky move to reboot a cult classic, and have a solid cast if anyone else played the characters I don't think it would have done well at all or bombed. But I enjoyed it. It was funny as hell

Ricardo Martinez

4 months ago

My good friend, I had a lot of fun with the film, my girls too. It's a good fantastic comedy, especially in the scenes in which Bravestone and Roundhose wanted to kiss, were absurd situations that had the characters that cause a lot of fun and laughter. note that as in almost all the movies you work on Jumanji also has a lot of you, that way in which the characters are amazed when they see your great body, the peculiar way of acting that discovers your cheerful and joking character, those scenes in which you express that child you carry inside, in which you bare that treasure that is what allows you to really be so good at what you do, your heart. I really like the way you act. Thank you friend. Good job.

Santina Chaves Vilela

4 months ago

I love Jumanji original and the new Jumanji it's funny and it has action, the characters change but in a good way. It's fun and adventure good for all ages and family movie, I really watched it lots of times on DVD. I am glad Dwayne role is a nerd-smart/cool guy. it's almost like a little bit of indiana jones with adventure/action with comedy. ♥👍👍I gave two thumbs up. the game board turn into live action and thrilling playstation.

Travelled 14hrs from China and finally.. the Eagle has landed 🦅- LONDON.
I’ve missed the hell outta ya. Let’s do what we do.
#WorldTour #RAMPAGE #London #5AM #AndDaddyNeedsTheGym #ButHeReallyNeedsAShower


4 months ago

Da*rm DJ what your secret and this is all in 1 day flying from China to London 14 hrs #keepgridingbrother#Rapagecountdown2daystogo

Peggy Grove Holloway

4 months ago

My dear when you will come to Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, do you release some movie? You have a lot of fans around here.
It would be wonderful to see you. A big hug from your fan who accompanies you from the beginning of your career ok

Bửu Tô Lâm

4 months ago

Meu querido quando virá ao Brasil no rio de janeiro, fazer lançamento de algum filme? Você tem muitos fãs por aqui
Seria maravilhoso ver você. Um grande abraço de sua fã que te acompanhe desde o início de sua carreira ok

A lovely fan gave me her baby to hold while walking the red carpet here in SHANGHAI.
The little angel was like “unhand me you beast, you brute”... story of my life with females 🤷🏾‍♂️ #WorldPremiere #SHANGHAI Rampage Movie
Crushed velvet like daddy’s favorite cupcake lol.
Completely blown away by the love from the people of SHANGHAI on last night’s RAMPAGE red carpet.
Very special and I’m honored to once again, bring my film to China for the Chinese people.
Unforgettable experience.
APRIL 13th
He’s the biggest action star in China 🇨🇳 and holds the biggest box office record in China as well. The Wolf Warrior himself, WU JING. Great guy and good to chop up potential business with him.
The other is the big, brown, bald, tattooed Tooth Fairy.
Good times. Bad dudes.
Loving my time in Shanghai with the fans/press and getting some great work done.
Pre-workout lion blood is kickin in 🦁
Combating 15+hrs of jet lag fatigue by hittin’ it hard. I have a big work schedule ahead of me today so I gotta anchor and balance my day with the iron.
Next time you travel abroad - land, eat, shower, fight thru fatigue and hit the gym. It’ll clear your mind and settle your body chemistry into that new time zone. Or you can say f*ck it, order room service and go to bed.. which is always a solid alternative lol.
#HardestWorkerInTheRoom #NonNegotiable #SHANGHAI #WorldTour #RAMPAGE
Shanghai bound. 🤙🏾
That’s a wrap on all domestic press junkets, appearances and Hollywood premiere.
I’ve been doing business in China for years now, but this will be my first visit to Shanghai. I’m told to prepare myself for the love that’s waiting for me - I’m a sucker for love so bring it on!
Good Lord I’m exhausted, but nothing a double shot of tequila, some dead cow and an Ambien can’t cure.
Wheels up on the ol’ flying Silver Eagle.
#WorldTour #LoveAwaits #SHANGHAI #RAMPAGE
Thank you for luv. Every event you stand outside and wait for hours for this moment - time is our greatest currency, so I never take your timefor granted and I luv you back. Good thing I have some long ass arms for these selfies.
#WorldPremiere #PreciousTime #RAMPAGE


4 months ago

Always be like that, fun, sincere and a great person. I'm a big fan of yours. I knew you went through a sad period of depression but believe in who you are, God gave you a great gift. The gift of holding us to the canvases. Great actor. Great man, father and person. Big hug.

Colin Mace

4 months ago

I just read where you said, if you had been in the NFL, you would have taken a knee, say it isn’t so.

Alma Ylenia

4 months ago

I'm not famous...but people used to shove their kids in the my arms when I lived in China for 4 months. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and that basically makes me a rock star there. It was totally weird for both me and the kids.

‘Cuz every girl’s crazy bout a sharp dressed man.🔥
..who once thought wearing a fanny pack and turtle neck was cool af.
THANK YOU Warner Bros, New Line, city of Los Angeles and especially THE FANS who made our RAMPAGE world premiere the biggest Hollywood’s ever seen. Not sure how we’ll ever top it.
Eh we’ll find a way lol.
These are some good boys right here. Bright futures, well mannered and they’re already taller than Kevin Hart.
An amazing night for our LA Family Housing raising awareness and dollars to help families transition out of homelessness and poverty.
I know what it’s like not having the security of a roof over your head.. these boys have gone thru it too. I’m proud of them and how they now want to give back to their community.
Thank you to EVERYONE who attended.
Powerful night.

Aivars Musijenko

4 months ago

Only if that man looks as good as you sir;) Thank you for staying so humble in spite of all your success. That makes you even more handsome and your smile just makes our hearts melt sir!!

Jr Romero

4 months ago

Can't wait to see it...Anything with Dwayne in it.He has the greatest smile and seems like the nicest person ever..and a great laugh and sense of humor

Chris Ebel

4 months ago

Oh yes, don't forget the hat and tie. I wouldn't been able to take it. You're so handsome. I just like men in suits, fully dressed. Sigh!