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Dialed in & hit the mark.
260lbs of attitude & classy cuss words.
After 18 weeks of disciplined diet & intense training, here’s where I landed my carcass for shooting my FAST & FURIOUS spin-off HOBBS & SHAW.
Always room for improvements, but not too bad for a scarred up surgically repaired Brahma Bull who’s injuries always tell the story.
Huge THANKS to my strength and conditioning coach Dave Rienzi for his masterful strategies that’s constantly shifting daily based on how I’m looking/feeling to achieve our goals.
THANKS to EVERYONE in my inner circle (including the NASA scientists 😉) who support the big picture - my diet, training, health & wellness, balance, consistency and execution.
Finally, THANKS TO ALL THE FANS. My people out there worldwide 🌎 who buy into our grind belief and my philosophy that payin’ our dues is owed on a daily basis.
Thanks for rockin’ with me — let’s have some fun and take this HOBBS & SHAW franchise to the next level.
#NightlyTequilaDrinker 🥃

Zebio Sep

a day ago

My son is in remission from cancer and will be through in May of 2019. He got his Make a Wish to Vegas where you awarded the trophy to the body building champ. He didn’t get to meet you and wanted to so bad. But he’s in the gym and determined to get back to his pre cancer body.

Stacey Coleman

13 hours ago

Rock Dwayne señor I don’t
Know if you read the comments but let me tell you my daughter said she will marry you, no matter where she see any pictures or movies etc etc of you, she always says I will marry that handsome man lol she just turned 7 years old. And she saw this picture and she was wow mami I cant wait to get older and marry this man I like is muscles lol silly my girl

Erald Musai

a day ago

My child saw this pic and said "that looks like the guy from Jumanji". I said that is him. Hes also in Moana. She said "please tell him I really like his movies". Her name is Kenzie and she is 7. I told her...I also like his movies! 😊

TBT in our beloved Florida Everglades where I tamed Big Bertha — the legendary swampland gator responsible for biting off 7 human arms, 47 toes, 12 truck bumpers and 1 leather fanny pack.
My interpretation of “fun” has always been slightly debatable.
Now kindly hold my tequila tea, I gotta gator to wrassle 😈💪🏾

Susan McInnis

3 days ago

Shame on you. I will no longer follow your posts after this. I might not mean anything in your world and I’m only one person leaving your FB following but for a few terrifying moments you were life and death in that animal’s eyes. If going from $7 in your pocket to multimillionaire means you terrorize a caged animal for fun and online adoration, then I don’t want to be your kind of “success” story.

Yohan Calle Vasquez

2 days ago

Your PR should be sacked mate I think u have gone on the wrong side of some animal lovers think closely what u do your actions define u
And always remember your as good as your last mistake 🤷🏻‍♂️

Lance Wheat

3 days ago

Eh, not so cool. I respect what you do, but how’d you feel if someone bigger than you (hard to imagine I know) came up and just put you in a position you couldn’t get out of? You’d probably be pretty agitated about it.

Morning sideways shit show.
All my baby girls are battling colds..🤒 Lil’ Jazzy comes into our bed to wake me up, lays on my chest and coughs directly into my mouth 👍🏾
I come downstairs to this beautiful mess and my French bulldog, Hobbs looking at me like, “Real talk brotha, I didn’t do shit... now go on and put some breakfast in my bowl and we gonna be cool”
Good way to start my day before I head into work!! #BringItOn 😂🤷🏾‍♂️
Two Hollywood Heavyweights and some bald, tatted rando with muthafuckin’ magician skills of balancing light fixtures on my head after 3 🥃 tequilas.
Always a pleasure choppin’ up our business with our Seven Bucks Productions President, Hiram Garcia and my lead agent and WME partner, Brad Slater.
Surround yourself with hungry, brilliant people who share your vision and go to work.
We build out. We build big.

Marko Polo

6 days ago

When my daughter was 4 she asked if she could help me with dinner; she walked right up to our plates of chicken salad and sneezed all over them. I was exhausted from working all day, so of course, we ate them. The joys of parenthood, I wouldn’t have it any other way. #bestjobever

David Gonzalez

6 days ago

Nah' this is why dogs are cute but i don't have one..i would pissssssed if they chewed up my stuff.or my kids stuff..neways birds are better lol..but seriously you need to GIVE your lil girl tea wth lemon and honey .and some enchinacea for immune support ..ol native remedies 'they really work !!!

Zoe Dinh

5 days ago

Oh man....sounds to me like you had a typical parenting day...As for the little pup..that look is priceless! ahahahhaha you best feed him....small dogs are known to go for the testicles BAHAHAHHAHAHA !!!!🤣🤣🤣😂

Got a visit from my JUNGLE CRUISE ❤️ ohana on the set of HOBBS & SHAW here in London.
These two good lookin’ aliens have a lot going on.
My partner in crazy, Emily Blunt/ the woman who’s delivering one of the greatest Christmas gifts of all time with her iconic turn as the one and only, MARY POPPINS in theaters Dec 19th.
And Jack Whitehall who not only has his own NETFLIX special, but delivering an early Christmas gift as well in Disney’s THE NUTCRACKER in theaters Nov 2nd — and so defiant he wears my IRON PARADISE weightlifting belt backwards and dares someone to tell him he’s wrong.
And finally, the big, brown, bald tattooed deadbeat in the middle who doesn’t have shit going on in his life and his biggest claim to fame is telling the world its classy to drink tequila before noon.
Always good to see their faces.
Cuz asses ain’t kickin’ themselves.
#MaryPopPop #TequilaBeef #ActionJack

Jan Mateusz Koz

6 days ago

ILove Emily's accent, she speaks through her nose lol.all looking good ..
Can't wait too see all 3 movies!

Jennifer Silva

7 days ago

So glad to c Jack Whitehall movin onto amazing things. Seems like a funny, talented and sweet guy.

Angel Pichiya

7 days ago

Considering that Emily Blunt only does good movies, I will now actually watch this film

I learned a long time ago (when I was a very sinful eyebrow raising villainous man in the crazy world of pro wrestling;) that heroes are only as great as their greatest villains.
A pleasure to introduce the man himself Idris Elba we brought in to our Fast & Furious franchise to wreak havoc, hell and mayhem on our heroes HOBBS & SHAW.
The name: BRIXTON.
The record: UNDEFEATED.
So cool having my brother Idris Elba come and play in our sandbox. This one’s been years in the making!!
As I always say, we either gonna get along or we gonna get it on... and fuck getting along 😈

Chaolyn Cataleya

11 days ago

I love Idris Elba ... I think he is a great actor ..... I think he should be great for the franchise..... hhahahaha... but I sure will miss the other guys....

Sonya Akaydin

11 days ago

Mr Idris Elba!!!!!!!! *fans face with a silent scream * oh my my my. I mean I already have a load of eye candy in the form of Dwayne Johnson 😍but then... Add the ear candy AND eye candy, Idris. Oh stop it I like it, you guys!!!!

Maria Kelwin Montajes Onayan

11 days ago

Not f&f if there's no vin Diesel and Paul Walker may you rest in peace haven't really watched much of f&f since he passed away not the same hope the rock does good but still not the same without the o.g. cast

Link below. *scroll left
Our new Under Armour #ProjectRock #AllDayHustleCollection rocked by the most bad ass hustlin’ women on the planet.
NEW Project Rock Wireless 🎧 The WORLD’S FIRST (and best) headphones engineered for hard core training.
Train hard. Stay strong.
Enjoy the gear.

Vanessa Funderburk

11 days ago

Under Armour supports big game hunting.

Iman Sam

11 days ago

i have every movie you ever made and loved you in wwe my favorite was the game plan and i am also an elvis presley fan

Martin De Jesus Boasi Castro

11 days ago

Worlds first headphones designed for hardcore training?? Hahaha there has been gym headphones out for years by numerous companies that are wireless that are also designed for heavy gym work...

The cheat meal Sushi Train 🍣🚂 steam rolls on down the line.
Tried this new soosh spot that was a recommendation from my new best friend, Stanley Tucci.
Great food.
If anyone has sushi recommendations while I’m here in London, holla.
Second time viewing of one of my fav docs, “Won’t you be my neighbor” about one of the most kind, compassionate, caring & steadfast human beings to ever walk God’s green earth - Fred Rogers aka Mr. Rogers.
So pumped to see Tom Hanks play him. Perfect casting.
Excuse me while I stuff my face and bring gluttony to a whole new level.
#HunksOfWooooSabi 🥢 💪🏾
Pretty cool announcement droppin’ today.
3pm EST / 12pm PST
No it’s not a movie about my cheat meals, though that would be fun 💀

Florian Fischer

13 days ago

Honestly, the place to go in London for sushi if you want the best experience is the 3 Michelin Star restaurant "The Araki"

It's pretty much 100% guaranteed that you will not be disappointed.

Be sure to book though because you usually won't get in otherwise and there are only 9 seats. Have fun!

Jordan Louis Lachica

13 days ago

Best Sushi in London:
- Roka (far & away best $$$)
- Tokyo Diner (no frills $)
- Japan Centre food hall ($)

All in central London. From a sushi aficionado who has lived in London for 25 years! Some of the recommendations you have on here make below average sushi IMO... Enjoy! 🍣 🐟 🥑

Dudinha Oliveira

13 days ago

I don't know about sushi, but next time you come to Minnesota, can you please settle the feud between Manny's and Murray's Steakhouses? Personally, my favorite is Murray's, but the popular opinion is that Manny's is the best.

6pm. London, England.
I was warming up in the #IronParadise to crush my leg training when I get the text from Lauren Hashian Officiall asking “Big Daddy feel like cooking dinner for his girls?”...I texted back/
Hold my beer and watch this.
Took my sweatshirt off, tied it around my waist like an apron and went to work.
Served hot and delicious:
Ribeye steaks
BBQ ribs
Basmati rice
Handled and done - and no one spit my food out.
I will now go back to train legs in the #IronParadise.
For the record, “hot and delicious” is my nickname on weekends when I’m 4 tequilas in.

Comfort Agyewaa

17 days ago

The reason so many of us ladies have a bit of a crush on this big, brown, bald, tattooed guy....with a crazy eyebrow and a million dollar smile. #Ismellwhatdwayneiscookin #nothinbutloveforhisladies #Rockfan4life #Nothinbutlove

Julien Fournié

17 days ago

I've got my own big daddy. We call him Big Dog, and he is a whiz in the kitchen. I'm married 32 years with him, a great provider and now he's nursing me through knee replacement. Some of us ladies are blessed to have real men in our lives.

Jonathan Salazar Azofeifa

17 days ago

Hot and delicious just like you. There is nothing sexier than a man cooking and showing much love and respect for the ladies in his life. That is why you are one in a million Dwayne, And that's why we love you. You go you sexy beast you.

By any means necessary.
Just cuz I’m in London, doesn’t mean my Sunday Sushi Train 🍣 🚂 doesn’t roll on.
Shout to my ace/partner in crime, Emily Blunt for the soosh recommendation.
Polished it off w/ my signature double stuffed chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies with real peanut butter in the middle.
I’m late to the game on watching this doc, but THE DEFIANT ONES w/ Dr Dre & Jimmy Iovine is a must see.
When I was a kid I heard a quote, that stuck with me for life - once you’ve been hungry, you’ll never be full.
Cheers boys 🥃 to never being full and always being the hardest worker in the room.
#CheatMealSunday 🇬🇧💪🏾

Richy Mars K

17 days ago

So are they two cookies on top of each other with peanut butter holding them together ??? U can keep the sushi 🍣 I’ll smash the biscuits 😜

Teresa Jackson

17 days ago

Meagan Pitre He can eat 4 bloody meals at midnight and it's a 'cheat day' but when I do it I'm told to not get crumbs in the bed and told that I shouldn't eat that much -_-

Gina Moore

17 days ago

Rock Sir India I am a big fan. I have watched every movie of mine.Our look at your every fight in WWE. Your gift system is running .on the Facebook Box. The lion's register also has a lot of money. But any number of gifts given. Not only in your country, one has not come to India in Asia. While there are so many fines in your India, your name is making a lot of idle.Or taking the same gift

Me: Come here baby, give daddy a kiss I gotta go to work.
Jazzy: But daddy you need your nails painted.
Me: Sorry baby, daddy’s gotta go to wor
Jazzy: No daddy you really need your nails painted - as she looks up at me with her mama’s gorgeous blue eyes.
Me: Yes, you’re absolutely right - daddy needs his nails painted.
#NoRemoverNeeded 💅🏾

Melanie Dautz

17 days ago

Bless her🤩 daddy’s nails are the best at practicing polish application because they are so much bigger than a girls wee little fingers.
Keep using him as your test subject darling, no one will dare pick on you dad for wearing polish (he is The Rock after all 😂)
You keep at it girl, by the time your a teenager you will have perfected it. 😁

Nelly Hernandez

18 days ago

You're a pretty savvy businessman --- so you definitely understand about return on investments. Assuming she just painted finger nails, here's today's math lesson: (Time to paint + Time to dry) * 10 fingers = 20 minutes. Maybe 30 minutes if she took her time and went back over her work.

Jazzy is how old now, 3? It's safe to assume she'll live a long and healthy life, so she'll at least make it to 83 y/o. That's 80 years or 700,800 hours worth of great memory for 1/2 an hour of your time.

Yeah, I get it, NERD!!! But they didn't name a candy after the cool kids, did they??? No they didn't!!! Plus, you can bank on a more than 14,000% return on your investment. That's definitely good for business. Well done, dad!


Stanley Ned Wycotte

18 days ago

Priorities! You know what they are! Soooo adorable! My hubby did the same with our baby girl! When Daddy's Princess says "You need polish!" You sit and get your nails did! 💖💅💖

We either gonna get along or we gonna get it on.
Fuck getting along 😈
Great first week of shooting our Fast & Furious spin-off, “HOBBS & SHAW” with my ace Jason Statham.
We’re havin’ a blast disrupting the norm to deliver something fresh, cool, fun and bad ass for the fans.
#HobbsAndShaw SUMMER 2019
Universal Studios Entertainment #davidmleitch
📸 Hiram Garcia
Me: Come here baby, daddy’s gonna sing to you.
Tiana Gia: Falls fast asleep by the time daddy sings the 2nd verse.
Me: Good Lord my honey coated gravel voice is effective. I’m feelin’ very good about myself right now.
Tiana Gia: Proceeds to poo 💩.. BIG.
Me: Questioning how I should interpret this entire emasculating situation.
#DaddysArmsAndLullabies 💪🏾🎶
#EffectiveInEveryWay 💤💩❤️

Noemi De Anda

19 days ago

I hope the movie has good quality like fast and the furious did. I realize this movie isn’t fast and the furious but when you put Jason Statham in a movie. Quality matter!! No fake back drops.

Duane Henry

19 days ago

This spin off shouldn’t happening, but unfortunately it will. The Fast & Furious should be from the first one right through to number ten (when they make nine and ten in a few years time) and then end it there. I love the Fast & Furious films (especially number seven) but there’s no need for any more after number ten and there’s certainly no need for spin offs like Hobbs and Shaw

Takashi Takeuchi

18 days ago

May I kiss the Rocks juicy lips, rub and ....... that bald head please. That would be great. Ah I never met you but I'm tired of looking at your sexy a** please. Being very direct. um I would like the Real Rock(DTRJ) please. At least I asked. Don't never know nothing until you ask. No shame sir, you're the only man I've ever asked in public. I don't usually do this. Matter of fact never done this. But you're special to me and i want to give you my specialized treatment. I only live once Sir. Lol! Um this is me here, and I don't care what anyone thinks. Rock fan. 🤷♥️💯

I had the insane dream 💀💫 to create an epic platform for everyday people to shine thru insane athletic achievement — but I needed the perfect partner who can turn that dream into a reality.
That partner is Arthur Smith, Founder of A. Smith & Co. Productions.
I said “Arthur here’s the dream..” and he said, “DJ, I got it... we’ll call it TITAN GAMES and here’s how we’ll execute...” Rest is history.
My big head may be in front of the camera, but behind it, this man is the magic maker.
Find brilliant, hungry partners who share your vision and get to work.

Carla Lenzi Cheesman

22 days ago

I'm a super fan of your
Dwayne, My dream and
being an actor, I
wanted your help to
perform, if you can
think of me.

Badr Eddine

23 days ago


Chase Edwards

23 days ago

Oh my God the rock I really want to be your top fan your number one fan when we got on like a big fan of you I love all your movies and I mean all of them how do you work out so good I am trying to get my muscles to be kind of like yours how-do-you-do it Dwayne the rock johnson show me when I am or too fan.

Had the best time and so much fun with our white hot atmosphere nightly with our TITAN GAMES.
THANK YOU FANS for being the driving force to electrify our epic TITAN ARENA.
Throughout my career, I’ve had the honor to perform for the biggest & wildest crowds — these Titan crowds were special.
Thank y’all again and see ya down the road.
Starts with a dream.. and dreams ain’t just for dreamers.
Standing on top of our TITAN ARENA — the biggest outdoor structure ever built for an athletic competition series on TV.
I had a crazy dream to create a platform and shine the light on everyday people — from all walks of life, to become champions through epic athletic achievement.
Thus, the Titan Games were born.
This arena is my stage, but when they become TITANS... this arena becomes their house.
This is for THEM.
Through blood, sweat & respect - their dreams come true.
Our #ProjectRock WOMEN raising the bar, disrupting and kickin’ ass 💪🏾
All colors. All walks of life.
All grind. All heart.
NEW Under Armour #ProjectRock #AllDayHustleCollection
#Women *Link in my bio. AVAILABLE NOW.
Vision, guts and enthusiasm.
Three qualities I feel you always gotta have to have a shot at success.
Paul Telegdy, new Co-Chairman of NBC Entertainment has all three in spades.
Tremendous partner, friend and pushed all chips in when it came to creating the vision and platform of TITAN GAMES.
Congrats and thank you brother to you and our entire NBC/Comcast family for the amazing “symphony” of support.
And cheers 🥃 to following your gut.

Yesica Encina

23 days ago

Is there anything you cannot do?such positive impact on all you touch,that's the Samoan way!Proud of you!

Matthew Foor

23 days ago

You are my favorite film actor.i was won bog money and you informed with your wishes about it that.yet i do not get it from you.i am worry not get me it that. Wish you all the best to be success your every thing.

Roosevelt McCarter

24 days ago

*I would compete in the category:
60 year olds who have recently been in a car accident & are still recovering!! 😂

Growth & expansion - thank y’all 🙏🏾 for the constant support
I never want to just play in the game... I want to change the way the game is played.
Myself and Seven Bucks Productions co-founder Dany Garcia are very happy with our Seven Bucks Creative on delivering another strong and effective strategic and marketing campaign for our new Under Armour #ProjectRock ALL DAY HUSTLE COLLECTION.
Our marketing and ad agency has delivered successfully for my campaigns for APPLE, FORD as well as JUMANJI, RAMPAGE, SKYSCRAPER etc in the film side.
After working closely with Droga5 (one of the biggest ad agencies in the world) it was time to open my own and create a deeper connection with my audience/consumer.
We’re growing nicely ✔️ and building out at a steady pace.
#AudienceFirst 🌎

Jethrey Monroe

24 days ago

Dear Dwayne Johnson, I live in Uzbekistan. there are a lot of your fans here. are interested in our city. Thank you.

Cody Martin

24 days ago

Human growth and expansion hormone lol

Letícia Zan

24 days ago

🎵 "We all need some-body to lee-eean on"🎵 (true) statement) advice, friendship, etc. A problem is a problem, no matter the problem. Everyday is not peaches and ice cream. We all have problems🙏

The #SundayCheatMeal Cookie Train 🍪🚂 rolls on... its 1:30am (post Sushi Train) and time for dessert.
Let me ES-plain what your eye balls are looking at right now/
Double milk chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies with creamy peanut butter smothered between the two cookies.
The camera angle makes these nuggets look small, but they’re huge.
How are they you ask? Well, they’re just like my nickname after I drink tequila - Big, tasty & heavenly.
I’ll go to hell for that one, but not before I take these cookies to pound town while watching the OG trailblazer himself, Quincy Jones’ doc on Netflix.
Love it. I need to have tequila one day with this brilliant man.
If you ain’t cheatin’, then you ain’t eatin’ my friends.

Kathy Nguyen

a month ago

that seriously looks like melted cheese between those cookies and I'm now very concerned about what the Rock is cookin' (I know, I know, those are the old days but I couldn't resist)

Nguyễn Nhật Hoàng

a month ago

" Wait Rock wait! Hold it, don't start eating without us! We found the milk in your frig, where the hell is the glasses? We washed our hands already!! Hurry up !!!!!!" Lol 😎

Roxy Audrey

a month ago

Either that is a small laptop screen or them there cookies are the size of your head 😂😂😂😂😂 have you tried peanut butter and honey on Lebanese bread grilled..? It’s the best! Highly recommend trying it if you haven’t.. 😁

The cheat meal Sushi Train 🍣🚂 rolls on...
And yes, that’s hunks of WOO-sabi in my bowl of soy sauce - cause I’m proudly a sadist who enjoys pain and it’s time to go to pound town 😈
... and after this, a plate of DEE-lecious cookies 🍪 are waiting on deck for me to take a crack at

KrisTina Anna Donets

a month ago

Cheat meal? I thought you had to eat twice that amount per day to make sure you don't end up looking like a white Kevin Hart; so tiny and short and little and that probably not how it works but you get what I mean.

Alex Augustine

a month ago

Nawwww gotta put the chunks of wasabi on the sushi piece THEN dip it....whole new level of masochism’re welcome! 😉 enjoy the fabulous chow!!!

Orathai Phetthong

a month ago

Looks absolutely delicious rock injoy but unfortunately for me I don’t like Sushi I try it so many times but I love those delicious cookies wishing you all the best have a wonderful blessed day . 🍣🍪😃⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’m nice, but I don’t play nice.
I chalk my callouses up, get to work and fucking disrupt.
The most anticipated men’s & women’s Under Armour #ProjectRock drop of 2018 is AVAILABLE NOW.
Enjoy the gear.

Asif Pervaz

a month ago

well caution smt is needed but shouldn't take smile from you ....we learn from each other either good things or bad as we all smt act as monkeys ;)

Stacey Leigh

a month ago

Rock,your an idol even though you got only a few years on me...Keep going bro...Hard work certainly pays off...

Jeannie Toney

a month ago

Nice but tough. I believe you would be an extremely friendly person. My favorite movie is the game plan, I love to see you with the kiddos, it looks good on you.

*scroll left
My record breaking signature series Under Armour #ProjectRock1s in new black and white color ways drops TODAY!
My goal is to make the best hard core training shoe on the market for you to chase greatness in.
Stay strong. Train hard.
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The most anticipated Under Armour #ProjectRock collection of 2018 is AVAILABLE NOW.
Stay strong. Train hard. Enjoy the gear.. #AllDayHustleCollection

Jaime Caiapé

a month ago

I train naked. My sweat and toxins drip directly onto the floor and do not get reabsorbed and the ceiling fan cools me down instantly. I can see my glutes contracting hard in the mirror while deep squatting, Plus I can prove I don’t take steroids just by the size of my...... erm yeah you get the point. No need for any of this overpriced gear as facing your totally naked self staring back in the mirror after a set of heavy benching, there's no escaping it! My body doesn’t need armour when facing the iron as seeing your body in all its stripped-down glory can help you appreciate your musculature.

Katherine Hewlett

a month ago

Been waiting since they launched for them to be available in my part of Australia. Dwayne The Rock Johnson let me know if a superfan can buy a pair straight from you 🤣

Sally Cochran

a month ago

Just picked up a pair today in Canada $149.99 and also just finished a workout in them. They are absolutely worth every penny .

Most anticipated drop of 2018.
I’ve battle tested, worn and torn every piece of gear that you’ll sweat in.
THIS THURSDAY it comes to you.
Under Armour #ProjectRock 9/20

Natasha Ellis

a month ago

I love that. I can't afford it so can the Rock send me his to wear. Spray some cologne on it too. On the back of it, put the Rock tilting his head back holding 🎤 in his hand, 👅, k like how you used to do. As my WWE memory from the Rock. Lol! Rock fan. Just joking.

Linda Mccarthy

a month ago

Yes! Just got the headphones shipped to Canada. Best ones available for the gym goers. Thank you UA and Dwayne!

Joshua Huang

a month ago

You were did come in my dream last night. You were shouting on me and i was stand front of you and you were sit on the chair. I was trying to telling something to you .

Holy. Shit.
I was absolutely IN AWE when I finally walked thru our newly built TITAN ARENA — the home of the biggest athletic competition series you’ve ever seen, called TITAN GAMES.
I needed to design an outdoor arena visually spectacular enough to impress and satisfy the TV audience watching at home but also an arena big enough to hold our massive competitions — our architects and builders delivered.
Rome wasn’t built in a day... neither was the TITAN ARENA.
My partners at NBC & A. Smith & Co. Productions are workin’ hard and ready to deliver some greatness.
I’m feeling good and ready to rock and roll.
Shooting starts now.
Seven Bucks Productions
Coming this JANUARY on NBC 🙌🏾

Jhoissy CR

a month ago

You may send me messages in messenger if you'd like before I go, I will read them, it's fine. Please no videos or links on r no click on profiles. I just don't trust them. I'm private, it may not seem like it, but I am.

Manuel Torres

a month ago

Beautiful stage maybe you should get the same people to do stage design for WWE they need all the help they can get

Vuyisanii Kamana III

a month ago

So basically it's like gladiators then

Soul.. she’s got it.
As our production of the epic Disney’s JUNGLE CRUISE comes to an end - I’m a lucky SOB to have the incomparable one, Emily Blunt as my partner in crime, doin’ time on this boundless & wild journey.
This is truly, the adventure of a lifetime.

Genesis Cruz

a month ago

Rock, Emily, cast and crew... PLEASE take the #SkipperShaun and #TikiAndrew hashtag initiative to get some type of on-screen mention under serious consideration. Both were beloved Disneyland Adventureland Cast Members who passed away recently. Any inclusion in the movie to honor them would be greatly appreciated!

Amanda Hampton

a month ago

You two looked like you had fun and a great time. That friendship will probably show up on the screen.

Rudy Hunter

a month ago

you talk too much about her, but I have the feeling that she doesn't really like you..she just want to become more famous and make more money

Workin’ hard & tequila lean - the perpetual blues machine.
Boardin’ the bird & cheers 🥃 to a productive week.
#WheelsUp #FlyinSilverEagle
Two hand philosophy.
If I can’t earn it, then I don’t want it.
My hands might be calloused up and scarred up with a knuckle or two missing (poor punching form;) but they’re mine and serve as my daily anchors for puttin’ in the work to the job done.
Earn it.
Own it.
Be grateful for it.
#FuckAMensManicure 😈

Corinna Landl

a month ago

OK man
Enjoy your journey,,
I wait for your left journey,,
I see your extreme journey on movie theater ,, enjoy your working time,,,

Nickey Jackson

a month ago

Why r u distributing cars money house
Is it real or fake news
If u r really giving these things to people
I also want money to start my business
So plz help me too

Rolf Holzhausen

a month ago

If small with the rock is cokkin

DAY 1 and the evolution has officially begun.
Long awaited Fast & Furious spin-off movie, #HobbsAndShaw is electric.
My partner in heavy crime & fun Jason Statham is lookin’ like $1million bucks and holdin’ it all down.
Our visionary & bad ass director David Leitch (just directed Deadpool2) at the helm and ready to evolve the franchise in exciting and fresh new ways.
And as always, our Seven Bucks Productions president Hiram Garcia capturing the dopest images thru his 📷 lens.
Keep crushing on that set boys... the man known as “HOBBS” will touch down in London in two weeks.
Pancakes, tequila and ass kickin’s 🥞🥃 on me.


Ram Villarreal

a month ago

Rocky big shout out to you I have been a long time fan since your days in wee back in 97. Love most of your movies and the awesome transitions you have made through your career. You are an absolute inspiration to millions and especially me! I am currently lying in a hospital bed with spinal cord damage. From a accident few days ago, and can’t walk. I am hoping for the best obviously!!! Just wanted a shout from you if you read this. Much love Daniel Australia

Cony Ramirez Diaz

a month ago

Jason Statham is an extraordinary actor! Good choice as your ""... partner in heavy crime and fun...!

Abdullahi H Adam

a month ago

I wish you health,happiness and well-being.My friend dont forget me please I live in Russia.God bless.Amen.

Dreams ain’t just for dreamers. Especially the ones that don’t come true.
Good to stand in one of the most famous stadium tunnels in the world that leads to gridiron dreams.
I dreamed of walkin’ down this tunnel and playing in the NFL.
After what felt like a lifetime of commitment and hard work, I failed to make it and that dream never came true.
Stood in this tunnel and had a good sobering laugh with myself... I thought hell, had I been a little bit better of a player... made 5 more tackles and a sack per game and my life would’ve been drastically different.
Just wasn’t meant to be and more importantly, I just wasn’t playing the right game.
Raising a grateful glass of tequila to dreams that don’t come true. 🥃

Mago Castillo

2 months ago

I do believe that your dream to play football still had an effect on your path to success. You could of let it destroy you, but you chose for it to enlighten you. One door closed so you could make a difference elsewhere. Football gave you the tools you needed to make this adventure of yours real and lasting.

Corianna Alexander

2 months ago

Five years ago I was desperate to be a full-time news writer for an ivy league university. The competition was devastatingly fierce, the job an endless, thankless grind, and I didn't make the cut. Instead, I completed my master's degree at the university, and they hired me as an instructor. Now, I teach university courses online and travel the world at the same time—something I'd never have been able to do if I'd gotten my wish.
The universe has aspirations for you beyond your wildest dreams.

Niharika Karmarkar

2 months ago

Hey..if you would have made it we wouldn't know The Rock..we would only know the name Dwayne Johnson. Look how far you've come and how much more you've accomplished because being Dwayne Johnson wasn't enough! The whole world knows your story of triumph and victory over incredible odds..something to be proud of brother. Your an inspiration and a true blessing to the world. Prayers for continued blessings and inspirations. Sometimes unanswered prayers are the blessing. Peace my brother!

On set of our DISNEY’S JUNGLE CRUISE and I made friends with a big ‘ol hungry Anaconda.
While my brave co-star and good buddy Jack Whitehall did his best to smile thru his fear of snakes.
Good times with the animals of the Amazon.
Next, me and Jack will swim with the piranhas.. completely against his will.
The adventure of the lifetime.

Dru Banzuela

2 months ago

Dwayne your crazy, I too am afraid of snakes. At thirteen I was bit by a garder. Snake. Hate snakes ever since. Your a brave soul. Why are you gonna mess with your Co star like that. So funny.

Marquis Tillman

2 months ago

What kind of anaconda is that? It definitely isnt a green anaconda and doesnt have patterns I recognize as anaconda patterns.

Joao Roberto Fonseca

2 months ago

Disney = Evil Walt was a 33° Free Mason, Masons worship Mollech, Cremation of care at Mangrove pick and choose next presidents, Following of Adam Wecheiop Luciferian doctrine written in 1776 to form the illuminati....and you Rock work for them hence your large paychecks, keeping the public blind to important stuff

Dawning of a new day with hope and promise.
Humbled & grateful to begin this once in a lifetime journey.
KING KAMEHAMEHA - the legendary King was the first to unite the warring Hawaiian islands — fulfilling the prophecy that surrounded his fabled life since birth and creating the powerful & spiritual 50th state as we know it today.
Academy Award winning director, Robert Zemeckis (FORREST GUMP) will direct.
Academy Award nominated writer, Randall Wallace (BRAVEHEART) will write.
From the day I began my Hollywood career (2001), my dream was to bring this legacy to life.
In Polynesian culture we have a belief, that something isn’t done when it’s ready... it’s done when it’s right.
The time is right.
The one who walks alone.
#Culture #History #Mana #TheKing

Alejandra Ibarra

2 months ago

I hope you're dramatic acting skills improved because I was not convinced with your display of shock and disbelief after Rikishi admittied to running over Stone Cold with the car. :-)

Pachia Her

2 months ago

This is it!' The defining moment in your acting career. Make sure your Hawaiian language skills are tight. Honor the Native Hawaiians. I want to see Native Hawaiians cheering in the theater! Like Jamie Foxx did in "Ray" YOU have to capture the essence of a King! You have to bring the legend to life! There is no "The Rock" or Dwayne Johnson, or action hero. We want to see the great King Kamehameha.. This is a true test of your acting chops. Dont f*ck it up.

David Castiblanco

2 months ago

Wallace's work has been nominated for Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. I hope the writing is excellent and depicts the story deserving to be told. If so, Dwayne then I think this Body of work (pun intended!) could mean for you an Oscar nomination. What a diverse role for you and one I'm sure you will relish and perform with ease and expertise. Congratulations!

*swipe thru❤️💫💪🏾 MAKE A WISH DAY
Happy tears from the parents and more importantly, happy smiles from the kids.
This is my 18th year of granting wishes of teens and little kids who’s wish is to meet this big, brown, bald, tattooed, lucky SOB.
Amazing day of wishes as our kids flew in from all over the country to hang w/ me on set of our Disney’s JUNGLE CRUISE.
These strong kids and their families have had a hard, tough road. Nothing like makin’ em smile and feel GREAT.
Best part of fame.

Salomé Gavilanes

2 months ago

Bless you honey always stayed true to yourself,regardless of the big bucks,your momma and pop must be so proud of you ❤️❤️

Daniel Pitman

2 months ago

I work in the world of home health & am blessed to work with kiddos everyday. I go into their homes see and know the struggle of disorders that are the result of significant medical illnesses. Some of my kids have been granted their wishes. I get to see and feel first hand the excitement and pure joy the kids and their families have when they receive the news that their wish is granted. Even though the kids and families are the true heroes in the story, I want You to know that you ARE a Hero too! These kids get to live outside of the confinements of disease and their daily routine for a day to meet you. As someone who sees their struggles first hand, I want to Thank you for doing what you do! Thank you for being their role model & a wish come true!! Because on wish day, they get to be a kid!!

Apolrose Tañedo

2 months ago

This is what celebrities should be spending their time doing, instead of always pushing their opinions about the world on others. The Rock is a true example of how to use fame for good and to make others happy!

She can be anything she wants.
She can sit at any table.
She can trailblaze a path, while humbly and gratefully recognizing those before her who paved the way.
She and her big sister, Simone and her baby sister, Tiana Gia will always have a strong voice and always make a positive impact.
She can also just forcefully shove a buttery, delicious croissant 🥐 in daddy’s mouth when daddy is on a very strict diet.
#JasmineLia #WomensEqualityDay 💪🏾🌴

Beverly Bolton

2 months ago

I ALWAYS tell my 10 year old daughter and 4 year old son ‘you can be whatever you want, because your brain is that big and you are super smart, you’re gonna be anything you want to be’! And I constantly tell them this because this world is gonna try and knock them down 1000 times but if ‘Daddy’s words’ make them GET BACK UP 1001 times and never let go of their dreams and aspirations , then I have succeeded as a parent! ALWAYS promote your kids!!!!

Raj 'Hennessy' Kalsi

2 months ago

Raising strong, respectful children is the way to go. My oldest daughter is finishing her last year of registered nursing. She amazes me. My youngest daughter will follow suit with good strong work ethic, love and respecting herself and others.

I’m glad she could get you to have a bite of that croissant 😁

Cristian Samuel Callsaya

2 months ago

And thanks to amazing parents she has all those opportunities unfortunately there are a lot that don't that's why y'all are so great at what y'all do even though you're not there everyday you meant or by the way you acted carry ourselves and chill hard work and dedication can take you far in this world thank you for all that and God bless you all congratulations to beautiful family

Best part my of fame.
This past week on set of our Disney’s JUNGLE CRUISE, we had our MAKE-A-WISH DAY where we fly in kids from all across the country who’s wish is to meet the big, brown, bald, tattooed guy known as DJ, The Rock, Freakishly Large Dude etc etc.
Here I’m meeting my buddy Brandon, who’s blind. I said, “Brandon I know you can’t see the arm, but you can FEEL it and I’m 97.6% sure you’re feeling the most muscular arm 🤣💪🏾in the world!
An absolutely beautiful day meeting my heroes.
I’ll share more pics and vids this week and as I always say, stuff like this will always be the best part of fame.
#OnSet #Disney #JungleCruise #SkipperFrank #FreakishlyLarge #MakeAWishDay ❤️💫🤟🏾

Wilma Joy Romero

2 months ago

Make a wish is a great foundation. My niece was able to take a trip/cruise (before she passed away from cancer) to Alaska when I lived there. All thanks to Make a wish! She was an inspiration to many. When ever I see any Make a Wish fundraiser I'm there donating in some way. Thanks Dwayne for helping others with their dream. You ROCK :-)

That person you do not know and probably will not meet personally but who passes you an image of kindness, sensitivity through your smile and your actions? Always willing to help, without letting your fame overcome your humility? This is Dwayne Johnson!

Ruby Schlichting

2 months ago

Back in the 90s when I was a child my favorite person to watch on TV was the rock. Had no idea at the time he would become my favorite tv actor and most positive inspirational person I would ever know in the TV world! Love this guy stay just the way you are!

For the past four months we’ve been puttin’ in the hard work filming DISNEY’S JUNGLE CRUISE.
This image reflects the genuine love and laughs that is our daily DNA.
My incomparable co-star, Emily Blunt and our brilliant & passionate Spanish filmmaker, Jaume Collet-Serra.
Feels like we’re making something pretty cool, exciting and fun for the world to dig.
The adventure of a lifetime.. #ALittleDittyAboutFrankAndLily

Barbara Seeney

2 months ago

Don’t you ever stop for some R&R. Love your movies and always waiting for the next one. But dont forget to have some R&R with your family. 👍

Danila Grechnev

2 months ago

One of the reasons I’m such a fan of your movies 🎥 is that I can tell you have such joy in making them and that joy is so evident on screen!

Patricia Hartmann

2 months ago

Dear Dwayne Johnson The Rock,
I love your all movies. In your all movies you work so hard .That's why you need to take a break. You're a great person.That's why I really respect you and I love you.👼😇

Midnight. Iron Paradise.
Been shooting nights all week (9pm-6am) on Jungle Cruise so my hours are all turned around.
Two choices:
Cup of tea to relax and watch Netflix.
Cup of black unleaded ☕️ and hit the gym for brutal leg training.
Fuck the tea 😈
#WolfIsAlwaysScratchin 🐺
Sunday sushi express rolls along.. 🍣 🚂
With a phenomenal doc on legendary comedian, Garry Shandling. He discovered that his secret sauce to success was when decided to just be himself.
So the take away here, is be you.
And don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself - crush your cheat meals.
#CheatMealSunday #PhilosophyAndSoySauce 🥢

Misdah Kelly

2 months ago

I wish that I had your resolve to hit the gym instead of the chair. I have fibromyalgia as well as Chrons. Walking is hard work for me let alone a gym. However going from being bedridden to back to work over a 6 month span is pretty darn good for me. Just need to start building muscle back from losing it. Keep up with the great work on and off the screen. 🤗

Jewelyn Jones

2 months ago

Very nice :-D
I also love going to Gym <3
And I do wish I have Netflix right now, they show My little pony the Movie here in Denmark right now hehe :-D

Maria Carolina Mgt Ferreira

2 months ago

Ok... Facebook needs to add a new emoji. Either a drooling face or one with its eyes popping out of its skull.
Good bless the company that made those tights... Actually can we all thank his parents for giving him awesome DNA.

The Presidents.
From left to right
President of our Seven Bucks Productions, Hiram Garcia.
President of #FlynnPictureCo, Beau Flynn.
President of Production of the The Walt Disney Studios and one of my most valued partners and fav dudes, Michael Sean Bailey.
And the forever President of the Sexiest Man Alive Club - the big, brown, bald, tattooed man who loves tequila, photo bombs & dirty jokes.
Always a pleasure chopping up business/life with these hoodlums.
Onward, upward. 🥃

Andreina Romero

2 months ago

I was a bartender for many years, I wish I could share my fave dirty joke with you, but it must be told with an accent so it has to be told in person.....its SO good!!!

Wanda M. Bent Bell

2 months ago

I saw that your stuntman was your cousin when you surprised him with a brand new truck, I think that’s awesome. Is your president of Seven bucks production related to you too? I see a resemblance so I was just wondering! 🙂

Yutaka Sakurai

2 months ago

I know You was a good boy and now You are a real familiar man, a father, a friend. I just see You shine like a Pacific ocean below the full moon in eternity. However, it never leaves You.
Remember You´re The Rock and God bless You!

You can’t fake and you can’t manufacture it.
You can only feel it.. soul.
They’ll never be another.
Thank you Queen.
#Aretha 🙏🏾❤️💫

Marius Emil Nørgaard

2 months ago

Save Kerala

Now entire kerala is flooded and we should consider it as a National Disaster. No power, no phone network, no roads and all are isolated.. Even rescue operations are not possible in most of the places.. Our families and friends are all stranded.. 33 dams (out of 39) are open and it's raining heavily and along with heavy wind. Water levels are increasing rapidly.. National media is sleeping, share it across so that people from other states are aware of the situation in Kerala.

#Pray4Kerala #keralafloods

Dennis Stevens

2 months ago

#standwithkerala situation many areas in Kerala, India. is stricken by heavy rain and is flooded. We are very short of fund for distress relief activities. It is very important to gather all possible kind of support from everyone and we are reaching as many people for raising fund, medicines and other useful stuffs. I don't know whether these requests will grab your attention. If so, we humbly request your kindness.

Ηρακλης Μαμπε

2 months ago

Money works for the rich....via investing in assets.... "online training is available for those willing to learn investing in stocks, bonds... Info: +2348039151387.... Whatsapp

It’s non stop with me and this lil’ enema lovin’ popcorn fart Kevin Hart 🍿💨🖕🏾

Kelcia Vicente Henriques

2 months ago

Omg, Liam Potter and Dwight LeDane... these comments between Kevin Hart and The Rock could be taken from your conversations. haha!

Tamla Robinson

2 months ago

Nice to see they were able to get the size comparison correct !!! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Kevin Hart is probably no bigger than the Rocks left thigh
Well played Mountain Dew attempting to boost the little mans ego 😂😂

Emilio Fernando Cabrejos Garcia

2 months ago

What in all the hell..those electric blue ball busting no kids incubating pants on you Kev! Holy hell..the fact that you're 6 feet taller here than actual scale is distracting and disturbing because we all know your actual size is more like the rock's armpit deodorant clingy hair ball in relation to his own body. "Dwayne" and his mannequin-cant skipped leg day here...too soon considering the latest flick?

Some real heat 🔥 heading into our season of Ballers.
And Ava DuVernay is a hungry trailblazer and brilliant visionary. Love that woman. It’d be my pleasure to work with her one day and dramatically disrupt the game.
Til then, enjoy our new season and thank you for the support. ✊🏾🤟🏾
#ballers HBO 10pm Sundays.

Tony Kellner

2 months ago

On HBO Brother
On Sunday
On 👍👍👍

Mikhail Sølas

2 months ago

You rude motherfuker you make funs of I truly Express about my father f*** you mother f*****

Toni Marriott

2 months ago

Omg! Dieing here my HBO go e missing my favorite show, last season right!

Me: So anyway dude, I’m kinda famous and cool and chicks dig me.
Seal: Don’t give a shit.
Me: Cool.
#GeorgiaAquarium #SpecialConnection #TwoDudes

Brett LeMaster

3 months ago

You have just become every animal care professionals’ favorite celebrity! Your fan base now consists of some of the most selfless, dedicated, big hearted people in the world!!! Thank you for supporting the zoological community and in return, supporting the animals and research/conservation that GA dedicates itself too. You are an inspiration 💙

Makepe Hlengiwe Portia

3 months ago

Dwayne- glad to see you enjoyed Georgia Aquarium. Moreover, I’m glad to see you maintain your level head when it comes to the obvious: accredited zoos and aquariums not only take better care of their animals than pet owners do, but they fund important conservation work that would otherwise not occur. Those that complain about your visiting these animals do so with little more than an uniformed opinion given to them by a vocal and ignorant monitory. We can smell what The Rock is cooking: common sense!

Ben Houk

3 months ago

Dwayne, please stop promoting whale and dolphin captivity. These animals really suffer in captivity. Most of the babies die within a few years of birth. How do you think the mothers feel? Its a horrible life for them. Please find out the facts about it. Watch 'Blackfish' and 'The Cove'. They will inform you!

Found my next co-star.
Just look at this beautiful animal with staggering intelligence.
And the Beluga Whale is awesome too.
Seriously, in awe of these creatures.
#GeorgiaAquarium 🐬👊🏾🙏🏾

Manasseh Kamai

3 months ago

The zookeeper community is eternally grateful for you sharing posts. Many of us are currently discussing your visit, and how uplifting it is to have you publicly supporting an amazing facility like the Georgia Aquarium. It’s been a rough sea for those in the field of animal care, and every voice like yours helps give hope that we can continue sharing visits like this with the next generation. I hope you’ll continue to visit more amazing facilities like this that are working hard to protect species across the globe!

Llasi Tu Destino Chentouf

3 months ago

Thank you for supporting zoological institutions & the important work that they do! It's so nice to see a celebrity do their homework & not succumb to the misguided viewpoints & pressures of activists! You rock! 👍

Shawn Hernandez

3 months ago

Dwayne, I want you to know that even with the large amount of unhappy people who are sure to speak out concerning this photo and your visit to Georgia Aquarium, the zoological community thanks you for taking the time to learn about the importance of what we do, the standards we uphold in doing so, and the love and passion we hold for all wildlife. Thank you for supporting us and these amazing animals! You have helped to contribute to vital research, conservation initiatives, and the suburb care of animal ambassadors such as this stunning creature through your visit to Georgia Aquarium. Looks like both you and your new friend had a fun time together too :)

Such a great time with our ohana & friends at the famed Georgia Aquarium.
The second largest aquarium in the world and the only institution outside of Asia that houses Whale Sharks.
More than 100,000 animals and sea creatures here that I’m in constant awe of.
Specifically, this Whale Shark that I’m contemplating jumping in the tank and jumping on its back.
They call me the brown 💪🏾🦈 AquaMan.
Thank you to President & COO, Joseph Handy & the entire Georgia Aquarium staff for being so gracious, kind & informative to my family and our friends.
We had a blast!
#GeorgiaAquarium #OhanaDay
📸 Hiram Garcia

Maynard Eckert

3 months ago

Thank you so much for supporting The Association of Zoos and Aquariums accredited aquarium Georgia Aquarium!!! The work GA and many places like it across the country are doing save animals across the world and help spread the messages of the need to protect our natural world so thank you for getting out the word!!!

Chad Theesfeld

3 months ago

An amazing place and amazing staff! Please don’t over overlook the good places like the Georgia Aquarium, SeaWorld, Columbus Zoo, San Diego Zoo and others do! Touch the heart, teach the mind!

Monica Dobbs-Faulkner

3 months ago

Thank you for supporting good zoos and aquariums! Facilities that encourage passion about these animals help to save them in their natural environment! As conservationalist Baba Dioum said, “ in the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.” Good zoos and aquariums help to save animals from extinction! Check out Zoos Saving Species to learn more!

Smart biz piece on my strong relationship with CHINA & it’s audience. Started to build our equity of trust 10+ years ago. From my films to my Under Armour launches to our future build outs.
Forward thinking always wins the long term game my friends.
Everything I do is considered - no action is ever by accident.
Sometimes it’s works and sometimes it doesn’t, but I’ll always control my effort with my own two hands.
Seven Bucks Productions Seven Bucks Creative

Tywiz Dox

3 months ago

“‘Travelling carnival’ of a gym”. Gotta day, I immediately envisioned you walking the high-wire in a pink leotard dude. Bahahaha. Lion tamer would be more close to reality...but the leotard is way more amusing!

Angel Jhaen Sajet

3 months ago

It's because their native language isn't English so they are unable to accurately gauge your acting skills and focus more on your physique. I really like you, but you gotta be more realistic about what makes you a big deal

Antonio Gman

3 months ago

Ain't nobody gonna tell me how I conduct myself. If you don't like what I say to the Rock. You can kiss my A Hide all my posts or keep scrolling. Aint nothing wrong if I wanna have fun. I got that comment. I got that much. Now swing back. I'm talking to the Rock. I'm a fan too. I can talk business too. You can't see that B. Don't do that. I'mma do what you did. Indirectly throw shade. I usually don't like to act like this, but alot of b get jealous for absolutely nothing. Just because. I was born with it, but go to charm school, we wouldn't be having this indirect conversation. I'm "B N MYSELF. Too much for some, not enough for others. Yeah, I'm used to it by now. Lol thanks. ♥️

Thank you fans for making SKYSCRAPER a global box office hit 👏🏾🤙🏾👊🏾
Thanks Jim Amos & Forbes for the smart and refreshing journalism.
It’s astounding to me, my team and all my studio partners (and parent companies) how many Hollywood press “experts” refuse to recognize our industry is a global business and our domestic market is now just one of many worldwide territories.
Within a week or so, SKYSCRAPER will cross a quarter of a billion dollars at the box office with almost an incredible 75% of those earnings coming from overseas.
The movie will profit - bottom line.
This is the reality.
Global economy.
My friends in the press (not all, but some) be expansive with your thoughts when you report our business and don’t get pulled into the sludge of our clickbait era and don’t be afraid to disrupt your old school mentality.
Forward thinking always wins the game.
The half Samoan, half Black man transforms into.. Jesus, I mean Hercules.
Five hours daily of hair, make up, scars and armour for four months straight.
No tequila or cheat meals due to an extremely strict diet. 🥃🖕🏾🤣
Fatiguing production, but worked with some outstanding actors and producers. Made a good one!
#HERCULES #SonOfZeus #2014

Мартин Томов

3 months ago

He's no Arnold. Highest paid actor yet can't deliver a critically acclaimed hit movie....banks on the simple minds of third world citizens to make his movies a buck....made in Hollywood but the home market doesn't mean trend.

Jonas Alves

3 months ago

I used to follow every DJ movies and always check news updates following the release. One thing I noticed is that everytime a Johnson movie is out, movie critics desperately wants to prove that Dwayne Johnson is not a huge movie star and how eventually his movies are going to bomb at box-office.
They said jumanji is mediocre, rampage is dump and blah blah blah. Yet these movies amazed huge amount at box office. Guess wat we the people love Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson anyway......
DJ lover forever ♥️

Việt Hùng

3 months ago

He knows he makes bad films. He makes money, not movies. Unfortunately I don't know how long his song and dance can last.. fortunately for him, he'll have so much money once the masses get tired of it that he won't have to worry about it.

Been my inside joke for years now, but if you’re ever in a conversation with me and I hit you with the “I love you” sign 🤟🏾 and follow it up with a “I gotchu bruddaaah” or “I gotchu sistaaaah” with a wink and a big smile, then just know that you’re breathing rarefied air and officially in my inner circle of love, trust and fun devilish ways.
Miss ya uncle.
#SuperflySpirit #FamilyTradition 🤟🏾⭕️😈

Joao Guerra Jonathan

3 months ago

My 11yr old son is halfatasi also. He's working on growing up to 6'5". His Mom is from Savaii, so he comes by the size honestly. Your a good man and my kids love ya. Keep it up.

Monju Monjurahaman

3 months ago

I was a bit peathed to think that the genuine rock has been mocked by some 1 pretending to be the real dwayne johnson I was nearly a victim of this wicked person who was a scam please dwayne protect yourself from this has u deserve much better for yourself & your loyal fans love u always x

Kevin Teater

3 months ago

Everyone getting in on those "Secret Society" hand gestures eh. Guess the Rock is in "the club" or he wouldn't be where he is now. Makes me LMAO! As they all make out it's something else. He already "hailed Satan" and proclaimed in an interview he "likes to eat kids" (look it up yourself if you think i'm full of it). To get anywhere in Hollyweird you have to "sell yourself" in more ways than one......

Ambition has no limits.
Because we’re all in the same game, just different levels. Dealing with the same hell, just different devils.

For years you’ve made us, HBO’s #1 rated hit show and now we return with an ALL NEW SEASON of Ballers.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for rockin’ with us all these seasons and I guaran-damn-tee we gon’ light this MF up and some fun 🔥

#Ballers Seven Bucks ProductionsStephen Levinson Mark Wahlberg

10PM AUG 12th on HBO

Claudia Andrade

3 months ago

So there's a guy on my profile pretending to be dwayne johnson selling movies as if uv seen such a thing he's really pissing me off I don't want to block him because I would love him to check my bank account so I can empty his

Jamie Prytulak

3 months ago

Please welcome to the new MacGyver
DJ Take a brake
And make a good movies please
No more big changos fast cars
And no more skycraap.

Felix Gallegos

3 months ago

⭐Game of who the heck gives a f*ck..? 😂 At least ballers tries to hit the gym once a week...😱 ⭐Game of buncha pasty @ss snowflakes stabbing each other in the back for laughs⭐🤦 I'd rather watch ballers any day... ⭐Show me the money..!🤑

I work extremely hard but never anticipated (in my wildest dreams) I’d become the highest paid actor in Forbes’ history.
I don’t have a Harvard MBA, but my business philosophy and acumen has been sharpened over time and thru failure.
My goal when I was wrestling in flea markets for $40bucks per match (well before the bright lights of the WWE) is still the exact same goal I have today - ALWAYS put my AUDIENCE FIRST.

I have one boss - the world.

Send you home happy, and I’ve done my job.
I’m the dude who started w/ $7bucks.
I’m grateful to the bone and hungry to the core.


Linda Harrington

3 months ago

Not just a good actor but a good person. Money doesn't change him, he keeps it real. That's why we love him. I get so excited when I hear there's another movie coming out with Dwayne, I literally can't wait to see it, because you just know he worked hard, put everything in to it, and it's going to be awesome!!!! The only actor that I say, 'I have to see this movie.'

Cuquis Talamamtes

3 months ago

I've been a fan of yours Dwayne then the early days of the WWF WWE. I first became a wrestling fan back at WrestleMania 2. I am very glad you went to movies thank you very much for entertaining us and please apologize to Scorpion King LOL love you Dwayne keep it up.

Steph Carlson

3 months ago

Doesn't need to go back to WWE any more he's taking good care of himself now in good quality timing of Movies, such great guy also live him while he get so funny on talk shows

A crisp and cool 99 degrees in the IRON PARADISE this weekend.
Welcome to hell my friends.
Where I say — Devil just come on back if you ever wanna try again...I done told you once you son of a bitch, I’m the best that’s ever been.
#IronParadise #DevilWentDownToGeorgia #AndGetsHisAssKicked 💪🏾🔥😈
Great to recharge the batteries this weekend, back home with all my girls and teaching this lil’ tornado how to swim.
Took my shirt off and she said, Daddy I like it your brown boobies.. 😂🤔 Thank you baby, but daddy has pecs, not boobies.
#KickThoseLegs #UseThoseArms #MrBrownBoobs

Barb Chapman

3 months ago

Question Mr. Johnson? How many days a week should I go to the gym? I mean between work and motherhood, its hard to find the balance. Presently, I go 3 times a week and I am with a trainer 2 of those times. Is that enough? Also I try to make sure i eat well. What would be the best to get results?

Michael Grijalva

3 months ago

Me and my family we will love to meet you...we admire your work ethics...your strength and the honesty of your thoughts...My whole family loves you...We are in Atlanta Ga too...enjoying this hooot weather...

Bility Enaks

3 months ago

Love Charlies Daniels and Im surprised, but thats not hot, I love in California Mojave Desert and it was 110 here yesterday are hottest day has been 124, now thats hell!

That’s a wrap. Boardin’ the 🦅 after takin’ it to the limit one more time.
This tour schedule was intense so you had to be on fire right outta the gates. Your pistons gotta be firing on all cylinders for every
Hand shake
Training session
Every word is judged
Every performance is critiqued.
It requires a certain DNA, thick skin and capacity to be “ON” 24/7.
No one really understand this pressure. I can count the people on one hand in my life who do and still have a few fingers left over 😉🤟🏾
I’m in love my job and I’m the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet.
The job is incredibly rewarding and equally, fatiguing, but the most valuable asset I have that keeps me motivated is
the people.
the audience
the fans
Every handshake, hug, autograph, selfie, conversation, laugh, cry and laugh again, that I experience out on the road with you is my fuel.
My secret weapon that keeps this big, brown, bald, tattooed machine firing on all cylinders.
Grateful to the bone.
Love y’all and enjoy Skyscraper this weekend.
#ThatsAWrap #SkyscraperGlobalPressTour

Nancy Love Owens

3 months ago

Wow all these good comments about skyscraper. I usually love the rock movies, but this one was a cliched mess that challenges movie goers intelligence. Can't have a good hero flick without a good villain but to each their own I guess

Jamison Carter

3 months ago

Job well done, looking forward to see Skyscraper when we’re back in Sweden 🇸🇪 Enjoying ourselves in Zakynthos at the moment. Take care and have a wonderful summer with your family ❤️

Keyli Alcantara

3 months ago

I feel you on that. Go home, kick back, feet up and spend some time with your beautiful family. Then with Lauren and a little Tequila and some lemons. You deserve it!

My exclusive post Skyscraper premiere after party for 1.
Go back to my suite.

Reflect and raise a glass of gratitude & tequila to the city that made my career.

Then shower and devour my egg whites, oatmeal and blueberries.

Everyone goes to the after party.

I go to bed.

I’m so cool. And boring.

#WhatANight #LuvUBackNYC #SKYSCRAPER #NYPremiere 🙏🏾🥃

Kristin Engel

3 months ago

Rampage was perfect! Pain and gain is one of my faves, and my hubby has a pain&gain tattoo, but he insists it is not of the movie 😂 it just happened to appear right after he saw it 🙄 😂

Susan Chilson McCarty

3 months ago

Welcome back to the Big Apple Dwayne, I know this is where you made it big your fight in Madison Square Garden. Look forward to seeing you on Seth Meyer's tonight. 😉

Wiilmar Prado

3 months ago

You are awesome. My son Dylan who has autism has always been one of your number one fans. He loved you as a wrestler and as an actor. Thank you for being a good role model. One of his teachers once called him Little Rock because he so looked up to you.

A real pleasure to be on Good Morning America this am with my Skyscraper writer/director Rawson Thurber and the man who was a big inspiration for my amputee character in the film, Teamglas.

He’s very excited to see the film for the first time tonight and myself and Rawson are very proud to show him.

What a man.


Max O'Kelley

3 months ago

So very happy for you and all your success. <3 May God continue to bless you! Also, can you please stop by the house and visit?! Like soon, k? thanks! :)

Alina Kleemann

3 months ago

KC Mitchell is another inspirational figure. Wounded combat veteran who has dominated in the powerlifting world.

Juanis Vazquez

3 months ago

Where else would you be promoting your movie in New York , I want to be lucky and at least see u from a glance. 🙏

🤷🏾‍♂️ Many calling us crazy for releasing our original SKYSCRAPER amongst the summer of giant superhero franchises and sequels. That’s cool cuz us crazies sometimes dent the universe.
Our movie is an open love letter to films we grew up on from DIE HARD to TOWERING INFERNO to the SPIELBERG classics that mastered the art of building tension.
I’m proud we made a great one and early audiences loving the film.
I live to compete, so bring on the summer giants.. again, just don’t punch me too hard 🙏🏾👊🏾🤣 in the face.
#LoveLetterToTheClassics #SKYSCRAPER
Rockin’ it.
Anticipation is building. It’s in the air.. you can cut it with a knife.
Incredible luv from this amazing city.
I’m grateful. And sweating bullets.
#SkyscraperGlobalPressTour #HongKong

Krishna Detharwal

3 months ago

Superhero movies and animations are becoming superboring and tired. It's about time a proper action packed movie comes out

Paul Graham

3 months ago

Your fans are sending YOU a love letter....Thanking YOU for releasing, "Skyscraper," this summer!!! We need our Dwayne Johnson movie fix....Action....Suspense....Thrills.....the whole nine yards.....and then we can go back to our normal lives and do what we do....UNTIL YOUR NEXT FILM and the next and the next....into infinity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁 PS....Keep on "denting the universe."

Alice Palermo

3 months ago

Saw the full cinematic trailer for this on the big screen for the first time last week. It looks AMAZING. Going to be an IMAX visit for me for certain :-)

*swipe left 👏🏾👏🏾📸
Energy was HIGH as CHINA was the first around the world to see our SKYSCRAPER.
An amazing press conference and world premiere.
They loved the film!
Look forward to sitting with press today here in Beijing.
Good times. More to come!
#SkyscraperGlobalTour #WorldPremiere #BIEJING
I had these ultra cool vintage posters made paying homage to the two classic movies that inspired me and generations, and became the inspiration for our film SKYSCRAPER.
My respect & luv to the GOAT’s - Willis, McQueen & Newman.
#DieHard #ToweringInferno
Almost midnight and cheers to SKYSCRAPER and all the brilliant, hard work our LEGENDARY/WANDA partners have given to make our movie as successful as possible here in China and deliver something great for the Chinese audience.
If you look closely, my sweatshirt is drenched in sweat because I had to come directly from the gym. If you look even closer, I was considerate enough to place a towel on my chair so I wouldn’t get it wet.
I do believe that me drinking this special Chinese vodka is a great substitute for my post workout protein/carb mix that’s in my shaker cup that’s on the table in front of me 😂🥃 cheers. #ThankYouTeam Legendary #Wanda #SkyscraperGlobalTour #BEIJING
Beijing bound 🇨🇳
A pleasure to return back to China.
Can’t wait to see everyone. Let’s roll.
#WheelsUp #FlyingSilverEagle #SkyscraperGlobalTour #BEIJING

Alfred Kojo Baks

4 months ago

I'm glad they loved the film Skyscraper.

Andyboy Bradley

4 months ago

Can't wait!

Daniel Garcia

4 months ago

Nothing this Gentleman can't do!

Ladies, gents and children of all ages.. The JUMANJI SEQUEL is officially underway.
Holy shit what a dynamite pitch from our writer/director Jake Kasdan.
We couldn’t stop laughing and most importantly - like our first JUMANJI - the HEART in our story is our anchor.
Writing with Jake,
are our original JUMANJI writers Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg.
Back to produce is my twin, Matt Tolmach and myself, Dany Garcia & Hiram Garcia.
And sorry for the spoiler but Kevin Hart dies in the first 15 seconds of the movie, to what I’m assuming will be a HUGE standing ovation from the audience and the cast Karen Gillan Jack Black NickJonas 😂
#TheSmolderReturns #SevenBucksProds #SONY #JUMANJI

Petr Jachan

4 months ago

Do you actually sleep? Or is it your goal in life to star in more movies than Nicolas Cage? I mean don't get me wrong I was dead against the Jumanji film when you first announced it and I decided to give it a watch and I was actually impressed! But man you need to slow down a little with the movies lol spend some time with your family 😄

Mahoro Clarisse

4 months ago

We laughed thru the whole movie so definitely can’t wait for the sequel to come out Even though Kevin Hart dies We will still enjoy it..

Eder Aguiar

4 months ago

Laughed so much, glad you guys are doing a second but I will admit the chemistry between you and Kevin hart is amazing