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Revolution Place - Grand Prairie, AB - September 18 2018

Abhishek Ramath

2 hours ago

See ya all soon!

Christy Euagelou

2 hours ago

awesome show :) I got to set it up even

Michelle Kincaid

2 hours ago

Great show! Thank you for coming to Grande Prairie

Shaw Conference Centre - Edmonton, AB - September 17 2018

Matylda Klucz

10 hours ago

Best concert ive ever been to

Zoila Mendoza

10 hours ago

No Winnipeg loving. 2019 is 100 year anniversary of Winnipeg General Strike, hopefully the Working Class Union band is in town for it.

Christian Noble

12 hours ago

Grande Prairie show was awesome boys! You guys are a riot

#Repost @kendkm
Here in #lasvegas with with the Cork Warrior @garyspikeosullivan #warspike #teamspike and the OG Celtic Warrior himself former Super Middleweight World Champion Steve Collins. LETS DO THIS SPIKE !!!
Tune in online at #PPV or purchase through your local cable provider. Spike should enter the ring between 8:30 and 9pm east coast time !!!!
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Carlos L Carroll

3 days ago

Dropkick can’t get better then that

Joani Powell

3 days ago

Ken, how's your back & neck doing?

Siti Nidia Cahya M

4 days ago

Can I just say I love how you play the Fields of Athenry xx 😘 Go Spike !! 🥊

Riot Fest - Chicago, IL - September 14 2018

Veronika Kiss

3 days ago

My cell is under that mass somewhere

Justin White

3 days ago

Norbert Küntzer von Chicago direkt nach Alt-Saarbrücken ? 🤩

Desirae Gassett

3 days ago

I really wanted to go to this!!!!! But, I got a granddaughter this weekend instead, so I’m not too upset!!!!

Hope you're ready !! We're at Riot Fest TOMORROW & the 2nd leg of our tour with Flogging Molly starts MONDAY in Edmonton.

What show are we going to see you at?

Jessica Berry

5 days ago

Wish you were coming back to Maryland

Jay Murray

5 days ago

Flying from New Jersey to Seattle to see you guys play together.

D'Angelo Manuel

6 days ago

Bring jake wi ye's tae Scotland next year

For many years, we’ve been honored to carry the legend of John “Dropkick” Murphy all over the world... Here’s his story... via Chronicle on WCVB Channel 5

Jim Hill

11 days ago

i had the craziest dream about this.

Gerardo Rivera

11 days ago

So cool. Now it makes sense

Mohammad Haleem

11 days ago

Fabian Sullivan-Wood this is cool

VEGAS !! Help us kick off UFC 229 Fight Weekend with our pal Conor McGregor -- Friday October 5 at the Park Theater Las Vegas at Park MGM. Tickets go on sale this Friday!!

Upasana Pandey

13 days ago

Damn, I'll be there the previous weekend

Alex Perez

14 days ago

Did anyone find the presale code for this show? Thank you!

Renata Raaymakers

14 days ago

That would be one hell of a show..

Happy Labor Day everyone!! See you Riot Fest in Chicago on September 14, and on the second leg of our tour with Flogging Molly beginning September 16 in Edmonton, Alberta !! #laborday2018

Brenda L Sommers

16 days ago

Ducked right and it pains me whenever we give these things up, forgetting the sacrifices that our forefathers went through to get them.

Agnes Lucius

16 days ago

8 hour workday must be having laugh that doesn't pay for a good life. Minimum wage gets you no where

Tyler Berry

16 days ago

....and that's all been hijacked by the DNC and their new socialist agenda...stay out of politics.

SYRACUSE !! Last minute announcement -- we will be performing at the The Great New York State Fair THIS TUESDAY AUG 28 at 8 p.m. on the Chevy Court stage. You only need Fair tickets to come to our show - no additional tix are needed, but seating is first come first served (details:

We got a call to fill in for Dickey Betts from the Allman Bros, who suffered a mild stroke on Friday. We send our best to Dicky, his band and crew, and his family.

Marika Sturm

22 days ago

Are you guys hanging at the fair?

Carlos Santos

22 days ago

Finally you are here!!!!!!! Been waiting 12 years to see you live !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria Nelson

22 days ago

It’s going to be a Hot night in the CUSE!!!!

AUSTRALIA !! It’s been a LONG TIME!! We’re looking forward to seeing you this December Good Things Festival - tickets on sale Thursday August 30 --

Clauz Ledesma Miranda

a month ago

Ok 😳 so the Offspring were the first big concert I’d ever gone to. And the was TWENTY YEARS ago! How the fucking hell did that happen?????
But I couldn’t care less about seeing them or any of the others.

Seeing DKM again!!!😁
I can’t wait!!!! This is the best news I’ve had all month!!!


a month ago

oh no... I will be in NYC getting married (to one of your tunes). Was hoping to catch a show on our travels around the US but you will be in our hood instead. :( Dan Curran

Agathe Eyenga

a month ago

I’ll do my best to get down there. It’ll be a little tough convincing the wife since were already scheduled to go to NZ in March. A better idea would be if you just came Shanghai. How do we make that happen in the next two or three years?

Hey everybody - now that we’re home from our European festival tour, we’re getting excited for the second leg of our US / Canada tour with our friends Flogging Molly - which starts in a few weeks!! Get your tickets while they last - the Sep 23 show at KettleHouse Amphitheater in Missoula is SOLD OUT - and there's only a FEW TIX LEFT for Seattle!!

Methun Dey

a month ago

I hope that one day you will come to the quebec city , it would be so great 🤞🙏💕 ... good tour guys !!!

Michelle Coiner

a month ago

Eric there are only a few left for Seattle 😉

Reece Archer

a month ago

there is a very large MT audience, too bad you rarely come here and when you do it is the wrong side of the state, the last time I was able to see you, I had to drive around 13 hours to Boise, ID...One of the very very few things I miss about Los Angeles/OC

A year ago today, our international agent Dave Chumbley lost his battle with cancer. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to him for helping build our touring around the world - especially in Europe where we just saw many of you. Dave was larger than life - we miss him every day. We send all our best to his family and his colleagues at Primary Talent International in London.

Ray Vasquez

a month ago

May he rest in peace but still enjoy the music he help us all love

Mildred Geeter

a month ago

Agree Us of a it is Boom

Jacob Palermo

a month ago



Lowlands Festival - Biddinghuizen, Netherlands - August 19 2018

Bastian Nancucheo

a month ago

Next year depending on lineup possibly Matt Ensor

Charlotte Schmitz

a month ago

Niet op tv zo jammer

Sgnt Ramos

a month ago


Open Air Gampel - Gampel-Bratsch, Switzerland - August 18 2018

Anička Čtvrtková

a month ago

Thank you, it was AWESOME!!!

Matt Lee Vincent

a month ago

Wow, what a great perfect Picture :-)

Naresh Kalindi

a month ago

This is amazing, considering some of the dives you played in the late 90s. I couldn't be happier for all of you. Oh, the places you'll go, my friends...

Highfield Festival - Grossposna, Germany - August 17 2018

Wizz Jay

a month ago

War geil, Willi?

Chauhan Jaydeepsinh

a month ago

Have a great time


a month ago

Sunday the netherlands ?

Help us kick off the grand opening of MGM Springfield's Plaza on Saturday August 25. Tickets are $10 and are now on sale.

Event proceeds will benefit the Thomas Sullivan Foundation honoring the bravery of Marine Gunnery Sgt. Thomas J. Sullivan, a Springfield native who lost his life in 2015 during a terrorist attack on a Tennessee military facility. Sgt. Sullivan was an avid fan of Dropkick Murphys, and we have become close with his family since his death.

Vageesh Bakhshi

a month ago

Marley Mcnamara bit far to go for your birthday?


a month ago

All ready for a road trip from Pa and sold out! Catch ya boys next time!

Brenda Williams

a month ago

Sold out sad !!! Love them enjoy the show

FM4 Frequency Festival - Sankt Pölten, Austria - August 16 2018

Kishor Kishor

a month ago

Steven Gritzbach ich seh dich

Caleigh Moore

a month ago

Michael Hofer
Wird sicher mal passen! 🤙

Bay Fest - Bellaria-Igea Marina, Italy - August 13 2018

Brad de Atras

a month ago

Great...many thanks for your performance at Bay Fest 2018 - Igea...Exciting!!!🎸🎸🎸

Mary Geiger

a month ago

Safe travels, to you and yours......

Senarillos Alvin Lagos

a month ago

fuck off lol

Jake Burns will be joining us on the West Coast leg of our co-headline tour with Flogging Molly !!

Find ticket links on

Standley Jeanty Louis

a month ago

You're playing Grande Prairie but not Victoria BC?!?! What the hell guys??? :)

Amy Louise

a month ago

Yogi, wie wärs, nächsten Monat nach San Francisco? 😅😅

Agnes Motseko

a month ago

Can't wait saw Drop kick with Rancid last year in Seattle☔ and this time I get to see them with Flogging Molly super excited 🤘🎵🤘😀🍀

Airport Nürnberg - Nurnberg, Germany - August 11 2018

Iris Vannette Bell

a month ago

Amazing gig - one of the best playlists and the security guys were surprisingly relaxed :) and you played Buried Alive, I love that song! THANK YOU!!! More of the older stuff, please!

Amanda Thorn

a month ago

Can't wait for you to come back to Raleigh, NC!!!! AWESOME!!!!

Gimmick Headline

a month ago

Awesome. I missed the Fields Of Athenry...

Schlossgarten Open Air - Osnabruck, Germany - August 10 2018

Seabelo Mohokare

a month ago

Nicole Holz Siehst du uns auf dem bild?

Saif Hamdan

a month ago

Kale you could have gone!

Milan Gruden

a month ago

In Osnabruck Billy Billison!

Freiburg Messe Outdoor - Freiburg, Germany - August 9 2018

Vierara Anderies Roland

a month ago

Thanks Dropkick Murphys for this evening

Byron Yuen

a month ago

oh man i love murphy's law, you guys are one of the best hardcore bands ever. i never missed your shows. there may be many copycats but there will only ever be one. murphys law.

Steve Casto

a month ago

Danke für den geilen Abend. War ne mega Show 😘😘

Tickets for our April 2019 UK tour are now on sale.
Find links on:

Amelia Nichet

a month ago

Dropkick Murphys, come back to the land down under. I’ll shout you beers 🍺

Bismarck Albarracin Guisoo

a month ago

Just bought my tickets and booked the hotel. So freaking excited.

Nasrin Akter

a month ago

Hoping to make the Leeds gig.... I've been waiting for this.

Lokerse Feesten - Lokeren, Belgium - August 8 2018

Nadia Porta

a month ago

Been there, done that! 😜

Nick Faessen

a month ago

David daar staan wij ergens tussen :D

Betty Roseboro Phillips

a month ago

you need to come back to Minnesota

European tour & festival dates start today in Belgium.
Who are we going to see at these shows?

8 Aug - Lokerse Feesten - Lokeren, Belgium
9 Aug - Freiburg Messe Outdoor - Freiburg, Germany
10 Aug - Schlossgarten Open Air - Osnabruck, Germany
11 Aug - Airport Nürnberg - Nurnberg, Germany
13 Aug - Bay Fest - Bellaria-Igea Marina, Italy
16 Aug - FM4 Frequency Festival - Sankt Polten, Austria
17 Aug - Highfield Festival - Grossposna, Germany
18 Aug - Open Air Gampel - ampel-Bratsch, Switzerland
19 Aug - Lowlands Festival - Biddinghuizen, Netherlands

Find ticket links at:

Photo: Marc Nader (@mgnader)

Edith Ariza

a month ago

Great show yesterday in Freiburg

Milleyd Castro

a month ago

Plz don't forget Münster, Germany!!

Geraldine Pérez

a month ago

het was geweldig in Lokeren

We’re coming to Freiburg. Get your tickets NOW:
UK we will see you next April !! Tickets for these show go on sale next Friday 10 August at 10am.


Bere Medrano

a month ago

Wann kommt ihr denn wieder mal nach Düsseldorf? , viel Spaß in Freiburg

Erike Pinheiro

a month ago

Wäre sooooooo gerne dabei 😢

Hier spielt die Musik!!!

Happy Birthday James !!

Anna Marie

2 months ago

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, James!! It's so great seeing you back touring and onstage again! 💚

Sheree Ann Schexnayder

2 months ago

Happy Birthday James!!! Great meeting you in Philly- I never miss your shows when you guys are in town!

Dan Siegle

2 months ago

Happy Birthday from the Hoehne Clan

14 years ago today July 24 2004 the Dropkick Murphys debuted their remake of the old Boston Red Sox rally cry “Tessie” . The song had not been sung in 86 years and the Sox hadn’t won a World Series since the Royal Rooters stopped singing it at the games.

In a July 23 Boston Herald interview Ken Casey guaranteed Tessie would leadto a 2004 Red Sox World Series Victory. The band sang the anthem and performed Tessie on the field July 24. The Sox fell behind big and it looked like Casey got another on wrong 😂. But a Jason Varitek fight with ARod sparked a rally that lead to a walk off home run to win the game. The team caught fire and the rest is history.

Dropkicks have only performed for the Red Sox playoff runs in 2004, 2007 and 2013.

Coincidentally the three years we’ve won it
🙏🏻 #redsox

Fabiola Paredes Antiquera

2 months ago

Everything I love....the RedSox....the Dropkick Murphy's..and this moment😎😍

Coty Cox

2 months ago

Still get goosebumps thinking about when Pablebon would come out of the bullpen to Shipping up to Boston.

Jimmy Jhajj

2 months ago

This was the first time I ever saw both the Red Sox and the Dropkick Murphys... this was one of the most memorable nights of my life!

Riot Fest is giving back to the fans !!
For a limited time 3-day passes will be $99.98. See you in Chicago this September.

Nikki Schmaltz

2 months ago

Knat why do they do this to me. Boo riot fest boo

Mauricio Orduña

2 months ago

Maybe if we happen to be passing through we can hit up this tiny show Brian Bell

Junichi Imaizumi

2 months ago

Josh Pryor some of the bands on this! If only we were in Chicago

#Repost @wildrosesrock
#flashbackfriday going through some old shit and found some flyers.

Daniel Loza

2 months ago

I remember seeing The Big Bad Bollocks at the New Years Throw Down show. I wondered if the lead singer ever survived after that night. I guess I have my answer now.

Светлана Писецкая

2 months ago

That album they're talking about is still my favorite after all these years.

Elvira Kristelle

2 months ago

flash back your asses back to Houston with flogging molly

#Repost @kendkm
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Zoe Crean

2 months ago

Trump will help you boys. I am sure just in this moment he thinks about how he can help. Lago del mar seems to be the best place for it.

Walter Taylor

2 months ago

We’re watching....apparently the market is too! Stand strong boys

Beth Duhamel

2 months ago

Shame National Grid Shame....

United we stand, divided we fall.

Standing with you, a proud union member in Australia

'Boys on the Docks' was released on this day in 1997 !!

Rasivhaga Funanani Rassie

2 months ago

"United we stand, divided we fall!"

Patrycja Frąc

2 months ago

Classic. This started it all for me, really.

Brisa Martinez

2 months ago

when you coming back to Minnesota

Tickets for the 2nd leg of our co-headline tour with Flogging Molly are now on sale !!

Find links on:

Sept 17 - Edmonton, AB - Shaw Conference Centre
Sept 18 - Grand Prairie, AB - Revolution Place
Sept 20 - Vancouver, BC - PNE Forum
Sept 21 - Eugene, OR - Cuthbert Amphitheater
Sept 22 - Seattle, WA - WaMu Theater
Sept 23 - Bonner, MT - KettleHouse Amphitheater
Sept 25 - Sacramento, CA- Papa Murphy’s Park at Cal Expo *
Sept 26 - Avila Beach, CA- Avila Beach Resort *
Sept 27 - San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Sept 28 - Irvine, CA - FivePoint Amphitheatre *
Sept 29 - Mesa, AZ - Mesa Amphitheatre *

(* Flogging Molly closes) 📷: Seth McConnell

Allison Matsumura

3 months ago

You guys never come up east coast of Canada anymore!

Chloë Huysmans

3 months ago

I’m still floored you’re skipping Calgary for Grand Prairie... but see you in Edmonton!

Justin Powell

3 months ago

Already got mine! 2nd year in a row I'll be spending my wedding anniversary with the Murphy's!!!!

Due to popular demand we're bringing our co-headline tour with Flogging Molly to the West Coast !!

Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am local time (9/18 at Revolution Place goes on sale Thursday). Find links on

Angela Poles

3 months ago

Gee that's nice..... And without complaining, can I ask if there's a reason you guys aren't doing a gig in Alaska? I mean, we're actually a state now and all, not sure if you heard anything about that...... :)

Austin Lefkowicz

3 months ago

Greg tempted book a cheeky flight. What you saying about a cheeky road trip to Edmonton haha

Sleepwalker Human

3 months ago

Was there in Denver. Been going to your shows since 01, and have been waiting for this once ever since. Amazing job.

Montebello Rockfest - Montebello, Canada - June 15 2018

Pop’s - Sauget IL - June 12 2018

Mario Mejia

3 months ago

Special show as always! Thank you

Peter Miller

3 months ago

I've been waiting for years to see Dropkick Murphys. It was worth the wait! I had a great time that I will always remember.

Marta Facchetti

3 months ago

What is the folk song played during your setup?

Fox Street Compound - Denver CO - June 10 2018

Joshua dela Cruz

3 months ago

When are they coming to town!!!!

Nina Haack

3 months ago

Love you James, 💙🎸🎵🎵

Teo Žarković

3 months ago

My wifey and enjoyed the hell out of the show. It was our 1st together, but will not be our last!!

'Blackout' was released on this day 15 years ago !!

Leto J. Vaneeh

3 months ago

This album features quite possibly my favorite 3 song stretch of everything I own. Dirty glass, fields of athenry and bastards on parade. Plus, every other song is great!

Marcell de Bies

3 months ago

That makes me feel old feels just like y'day one of my fav albums by my fav band going to be a blackout tonight

Karen Danielle Kelley

3 months ago

One of my favorites !!! It was the first album I heard from DM. One sentence got me hooked "Well, it's all in the past, bitch". My wife left me the year before...

Stir Cove - Council Bluffs IA - June 9 2018

Simon Arms

3 months ago

What a great show!!!

David Labrecque

3 months ago

Great AMAZING show !!

Freddy Curazi

3 months ago

Dropkick Murphys do you know what would make this photo even more awesome (hard to imagine I know)? If it was taken in Melbourne, Australia!!!!!

The Armory - Minneapolis MN - June 8 2018

Colette Ould

3 months ago

I see that damn shirtless Dan was there too!!

Rexson Solito

3 months ago

that me right there F@C right next to Kolb Becky

Jessie Glendening

3 months ago

Saw them in Omaha ast night amazing

Masonic Temple Theatre - Detroit MI - June 5 2018

Michelle Street

3 months ago

First time seeing you guys, first time in the pit, thanks for a kick-ass show!!!

Melissa Caro Preston

3 months ago

Great show, both bands crushed it.

Seth Feldman

3 months ago

Main floor was sick! It was a fantastic show! One of the best I've ever been to.

Bunbury Festival - Cincinnati Ohio - June 3 2018

Michele Ramos Requena-Eusebe

3 months ago

Thanks for coming to Big Flats NY , Awesome Performance by Everyone.

Peter Whitfield

3 months ago

Ken- just heal and see you on the 21st!!!! Glad to see you onstage in the pic!!!

Luann Gallant

3 months ago

Glad hes on stage. Badass see ya in nh by way of boston

Jacobs Pavilion - Cleveland, Ohio - June 1 2018


Elianna Adamski

4 months ago

Best show I’ve ever been to!

María Fernanda

4 months ago

Next stop Mildura Australia !

Daniel Ridgway

4 months ago

Great show guys! Props to Ken and Al for being on stage despite their troubles. True modern Working Class right there.

Hey everybody -
Kicking off the tour with Flogging Molly tonight in Cleveland!! We thought we’d have some bad news to tell you today...but much to our surprise, it’s not all that bad !! The band’s founder Ken Casey was recently in an accident, which caused severe disc damage to the C6 vertebrae in his neck. He was in agonizing pain, and had loss of sensation and numbness in his hand. Ken was in surgery one week ago today... So we thought we’d be announcing that the tour was starting without him.

However, against doctor’s advice, Ken showed up in Cleveland today. He won’t be able to play bass (he still can’t feel his fingers), but he will be out onstage to the best of his ability to sing and help his bandmates and the crowd have a good freakin time!! Our longtime stage tech and friend Kevin Rheault will play bass. Kevin is a familiar face to all of you - he filled in for James last year, and has filled in for Tim and DaRosa in the past.

We’re pumped for this tour and looking forward to sharing the stage with our friends in Flogging Molly.
So most of you know, Ken usually hangs in front of the stage to have a handshake and a picture with everybody. He won’t be able to do that on this tour.

So let’s all suck it up and have a great night together!!

Claudia Om

4 months ago

All the respect in the world but Jesus Christ, get some rest Ken. My mom had a similar surgery and left the hospital with Alzheimers. Don't push yourself too hard.

Saul Diaz

4 months ago

Amazing show last night!!!! Thank you guys for bringing the energy and party to Cleveland! We love you and hope you heel well!!!!

Brown Cashy

4 months ago

So glad you are okay!! That’s all that matters! My husband and I will be at tonight’s concert. I got him tickets for his birthday and today ironically is my birthday. So it’s a shared birthday present. It will be great to see you on stage! Take it easy, the concert will be amazing no matter what!!

'The Singles Collection, Volume 1' was released on this day 18 years ago.
We're looking for pics of your DKM tattoos for anew 'Rose Tattoo' video that'll play at our live shows. Share your photos with the hashtag #DKMtattoo -- and keep your eyes open at our shows this summer to see if we used your pic.

Vanesa Rosas

4 months ago

Still got mine on cd

Virginia Prather

4 months ago

Yeah, its in our precious Dropkick Murphys Vinyl Boxset :)

Karen Foster

4 months ago

Kick ass American Punk

Which albums are you listening to the most in anticipation of our upcoming tour with Flogging Molly?


4 months ago

I really love 11 Short Stories the most and have a DKM playlist with songs from all of them. Going to see you in Cleveland for the 5th time with my husband and 16yo son. Love you guys!!

Jhefferson Loraña Pia

4 months ago

Since y'all ain't coming to Texas, Everything Went Numb by Streetlight Manifesto

Jefri Huliselan

4 months ago

Meanest Of Times, and Warrior's Code. In the car. I have, 'Live On Lansdowne'. I'm old. I have a cd book still. Remember them kids? lol

12 Round TV on YouTube Live from Belgium featuring Murphys boxing sensation Abraham Nova11-0 (9ko) !!!!
First fight at noon east coast time with @rayjayb_ and @abrahamnova22 in the ring at 2:30. Please check it out !!!!

#Repost @neverfal_
Los Angeles Ca. ‘98.

Roan Jermany

4 months ago

Geez. They're so young. Just kids.

Rémy Beick

4 months ago

Spotted Gum u didn’t tell me u where in dropkick murphys chilling on the steps. Brett WattsJeremy Thomas Downting

Phoebe Grace

4 months ago

Cheers! And turn it up!

Julises Abdon

4 months ago

Very cool image!

Kela Pietri Rriska

4 months ago

Looks like Thanos snapped his fingers before this photo was taken

Eric Clark

4 months ago

Donna Foster u were there

Today is the 20th anniversary of Al Barr taking over as lead singer in Dropkick Murphys. Happy anniversary Al !!

Barbie Lynn Essex

4 months ago

At the time, could you imagine this ride going for 20 years? Congrats and let’s go on the next 20 year Ride!

Juanita Pellegrin

4 months ago

I remember hearing about this when it happened and thinking “Well, shit- no more Bruisers shows I guess.” Dropkick shows were never the same after this but glad they carried on. Joe Murphy

Fortuna Sophia

4 months ago

I went to Dropkicks second tour, and didnt know he had taken over as singer. I was so disgruntled i left halfway through (Showcase, Corona Ca.) I got over it 5 years later