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Just got back from the Philippines yesterday and excited to take a look at the cover design options for my NEW BOOK! Which one is your favorite? Comment below!

Zo Hill

2 days ago

Option 3. I love that piano at your back because your gospel music has impacted the lives of many. Your songs blessed so many people around the world including. And your song God will make a way is one of your most impactful song!

Kristina Wu

3 days ago

Thank God for d safe flight...
Night after night your songs filled my home. Always watch you on Youtube and was very blessed to see you in flesh and almost shake my hand.. what a very wonderful feeling to sing praise and worship with you live. Thank you for visiting Tagum..hope and pray youll visit Davao City too.. and thank you also for praying for our President Duterte and the Philippines. God bless you more and more and forever❤❤❤

Shontella Bell

3 days ago

I like option #2.
The font/text of the title gives God glory and top-billing, as you have done throughout your life and ministry. nice to give your co-author credit on the book cover, below your name.
Liked the piano in the background of option #3.

Expect God to work in your life this week! Have FAITH.

Kelly King

5 days ago

Im so sad that im not attend your concert sir moen.. but im glad that you are come here in The phil.. in im hppy because my school mate was bless to your concert tour in manila..Godblss po sir moen

Steve Monahan

5 days ago

I love all your songs Ptr. Don Moen it inspires me to trust more deeply ,be rooted in his love and hope heaven be done here on earth.God bless you and your group.

Princy Pereira

6 days ago

Amen. I receive the GREAT THING THIS WEEK. GOD bless the two viewers of Fuel Despensers with money, so that God you put NEWNESS INTO OUR LIFE

Join me tomorrow night for the last night of my Philippines tour at Father Saturnine Uris University in Butuan! For ticket information, click here:

I hope to see you there!

Jakub Mikuláš

7 days ago

Thank you so much sir #DonMoen😇 for the Experience OverLoad.. 👏👏 I'm so happy that time when you sing your songs in front of us in Live. I can't Imagined.. 😭, Thank you for visiting here in tagum City to Celebrate our 6th anniversary @Big 8 corporate hotel 💖😊 We miss you, 😘 God Bless you always and your bandmates. ❤❤❤ have a safe flight. 👍 #GodWillMakeAway #ComeBackSoon😇

Patty Stewart

7 days ago

Ever since when I was a kid you're my favorite worshiper yet until now . I'm so amaze on how you worship God on how you expressed how awesome he is by your songs. Continue to be blessed Pstr.Don Moen😊 thankyouu for your inspiring worship songs though we didn't able to go to your concert still you've bless more souls 💕😊

Kevin Johnson

7 days ago

Thank you so much for the awesome concert in Tagum city last night. God bless you more and your bands 😊

Join me tomorrow night at the Big 8 Corporate Hotel in Tagum! For ticket details, click here:

I hope to see you there!
He hears your prayers!

Hernan Cerino

8 days ago

Thank you sir Don Moen for visiting our country, we watched your concert in sta rosa and God really touched our hearts through your songs...God bless sir and more power

Picis Bluu

9 days ago

I hope one day I can watch your concert ❤

Krystalyn Alpeche

9 days ago

You're reaping success in your series of concerts along with worshipping and glorifying God. Congratulations Sir Don Moen!!!

Pampanga - an amazing night of worship last night. Believing for healing and God’s peace for everyone there last night.

Tonight we’ll be in Laguna - come join us!

Dayana Cohaila

10 days ago

Groly to God!!! The anointing of HOLY SPRITY BE WITH YOU AND YOUR TEAM... Be blessed DON MOEN!!! and welcom in our country TANZANIA we need you..

Tammy Butler Goodnow

11 days ago

Always in my prayer you and whole Team, God bless you.

Maggie Chandler

11 days ago

Praise the Lord! glory and honors are yours now and forever You are worthy to be praise Hallelujah!!!

We could all use a little more kindness.

Sude Barak

11 days ago

One can be kind and compassionate to others if he has JESUS in him!!!Thank you Don Moen for through your songs the love and being kind keeps on giving me the guidance to follow Jesus. May He always guide you in all your journey....Thanks for coming to the Philippines .You are a great healer to the souls who are in need of salvation..... THANKS

Sakura Blue

11 days ago

Glory to God. Our God in His Word tells us to show kindness and to have compassion to all. We have to bow ourselves according to the Word of God and to the Holy Spirit who will help us. Praise His Holy Name.

Farzana Aqilah Yaakob

11 days ago

As our Father is so should we in this world

On the way to Laguna for an evening of praise and worship! I will be performing at the Santa Rosa Sports Coliseum tomorrow night! To get your tickets, click here:

I hope to see you there!
4 Concerts Left in 🇵🇭
Pampanga / Laguna / Tagum / Butuan
Ticket info below

Laura Metzke

11 days ago

Thank you for a wonderful night. We are blessed by your songs.

Yessica Vilca Machaca

11 days ago

How about here in metro mnl.or in cavite?

Widarti Marissa

11 days ago

Have a great worship time by the grace and mercy of our Precious Lord God.
Be blessed Don and the team.

Doing a radio interview with my (new) friends at 95.1 RW FM - talking about the concert tomorrow night.
Cebu! A night of worship among so many friends - so good to be with you last night!
Join me tomorrow night at the Laus Event Group Center in San Fernando! For tickets, click here:

I hope to see you there!
Beautiful Sunday in Cebu!
Hope to see you all at the concert tonight.

Oscar Lopez

12 days ago

Download yours today on

Michael Manfrin

12 days ago

I love your Gospel melody is so beautiful and spiritual elevating

Chinyere Sarai Okpaleke

12 days ago

God Bless......your songs inspired many Filipinos hope you can schedule another concern in Baguio City so that we can attend

DollEr SiGn

24 days ago

Amen Jesus Christ is the light of the world
John 8.12 KJV

Ajin Assadi

24 days ago

I will see you on July 11! At the Sta Rosa Coliseum😃

Larry Steppler

24 days ago

Amen! Happy happy birthday (june 29) Pstr Don! God bless u alwys

Need wisdom? God's got it and He'll give it to you, just ask.

God of Marcy I need wisdom same you give Solomon

Henrietta Loadholt

25 days ago

God, please give me wisdom than king Solomons wisdom. Amen

Βίος Κυρέας

25 days ago

Amen.i want to write the exam to work in abroed. good Lord should give me to do the exam at 80 pergibe wisdom and finance towrit exam favour in the eyes of god and work in 2 weeks time should produce the certificates.ley god do his will.kly pray.tjanks amrn.

My good friend Andy Andrews has recently released a new book called The Traveler's Summit - I encourage you to get a copy and let me know what you think. Andy is an incredible communicator and I know you'll find the book worth your time!

Get your copy here:

Otsiks Otsile

25 days ago

Love all Andy’s books.

Ngatse Yves

a month ago

what is the book all about?

Elena Dragomir

a month ago

Glory be to God in the Highest Amen

Jordan Jefferies

a month ago

Yes that's true, your music really inspires me its such a blessing listening to you

Karlita Ramirez

a month ago

Praise The Lord! GB :) 
Failure will never overtake us if our determination to succeed is strong enough.
Desmond AngKC

Mark Richard Kresge

a month ago

God love is always constant

Arizbeth Gutierrez

a month ago

To God Be The Glory! Amen PTL GB :)

Lois Marcucci

a month ago

Amen praise the Lord thank you Jesus

On Christ the solid rock I stand!

Michael Salcido

a month ago


Viktorija Mladenovska

a month ago

Jesus Christ is the rock of our salvation.Jesus I praise you for all you and our heavenly father and the holy spirit has done great miracles for me and my family. I give you praise and glory to Jesus Christ

Ingrid Jonckheere

a month ago

Yes on Christ solid rock I stand. All other God is sinking sand. Hallelujah!!!

The The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies is a theologically and culturally diverse learning community. I am honored to serve on the board of such a university that is creating the next generation of worship leaders! For more information, click here:
Prayer and praise time! There's power in agreement and praise. Post your prayer request / praise report below and let's join together.

Marquette Hines

a month ago

Interesting but to apply

Dainis Berzins

a month ago

I also want to join but I'm in the philippined

Trax Mason

a month ago

Wow glory to God

Prayer changes things. Post your prayer request / praise report below and let's join together in agreement as a global body of Christ.

Стефани Пламенова

a month ago

Please God our Father, all I need now in this moment of my life.
Is job opportunity and a God fearing man that will be my husband.and I believe and trust in you for that my Jehovah over do. please do it for me and my family and in return we will forever be grateful to you oh Lord, I pray. Amen.... Praise...... the Lord..... hallelujah!🙏🙌

Shraddha Srivastava

a month ago

I want to see God... To know Him again... I want more of Him... I need Him right now to open my eyes... I want to see the train of robe of glory... I want to be a,true worshipper, that my heart will thirst for Him, that my faith with grow, that God's perfect will for my life is fulfilled, that am realigned with my destiny... That the enemy and his plans are destroyed...that God may use me to liberate many prisoners... I want to see God for who the Bible says He is... The God of war and victory... The God who stills the sun and causes floods and delivers from furnace fire... The God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel...

Abby Chiku

a month ago

I pray that the Lord of the harvest should send more helpers in the mission field to rescue lost souls into the kingdom of God and grant all new converts a speedy testimony so as to believe in Jesus Christ more and more and forever

Our group is filling up! Join me on this once in a lifetime journey through the Holy Land! For more information, click the link:
Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.
- Psalm 46:10

Mihaela Grbavac

a month ago

#beautywigsbydorcy Snapchat lens!
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2. Open Snapchat - Go to Settings - Snapcodes - Scan From Camera Roll - Open Snapcode Image
3. Open the link

Jose Camarena

a month ago

Gd pm san makakabili ng ticket mag kano pls

Austin Brownfield

a month ago

Yes! He is coming here in Philippines July 4 concert God will make a way....i bought already a ticket. ..thank you Lord... To God be the Glory Amen.... God bless pastor and your family.

Happy #nationalsmileday! If you see someone without a smile, give them yours. :-)

Alberto Fulano

2 months ago

Smile will not crease in my life Amen.

Lisa Hughes DelliCarpini

2 months ago

Happy national day to brothers & sister in the Lord, may God bless us as we smile one & other. I need someone to smile @ me now. Thank u all.

Ignacio Rivera Diaz

2 months ago

Oh Lord cause me to smile always.

God will never leave or forsake you. GOD WILL MAKE A WAY!
Send this to someone who needs some encouragement today.

Rachel Larsen

2 months ago

Amen.... In GOD's perfect way and time, He'll finish our battle to VICTORY. GOD's law will prevail . Amen

Muhammad Amri

2 months ago

Amen! No need to fear because God is with us
If God is with us who can be against us.. Lord God thanks so much for watching and guiding over me and us, you've never leaving me nor forsaken me.. Thanks God Father for your goodness and faithfulness.. Praise you Jesus my Lord and my Savior!!!

Ismael Deme

2 months ago

YES , GOD will make a way where there seems to be no way. HE will make a way in the wilderness and Rivers in the desert. GOD is a way maker. HE will make the crooked places straight. AMEN

Today, it's Memorial Day in the United States. We honor those who gave it all for our freedom.

Éric Montminy

2 months ago

hm...ok o. in africa no body won die o

Honda Hideyuki

2 months ago

The States Remembers...

Felipe Ghersi

2 months ago

God is good ,All the time

Rennê Santana

2 months ago

Words hurt when in anger, Heal when love is there. Just like when you take a pillow and rip it open fetters fly. you can't put them back into the pillow again . just be careful what you say.

Bernadine Yoba

2 months ago

True to that, some words hurt real bad and it takes time to forget and heal.

Carla Brooks

2 months ago

may his grace be surficient for us. His grace is all we need, human nature will no doubt pop up something

Just a little reminder . . .
If you see something here that blesses you, inspires you and encourages you, be sure to let others know!
Send it over to your friends and family and spread the blessing!

Vuppalapati Mohan

2 months ago

Thanks very much Don His name will always be praised

Jen Bremer

2 months ago

Amen Praise the lord hallelujah Thank you lord

Ante Perko

2 months ago

Praise to be to our Lord Jesus. We are wonderfully made.

Kali Westcoast

2 months ago

Dear Heavenly Father, ✝
For the strength You have given me and my family I thank You.
For the health You have blessed me and my family with, I thank You.
For the people who are going through illness and their families I ask You to strengthen and to heal as You see fit.
Lord, we know You want us to be in good health and to prosper.
Lord, be with every person who is sick and encourage them as only You can. I know how faithful You are
O' Lord. You have shown Yourself to be everything You say You are in Your Holy Word. I praise You for You made this body and You can heal this body. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen!

Yuri Alves Zolanski

2 months ago

Don Moen am from Nigeria yesterday was my birthday and I wanna share with you what God did to me with your song. I have most of your songs but God chose to bless me with your song titled yes Lord

Waking this morning I was singing it repeatedly
It was in line with what I wrote on my Facebook timeline
I have a strong conviction in my Spirit that I will meet you some day and we will do a song together any time I buy your CD I kneel Dow in my room and pray that mine will get to you some day thank you Don Moen.

Gülümser Kilit

2 months ago

amen, abeg help me talk to ur fans o, ur brother seriously needs a job, in any sector as long as he can earn a living, and I wouldn't mind being your assistant or secretary am a graduate of banking and finance, (ond, bs.c) with a little administrative experience please oooooo, help me I will really appreciate it, anybody who can help should please inbox me

May 19, 1973 I married this beautiful girl! I had a concert in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the wedding started at 10:00 PM. Invited all the people at the concert to stay if they wanted to, so I had 1,000 people at my wedding that I didn’t know! Had 2 days off and started touring again as Mr. & Mrs. Moen. 😊 Next stop, Des Moines, Iowa. Stayed with the Nesbitt family. What a wonderful adventure this has been. Eternally grateful for this girl!!! Happy Anniversary Babe!!!
We're at Fisher's at Orange Beach Marina in Orange Beach, AL - the best seafood restaurant!!

Rômulo Klein

2 months ago

Happy Anniversary Mr .and Mrs. Moen. God bless you more. We are thankful to God for your lives which inspire us to worship the Lord gladly, reverently, adoringly thru your songs. Love from the Philippines.

Geovanny Romero

2 months ago

Congratulations sir, may the Lord God in heaven continue bless and keep you in Jesus name. Happy anniversary. Pls keep praying for me iam trusting God for a husband this year

Dene Fleming

2 months ago

Best wishes :Happy Anniversary and may your Marriage be blessed with love ,joy and companionship for all the years of your lives. Numbers 6:23-26.🥂❤❤GOD BLESS YOU.

Congratulations to you both sir and Madam....! 🕎🔯
Blessings from Jerusalem 🔯🕎❤

Join me in the Holy Land this October 28th - November 7th! For more information, click here!

Sunarya Ari

2 months ago

With you in prayers

Carlos R Romero Monge

2 months ago

I wish to go there!...

Steve Rolph

2 months ago

Oh God a what see you lord

The Bible tells me so . . .

FlyBwoy Hamza

2 months ago

yes!! we love him too.Don M, I love u too with the love Christ. Thanks for your worship songs God bless u.

Nomkhosi Mchunu

2 months ago

Yes. Jesus Christ loved me. He is my Lord and Savior. Without Him, I would have rooting in hell.
His Blood bought me over from darkness to light. Hallelujah. Amen.

Low Wei Xin

2 months ago

I love that song..... My kids used to sing it for me.

Excited to be working on a new project with this team here… Can anyone guess what I’m working on!?

Bill Alexzander

2 months ago

Dear friends, please Pray for Sam My younger brother,to continue schooling, he was sent back home for fees balance of $200, but surely their final examination will begin on the 21st next Monday,I don't have anyone to give it. being fatherless it's not easy.crying.
Geoffrey from Uganda.

Barbara Cotter

2 months ago

You sure must be doing something to glorify and bless the Glorious Name of God. God bless you to achieve it, but don’t stop your singing to God. God loves it much and we too. So sing brother sing.

Debbie Taylor Maltese

2 months ago

Congrats and God bless you!..❤Praise & worship leader❤ I think about 🤔🎼..

We must keep our eyes on Jesus.

Daniel Ortiz

2 months ago

Yes ooooh pastor we must do as long as we live.

Jenalin Acuña

2 months ago

Amen, thank you Lord Jesus Christ for all in ur holy name Amen

Geraldine Ablaza Ballester

2 months ago

Cos He's d author & finisher of our faith

In the United States, it's Mother's Day - a day to show love and honor to our Moms. Wherever you are, it's always great to show appreciation and love to your Mom. :-) Tag your Mom below and let her know how much you love her!

Dianne Solarz-Ferley

2 months ago

happy mother's day,mama u are a blessing to me and piller of hope and strength.i want to let you know that i love you and living long in jesus's name

Aaran Hayden

2 months ago

Happy mothers day for your wife...success, goodluck and God Bless

Rowan Wiles

2 months ago

Amen that is great love for mothers

This October 28th - November 7th, join me as we journey through the Holy Land and watch the Bible come to life! For more information, click here!

Ruben Ramirez Ayala

2 months ago

Dear Pastor Don Moen it's my wildest dream to see and visit Jesus birthplace,, how i wish i could join in your group pilgrimage..It's only God Will Sir..

Maureen McCann

2 months ago

I and my family will be there in prayers

Krs Dolmeth

2 months ago

Gods will thank u ser

How have you seen God’s blessing in your life?

Giza Santos

2 months ago

indeed God has blessed me from the day he died for my sins ,he has given me life he has blessed my life and family lord your Worthy to be praised

Donna Sweet

2 months ago

God has always been there to take care of my deepest longings and has never let me down. He loves me for who I am and not what I do. He always hears and answers my prayers in His perfect way and His way is always a million times better than mine. I love You Lord Jesus. I worship and bow down before You my precious Master.

Javier Romero Vergara

2 months ago

I've seen God's blessing in so many ways in my life. If I start to list them the page will be full. All that I can say is God has been extremely good to me. He provided someone to take care of me throughout my midwifery training

It's time for prayer and praise! There is power in agreement and praise. Post your prayer request / praise report below and let's join together.

Tochukwu Onyeka

2 months ago

Praise and glory to God the almighty. Praying for good health and peace within my family. Please guide my children in the the right way their studies. Give us always the strength to overcome trials that come our way and praying for financial blessing. We bring back the glory and honor in Jesus name we pray. AMEN

Emma Jayne Taylor

2 months ago

O lord I need you in my life help me in every areas of my life that am weak at giive me retentive memory and knowledge wisdom and understanding to be able to stand out in every area of my life give my parent financial breaktrough and lastly o lord grant me admission into the university of my choice and oooo LORD give me the courage to preach your word thank you lord for answered prayers in Jesus mighty name I have prayed

Rocío Ibacache

2 months ago

First of all i praise God because Jesus is alive,i can run to him at any time and cry on his shoulder..I ask God for his guidance and for him to direct my going through a difficult phase at the moment,i trust in him that he will fight these battles for me.Amen

Come join me in the Holy Land this October 28th - November 7th! For more information, click here:

Gaurav Tattooz

2 months ago

I'm a Ghanaian journalist will you sponsor me to cover your tour in local newspapers. And online news portals

Andrew Erwin

2 months ago

Yes Glory to God Amen

Louis Simental

2 months ago

I hope i could join how i wish. God bless.

What makes SUNDAY the best day of the week?

Nathan Hall

2 months ago

Wow to me, Sunday is the best day of the week because it's the day when our Lord Jesus Christ was risen from the dead and that's the day I go in church ⛪ for thanksgiving and worshiping my Lord.

Zach Owens

2 months ago

It's a special day made by God for us worship Him and fellowship with our family and other brethren. My family personally look Forward to Sundays

Lyndon Keys

2 months ago

I have to be in the presence of other believers in Christ.....It's a great feeling when we call upon God together and experience the his great power

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Anne Elise

3 months ago

Thanks Don for sharing your songs of praises!!

Salma Chentouf

3 months ago

Yes god give me peace of mind, god bless you always

Reinetta S Grant

3 months ago

Yes, it's so blessed...feel comfortable and peace of mind...Thanks and GOD BLESS

There is REST in JESUS!

Kimberly Carey Crawford

3 months ago

The lord will see me and my family true ....amen

Seth Siple

3 months ago

Amen! There is Rest in Jesus. . in him we can find a rest in all circumstances we entrust coz we can't do nothing without Jesus. he is the way the truth and the life....there is no rest and peacefully home and family without Jesus.., we need Jesus the Lord and Savior... To God be the glory...

Isaac Nieto

3 months ago

Pray for me I want to get scholarships outside my country and study

I'm taking a trip to Isreal and YOU are invited to join me! For more information, click the link!

Vlad-Constantin Preda

3 months ago

Estimado Pastor siempre he deseado ir a Israel, aquí 6800bs hacen un dólar. Confiada en que el tiempo de Dios es perfecto.

Sary Wasfy

3 months ago

Wow...Only if circumstances would allow
But I know God's timing is perfect
And I believe there is more
All the best in this coming occasions sir
I believe all will be well to the glory of God
Love you& your ministry

Vinicius Mesquita Lopes

3 months ago

Take good care Son Of God. God bless you n Family

Press pause and pray.

Kemiso Mokoena

3 months ago

Heavenly Father you are worthy to be worship and adore.. Thank you God for your love and mercy endures forever.. I lift up to you Lord to those suffer of their sickness heal them Lord and by your wounds they will be healed in Jesus name Amen.. Blessed be God forever, Amen!!

Jose Luis Bonilla Ramirez

3 months ago

Thankyou Lord Jesus for saving our lives for giving your only son to redeemed us from our sins.Thankyou for the blood we live. I pray for total protection to all the leaders of your church so that they can spread your word and many will be saved... Thankyou for my family,brod and sis my husband and children, my Nanay and in laws. I pray for guidances and blessings to my kuya doods, jay , ledon,kuya totoy and boyet. to my friends gerly remy weng and kit and family thankyou for their friendship. To may daughter Jullienne thankyou. thamkyou also for Dustine i pray for total protection. thankyou for my husband joseph may you bless all the works of his hand that no one can hinder the blessing from you.

Bjørn Harald T. Bjerknes

3 months ago

Father in the name of Jesus grant me grace, favour and mercy and show your Almightness in my life. Career, finance, marital, spiritually and every areas of my life. Let your glory shine upon my life in Jesus name, let your name be exalted in my life. Take me to that high place you have prepared for me. Father let all the positive prophecies upon my life comes to fulfilment in Jesus mighty name. Let Tide turn to my favour in my place of work, concerning my job proof your self mighty in Jesus mighty name. Thank you Father for answering my prayers in Jesus name. Amen

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Michael Flickinger

3 months ago

My best all this time bless you sir

Alana Rodrigues Cury

3 months ago

Yess..i've got this music..thank you God

Rynta Icnaj

3 months ago

I love u

My good friends at Open Doors USA have put together a new program to help raise awareness for the persecuted church. Click the link and prayerfully consider becoming a part of their influencer team!

Kieran Taylor

3 months ago

We pray ! every DAY !

Taylor Gang

3 months ago

Dear pastor kindly pray for my family Unity, I have four daughters they have no unity and now they are blaming me for everything and please pray for us to be in unity and bind us with God,s Love Amen

Drew Wendel

3 months ago

God bless you

Truth. Wisdom.
Believe in God.

Eliana Di Giovine

3 months ago

Amen! I believe God is the way the truth and the life
Thank you Lord for your Holy words I know the truth to enlighten us and change our lives in Jesus name. Amen and Amen

Walter Weatherly

3 months ago

praise God, Amen!

Paolo Barraco

3 months ago

Amen and Praise His Holy Name.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.
- Ephesians 2:10

Sandy Sypnicki

3 months ago

Thanks be to GOD....Amen

Anand Jigyashu

3 months ago


Andrea Perry

3 months ago

Sing halleluja to the lord amen.....

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Deborah Wilson

3 months ago

I love the worship songs and listen often. Thank you bro Don for lifting up the Name of YESHUA.

Edward Moggridge

3 months ago

I am grateful to God for your life I thank God for you all glory and honor for God but I can tell now I have had a time .. where I have had a hard time ... I went through hard storms but through your song text that I continue to sing with, started to change things in my life. it gave me the strength to continue .. that's how I realized that every time I put on your music the text you sing ... that the Holy Spirit worked through you and touched my hard deeply ... often when I am singing to you song started to run my tears, but then I got joy in my heart and I started to love God more and more you songs many people will touch their hearts God uses you through your songs and people will change their lives because you song texts, are spirit by God. given so that God makes you a blessing for his people .. this song I Will l sing ... God Will make a way ... Heal me oh Lord .. Our Father ... I want to be where you are .. ..thank you Lord .... - Deeper In Love wow God is Good You are a blessing Don Moen in Jesus name Amen

Thembi Malebadi

3 months ago

Amen...God is Good.

New worship playlist now available! I pray that it will bless you no matter where you are today. Click the link below to listen on YouTube.

Denis Marzaroli

3 months ago

Muchas gracias, y mil Bendiciones y éxitos para su lista de reproducción.

JC McCann

3 months ago

Thank you DON MOEN (Praise & Worship Leader). I will never forget our 2007 Alaskan Cruise!

Bessy Amaya

3 months ago

Thanks, your music.

Just released a new worship playlist on YouTube! Listen for free: Share this with someone today :)
Jesus replied, "Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God without being born again."
- John 3:3
I am honored to serve on the board of the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies! What a blessing it is to be a part of such a theologically and culturally diverse learning community that is creating new generations of worship leaders!

Thomas Dürmoser

3 months ago

praise God, Amen!

Cla Blasco

3 months ago

Thank you very much Don. I am listening to it now. Wonderful worship. God bless richly. Your God given voice is glorious. Please don't stop singing as you draw a multitude to the Presence of the Lord. God richly bless you and yours.

Pratigya Sharma

3 months ago

Amen.glory to god thank you for renew my life god bless sir don

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Paul Weiser

3 months ago

Glorious worship to our Precious Lord.God is smiling down on you Don Moen keep singing ,let the whole world hear the
beautiful songs of praise and worship and join one another to sing the glorious majesty of our amazing God inJesus.God richly bless you and yours.Love your worship songs. May the Lord God touch your voice so that you will sing God's glory and praise more and more. Blessings.

Bobbi Ansloan

3 months ago


Marvel Sonwu

3 months ago

Very nice and comforting songs. Thank you. Praise The Lord..

Borja Moreno Gomez

3 months ago

oh yes ,O Lord...Your word is our food and living water!!!! thank You,Lord for Your word!!!!

C.j. Copeland

3 months ago

Thank God for being my light and saviour.

Joshua Frederick

3 months ago

Ooh yes. The word that leads me every morning. Amen

I truly believe that GOD WILL MAKE A WAY!
Send this to someone who needs some encouragement today.

Gary Lee

3 months ago

Lord Jesus Christ I strongly believe is only you can make a way for me and my family. Turn things around for our own good. Amen

Christian Cervantes

3 months ago

Amen 😇 indeed God will make a way where Sims to be no way.he guide us and give us strength.thank you father for everything and loving us...💕💜💕i i love you 🌷💖🍁

Olvido Meffibosset

3 months ago

Amen, yes ur Almighty God pls help me to make a way 4
me. My heart is in pain. Speak to me Lord nd being yur instruments of glory, pls achieve your dreams through me.

Juan Pablo Ceron Rojas

3 months ago

Amén La Gloria de Dios sobre nuestra vida para que sucedan cosas sorprendentes a través de la Revelación de la Palabra, como erramuenta, lo que yo hablo con mi Dios mi padre me lo cumple Amén.

Gabrielė Racevičiūtė

3 months ago

Yes amen, thank you LORD for your LOVE,thank you for everything, !!

Ian Collins Genesis

3 months ago

I know I know
If I work hard a day
I'll be where I wanna be