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Beck x Summer Sonic 🇯🇵️ ✌️

Crooked souls trying to stay up straight
Dry eyes in the pouring rain
The shadow proves the sunshine
#Home #Switchfoot

Here’s a look at the rad screen printed VIP posters that are available on the Phantom Anthem tour. VIP tickets available at!

"Mighty River" Lyrics Video for Mudbound

Messed around with the #DropMix for a few days and got addicted 😎 Start creating your own music mixes + remixes at home now #HarmonixDropMix #AD

Catch me doing a @cristiano impression while making one of my favorite dishes in this week's episode of Cooking with Marshmello

Fans shared about Jazmine Sullivan

Rashawndra MuffinMason

5 minutes ago

A classic voice that transcends age and era....when a voice has the capability to bring a smile to your face just hearing it you know it is God given....but you know all about that 🤗 (eyes closed and sway😌)

Stella Breezy

also shared about Jazmine Sullivan

Can’t wait to see you in concert❤️😍😘 and I hope that the last concert date is in your hometown “Detroit” Farewell Queen 👸 Anita Baker the originator 💯

James LeForce

also shared about Jazmine Sullivan

She is getting ready for farewell tour. I will cap my Seeing her for the 10th time... I love me some Anita Baker. Thank you so so much for blessing us with Gerald Albright......

Fans shared about John Petrucci

Robert McCoy

27 minutes ago

That's the way it usually looks when I play live people either walk out are dont show up at all (what's going on John ?) Ha! :)

Fans shared about Beyoncé

Vinícius Vieira

2 hours ago

Não adianta disfarçar décadas depois que derrubou o avião. Beyoncé não joga com seus fãs garota, todo mundo sabe a verdade, melhor lançar o B7 logo pra abafar esse caso novamente.

Abílio Campos

also shared about Beyoncé

Será que a Beyoncé sabe que as pessoas falam na Internet que ela matou Aaliyah?Não sei mas o fato é que enquanto viveu Aaliyah demonstrou sua admiração pela Beyoncé e vice-versa.Isso é oq mais importante!!

Yuri Melo

also shared about Beyoncé

Bixa, eu sou seu fã, mas assim não dá, primeiro a senhora participa da ceita pra matar a mulher, e agora da feliz aniversário pra morta

- Por moderador -

Tenemos 50 pases individuales para foto con Lila Downs este 24 de enero después del conciertoen Juventino Rosas, Guanajuato. Lo que tienes que hacer es:

- Adquirir tu calendario en apoyo al Fondo Guadalupe Musalem.
- Enviar la ficha de depósito junto con tus datos completos al mail [email protected]

Los primeros que lo envíen podrán pasar a la foto.

*El costo del calendario es de $150.00 pesos.
*El calendario se entregará el día del concierto.

Represent your local BVB Army with these exclusive BVB City Tees! Order now at

Fans shared about Charlie Wilson

Rochelle Cooper

an hour ago

Going through rough times is a hard teacher. Your life is an inspiration to us all.. Never give up. I know when I have been sad, your songs would come on and I would begin to sing and dance. You placed a smile on my face and joy in my heart for a while. The words in your songs gives us hope for a better tomorrow...

Rosalind Renee Thomas

also shared about Charlie Wilson





Fran White

also shared about Charlie Wilson

🙏🏾22 BLESSED years but Grace & Mercy covered *U* like a blanket Uncle Charlie🙌🏾
😢Missed that 65th Birthday at WinStar with *U*but next time.

Fans shared about Nikki Sixx

Megan Rivera

26 minutes ago

insecurities of yourself and the unknowing of the future? You have been an inspiration to me because as the years went on you took life by the horns and steered it where you wanted it to go and not the other way around! :) you have been a light in the hardest times in my life, knowing if you can over come the things you did, I can over come the things in my life. Thank you. <3

John Gregg

also shared about Nikki Sixx

You were probably more interested in finding out where your next fix was going to come from. The only real statement here, so far. Love you Nikki! And you are still the one who broke me and inspires me in my own game of Rock n Roll to this day. Sobriety doesn't suck!

Mary Johnston

also shared about Nikki Sixx

Deep in thought sweetheart wondering how it's all gonna turn out,
Well look now Nikki it sure was a roller coaster ride but it was all worth it, wouldn't you say..!!

#RP @goodbrullahmusic:
@musicbykem - “Can’t Stop Loving You” cover with @fountain_stephen 🎸Please Like, Comment, Share, and Enjoy!!🙏🏾🔥 #music #musicians #cover #song #sing #singing #vocals #voice #vocalcover #guitar #guitarcover #talent #talented #raw #rawtalent #rnb #soul #soulful #brothers #kem #love #loving#lovingyou

Fans shared about Alice Cooper

Nicki Sanders

33 minutes ago

My son's name is Cooper Osbourne this is the tattoo we got for him. No child was tattoed. My husband has one that matches on his arm. Mine in on my foot.

Brian Miller

also shared about Alice Cooper

I love the tattoo but my only question is why would you have a raise your fist and yell and underneath it a flush the fashion

Fester Hegedus

also shared about Alice Cooper

I've seen Alice 14 times. In 2013 I saw him at the "Rockin' The Rapids" in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I met a really cool cop from Detroit there who had this KICK ASS Alice tattoo.

Little something from my spirit animals to make your day alittle brighter! #dance #dancelikenooneiswatching #groove #sassy #seniors

Missing tour 💜 Can’t wait for #CalibashLA2018! Mega 96.3fm

The Devil In I

Fans shared about Joe Bonamassa

Christian Eduardo Tapia Alvarado

20 minutes ago

Artist: Beth Hart And Joe Bonamassa

Album: Black Coffee

Released: 2018

Style: Blues...USA...
01 – Give It Everything You Got
02 – Dam Your Eyes
03 – Black Coffee
04 – Lullaby Of The Leaves
05 – Why Don’t You Do Right
06 – Saved
07 – Sitting On Top Of The World
08 – Joy
09 – Soul On Fire
10 – Addicted..

Fans shared about Will Smith

Justin Orzy

2 hours ago

Brekkie means the same thing in Canada Will. Just we use it more for Kids. come up to Toronto and ill take you out for a nice brekkie!

Kiki Roseberg

also shared about Will Smith

Brekkie, followed by smoko, then dinner (lunch), then arvo smoko, then tea (dinner).... the ozzie lingo is easy peasy ....or piece-a-p!$$ as we say here.... wait until someone tries to explain what "nah-yeah" and "yeah-nah" mean....

Karl Flood

also shared about Will Smith

I hope that your having a good time . I cant wait to see Bright 2 the first one was amazing keep up the good work

Hear our music in ‘American Satan’! You can watch it anywhere in the world now - head to to check it out.😈🇺🇸

#Repost @corybooker ・・・ When ignorance and bigotry are allied with power, it’s a dangerous force in our country.⠀ ⠀ To not stand up to this; to be silent— is to be a part of the problem.

Fans shared about Tim McGraw

Suzanne D Barcelona

3 hours ago

My sister and best friends both live in Tennessee my sister near Chattanooga my best friend's near Nashville, come to Tennessee they say it never snows here and it's always warm weather LOL things are changing

Laura Baines

also shared about Tim McGraw

Snow in LaGrange, KY. We have received about 4 inches since last Friday. My dogs love it, but the temps. are so cold they can't stay out very long or they can get frostbite on their paws & noses.

Lisa Kerr

also shared about Tim McGraw

How does one know if tim mcgraw actually writes these posts??? Does he or faith even have time to use social media such as Facebook???

Fans shared about Disturbed

Joshua Scott Durrant

2 hours ago

My dad took me to download festival 2007. He didn't want to go as he wasn't into rock/metal but I need a full time carer. After hearing you guys he was converted. And now your his favourite band and he lives for metal :-)

Danielle Condra

also shared about Disturbed

Your version of The Sound Of Silence was my sisters favorite song, and it fit her to a T. She passed away a year ago today.

Lizzy Eddy

also shared about Disturbed

Thank YOU for being here and still going strong, while keeping us motivated and united as well. I love my Disturbed brothers and wish you and your families nothing but the absolute best. \m/

Fans shared about Ellen DeGeneres

Paul Kirkley

10 minutes ago

Love the show and I am laughing so much. But the spin chair doesn’t seem fair. The person sitting stage right is at an advantage... the spinning chair makes them run/fall to the left which put that person in front of the target and the person stage left falling further away from the target. Maybe they should go 4 times and switch chairs...

Nancy Pulsipher-McMillian

also shared about Ellen DeGeneres

My daughter had to get blood drawn today and in order to keep her mind occupied and distracted from the needle all she wanted to watch was Game of Games

Missy Avery Glunt

also shared about Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen we watch the show and my 11 year old daughter thinks that at the end when the contestants drop after getting a wrong answer should wear a GoPro so we can really see what happens when they fall....

Fans shared about Lady Gaga

Mateus Alves de Souza

3 hours ago

Aos Littles brasileiros: parem de ser alices, ela não vai voltar para um país emergente como o nosso, ela fala que está com o quadril esfarelado, mas fazendo turnê pleníssima; não vimos pronunciamento ao nosso favor. Aceitem que ela não precisa conquistar mais fãs, então ela só vai dar atenção pro dinheiro agora em diante, oq significa que países como o nosso não vão receber mais sua presença. Não precisam se humilhar para ela voltar ou ficar se fazendo de devastadas.

Martin Cornejo

also shared about Lady Gaga

Sexiest pictures I've ever seen of you in my life.
Gosh when you think you couldn't expect anything else
Bam !!
Super adorable sexy Gaga

Michael Ryan Friel

also shared about Lady Gaga

I'll grab your love handles, you grab mine. So hot. I want to make lots of White babies with you please. Thank You. Contact my agent.

Making Mogul Moves.....HartBeat Productions is growing people....We are adding on to our office space which means that we are adding more business.....The hustle & grind never stops.... #hartbeatproductions #HustleHart #ComedicRockstarShit

Fans shared about Demi Lovato

Ralph L. Mullins

3 hours ago

I'll pass, that is like encouraging kids to eat tide pods, coddling the mentally ill doesn't make them better it only prolongs their suffering

Eric Jason

also shared about Demi Lovato

So transgenders want us to accept them for who they are but they cant. Love ya demi but you're sight on these people is clouded like their minds

Ralph L. Mullins

also shared about Demi Lovato

Jay Gushue more like child abuse, if they have never even had a sexual thought then they have no sexual identity. Forcing them into a "transgender" lifestyle just so you can appear more tolerant is absurd and morally reprehensible

I Wanna Be Apart Of Dis Family Bih!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 🔥🔥🔥 #Rock💎 #Plies #AintNoMixtapeBih3 #Rock #CheckCallin #RealHitta #FEMA #PurpleHeart💜 #RanOffOnDaPlugTwice #RitzCarlton🔥

See you down in Tampa on Sunday, Jan. 28 for #NHLAllStar

Fans shared about Lionel Richie

Rose Cortina

an hour ago

Let's be real ... you don't have to put a fake smile if you are sad ... cry if you are happy laugh ... if you are uncertain ... wait ... why does the world think it is OK to suffer with a smile ?? I would rather someone say hi I am hurting and I would say oh ... I didn't know ... I am so sorry ... can I help ( instead a fake smile proves nothing except hiding ones emotions ... we all need to stop it )

Cristina Lopes

also shared about Lionel Richie

If your job is to take care of people or to deal with clients I must tell you that you really have to put a smile at your face. If you can't control your sadness it will be better to stay home or go to a Park until you feel OK.

Diane Broadrick Templeton

also shared about Lionel Richie

I'm sorry, Miss Rose ,you missed the point of this meme. One can never know the story, behind a persons facial expressions. Be kind to every one......

Fans shared about Shemar Moore

Patty Barton

2 hours ago

What a beautiful smile !💜😊❤you just light up my life!! :) ❤💜 dear One1 ..Love the show... can't wait for Thursday good, team work to make this show a hit & success!!!

Deborah Barfield

also shared about Shemar Moore

Our family look foward to each episode. I'm an old school S.W.A.T. fan. Love the newer version. What I love about the this is it's about life as we live it. I really loved the Christmas episode "Miracle". Keep it going. Lots of love to y'all.

Yvonne Scales

also shared about Shemar Moore

Much love to the SWAT team. You're all awesome & amazing! Each episode is good. I hope we can get an update on Annie in one of the episodes real soon.

Fans shared about Reese Witherspoon

Jennifer Hester Hall

8 minutes ago

Based on pics you've posted to your FB page, you look like your mama in that picture! 😊 That's definitely a compliment! Stay warm! We are trying to do the same here in Forsyth County, GA!

Gene Seymour

also shared about Reese Witherspoon

Hi Reese.... as you are busy I understand not responding to my earlier request but my wife's 40th is a huge deal and all she wants is brunch with you!! We will be in Nashville Feb 18 (Sunday) and hope you can make an appearance! You can pick the place! Thanks!!!!

Donna Andre

also shared about Reese Witherspoon

I’m such a Reese fan! I’ve watched Legally Blonde, Walk the Line and Election in the last week! Now that I know there will be another season of Big Little Lies I have to call my cable company to get HBO back !

Fans shared about Pentatonix

Christy Mudaliar

4 hours ago

I can't vote because your original album PENTATONIX is NON-Christmas and not listed as an option. I refuse to vote on an incomplete list, out of principle, and to stand up for fair treatment on behalf of the best album ever created 🙎‍♀️🙎‍♂️😐🙍‍♀️🙍‍♂️

Dan Satter

also shared about Pentatonix

Fun fact: each EP (except for the Classics one, of course) starts off the album in which somebody raps.

Vol I: Starships
(Scott, Mitch, and Kirstie)
Vol II: Can’t Hold Us
(Scott and Mitch)
Vol III: Problem (just Mitch)

Christy Mudaliar

also shared about Pentatonix

You are correct, my bad. It is still the best ever created regardless though. With that in mind I'd have to say Volume III has Standing By.

Fans shared about Andie Case

Jesse Thibert

9 minutes ago

Damn that's crazy I started following you when you lived all the way back in Detroit and now you live like 30 minutes from me

Fans shared about Black Veil Brides

Devan Hariford

3 hours ago

Still waiting on Vale, so I can't say for sure. Probably WaD though. There's some good fight songs, and if I'm about to git rekt, In the End would be an amazing song to go out to.

Ricky Rich

also shared about Black Veil Brides

Vale. By all fucking means <3 All i need in the zombie apocalpyse is fam, my 3030 and machete, id rescue tommy chong and all of his earthly possessions, and vale 😂

It’s official! WHOS COMING!!!!!! #campmars2018 🕺🏻🌅🎈🎉🎆

Join Carrie and many others this year at #WEFest! Tickets are on sale now at

BTS from the #HomeAcoustic video. Lucky to be in the room with such talented musicians.

Fans shared about Sean Combs

Johnny Walker

16 minutes ago

Diddy put me on I'll show you how its done!!! Check out my audition tape still waiting for a call back and tell Andre I said what's up! He and I met when I was visiting LA back in the day! Back when i was Prince's back up dancer

Teri Doby-Robinson

also shared about Sean Combs

Lex Lu son , even though she tripped up , she won !!!..That other one could not wait to announce who her grandma and cousin is. She road in on their coat tails and the audience bought it. You can find ten of her easily tomorrow morning on the subway then ten more in the afternoon. She has no substance and feels entitled. Fix it Diddy, fix it !

John Jonse

also shared about Sean Combs

#LexLu won this easy!!? Who you think won!? And a few pointers you should only have rappers battle rappers and singers battle singers until the final four anything goes! Also each judge should have 1 save just in case something like this happens! Lex is the apitimy of a superstar and she's off because of who's grandma is more famous smh


Fans shared about Jesse McCartney

Rosamaría Del Valle Gracía

14 minutes ago

Amor mio te estoy esperando
Y te sigo esperando
Y a ver hasta cuando
Y aquí te sigo yo amando
Porque me estoy enamorado
Y un día te te estaré besando
Con todo mi amor te sigo esperando.
Jesse mío, mio. Pío, pío, jajajajajaja. Ya me volví pajarita hembra. Jajaja (birl). Jesse Abraham Jesse McCaartney

Lily Hong

also shared about Jesse McCartney

Hey Jesse looking very handsome and looking cool love the jacket very good color on you and very sexy hair I would lean on a wall just for u :)

Fans shared about Darren Criss

Lara Ashley Ashburn

4 minutes ago

Sooo excited can't wait to watch you play Andrew Cunnanan u were so great in glee and I know u are gonna do so well in this

Paisley Wallace

also shared about Darren Criss

I never received signed bundle of homework. I contacted customer service and they told me to call my post office and if they couldn't find it then they would send me a new one, and my post office couldn't find it. So I was told they were going to send me a new one when they restock I was wondering if this one will also be signed because I did pay for the signed copy...

Fans shared about TobyMac

Good man. Good husband. Blessed wife just like me. Praise be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and our Mother Mary. #Catholics #Christopher Wood

Vanessa Bishop-Wittwer

also shared about TobyMac

She’s your better half because she’s with her best half and she smiles when she shines with you..... you 2 are perfectly paired!! #blessedpair

Amanda Heilman

also shared about TobyMac

2017 playlist is one of my favs. Just added 2018 to the mix. So excited! Thank you! Hope to see you this year in Omaha!

Fans shared about Newsboys

Donna Northcut Cosby

21 minutes ago

Michael how I wish I could be there!!! Can't wait until April 28th in Abilene Texas. PLEASE SING RESTART!!! Listen to it at least 15 times aday!!!

Law of Attraction - Ask, Believe, Receive

also shared about Newsboys

I may not be able to tell you this every day but I just want you to know that you mean the world to me. The day you stepped into my life you changed it into something so beautiful and meaningful. I may not be the first woman in your life but I want to be the last woman you ever loved. I may not be the first woman who made you feel loved but I want to be the only one to make you feel loved to the core .

Watch as Joe chats with 107.7 The Bone giving insight to how G3 was formed, creation of the lineup for 2018, and the making of the new album "What Happens Next"!

4 years old today. my peanut butter pie guy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Fans shared about Paramore

Shawn Wiles

4 hours ago

Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ capital, known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades, legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age. Its Museum District houses the Van Gogh Museum, works by Rembrandt and Vermeer at the Rijksmuseum, and modern art at the Stedelijk. Cycling is key to the city’s character, and there are numerous bike paths.

Fans shared about Victoria Justice

Bill Haddad

4 hours ago

Absolutely phenomenal great voice great actress the true American treasure and the woman that could be the next Batgirl. Victoria Justice is one of a kind and needs the chance to play the iconic character Batgirl

Alonso Mendoza

also shared about Victoria Justice

I'm waiting for music new my favorite singer ,how long more we order wait The queen of pop ,beautiful you have new music pleasse from all yours fans who love you vic

Fans shared about Luke Bryan

Tracey Ferrara

2 hours ago

Wish I was going..Been in the house for 3wks because of the crappy weather in PA. Luke would warm my heart real quick. Plus no money..Stinks

Christine Sheridan

also shared about Luke Bryan

It is pretty dull next to the everyday stuff.Actually leaves me on this mountain of hollow feeling, just cannot put my finger on it. 😏

Sharon Flora

also shared about Luke Bryan

Would love to go but circumstances prevent me from attending.. IT WOULD BE A REAL DREAM COME TRUE ❤❤❤💙🎶🎤🎸🎶 TO all who are lucky enough to get to go have a great time.. 🍹🍹