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Brandon Curtin

3 hours ago

OOO,,,,,WE the best i love you like i like like you YOU THE BEST

Marzena Dlugosz

3 hours ago

Surprised the haram police didn't come after you 😂

Jennie Gonzalez

a day ago

A say kiki
Do u love me

Fan Love you know how it go!! Every ting TOP SECRET!! 🔑 🦂

Zeuqsav Jah

3 days ago

Thanx for the opportunities that u give young artists like u did with justin bieber... Some niggas even call me justin bieber here where i stay because of how i dress, dance and the videos i make lol

Dennis John Terrebrood

3 days ago

U must see my videos i make im from south africa

Ŷoung'Fly Tunchi

4 days ago

Another :)
Asmin majhi

I love you so much!!!!!!! My son!! Asahd Khaled!!

Efrain FC

5 days ago

I dunno why but i like so much dis guy Jeovany Pedro

John Herman Richardson

5 days ago

Another one,,,, we the best eye witness 😂😂😂

Charles Tiberius Kirk

5 days ago

Wow he's big already I remember when I saw him at your house when I went to see your tile at your master bathroom 👍

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Tony Parker II

7 days ago

⛅🗽I life the source of success is illuminati face the new order de future not history EMEN! Mafia Life Dream Chases DC United States of AMERICA is Loyalty illuminaty we some success God bless UNITED STATES. We bless être dad God #Baphomet Shemhamforash! 🙏🏾#FreeMeekMill🤘🏾

Manon Beaucart

7 days ago

That night with tunechi & drake & you Khalid we enjoyed a lot dawg

Susana Mtz

8 days ago

DJ Khaled-No Brained ft Justine Bieber,Quavo


Jamila Aisha

15 days ago


Sammie Pearlman

15 days ago

Brayden Bithio cuz what in the blue, the blokes lost it

Jean-Marc Bombillon

15 days ago

Dj khaled I need ur help,all my I wish to be a musician but I have no sponsor, I wish if you can help me


Jason Lucas

17 days ago

Please Send me a phone since i borrowed this from my mum i love that song

Marian Hagendoorn

17 days ago

Eyow Khalid bro ah think u should make songs with Chris and Alsina again...then u can make hits like u used to

Refilwe Fifi Queen

17 days ago

Its my fav 😍


Miquel Hdez

18 days ago


Mandy Schwerdt

18 days ago

Dylan Kartowirijo lol hijs in pielie

Milka Isabel Alvarado

18 days ago

Dj Khaled, He Is The Best Dj Of America

Available everywhere!! #NoBrainer 🚫🧠

Leonardo Gee

22 days ago


João Pedro Franco

22 days ago

Perfect song I love This
We the Best Music

Wendy Pearson

22 days ago

which app was used to edit this?

#FANLUV! The official video for #NOBRAINER 🚫🧠 now on Vevo!! 📣🎥🎞 Justin Bieber Quavo Chance The Rapper 🔑🔑🔑 #FATHEROFASAHD soon come!! Directed by Colin Tilley and Asahd Khaled

Théo Tangô

21 days ago

Iam The One Artist So What About Lil Wayne

Emilio Cocco Curreli

22 days ago

Tim Veal another one👍

Mhd Ikhsan Fahrezi

22 days ago

Nick Ryder this is the lullaby i was trying to sing you last night 😂😘

Javier Galáz

22 days ago

if --cardi b-- could have been pheatured>>then the song could have a hit by now-_-#

Paige Griffin

22 days ago

Aiden Young can't believe they did weezy dirty like this
Also asahd just doing that then?

Bryant Mendola

23 days ago

The beat is so duckin awful. How you get Bieber, chance, and quavo on a track and make it soooooooo bad?

#FANLUV! This is the official ARTWORK for #NOBRAINER! 🚫🧠 Justin Bieber Chance The Rapper Quavo 🔥🔥🔥🔥 NEW ANTHEM THIS FRIDAY! TRACK + VIDEO! 🎥🎥🎥#ANOTHERONE 🔑 #BEREADY 🎯 WE the BEST MUSIC Epic Records Roc Nation

Devang Dharmendrakumar

24 days ago

Logic and Khaled coming up with singles on the same day 😍

Thomas Biederman

25 days ago

Same junk, your like Diddy back in the day, doing no work and just dancing in the music videos.

Carolan Barrera

25 days ago

Why is Ashsad touching khaleds Willy? 🤔

Bumbu Rum Luc Belaire #AD

Lucy'Lu Casarez Torres

a month ago

What up wit your boy Chris Brown. Tell I need parts

Giulia Celozzi

a month ago

khaled would never read anything you post your work is to like not to be heard

Leeanna Alloway

a month ago

Love how you guys did wild thoughts....Send me a sample of the drink..

We had amazing lunch and amazing time ! KHALED FAMILY!!!!! MAMA ASHAD FATHER ASHAD

Jonathan Muñiz

a month ago


Jocelyne Huguet

a month ago

Love your family; it makes me smile when I see you!

Paulo Silva

a month ago

Lovely family 👪 more blessings..

Steff London had WE the BEST MUSIC studio on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #FatherOfAsahd

Derek Lever

a month ago

happy family dj khaled

Yogesh Parteti

a month ago

they called chemistry or what

Sally Ann

a month ago

Stefanie Delgado I thought this was you!!!

Fan luv more updates is coming in by the sec . New anthem alert 🚨 is near !
IM UP TO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!! #FatherOfAsahd WE the BEST MUSIC !!!!! DID THE Justin Bieber vocals come in yet!!!!! 😀

Lilian Vaz

a month ago

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Micaela Martinez

a month ago

James Christopher apparently it's coming friday.

Kristen Darlington

a month ago

Khaled Khaled <--- is this a real profile DJ Khaled?

Asahd just let me know patience is a talent.. ASAHD also said let the fans know worldwide we coming ! We fully loaded ! FATHER OF ASAHD ALBUM IN THE WORKS !! More updates to come .. I’ll keep u posted 🙏🏽 We The Best

Belle Venez

a month ago

God bless you sido Ilove you and I’m proud of you

Daniel Henderson

a month ago

God bless you sido and thanks for up date the new video comeback soon Father of Asahd your grand father

Emil Forestier

a month ago

Asahd has record lebel?

Did the Sizzla vocals come inyet !! WE the BEST MUSIC studio 🔥🇯🇲

Soren Madsen

a month ago

DJ khaled the best..My man thanks

Jose Enrique De Leon

a month ago

God damm! Sizzla kolonje in studio of khaled...

Luciana Dumar Bretas Galgoul

a month ago

don't miss to collaborate with Chris Breeze

Vibes !! Luc Belaire Bumbu Rum #AD

Krystian Dąbrowski

a month ago

I love bellaire

Numan Toure

a month ago

Felix Ayala give him a Discount!

Rik Arviz

a month ago

Sell out DJ Khaled

Did the vocals come in yet !!!!!

Toni Cleveland

a month ago

People love Khalid no hate speech..had it been any other...smh..we the best to death for sho☝️💯

Zach Cearbaugh

a month ago

DJ khaled u the best music I like u my man #$tar

Muna Yusuf Abdullahi

a month ago

Yow big man i am greting

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Laricia Sims

a month ago


Shawn Wood

a month ago


Kelly Smith Whaley

a month ago

I want to gat to you, please I need your help Sir

Don C on the feet
WE the BEST MUSIC The Four
BILLI and Diddy 🔑🔑

Alice Jeanveau

a month ago

Khaled boy! You be matching from head to toe!

Lck Raza Rodriguez

a month ago

Let me be your body gard

Kim Kayl

a month ago

They don't want u to win
But u say no

We in the studio !!! #FatherOfAsahd #WeTheBestMusic

Tammy Putnam

a month ago

do a song with khaligraph jones

Shii Adajar

a month ago


Lorena Zazueta

a month ago

This man is so full of himself. Plus he’s the biggest cornball

Vibes!!! #AD

Kanchan Sidhu

a month ago

Beautifully best place on earth.

Kanchan Sidhu

a month ago

FORGET those drinks, that WATER is everything beautifully BLUE.

Bridgit Patrick-Hightower

a month ago

I think a gat to steal a drink.

Play time is over. Tonight we have the BIGGEST and MOST EXCITING battles in what is our most thrilling episode yet! Thursday’s belong to #TheFour, start setting up those watch parties now. The Four Thursday’s 8/7c.

Bonnie Sagurton

2 months ago

Mischa Adé 2 der besten

Karol Sánchez Anzola

2 months ago

What channel this come on?

Susie Freeman

2 months ago

You should steadily keep examining yourself 🙄😅🤓🤕

Congrats Ben Simmons Rookie Of The Year!!

Mary Ann Almario Longasa

2 months ago

Jack khaled looking like a 2 year old

Katie Childs

2 months ago

يا ديجي خالد انا عاوز اسم الاغنيه حقت البرنامج ده الاغنيه البتشتغل اثناء البرنامج وشكرا

Michelle Langowski Hughes

2 months ago

Father of asahd please I need your help

#AD Bumbu Rum #TheCraftRum

Bryce Trauberman

2 months ago

It must be sponsored

Yug Vaid

2 months ago

Fire water. Bet that’ll but some kick in your step

Paulo Oses

2 months ago

Please help and please read and share.

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Brandon Jackson

2 months ago

Its time to
eat eat eat eat
No time FOR
sleep sleep sleep sleep
Lets get it
N go
Feast feast feast feast
Like wolves on these
Lets get it

Like wolves on sheep
Lets get it n go feast
No time for sleep
Its time to

Aaron Cruz

2 months ago

I Need Beat From Dj Khaled We The Best

Dena Vries

2 months ago

Whats cookin insde there alongside diddy bigsean

Another One!! Pon Ya Head!!
Luc Belaire Bumbu Rum - The GOAT PERHAPS!!! #ad

Jacqui Maltby

2 months ago

My adoptive jamaican, dj khaled

Andres David Centeno Hernandez

2 months ago

Don't ever play yourself😂😂

Mrry Bonita

2 months ago

We the best music is here to stay homie

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Sharon Vega

2 months ago

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Sam Jackson

2 months ago

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Robert Roubert Beňak

2 months ago

Wont miss it 4 de world

Top Off #FatherOfAsahd

SK Da SkhandaGawd

2 months ago

Dj khaled z dah best I luv dj khaled cy mi name

Leslie Munn

2 months ago

Wat's your address it's me gkutz so I can give a hat for dat fuk up haircut

Sarah Mendoza

2 months ago

Respect DJ Khaled we love you visit Tanzania

#AD It's the weekend Luc Belaire

Julio Behling

3 months ago

mrs dj khaled pleas you can your brothers in iluminati 666 to win lebron james in finals and champion

Anna Barabadze

3 months ago

For ma rich niggaz

Jakii Rojas

3 months ago

Ay Khaled.. Get at me bruh.. a nigga mean with that penship! You sea see of waves from within, how beautiful n peaceful the tides. ✡️ God body💯 it’s a honorable thing to be a self-governed majesty. Having possession of the abandoned property under my name.. u know.. nigga be just like me .. what’s the price of two sparrows? A copper coin 💯✊🏼. Get at me.. fr

Hitting the road with JAY-Z and Beyoncé in North America for the #OTR2 tour!! #BLESSUP #FANLUV

Aslan Septian

3 months ago

im actually bitter hes not coming to germany Jennifer Bui

Castro Murdock Javier

3 months ago

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Sarah Muennink

3 months ago

Dan Murphy looks like it’s only the american tour💔

Very GRATEFUL! #6nominations 🔑
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So you know it’s #WeTheBestMusic, Epic Records, Roc Nation !
#FatherOfAshad !

George Betts IV

3 months ago

We the best music D.j khaled always on top and we're not going to stop

Wendy Perez

3 months ago

Didnt know Khaled was a artist unless shouting over records counts.

Sukhdeep Parmar

3 months ago

We the Best music another one# King KHALed DJ

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Debra Hutchenson

3 months ago

Inbox me! I have “BOX” training seminars on DVD and Downloads!

Laura Lacatena

3 months ago

Best Dj Khaled great job

Erika Houser

3 months ago

Oko wathi "Another one" kode kubenini nah tyutyuse?

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Robert Maldonado

4 months ago

Do you run your own Facebook page?

Jessica Bautista

4 months ago

The most positive human being I've ever come across on planet 🌍 earth. DJ Khaled we the best music. Major key

Laurel Grace Huffman

4 months ago

nicely photo!!!!! *@+

#AD Looking ahead... #FATHEROFASAHD #GRATEFUL #XLStyle. Follow DXL Men's Apparel.

Eliane Nascimento

4 months ago

i like your profile photo am the one of charge this pic and me am DJ SACH MULE i want me to be like u khaled.

Priscilla MscoldJanuary Noble

4 months ago

Reuben Henaway “please sir may I have some more” 😂

Jeo Calif

4 months ago

'Why am i yelling'.. hahahaha..nice one

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#FatherOfAsahd album in the works !!
#TOPOFF 🔝🚀 !!

Joe Hogan

4 months ago

No probs fans I lmfao when I lol

Tayo Ogunba

4 months ago

come on #wethebest# forever #wethegreatest# for live , Dj khaled a legend a legend
#don't play yourself# Another one Dj khaled #Legend#

Tha-bø Nhlapø Tøksic

4 months ago

Will the best music d.J khaled

I need get some rest I’m been going hard ima be great Jus need a day or 2 rest the only reason why I’m posting this because my phone won’t stop ringing my queen going end up taking my phone from me anyways because need a day or 2 rest to recharge up .. so if you see this let me chill let me get some rest .. nothing but luv ! ... Bless up ! #WeTheBest Jus need a day or 2 then I’m back at it !!
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