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Nepal 🇳🇵 coming thru for tuborg open fest!

Kathryn Mac McCafferty

12 days ago

La aba kehi hunccha ♥🔥

Sherri Murnane-Beamish

13 days ago

Raja Upadhyay bro,this is real😱😱😱😱😲

she helped me a lot.

Юлия Гришина

2 months ago

Name three people you'd like to party with...

Gül Kelebeğı

2 months ago

Daddy Diplo your so damn cute

Donna Brennan

2 months ago

Hey Eric Andre!

Icons living

Gisell Sanchez

2 months ago

That guy from Gangnam gets everywhere!

Kari Esquivel

2 months ago

Wow! Should have the regime's State-mandated "choice" of haircut before impersonating the Supreme Leader....

Juan C Lara-hernandez

2 months ago

Both icons in being total shitpigs and self righteous assholes.

Silk City NYC

Ken Hill

5 months ago

Nathalia Ü Moore Pentz

Iden Adele

5 months ago

Dope "Silk City" jacket! Love your hustler mentality...mix it up and keep it fresh. I twerked my butt off at your EDC Vegas set...Fire!

Julia Bright

5 months ago

Diplo, quando vou ter a chance, hein gato? Hahaha ♡

When I was teenager I got arrested at Target for stealing CDs
But now Im rich I bought my own Target and set all the CDs on fire 🔥 #inspirationalstory

Zain Sajid

5 months ago

Fifa World cup 2018 Theme Is ready or not????

Elise Arianna Rodriguez

5 months ago

For sure you do not remember me, but I remember you in Philly, in your house: I still have your CDs, very cool CDs man!!!!
ciao from Italy
peace man

Danny Norris

5 months ago

Chantelle Shearer-Burrell that hat is tekkerz, are you able to get me one

Voicu Nicu

5 months ago

Love You Diplo Sir
Your Great Talented
I Love Your Music
It's Something Special Like All time
Love Your LSD - Audio - It's Drops R Epic
Love That Song
Right now I'm listening AUDIO 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Diplo's Rythum

Dominic Potack

5 months ago

Alice Parayno new phone wallpaper haha 😍

Alba Rodrigez

5 months ago

Thanks for STOP bleaching 🙌🏾 now give us either the colour blind track WITHOUT that xan or with an artist with actual talent 🙌🏾❣

Check out my fire rat tail

Kemodisa Sipatela BW

5 months ago

Lemme be the meat in this sandwich 🤗

Lov Aguilar

5 months ago

Cam Tokington another doppelganger!

Rachel Jolles

5 months ago

Alexandra Rey he is not looking as cute as before!

respect!! Spotify #LSD

Michael Girod

6 months ago

I wanted to like this song a lot more than I'm able to.

Sidartha Outcome

6 months ago

It's actually so good

Katherine Moppin

6 months ago

my good is so amazing

#lsd dropping may 3

Zawzaw Lu

6 months ago

Hey Diplo when You drop In Your hand song ,,, plz tell me date im hardly waiting love From Pakistan

Adela Zambojová

6 months ago

Haha I saw Diplo on Fortnite he was wearing a dam Hat Like dat being a cowboy, shooting nowhere 😂😂

Joseph Francis

6 months ago

Karishma Mohammed ik you already saw it but 😂

#LSD this thursday

Alex Moralencia

6 months ago

it's Diplo & Sia 😂😁

Joel Attenborough

6 months ago

Can i get some ????

Tomonori Kodama

6 months ago

Caralho eu to muito foguetinha

You set the precedent for the rest of us producers/ opened doors and set the trends . A real groundbreaker and influencer to all your peers . You should have lived to be 150.. but your music is gonna live forever . I'm not just saying that.. but you are the only one to always make timeless songs. You were the gold standard . You made me want try and make dance music when i first heard "seek bromance" . And then u kept making feel like shit cause you kept gettin better and i couldn't even mix a snare right .. you were the best of this generation . A real superstar 🌟 I know you had your demons and maybe this wasn't the right place for you sometimes , but we need to protect true artists like you at all costs because there are not enough left and we are losing too many .. be good Tim

Mohsin Akhter

6 months ago

A great artist gone but an awesome soul stay here with all those people who love your work you hace done it well Rest In Peace Avicii

Vicmarys Gutierrez

6 months ago

My deepest condoleances to all of his beloved ones. May his soul rest in peace and his music live on forever.. Miss u Avicii 😢

Duke Lotam

6 months ago

Wow si grande avicci aveces las mejores cosas y talentos duran poco pero se quedan para siempre en un legado sonidos para todos y alegrar un poco el mundo con sus melodías únicas

What’s a good to a goblin Post Malone Lil Wayne

Agata Czyż

6 months ago

cant believe this is music . must be on the wrong planet

Gerardo Mejia

6 months ago

Diplo hand sign=rock n roll
Lil wayne/post malone=OG bitch

Caitlin Meyers

6 months ago

Leftboy is the cleanest one :D :D :D

color blind video tmrw 7am pt/10am et

Fernando Rojas

6 months ago

Ezequiel Conde Mire mijo el Diego usa el pans de la sec

Deanna Bruning

6 months ago

Pelo cheiro da cebola esse cú ja levou rola

Serge Outelet

6 months ago

Mateo Robles a huevoooo

Yung JAke

Nicole Lauren

7 months ago

lmao my man diplo does it again

Ivan Lauria

7 months ago

My herooooooooooooooooo I love u n come Nepal one more plz plz plz diplo. I miss u call me plz my number 9827148780

Craigz Kandasami

7 months ago

Annie mira esta onda

My stock is rising now thanks 📈@lofficielparis

My aesthetic

Press photo 2004 🤦‍♂️#florida
Happy birthday @jillionaire I hate you but you a good man still @silentaddy 📸

I let my son listen to my Ep and play fortnite and now he looks like this

My mom always told me I had a face for radio and now I have my own station 🤙 @siriusxm channel 52

Easter Cosplay

Yenny Higuera

7 months ago

Love you, Diplo ❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋

Adriane Reyes

7 months ago

better analog picture...

work it biznatch..

Sponsored by @c.syresmith photo by @kinghenry

Be quiet grandpa just wants some alone time with his baby deer, also his peacock / @schonmagazine

@lifeofdesiigner came over for a few days and just locked in on that beat.. we wrote a scratch and then a few months later cut the vocal and we had a good track. for me its a sort of compromise between some of my favorite producers like Flume and Mura Masa and a real hip hop energy that desiigner brings..suicidal video out now

🤟 trying to pull off my iconic uncle's looks for @schonmagazine @moschino

suicidal video tmrw @lifeofdesiigner

🏀 thanks @shaq

Looking for a fuck to give

Delete my number
Live Shaq wes die Shaq Wes

Nanu Rodriguez

7 months ago

Adrian Laznik imagine what goes down in Shaq’s fun house 🤔

Antonio Carlos Silva

7 months ago

my gosh, how long is Wesleys finger? :O

Preksha Kothari

7 months ago

I love you, papi

Congrats @virgilabloh you're my dawg for life @louisvuitton please design some crocs this year for me

Use the comments below to tell me how you are going to unfollow me for being a brainwashed leftist liberal

Live Shaq Wes die Shaq Wes

Look Alive look Alive

Respect Spotify

Evan Lahagu

7 months ago

красава уже на стенде так держать

Felipe Rios Torres

7 months ago

Something big about to happen 🔥

Hong Ming

7 months ago

Bring back diplo from scribble jam 01'

1. worry no more @lilyachty

2. suicidal @lifeofdesiigner

4. wish @trippieredd
5. Colorblind @xanxiety

5. Colorblind @xanxiety

6. get it right (remix) @momomoyouth
6. get it right (remix) @goldlink
1. worry no more @santigold
2. suicidal @lifeofdesiigner
3. look back @bigbabydram
california ep out now

thank you for the support and billboard @spotify 💚

when I made the Florida album over ten years ago it was me dwelling in my own mind and creating something crazy that was about where i'm from and what I imagined. once I got to California I had been working for years in all kinds of music but this last year I was inspired by all the young sounds and rappers that have moved to LA.. felt like this album was the soundtrack to the last year of working here.. California EP out now

Color Blind with @xanxiety out at midnight 💔

see you soon europe ✈️ 🎉 tix on sale now (link in bio)

2 more days

watch the get it right rmx video. me, @momomoyouth + @goldlink are cartoons 👱🏻‍♂️👱🏻‍♀️🧔🏾 (link in bio)

When your the grim reaper but your song comes on in the field

3 more days

My boys came out to support dad tonight

Wondering if my advance came in but I have no bars