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Can't wait to see u in March NOLA!! 💝

TORONTO!!!! I’m stopping by in 2019 💖 Get ur tix today!!

We gonna go to WERK tonight! Ninja

Dezondria Johnson

3 days ago

How much is he paying you? Lol

Christina Cissna Broxson

4 days ago

Dillon Francis, if this stream helps you gain viewers/listeners I think it is a great idea!

Staying in the spotlight is tough these days. Good luck dude, and try to make Ninja swear. lol

Roshan Kharel

4 days ago

Don't get streamsniped...

Come party with me in April Monterrey!!
Beyond Wonderland Monterrey

Alča Stejskalová

4 days ago

❤❤❤❤❤ see you soon!!

Wanda Stewart

4 days ago

Karen Weinmann weeeey

Shawnyce Myrie

4 days ago

Hector Mejia hola

This guy just HAW-YEED at ur lady...what do you do?

Alex Jeffery

5 days ago

Challenge him to a duel at high noon
Pew pew 🔫

Eduardo Reyees

6 days ago

Accept my defeat.....

Martin Ball

6 days ago

Brad Daniels you cannot compete with this specimen #yeehaw 😻

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thaaank yooooou!!!!
Love you all so much 😭💞

BK Franklïn Xâvïdâstêlïx

8 days ago

non stop babyyy

Ribeiro Alves Ray

8 days ago

It’s been a good one my G

Stanley N Toni Mickens

9 days ago

Only less than nine thousand hours in a year.

Don't stand too close to the fire honey, plastic melts.

Frederick Rodriguez

11 days ago

lol Dillon Francis XD

Walinda Odrick

11 days ago

Santa's favourite elf?

Mary Gallups

11 days ago

Badass picture 🙌🏻 Dillon Francis

GET IN LOSER WE'RE GOING ON TOUR!! Tix for my tour with Alison Wonderland are on sale now.. get them before they sell out!

Jorche Jaramillo

13 days ago

Lamb Tran Snow Tran omg

Buffy A. Jordan

13 days ago

That’s it..

Tunes To Live By

13 days ago

Come to Southern California 😭😭

PreSale for our tour is live! Come lose ur minds w us! Alison Wonderland (PRESALE CODE: LOSTMYMIND)

Zakaria Dribel

17 days ago

Anyone have the Spotify presale code?

Isa Cano

17 days ago

Ily guys....PLEASE COME TO DENVER!! I would be so happy ❤

Yesenia Aguilar

17 days ago

Can't wait for your Texas dates!!!


Denisa Stancu

22 days ago

Harry Brotherton see 😂

Analiza Domingo

22 days ago

Omggg I want everything!!!!

Bill Hinderliter

22 days ago

That dog shirt is ridiculous! I have to have it

*Hot single men in your area*

Tristine Walker

a month ago

Diplo looks like the bottom

Brandon Luis Fuentealba

a month ago

Damn it!!!!
I thought it’s Andrea Pirlo

Wanderson Victor

a month ago

You guys should hit up grinder. Been finding alot of guys. But im Sure a girl is bound to match.

I LOST THE AWARD BUT I DIDNT LOSE MY FUCKING SWAG BIH!! This woulda been my speech if I won tho Latin GRAMMYs

Barbara Drake

a month ago

Martin Bee j'en peux plus de lui 😂😂😂

Tommie Vaughn Stuart

a month ago

It doesn't matter if you didn't win that Grammy Award, you've won the hearts of many latin fans. And that It's an amazing award. Greetings from Mexico. We love U. :D

Yasquin MostWanted Palomo

a month ago

Keep on rockin my dude.

thanks for making me look hot Apple Music

Diego Criollo

a month ago

You always look hot bby.

เท สี

a month ago

Steven Choi mood

Jari Kärkkäinen

a month ago

As much as I like Dillon... where the HELL is the turn up music I’m starting to like hanz better lately 🙃 #NoShade #NoFlowerMusic

See you this Weds at Intrigue Vegas!! Get tix:

You can’t sit with us.
Alison Wonderland

Esteban Villanueva Prieto

a month ago

If I wanted to sit with you I would have all ready, Das the TRUTH eh!

Don Don Alvord

a month ago

when are you gonna break that llama it probably has some shields in it and we all know you need materials.

Collab, raig nau. :0

HAPPY 40TH Diplo! I love you dude!! Remember the time we were djing and we held hands the whole time to show off how fucking swole we were!? Man good times good tiiimmeesss. For real thanks for always being there for me my guy! This birthday is a very special one just like you!

Thelma P. Vega

a month ago

Mason Whitener haha

Shirley Johannson Dye

a month ago

Duncan de Jong

Rolando Sobremesana

a month ago

Diplo and Francis.. 2 of the best! 👌🙌🙌
Happy 40th Wes!

Hi! Electric Daisy Carnival - EDC Orlando

Mark Nyakana Twentyfifteen

a month ago

Story Geovanni Heath-Mckee loo

Reyn Dela Rosa

a month ago

Loved seeing Gerald

Salah Abid

a month ago

Your feet are loooooong boi

SURPRISE I'm comin to Countdown this NYE! Come party with Gerald & I and ring in 2019:

Teresa Alonso

a month ago

Come to my house

Fell in love w a white boi at the rock show & he told me all the small things and it made me bored to death Mark Hoppus

Aree Flack-Mccrimmon

a month ago

some thicc bois

Andrade Andrade Gustavo

a month ago

No picture comments? Fucking aliens

Hilary Delasalas

a month ago

Heather Heikkinen oh my god vegas

WHAT IS UP VEGA$ I am closing out Encore Beach Club for the season this Thursday!! Get tix:


Varand Avakian

2 months ago


Nguyễn Hồng Thúy

2 months ago

This perfect legs <3

Derrick Rogers

2 months ago

Er macht’s einem echt schwierig im Moment 🙄 Mariel 🤔😂

Belly Up, Aspen just announced.
should i wear this fit to all my tour dates?? comment below y/n
HEY HEY U GHOSTS! Halloween show at Intrigue Vegas on Saturday see ya there:

Melanie Snowberger

2 months ago

Courtney Leigh down to rage on a monday?

Biancca Hamberland

2 months ago

Kieron Fox-Begley Europe dates up soon

BT Rossi

2 months ago

Anna Otterstrøm Jensen de hurtigste briller

in case u wanted to pretend u waxed Zedd into ur chest too ... only available for 72 hours also zedd & i will be donating half the money we make on the shirt to Locks of Love

Eric Tsai

2 months ago

Donate to wigs for kids!

Mike Parrish

2 months ago

Megan I love him

Eduardo Siniestro Escamilla Sanchez

2 months ago

Jajajajajaja ese wey se mama

HELLO Twitchcon!! Come party w me & Ninja THIS THURSDAY!

Jodi Armknecht Holt

2 months ago

lil kev from always sunny

Thet Zaw

2 months ago

is it just me or does this pic make him look like the "if life gives you lemons" vine guy?

Jamyl D'e Jesus

2 months ago

Moomhbahtone mixed with fortnite makes a really packed nightclub as I see it

YO San Antonio! I'm at Mala Luna Music Festival Halloween weekend - get your tickets at

Nadji Arbabi

2 months ago

Yuck, Dillon you can do better line ups than that

Barb Nichols

2 months ago

We gotta do this next year Brandon Kempf

Judith Williams

2 months ago

Oh, hi Dillon Francis!

See you tomorrow at Intrigue Vegas

Furtado Monica

2 months ago

Thank u 4 awesome new yrs at led last yr

Jörg Fromme

2 months ago

We have same haircut..
I keep blowing off getting sides shaved again but ready now

Lori Johnson

2 months ago

"Dillon Francis.. One of our most prominent attorneys here at the Law Offices of Dewey, Cheetum and Howe"

Surprise Denver! I will be playing the after party for Mile High Spirits Block Party tonight at Temple Denver!

Dinah Höhl

2 months ago

Portal 3 confirmed

Carina Pfeifer

2 months ago

Thanks for playing last night!!! - white tiger :3

Mike Mc Mcdonald

2 months ago

Can't wait for a "surprise, Miami!"

Felt cute might delete

Russell Waldick

2 months ago

Where’s your wax job bro?

Maren Hansen

2 months ago

Rodell Giblett something that you would do hahhahaah

Kathie O'Connell Guentz

2 months ago

Only Dillon would do this 😂


Elizabeth Mendoza

2 months ago

Nic Spiteri damn

Erwin Hickman

2 months ago

Yoo Dillon!! I live a block away from the venue. Is there anyway you would come by and sign my Gerald after, or should I bring him with? (⊙‿⊙✿)

Jesus Antonio Vargas Ferrer

2 months ago

Ride that hype train Dillon

Come celebrate MY birthday & 102.7 Da Bombs with me tomorrow at The Republik

Jawan Vann

2 months ago

Easy or West Dillon is the best

Helen M Bailey

2 months ago

What a great excuse to go to Hawaii. Wish I could

Emil ToFørr Christensen

2 months ago

Happy birthday Dillon. Go check out Oahu Mexican grill for some tacos.

White Boi w/ Lao Ra

Danaya Cruz

2 months ago

One of these things is not like the other

Tomáš Skohoutil

2 months ago

Great song!! the best!!!

Isac Santos

2 months ago

I am surprised Gerald's face isn't up front and in focus and you're all blurred in the back. Anytime this is on the radio the windows go down and the volume goes up.

I would like to explain this album one last time quickly before some of you so abruptly write it off. This album is an homage to when i first got signed to mad decent for my first EP Westside (which was my initial career success). One song on that ep in particular “Que Que” w diplo & maluca was the catalyst to this project. Hence why the album is named “Wut Wut” (que que means what what in get it). Really what this whole project is about was to show people where I originally got notoriety from and basically my career. “Moombahton” is reggaeton meets dance music, and that’s why I wanted to work with Spanish language artists. I wanted to heighten the music i had been making over the past ten years with these Latin artists and give back to where my music comes from. Songs you’ve heard over the years “bun up the dance” “i can’t take it” “dill the noise” “masta blasta” etc. those are all moombahton songs. Anyways hope everyone enjoys the album or at least gives it one full listen thru before deciding if you hate it or love it because i believe this is the most cohesive concept album and I’m so proud of it. Xoxo -Dill

Adyb Oliveira

2 months ago

Absolutely love the album. I speak zero Spanish, but that's what google is for. Keep it up Dillon!


2 months ago

The album is amazing and can't wait to see and support you when you're in Brooklyn! Jay Zschunke and I are fans for sure!

Jerry Tabors

2 months ago

🙏🏽 brother mad respect! I still cant thank you enough for even playing one of my tracks! Greatest feeling in the world bro!

Michael Oppelt

3 months ago

Anuncio tipo chicha 😆

Mohammad Hossein Shahbazi

3 months ago

Para cuando vienes a Monterrey, Mexico??
Te necesitamos urgente!! <3

Jim Gibson

3 months ago

Para cuándo otra colaboración con skrillex? 7u7

I’ve saved 4 spots on my personal guest list for u and 3 friends. For a chance to win comment, like, tag ur friends and tell me why i should pick u! (These are guaranteed entry... everyone else is first come first serve w RSVP)

Terry Coleman JR

3 months ago

I wish! I'm so far away 😩

Kelly Wardlaw

3 months ago

Elena Townsend I wanted this to be us so bad.

Jennifer Nickol Smith

3 months ago

Connie Sánchez turning 29 in the middle of the pit at Dillion Francis is how everyone should start the last year of their 20s! Oh and I work at 6am...whatevsssss

Ayyy Ma look I’m gonna be on TV again! @TRL

Bella LaQuier

3 months ago

Damn... TRL is still a thing.... I didnt know mtv played music still

William Westlake

3 months ago

Jasmin mn tweelingbroer

Tracy Larsen

3 months ago

Dillon, my friend is obsessed with you...

Tomorrow my new song “White boi” w Lao Ra comes out...I’m extremely excited as it’s the only song on my album that’s in both English and Spanish. This is the last single before “WUT WUT” is fully released into the world and all I ask is that you give this one a listen...this song truly bridges the language barrier and completes what I am trying to do with this project which is show people where the music I make comes from, how it inspires me, and how much fun i have making it. This song encapsulates it all and I’m so excited for all of you to hear it! xoxo

Kyle Ogden

3 months ago

Looks pretty fly (for a white guy)

Eliz Van

3 months ago

Ryan Abel reminds me of you bromosapien

Joy Reinicke

3 months ago

Can’t wait 😍

So Ninja may carry me in Fortnite but i carry him at Lollapalooza

Declan Carson

4 months ago

Adam ninja is a new smarkacz

Cheikh Diop

4 months ago

Am I the only one that thinks ninja is fuckin annoying?

Melvin C. Smith

4 months ago

He was born with legs 😕 I think

I only got a couple rules.... Lollapalooza see you at the Perry Stage 8:30pm sharp also you can livestream my whole set on YouTube/Facebook

Birdy Scott

4 months ago

People take shit wayyyyyyyy too seriously these days......

Keletso Nator K Baboneng

4 months ago

Rhys Desson David Shumborski only 2 people I know who can rock this shirt

Jan Horkan

4 months ago

Just ...take the shirt off...
See..way .better

Michelle Hamilton

4 months ago

You kinda look like a thin healthy version of Bam Margera.

Tristan Harbst

5 months ago

Looks like you are the new kid working at a hardware store

Danny West

5 months ago

Literally look like my Dept manager at work.

I vape & so should you.

Paula Crumley Miller

5 months ago

I need this to go alone with my Subaru and my backwards cap

Ruzzel A Daz

5 months ago

Precious why is Dillon wearing one of Preston's shirts again 😂

Geraldine Felix

5 months ago

Mitchell i feel like you would wear this!

Growing my hair out sucks.

Seeing me in Vegas tomorrow doesn't.

Encore Beach Club

Rafaellos Kostakos

5 months ago

Kimberlie my hair right now

Lindsay Pegues

5 months ago

Grace Beaumont are you seeing him

Claire Grana

5 months ago

Dillon is growing his hair out too Adam Michael George Kolankowski you're pretty much twins 😍

Can I fucking help you?

Mohammed Ali

5 months ago

"You're my step dad Todd, not my real dad! I'm gonna be a big DJ one day and you'll see, Todd. YOU WILL SEE!!"

Fàțțÿ Lâÿ

5 months ago

When I was a young boy
My father took me into the city
To see a marching band

Santo Agustin

5 months ago

Me after listen to Surrender by fftl😂😂

💞 Lollapalooza Paris

Tøø Smøké Wa Benzmandez

5 months ago

🙏🏼 yeah you finally saw my sign 🙌🏼🦄

Crystal Lee Varadaraju

5 months ago

Tess Hudson Us soon 🙏💕

Nashville WelcomeChannel

5 months ago

So good haha...!!🌚👌


Santi Contreras

5 months ago

Aleksander hahah seff ska han der i år

Máximo José Lopes Dos Santos

5 months ago

Generic fan response to you being anywhere But Where i live: COME TO WHERE I LIVE DILLON! (Denmark) ❤️

Thomas Sheets Jr

5 months ago

Thought this was Bam for a good second.

You can’t even see the fucking pool 💁‍♂️

Connie Whitley Richardson

5 months ago

Can't see the pool but the white privilege is pretty clear.

Karly González

5 months ago

Welcome to Vegas

Mary Holm

5 months ago

Looks like a pool in China

🔥🔥 SUMMER 2018 🔥🔥

Koolkid Drummer-jay Stephenson

5 months ago

Bass Capital, son!! Bring yo beautiful self to Denver, homie!

Scott Stadler

5 months ago

Montreal fam, and bring DJ Hanzel
Place needs to go one deeper

Nihal Kumar

5 months ago

See you in France at Le Cabaret Vert Francis!
Mascot of the festival is called...Francis...and this is a wild pig 🐗 🐗 🐗 😁😁😁


Fernando Hancco

5 months ago

Damien new scooty gang😂😂

Josh Hunt

5 months ago

Josiah Michael this gonna be you??

Joel Cosinero Beliber

5 months ago

Navish Kumar Richard Pinto Tom Nikolić

Know ur worth...then add tax, bitch.

Carlene Duren

5 months ago

Dan Lewis do you approve of this tax?

Jessica Nendza

5 months ago

Christian Chavez the caption is meeeeeee

Tamia Bostic

5 months ago

i love this

Tomorrow you will see the best new music video in the the music video i play a Wolf of Wall Street style boat salesman who hires De La Ghetto to play his boat show.. We ball out all over Miami in boats while different characters of Miami are showcased throughout the video...its incredible and i can’t wait for you to see it! The song is a fucking vibe too i promise! #NeverLetYouGo

Dennis Craig

5 months ago

De la ghetto is screaming for being different but still being the same shit as always

Teryl Schmitt

5 months ago

These people are committing murder.

Sabrina Panezo

5 months ago

Esta 🔥🔥🔥 la canción

Sorry I’m 2 days late on this but congrats on #1 album Brendon Urie Panic! At The Disco fucking proud as hell! #PFTW

Jose Vera

5 months ago

Christopher Story-Jenne

Jonathan J'than

5 months ago

Moar collabz! Now

Sheryl Wehinger Vita

5 months ago

Natalie Wright LOOK AT THEM😻