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Ayyy Ma look I’m gonna be on TV again! @TRL

Bella LaQuier

3 days ago

Damn... TRL is still a thing.... I didnt know mtv played music still

William Westlake

4 days ago

Jasmin mn tweelingbroer

Tracy Larsen

4 days ago

Dillon, my friend is obsessed with you...

Tomorrow my new song “White boi” w Lao Ra comes out...I’m extremely excited as it’s the only song on my album that’s in both English and Spanish. This is the last single before “WUT WUT” is fully released into the world and all I ask is that you give this one a listen...this song truly bridges the language barrier and completes what I am trying to do with this project which is show people where the music I make comes from, how it inspires me, and how much fun i have making it. This song encapsulates it all and I’m so excited for all of you to hear it! xoxo

Kyle Ogden

11 days ago

Looks pretty fly (for a white guy)

Eliz Van

11 days ago

Ryan Abel reminds me of you bromosapien

Joy Reinicke

11 days ago

Can’t wait 😍

So Ninja may carry me in Fortnite but i carry him at Lollapalooza

Declan Carson

2 months ago

Adam ninja is a new smarkacz

Cheikh Diop

2 months ago

Am I the only one that thinks ninja is fuckin annoying?

Melvin C. Smith

2 months ago

He was born with legs 😕 I think

I only got a couple rules.... Lollapalooza see you at the Perry Stage 8:30pm sharp also you can livestream my whole set on YouTube/Facebook

Birdy Scott

2 months ago

People take shit wayyyyyyyy too seriously these days......

Keletso Nator K Baboneng

2 months ago

Rhys Desson David Shumborski only 2 people I know who can rock this shirt

Jan Horkan

2 months ago

Just ...take the shirt off...
See..way .better

Michelle Hamilton

2 months ago

You kinda look like a thin healthy version of Bam Margera.

Tristan Harbst

2 months ago

Looks like you are the new kid working at a hardware store

Danny West

2 months ago

Literally look like my Dept manager at work.

I vape & so should you.

Paula Crumley Miller

2 months ago

I need this to go alone with my Subaru and my backwards cap

Ruzzel A Daz

2 months ago

Precious why is Dillon wearing one of Preston's shirts again 😂

Geraldine Felix

2 months ago

Mitchell i feel like you would wear this!

Growing my hair out sucks.

Seeing me in Vegas tomorrow doesn't.

Encore Beach Club

Rafaellos Kostakos

2 months ago

Kimberlie my hair right now

Lindsay Pegues

2 months ago

Grace Beaumont are you seeing him

Claire Grana

2 months ago

Dillon is growing his hair out too Adam Michael George Kolankowski you're pretty much twins 😍

Can I fucking help you?

Mohammed Ali

2 months ago

"You're my step dad Todd, not my real dad! I'm gonna be a big DJ one day and you'll see, Todd. YOU WILL SEE!!"

Fàțțÿ Lâÿ

2 months ago

When I was a young boy
My father took me into the city
To see a marching band

Santo Agustin

2 months ago

Me after listen to Surrender by fftl😂😂

💞 Lollapalooza Paris

Tøø Smøké Wa Benzmandez

2 months ago

🙏🏼 yeah you finally saw my sign 🙌🏼🦄

Crystal Lee Varadaraju

2 months ago

Tess Hudson Us soon 🙏💕

Nashville WelcomeChannel

2 months ago

So good haha...!!🌚👌


Santi Contreras

2 months ago

Aleksander hahah seff ska han der i år

Máximo José Lopes Dos Santos

2 months ago

Generic fan response to you being anywhere But Where i live: COME TO WHERE I LIVE DILLON! (Denmark) ❤️

Thomas Sheets Jr

2 months ago

Thought this was Bam for a good second.

You can’t even see the fucking pool 💁‍♂️

Connie Whitley Richardson

2 months ago

Can't see the pool but the white privilege is pretty clear.

Karly González

2 months ago

Welcome to Vegas

Mary Holm

2 months ago

Looks like a pool in China

🔥🔥 SUMMER 2018 🔥🔥

Koolkid Drummer-jay Stephenson

2 months ago

Bass Capital, son!! Bring yo beautiful self to Denver, homie!

Scott Stadler

2 months ago

Montreal fam, and bring DJ Hanzel
Place needs to go one deeper

Nihal Kumar

2 months ago

See you in France at Le Cabaret Vert Francis!
Mascot of the festival is called...Francis...and this is a wild pig 🐗 🐗 🐗 😁😁😁


Fernando Hancco

2 months ago

Damien new scooty gang😂😂

Josh Hunt

2 months ago

Josiah Michael this gonna be you??

Joel Cosinero Beliber

2 months ago

Navish Kumar Richard Pinto Tom Nikolić

Know ur worth...then add tax, bitch.

Carlene Duren

2 months ago

Dan Lewis do you approve of this tax?

Jessica Nendza

2 months ago

Christian Chavez the caption is meeeeeee

Tamia Bostic

2 months ago

i love this

Tomorrow you will see the best new music video in the the music video i play a Wolf of Wall Street style boat salesman who hires De La Ghetto to play his boat show.. We ball out all over Miami in boats while different characters of Miami are showcased throughout the video...its incredible and i can’t wait for you to see it! The song is a fucking vibe too i promise! #NeverLetYouGo

Dennis Craig

2 months ago

De la ghetto is screaming for being different but still being the same shit as always

Teryl Schmitt

2 months ago

These people are committing murder.

Sabrina Panezo

2 months ago

Esta 🔥🔥🔥 la canción

Sorry I’m 2 days late on this but congrats on #1 album Brendon Urie Panic! At The Disco fucking proud as hell! #PFTW

Jose Vera

3 months ago

Christopher Story-Jenne

Jonathan J'than

3 months ago

Moar collabz! Now

Sheryl Wehinger Vita

3 months ago

Natalie Wright LOOK AT THEM😻

Since 4th of July is upon us.. For the most fire 4th of July Mix, Link In Comments. For the most fire 4th of July photo, you’re looking at it.

GenSyd Perjes Selda

3 months ago

🇺🇸Geeez killin it dad 🔥

Tae Jung Ji

3 months ago

It's Canada Day u lil rascal

Justin Holton

3 months ago

Save some pussy for the rest of us

Erin McKinstry

3 months ago

Secretly supporting Panic’s new album, I love it!!!

Brandy Mae AuCoin

3 months ago

Lookin’ like a snack 😛

Brandy Mae AuCoin

3 months ago

Do you think a plain yellow background with contrasting clothing will make you look nice? Hmm? No.

Willie Carroll

3 months ago

lindo Dillon Francis

Tomorrow I have a Moombahton mix coming out on Spotify & Apple Music... it reveals a new single w De La Ghetto from my upcoming album & has a bunch of edits I made just for the mix. UR GONNA LOVE IT! (Btw I could only use my songs in the mix because that was the easiest way to clear each song for it....cuz they're mine)

Amarilda Cepele

3 months ago

Ok - I really like the continuous mix!! Just what I needed here today! Thanks man!!

Patricia Sakala

3 months ago

Chad Nahuis moombahton mix o fuq

Kelly Davis

3 months ago

please give me more music also play it in Tampa thanks


Clevison Rodrigues

3 months ago

I want a Gerald towel Gabriella 😂

Mário Sérgio Vitor

3 months ago

Woah lets get some gerald towels Nikkie Futko

Pedro Alarcon

3 months ago

Ninette pitäisköhän ostaa gerald pyyhe

Dillon Francis' Keys To Much Success At Fortnite
1️⃣️ Matching Nike fits
That's it, that's how I do it. Now u know.
Tune in to the #FortniteProAm 3:00 PST

Владимир Голубченко

3 months ago

Harvin Singh why dont we wear matching outfits

Melissa Montoya Gerard

3 months ago

Nathaniel Ackerman Benderman

Vick Biersack

3 months ago

"Im gonna cum real hard... all over them" lmaoooo that shit was dropped so clean

Ain’t nobody fucking with my cliq

Monique Holdridge - Crouse

4 months ago

Where’s Gerald?

Cheryl Pryor

4 months ago

Thomas LED goals

Vivian Gonzalez

4 months ago

Is "CliK" xd

Cinco de Mayo am I right?

Gretta L. Goodwin

5 months ago

Bueno shache mang.

Lucy Victoria

5 months ago

Nice frenshit mustachio happy 5 De mayo Francisco

Celida Serrano

5 months ago

Come back to Toronto !!😍

Still in awe that I’m this weeks feature on one of the most listened to playlists on Spotify! Truly thankful to be embraced like this & massive love to all the people riding w me on this album has been incredible to see the love to all the new singles I’ve released. Much more to come! Check the playlist for a little docu on my beginnings and what this album process has been like.

Glory Wikaira

5 months ago

Loving all the these latin beats!!!

Trevor Hoff

5 months ago

live sex!!! We love your music!! We love your attitude!!!

Scampi Lu

5 months ago

Just do not stop making electronic music 😁😁👍
I love your music

life comes at you fast

Meg Ramos

5 months ago

Dm me your gamertag I've got both systems I'll keep it private Dillon Francis you can either either get your shit rocked or we can fucking rock everyone else's shit in duos

Chocky Pappy Jnr

5 months ago

Niklas Czekalla
Hab im Bootshaus noch gesagt die sehen gleich aus😂

Sharona Quill Quill

5 months ago

sit on it

Hilda Stone

6 months ago

Sarah Tree I’ll take half of either one and be happy

i will be honest, i dont like the homoerotic nature of this picture and meme. However , I do see the comic value, however I dont partake in it. You dig?

David Puma Cortés

6 months ago

Tqt tqt Emma Maigret je tee garanti que tu vas maimer à 2h34 du mat le 5😂


Eleonora Di Reda

6 months ago

Ya lanza tu colaboración con Residente!!!

Julie Zeis

6 months ago

That flamingo tho

Soudy Abaza

6 months ago

You simply rock dillion.


Ya esta disponible en todos lados @jbalvin (LINK IN BIO)

MACHIKA REMIX OUT NOW! @jbalvin @anitta @jeon_arvani (LINK IN BIO)


Sliding into DMs like.....


Daq boi is back boi.


So last night I’m watching Riverdale doing charcoal face masks w my boi @thomasfalcone & BOOM my song “BRUK BRUK” comes on... WHAT. IS. LIFE?! Love you @madelame @camimendes @lilireinhart @vanessamorgan #ImARiverBoi

VEN MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW ••••••••LINK IN BIO BLOW THIS SHIT UP!•••••••• @arcangel @quimicoultramega @pioladitingancia @thekidmero

1. I don't know where Gerald is
2. Do u know where Gerald is?
3. Made this bootleg Jerald shirt since i can't find the real one
4. Available for 24 hours only

Amina Mina

6 months ago

Lmao why is that cam guy sadfacing every comment?? 😂😂

Derek Placido

6 months ago

Good thing it’s only available for 24 hours

Adam Troutt

6 months ago

Kate Hillocks is it just me or does his arms look unusually long in this photo?

1. I don't know where Gerald is 2. Do u know where Gerald is? 3. Made this bootleg Jerald shirt since i can't find the real one 4.

Can i fucking help you?

Game over. 🔥 @eckoyg @khea.yf

Looking for Mafalda

Still one of the hottest records in the world #GetLow @djsnake @lollapaloozaar

Have u ever seen anything more beautiful? @lollapaloozacl the love is real ❤️🇨🇱

I dare someone do it better... #WeTheFunk

MUY ENCENDIDO 🔥 @1milliondance #WeTheFunk

I pride myself on taking this most basic ass Instagram picture in Cabo...this picture looks like the one all girls strive to get with their boyfriend when they go on vacation and they would caption it “love and libations with hubby” This picture makes me laugh so hard CUZ ITS SO FUCKING BASIC!! Please for the sake of all only ironically take these type of photos from now on

Got blue balls in Vegas last night.