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Tonight in the 6pm PT hour

Name that tune💪🏿

How many do you think you can smoke in one session? #drgreenthumb #cypresshill #phunkyfeeltips #insaneog

@sendog taking pulls with @privatefoto while filming at @brealtv #sendog #cypresshill #brealtv #insaneog #cookies

Burning and rocking out to POWERFLO

When things go wrong 😂 #fail

I guess it's about that time to rise & shine!!

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John Clouser

3 days ago

You prolly can't overdose if you are a chronic smoker but people have went to hospital who smoked or ate to much that never do it. I know that the long term effects kill brain cells and can lead to being bi polar. The weed back in the day was safer anyway. I don't trust any of this shit they have nowadays.

Dan Empire

also shared about Cypress Hill

If the normal cigarettes are destroing your health are you telling me that smoking marijuana is not harmful for your body.Well I guess that this planet is full of idiots.

Brooklyn NY see you for Haunted Hill 🎃 2017 on Oct 30th

SenDog getting toasted and listening to POWERFLO

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Cesar Sanchez

3 days ago

Hey guys I was wondering when would you guys come up to Oroville California me and my homeboys want to get high with you guys

Derek Thirty-Eight Bell

also shared about Cypress Hill

(From Indyanapolis, Indiana a.k.a. "Naptown") What's up, Cypress Hill? Look, I wish it was LEGAL here in Capital City, Homes/Eses. [Loud] ROLL DAT SHIT UPPPPPPPP (💣)!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!! 1 LOVE (💞) & Deuccccce (✌).

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Living the Law of Attraction

3 days ago

Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it a rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.

Nadina Marie

also shared about Cypress Hill

I don't smoke , but I do love cypress hill , trying to get tix for your show in Brooklyn , my birthday is on Halloween so I plan on spending the week in nyc . You got any tix left ?

Jayden Green

also shared about Cypress Hill

The healing herb of the nation. Stay lifted,relaxed,happy,energetic,creative and euphoric. It makes you feel the oneness with the surroundings,love and bliss
ADD ME or PM ME if in need of some

Get your tickets today for Haunted Hill

prophetsofrage Strength in Numbers video. Tomorrow ✊🏽

Delicious chocolate KoKoNuggz

A shot of @dazdillinger and @breal just after a #smokebox session. And yes! Go Dodgers!

Tag someone who does this daily

The dog on the grind! #sendog #powerflo @sendog

Comin at cha!! #kingsofthewest #snoopdogg #icecube #cypresshill

December 1st, 2017 #kingsofthewest

December 1st #kingsofthewest

See you in December

Haunted Hill is just around the corner to get your tickets today

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Carlos Ramos

6 days ago

Peace....yo I've been rocking with ya since my big bro put me on back on the 90's ima be at the concert in MD....i wanted to know if I could hook ya up with a couple of my shirts and give them to you at the show ......please let me know .....PEACE - GUAP

Here is the full version of the song "El Baile de La Vida" from the series "Un Gallo Para Esculapio" composed by Eric "Big Drum" Bobo and vocals by the funky bilingual Sen Dog

A big time throwback of @ogeverlast and @breal along with @robmarkman #cypresshill #houseofpain #everlast #robmarkman #breal #drgreenthumb

Holy Spicoli! #fasttimesatridgemonthigh

Get your tickets today

Get your tickets today

We closed out our Germany Tour 2017 in Rottenburg with a smoked out performance ☠️👊🏾 thank you to all the fans who came out for CYPRESS this summer

Come blaze with us at Brooklyn Steel on October 30th!

From backstage at #jackfm #12thshow w/ #nickhexum of #311 x #sendog #breal #cypresshill

Who’s coming out for Haunted Hill?

Going down Dec 1st #kingsofthewest at #microsofttheater @snoopdogg @icecube @cypresshill tickets available at a

Get your tickets today for our Haunted Hill show at Brooklyn Steel

Enjoy your Weekend

Who’s coming out for Haunted Hill?

Are you ready?

Get your tickets today for our show at Brooklyn Steel


Salute to the artist that put this one together. #fanart #cypresshill

PullUp it’s gunna be 🔥

Fans shared about Cypress Hill

Joel Jimenez

12 days ago

Que honda sendog I que estoy en backers field CA I am a cypress hill fan fool saludos AL crue ok I like your fuckin music

October 30th @cypresshill comes to NYC for #HauntedHill 🎃 2017