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Who's ready to kick off the weekend? Here's a link to our 50-ish states playlist. Thank you all for contributing. Be sure to follow me on Spotify! xx

Holly Durfee

3 hours ago

Cool. Never seen a show , but would love to...😢

Aurélie Conseil

13 hours ago

Alot of fun! :)

Joseph Sattler

13 hours ago

Seems to be about marketing Spotify. Many people do not subscribe to that.

I believe I can change the world! Do you?

Watch #WEday tonight on ABC at 8/7c - WE

Melissa Wodarski Szocki

3 hours ago

Sounds good , but I have started to think - idealistic but unrealistic 😢

Scott Harpley

13 hours ago

You Just did it through your songs. we Luv your Art! Cyndi lauper in our hearts

Kristin Tharp

13 hours ago

Cindi, you are pretty in the inside and the outside!!

Let's make another playlist together. What is your favorite song about your city or state?

Renay Doutherd

3 hours ago

Mark Collie sings Hardin County Line about drag racing between Waynesboro, TN and my hometown of Savannah, TN on a long desolate stretch of road “hwy 64”. Brought some “big town” fame to a town best known for being “oh, you mean not in Georgia?”

Charlene MacPherson Stewart

13 hours ago

I’m going with Ziggy Stardust as the first live pre-release play of the song was played in my hometown. Not strictly USA, but hay.

Angel Lopez Lopez

13 hours ago

Roadrunner... i'm from Worcester Massachusetts Anything by JGiles or Orpheus or even Jaime Brockett... Lori McKenna has lots of songs about Mass. And of course Aretha has our hearts and home is where the heart is...

R.I.P. Aretha Franklin. You are an amazing and important talent and will be sorely missed. 😢 💕

Gilberto Carrillo

3 hours ago

R.I.P Aretha Franklin.

Vera Silva Coughlan

13 hours ago

Sorry Aretha Franklin an great lady forever RIP in peace.

Lavon Christie

a day ago

Thanks for reminding me that you still exist. Any chance of hearing YOU do “Nessum Dorma” for us?

"Never give up. There is always hope. There is always tomorrow. And tomorrow is always a brand new day." Happy Birthday Judy Shepard! Matthew Shepard Foundation #wcw

Silvia Miranda

2 days ago

Happy Birthday Judy Shepard.

Jheff Calimquim

2 days ago

Happy birthday to Judy Shepard.

Louloute Rose Dugave

3 days ago

Their strength is immeasureable. I have seen Judy Shepard speak and she is incredibly amazing and moving and I will never forget the night. Happy Birthday, Judy Shepard. You touch the world.

"I'll never tell people what to think, but I will beg them to think. Not to just blindly follow along." #TuesdayThoughts

Zena Adam

3 days ago

"and you follow blindly find something to care for..." FUCK, I love you so much!

Andy Brown

3 days ago

I don't think you should have to beg anyone to do something

Wim Binnenmarsch

3 days ago

And you are still our Number one favorite.

I'm digging this Goonies/Good Enough cover! What do you think? #MusicMonday

Avishek Roy

4 days ago

So humbled to have you share my video, and even more honored to hear that you enjoyed it. Your songs truly are inspirational and timeless! Thanks for checking out my little cover. Much love, Cyndi!

Danny Macamo

4 days ago

 He is a beautiful voice!! But I feel his voice and melody are a little too sweet.

 Every time I hear
the cover I think,
famous songs are
ALL made
PERFECT, Right??!✨

Ruth Cofuentes

4 days ago

beautiful song of Cyndi Lauper.

Looking at the weekend like: leaving so soon?!? Who could go for one more day off?

Sarah Joy Abella

5 days ago

I hope you are getting enough sleep....I know you work hard.....enjoy my safe and sing your heart out u

Jo Kuhn Gregory

5 days ago

Jezuzz Cyndi ... can you STOP BEING SO DESIRABLE ? mean ... just for a minute or two.

Ricky Franklin

5 days ago

Hi Cyndi,I like your look!you are so fashion and beautiful.xoxo.Blessings :)

Happy Birthday to my leopard print sister Betsey Johnson! I have a super cute pic of us up on my Instagram too. Are you guys following me there?

Cham Mamadu

8 days ago

what was going on at this fashion show in Oct 87 ?

Happy Birthday Hoda Kotb!! So great seeing you at The Garden the other night. 🎶💕

Frederic Acker

8 days ago

I love Cyndi 🎸💖💞

Melody Cooper

8 days ago

OMG!!! Amazingly Beautiful and Awe-Inspiring and Soul-Encouraging!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this!!! Thank you Cyndi, Sara, and All. Stay Truly Brave. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

Aaliyah Kax

8 days ago

Very cute video Cyndi Lauper

Epic sold out show at The Garden. What a great night!
The pre-sale for this year's Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays is live through 10pm ET today.

Get your tickets before they sell out! Proceeds benefit the True Colors Fund's work to end #LGBT youth homelessness.

Norma Horace

8 days ago

I can't wait to see Pod Stewart.

Zëfërįn Jüstįn Fërnändö Rishardson

9 days ago

The show of my dreams!!!!!
Cyndi Lauper you are incredible!!!! 👑❤👏👏👏👏👏👏

Abraham Villa

9 days ago

I can see you in Mexico please

Announcing the True Colors Fund's 8th annual Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays concert. Also known as “the most wonderful time of the year…”

Summer pre-sale begins right now! Proceeds benefit the @TrueColorsFund's work to end #LGBT youth homelessness.

Nasir Nasir

10 days ago

Michael we should go!!

Koloina Rojo

10 days ago

Looking fwd to it cyn😎🤘

Sam Dresser

10 days ago

Put it out on DVD ( more fundraising ) so we West Coasters can enjoy as well.

#Repost @brendonurie 💕:
Today marks a year since my stint on @kinkybootsbway and I still can’t fully express in words how much this experience changed my life for the better. But I love you all so much and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. Thank you. ♥️👠👠

Alexander Patricio Romero

11 days ago

Saw him July 2017. He was Wonderful! The whole cast was Wonderful! Bravo Kinky Boots! Great Show 😍

Kaunang Anna

11 days ago

Oh I hope you do other Broadway productions. You are bound to bring innovating and substantial works to the theatre.

Roland Torres

11 days ago

I watched you open for Cher in Lincoln, Nebraska & I not only love your music but adore you! Thank you for all that you do for our LGBTQ community! We definitely need you. #TeamCyndi 💪🏼💪🏼

Gatekeepers come and go. Never let them make you feel like giving up! ✊🎶

Ana Marie Manapat Simbillo

13 days ago

Sister 🔆Having Patrick With Me NYC 🔆Great Support and Great Love🔆🌝🔆KII’ Trying To Keep in Touch w Patrick Your Hairdresser 🔆 Aloha And Great To See You Back🌺🌝🌺

Roberto Mendoza Garcia

14 days ago

Is beautiful cyndi Lauper 😍

Victoria Caro Monclova

14 days ago


My old friend Wendi Richter came to see me the other night in Orlando, Florida. We had such fun together! #WomenCrushWednesday #WWE #HallOfFame

Fatima Ribeiro

16 days ago

Well I see you every night in tight blue jeans

Abilene Ramirez

16 days ago

My father claims he knew you in the 80s through Dan Near. I just don’t if I could believe him or not lol. Anyways, you rock!

Mgbodille Amaechi

16 days ago

Cyndi needs to be in their HOF. With it being in NY next year, hopefully it can happen then.

To all my loners out there! ✊ #MotivationMonday

Anabel Swith

17 days ago

I felt alone during my adolescence
listen to your music was one of my anchors <3
I'm not alone anymore and you are still playing

Spring Millikin

18 days ago

Come from a huge (14 kids) Polish/Catholic family in the Midwest and always felt "ALONE".🤔 [ 🏳️‍🌈/🇺🇸/️🇵🇱]️.....🥀-🎗️-☣️

Steve Metosh

18 days ago

Cyndi Lauper, thank you for being such an inspiring, dynamic person. <3 May I use this pic as a template for my future Medusa tattoo?

Who’s coming to the show tonight? I go on at 7:30PM. Can’t wait!

Charlotte Pringle

19 days ago

Love what you’re doing, Cyn. Really super stuff! 💪🎨🎤⚡️

Huda Waqas

20 days ago

Just saw your show in Louisville , thank you and Rod for making our 42nd anniversary perfect

Armando Rodriguez Ramirez

20 days ago

Loved the show so much!!! I’ve waited my entire life to see you!!! ♥️

I need help with another playlist!! Since we hit the road this week, I'm thinking: Best Road Trip songs! Whatcha got?

Erick Riquelme

20 days ago

romeo and juliet, private investigations dire straits, mama, i cant dance genisis, without love? doobie brothers, river of dreams billy joel, big log robert planet, total eclipse of the heart, lost in france bonnie tyler, summer night city, gimmie gimmie abba,

Kellie S. Jones

21 days ago

I feel fine-beatles/ world in my eyes-depeche mode/ give ıt to me- micheal jackson / wild boys-duran duran/ revolution-muse/ honey honey-ABBA/ High hopes-pink floyd/fly me to the moon- frank sinatra/ one more cup of coffee-bob dylan/ smoke on the water- metallica/istanbulda-teoman😍🎶🎵🎸🎹🎺🎧

Supto Das Pantho

21 days ago

lots of old skool boogie.... the Doors... ZZ Top.... played LOUD... that beat is the best for a road trip... full tank windows down...

I am so excited that my good friend Cher is going to be honored by the The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts!! Huge congrats!! #KCHonors 🎶🙌💕

Kristin Cherry

21 days ago

I have this song in my celphone and when listen it, also listen Believe by Cher haha xX

Hilary Counterman

22 days ago

Watched the Cher concert with Cyndi is the opening. Best concert ever from both great artist!

Jeremy Watts

22 days ago

Was the highlight of my life to see these 2 in concert

Tonight's the night! Here's a little behind the scenes action. The calm before the show. 😊

Sally Mander

23 days ago

Great behind the scenes look. Thanks for posting :)

John E. Schnapp

24 days ago

The calm before the show love me a Little love me long

Sherry Rose

24 days ago

You are scheduled to be in Jackson, ms..@ Thalia Mara hall, in October. I am beyond excited!! I went to a Cher concert, years ago, that you were supposed to open for. I was more excited for you, and you were sick, and this cheesy comedian came out and I was so bummed!! This is my chance, to finally see you in concert!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Even the wild ones... #MotivationMonday

Dawn L. Sloan-Macdonald

25 days ago

Flowers grow in the darkest places. And grow out of cracks to find hope where the light gets through.

Scott Brown

25 days ago

Especially the wild ones

Nahin Afroz

25 days ago

Here’s to the wild ones...

More from last night with Brendon Urie and Panic! At The Disco at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Della Petties

a month ago

Hope to see you in Reno with Rod Stewart soon.

Mendzi Mzee Lambert Geldenhuys

a month ago

You look younger😉

Erik Bjerstedt

a month ago

Ok this is wayy nice! Looks like such great chemistry there. What next? 🤗🤗🤗

If the internet says it's #NationalMoonDay, who am I to argue 😉

Norma Martinez

a month ago

Always one of my favorites (the song, and the singer).

Antonella Ilenia

a month ago

Cyndi....we need a new album....pleeeease!!!!

Kbibech Ivan

a month ago

so who did you drop your drawers at?

I need your help again. In honor of the tour starting next week I want this week's playlist to be your favorite Rod Stewart songs. I know some of you answered that Q a few weeks ago, but tell me again please. Which songs should I include? 🎶

Kayley Jones

a month ago

She won’t dance with me/little queenie


Ohhhh “HOT LEGS”

Stay with me


I don’t wanna talk about it

Baby Jane

Mandolin wind

Your in my heart

Wiwiet Septiani Zakir

a month ago

You have to have the full version of Maggie May, Reason to Believe, Every Picture tells a Story, Rythym of My Heart and Forever Young. I forgot Mandolin Wind.

Carol Rich

a month ago

Sweet little rock n roller
You wear it well
Stay with me
Foolish behaviour
Do ya think I'm sexy
Hot legs
I was only joking

Had a great time performing alongside this incredible talent last weekend. Lorde is this week's #WomanCrush!

Pongpan EX

a month ago

Love you Cyndi great concert at the Bowl

Lorena Lamark Lamark

a month ago

Omg!! You two need to team up and do a mashup up Green Light and I Drove All Night. It would be EPIC!!

Misty Zimmerman

a month ago

She was also respected by David Bowie.

Let's kick this week off right! #MotivationMonday What colors are you rockin' today?

Patricia Anwynel

a month ago

Working for Jo Malone London, I have to wear all black every day, but I'm enjoying a few days off at the moment, and wearing as much color as possible, especially my favorite, which is green!!

Dorothy Hammer

a month ago

And that is one of the many reasons I love you Miss Lauper🤗

山辺 直生

a month ago

I always put on a pretty dress. I have Psoriatic Arthritis as well. ❤️

TFW Bret Michaels sneaks into your dressing room at a gig to leave a sweet note! 💕

Lorna Williamson

a month ago

Awwe, he's such a sweetie wish i would have went to your show hopefully next time you are close enough for me ❤

Kacper Hajkowski

a month ago

He lost me as a fan when he said he's a D.T. supporter.

Sonia Lechuga Chavez

a month ago

How nice... Poison 🤘 on..

Congrats and good luck to all of today's Emmys / Television Academy nominees! 🏆📺😁

Wendy Vail

a month ago

You was funny in that show.

Pam Dombrowski

a month ago

Very well deserved ❤️

Rodrigo Rodrigues

a month ago

Love you Cyndi, your great!

Alii Gomez

a month ago

Happy belated birthday Maiala.

Søren Sørensen

a month ago

A very brave an amazing woman !!!!! Happy Birthday !!!!!#

Autumn Kersavage

a month ago

Happy Birthday Malala! You are a big person !

My #WomanCrush this week is Bebe Rexha. We got a chance to perform together at the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs with Kesha and a bunch of amazingly talented women. Bebe’s song, “I’m A Mess,” is my new summer jam! #wcw #sisterhood

Robert Wright

a month ago

You’re still one of my heroes! 🤙🏼 These ladies have your incredibly strong shoulders to stand upon, IMHO!! 😘💕

Eloïse Grumberg

a month ago

I wish cyndi would do an album of duets with new songs and new artists

Vera Sampson

a month ago

sorry but her dress is a disaster :(

Jason Snyder

2 months ago

why i wonder ,the country side,,hi,,thewre,,

Christian Utreras

2 months ago

That is so awesome!

Souzaana Paris

2 months ago

I love good.

I really love this acoustic version of "She Bop." What do you guys think? #ThrowbackThursday

AlvinOwen SelassieNyovest

2 months ago

She Bop acoustic is a trasure music and Cyndi has an emotional feeling to made it listening with the heart.There are more version 's she bop very beautifull !!! Muy favorite is the Tatarata life!!!in 90's

Zenobia Lugo

2 months ago

Was that your original take on "She Bop" before they speeded it up?Interesting!

Josh Oliver

2 months ago

AMAZING! BRILLIANT! AND OH SO CREATIVE!!! I start listening to it and I can't stop repeating it over and over! I especially love the part where you extended the line, "I hope, I hope, HE^ will understand..."! And so soothing to hear the slower rhythm. Mind you, I ADORE ALL versions of your music. I LOVE YOU CYNDI!

Getting close to showtime. Nervous for some reason but excited. It’s like no other feeling in the world. ❤️ #MusicMonday

Rebecca Lee

2 months ago

Peace n Love was what my dearly departed baby sister always said to everyone and she was your biggest fan! Linda Lee loved you and all your music..gave her so much joy.. thank you ! Soooo, PEACE N LOVE MUAAW

Antonio Jose Perez

2 months ago

You've always been a joy! My husband ran across a DVD from Brazil of your concert way back in the 80s in Paris. Positively stunning performance!!! And with only a 5-piece band, who were tighter than a drum! Thanks for all the joy!

Sean Fretthold

2 months ago

Oh Sweetie. I know you are around my age. Dang I wish I had your figure!!! Good luck on your tour. Walk in Beauty and Strength My Friend.

If you're lost you can look and you will find me. Happy belated birthday to my dear friend Patti LaBelle 💕

Massiel Zm

2 months ago

I loved her in Sing! Every time I see her, I think of her hitting that one long beautiful note ❤️❤️❤️ Total concentration!

Rick Hermence

2 months ago

Your version is our song for me and my husband 💕

Fay Smith

2 months ago

Happy birthday mate have fun

Big news! We're excited to announce that the 40 to None Summit is now the True Colors Fund Impact Summit!

We’re also proud to announce the support of long-time partners TYLENOL®PM as our 1st-ever presenting sponsor.

Register at

Chloe Lucero

2 months ago

amo todas suas musicas minha querida <3 🇨🇭️🇧🇷️😘

Ellie Yang

2 months ago

Bet you never thought you would be so busy@this of the game!

Teri Robinson

2 months ago

I love Cyndi te queremos en nuestro Chile 🇨🇱 porque hay gente que sigue escuchando tus temas

My love for Boy George & Culture Club knows no bounds. Please join me in wishing him a happy, happy birthday! 🎂🎉🎁

Domonique Wright

2 months ago

Me too, I love their music

Daniel Johnson

2 months ago

Happy Birthday! So excited to see him and Culture Club in September in Portland, OR

Tomekia TJones

2 months ago

Happy birthday Boy George. May all your days be bountiful

When I sing, I feel 10 feet tall. What does that for you? #MotivationMonday

Regent Cats

2 months ago

I have loved this woman and her fabulous attitude since she hit the scene back in the 89's. She just never stops getting better!!! Rock on!

Kairi Eensoo

2 months ago

When I have confidence after being knocked down for yrs at my former job, I feel like I will achieve my life goals. ☀

Tatis Palacio

2 months ago

I just wanted to tell you your songs were a significant part of my life growing up and that I don't care what is said, I thought Vibes is/was a good movie.

I remember this moment like it was just yesterday. I'm so proud of everything that Kinky Boots on Broadway has accomplished. And I am so excited for my entire Broadway family for this night. The Tony Awards are just a few hours away. My fingers and toes are crossed for a win for my SpongeBob Broadway nomination. Best of luck to everyone nominated! Break a leg!

Tracie Byrd

2 months ago

Man. Tears (no joke) streamed down my face when she won. ❤️

Ruel Santiago

2 months ago

I remember that too I was so happy for you

Sara No H Landau

2 months ago

Did you go? Couldn't find any photo or vid of you at the Tonys.

Me and Mariah, go back like babies and pacifiers - Jimmy Kimmel, Mariah Carey

Molly Boyd

2 months ago

Aww I don't like Mariah like I did back than,but I do love this interview..and I love Cyndi Lauper,maybe I can stop hating on Mariah Now 🤣I will Stop hating on Mariah as soon as she remembers Jennifer Lopez who is my fave Entertainer😉Love Jlo and Cyndi My All time Faves💕

Lupita Pimentel

2 months ago

Yous need a duet!!! It'll be 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

Dominic Rodriguez

2 months ago

Lori Lah, in case you missed this the other night, like I did. The second part should play right after.

Who's ready for the Belmont Stakes? You know I used to work as a hot walker at Belmont. The racetrack was beautiful. I loved the dawn and I loved the animals. The horses were really jumpy and high-strung; I used to sing a chant to one of them to calm them down.

Whitney Strobel

2 months ago

if i'm reborn as a horse i'll ease in and gently lick your lips from the middle out and up both cheeks to make you look like 'the Joker'!

Nicole Annis

2 months ago

I might be wrong , but I remember an Interview were she said that she used to have a job or something that involved horses ,and that horses love peppermint.

Abygail Paige

2 months ago

I'm sooooo jealous! How wonderful.

I want to wish my super-talented friend Mick Hucknall a very, very Happy Birthday! 💕

Kevin Bell

2 months ago

Two amazing voices rt there❣ 😘

Mhikee Thirwall

2 months ago

I love you both so creative and talented! My sister likes you also she saw you perform and said you were so nice!

Aryan Dadhich

2 months ago

OMG! Two of my favorite singers together!!!!
That’ would be a match made in heaven!

If this world makes you crazy
You've taken all you can bear
You call me up
Because you know I'll be there

Debbie Cook

2 months ago

This song means more to my boys and I than you will ever know! 💕

This is Marcello at 4 yrs old singing True Colors. 🌈☀️

Lisa Friedley

2 months ago

My dad and I used to listen to this often when it came out. He passed away a while back but every time I hear it I smile.

Emilia Szymczak

2 months ago

Saw you last year with Rid Stewart...wonderful performance 😀. Had a good cry when ypu shared this song was for your son.

Happy Birthday Prince. Thank you for this song and...everything. Miss you! 💜

Deb Clary Stewart

2 months ago

1983, 1984, 1985, 1986.... I think I was your greatest fan :-) :-).
"She s so unusual" was my very first album and THIS SONG was my favorite track on it.
I still do love this song - and I still love your voice!!!

Renee Theus

2 months ago

The song of my life in your voice Cyndi! Make cry, laugh and feel loved! Thank you and Prince for such beautiful song! Lots of love for you! Xx

Yvette Garrity-Moreno

2 months ago

So counterculture, wild and rad! Red-hot individualism.

This popped up on my timeline just in time for #WomanCrushWednesday. Heyyyy Nicki Minaj! ❤️

Adela Tabaku

2 months ago

I wish Cyndi could sing "True Colors" for me on my birthday, June 12th. Had a mad crush on that lady for as long as I can remember. Many blessings, Cyndi!!

Kleivy Kopano

2 months ago

Cyndi is more than a fashion icon!

Pilar Guaqueta Luis

2 months ago

Wow theres a human under all that makup. At least miss Minaj doesnt look like a clown anymore. She's a great person she doesn't need to drowned herself in makeup. Honestly, she wore more makup then the entire Kiss band at one point.

Had a little fun with Josh Groban and Roger Daltrey last week in London on The One Show

Christina Bordini

2 months ago

Jillian one of my favs with your fav!

Nathalie N'kodia

2 months ago

Wow Cindy, you look so great.Beautyfull.

Dorentina Zemerr

2 months ago

I love Cyndi te queremos en nuestro Chile 🇨🇱🎸🎙

There's more than one way to get where you're trying to go. Don't give up! #MotivationMonday

Marcus Ribeiro

2 months ago

Thank you for the inspiration!!!

Bonny Burner

2 months ago

Very nice cyndi....

Carol Johnson

2 months ago

If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there....

Today, I #wearorange to give a voice to the 96 Americans who die and the hundreds more who are injured by gun violence every single day.Why do you #wearorange ? Text ORANGE to 644-33 to find a #wearorange weekend event near you. Everytown for Gun Safety

Wladimir Esteban

3 months ago

Detroit Killings in schools never had gotten heard in the 1980s.

Joseph M Shedlock Jr

3 months ago

We can say one prayer for they now

Mike Cosper

3 months ago

I like Orange its a cheery color!

Talk about a game changer. The ability to present visuals with music really took everything to a whole other level. Honored to be a part of this exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. #RockOnTV

Gio Ciaccio

3 months ago

Cyndi Belongs in the Rock HOF I mean last year they put Bon Jovi and the Cars in there so they are finally starting to put some 80s musicians in there I hope Cyndi is next!

Necla Yörük Kürtün

3 months ago

Hope you are inducted into Hall of Fame SOON!

Bonita Brown Dodds

3 months ago

Make your colors shine trough!!!

Ran into the immensely talented #AngeliqueKidjo yesterday at #BBCRadio. Definitely this week’s #WomanCrushWednesday!
About last night: "I am so proud that Kinky Boots will be supporting the Heads Together campaign. We should all be free to talk about how we're feeling - too often people are afraid to talk about their mental health. It's time to change this. Kinky Boots is a show which advocates acceptance; it teaches us to celebrate our differences and accept each other for who we are. Together, we can create a network of love and support for each other - to be open and kind and show that help is available to anyone seeking mental health support." @ the Kinky Boots fundraising gala for Heads Together

Brian Kozlik

3 months ago

A forever Angel!

Jorge Henrique

3 months ago

Love Angelique Kidjo. Logozo is my favourite album!

Thaisa Veloso

3 months ago

Yet preserves that palestine 💝😍

Thought about this song earlier this week when I heard that Interview Magazine was folding... #FlashbackFriday 💕

Nils Krüger

3 months ago

This song is amazing. Blue Angel was awesome ❤❤❤

Andy Smiler Fuller

3 months ago

End of an era.

Nice trip down memory lane for some..hehe😉