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There's still time to register if you haven't already. These midterm elections are so CRUCIAL! Your vote is your voice and your voice is important. Please register and vote! When We All Vote Rock the Vote
I'm so excited to announce the lineup for our 8th annual "Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays" benefit, presented by Marriott International! Guests include Amanda Palmer, The Angie Stone, ASAP Rocky, Bebe Rexha, Bishop Briggs, Charlie Musselwhite, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer - Dr. Elmo, GINA YASHERE, Natalie Merchant, Regina Spektor, Robert Glasper, Sara Ramirez, Shea Diamond, and The Knocks. The evening will be hosted by Carson Kressley.

Proceeds support the True Colors Fund's work to end homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth. #Home4Holidays

Yazha-b Yazha Marmol

5 days ago

Everyone should vote this year! 😎

Rodolfo López

6 days ago

I changed my address so I’m good

Claudia Vallejo

6 days ago

Neds post. My guestion is WHY do people have to be reminded to vote? seems that if they want to change something they would know how, and when they could vote. I have voted ever since I was old enough to vote, Kind of like a no brainner. Thoes who don't vote are the ones that yell the loudest. So like now I will vote again.

I'm feelin' some kinda way today... #MusicMonday

Stacey Kabuga

7 days ago

Please keep us in Panama City Fl and surrounding areas in your thoughts as we recover from the catastrophic damage here in our home by hurricane Michael 😞😞😞

Shonna Smock

7 days ago

That's really nice… but I will enjoy the fall season and halloween to the fullest before I start thinking about the holidays, thank you ;)

Arlene Seales Pope

7 days ago

You will never know sorrow like me my daughter will no longer speak to me and her ad I listened to your music all the time. Now when I hear your beatiful music it brings me saddness. I pray that one day we will be able to hear your music again.

Dana Sims

11 days ago

May he find a way out sooner than later...

Fernanda Vr

11 days ago

I know this is a shot in the dark but I have a friend in Baltimore who is on the streets homeless since October 8th because his parents kicked them out for being gay and he is now near Rock Bottom. He's been living on the streets, picking food and drink out of the garbage cans, and has even turn to drugs to quell his hunger. The only place I know how to reach him is on Facebook. His name is Chase Bristow. If anybody here can help him please do he's in a really bad way

Kevin William Weaver

11 days ago

I saw the program and that prize that you earned you deserve it 100%
Cyndi you are the best

Here I am with Omaze winners Max and Magnus! And YOU could be next! Show some love to the True Colors Fund for your chance to be my VIP at this year’s Home for the Holidays. GO:

Dennis Fye

17 days ago

That''s Awesome !

Ronel John Oliva

17 days ago

Hey Cyn! Oh I just love ur hair, make-up, and STYLE...I go crazy when I 🎶 to ur music,,,,makes me feel young again...Girls just wanna have fun😄😳😁

Mahmod Ahmad

17 days ago

Cyndie j’ai beaucoup beaucoup de passion pour vous

Change of Heart #tbt What do you think of this version?

Andy Macias Garcia

17 days ago

"WE" like familiar. If we can sing along, we like it. We can.

Deny Bittencourt

17 days ago

Oh f@&k!! That was amazing. I’ve heard that song probably a million’s my favorite but this is now my favorite version. You killed it!

Mariah Bou

17 days ago

Yes Miss Lauper people do care about you

On Wednesdays we wear pink 😜

Thena Stigler

19 days ago

I like Wednesdays,😗 I like Pink,😙, but Cyndi Sweetie you'd look good dressed in Sackcloth any day of the week!!😍😉😘

Bruno Mikalski

19 days ago

Maybe u write a songs boy's just wanna have fun

José Carlos Curiel

19 days ago

I've got this picture framed !

If you feel a quiet longing,
Lift your heart into the wind
There you'll find my kindred spirit
There you'll meet me as a friend... #TuesdayThoughts

Christian Alexis Salinas Huber

19 days ago

I love your music, something about your lyrics are so meaningful, we don't have too much of that anymore, that's why i enjoy your music over what my generation loves <3

Tracy Eldridge

19 days ago

Cyndi Lauper...I couldn't get tickets to your concert in December at the Beacon Theater in NYC. 😩

Mar Vincent Ragay Callo

20 days ago

Cyndi lauper you remind me of stevie nicks in that picture you look nice there I like all of your songs💕

#MusicMonday 💕

Georgiana Mihaela

20 days ago

A great song and beautiful singing!❤️

Butch Streetglide Martin

21 days ago

wow, that voice!!! Still amazing ❤❤

Thomas Koppmair

21 days ago

I ❤️ this! I 💗 this song! I l💙 Cyndi! Thank you!

Woke up with this tune in my head... Hugs to everyone who needs it. 💕

Came across my screen at just the right moment. 12 years ago today my husband died at home with me holding his hand.

Balti León

24 days ago

My Mommy died last week.
Thank you for this song.

Lairton Sousa

24 days ago

This song has meant much over the years, this year it takes on a new feel but still gets me through.

My pick for #tbt this week. What should I do next?

Nina Brodahl

24 days ago

I really enjoy the songs you had a hand in writing from this album:

Change of Heart
Boy Blue
Calm inside the Storm
The Faraway Nearby
One Track Mind

Paola Guzmán

24 days ago

I like the song and Cyndi but not a Rod Stewart fan.

Carol Ann Finke

24 days ago

I like this video n song. Its always great to see your 'True Colors' tour band members, especially, David Rosenthal.

Happy Birthday to Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Serena Williams! Both women are such an inspiration - smart, strong, accomplished, beautiful, and supportive of other women! RIP Winnie. #wcw

Jami Smith

a month ago

um...dubious candidates for inspirational role models Cyndi. Winnie Mandela had young boys kidnapped and one murdered by her bodyguards. As for Williams, she is indeed one of the greatest female tennis players of all time, however her petulant spat at the US Open recently and her odd attempts to justify her behaviour as somehow sticking up for the greater good of women and rights has seriously tarnished her legacy.

Temsu Pongen

a month ago

WMM not an example of hero by any standards - you however are amazing

Bridgett Callahan

a month ago

Winnie Mandela has been convicted for several murders

Is your voter registration up to date? If not, REGISTER TO VOTE with HeadCount before the November elections:

Jim Shameless

a month ago

Wow you so pretty woman

Tarde Fataki

a month ago

i love you ...

Aria Blair

a month ago

Cyndi hot stuff.. Come on we start to kiss

A little tune to kick off the week. #MusicMonday!

Paulina Srun

a month ago

I love this Album so much!!

Sagé O Aisagbonhi

a month ago

Loving Blue Ángel music. It shoud return, at least with the unreleased demos

CarLo Velardo

a month ago

Love the tune. Blue Angel is a wonderful album. Your first two albums are my favorite.

The internet says it's National Pepperoni Pizza Day. Who am I to argue? 😜🍕 #tbt

Patrik Lipej

a month ago

I love Pizza, Cyndi's mothers is Italian so obviously she probably likes Pizza too (I mean who doesnt like Pizza?). :)

Viktor Munzinger

a month ago

I love Cyndi te queremos en Chile 🇨🇱🎸🎙🤘😎

I had no idea … I had made a nice pepperoni-diced ham-pineapple-extra cheese at home a few hours ago ...

This is my "whaddya mean it's not Friday yet" face! Show me yours! 😏 #SideEye

Gérard Croiserat

a month ago

I can't show such a face because I usually work weekends.

James Joseph

a month ago

Love you to bits, Cyndi!!!!

Daniel Rodríguez

a month ago

And you still maintain that very same level of utter cuteness to this day.. and that incredible voice we all love :)

Happy Birthday to the talented and beautiful Kelsea Ballerini!

Shargi Nur Ikrami

a month ago

You post it in the you tube

Christof Malinowski

a month ago

Happy Birthday, Kelsea!🎉🎁🎂😋

Efrain FC

a month ago

Cyndi =Legend = love this

Seems like a good song for today. #NeverForget

Renacer Ulloa

a month ago

Thank you Cyndi for this remembrance tribute song. Very nicely written, and sung by you.

Aguirre Angelita

a month ago

I Loved this song since the first time that listen!

Kitzya Camtes

a month ago

Lovely song from 2006

I can't believe it's been 35 years since this song came out!! #StillTrue 💕💕 Do you have any special memories about "Girls...?"

La Rioja Enigmática

a month ago

I remember walking around the mall with my parents, and passing by an electronics store with a TV pile-up display showing this video on all the screens...and my mom saying, "that's such a good song...and I saw her singing live on a late night show, a different song (something about stray cats crying) was pretty...and she was really good live!"

Lani Rodriguez

a month ago

Cyndi, you have the most acerbically beautiful voice and a sense of humour and wit to go with it - thank you for being truly astounding. An inspiration to all the cool people out there! Love you. Xxx

Leonardo Monsalve

a month ago

My two older daughters were 5 and 1 1/2 and we used to dance to this all the time. We loved it. Now, I am 63 and still love it! You inspire me. I even have pink highlights in my hair. 😊 Keep being the social justice warrior that you are! -A Social Work Professor and Fellow Warrior

Huge congrats to John Legend on your #EGOT! 💕

Suski Haukijärvi

a month ago

I hope to see your EGOT too!

Karlheinz Vettermann

a month ago

you are the next cyndi !

Kathy Chandler

a month ago

Amazing! Love it!

How's this for a #ThrowbackThursday. Have you guys ever heard the original version of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun?" Crazy, right?

Solstice Somers

2 months ago

I knew it had been done before you, but it sounds better in your voice and with the changes you made. Thanks for sharing this

Joy Fisher Goerlich

2 months ago

terrible version, I don`t want to hear it again.

Sharie Crummer

2 months ago

I love when artists credit the original artist's work! I have mad respect for you promoting this! Love that you give credit where credit is do cyndi! Much love!

Finally home. Was a great tour. Big love n thanks to my band and crew - Bill, Cliff, Elaine, Alex, Caitlin, Colie, John H, Wes (not pictured), Katie, Joe, Raymie. Tom, Scott, Dan, Charlie, Mark, Willis (not pictured), Andy, Ryan, and my glam team (not pictured) Jutta and Nikki.Couldn’t have done it without them. And of course, my manager Lisa and tour manager John Dubuque. ❤️🔥🙌🌈🦄

Natascha Blokker-de Jong

2 months ago

Thanks for your Vancouver BC show! Loved it, love you!


2 months ago

That’s so awesome for Caitlin!

Thomas Allan Doucet

2 months ago

They did an awesome job in Indiana!

Thank you Rod Stewart, Arnold, Lars, Lotus, Kevin, J’Anna, Adrianna, Bridget, Don, David, Di, Jimmy, Emerson, Julia, Amanda, Robert, Matt, Curt, Patrick, Mark, Kasper, Sven, Charlie, Ken, Gavin, John, Matt, Julie Richard, Pete, Gary, Jim, Ben, Charlie, Willis, Erin, Tim, Marty, Ty, Daid, Oliver, Juan Parker and Richard. What a great tour. I’m so grateful to you all and to everyone who came out to rock with us! 💕✨🎶😘 📸: Shannel Lynn
Thank you, Rod Stewart for another great tour and to everyone who came out and rocked with us. It was amazing! Thank you. 💕

Loliss Tinoko Villegas

2 months ago

Thank you! We really enjoyed your performance at the White River Amphitheater in Washington! You are awesome! You sure can hold a note for a really long time! Enjoy being home with your family and dog.

Zohir Ait Amrane

2 months ago

My daughter took me for my birthday & I loved it, you & Rod we’re both fantastic! Thank you for coming to Auburn WA!

Claudio Toscanini

2 months ago

It was an amazing show in Charlotte. Thank you both.

Happy Birthday to Bebe Rexha! She is an immensely talented songwriter, singer, performer, and a gorgeous person inside and out. 💕

Richard Briones

2 months ago

Sexi looking gal😂

Maribel Maribelita

2 months ago

Happy Birthday, Bebe Rexhal!🎉🎁🎂😋😍

Tsikelelo Balula

2 months ago

Trying to figure out how I lost my Top Fan badge when I haven't stopped liking and posting???

Happy Birthday to Michael Jackson. We miss you. 💕

Henry Enzo

2 months ago

The Queen cyndi lauper and the King Michael Jackson.

Albert Rodriguez

2 months ago

happy birthday michael jackson ...

Vella Sakib

2 months ago

congratulations to Michael Jackson In this day very special for he. Happy Birthday. Remember Cyndi Lauper 22/June 1953.

Mood... #MusicMonday #NoTypos 😐

Averil Taylor

2 months ago

Love this song , you should add it to your set list. A Night to Remember has a lot of great songs as does all your albums.

Schwarz Black

2 months ago

First time I heard this song, felt sad and weird, but as many cyn songs, became a point of no return in my life, now I hear a hope song

Terry Clements

2 months ago

Perfect song for my suggestion: Head west to Los Angeles and play a small intimate venue and try out some of your new songs. #AboyCanDreamCantHe

You get pressure your whole life, and you have to make a choice. Your own shoes are hard enough to fill, but somebody else’s are even tougher. #MotivationMonday

Lauren BP

2 months ago

When you have someone create an image for you, you have to check it first to avoid cringe-worthy stuff going out with your name on it.

Fumikazu Kinjo

2 months ago

There is a typo in the picture.. the last “are” is written as “or”

Zinah Rj

2 months ago

I saw you last nite in San were awesome!

I love wearing art. When art and fashion mix, it’s awesome. #MatthewRolston Veiled portrait 1986. #flashbackfriday #fbf

Cheryl Waterman Sheaks

2 months ago

I wanted to introduce myself to you in the hopes that you may be able to help us..

My name is Carol Klein. My family and I have an organization that honors and supports our veterans living in a treatment facility at the Northport V.A. Long Island, NY. We do so by bringing them entertainment and programs or taking them out for a night of fun.

It would be an honor to have you come to the facility to share your time and inspiration with the guys for us.

Please go to and click the Our Heores Night Out pages to find out more about us and see how you can help us honor our veterans when they need us most.

As you can see, we are a family organization that relies on people sharing their time with the guys so please spread the word about us if there is anyone you may think of that can help us. We would appreciate any help with sponsoring a night out or a fun dinner in the facility. Donation of toiletries,clothes and snack foods. Most importantly we would appreciate any ideas that you may have that can help us with our cause.

Thank you so much for your time and support.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and honoring our veterans together, when they need us most.

Carol & Mark
516 579-6524

Giovanna Bifulco

2 months ago

You have been and always will be so beautiful. Cyndi, both inside and out, the most precious body of work. I love your heart, soul, and loving works you share with the world then, now, and forever. Love you Cyn! 🖤💜💙💚💛❤💖💟🖤💜💙💚💛❤💖💟❣❣❣❣

Kristina Lewko

2 months ago

You look beautiful and sweet. You stay classy lil Cyndi 👍🍺

How's this for a #throwback? What are some of your fave deep cuts that not everyone knows about?

Krishna Ale

2 months ago

🎶You take it casually.... and that’s what’s killing me!!! Don’t call me in the middle of the night no more. Don’t expect me to be there . 🎶

Matthew Martin

2 months ago

I love this one! But I have to say that Who Let in the Rain and Hat Full of Stars are also favorites of mine

Edward DeGeeter

2 months ago

I love that album. Glad to see you starting to love it again too. Would love to hear more from this in your live shows.

Happy Birthday James Corden!

Gabriel Montiel

2 months ago

Can't stand him but adore you!

Jeni Samniashvili

2 months ago

Horrible replacement for Craig Ferguson.

Abel Vedia

2 months ago

Happy birthday Mr James Corden!!! 🎂🎂🎂🍾🍭🥂

It's MTV Video Music Awards day! Congrats and good luck to all the nominees! Who are you rooting for?

Jacklyn Perez

2 months ago

That's really awesome and so retro cool! Love you Cyndi!

Shabaya Clark

2 months ago

Simon Le Bon ..... seems a thousand years ago.

Fran Kaiser

2 months ago

Girls just wanna have fun

Let's support people affected by Natural Disasters with #CallforCode and use technology for good on #WorldHumanitarianDay. Show your support for @UnitedNationsHumanRights & @RedCross in their efforts to help the most vulnerable among us. To get involved, visit:
About last night! 📸: Doug McSchooler Photojournalist/ IndyStar

Windell Griffin

2 months ago

Did you know that Montreal did not BAN Pit types in 2016 as only Criminals were banned from owning Pit types under Coderre's excellent BSL which required a $150 Permit to keep a Pit pet if only the owner had passed a Criminal Record check, and the Pits were sterilized ie. Spayed and neutered. Muzzles were required on all dogs over 20 kg / 44 pounds but this excellent Safety proactive BSL was all repealed in Dec. 2017 by the new profiteering pit lobby planted Mayor, Valerie Plante.

Did you see the interesting updates that the children needed stitches and reconstructive surgery from the unsterilised brindle Pit's level 4 bites? This proves that if Mayor Valerie Plante had not repealed former Mayor Coderre's Mandatory sterilization and Criminal Record checking BSL; that this gruesome attack would have been prevented. Ms. Plante needs to face FACTS that Pit types do not merely nip playfully but BITE severely even crushing bones!

https://montreal ctvnews ca/two-children-injured-by-same-dog-in-montreal-north-1.4059189#_gus&_gucid=&_gup=Facebook&_gsc=iBoJK0X

"...On Monday, Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante said she was "troubled" when she heard about the attack and said a long-promised reform to animal control bylaws would help prevent similar incidents in the future.
"This is something terrible we want to prevent. That's why our bylaw that we're putting together is not targetting one specific type of breed," she said. "It's about making sure animal owners understand they are responsible to all the population in Montreal, ultimately."
In December, Plante's administration revoked a controversial bylaw put in place by predecessor Denis Coderre which included a ban on pit bull type dogs. The ban came in reaction to a 2016 attack that left a 55-year-old woman dead.
In June, after a series of public consultations, Plante unveiled the new animal control bylaw, which will come into effect in July, 2019. Included in the the bylaw are strict measures required for any animal that's been involved in an altercation or has displayed aggressive behavior. Owners of such animals must keep them muzzled in public, be kept on a short leash and must be evaluated by a behavioral expert...."

Denis Pozdeev

2 months ago

And how much money is red cross CEO pocketing

Kellie Prater Rizzi

2 months ago

Very nice, miss Lauper, keep funding and handing help to the one in need.

Who's ready to kick off the weekend? Here's a link to our 50-ish states playlist. Thank you all for contributing. Be sure to follow me on Spotify! xx

Tahmid Ahmad

2 months ago

i was hoping Atmosphere would win Minnesota, but I can live with Prince

Holly Durfee

2 months ago

Cool. Never seen a show , but would love to...😢

Aurélie Conseil

2 months ago

Alot of fun! :)

I believe I can change the world! Do you?

Watch #WEday tonight on ABC at 8/7c - WE

James Schenck Brunty

2 months ago

Could you please put the perormance up on youtube I'd love to see it again?, thanks! :)

Titiloye Alaba Oluwafemi

2 months ago

I think you already have for many at risk youths. Thank you Diva, you are loved..xoxo

Melissa Wodarski Szocki

2 months ago

Sounds good , but I have started to think - idealistic but unrealistic 😢

Let's make another playlist together. What is your favorite song about your city or state?

Renay Doutherd

2 months ago

Mark Collie sings Hardin County Line about drag racing between Waynesboro, TN and my hometown of Savannah, TN on a long desolate stretch of road “hwy 64”. Brought some “big town” fame to a town best known for being “oh, you mean not in Georgia?”

Charlene MacPherson Stewart

2 months ago

I’m going with Ziggy Stardust as the first live pre-release play of the song was played in my hometown. Not strictly USA, but hay.

Angel Lopez Lopez

2 months ago

Roadrunner... i'm from Worcester Massachusetts Anything by JGiles or Orpheus or even Jaime Brockett... Lori McKenna has lots of songs about Mass. And of course Aretha has our hearts and home is where the heart is...

R.I.P. Aretha Franklin. You are an amazing and important talent and will be sorely missed. 😢 💕

Gilberto Carrillo

2 months ago

R.I.P Aretha Franklin.

Vera Silva Coughlan

2 months ago

Sorry Aretha Franklin an great lady forever RIP in peace.

Lavon Christie

2 months ago

Thanks for reminding me that you still exist. Any chance of hearing YOU do “Nessum Dorma” for us?

"Never give up. There is always hope. There is always tomorrow. And tomorrow is always a brand new day." Happy Birthday Judy Shepard! Matthew Shepard Foundation #wcw

Silvia Miranda

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Judy Shepard.

Jheff Calimquim

2 months ago

Happy birthday to Judy Shepard.

Louloute Rose Dugave

2 months ago

Their strength is immeasureable. I have seen Judy Shepard speak and she is incredibly amazing and moving and I will never forget the night. Happy Birthday, Judy Shepard. You touch the world.

"I'll never tell people what to think, but I will beg them to think. Not to just blindly follow along." #TuesdayThoughts

Zena Adam

2 months ago

"and you follow blindly find something to care for..." FUCK, I love you so much!

Andy Brown

2 months ago

I don't think you should have to beg anyone to do something

Wim Binnenmarsch

2 months ago

And you are still our Number one favorite.

I'm digging this Goonies/Good Enough cover! What do you think? #MusicMonday

Avishek Roy

2 months ago

So humbled to have you share my video, and even more honored to hear that you enjoyed it. Your songs truly are inspirational and timeless! Thanks for checking out my little cover. Much love, Cyndi!

Danny Macamo

2 months ago

 He is a beautiful voice!! But I feel his voice and melody are a little too sweet.

 Every time I hear
the cover I think,
famous songs are
ALL made
PERFECT, Right??!✨

Ruth Cofuentes

2 months ago

beautiful song of Cyndi Lauper.

Looking at the weekend like: leaving so soon?!? Who could go for one more day off?

Sarah Joy Abella

2 months ago

I hope you are getting enough sleep....I know you work hard.....enjoy my safe and sing your heart out u

Jo Kuhn Gregory

2 months ago

Jezuzz Cyndi ... can you STOP BEING SO DESIRABLE ? mean ... just for a minute or two.

Ricky Franklin

2 months ago

Hi Cyndi,I like your look!you are so fashion and beautiful.xoxo.Blessings :)

Happy Birthday to my leopard print sister Betsey Johnson! I have a super cute pic of us up on my Instagram too. Are you guys following me there?

Cham Mamadu

2 months ago

what was going on at this fashion show in Oct 87 ?

Happy Birthday Hoda Kotb!! So great seeing you at The Garden the other night. 🎶💕

Frederic Acker

2 months ago

I love Cyndi 🎸💖💞

Melody Cooper

2 months ago

OMG!!! Amazingly Beautiful and Awe-Inspiring and Soul-Encouraging!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this!!! Thank you Cyndi, Sara, and All. Stay Truly Brave. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

Aaliyah Kax

2 months ago

Very cute video Cyndi Lauper

Epic sold out show at The Garden. What a great night!
The pre-sale for this year's Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays is live through 10pm ET today.

Get your tickets before they sell out! Proceeds benefit the True Colors Fund's work to end #LGBT youth homelessness.

Norma Horace

2 months ago

I can't wait to see Pod Stewart.

Zëfërįn Jüstįn Fërnändö Rishardson

2 months ago

The show of my dreams!!!!!
Cyndi Lauper you are incredible!!!! 👑❤👏👏👏👏👏👏

Abraham Villa

2 months ago

I can see you in Mexico please

Announcing the True Colors Fund's 8th annual Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays concert. Also known as “the most wonderful time of the year…”

Summer pre-sale begins right now! Proceeds benefit the @TrueColorsFund's work to end #LGBT youth homelessness.

Nasir Nasir

2 months ago

Michael we should go!!

Koloina Rojo

2 months ago

Looking fwd to it cyn😎🤘

Sam Dresser

2 months ago

Put it out on DVD ( more fundraising ) so we West Coasters can enjoy as well.

#Repost @brendonurie 💕:
Today marks a year since my stint on @kinkybootsbway and I still can’t fully express in words how much this experience changed my life for the better. But I love you all so much and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. Thank you. ♥️👠👠

Alexander Patricio Romero

3 months ago

Saw him July 2017. He was Wonderful! The whole cast was Wonderful! Bravo Kinky Boots! Great Show 😍

Kaunang Anna

3 months ago

Oh I hope you do other Broadway productions. You are bound to bring innovating and substantial works to the theatre.

Roland Torres

3 months ago

I watched you open for Cher in Lincoln, Nebraska & I not only love your music but adore you! Thank you for all that you do for our LGBTQ community! We definitely need you. #TeamCyndi 💪🏼💪🏼

Gatekeepers come and go. Never let them make you feel like giving up! ✊🎶

Ana Marie Manapat Simbillo

3 months ago

Sister 🔆Having Patrick With Me NYC 🔆Great Support and Great Love🔆🌝🔆KII’ Trying To Keep in Touch w Patrick Your Hairdresser 🔆 Aloha And Great To See You Back🌺🌝🌺

Roberto Mendoza Garcia

3 months ago

Is beautiful cyndi Lauper 😍

Victoria Caro Monclova

3 months ago


My old friend Wendi Richter came to see me the other night in Orlando, Florida. We had such fun together! #WomenCrushWednesday #WWE #HallOfFame

Fatima Ribeiro

3 months ago

Well I see you every night in tight blue jeans

Abilene Ramirez

3 months ago

My father claims he knew you in the 80s through Dan Near. I just don’t if I could believe him or not lol. Anyways, you rock!

Mgbodille Amaechi

3 months ago

Cyndi needs to be in their HOF. With it being in NY next year, hopefully it can happen then.

To all my loners out there! ✊ #MotivationMonday

Anabel Swith

3 months ago

I felt alone during my adolescence
listen to your music was one of my anchors <3
I'm not alone anymore and you are still playing

Spring Millikin

3 months ago

Come from a huge (14 kids) Polish/Catholic family in the Midwest and always felt "ALONE".🤔 [ 🏳️‍🌈/🇺🇸/️🇵🇱]️.....🥀-🎗️-☣️

Steve Metosh

3 months ago

Cyndi Lauper, thank you for being such an inspiring, dynamic person. <3 May I use this pic as a template for my future Medusa tattoo?

Who’s coming to the show tonight? I go on at 7:30PM. Can’t wait!

Charlotte Pringle

3 months ago

Love what you’re doing, Cyn. Really super stuff! 💪🎨🎤⚡️

Huda Waqas

3 months ago

Just saw your show in Louisville , thank you and Rod for making our 42nd anniversary perfect

Armando Rodriguez Ramirez

3 months ago

Loved the show so much!!! I’ve waited my entire life to see you!!! ♥️

I need help with another playlist!! Since we hit the road this week, I'm thinking: Best Road Trip songs! Whatcha got?

Erick Riquelme

3 months ago

romeo and juliet, private investigations dire straits, mama, i cant dance genisis, without love? doobie brothers, river of dreams billy joel, big log robert planet, total eclipse of the heart, lost in france bonnie tyler, summer night city, gimmie gimmie abba,

Kellie S. Jones

3 months ago

I feel fine-beatles/ world in my eyes-depeche mode/ give ıt to me- micheal jackson / wild boys-duran duran/ revolution-muse/ honey honey-ABBA/ High hopes-pink floyd/fly me to the moon- frank sinatra/ one more cup of coffee-bob dylan/ smoke on the water- metallica/istanbulda-teoman😍🎶🎵🎸🎹🎺🎧

Supto Das Pantho

3 months ago

lots of old skool boogie.... the Doors... ZZ Top.... played LOUD... that beat is the best for a road trip... full tank windows down...

I am so excited that my good friend Cher is going to be honored by the The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts!! Huge congrats!! #KCHonors 🎶🙌💕

Kristin Cherry

3 months ago

I have this song in my celphone and when listen it, also listen Believe by Cher haha xX

Hilary Counterman

3 months ago

Watched the Cher concert with Cyndi is the opening. Best concert ever from both great artist!

Jeremy Watts

3 months ago

Was the highlight of my life to see these 2 in concert