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Fans shared about R.E.M.

Hector Ramirez

20 minutes ago

A great rock number in the middle of quiet brilliance. I've also learned recently that lots of folks have, uh, ignored the message for 25 years, apparently!

Munich was a rager last night!Tonight we're at Factory Magdeburg!

#Repost @metalbladeurope (@get_repost)

@theblackdahliamurder_official @backstage #tour #live #stage #packed

Fans shared about Snoop Dogg

Fuad H. Ali

an hour ago

i'll cook my own meals so I can throttle the ampunt of canna I need on different daily routines.. ha

Coffie AJ Malima

also shared about Snoop Dogg

You tip anybody that does something for you

Laura Marie Allen

also shared about Snoop Dogg

What a rip off!

Fans shared about Kenny Rogers

Samta Claws

22 minutes ago

I also wish you a very good weekend Kenny and the same for the whole family

Ken Crangle

also shared about Kenny Rogers

Thanks for sharing Kenny.

Selçuk Karadede

also shared about Kenny Rogers

God Bless to All, share Peace n Love

Fans shared about Cyndi Lauper


23 minutes ago

Come to Philly!!! ❤️❤️❤️ - we have lots of very talented drag queens here! I’m GM of a nightclub, we’ll set you up!! You’re the sweetest Cyndi!!!

Bryan Doyle

also shared about Cyndi Lauper

Looks like fun :)

Luis Enrique Perez

also shared about Cyndi Lauper


Walk It Like I Talk It!!!!!! 💪🏾 #Rock💎 #Plies #AintNoMixtapeBih3 #Rock #CheckCallin #RealHitta #FEMA #PurpleHeart💜 #RanOffOnDaPlugTwice #RitzCarlton🔥

#embrya you are almost 20 in a few months ||| 1998❌ ||| never before seen 📷 by legendary: @mario_sorrenti |||🤦🏽‍♂️_🙅🏽‍♂️_🤳🏾

#PlurGenocide banging in Cabo 🇲🇽 Mexico! @omnialoscabos @djcarnage #outnow #kolonytour

Fans shared about Big Sean

Thim Chris

2 hours ago

"Bxtch why you Calling!!!"😕😕

Kabir Sinha

also shared about Big Sean

And if I split these blessings with you you my brother If I don't text you back then I don't trust you If I pick up on the first brrt I love you And if I tell you all my secrets you my lover, yeah yeah

Larry Krieg

also shared about Big Sean

No fr I need Detroit 2 I don’t want I decided or double or nothing

🎹@shawnmendes 📷 ya boy

Fans shared about Amanda Cerny

Jefferson Gutierrez

an hour ago

I bet you two gals break the rules all the time!😜

Rudrakash Singh S

also shared about Amanda Cerny

Which one should i praise?? both are gorgeous n unlimited hot damnnn man

Przemysław Przemko Mx

also shared about Amanda Cerny

Problem-solving is part of the creative mind working my opinion :) I saw a good old Indiana High School Basketball game last night on Facebook Live. Andrean High School & Bishop Noll two Catholic High Schools in Northwest Indiana. My Team won & this gave me an Idea as to what I want to write about one day. I knew Dan Dakich of Indiana University and his dad taught me at Calumet High School. Dan coached Indiana University with legendary coach Bobby Knight and played against Michael Jordan in college. I have a lot of cool stories in my head and we have a lot of talented people here living near Chicago. My main focus is making money as a day trader first then maybe doing creative movie making things. It's just an Idea now. My first Love was Pat Benatar we fell in Love when we were young but never got married. We broke each other's heart. I spoke to her and her husband one of my childhood friends and Tia Leoni's brother :) Keep up being funny and creative Amanda Cerny :)

My brother @boknero #kolonybros #kolonytour

🙌🏼🙌🏼 Les recomiendo que sigan a 👉🏼 @seriosoldadoj2 Para ver videos de tus Artistas favoritos, vídeos del ayer y vídeos de hoy, Follow 👉🏼 @seriosoldadoj2 @seriosoldadoj2 👈🏼 Gracias 🍻👍🏼

Fans shared about Rusko

Ricky Martin

6 hours ago

One whiskey on the rocks Sir

Теодор Маринов

also shared about Rusko

The Master :-D

Thank you @mihalimusic for hooking up these super dope #airjordans

Fans shared about Yo Gotti

Goldie Da Boss Morris

29 minutes ago

Hey bae...was good i miss you how was day💋?

Fatima Batemane

also shared about Yo Gotti

How you gonna come out to MIA with all that round you?? Anyway dont forget your next stop though I'm in MIA too right now!! Hmm where could you be right now??

Tshegofatso King Motlhanke

also shared about Yo Gotti

That hair line back

Fans shared about The Jacksons 5

Pharaon Menes

6 hours ago

Love this song. Classic

Jewelyn Jones

also shared about The Jacksons 5

“Oh, ABC, it’s easy as 123!!! .....ABC just lifts me off the ground and makes me happy. One of all time favourite Jackson 5 songs (but I equally love to the song ‘2468’ from the ‘ABC’ album too).

Demetrius King

also shared about The Jacksons 5

Love abc. But when the album came out and I heard one more chance , that was the moment I fell in love and to this day even tho I love every j5 song , when I hear one more chance my heart gets that special burn. Love you forever

Fans shared about Wiz Khalifa

Vamshi Mudhiraj

7 hours ago

Isaac Vigil Brenden Mendez Cody Burnham

Cheick Ibni Mohamed Haidara

also shared about Wiz Khalifa

WiZ u boss ova every body
Big up
Shine up
Blessed up

Pankaj Rawat

also shared about Wiz Khalifa

Don’t miss this jet hoe

Thank you Houston & surrounding areas. You guys were amazing. #MMLive18

Fans shared about Maddi Jane

Lester Florece

2 hours ago

Luf u meddi Jane


also shared about Maddi Jane

I love u Maddi💙

Michelle Carandang

also shared about Maddi Jane

Nise pic maddi 🖒
So cute 😊

Fans shared about Incubus

Jen Samonte

an hour ago

It’s going to be. . . EPIC! Can’t wait ! Weve waited long enough! Welcome!

Gioia Braga

also shared about Incubus

We cannot wait too. Vibe here is too cool

Komaru Sahetapy

also shared about Incubus

Pamela Kurtz this is something we should do!!

Fans shared about Nikki Sixx

Carl Mörner Ringström

an hour ago

You'd both piss your pants if you went out with me in my 20's. lol Have another JD bottle full of Lipton!

Brandye Glass

also shared about Nikki Sixx

I can't even begin to imagine the crazy shit you guys used to do back before the sobriety. Happy you're both still with us.

Cindy Wallace

also shared about Nikki Sixx

Real music Cumming at ya quick and fast like a bullet blast right between your eyes.No need for dope let the music get u high.

Put your hands up for Detroit! I love this city. 🙏🏼 Royal Oak/Detroit for a sold out show. Unforgettable night! #kolonytour #12of33

👳🏻‍♀️ #metime

Good luck @TeamUSA and remember, BE SMOOTH!!!!!!!! @ciroc @usa_curl #Olympics #BlueDot 🔵 🥌

Fans shared about Roberto Tapia

Socorro Trejo

an hour ago

Ay padre celestial guardamelo a ese bombón hermoso pero que sea acá en mi casa porfabor jajajajaja Dios te bendiga mi Roberto Tapia

Mariana Vivaldo

also shared about Roberto Tapia

Te miraste bien guapo chiquititomi primera vez que se me hizo mirarte bendiciones en tu camino

Janet Garcia Sandoval

also shared about Roberto Tapia

Guauuu que hermoso muchísimo éxito mi cantante Roberto Tapia

Fans shared about Wiz Khalifa

Jüän Stünt

an hour ago

Wahht...for reals...hexx yeah man....💀💀💀☠️💀💀💀

Emma Onyeka

also shared about Wiz Khalifa

Taylor khaliifa gang Ratataaaaaaaa kush life love

Ibrah Idris

also shared about Wiz Khalifa

Real talk especially stay true to yourself

Fans shared about Mandisa

Stefanie Anderson

14 minutes ago

what a beautifull family.

Barbara Gandy Graves

also shared about Mandisa

Had a great time at tonight's concert! Thank you for sharing scriptures and being so transparent with your fans. Great time of worship.

Mona Passignano

also shared about Mandisa

An amazing show.

Fans shared about Gerardo Ortiz

Judith Barrios Delgado

10 hours ago

Vergas! Ya no estaré aquí 😭😭😭😭 espero pintor ver otra vez a este guapisomo😬😂😂

Sam Wiliam

also shared about Gerardo Ortiz

Ya fui a verte a la Arena Monterrey y ahora espero verte en la expo.
Estoy q no me la creo..vas a volver a venir...q emocion.estoy super traumada q hasta sueño contigo

Saul Rivera

also shared about Gerardo Ortiz

Que buena noticia para tus fans, linda noche un abrazo desde camargo chihuahua😘💙

Fans shared about Wu-Tang Clan

Daragh Guest

an hour ago

All the pretty girls and the ugly girls too. Cause to me your pretty anyway baby!

Billie Asvens

also shared about Wu-Tang Clan

This statement now also includes you Hannah Godin

Maxi Milian Pröls

also shared about Wu-Tang Clan we remember ODB and that candy apple suit @ the, what was the presentation @ Radio City Music Hall, with the pimp cup, drunk off his ass talking “puffy cool puffy cool, but Wu-tang is for the children”

What do you think of @KingCombs new joint with @ChrisBrownOfficial??? #LoveYouBetter streaming link in my bio and it’s available on all platforms @applemusic @spotify @tidal 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #badboy4life

Fans shared about Kem

Darlene Jones-Robinson

8 minutes ago

Please come to St Louis soon and sing “Say” and all your other songs! I ❤️ your music!!

Angel Legan

also shared about Kem

When will you be in Birmingham again. Missed you last year

Somavithi Shabisto

also shared about Kem

Dang was there last night, guess we'll have to stay another day

Fans shared about Switchfoot

Andy Ariaso

12 hours ago

I’d buy that shirt!

Jusztina Polgár

also shared about Switchfoot

Working on new music.... Maybe?...

Fans shared about Jaden Smith

Tebogo Luther Kekana

5 hours ago

Ok the leather jacket is everything 😍

Bodak Taylor Watson

also shared about Jaden Smith

Olaaah!!Cute Jaden...why do you like takin' photos in dry places

Nguyễn Khương

also shared about Jaden Smith

That jacket is the shit!

This guy is ready for Tonight. #MMLive18 #MercyMeTX

Big tune on the way mucho talento 🙏

Fans shared about TobyMac

Kim Boyett

6 hours ago

The concert was amazing. Except for the 30 minute infomercial about shaming all of your fans for not feeding starving children. I am sure it is a valid ministry, but the presentation in the middle of the concert was in poor taste. Especially because he shamed the entire stadium. I hope you dont do that at every concert.

Samuel David Servino

also shared about TobyMac

big it up dc graham

Miriam Naomi Brant

also shared about TobyMac

TOBYMAC HITS DEEP TOUR 4 More Info ask awesome -webjess @webgirljess[at]
Thu 3/1 @ 7pm
UW–Milwaukee Panther Arena , Milwaukee, WI
quick reminder treget center sold out

Fans shared about Jada Pinkett Smith

Howard Lewis

an hour ago

Loving that look on you your wearing that turbin loved seeing you and Queen together again back on the big screen, I really enjoyed girlstrip ❤❤❤

Elizabeth Torres Carrillo

also shared about Jada Pinkett Smith

You can rock a fitted sheet on your head and still be one of the most beautiful women in the world.


Avee Vengal

also shared about Jada Pinkett Smith

Beautiful picture Nubian African Queen 💯% love to see the beauty that God has blessed are Queens with😇🙏📡

Fans shared about Rancid

Endika Juliawan

36 minutes ago

Farewell Lola Blue


also shared about Rancid

Come to Argentina!!!

Last day to finish the album!!!🙏🏼🌅🕺🏻

@GusKenworthy, I love you for this (and many other reasons) #Repost @guskenworthy ・・・ This morning Matt and I had a heart-wrenching visited to one of the 17,000 dog farms here in South Korea. Across the country there are 2.5 million dogs being raised for food in some of the most disturbing conditions imaginable. Yes, there is an argument to be made that eating dogs is a part of Korean culture. And, while don't personally agree with it, I do agree that it's not my place to impose western ideals on the people here. The way these animals are being treated, however, is completely inhumane and culture should never be a scapegoat for cruelty. I was told that the dogs on this particular farm were kept in "good conditions" by comparison to other farms. The dogs here are malnourished and physically abused, crammed into tiny wire-floored pens, and exposed to the freezing winter elements and scorching summer conditions. When it comes time to put one down it is done so in front of the other dogs by means of electrocution sometimes taking up to 20 agonizing minutes. Despite the beliefs of the Korean public at large, these dogs are no different from the ones we call pets back home. Some of them were even pets at one time and were stolen or found and sold into the dog meat trade. Luckily, this particular farm (thanks to the hard work of the Humane Society International and the cooperation of a farmer who's seen the error of his ways) is being permanently shut down and all 90 of the dogs here will be brought to the US and Canada where they'll find their fur-ever homes. I adopted the sweet baby in the first pic (we named her Beemo) and she'll be coming to the US to live with me as soon as she's through with her vaccinations in a short couple of weeks. I cannot wait to give her the best life possible! There are still millions of dogs here in need of help though (like the Great Pyrenees in the 2nd pic who was truly the sweetest dog ever). I'm hoping to use this visit as an opportunity to raise awareness to the inhumanity of the dog meat trade here in Korea and the plight of dogs everywhere, including back home in the US where millions of dogs are in need of loving homes!

Fans shared about Beck

Leonard Leo Garss'n

7 hours ago

Bondi Beach coastal walk? Yeah I didn't want to leave either.

Julia Tawney Eberhart

also shared about Beck

Welcome back any time - last night was the best concert I’ve ever been to, thank you for your time and efforts!!

Rudi Krupp

also shared about Beck

Now we're pissin' in the wind cause it's so pine fresh
Right now -- it's like 💗

I love it so much, I’m wearing it on stage tonight! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 This vest and more on @hsn March 6th & 7th! ___________________________________________ #sherylcrow #hsn #sherylxhsn #clothingline

Fans shared about Before You Exit

Carlysse Pagulayan

6 hours ago

they look haggard here?


also shared about Before You Exit

it's been a year since you guys came back in PH. i miss you guys

ណា ណា ណា ណា

also shared about Before You Exit

Happy 2nd meet anniversary !

Fans shared about Karlie Kloss

Priscilla Tam

31 minutes ago

God bless your joyfulness

Charinrat Tangsiricharoen

also shared about Karlie Kloss

That's awesome Baby. You are funny and sweet.😘❤️

Trevin Anand Singh

also shared about Karlie Kloss

Massa essa imagem 😍😍😍

Fans shared about Zac Brown Band

Kathy Daly

13 hours ago

Okay I will be watching it again Zac

Love you Boo @shanidarden thank you for hooking up mah face! Feeling Hydrated and ready for the freakin weekend 🧖🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️

WAKANDA IS CALLING ~ @issarae, @iamreginaking and I invite u 2 come see #blackpanther at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall Rave Cinemas tomorrow at 4:30pm! C u there!! #freetickets #freesnacks #wakandaforever

Fans shared about The Killers

Carolina González

6 hours ago

😂👌 I'm looking forward to hear you tomorrow in Copenhagen!!

Claudia Palomino

also shared about The Killers

he can hear the future..."I know the score like the back of my hand"

Amy Armstrong-Weller

also shared about The Killers

I am 70 years old. Loved the Beatles. Now love The Killers. 2 best bands ever.

Fans shared about Christina Milian

Tricia Ricketts

7 hours ago

For real LOVE DON'T COST A THING. He jst want to rent u and become porpular in school. But girl u're xpensive o. $1500 for 2 weeks rent.

Robert Martinez

also shared about Christina Milian

At least it didn't cost $1500 fa a ticket. I tell you he paid dat girl!! lol.. Love don't cost a thing

Fatty James

also shared about Christina Milian

Cast Alvin Johnson (Al) and yourself.