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Chicago!!I’m on my way to the @africanfestivalchicago September 1, 2018!! Get your tickets NOW!

अभिशेक परियार

12 hours ago

When you coming to Texas 😆🤗

Gui Khalifa

12 hours ago

Go & make me proud my crush❤

حمزه لطيف عوده

12 hours ago

Keyshia Cole I want to meet you when you come to Chicago

All we do is win, baby. #fbf

Juvylyn Cardz

8 hours ago

My husband and I had this song played in Church when We Got married ❤️🍀🙏🥂☀️ LOVE IT

Teri Atwell Brower

8 hours ago

My boy 7 years old loves this song all day he is listen do it

Mateusz Marciniszyn

18 hours ago

Love this guy awesome tallent.

Future Mrs. Jonas. My heart. My love.

Angela Macek

8 hours ago

Disculpa el atrevimiento, pero es que me gustas mucho desde hace tiempo. Sí, yo sé que no eres libre, pero podemos ser discretos, vernos de vez en cuándo, de contrabando....

Monica Green

13 hours ago

Nick ha llegado el momento de separarnos definitivamente , quiero que sepas que no te guardo rencor. Espero que seas feliz. Pero luego no regreses arrepentido por haberme dejado. Porque baby la vida es un ciclo, y lo que no sirve yo no lo reciclo. ✌🏽

Andalib Kazi

17 hours ago

She gets engaged to him after like 5 months of dating but I have loved him everyday since I was 13 and there is no ring on my finger. 😭

Karlheinz Vettermann

6 hours ago

I love those backgrounds they're beautiful. Stay centered love who you are flaws and all. Stay safe and blessed above all. Blessed NJ

Tiffanie V Broadwater

6 hours ago

Take care of yourself do not messing with cheap b*****s, is not worth it, enjoy your vacations or whatever's your doing there

Emma McWatt

6 hours ago

Have a wonderful time Usher, super fan don't care what people say I'm still a fan since I was like 14 lol

Martina Schröder

2 hours ago

Wish I was there in Namba😂😂

Elayne Vitoria

5 hours ago

And then when u got people thinking this is just about Ramen and not the special meaning behind it....🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Keyra Spencer

11 hours ago

Brenden Sharp barbecue pork, please 💁🏻‍♀️

Back home with this girl ♥️

Tanilo Landson Nyirenda

2 hours ago

"Reunited home, two great and sexy Schwestern..Maddy and Vic💋🤩🤩💋

Shandy Einstein

2 hours ago

Enjoy your family time. to quote the movie "There's no place like home"

Rocio Guzman

2 hours ago

Have a great time back at home is no place like home safe God bless you are awesome Victoria Justice

6 days. Album art by @UncuttArt

Michella Mahasoa

6 hours ago

I’m so pumped!

Petrina Wellington

10 hours ago

How is it that you hit world stardom and still comea cross as a super genuine rock band. Your guys' hearts are still in it! That's huge.

Rahul Kobiya

10 hours ago

Pre ordered yesterday listened to the three songs the few times. Really good

This monster starts in two weeks and shows are selling out!

Grab your tickets at!

Cris Cuesta

6 hours ago

It’s disappointing to se tdwp as openers when they’re fucking legendary and more innovative than any of these other bands like what the fuck I’m heated

Christopher Guetig

6 hours ago

The tour I've always (I shit you not) DREAMED for and it's not coming to heart is broken.

Doraly Garcia

11 hours ago

I wish there were more tickets for Colorado! Come back soon 😘😘

Slippery When Wet was released on this day in 1986! ⚠️

GnosticMozes Machitele

10 hours ago

Still one of my all time favorites! Funny Slippery when Wet story. When my dad got his PhD in 1987 he bought a CD player and I could pick out one CD to buy. I was 8 years old and picked Slippery when Wet. My dad made the comment “Bon Jovi is a one hit wonder. Where are they going to be in 20 years?” I remind him of that all the time especially when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! 😂 I requested that Livin on a Prayer be the last song that played at my wedding reception in 2013.

Kaofang Justfang

10 hours ago

I m very luky to have 12 years old in 1986 i think i live in greats day of rock bon jovj, europe,marillion,white snake,cinderella,white lion,poison,motley crue, love thisnday.......all album of bon jovy are great my best is sww and new jersey 💖💖💖 also i remember my first cd in 90 was the first album of richy sambora 😀😀😀😀 great album and one of the most great and top guitar in history of rock wow im 43 now but jon, richie and tico are in my life in this day and year wow

Kristy Kendall

10 hours ago

I’ve been hooked on Bon Jovi since I got 7800 for my 10th birthday ... I was 12 when slippery when wet came out it was the first cassette I bought with my own money . I played it so much that my parents and brothers knew all the words to every song .

This pretty much sums up his personality. Fun loving, spunky yet Compassionate. Happy 7th birthday Egan! Love you so much and am so proud to be your Dad!

Antonella Zambrano

8 hours ago

HAPPY Birthday, Egan!!!!!!! God bless you&family :-)

Ems Valentin

8 hours ago

Awe, He looks so much like you Jeremy! ..Happy 7th BirthDay, Egan! 💙

Ana Durán

8 hours ago

Happy Birthday, Egan!!!

Have you entered the @Staples for Students scholarship sweepstakes yet? I’m presenting the $50K scholarship Grand Prize! Andddd four $25K prizes are up for grabs too. Shop in store for an entry code and donate to Donors Choose (link in bio) to support local classroom projects. 📓✏️📔📎📗#BackToSchoolSpecialists #ad

Francesca DI Fiore

2 hours ago

Does she always have to be so beautiful 😢😢

Meg Ramos

2 hours ago

Sweet Brown Eyes that is a veeery grand gesture so that more kiddos can have the american dream alive and kicking 🤗❤️❤️

Hernandez Ysuchica Paul

2 hours ago

You're so beautiful my Queen.

“It was 20 years ago today!!”

Devil Without a Cause was released on this day 20 years ago! Holy Shit!!

What a ride it has been!

To all the fans, THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!

To all the critics still talking shit…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Thinking back about all the crazy times we had promoting that album whilst still in rock n roll boot camp, packed into an old RV with a Uhaul trailer making laps around the country, and especially all of the great memory’s with Joe C!!!

“20 years now, where’d they go? 20 years now, I don’t know…Sometimes I wonder, where they’ve gone."

Looking forward to starting the west coast run tonight in Auburn, WA!

Kid “Paw-Paw" Rock

PS: “I’m goin' platinum!!"

Eric Norris

8 minutes ago

Amazing concert in auburn wa to celebrate 20 years! We've been fans since the beginning. I LOVE your tribute to our soldiers, worth everything!

Muhammad Faisal

8 minutes ago

Can’t wait to see you in Brownsville Oregon! Been having so much fun hanging out at the Bi-Mart Willamette Music Festival waiting to see you!!!

Angeletta Bullock

8 hours ago

Amazing!!! One of my all time favorite albums!!! Cowboy, Bawitaba, Only God Knows Why, just a few of the hits on this album and some of my favorite songs ever. I'm going to the show you're doing in Jacksonville Florida on September 2nd with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Jason Aldean. It'll be one helluva show!!!! I can't wait!!!! You and Skynyrd are 2 of my top 5 favorite bands of all time!!! It'll truly be a dream come true to see history like this in person. Thank you. 🤘

New Single Out Now!


Maria Maria Moreira

8 hours ago

Bryan wtf I need to work out with Jonah Hill

Angela Ballah-Ucciardino

13 hours ago

Phil Strazzeri dude look at Jonah hill. Da fuq

Fernando Oliva de Campos

8 hours ago

Donal Jephson Jonah Hill is now Jonah mountain ⛰

On this date in 1959 – Miles Davis’ masterpiece – 'Kind Of Blue' was released. It’s still the best selling jazz album ever and included on Rolling Stone‘s 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time.
To Our Queen Of Soul:

Peaceful journey. There will never be another Aretha.
We love you.

Erin, Cheryl, Vince
Miles Davis Properties, LLC

Sandy González

5 hours ago

I have a 300 CD player, 100 are loaded in and I was looking at one of the three CD albums I need to reload now I am in my new house and saw that. Yeah!

Maria Adela

14 hours ago

That was nice of Rolling Stone magazine, coincidently I hear Miles places the Rolling Stone magazine in the top 500 things he liked to read

Wellyton Victor

17 hours ago

First of all,it was released in 1959, it would it's 59th anniversary. Secondly, even if it was released in "58, it would 60 years anniv, 50th.

Ian Heneghan

16 hours ago

Anja Spörl dann brauchen wir nur wieder mal nen roadtrip mit Berna Dette und hören uns das neue Album an. :D

Lachlan Plotzza-baxter

16 hours ago

I knew there had to be some new Tenth Avenue North music coming because the other have been released every 2 years so far.. Followers was in 2016 and now it's 2018! I am so excited!

Austin Ward

16 hours ago

Ahhh! The excitement is real!! Can’t wait for previews!!!!

Sooooooo Nice....wish I could run the world.......... country to country

Tiffanie V Broadwater

6 hours ago

So calm and cool, always with style 😎💕🇫🇮

Roger Gentry

6 hours ago

Beautiful moments while traveling👌😍

Ahmed Hmaidi

6 hours ago

Keke something else with her fabulous self lol Hugs

Lopes Luis

6 hours ago

I’m not sure who told her this was cute but stop lying 🤥 KeKe baby this is not a good look on you you are far yo pretty for this and wth is around your waist...come here come here 📣 go get me da switch

Cathia Nemours

6 hours ago

Y'all acting like she showing her pussy & ass damn. U can't see anything hut her thighs & legs. KeKe keep doing u honey u look Awesome!! 😍😍

Rather than sharing the Blabbermouth link, I'll just copy and paste the article to avoid having to see the stupid troll comments... : )
Anyways, heres the article:

MIKE PORTNOY Calls METAL ALLEGIANCE His 'Ultimate Metal Outlet'

MIKE PORTNOY Calls METAL ALLEGIANCE His 'Ultimate Metal Outlet'
Drummer Mike Portnoy (SONS OF APOLLO, THE WINERY DOGS, METAL ALLEGIANCE) recently spoke with Josh Rundquist of That Drummer Guy.
A few excerpts below:

On the new METAL ALLEGIANCE album, "Volume II – Power Drunk Majesty":

Mike: "After we had so much fun making the first album, we knew a second album would be inevitable. I think myself, Alex Skolnick, David Ellefson and Mark Menghi, we felt we tapped into something. The first album was more like an experiment, because we didn't know how it was going to go, but we also had all these guests. There had to have been 15, 20 other people on the album. We knew this time around, we wanted to streamline it a little bit and kind of focus on the core four. The four of us did all the writing together, and we wanted to streamline the guests — mainly leave it to singers, to give it more of a band feel. The first time around was like more of an experiment; this time around, it really felt like a concise unit between the four of us."

On the album's guest vocalists:

Mike: "In terms of singers, it was nice to get some new blood on this album. People like Mark Osegueda [DEATH ANGEL] and Troy Sanders [MASTODON], they've been in the family now for years, and even the first time around, some of the singers were a little bit obvious, like Randy Blythe [LAMB OF GOD], Phil Anselmo [PANTERA, DOWN] and Chuck Billy [TESTAMENT]. Those were all guys that it made so much sense to be part of the first one, but this time around, we wanted to branch out a bit more, and we got some guys like Johan [Hegg] from AMON AMARTH and Trevor [Strnad] from [THE] BLACK DAHLIA [MURDER] or Floor Jansen from NIGHTWISH. Some of these were suggestions that I wouldn't have even normally thought of, but once they were suggested and we checked them out, it added a whole new kind of element of diversity to the songs... Rather than doing the obvious move, we got to experiment with some different things this time around."

On his own performance on the album:

Mike: "I'm basically just showing my metal side. I've always brought a metal touch to everything I do, whether it be classic rock or prog or whatever. I've always brought that metal element and that mentality, when needed, but with METAL ALLEGIANCE, I get to unleash it and just let it go full-throttle from start to finish on the entire album. To me, it's an exciting outlet that I don't normally have with my other bands... For me, it's the ultimate metal outlet. I've always had all these different projects and different bands, and they were always kind of rooted in prog or, in the case of [THE] WINERY DOGS, more hard rock and traditional rock, classic rock, but I never had a true metal outlet until METAL ALLEGIANCE. To me, it's so exciting because it's a who's-who of literally everybody in the metal world. You have members from ANTHRAX, SLAYER, MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, LAMB OF GOD, PANTERA, MASTODON, EXODUS, OVERKILL... the list goes on and on and on. For me, I love it. Whenever there's an opportunity to play a show with METAL ALLEGIANCE, I don't even think twice about it — I put it on my calendar, and I make sure I'm there. For me, it's a dream outlet."

On the future of SONS OF APOLLO:

Mike: "We're just focusing on the upcoming dates, but we've talked about it. We're hoping to get into the studio early next year. We'll see if the schedules align and everything works out, but that's the plan. I know Derek [Sherinian] and Bumblefoot have been compiling riffs and ideas and putting them in folders, and when the time comes to collaborate, we'll get in the studio and start looking at everything and jamming on everything and bringing it to life. Hopefully that will happen early next year, as we have penciled in at the moment."

On the new NEAL MORSE BAND album that he recently finished recording:

Mike: "Our last album, 'The Similitude Of A Dream', was really special for us. It was one of my favorite albums of my career, actually. To get back in the studio and work on the follow-up to that, the next album coming off the heels of that, it's quite a tall order for us. We spent a lot of time working on it. Normally, when Neal and I get together for an album, we usually can get the writing and arranging and drum tracking done within 10 days [to] two weeks. This time around, we actually spent almost up to a year shaping and writing and arranging this next record, so we spent more time on this album than any album we've ever done in the past. I think it's going to be worth the wait, because what we have is really special and really a worthy follow-up to what we did with 'Similitude'. I look forward to that, and we're shooting for that to be out around January or so, and the tour would start right afterwards. It was really important that we follow up 'Similitude' with something that would be just as epic. It's taken a little time to get there, but it's really special."

On the status of the next FLYING COLORS album:

Mike: "We're going to resume work on that in December. That will be Neal and myself's twentieth studio album together. It's something we started working on about a year and a half ago and we just never got back to work on because the schedules hadn't aligned, but we've all penciled in December to get together, finish the writing for album number three and begin the recording process. Hopefully we can have that out later 2019, fingers crossed."

METAL ALLEGIANCE's second album, "Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty", will be released on September 7 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

Other guest musicians on "Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty" include Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, SEPULTURA, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY), John Bush (ARMORED SAINT), Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth (OVERKILL) and Mark Tornillo (ACCEPT).

Mar Azul Celeste

9 hours ago

I would love to see a collaboration with Joe Duplantier or Devin Townsend...

Leslie Nelson

9 hours ago

Can we have the winery dogs back asap?

Ono Shidai

9 hours ago

Can’t wait for a Sons of Apollo follow up album.. that in my opinion is where you should put the main focus..


Lyle Patterson

3 hours ago

I salute... much respect to you Dave'. Good example.

Sidney D Calhoun

3 hours ago

I would attend your concert in Mn, but Yemi Alade concert was such a disappointment, it turned me off from seeing African artists perform.

Matthew J Cooley

3 hours ago

The Boss of the bosses and the Queen of queen's

✨👁God is in the details👁✨ 📸 @timsek@ Park Hyatt Sydney

René Klop

3 hours ago

Sweetheart He Is Not In The Detail Of That Tattoo, & You Know It,!!

Elizabeth Santos

3 hours ago

God is within us and alll around us, not just in bldgs of wood and stone...split a piece of wood and you will find me, lift a stone.....i am there.

Tmn Cape Town

3 hours ago

*♡~Well even when we know our selfish and fatal wrongs~It's only Right to Give The Real Credit To=*♡*THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE ALL SEEING EYE of WHOM WILL ALWAYS BE GOD!!!*♡*~May She and All of The Rest be Forgiven~Somehow~Someway~*♡*GOD IS THE POWER~WAYYY ABOVE SATAN and has MERCY IN FORGIVING!!!*♡*

8.14.18 Sacramento, CA
📷: @frvnkdelgvdo
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Melissa Valle García

7 hours ago

Is that a Staytrem bridge on there? Any other mods?

Ankeet Kadulkar

7 hours ago

That’s what u call lookin good in 2018,can’t wait till u guys comin back to Toronto,gonna be a tare up,peace homies!

Michael Deleon

7 hours ago

Beauty school is my all time favorite song by them!!

Ready for football in Georgia. What sport are you playing?

Joanna Vergaray

9 hours ago

I am doing cross country this year.

Andrew Cohen

9 hours ago

Now you definitely look ready for football Matty. Nice to see well in shape. And keep looking sexier and sexier each and every day you'll be the hottest stud in there

Ellis Appleyard

9 hours ago

Good Luck and be careful Matt

What’s your go-to song off Hangin’ Tough? #HANGINTOUGH30

JenJen Francis

3 hours ago

Lucky #7: I Remember When. 💗💖

Kye, remember when they performed it during one of the reunion concerts and I almost lost it? 😃😁 I think it’ll always be my favorite Joey song.

Pouya Pourtahvily

9 hours ago

Please don't go girl..that song made me put away Apetite for Destruction and go boy band crazy like everyone but at the time I was sure id be able to meet them and wed fall in love..ahh!! One or all..but unlike Warrant and Nelson alas the New Kids are not Easy to I met the Spin Drs. And Soul Asylum at a bar in the French quarter but not one New Kid was seen in a bar when they were in my dreams of New Kid romance that filled a couple years of my life I guess won't Eva be fulfilled 😢 but ill be loving them forever..

Eugene Ferdinand Anumnu

9 hours ago

Thats a tough one. I love them all. I remember my first NKOTB concert at Furman University. I was 10 my sister, Jenny Cisson was 15. We were 3rd row. When Donnie sung to the little girl (Cover Girl) we were so jealous esp since we kind of knew her.


Bijit Philemon Baruah

3 hours ago

Major ian leader in De vagina Business. We gonna fix Ur daughters with a penis so bigger Dan urs. Hey papi. Taichi.. Major pain. Short Change men. Even with money still short.. A full g. Bitches love dis Dick

Kimberly Pelland

3 hours ago

I came,i saw,in conquer soldup records

Willie Wallace

7 hours ago

Royal Couple... continue to inspire this generation with your hard work.

Alexis Sánchez Larios

7 hours ago

Okay so is that the little boy she just had?

Obed Garcia

7 hours ago


Raquel Pereira Teixeira

7 hours ago

Good kush ☘️good life 🤓 got them all day long 😎💯

Sunscreen dahhling!☀️

Eddie Soto

43 minutes ago

The mma ke kopa go jola le wena polisi , ke itse dipina tsa gago hela tshothe , Bo touch my badi ,

Camila Zochio

43 minutes ago

توته محمد تذكرت هاي الحيوانة Zoz Z Suhail مــƒřô๓ـن نزلت مــƒřô๓ـن الخط 😂

Janet Ford Holley

43 minutes ago

MC looks younger than in the past 10 years ... natural beauty and love sorrounds, happy for you

Bae on watch 😎
📸 @vickdoultani

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Mami Renthlei

10 hours ago

That's what I call finger-licking good

Yazmin Mireles

16 hours ago

All I can say Is simply a special strong, Intelligent, and beautifully alluring celebrity! Have a great weekend darling Nikki! 😎☮💕🎼🎤

Nikola Tadych

16 hours ago

Hi!!👉Gourgouse Nikki so beautiful 💗💗💋💋🌹🌹🌷🌷👌😍👍 Tall_Walton Instagram

#RestInPower: The #TrayvonMartinStory re-examines the life and legacy of Trayvon Martin in six parts. Re-vist the first three episodes now:

Bruce Shaver

7 hours ago

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Serena Pitts

3 hours ago

I don't know that one friends contradicting testimony was pretty damning.

Candice Sandlin

7 hours ago

Yep, like Christmas... Like Easter, or Columbus Day. The Tooth Fairy, Yep... That is the Justice System that we're taught to honor, and allow to stand, everyday! 🔥🤔🤢😡 I'm standing against an unhealthy work environment, bad training, disorganization, and being terminated. I'm standing against Assault, False Accusation, False Arrest and more, alone, no attorney, no help that I'm aware of, with no money, and lack of stability, on the verge of losing everything, home, my vehicle... and being treated the same as the Martins. I'm not sure how it's possible that we're being treated this way, and, there is not repercussions. But, in my trials, they're who I think of... they're who I cry about.


Caio Victor

2 hours ago

Do you like the way you feel?
Nothing hurts when no one's real
It's like fallin' backwards into no one's arms...

Kathie Ferguson

15 hours ago

Would you come my way!!!!!!!! Amazing song & album!!!!!!!! Love us guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Ghale Ush Nee

15 hours ago

Sad no Florida date, but you better believe I'll be watching the live feeds 💜🎸

Michelle Elizabeth

11 hours ago

My favorites
•God is a woman

The more I listen to it, the more it grows on me

Reni Caroline

11 hours ago

I'm not a fan of the songs that were made with Pharell. The best were with Ilya Salmanzadeh. Raindrops (An Angel Cried), God Is a Woman, Everytime, Breathin, No Tears Left to Cry.

Shaun Cicero

11 hours ago

No thanks, I’m buying the physical CD, and ripping into my computer to put on my iPod too! I don’t buy air. 😃

Anxiety comes in waves and on the other side, depression... Dysmorphia is everyday, constantly riding shotgun, confusing and daunting at best, debilitating and punishing at worst. The complexities that go hand in hand with those things for me got weirder with each new dimension of living a public life, especially in a world where information behaves as currency. I’ve always been transparent with the people around me, personally and professionally and am super thankful for relationships that always seek to understand, challenge, and better one another. As public conversation’s changed, there’s suddenly more room for dialogue that includes the messy complexities of being a human in a world with other humans. It’s an especially good time for openness and sincerity, moving from the pressure to hide, polish up or concquer whatever challenges I’m experiencing to just portraying life as I experience it, less curated, while still keeping the most private parts of my life close to my chest. Teen Vogue and I got into the messy bits, and the link is where you think it is

Jayni Jo

4 hours ago

I love ur new show I just had to tell u...

Sophia Hunt

8 hours ago

I know there is a crystal source within you, something so good that it is beyond all things that call reality. When you drink from this crystalline water it restores your strength.

Александр Плетюк

8 hours ago

I am sorry to hear that. I been going throw bad times.

You picked the right one 😚🍊

Photo credit: @neverlovers

Scott Smith

2 hours ago

So sexsey my love christina I really love you 💕 💓 💕

Zakaria Yusuf

2 hours ago

Oh dam baby you are beautiful and sext

Lauren Davis

2 hours ago

Beautiful pocketbook well As having a beautiful Woman as well✨🎆🎇

She’s a wild rose
Blooming as she pleases
Free just like the wind
Blowing through the breezes

Ritche Singco

6 hours ago

She got that thang, She's got that Sprang-time flowing, loving ... since the day she first sang!

Lynne Eenshuistra-Revell

6 hours ago

Alicia, i was just listening to The Element of freedom. Track 7 Un-Thinkable kept giving me De Ja Vu, until i realized that SG Lewis totally copied your Piano Arrangement in the song Warm that was in the movie soundtrack for Point Break 2015.

Aaftab Khan

6 hours ago

A wonderful flower is to himself that it is always beautiful 🌹🌷

So many great memories in New Mexico. We are very excited to play Albuquerque tonight!


Shobo Wôn

21 minutes ago

THANK YOU SILVIA. Glad You spoke up..tagged my post..i read the reviews for that..merci..kla

Simone Sica

21 minutes ago

At first glance I’d thought they‘d hired Dave Gahan now. 😄

Sharon Lee

21 minutes ago

I enjoy every minute of your set!!! Wished you played more. Overall had a blast!!

Just hangin with Porter... who is cheesin big time 😬🐕

Trisha Ford

8 hours ago

Is this really Chris Young and Has anyone gotten a pm from this account? I got one yesterday but it said Nigeria on it.

Patricia Pevoto

8 hours ago

Looks like Porter thinks he's prettier than you are! I had a german Shepherd many years ago that did that too

Slava Kubitski

8 hours ago

Great pic!!! You both are equally handsome.😍 Ranger & Lucille are sad that their daddy left. But they sent thier hellos to y’all!!! 😂 have a blessed weekend 💙✝️🙏🏼

Let’s count the “You Look Sad” and “Where’s that smile Baby Boy” Comments🤫....... i’m not sad.... I’m Tired as Hell From work 🤕.. but.... GRATEFUL🙌🏾... and.. just CHILLING on this Saturday🍹... thinking about the NEXT move to make to continue and accomplish my ENTIRE DREAM!!🙏🏾 And.... I got a new hat 🤷🏽‍♂️😅 🧢 #Bostonstrong 💪🏾 😜✌🏾

Adrian Te-orsm

7 hours ago

Baby boy any move you decide to make will bring good things your way. You are so blessed and extremely handsome. Nice representing Boston. That's were I send my love from to you everyday. Enjoy your time off you earned it..😚😚

Eugene Deity Simbayi

7 hours ago

You reminded me of my son, when u said you bought yourself a hat. It was cute! I tell my 3 adult children they can do anything they put their mind too! That they can accomplish their dreams! My 34 yr old son is a graphic designer, but also works as a technical director for a tv station. He grew up with a reading disability, but with the right help and him not giving up, he accomplished his dream!

Juan Jose

7 hours ago

I love how you keep it real, SFM. I wish I was cuddled into your lap, no words, just silence and stillness as we each pondered how grateful we are for our present, but postulating how to achieve the highest levels of the mountain: our dreams. I'd also probably get distracted by your sexiness, and figure out a way to help you unwind from your long week at work...any way you'd like-way you like it, the way I love it.

Great time hanging out with my brother in law and my nephews tonight!!Thanx PBR!

Patricia Anne Heyes

3 hours ago


Julie Wayman

3 hours ago

That's awesome family is so special ❤️

Carol McClung

3 hours ago

Nice!!!!! my brothers-in-law!!

one of my favorite things was Insatiable family picnics / tag urself I’m the pupper

Sue Tintori Anderson

8 hours ago

need season 2!

Tanya Wedemayer

8 hours ago

I love tha tritch dixie!!!

Ashley Bass

8 hours ago

te amo debby ryan lee lo que te comento

Pool party action zoom in we lit 🔥🍾#lecheminduroi

Tine Jordan

12 hours ago

What , punk ass 69 not wit ya? Get the strap, ha ha 😀😁😂😎

Marena Chong Cevallos

12 hours ago

The PIMP master...I know you still got ya magic stick😂

Areli Ramos

12 hours ago

Better get them happy pants back to MC Hammer 😉

Happy Birthday Mama! You are a bright light of humor, creativity and so much love.I’m so lucky to have you as my mom! ✨❤️🌟

Taleb Nelson

6 hours ago

Hope your mom has a happy birthday 🎉 God bless

Michael Hutchinson

6 hours ago

Sing it..... get up, up on the floor, we’re gonna boogie woogie till we can’t boogie woogie no more..... lol happy birthday Mama!!!

Juan Jose Moraga Ruiz

6 hours ago

Wonderful. Two Fire Signs! Aries and Leo.
Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your mama, and many more to come.

Louis Armstrong said that one of his favourite songs was the duet 'Bess, You Is My Woman Now', written by George Gershwin with lyrics by Ira Gershwin in 1935 for the opera 'Porgy and Bess'. Satchmo and #EllaFitzgerald recorded the song for their Verve Records classic 'Porgy and Bess', which began recording in Los Angeles on 18 August 1957

Carole Olson

9 hours ago

Eu tenho este CD. Maravilhoso.

Daniel Fuentes

9 hours ago

Yo lo veo perfecto.

Mahnaz Mahnaz

15 hours ago

Pena que a página não permite publicar vídeos.ia publicar um vídeo da música desse maravilhoso cantor!

Thank you Syracuse #WhatMakesYouCountryTour

Anita Kyokie

6 hours ago

Amazing show as always!!! I always come see you when your in Syracuse NY.. Next time I would love to meet you and get a picture with you❤ Your one of my favorite country artist😍..Keep up the amazing singing and work you and your band do each day love you guys 😘

Eddy Prêtre

6 hours ago

It was my first time seeing you in concert last night and I had I much fun!!! Thank you for an amazing concert, you can tell you really enjoy what you do!❤

J Deezy Langston

6 hours ago

Amazing show... it was my 9yr olds first concert- she loved it!!!

RIP Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul. Aretha had a voice filled with such power and emotion it not only made her one of the world’s most beloved artists, it also served as an important voice for civil rights, echoing across the movement for decades to where Presidents would continue to call on it to inspire generations. On the eve of President Clinton’s inauguration in 1993, Aretha and Michael joined some of the world’s most renowned artists on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to sing “We Are the World” and “America the Beautiful” in sending a worldwide message of hope. While Aretha’s irreplaceable artistry, kindness and class will be missed, her spirit lives on and continues to inspire.

Christopher Dixon

2 hours ago

I´m realy so proud to have known the two genius musicians like Aretha and Michael. Because when i´m listening to yours musics i feel better. I miss Micael and Aretha!

Sery Franck Kelly

2 hours ago

Wow what a line up!! MJ, Aretha, Stevie and Diana.

Shealyn Zelnick

2 hours ago

She was so amazing & will be truly missed. Glory is her name and praise the Lord for her presents here on earth. RIP !!

🎶 "We decide to get away
And have some fun
Book a room and catch a flight
For two weeks in the sun
She says, "Hawaii's too expensive."
I say, "Barbados isn't bad."
She says, "I'd love to see Bermuda."
And I say, "Woman, are you mad!..."🎶

LaToya Lindsay Burse

17 hours ago

Thank you for the ear worm!!!

Oboz Maiden

17 hours ago

Well I'm up for it again if you are Barry!😎

Eddie Lee

17 hours ago

Like song nice

#Hola Midwest, we’re turning up Labor Day weekend! 🔥🔥🔥 Welcome to #MiCasa #losdellsfest Los Dells Festival

Najdan Milicevic

19 hours ago

i hope it will be cool

Linda Barrentine

19 hours ago

Ohhh!!! i wanna go there!!!
miss you( 💓∀💓)

Paul Sparkes

19 hours ago

Ai Chát qua video không

‘This week I’ve been spending time up at my family cabin with my family! 😊 I’ve got to spend time with the newest edition to the family, baby Claire, & she’s the sweetest! 😍 ahhh goodness, CANT WAIT to be a mom one day, ☺️ (but also CAN wait, calm yourselves) btw im not sure if I ever properly announced that Cecily (who travelled w/me for a bit to Asia/was dating my brother) is my sister-in-law 💍(has been for a year!!) and I’m so grateful for her! ❤️ wohoo! More girls in the family!! 🎊 We need all the girls we can get (w/6 brothers + 4 nephews already, the girls need to stick together 😜)
Side note: in the second picture, the reason why Cecilys leg is photobombing is because we were attempting to show that they had matching army pants!!! Isn’t that the cutest!?! 😍❤️😭 my heart. is weak. 👶
Incase you missed it, I posted a new video of “no brainer” on YouTube!! Check it out 😊 ❤️

Eyal Halfon Saidof

3 hours ago

This is sooooo sad

Christine Thompson

3 hours ago

I Will have what wait 6 Six 6 years more for do U marry me and give me many Kids wow

Pamela Avelino

3 hours ago

U even send up in instagram.i know it that insta account is real for sure but I doubt here


Sunny Dharade

7 hours ago

Great job Royce you love kids 🎶

Courtney Hercules

7 hours ago

When and what time. Royce.follow you for ever 🎶👏🏼

Monserrat Flores Castillo

7 hours ago

i miss you

Deanna Barnes

7 hours ago

sebenarnya bisa
terutama di dunia nyata
hanya saja di dunia maya
segala sesuatunya di campur adukkan...
toh kamu Lionel Richie
bahkan setiap orang melakukannya
di kehidupan nyata setiap hari
namun memang harus pilah pilah waktu
klo di dumay sejak awal seperti ini tentunya ku kan punya
minimal 2 akkun

Daniel E. Ridley Jr.

8 hours ago

Where is the love when u need him the most... he asked say something funny so I said was out love not to get upset

Hector Herrera

8 hours ago

How about if they are one in the same. A man provides for his family out if love. No matter what his job is.

Vegas tonight 🌹‼️Don’t hold back‼️ #dazedandblazedtour 🐉

Joya S Gordon

4 hours ago

Please contact me, I promise you'regonna like it

Navarra's Marry Lewis

4 hours ago

This girl Man she's has that good voice, Wiz man

Dawn Serpa Barroso

9 hours ago

Abs on a skinny guy are like big tits on a fat girl, doesn't count.

MIAMI I LOVE YOU!! You were so loud and FUN. Shout out to Camila Cabello for killing it in her hometown and being just the greatest most precious magical human possible 💕

📷: Alexander Tamargo // Getty Entertainment

Mariam Karitchashvili

an hour ago

thank you for your speech about and for all victims that are not believed. i know, i lost people because they didnt belived me

TC Nuran Göze

an hour ago

Thank you so much for an incredible show Taylor. ❤️ ya’ forever.

Repsac Eugenio

an hour ago

Gooooo Girl!!!
Gooooo TS!!
Ain’t nothing, and I mean nothings gonnnnnna STOP 🛑 YOU!
Believe that because you’re the ULTIMATE!!
The Very Big thing that is happening and will keep going Oon forever forever and forever!! 🤗❤️