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Bosses hours ! Hit the damn floor ! If I don’t do it , it don’t get done !

Vinicius Silva

3 hours ago

Roll out the red carpet you look fabulous

Khaledgold Gold

7 hours ago

Well anyone have his style I don't see anything long whit that dress👍.

Gbemisola Oyinlola

7 hours ago

When love makes you blossom- that s the name of this picture! 💯 💖 ♥️ 💕

Monday's be like...... #HappyMonday

Patricia Catta

14 hours ago

Mary j Blige u look amazing in that outfit girl congratulations on your success and always keep doing you Mary j Blige and the good lord will shower u with blessings

Emily Goodman

14 hours ago

This is my eveyday..not just Mondays..You have to always shine bright like a diamond no matter what life throws at you.

Patricia Catta

14 hours ago

Beautiful Mary, black don't crack absolutely beautiful.

Hannah Elizabeth

7 hours ago

A great nation will arise out of you be strong in your journey. Pick up the broken pieces in put them back together in clam your victory. "Peace up "A" town down".

Micheal Brian

7 hours ago

Usher...Usher...Usher It makes me angry how many people adopt the identity of Usher ...

When we comment or do a like we get friendship or messenger invitations ...

We always hear the same ... Yes I am the real Usher ...

We get beautiful words and poems ...

He even calls us ...

From time to time we get pictures ...

Some should come to places where a Usher never appears ...

The worst thing is that we should donate, they do not want more ...
I fell for it myself but noticed early that something was wrong ...

Ladys wake up is NOT Usher ...

Maybe we can achieve something together ...
I hope it gets through to the real Usher ...

Thanks that had to be said once ...

Jennifer Monroe Duke

14 hours ago

That is not the real Usher liking or replying to your comment, I don’t even think he communicate with his fans, just keeping it💯

I think my mother had sex with the Chinese and black Mail Man and made me... she just didn’t tell me 😳😳😆😆🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂 ............ it’s a JOKE!!! Look at my eyes..... LAUGH!!!!! 😉 Happy Sunday 💖 (I’ve sick as a dog tho 🤕 Caught the NAST chest cold 😫😰🤒) Aaaaaaaawww Poor Baby Boy 🤷🏽‍♂️

Chanti Thompson

10 hours ago

I hope you feel better, get some rest, I believe Natural plants can heal your chest cold.. Chinese plant called green tea leaves comes in a package.. place the leaves in hot water drink daily to stay with fluid, Yerba Santa Tincture, echinecea , ginger and honey. If all else fails traditional modern day medicine: I-C pack will work immediately. I am praying for your speedy recovery.🙏

Roger Phillips

10 hours ago

I like most of your posts, but this one reeks of "bad color". I'm Chinese and I don't appreciate the slightest joke of Asian eyes. Please apologize and recant. I can't believe you're that kind of guy.

Αγγελος Γαλιτης

10 hours ago

That is how I can tell that my son is not feeling well, his eyes look chingy. EmergenC everyday in warm water. For now, double up on vitamin C, Tropicana orange juice, chicken noodle soup and REST. You have got to take care of yourself dude. 🙏🙏for you. ❤

Heidi Hutson

7 hours ago

Sir, mind telling the rest of us just when you are going to start aging? Is it the cereal? You look great. Do you young man.

Vinícius Diasz

7 hours ago

Food for life.
Balance of life..
We all need strengh to stand up an lead .When needed. Usher you have been strength for many..

Malena Antonia Minix

7 hours ago

Milk and cereal ain't good for you need a bit of Man'oushe in you... a Lebanese pizza for breakfast...look into it bro. It has a lot of health property's for building muscle. :)

#TravelingShoes This is my home for the next 16hrs. The 3rd time in 8 weeks that I have traveled to South Africa for a ministry assignment. As always I ask that you would pray for traveling mercies for the entire trip and that with the help of the Holy Ghost successful ministry moments. #GloballyAssigned #LocallyFocused

Aquino Catherine

7 hours ago

Good morning Bishop! May God keep a hedge of protection around you in South Africa and everywhere you go in Jesus name. Praying for traveling mercies and to keep you. Praying for a safe return in Jesus name! Blessings!

Isaac M Xirhami

7 hours ago

Bishop just think about how Great God is and you'll be in Good company with the Holy Spirit much more love 💜

Dorian Russell

7 hours ago

Thank you Lord in advance for traveling mercies for Bishop and everyone traveling with him and will be on assignment, have Your way in them and through them to bring honor and glory to Your name... In Jesus Mighty and Awesome Name Amen! 🙏

I'm so excited to bring the CAUTION WORLD TOUR to you, starting February 2019! ⚠ I can't wait to perform songs from the new album as well as some of our favorites! 💖 Special fanclub presales begin tomorrow! Public on sale this Friday, 10/26 at 10am. Visit for more details! 🦋🎵

Patricia Ford

2 hours ago

Thank you for not announcing west coast... i'm still reeling from buy front row for vegas... these prices ain't no joke... you sure smella isn't behind these prices GTFO

Samantha Celaya

2 hours ago

Announces “world tour” while still in Asia. International shows: Asia 😂 what about the other continents, Mariah?

Linda Hinson

2 hours ago

Kym Jones will be interesting if any Aussie lambs bother booking tickets after the last 2 cancelled shows!

Last USA show. #GoldenTour 👑. 📷 Ernie Rodriguez

Rohit Chourey

5 hours ago

I love you Romeo Santos 💋💜

Tyler Bingemann

5 hours ago

Esta apalabrando con el grandote manuel alejandro lla yoveo ese bombaso dilo iso con julio lglesias jose jose lsabel pantoja bueno sigo esperando esperal no cuesta nada felicidades Romeo

Brandi Belote Key

5 hours ago

Mi mami dise gue ese es su novio 96 anos pone su musica y nosepeude ni hablar lada boche a todo el mundo la donña todavia tiene gusto

Tomorrow is the big day we release our “PosSession IPA” in collaboration with Elkmont Exchange !The event is from 6-close at Elkmont so come on down and crush some cold ones with us 🍻

Madoka Madlyn Hikita

9 hours ago

This looks awesome, and I so hope it becomes available outside of TN. If it does well, you guys need to follow it up with the "IPA, Dementia" :P

Sheila Delzell

9 hours ago

Man I would need about 19 of those to get drunk.

Israr Afiyan Tamim

9 hours ago

Will these be on the tour as well??? I'd like to smash a 30pk of these haha jk would love to try them though

We're beyond excited to announce our return to Europe 12 January - 09 February! Tickets go on-sale this Friday, 26 October at Cheers!

Orean D Chatman

7 hours ago

Gasometer, Vienna... meh...
another location and it would be awesome..
But the sound/ambient there sucks...
Enjoy your tour!

Orean D Chatman

7 hours ago

Den 30. Jänner kann man sich mal vormerken!!!😉🤘 David, Phil

Arthur DeCaprio

7 hours ago

I assume there is going to be a UK tour announced later on in the year seen as it’s not included in the Europe tour

Jose A. Picon

15 hours ago

"Despite all my rage, i'm still just a rat in the cage"
What a great band that were the Smashing Pumpkins

Antonio Jesús Ruge López

a day ago

Smashing pumpkins are the best I loved them since the beginning when my son passed away 2 years ago the music helped me they were the last band my kid saw live and I was there with him .

Rovena Long

a day ago

smashing pumpkins will always be one of my TOP bands of my youth and on.. sad a mix of drugs and bad decisions got the best of D'arcy ... we could of have seen the band together again... hope she can conquer all her demons.. sad.

We had a great Summer performing at festivals all over the U.S. and Canada this year. Thank you all for coming to see us.
Photo by Riot_Fest

Dalia Haro

8 hours ago

Please play Columbus next summer. Not Dayton.

Gillian Orsetti

8 hours ago

Will you be coming back to Ireland?

Terri Castles

a day ago

It was amazing seeing you in Los Angeles in July. Thank you for an amazing show! I hope to see you guys again next year! 😊

I am back home in LA now and I have a new video coming in 24 hours!! Any ideas what it might be?? (这可能是一首中文的歌... 😎)

Mark Bernardo

12 hours ago

“I Need Some Rest?”

Cory Marshbanks

12 hours ago

I can't wait😍😍🤗🙂

Maria Rodriguez

19 hours ago

As a student who's been learning Mandarin for 4 years now, it feels great to be able to read the couple of characters you wrote!

🌃- 📷: James Lee Wall Photography

Yohanna Marte

8 hours ago

So sweet and sexy Lucy! Hugs and kisses my charming actress!

Augusto Portillo

12 hours ago

Gorgeous as usual!! I love especially your eyes on this picture!! 😊❤️

Katrina Lynn van Kessel

a day ago

Disney should cast you for their live-action Snow White.

Hold on to me
Tell me you've got me, sweetheart
The world is going dim in my gaze
Sweet vertigo
Feel my lungs heaving, choking
Clawing down my back, panic attack
I'm alone, watch me float as I fall

Ruthann Johnson Belknap

9 hours ago

How do hoomans even make music this good. The whole CD is 🔥 You guys should be so proud

Ace Of Spades Kustoms

9 hours ago

Oh come on! I still can’t decide which song is my favorite! This one or Toys or Night-Time Walkers??!!
Well ok you won!
I give up! I looove the whole album. Thank you so much for all of these incredible good songs. 🤟🏻❤️

Ravi Girish Gowda

9 hours ago

Here to Mars 2.0

Singular: Act 1
Out 11/9
Act 2 coming soon.

Chikisbaby Andrade

3 hours ago

I can't wait to get your new album I was trying to pre order it for weeks

Meera Jaison

3 hours ago

like your songs keep it up

Aditya Talpade

3 hours ago

Look at everyone begging her to be there's....she is her own identity and her heart is for her to decide whom best fits it ....its not all about the glamor of it ... it's about whom can treat her with honor and respect ... And whom loves her for any mood she takes in any one day that she can call a,friend and a lover.. she is not just some prize to go to the highest bidder she's alot more then that ...she has needs to be fullified and dreams,to explore ..and a ocean of secrets to revel .on a one on one basic .And a quest to embark on that leads her to the right one

My son !!!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you ! ASAHD BORN WITH GREATNESS!!!!!!!!! Everyday every second I watch you BE GREAT!!!!!!! I love so much when you smile 😊
GOD IS THE GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is the greatest

Alwalled Khabir Yousuff

11 hours ago

So adorable....Another One! DJ Khaled Father of Ashad👍

Raymond White

11 hours ago

He so cut and handsome,yes daddy my little brother is the most blessed child ever..We the best...

Just having a little Girl Talk at WTAL Master Class with First Lady Serita Jakes and Dr. Anita Phillips. We talked about mental health, my journey, and self care! Are you taking care of YOU? Woman Thou Art Loosed Master Class was nothing short of amazing!!! Thank you TD Jakes, The Potter's House of Dallas for VISION!!!

Rakel Annie Lovisa Björkström

7 hours ago

You know Michelle, time heals, so much when you allow it to. I having been doing what I should as far as me. But I will keep pushing myself to do this🙏 😘

Renata Solarz

7 hours ago

U look stunning... that's a total day time attire .... hair is on fleek... I almost thought it was Oprah... please come to South Africa as well for the global citizen... tell Ms Kelly to Come too

Jose Rivas

a day ago

How are you my friend Michelle

‪Yes, Yes and Yes! London, Glasgow, Dublin, SEE YOU AT C2C Country to Country Festival in MARCH! Tickets on sale FRIDAY! ‬

Justin Newman

4 hours ago

Jonathan Rippon - go to this!!! My favourite artists are performing - you would love them.

Stella Kalb

4 hours ago

I can't wait to fulfill my #1 on my Hunter Hayes Bucket list and Life Bucket list! See you overseas and actually go oversees!! See you at all 3! Gonna be Epic!!!

Miriam Sabino

4 hours ago

Rotating three sets of acts between three countries, that's an awesome set up for an event!

PIMP in theaters and on-demand Nov 9. #PIMPthemovie

Juan Fernando G G

3 hours ago

Yessss bestie this finna shake up some shit with this one 🤞🏽can’t wait 🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Kevin D. Maule

3 hours ago

Love you Palmer

Charlessa Jessica Bragg

3 hours ago

Cool picture and tattoos BOSSY

#MihTy album drops on Friday !! 🍹🍹🍹🍹

Vanilton Correia Santana Santana

11 hours ago

Cant wait for the album

Robbie McNail

11 hours ago

#MihTy, sounds good ! Amma call it #Mighty ,Lol ♡♡
You always deliver, bro and I hope that one day I can work with you !!
#Can't wait ♡♡

Daniela Klosi

11 hours ago

Wary lzeby 9ohbk ..

When you’re at a party, and they’re out of chairs. 🙄

Helen Geraldine Salas Galvez

5 hours ago

How rude of them not to have enough chairs for u 😂

Andrea Sanchez Mella

5 hours ago

When you’re at a party, and you see a dog 😜

Bless Abbey

6 hours ago

January in Birmingham cant get here fast enough 😁💖


Sandy Martell

4 hours ago

French vanilla halal too

Fadou Fou

4 hours ago

Merima montana confirmed #halal

Ana Cintia Elkin

4 hours ago

Since when you care about halal?

All interested parties... this motherfucker ain’t ME!!!!#therecanonlybeone

Jean Thj

2 hours ago

Wait a minute its not...This is tje cons of social media...why do people do this...after I really looked...oh snapped its not...does kinda look like you.

Decadi McAdory

13 hours ago

Hello Samy Im Mat Keller and i leave in Argentina im righting a moovie maybe your the rigth Person that i can deal with to put in reality...

Kshitij Vijay Khanderao

13 hours ago

I have received and reported the accounts of I don't know how many of fake celebrities accounts. Several of Mr Jackson here, the rock, and a few others. It gets annoying but I just keep reporting them.

Nate Courville

12 hours ago

Woah easy hhahah😂

Erin O'Brien

12 hours ago

Kick me bet u won’t

Scott Roccer

12 hours ago


I got these feelings I try to bury down but they keep screamin’ and I’m just tryin to filter out somehow.... #VoicesInMyHead 11.8.18

Amrit Kamboj

8 hours ago


Ingrid Alum

8 hours ago

I got feelings of excitment queen! #VoicesInMyHead

Dora Flores

8 hours ago

I'M READY FOR IT! #VoicesInMyHead #Symptoms

Murár Simon

3 hours ago


Jody Johnson

3 hours ago

It's very well

Gicelis Lugo

7 hours ago

Your so amazing please come back to New York again your amazing dj was that and outside or inside event

Guadalajara 🇲🇽 Me llenó de bendiciones, gracias #MiGente

Dwight Douglas Newman

10 hours ago

Me encanto todo ❤️ la lluvia ni se sintió! baile y cante todas tus canciones fue lo máximo 🎼🎼🎤🎤🎺 I love u! Quiero ir a otro concierto . ❣️❣️❣️💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

Shikera Jones

10 hours ago

Marc te adoro y me encanta tu espectáculo soy una fiel fan tuya pero te pediría que le cambies un poquito el orden de las canciones y cantes otras diferentes porque te he visto varios años y el show es el mismo

Magaly De Tum

10 hours ago

Que lindo!!! Um encanto!!! Um dia quero ter esse privilégio de poder apreciar-te... 👼🤩🤩❤😘😘👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Today was indeed a success !
Wonderful job guys @hairbymichellesultan@karl_willett@paulinebriscoe @thevoiceuk

Michelle Nicole Steeley

3 hours ago

Amen Jennifer Husdson 😍😘💐🔥

Angel Avila

3 hours ago

Yes. You picked the best one. I was so proud of you. Listen to yourself... you know voices. Heck you've got the best one in the business. Glad Kelly stole Kwashon. He was good but not the best. You picked the best. Remember...Blake and Adam are playing a game. They are playing to win so they might try to steer you in the wrong direction. Kelly probably was being honest because she wanted him to begin with but I can't say it yourself and your musical ear. You got this !!

Debra Danner

3 hours ago

Do something with your hair

'Girls Like You ft. Cardi B is#1 for a 5th week in a row.

Tony McKee

2 hours ago

I always hear this song at morning when i awake.

Cami Colimil Mery

2 hours ago

I love this song. Best song ever.

Sandra Milena Muñoz Garzon

2 hours ago

Congratulations guys. I love you.

A little poem from me to you 💭 •

it’s easy to be nice ,
to the people I meet
to smile at strangers,
as I walk down the street..
but it’s a lot harder to be kind
to the one that I see,
when I look in the mirror
as I stare back at me.
I see the flaws & mistakes
the hurt & the hate,
but remember:
bc you’re doing great!! ❤️☺️
#selflove #bekind #kindness

Jordan Friesen

a day ago

kalbim çaldın hırhız 😍😋😋

Carla Caprio

a day ago

Wow you look really good on that pic ♥️

Pooja Bhatt

a day ago

Tiffany Alvord God had a pencil and Tiffany had a HIGHLIGHTER.
God drew the world and Tiffany made it BRIGHTER.
There are people in this world who make it BETTER.
You’re one of them so I’m writing you this LETTER.
You’re so amazing because you’re YOU.
I say it all the time because it’s totally TRUE!
You’re sweet, caring, loving, and KIND.
And I often find you on my MIND.
I just wanted to say thank YOU.
You mean the world to me, it’s TRUE.
And I think you’re pretty GREAT!
On a scale from 1 to 5, I think you’re an EIGHT!
I really do love you so very MUCH.
I’m always here for you so let’s keep in TOUCH.
Forever and always, you will be my FRIEND.
I’m here for you always, til the very END!

Norma Herrera

4 hours ago

I love you 💕
My boy from the miles....

Sid Foster

4 hours ago

The best boy I love you 😘😍💕

Michelle Quintero

4 hours ago

That’s my boy ❤️💕 #ForeverMattyBFan

Super excited today to surprise you with the re-release of my first book Tears For Water!!! ✨✨✨ I’m so blessed there’s been such love for this book and reading it back is a mind trip!! I love it!!! It reconnects me so much to the journey I’ve been on. I.CAN’T.WAIT. for you to experience this special time in my life I was able to capture through these poems.
I love y’all!! 💜💜💜

Devon Markley'

2 hours ago

now thats what i call a flower bed!

Tatiana Sophia Sainz

2 hours ago

Such a beautiful lady inside & out. I miss you on the Voice!

Kvng Uzzay Vert

2 hours ago

baby blue eyes in the rain!

Don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did 🎶❤️ As Long As You Love Me was released 21 years ago today!

Marcela De Aguilar Fumero

11 hours ago

Matty Brooks they do not care if you were a serial killer, if you raped some people as long as you love them
Hahaha I remember you told me that one day while listening to the music 😂😂😂
Good old time

Mary Ashlock

11 hours ago

One of my favs! I'll get my fav singer to sing it sweetly to me later when he wakes up like he used to when we were dating. <3 Yes, you guys are some of my favs singers too. Thanks for this lovely song that I have such wonderful memories attached to!

PS> I was 17 when it came out!

Anda A Miclea

11 hours ago

We're under pressure,
Seven billion people in the world trying to fit in
Keep it together,
Smile on your face even though your heart is frowning
But hey now, you know girl,
We both know it's a cruel world
But I will take my chances

Buenossss diasssssss

Leonardo Fernandes

7 hours ago

Buenos días reguló 🤗

Nancy Aeschlimann

7 hours ago

El mostachito
.. Ajuaaaaa jajaja

‪WE’VE ADDED NEW SHOWS! Some new shows have been added to the Love Ain’t Tour, including the WUSY US-101 Acoustic Christmas for Kids at the Walker Theatre in Chattanooga! Get your tickets now and keep checking back to see if we add more!


Barbara-Franck Didier

10 hours ago

James babe, come see me December 12th ❤️❤️❤️

Siverean Gurin

10 hours ago

See you in California!

Felipe Mendes

10 hours ago

You need to come back to NJ... Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City

Well was that a show or what, London?!? We felt the love tonight 🙌🔥

Ronald Thomas Weiss

17 hours ago

What an atmosphere when waiting for superman came on!!! Unreal performance from the whole band, but chris you are a legend!

Gracy Gangmei

17 hours ago

An absolute fantastic show Chris, hurry back soon mate and safe journey to you and the band.
#LongLiveRock 🤘🏻

Karen McGinn Thomas

17 hours ago

South Africa is ready for you. I missed your show first time you were here. Now i got a second chance. Biggest fan ever and i know you will bring the house down. I cannot wait for Saturday hoop hoop.....

England! Announcing that we'll be doing a couple more shows while we're there in January. Tickets on sale this Friday, 26 Oct.

23 Jan - Nottingham, UK - ROCK CITY

30 Jan - Newcastle, UK - O2 Academy Newcastle

Visit our site for a full list of our upcoming UK shows!

Israr Afiyan Tamim

8 hours ago

Sam Kendall we're going to Nottingham

Gema Macho Gago

8 hours ago

Come to Milwaukee, Wisconsin!!

Leslie Nézica

8 hours ago

JEW, I’m just sort of throwing it out there. You guys made 2 awesome songs this year and i want more. should we except a full length in 2019??

SOOOO stoked about my two new pieces from my buddy @cantstopgoodboy !!! One seriously talented dude.

Luke Jones

3 hours ago

This is an awesome artwork.... And also you are awesome....waiting for your new movie... Love you Taylor Lautner

Laura Todd

3 hours ago

Cool painting Taylor👍 Definitely a conversation starter😃

Miguel Hernandez Abdo

3 hours ago

Are u planning any movies soon Taylor Lautner?

almost wore heels last glad i didn’t.

Kimberly Lovelace Mann

14 hours ago

Madilyn Bailey Heels Are Terrible For Tiny Feet, But The Perfect Reason To Get Your Jimbo To Give You A Foot Rub Afterwards. lol

Steve DeSantis

14 hours ago

i love you

Grace Bonafede

14 hours ago

Still look amazing. ♥️

Christoph Gilberg

8 hours ago

Just waiting for the right timing.

Douglas Souza

13 hours ago

But I am really impatient that I can't find your sheet music collections later than the 80s. I am so craving to play things like "Reason to Go."

Miss you Kenny not Christmas without you on Long Island, NY

Bigmod Cashmire

4 hours ago

sometimes the battles are just too much to take, but you've got to get to your knees, remember He is God, this pain will end and tomorrow's a new day and a step closer to glory😇

Romain Didyer

4 hours ago

Needed this today. 😊 Thanks for having such encouraging words you all share online. I'm encouraged regularly by your posts. God Bless Tobymac & Team/Family!

Sean Tarpley

4 hours ago

God made man and placed him above the Angels. Satan was then an arch angel and became jealous. He waged a war against God and God cast him along with a third of the Angels out of heaven. Enraged, Satan declared, I will place stumbling blocks before them, and they whom you placed above the Angels will curse and swear and turn their back on you, blame you for not being their God...God is not the author of our troubles, but through his mercy our salvation. He understands our troubles and is patient, knowing that his faith that he showed from the beginning in us,to love him and rely on him will be realised as he always knew. As in revelations when the Lord's angel asked, should I pull out all the weeds? God answered, not yet, let the wheat grow first so when the weeds are pulled out we don't lose any of the wheat. Those who are strong in the faith are that wheat and gods patients is for them, to grow, and seperate themselves from the weeds. Therefore we should not blame God or test God, but have joy in our hearts that our God is so faithful towards us! Don't underestimate, but in times of trouble when that liar Satan seeks to drag you away from your true source of victory, draw yourselves even closer to God and let Satan know he has always been a time waster!

Chris Fields

9 hours ago

Que bonita greña esposo mio💚💚💚

Julia VI Gill

9 hours ago

See you Querétaro!!

Takashi Kikuthi

9 hours ago

The hair... That awesome hair is only found in Aoki's House bbe 😘


Allison Torbert Beeler

21 hours ago

Those are my two Favorite things I hope you enjoy those chocolate Chip cookies they look Delicious I love you Camilla

Marwan Essam

a day ago


Cristina Rodriguez

a day ago

OMG!! Tú siempre siendo hermosa 🙊🙈 wuju eres tan adorable junto con tu familia, los amo a todos ustedes ❤️

Unámonos en oración por el pastor Pastor Jorge H. López , fundador y pastor principal de La Fráter - Fraternidad Cristiana de Guatemala de Guatemala, quien ha sido diagnosticado con problemas coronarios y será sometido en días próximos a una cirugía a corazón abierto. Oremos por los médicos y enfermeras que realizarán la operación, y por la Pastora Elsy y familiares. 🙌🏻

Sophia Keene

4 hours ago

Dios lo Bendiga y lo guatrde pastor Jorge , Dios tiene el control de todo con Dios todo es posible y sus hijos instrumento de la palabra los ama y los cuida . Con la Fe todo es posible .

Diana Allsmilesnoworries Reyes

4 hours ago

Que nuestro Dios topoderoso guíe a los médicos que lo van a operar.y a la esposa y familiares los llene de paz y confianza

Dana Vann

4 hours ago

Padre te damos gracias por la salud que le as otorgado a nuestro Pastor esto es sólo un proceso porque no es lo que Dios a declarado sobre su vida ALABA

Work hard, never let anyone step on your dreams, and one day you might find yourself living them.

Tom K. Paul

8 hours ago

Words to live by!!!! Can't wait to see you Friday in Milwaukee (3rd concert of yours I'm attending this year)! Can't wait!!!

Jun Matsui

8 hours ago

You are the hardest singer song writer out there Yumilicious ..Always making us proud can't wait for Hershey Pa..xo from Pa

Bianca Vogels

14 hours ago

Chris you are still making all your dreams come true you have accomplished so much in your career you are doing great and you will continue to.You are a very talented artist . You have a great voice and you are a great songwriter too. Keep up the awesome work. I will always be a huge fan of yours . Congratulations on making all your dreams come true.


Beatrice Voltz

7 hours ago

This is a dope logo. Creative inspiration from our roots.

Katherine Kesalopa

7 hours ago

It's the only way bro

Pablo Luna

7 hours ago

Hey my handsome godson I’m up praise god for our family I love you really I do it’s not about no money which if one day I might would receive a blessed helping my 2 sons on dailysis they need kindney that’s the only thing I’m sad about one 29 the other one. 30 th I have 7 sons you makes 8 and 4 beautiful daughters tiny makes 5 amen 🙏 love other mother amen love you all hustle gang family it’s on tonight vh1 hey theirs back lol 😂

Papa luchón!! Con mi bendicion #elizabethcaro en la oficina. Cantando una cancion a dueto

Glyn Satterfield

7 hours ago

Lo mejor padre eh hija mil bendiciones para ti y toda tu familia
#ReguloCaro #Emiliogarra #ElLujodetenerte

Iliana Quintanilla

7 hours ago


Isabella Caroline

7 hours ago

Q lindo momento Felicidades regulo por tu hija exitosa como el padre

He has always stood by me when I needed Him the most. Remember to always believe He has a plan that will guide you to greatness even when you’re at your lowest.

Seána Clarkin

7 hours ago

Thank you Jesus!!!
Stay blessed Uncle Charlie😇💕😇💕

Aaron Carter

7 hours ago

Happy Sunday uncle Charlie i love your music and i am a big fav of your's aswell every since i was a little girl my aunt's exboyfriend use to get me tickets to your shows but now that i am all grown up now but still will love to come to your shows much love uncle Charlie

Stephanie Correa

a day ago

I say yes to your will and to your way yes Lord

Playing the Old Course with my favorite golf partner!!Awesome day. Thank u St. Andrews!

Areliz Carrasco Suarez

4 hours ago

Just over the water from us in Dundee. Just home from Glasgow..brilliant concert. Our daughter was the photographer.

Traci Kendrick

4 hours ago

Let’s hope you can get another hole in one whilst you are over here. Looking forward to seeing you in Manchester. 👍

James A Clark

4 hours ago

Fantastic show tonight in Glasgow, loving the next release from your album.🎶🎶🎶❤️