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On April 20th, 1993 we became the Backstreet Boys. If you would have told us that 25 years later we would still be making music together, we would have never believed you. Thank you #BSBArmy ❤️ Who’s ready for another 25 years? #KTBSPA #BSB25

Kajikho Kajina

4 hours ago

Happy birthday the most beautiful music .back street boys you are the best . The band is 2 months older than me . When I started listening to English songs it was Back street boys and until now they still the best

Freda McCoy

4 hours ago

Happy birthday, Backstreet Boys! You guys became my favorite band when I was six and you continue to be the best band ever! I'm so happy you are still thriving and you all have families now! Also, I hope to one day save up enough money and see you in concert! Here's to 25 more years, lol!

Charlotte Jones

4 hours ago

This day is bitter sweet for me been a fan of the Backstreet Boys since the beginning but also on this day 9 years ago i was four months pregnant and lost my mom to brain cancer. The only music that I wanted to hear for next week was the Backstreet Boys. Much love and keep doing what you do.xoxo

László Erki

6 hours ago

What if I just buy the paper?

Rhonda Endicott

6 hours ago

Do they bring you a Divine Intervention?

Chio Alonso

6 hours ago

Oh god, do they have Slayer Weed too? Oh no, you can't patent nature. Although paper is a natural product.

My heartfelt condolences to Avicii and his family. You were an amazing musician, producer and DJ whose legacy will Live on. #GoodFeeling will never be the same again. I will always think of you when performing “Our Song.” Rest in Paradise🙏🏿

Carolyn Fly Ginski

3 hours ago

No words for this tragedy.... my hearth is broken 💔.... but what’s happened? 😰

Hutch A Hudgins

3 hours ago

Rest in peace Avicii. Thank you for the beautiful music 🎶 xx

Bill Mcbain

3 hours ago

Some of his songs were in my list of songs that i listen to during fitness exercises .. now i deleted them all.. not because i don't like his music anymore, but because i definitely won't feel good while listening to it.. it's heartbreaking.. really..

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Tiara Johnson

5 hours ago

I'm just so fucking happy Ivan doesn't give up! I just want him to stay... And to all them haters, if you don't like the new album nothing is keeping you from stickin' to the old ones. The lyrics are "happier" which is out of the ordinary for them always singing angry. And let's face it singing angry lyrics all the time or more downful lyrics affects the bands chemistry!

Cristina Martinez

5 hours ago

I don't get how you wouldn't like this song or say they are fading? He cuses, the instruments are loud as always and they are simply talking about basically their emotions on tour. Good song in my opinion. Today's gym jam

Peregrino Urbano

14 hours ago

Ivan, ya gotta change up at least a tad there dude. We get that u think everyone's against ya bro. Shit, I liked yall alot better in the early days, when we could actually hear your anger in the songs. Not now when you just talk about being angry, then sing a little in the chorus, then back to talking. Love all of yall to death and have from the start, but damn it's been the same sound for a while now, and it ain't tha greatest


Liz Mendez

5 hours ago

That was my group in hs...2 concerts...the memories in hs!!!! I have orginal posters from teen magazines i had over the years #nsyncteenyears

Ted Henricson

5 hours ago

Ahhhh!!!! I need to be there so bad! My childhood dream would come true to see them preform live together! All I got was on Tv concerts...

Nancy Isauris Lopez Ramirez

5 hours ago

Todd Dallman i dont know why i havent moved out to west coast yet reason #1 is obviously is me being close to you but this is very much at the moment #2 lol


János Dancsok

4 hours ago

Never quit.....keep moving forward...these are my mottos..
Wanted to share them with you.

Malati Haqq

4 hours ago

Hey, Randy! North Texas loves you. Come visit Pilot Point. (Production at the Opera House this and next weekend)

Anastasia Baetica

4 hours ago

I remember he wore that jacket in a vidio he filmed in new Mexico 1992 or 1993. Won a trip to spend the weekend, camping shooting flint rifles, singing around the camp fire and meeting" Uncle Jesse " from the Dukes of Hazzard

« So Sad....... So Tragic. Good Bye Dear Sweet Tim. 💙 Gone too Soon. » -Madonna

Endy Rose

4 hours ago

See I dont know what it is.. But I'm attracted to dark and it was to predict..

Did you know how fascinated and charmed I was when I heard your welldone voice and avicii's perfection.. I never presume that creation.. It was made for me!

Petra Mittler

4 hours ago

Saw you both at Yankee Stadium on Sept 8, 2012. He got us all pumped and primed in anticipation of you starting the show🤣 I'm sad he's gone but know he's making his entrance with some hot ass beats for God and all of the angels

Greg Schmidt

4 hours ago

What a bummer...(I don't know his manner of death, and I'm not sure how much it matters, at the moment, but after I lost my dad to a fentanyl overdose, like Prince, I knew it could happen to anyone, so sad :'-( ) we all lose

Shout out to DJ Premier for coming through to episode 18 of #CocaVision. Watch now exclusively on TIDAL. #TIDALOnAir

Joseph Romano

21 hours ago

Really really good show !!!!!

Aaron Edwards

a day ago

Big man joe

John Toledo

a day ago

Your sexy fat joe

Last night was very special I got to make new friends and won best female album of the year at the Arpa awards in Mexico City! #trust

¡Anoche fue muy especial porque tuve la oportunidad de hacer nuevos amigos y de ganar Mejor Álbum Vocal Femenino en los Premios Arpa en la Ciudad de México! #Confío

Avyay Rao

5 hours ago

Congratulations way to go, God bless u more

Maryann Gargano Sr.

5 hours ago

Te ves preciosa y distinguida Jaci y felicitaciones por el premio👍

Leonor Mercado

5 hours ago

SÚPER lindos...!Saludos desde "Perú lima"BENDICIONES JACI que la gracia del SEÑOR JESUCRISTO éste siempre contigo💗💗😘😇

“Next time I promise we’ll be perfect.”

Suzanne Tee Oh

4 hours ago

I’ve never cried sorrowfully when listening to any music until I heard the song about your mom. It still resonates that somber feeling when I hear it now. This album was indeed a very beautiful and emotional body of songs from such an influential band!

Alex Partida

4 hours ago

Are they ever going to rerelease Machina 2 in better quality? I love that album but some of it is hard to listen to just because of the (lack of)production. Billy said years ago they were going to release it in a Deluxe that still happening?

Budi Satriadi

4 hours ago

nice version of this already beautiful artwork..
one of my favourite album of the Pumpkins along with Mellon Collie. "You'll be a lover in my bed and a gun to my head"...

The triple album, Orphans; Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards are coming out, apart from one another. The raucous Brawlers, the melancholic Bawlers and the unusual Bastards will be released on 180 gram vinyl in colors, red, blue and grey exclusively for Record Store Day on April 21. Find your local participating store here:

Luca Belmonte

13 hours ago

envy you guys so much! is there anybody out there who would buy me these beauties - 2 of each - and send to austria? of course i would pay for it!

Shanna Mae

13 hours ago

I'll go back to vinyl right after I buy a TV that doesn't have a remote - the programs just seem more vibrant when you have to get up every time to want to change the channel. Way to make life more difficult!

Jose Salcedo

20 hours ago

Wonderful collection of great material. I’m so happy Tom decided to offer them to us all to consider.

For my fANDROIDS, friends, & fam who have supported from day 1, the broadcast premiere of #DIRTYCOMPUTER (the emotion picture) starring the brilliant Tessa Mae Thompson will air Thurs 4.26 on @MTV & @BET! Check your local listings for times. #DirtyComputer (album) out Fri 4.27 !

Nelson Leon Mitchell Jr.

4 hours ago

Victoria remote viewing party???

Charis Mallare Reid

4 hours ago

Annie Li should we have a showing???

Jaroslav Vychodil

4 hours ago

Christopher Darrin is 2018 the year of the gay?

Record Store Day 2018 is upon us! In celebration, Third Man Records is pleased to offer a new LoogGuitars Pro Children's Electric Red & White Guitar (available online at beginning Saturday morning) as well as a limited edition, handpainted Hotel Yorba Wooden Kit by Gin & Apathy (available only at Third Man Records shops in Nashville and Detroit.)

Florie Natividad

13 hours ago

So no new record? How is this record day?

Jesus Vazquez

21 hours ago

Please put the Hotel Yorba kit in the next vault package, please.

Tsai Lun

a day ago

Adrin Ev No mames Nomames!!!

I’m at a loss for words, you brought so much shine into our industry. rest easy brother 😪 @avicii

Ankit Rao

6 hours ago

I can't believe this 😭😭
Avicii please wake up 😭😭😭
You are fucking kidding with me 😭😭
My childhood crush please don't go
EDM industry incomplete without you #Myavicii◀▶
u are such a great And talented it dj
◀Avicii ▶

Carmen Martinez

6 hours ago

"When I was 16 my father said, 'You can do anything you want with your life, you just have to be willing to work hard to get it.' That's when I decided when I die, I wanna be remembered for the life I lived, not the money I made.

Almaz Amira

6 hours ago

im sad 😔 but then I’m reminded that nothing lasts forever. we should cherish everything we have, every second and minute. we’ll miss you Avicii . 💕

‪Photoshoot Fresh 📸 #TBT‬

Valerie J Smith

6 hours ago

I absolutely love everything in this picture: the bored faces (Jon even looks angry!), the hair, Jordan’s jacket and MOST OF ALL Jon’s white socks 😄 this brings back lots of sweet memories...good times

Maria Bermudez

12 hours ago

Yeah, all the other guys look pretty good. He looks like he got out of bed and forgot to do his hair😂

Caroll L Bailey

12 hours ago

Love these boys. Still want to take care of them. I smile every time one of their songs comes up on a playlist. Looking forward to another tour. HINT/HINT...

SR3MM coming soon…

Tom De Marco

5 hours ago

Date bruh... release date!!!? You are killing us.

Cindy Joslin Galpin

5 hours ago

Konstantin Milchev yes bro!!!!

Anapiah Beb

5 hours ago

april 27 im ready for it

Jay Aston Martin

21 hours ago

Hello love hope you & family come to the family reunion in july

Edgar Hiersemann

21 hours ago

Hi beautiful u look very outstanding

Carlos Perez Ruiz

21 hours ago

She looks like she does drugs

Lordy! The detail in this portrait of Janis by Andrea Brusadin is INSANE, honey!

Do you have a tattoo that you would like to share with fans? Tag us on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #JanisJoplinTattoo. We love seeing your designs!

Ron Jakubus

3 hours ago

That’s a badass tatt😜

Mark Jamie Rodriguez

3 hours ago

So beautiful what an artist

Irvin Kim

3 hours ago

Kathy Mccaslin check this ink out! 😎

NYC & LA! @Wondaland is partnering with @YouTube to give you an advance screening of my emotion picture #DirtyComputer! RSVP now:

Eden Bushnell

4 hours ago

Please consider an Atlanta viewing

Artisha Abbott

4 hours ago

Cal Lyle impromptu US trip?

Sébastien Gariépy

12 hours ago

Dang I wish we got a screening here in KC.

JUST ANNOUNCED : San Antonio on 5/24 at Alamo City Music Hall • Tickets on sale this Saturday at 10 AM! hit the link below. LIMITED AMOUNT AVAILABLE! this show will sell out fast. 👇🏼🔥

Ellie Morgan

5 hours ago

Humberto Birdie Rios

Mi Mayor Anhelo

5 hours ago

Matthew Ramirez Jaime Prado bros i cant miss this

Tony Haloo

13 hours ago

Lil Tay best not be there

Fue un honor recibir este premio en los Premios Arpa en la Ciudad de México. ¡Muchísimas gracias a todos por su apoyo! Mi oración es que muchos más conozcan el amor de Jesús a través de mi música. ❤️

It was an honor to receive this award at the Arpa Awards in Mexico City. Thank you very much to all of you for your support! My prayer is that many more will know the love of Jesus through my music. ❤️

Ivette G. Blanchard

5 hours ago

Dios te cuide SIEMPRE y que Dios te de mucho mas canciones eres la mejor

Domnic Carvalho

5 hours ago

El señor siga derramando sobre de ti mas sabiduria,un abrazo Dios te bendiga

Veronica Carrillo

5 hours ago

So happy for you Jaci!!! I'm so glad God opened the door for the "Trust Journey".

I am honored to be included in the 2018 #TIME100 list. Thank you TIME and thank you Nai for the beautiful words. See the full list at

James Cole

14 hours ago

i agree, the stupid mags in australia are saying nicole and keith are getting a divorce, i hope not you guys are the bomb, love you both......

Gigi Gonzalez

a day ago

AWESOME... well-deserved, Nicole Kidman. You are certainly influential in my life. I've been following you to the cinema since 2001 when I saw your show-stopping turn in Moulin Rouge! Birth is an underrated masterpiece that will stand the test of time. I'm glad you have finally won over the world with Big Little Lies. I've been saying this for many years... you are THE. BEST. ACTRESS. BRAVO!!!

Sital Grunge

a day ago

I’ve had the honor of being told many times that I looked like you when I was younger...what a compliment! I love BLL can’t wait for Season 2!

Poster from Soundgarden’s two performances at the Warfield, San Francisco, April 18 & 19 1992. Were you there, 26 years ago today?#tbt

Michaela Popish

13 hours ago

Unfortunately, no. I was 16, and living on the other side of the planet (but already a big fan of Soundgarden). I've seen footage of the show, though - and if I only had a time machine, I'd be there!

Rosie Selena

13 hours ago

I have a video of Swervedriver at that show !

Ana Cristina Aninha

13 hours ago

Saw this tour in Santa Cruz. Such a fantastic show. My first time of many seeing Soundgarden. The Santa Cruz Sentinel newspaper published a review a few days later saying “all volume no talent” 😂🖕🏼

THE OVER AND UNDERNEATH TOUR STARTS 1 WEEK FROM TOMORROW. What song are you most stoked to hear from the album!? 📸:@shotbyrobbie

Mustafa Öncü

13 hours ago

If I were seeing you guys, definitely Beloved. That song allowed me to feel a greater closeness with the Lord. I just imagined myself dancing with Jesus. :'(

Luke Cooke

13 hours ago

Was hoping to hear "Times" at Purdue but it was a great concert.

เจ้ 'เล่

5 hours ago

This where healing begins.

What an amazing honor. When I started writing and making music when I was a kid, even in my wildest dreams, I never imagined this could happen. Thank you to TIME Magazine for including me among so many incredible people, and thank you to Cyndi Lauper for the kind and thoughtful words!!!!! Love u Cyndiiiii💜🌈‬

Roberto Cabello Rojo

3 hours ago

Those freckles and eyes <3

Mahaleah Hapi

3 hours ago

So beautiful and talented. Love you and you inspire so many.

Carmen Egger

7 hours ago

Kaitlin M Trudelle she reminds me of u when u were pregnant

‪One More Light Live on gold/black vinyl available this Saturday on Record Store Day.#recordstoreday #onemorelight‬

Kelsey French

3 hours ago

Hey Linkin Park, are you planning on finding a new lead singer to replace Chester Bennington? It would be awesome if you did so you're band could continue to make more albums. Will you PLEASE 😳look for a new lead singer? as a fan I'd like to hear more new Linkin Park. When ACDC lost they're original Lead Singer Bon Scott they eventually got Brian Johnson and continued, and when Metallica lost Cliff Burton, then Jason Newstead left the band, they got Robert Trujillo.

RaXivë Gürüng

3 hours ago

So selfish...Its tragedy,Chester is gone away....wasted money,suck money.. Its the end..Rather pray for Chester!!!!!!!

Sevil Davulcu

3 hours ago

Amo linkin patk y los respeto son leyendas epicas pero como buen fan sere sincero el ultimo disco es vomitivo cambiaron sus raizes por el simple echo de moda cuando un verdadero grupo ama sus fans jamas olvida sus raizes

Howdy Texas!Thought I’d say a quick hello from the Alamo. Excited for the 4 shows this week in Texas starting tonight in San Antonio. Anybody coming?? Fun fact: San Antonio turns 300 this year! —————————————————— #thealamo #sanantonio #texas #idontknowwhosearmthatis

Tatenda P Kanyuchi

12 hours ago

My daughter served in San Antonio Spanish speaking mission

Lee-anne Zana

21 hours ago

You Sir David were Amazing! Please come back soon!! Oh I like the beard and where was you cowboy hat? ;)

Georgia Tsiridou

21 hours ago

Hey David!! Great concert tonight! My son and I came. I love the songs you sang on your new album! My son and I met you in 2016 in Baton Rouge during the flood cleanup. Thank you for your awesome messages and encouragement. I think it had an impact on my son especially. He needed to heat your stories, so thanks!

A little something from Roger Joseph Manning Jr. -- longtime bandmate and great friend

Wow, I'm looking forward to hearing these. And what a great way to share such an impressive back-catalog and reconnect with fans. I hope Beck opens 'the vault' someday too 😊

Johanna Salazar Perez

5 hours ago

You are amazing for sharing this!

Sanjib Ghosh

13 hours ago

At first, I thought that was Jared Leto in

Happy 420!

Troy Hernandez

3 hours ago

Happy 420 to all . Will always love you Ozzy your are my inspiration you are my idol ❤️🇨🇦

Khaliq Bryant

3 hours ago

Seem that is eating feces

Alexa Morales Bvb

3 hours ago

I love the part on the Don't blame me video where Ozzy is bonging out

We're coming together with Beartooth and Silverstein for one night only, June 16th, in Sioux City! Who's excited? Get tickets at

📸: Christian Sarkine

Hitesh Trivedi

14 hours ago

That would be a great show

Salla Fina

a day ago

My birthday!! Too bad I can’t travel all the way from Pa 😞

Nahomii Martinez Lopez

a day ago

Rachel Goard I wish we could go to this so flippin bad 😭

Thank you @time #100mostinfluential

Anna Hernandez

3 hours ago

I like your eyes JLO, because apart from beautiful they are sincere. All I need to get up every day is to remember the beauty of your eyes and I know I'll be fine during the day

Martha Alice Shorthair

7 hours ago

por supuesto que eres la más influyente del mundo J Lo eres cantante, bailarina, empresaria, actriz... deberías postularte para gobernadora.

Duncan Okech

15 hours ago

Such a gorgeous woman. Love her. She is so talented. I saw her show a long time ago in Toronto and I have never been to a better show. So much energy I her shows. Love Jennifer.💕

New music:
New video:

Elena Georgara

5 hours ago

Beaulful pic jake love hair keeping long xxoxo

Dc Cheatham

5 hours ago

I see your growing the hair out! I'm bringing a friend to meet you in fort Wayne Indiana, she has never seen you in concert!😉

Anaisis Castaneira

5 hours ago

You are such a handsome wonderful man❤️🔐

wwaaaaaaaaaaaoohhhh yeah!... We've got a couple of reprints up for 4/20. Post a screenshot of your order confirmation for a chance to win a free Nightbringers pipe (don't forget to block out your order number and address).

Ko Jo Goweyu

4 hours ago

Happy 420 TBDM and fellow Blast Fiends!!!

Carmen Parada

4 hours ago

One of the few shirts I was still actively seeking. 🤘🔥

Charlie Loyal

4 hours ago

Love you dudes, keep killing it!

#TBT 👨🏻

Sophia Brown

8 hours ago

Parece que dejo el reggaeton y la bachata para dedicarse a hacer Rancheras :v

Arturo Lara

11 hours ago

Results in me with this hollow feeling, just can not put a finger on it. 🐧

Carlos López Farías

15 hours ago

You cute, but that mustache 😬

With my first Grammy in 1964... #tbt

Leroy Madison

5 hours ago

Shall always be a fan of your voice, your fashion style (clothes and home decor) but most importantly, your faith...and that is universal. When you believe you, believe with your whole heart, not just a piece. As grandmother use to say, "love is a consequence of living".

Adele Randazzo

5 hours ago

You are my Idol,I do My Man I Love Him So for Karaoke!!!! I knew all the lyrics to Star is born,I drove the kids I babysat crazy,playing it over and over.I never miss any of your movies!!!!Oh yeah,if you ever want to get rid of that man of yours,love him too!!!

Simon Ruppert

5 hours ago

I have always loved your music, you have a gift and you used it well. You are a talented multi person, so glad you didn’t get into drugs and alcohol. First class all the way! You are truly blessed!

Throwback to the #ACMAwards this Sunday with Blake Shelton... You can just call us Gene and Roy. #TKCowboy25 📸: Getty Images

Pat Cupp

5 hours ago

This was so amazing!! I was so happy. Made my watching well worth it! How come you don't come to Blossom anymore? I miss you!!

Beimnet Abraham

21 hours ago

You two were the best part of the show!! Loved seeing you two sing this song, my favorite of all of your songs Toby, together!! Two real cowboys!! As you were singing I turned to my husband and said I bet those two could throw more than a few back together, what do you think!! Lol 😝
You are and will always be my favorite country singer....keep on keeping it real country Toby!! Love ya!!

Milton Coen

21 hours ago

You still got it going on Cowboy 🤠 didn't need back-up. Your voice hasn't changed still sounds like 20 years ago.

Inspire to aspire before we expire.

Francesco Drowned

6 hours ago

You lovely man

Avery Piperato

13 hours ago

When are the bands getting back together? Miss BEP

Lorena Bello

13 hours ago


There’s nothing like getting together over a Guinness #GuinnessPartner

Christine Trotta

4 hours ago

Here's the tried a West by God from a fellow West Virginian from Hancock County

Darrell Marzett

15 hours ago

Looks like a great place to have a beer.

Damian Dass

19 hours ago

Brad dont let chase drive that old thunderbird drunk.

Sending GREAT ENERGY out there to anybody who may been going through itor just had a rough week hey we all have had to deal with crazy💩at some point🤷🏾‍♀️ but here is some LOVE & LIGHT/ PEACE & HUGS to ALL OF YOU🤗& I don’t have to know you personally to share that with you because we all are human & need some ENCOURAGEMENT!🙌🏾One Love❤️ Enjoy da Freakin Weekend #nostresszone🚫

Lou Mblue

5 hours ago

Thanks Missy you are a Queen!!

Røblës Gäly

5 hours ago

Thanks Missy. I have had an unbelievably bad week and you just lifted my spirits. Hope you are well and happy. Diggy says hi.

Gabriana Walter

5 hours ago

Bless you Missy, much love to you.😍

Hello from the recording studio in Las Vegas. #disturbed #newrecordcomingsoon #drums #hideoutrecording #pearldrums #sabiancymbals #vaterdrumsticks #evansdrumheads #humesandberg

Morten Accord Natås

14 hours ago

Thank heavens they are back together! Such talent! Always love it when they release new material, music & their artwork!

Barbara Drake

14 hours ago

Yes! I've loved them all but I would love some indestructible vibes! One of my favorite albums from Disturbed! 🤒🤕🤢😜

Lucky Son

a day ago

That's all that gets playing in my rig os Disturbed.

☀️ Spontaneous short stop through Waco TX 🌾. Finally got to see The Silos! 💛 W/ @annaliese_canady 🤸🏼‍♀️ 🤸🏼‍♀️ @magnolia @joannagaines @hgtv @johnnyswim

Andy Chervenak

5 hours ago

You and Johnnyswim would be a dream concert!!

David Moad

5 hours ago

Last nights show in Austin was AMAZING ❤️🎶❤️thank you!

Claudia Contreras

5 hours ago lucky. I'm watching their show right now!

#GnFnR | Foro Sol, Mexico | 2016

Come back for el paso texas yea

Sandra Reynolds

6 hours ago

Love it, wish I could have been there, please come to South Africa!.

Anup Pandey

13 hours ago

Made the rewrite of Sweet Child of Mine, recorded it and uploaded to youtube only to have them take it down. I now need your explicit permission now to do so. If you message me I will send you my info to send me a written letter of consent. Please do this Guns N' Roses. It's for my friend Johnny because You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory...

Had the best time making this record with Natti Natasha. We’re so excited to share this with the world! #SinPijama is available everywhere 💋 Video coming TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT PST / 3AM EST!!!
So #SinPijama drops tonight...
Ya casi!! Tonight 9PM PST / MIDNIGHT EST 💋 #SinPijama #HoyNoVamosADormir

Scott Gunderson

5 hours ago

Me encantas Becky G. Pero no me gusta que mensiones drogas en tus videos no es nesesario lo hagas . Tienes mucho talento no nesecitas mensiinar tanta basura para ser grande .te siguen muchos menores de edad y desde mi punto de vista no esta bien lo hagas. Eres hermosa y talentosa sea como sea. 😚

Brenda Diaz

5 hours ago

Super babes and Becky is the new music Queen!

Bere Quiñones

5 hours ago

Both of you girls look beautiful in your outfits gorgeous!!!!💯💯💯💯🌹🌹🌹🌹😮😮😮😮😘😘😘😘

Classic car, classic cool. #ElvisPresley

Danielle Constantino

5 hours ago

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Lauren Langan

5 hours ago

Elvis said many times that he wanted to make people happy with his singing. He certainly did. Millions were touched by him. And he was always humble.

TimeBomb Malachico

5 hours ago

It was very expresiv artist in this world and unic !
I love Elvis Presley , for ever !

Livingroom recital #home #ThrowbackThursday

Shamoon Amin Mughal

5 hours ago

You were my one argument for my Orchestra teacher in high school when she would Hound us about our shoulder rest and straight wrists

Eric Collet

5 hours ago

You look just like Lily from How I Met your Mother in this picture!!!!

Marcela Martínez Torres

21 hours ago

Good heavens that is sweet...

Jean-Michel Halard

4 hours ago

Hug from Norway🎶

Sebastian Cepeda Romero

4 hours ago

Just love this one of Barry......oh my goodness.....💘

Intan Zulaikha

4 hours ago

💙💙 Well hello Mr. Manilow! 💙💙

If you know who yours are, tag 'em! #TBT

Mercedes Amor Castiñeiras

21 hours ago

I'll saw you Saturday night at Billy Bob's when you were there and I thought it was a wonderful performance and I like the song you something about the soldiers and I am a great fan of yours

Emily Arline Noyes

a day ago

I love tracy Lawrence's and his beautiful music I play his music every day and night tracy got a beautiful voice when he sings his music and hes got a beautiful smile to hes my all time favorite singer good picture of theses two guys

Frèd le Pacha

a day ago

Tracy this song came out at one of the toughest points in my life and at rock bottom and it really helped me wake up always a fan of yours

Got a new one for y'all tomorrow. #LoveByTheMoon #Farr20

Paul Rycak

21 hours ago

First thing I did this morning (05:30 Europe) I love it! 😍
Thank you for this beautiful song!

Glenda Lore

a day ago

Going to get it first thing in the morning

Matt Canting

a day ago

Can’t wait to hear it tonight in Dallas!

Festival season is upon us

Gabriella Alvarez

5 hours ago

i can’t wait to see you having fun with your friends in those festivals! 👽👽

Nüks Kay Addai

5 hours ago

and yeah, here’s the love of my life ❤️

Thomas Echeverri

5 hours ago

Can’t wait for new festival pictures of you

#EatTheElephant arrives tomorrow. Maynard spoke with Lars Ulrich about the album on Beats 1. Watch it on their YouTube channel or listen Sunday at 3 pm Pacific/ 6 pm Eastern / 11 pm GMT.

Diane Haney

5 hours ago

Ya learn something new everyday.. i didn't know MJK actually LIKED black sabbath. Seen APC on mays birthday in Santa Barbara good stuff. As a 20+ fan I'd still love to hear MJK fight with that guy "he doesnt like" sometimes anger can be the energy needed for a real party. And I can't wait for another puscifer album <3 Not bad for a grumpy granpa .

Kenny Mumma

5 hours ago

Great guy. Resembling Uncle June as he gets older.

Komander Komander

5 hours ago

Too much ego for one podcast to contain