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You see now Jack, people are expressing their true attitude towards you. But you are doing great, keep ignoring...

Odilia Rocha

5 hours ago

What makes me think you spend a thousand dollars for multiple photos with different girls and then slowly upload them even though there 2yrs old

Hannah Perkins

5 hours ago

yo Jack wtf bro, is that u, or she did it?😂

Mickayla Lowe

2 hours ago

Things you can't count
1.Stars in the sky
2.Water in the ocean
3.Sands in the desert
4.Hair saloons with zayn malik's poster on it😂

Jenny Madel

18 hours ago

Thanks god 🙏 finally I saw your amaZAYN smile😍💖💎 please Zayn don't hide it 💘 cause this smile is the reason of making me still alive 💝

Phil Shaddick

18 hours ago

I love you #Zayn 😍💕 sooooooooooooo much 😘💋 but tbh I don't like the idea of having so many tattoos you almost covered your whole body 😟 please stop now 😭😭😭😭

Rizal Nababan

10 hours ago

Hi James! I missed your post today, I was already on the way to the Coburg concert. Who the hell is doing an open air with seating?? But it was still a great and fantastic concert! Thanks for your wonderful music and your gorgeous performance. I really enjoyed it. Enjoy your days off with your family and relax a bit!

Pellicani Carmine

10 hours ago

Love your voice and music James. Hope to see you back in Australia again soon! You don't look too tired to me and your skin is defiitely not looking tired. You're obviously looking after it. Hope there's another album on the way.

Fredy Snakepit Grey Rdz

14 hours ago

Enjoyed your show in Bochum yesterday together with my daughter and son. It was quite a journey, but worth it! 😊

Happy birthday to Mika!!! We hope he has a wonderful day. Let’s show him some love ❤️

Julia Kropf

16 hours ago

Happy birthday to us, Mika. Proud to be sharing this one with you! 😉

Angie Ramirez

16 hours ago

Grande Mika! Buon compleanno ❤️🎼🎤tanti auguri a tutti te!

Thằng Tèo

16 hours ago

❤️❤️❤️❤️ happy birthday Mika 💋💋💋

Pre show #RiZEFestival 🙌

Mick Ginis

an hour ago

You're so beautiful❤ xxxx

Holly Brooksbank Canales

an hour ago

Your amazing..... new album is incredible. I missed you at Bestival. You coming to Bournemouth? Pleassseeeee x

Willie Trent

an hour ago

Love this dude ❤

A relaxed picture taken of the Floyd in 1988.

Martina Budinski

4 hours ago

Great to see Rick with a smile on his face. He, for me, added so much texture and rhythm to the sound. Very underappreciated. Maybe not at his best in 1978/79 but still he didn't deserve to be kicked out.

Midou Midou

4 hours ago

Anyone saying Floyd was bad after roger left isn’t a true fan. The Division Bell was truly a work of art and if you haven’t listened to it you’re missing out.

Iqbal Maulana

4 hours ago

I see all the Waters catamites are out in force with the same old "it's not floyd without Roger" crap. I'll get my popcorn, I like reruns.

Very pleased to have had a conversation at the Noble Peace Center earlier this week in Oslo. Looking forward to tonight’s show in Stockholm!

📷: @kate.izor

Kurt van der Berg

6 hours ago

Does anybody know where I can find the video if it exists?

Chou Jye

6 hours ago

Why not donate some of your mass fortune to help, rather than preach to us working class masses. Welcome to the machine, Roger. I'm sure your making the original members of Pink Floyd very proud.

You must reject this fraudulent award in protest for the situation of this world

Master of Reality album ad from August 1971

Nathan Quinton

an hour ago

When it comes to Sabbath albums, you can't put your finger on one being the best. With Ozzy , they all great. Although I can't say the same about when Dio joined Sabbath . Duo is good on his own and in Rainbow etc, but when it comes to Sabbath... well there's only one.

Tom Wallace

an hour ago

The first 6 with Ozzy is and was the ONLY Sabbath I own and will listen to.


an hour ago

Podle mně, je to jejich nejlepší album. Pouštěla jsem si ho od 15 let a vždy mně fascinovalo. Je jinak ozvučené. Miluji píseň Solitude a Sweet Leaf.

Happy Birthday #GilbyClarke ! iiii]; )'
Pre-order Living The Dream the new album from Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators and get instant downloads of “Mind Your Manners” and “Driving Rain”. Physical bundles are available now! #slashnews
iiii]; )'
Tickets are on-sale now for the second LA show for Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators at the Hollywood Palladium on October 16th! #slashnews

Fatma Meyvali Yürür

10 hours ago

you should record together. kill me or cure me was great

John McCumiskey

10 hours ago

Hope Gilby had a happy birthday...He's always been a sweetie...

Akane Onishi

17 hours ago

Izzy's stand in Happy birthday Gilby x

At this very moment (8:04am) 49 years ago, Jimi Hendrix led his Gypsy Sun & Rainbows ensemble onto stage at the Woodstock Art & Music Fair and changed the course of music history. #history #legacy #StarSpangledBanner #Woodstock #WereYouThere #Hendrix #JimiHendrix #TheLegendLivesOn

Hide Uno

20 hours ago

It's a shame we cannot have the complete performance with the two songs where Larry Lee took the lead. Always seems as if it is incomplete without these 😐

Soile Tiittanen

20 hours ago

Jimi are you high?
'I got mine thankyou very much'.

Mod O'Driscoll

20 hours ago

Yea, miss you like mad, totally agree

do you wanna roll with me???? say yeah.

Dennis Diamond

9 hours ago

Yesss, I do now release Taxi, Types, White Mercedes, and Dance all Night

Zeevae N Uila

9 hours ago

Melis, what did u do to your hair?

Paulo César Machado

17 hours ago

Yeah, would love to.

We put together a clip to say THANK YOU to everyone that made the Legacy Of The Beast Tour so incredible!

#YouAreNowPartOfTheLegacy #LegacyOfTheBeastTour #IronMaiden #ThankYou

Andres Mairena

11 hours ago

I sure hope you guys bring it to the States.. I saw Book of Souls in Dallas and it was AWESOME. Iron Maiden hasn’t slowed a bit in damn near 40 years.. Up The Irons!!

Pedro Baptista

11 hours ago

Dream come true seeing some of these songs live and in the flesh, I'd be waiting all my days to see Clansman live in Scotland and in Aberdeen of all places. Eagles Dare...Sign Of The Cross...Icarus...For The Greater Good. You spoiled us all, every single person :) thank you so much for diving deep into the back-catalogue and pulling these songs back out again after so long. It means everything to me and to see you all have such fun doing it. Nothing compares to Iron Maiden. UP THE IRONS. Can't wait for the next time :) \m/

Jutta Fröschl

11 hours ago

Just seen Bruce Dickinson tonite at the Edinburgh Book Festival😎👍. What a Fantastic night and funny, loved every minute and he signed my book too😊. Having that after Newcastle concert was the cherry on top as it was by far their best concert in 20 years and seeing him up close tonite was Amazing
So Thank you very much your All Legends 😜😎👍

iiii]; )'

Naveen Kumar

9 hours ago

It’s times like this that makes me think of Metallica,
Kill ‘Em All

Vipul Mahida

10 hours ago

Slash's ex wife

Alx Sandra

10 hours ago

He has a little ghost on his head

Love ya, Cam. 😂

Jayne Roberts

12 hours ago

I fucking looooooooove you GUYS!! 😂❤

Joseph Olszewski

12 hours ago

"Cameron's a bitch right!?" Sorry Cam. Fucking love you. You don't deserve the shit you get

Here's a bit of an update of what I've been working on recently and also a fun activity we got up to yesterday (Stick around until the end of the video for a slomo edit)

Rikki Power

2 hours ago

I miss youre daily vlogs😢

Mortimer De Moussac

9 hours ago

‪YESS guess who’s back Alfie’s back with a new vlog I’m so happy I can’t wait to see you at insomnia love you ❤️X‬

We were very saddened to hear of the passing of Aretha Franklin this week. "The sounds and emotions that came from her remarkable voice will echo throughout the universe as long as time itself." ~ Roger Daltrey

Maribel Heredia

12 hours ago

So sad...RIP😎 Great woman and singer🎸🎸🎸

Kay Foster

12 hours ago

Adieu Madame j'ai toujours Aimer vos chansons.

Arek Szymczak

12 hours ago

Nicely Said Rodger Daltrey ❤❤

Alrighty then! 😝

Mirta Torres

10 hours ago

Ok.this is a message from my 12 yr old daughter and me..
Get back in the studio and and do a tour only the tshirt she got at the last tour no longer fits...!! Lol...xx

Matth Morales

10 hours ago

You're so lush, baby bear...oh, what's that I hear? 'What a difference, a day makes...' 😍❤️👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Marisol Mauricio Vasquez

10 hours ago

that top is horrible just saying

I saw Aretha last year at the cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York. It was always emotional for me whenever she sang, but this time, as she sang Nessun Dorma, it was devastatingly moving. I’ll never forget the poignancy and power of that moment. Aretha was one of a kind. My condolences go out to her family.

Cerys Allen

9 hours ago

I know she was always very cold, maybe that’s the reason she wore them, and it was a different time too. And for all the vegans out there there is a dark side to veganism and natural products and organic nothing is what it seems to be anymore. Most of all is a balance we need to follow for this earth of ours. Farewell Miss Aretha 💗

Marilen Meneses

9 hours ago

'knew you were waiting for me' (with GM) introduced me to her music. awesome to be cranking this vid on a VLC player more than 30 years later on a home computer via the wonders of technology! RIP aretha

Nicolas Beaudoin

9 hours ago

Sting made his last R E S P E C T to the Queen of Soul !!!

Thank you to all the thousands of you that came out to party with me today at RiZE Festival ✨

Nicola Steele

4 hours ago

Great and beautiful 💋

Pedro Paulo

4 hours ago

.ily. ...wish i could be you Ora tho your still dope

Monica Rose

4 hours ago

Rita je nje Yll te dua shummmmmm

Thank you Spotify 💚

Hadar YehiShalom

9 hours ago

I love u Sam Smith. You have smile open the world and your song the best.

James Clark

15 hours ago

I absolutely love it can't stop listening to it 😍😍😍

Elonor Rigby

15 hours ago

Sam Smith you must came to South Africa my unte love your music and she is a fane

Chris O'Dell

2 hours ago

Hi James! A beautiful pic. Although I wasn't in Switzerland, I was allowed to enjoy 11 grandiose concerts in Germany and Austria. That was the best summer of my life! You have given me unforgettable hours. Thanks a lot for this. I enjoyed every second. And thanks to your bandmates for being so nice. Now I have to wait for the next tour........Miss you already!

Plinio Ovidio Perosa Jr.

2 hours ago

Hello James Blunt, you're my best singer 😉😍 Come back in France Please 🇨🇵️ 😉😆😍😘😘

Tommy Buddy Johnson

2 hours ago

Hello James! I love these photos! They have a magical aura! I wish you a good rest together with your family! And a nice sunday! 😊 Bye

Vasilis Apo

9 hours ago

LOL I am waiting to see you in a caftan with no pants on. Not sure I can wait the 10 years you have set yourself. xx

Graça Duarte

15 hours ago

You are still there 👠👠 💕💕

Filip Karuga

15 hours ago

Love you Sami 💓💓

Happy family dinner watching the sunset!

Jasmine Elsayad

an hour ago

So is the sun dead?

Juan Andres Carrillos Barceló

12 hours ago

Where is the dinner?

Aguztin Aviles Sanchez

16 hours ago

I like this family ;)

🚨🚨🚨 MEET AND GREET TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE FOR OUR ONE NIGHT ONLY SHOW ON THE 1st SEPTEMBER ❤️❤️❤️(Buy your standing or seating ticket and purchase the Meet and Greet Upgrade for £15!)


Get your tickets here 👇👇👇 the boys xxx

Falak Khan

a day ago

See u there 😘😘

Åse Finckelsen

a day ago

Leanne Jane Mitchell

#OTD 18AUG1965 Atlanta, GA #pressconference
Question: You fellas seem to have started a completely new trend in music, in clothes, and in hairstyles. Are you proud of it?
George: Yes.

Bartek Ha

5 hours ago

Good answer George Harrison. Bloody American interviewers were woeful. Bit like ours in Australia.🤣😉

Klaus Siracusa

5 hours ago

They already look utterly bored with press conferences by this point, and the end of touring was still slightly more than twelve months away.

Alexandre Miranda

5 hours ago

Q: How has succeed changed your life? George:Yes.😂😂😂

Mika has a long friendship and collaboration with a celebrated designer famous for creating some of the most beautiful shoes in the world... who is it? DO NOT POST the answer below, keep it secret until the end of the game!

Vickie Head

16 hours ago

I have the feeling that I know who that person is.

Luiz Motta

16 hours ago

Facile, ma nn partecipo.

Ania Dulas

16 hours ago

Happy Birthday!!!:):):) #Mika🍰🎂🍺🍻😍😍🎂🎂🍰🍭🍾💜💜😘😘 feliz cumpleaños

Sarah now has over 50,000 followers on Instagram!
Thank you for following Sarah on her journey...Exciting announcements are coming very soon!

Gusztáv Toth

10 hours ago

Debería tener más.

Banderas Arabu

10 hours ago

Is Australia included in this announcement?💐💐💗

Polly Anna Murray

10 hours ago

Angel 's singing Please come to Japan quickly! Can not wait❣️

I’m #happytotalk about mental health. Are you?

£5 from every @picklelondon HAPPY sweatshirt will be donated to UK mental health charity @mindcharity

Deangelys Oliveira Gonçalves

an hour ago

Well done Peter.. I went through a mental breakdown I had a lot of good people who helped me and a amazing doctor ... my daughtersuffers with it and also has autism and has self harmed .... had amazing medical people from cahlms to help her and now going on to the adolescence part now she medicated in a heart beat I'd be there to help or listen to anybody who suffersxxxx also my youngest daughter went through mental health due to being badly bullied at school again cahlms were amazing

Leanne Rousell

an hour ago

Well done Peter.. I went through a mental breakdown I had a lot of good people who helped me and a amazing doctor ... my daughtersuffers with it and also has autism and has self harmed .... had amazing medical people from cahlms to help her and now going on to the adolescence part now she medicated in a heart beat I'd be there to help or listen to anybody who suffersxxxx also my youngest daughter went through mental health due to being badly bullied at school again cahlms were amazing

Sonny Huds

an hour ago

Well u already know what am going through huni and I do have quite a few issues goin one even now and having medication I don't feel it fully works tbh so yes I would be up for it as having mental health is a serious thing.and most people who suffer this gets ignored which is totally wrong every one needs support no matter what the situation is. And there are many who don't get the help and support they really need as even caused them to end the lives. I support u all the way with this huni it's a good what u are doing.a and me personally u understand what I am goin through and u spend time to talk to me which means a lot and u without realising it is helping me tryin to get through day to day life as me myself had thoughts to end my life I wont say it never came into my head and as I told u on may 18th in Lincoln in front of everyone that I want to live my life and be happy I don't want to feel like this anxiety and depression is bad enough as it is. Also where can I get the t.shirt from huni. Talkin of which i can't wait to meet and talk to u again in September sendin hugs see u soon :-)

Thank you Ft. Lauderdale! Tonight we rock Tampa 💥

Ulla Laitinen

an hour ago

Come back to Virginia Beach next year, best show ever

Angela Pagano

3 hours ago

You guys put on an amazing show! This was my 14th time seeing you. I will see you again in December in London on a once in a lifetime trip to visit my British family. I'm beyond excited about that concert!

Michelle Zaccagnino-Hirschhorn

3 hours ago

You put on an AWESOME!! show. Hubby got the tickets, best Valentine's, birthday, anniversary gift EVER!! (all in a 2 week period)

Here's the tracklisting for the Imagine film and Extra Features at the cinema showings. The pictures are all restored from original negative and the music is completely remixed from scratch in 7.1 Surround and Dolby Atmos.
Find out more at
Find out more about the making of the John Lennon & Yoko Ono 'Imagine' film - in John & Yoko's own words - at

Luis Vera

6 hours ago

Will it play in Los Angeles? So far, only San Diego.

Luis Vera

6 hours ago

Apart from insulting Yoko, can you contribute something to the post?

Carole Marsh

6 hours ago

Aparte de insultar a Yoko, ¿podeis aportar algo al post?

‪The fan community website hosted Punk Masters by Patty Palazzofor a Q&A last month - read an excerpt here:

Ernie Robles

2 hours ago

Was so in love with him when I was in high school and college lol 😂

Sarah Holt

13 hours ago

Got 2 shirts from punk masters love them

Javier Villegas

13 hours ago

Oh John very sexy


Gman X The big Takeover

Kit Warford

8 hours ago

Had to tag you. Tony Drum

Thanks to all the adventurous souls who got to see my shambolic new material nights this week. More next week. Might get even more mental. #SuperNature

Helder Magumo

4 hours ago

Lucky Twaaats! Can't wait!

Singh Gursimran Singh Khalsa

4 hours ago

Will your recent political commentary be in it?

Because we love nothing more than being educated about the world by celebrities.....we simple folk wouldn’t know what to think of you didn’t guide us...

Sylvie Bazatte

4 hours ago

I fucking love you, Ricky Gervais! Everything you do makes me laugh like a mentalist, and cry like a Derek; 1st season ending. Brilliant. Thanks for Karl, too. “ she has left him, i forgot about that”.... mad.

Congratulations Niel Young, Chris Bexton, Todd Barwick and Shannon Forsyth... A Monty Python gift is coming your way!

The prop was used in the "Crunchy Frog" sketch in the 2014 reunion show, "Monty Python Live (mostly) - One Down Five to Go".

Josef Rodriguez

6 hours ago

Hopefully it wasn't the helmet full of the constable's stomach contents...

Galina Dubakina

6 hours ago

Terry G did a good job then.

Luca Bori Zala

11 hours ago

Crunchy frog dew picked

Destination Sunrise Festival!

Tune into sxmElectro to hear #OnlyUs!