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Shhh 🤫 I’m on my way to London. Don’t tell anyone.


Throwback to the 2011 American Music Awards with Selena Gomez

Akshay Raj

a day ago

Ethan John Hainey

Tracy Allen

a day ago

chúc ngày mới vui vẻ

Which song off this album contains the lyric "It's as high as a mountain and harder to climb"?

Jade Seddon

5 hours ago

Too Much Heaven is the answer but the title track gives me shivers. Beautiful beyond description. Thank you boys! XXX

Roshni Rijal

5 hours ago

Too much Heaven!!! Which I was in when they stopped on your in 79 in Seattle and got to meet them!! Never forget how nice everyone was as my insides were whirling like a washing machine on the spin cycle!

Humberto Ray

15 hours ago

Too Much Heaven. Esa fue la canción con la que conocí a los Bee Gees, cuando tenía sólo 13 años. Compré el LP y me enamoré de ellos para siempre. ♥

Mark Knopfler hard at work...

Мина 'А

4 hours ago

" Trabaja duro..., ya lo creo y con la guitarra de 12 cuerdas ..."

Emily Taylor

13 hours ago

He also had a daytime job..

Prasanjit Gilmour

13 hours ago

I loved to watch PV of "Money for Nothing". The first dramatic introduction is the best for me. And then, the famous musician Sting had appeared on chorus. The Police entitled their last album as "Synchronicity". There was some musical synchronicity, right?

The Prodigy will headline Lokerse Feesten in Lokeren, Belgium - 9th August 2018.

Tickets and more info -

Jose Reynoso

4 hours ago

hey Keshia, is that around you?

Delia Todorenci

4 hours ago

The Prodigy, can I be a driver for all your equipment? 💪🏼 I'll teach you how to back it in correctly, NEVER TRUST A ROAD RACER who never raced supermoto.

Khaled Emad

4 hours ago

Nic Baert bestiekaart 👌🏻

Flower Child 🌻
Showing off my pixie ears 🧚‍♂️

Simona Godio

5 hours ago

The Most Beautiful !!! Queen ...

Takehiro Itoga

a day ago

Beautiful body of the grandiose sound and soul... Leona

Giulio Arman

a day ago

Are you bringing out a new album soon 😊 when is your next tour in Scotland xx

Stranger. Out tomorrow.

Abdo Zizo

15 hours ago

Danielle Newby another one 😁😁

András Velkei

15 hours ago

Plan B is a genius x

Shona Blunden

a day ago

Chrissy looks good

*Out Today* The 40th Anniversary Edition of Heavy Horses is out today on CD, LP and digital formats. The album includes the hit singles "Acres Wild", "Weathercock" and many others. Still sounds as good as it did 40 years ago..!

Tayla Mothersole

5 hours ago

I’ve been listening to “This Was” for the past week. I forgot how good they were with the blues...

Nattapong Saphiran

5 hours ago

got it on vinyl, tape and cd - ultra classic tunage -

Stuart Scuba Baker

5 hours ago

Wow! this has been my whole life growing up since 1966 and I'm so proud to be able to listen to such genuine and honest, quality Music. Thank you so very much Ian and all the band... Past & present.. I saw you all perform yet again in Newcastles City Hall last week.. Just smply Amazing.. I will always be a Life-Long fan and look forward so excitedly at any of your next releases.. Thank you all so much for the last brilliant 50 years of stunning quality music that has completely fullfilled my life.. Thanks! Kenny. :o)

MÉXICO!! Quieres conocernos en persona?
Vive la experiencia VIP con nosotros en cada una de las ciudades que visitaremos en el #TourTimeless.
- Convivencia con foto individual
- Gafette conmemorativo
- Regalo Sorpresa

Deivid Ferreira

5 hours ago

Wendy Anayeli Mirna Gómmez cuánto apuestan a q doña cuquita ya se apuntó y ya está peinandose pa ir a verlos

Mia Martin

5 hours ago

Me encantaría conocerlos,amo su música,no iréa su concierto,porque el 27 de Abril me operan un pie 😢aquí en Monterrey, pero foto con ellos ,sería lo máximo

Janet Chirwa

13 hours ago

Hola mi querido IL DIVO cuando vuelvan a argentina voy a hacer todo lo posible por cumplirle a mi hermana sandra el sueño de tener una foto con ustedes ya que es muy fan de ustedes y ella para mi es muy importante porque es quien siempre estuvo a mi lado en los momentos dificiles. Besos a los 4 mas bellos, talentosos y simpaticos del mundo desde san lorenzo (santa fe, argentina) eliana y sandra

“The Stones audience is the glue that keeps us together. The best and most satisfying moment is when you are reaching the end of the show and they are all going nuts.” Charlie Watts
Will you be going nuts on the upcoming No Filter tour?

Amy Sharples

6 hours ago

Where do you guy's get your energy from? Keep on rocking ❤

Anne Simpson

6 hours ago

Charlie is a Good Soul in The Stones

Tanisha Jade Hope

6 hours ago

Charlie has always been my favorite -- LOVE him!! 💜💜💜

Cologne 📷 @christiantierney

Madonna Laura

7 hours ago

Spm!! Nayal que demonioa te haces para estar bien bueno.... Me enamoras todos los días... Solo por favor esperame mijo no te me vallas a ir antes de que te atrape 😏😏😝❤😆😆😆😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

Pete Summers

19 hours ago

Seeing you in shirts likes this make me smile. My great grandfather 👴🏻 wore only shirts like that, except church he would wear a polo. The only difference was he would wear a pair of plaided pants or shorts. I remember him always wearing mostly Hawaiian shirts with those plaid britches. He was awful when it came to fashion though, you not worries with fashion. Now all I have left is a grandfather, I miss being young and spending times with my great grandparents and my grandparents. Thanks for the smile

Tim Fung

a day ago

Quiero que me la metas con todo y huevos, que me dejes en silla de ruedas

Que me hagas un flan con tus mecos bebé, de ti me trago hasta tu esmecma, como la traigas, a lo que te huela y a lo que te sepa❤

Coachella was magical! I'll be back again this Sunday

Yanina Rocha

13 hours ago

Beatrice D'Amelio

Beppo Schuster

13 hours ago

Come back to Australia and play again!!! We miss you!!!

Милкана Богданова

21 hours ago

Jamie come to peruu

New music from me and Lost Frequencies, coming soon!

Pascale Vindevogel

5 hours ago

Looking forward to it!! He could be your little brother 😂

Shane Duignan

15 hours ago


Iwona Janus

15 hours ago

Excited and eagerly waiting your new music my love James! LOVE FROM NEPAL!😚

Name a more iconic flip flop 🤔

Dmitriy Trofimenko

5 hours ago

Keep fit my iconic flip flop name.

Sells without status

Just have to keep feet fit!!

Sale on this weekend

Bernadett Igaz

5 hours ago

I Got Iconic Abstract ART work Check it out Lovely Mizz Liiy, on my FB page there is nothing except Paintings..................VVV

Sarah E A Drummond

5 hours ago

My mom's 99 cent chanclas.

Lock the doors, we're coming home. #DenofThieves is now on Digital and on Blu-Ray & DVD 4/24.

Lorran Dutra

4 hours ago

A truly epic movie from screenwriting and directing to acting and editing. One of the best “wtf just happened?” movies I’ve seen in a long time. I definitely did NOT expect that ending! It will definitely be analyzed over and over again on dvd next week. Great job everyone!

Grace Sullivan

4 hours ago

El viernes 13 de abril en la sala 13 fuimos una amigas y yo misma a ver la pelicula. Me gusto aunque se me hizo muy larga. Tengo que decirlo tu estas soberbio en el papel pero he visto mejores peliculas tuyas la verdad. De todos modos enhorabuena.

Ivan Terman

12 hours ago

The door it's open guys!
There're roast beef and beer in the kitchen and champagne in the fridge. You keep the champagne nice and cool because I'll be right back...all I need it's five minutes.👍
P.S.: don't worry for Drogo.His bark is worse than his bite, trust me...🐕

It was an absolute pleasure being on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night!

Marcos Paulo

5 hours ago


Chloe Schmidt

5 hours ago

Olha Ju Ayres

Andy Kearney

5 hours ago

So happy you're back Gary! 💛💛

Me on set today coz the sun’s out in London! Boom!💥

Aldo MaMy

a day ago

time to fly back to me at Coachellaaaaaaa <3

Dîlâń Rsk

a day ago

Baby i want to marry you and make babies with you

Tony Stephanie

a day ago

You are beautiful , , , you are so smart ! Love ya Ri Ri ✌😁💯💟📷💦

We had a great time on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night. Thanks for having us ✌️

Mojahid Hasan

14 hours ago

c’est quoi ce live 😐quel gâchis 😔

Lynda Remington Hulse

14 hours ago

You look like Bowie ❤️. Wishes you the same career 😍😎

Jolly Ashley

20 hours ago

Solene Demeslay ça rappelle de bons souvenirs! 🤩❤

New shoot for @theuntitledmagazine 🧡

shot by @simonemmett hair @larrykinghair make up @babskymakeup styling @lornamcgeee set @emmawitter_setdesign

Alexandra Meyers

13 hours ago

Very sexy in those red leather thigh high kinky boots. Made my Friday with love 💋♥️

Elvira Souto

a day ago

Wow come here

Paing Paing

a day ago

looking beautiful x babe x

'Dive', was release on this day in 1993. Can't believe it has been 25 years! Would love to hear what your favourite track from this album was? Sarah B xx

Joe Braden

5 hours ago

It's hard to choose which song is my favorite because this whole album is fantastic from start to Dive to The Second Element II.

Sam Underwood

5 hours ago

Once in a Lifetime is still to this day one of my favorite songs! I also really loved The Second Element (both versions)

Connor Surface

5 hours ago

A great album, so many great songs. My favorites are ”Captain Nemo” “Island” and “The Second Element ll”


Grace Winckles

4 hours ago

It makes so much sense to support the local record store.. You guys deserve some accolades

Tuan Tran

4 hours ago


Igor Maruhno

14 hours ago

My favorite record store is Goodwill ;) I just "discovered" SACD. When are you guys going to do a multichannel remix album? The background guitar on "Is This Love" would sound amazing coming from the back! Also, I would love to have this beautiful disc spinning on my turntable, maybe they will have one at Music Millennium


Michael Thacher Lascelle

4 hours ago

Looks like a beginning of a gay porn film

Eddy Rockabilly

4 hours ago

Says its not available to watch

Meenu Kamr

4 hours ago

I can’t see it either 😢

What other acts should we add to the summer Punks Music presents: The Beatdown at Fire Party? #2ndAnnouncement

Paolo Fernley

4 hours ago

Tyler Winters James Davey Jake Anderton look at that line up!!!! Fuuuuuuck!!!! 😚😚😚😍

Joshua Ertman

4 hours ago

Roxy Crewe possible?

Renee Kennedy

20 hours ago

Tammy Beaton why can't we have a line up here this good???

Aussie Aussie Aussie! 🐨

Jaco van Schie

4 hours ago

Steven consider going babe?

Hannelore Gregory

13 hours ago

te esperamos con ansias para el #emf2018 🇬🇹🇬🇹😍😍 arriba zomboy

Morava Puci

13 hours ago

No way how cool Perth 😎

Brian Hopper

4 hours ago

You are both so well suited and when I have seen Emily out walking with the children in Walton she is just beautiful in real life as well as your two younger ones.

Kittiphong Boontee

4 hours ago

My husband taught Emily at Ladymead school he said she was a lovely girl & absolute pleasure to teach😉x

Debbie Devlin

4 hours ago

Peter, you have the perfect wife and she has natural beauty. Wishing you both many happy years together. xx

LIMA AND SECOND NIGHT IN BUENOS AIRES!November 17th at Monumental Stadium in Lima, Peru and November 9th in Buenos Aires, Argentina at Estadio Unico de la Plata. Ticketing information at

Heather Powell

5 hours ago

Roger Waters! Please come to Colombia !

Lars Ilgner

5 hours ago

Dear Roger:
Who writes is a fan of his music, I always considered his music as one of the best artistic expressions of the twentieth century. But what I like does not enter more than that large group of fans that you have around the world, the truly important thing is that I am from Peru, Peru is a country that has been beaten for the last 20 years by corruption At all levels, where there is much social and economic inequality, politicians have only come to power to get rich and what has least imported is the people's economy. Corruption is entrenched at all levels and powers. The values ​​are less and honest, solidarity or respect between people is something of the past. Maybe you read this comment and it does not interest you, but I opted to write to you because it is an evil that has no echo in any institution and we do not have many people to turn to who truly love art. I commented to him that the businessmen who can bring great shows like theirs only seek to enrich themselves at the expense of the fanaticism of their followers. You are an artist committed to many social causes and against the consumerist and capitalist system that is devouring us every day. The first time you visited us in 2007 the prices were fair (here the word spread that one of the requirements that you asked for was that the tickets are accessible and popular prices). Nowadays whoever writes to you shows the disagreement about the abusive prices of the organizers, because I think it's good that he knows. One of the many fanatics who will not be able to attend the show with his family due to financial reasons, is sadly dismissed.

Nicolas Nyi

5 hours ago

Ya tengo para el 6 de noviembre en la plata y también estaremos el 9 rogelio queridooo

Throwback Thursday

Arek Majczyna

13 hours ago

Addicted to house here in Dublin..omg you are the nicest funniest person on the planet..already worried that it is coming to an end cause I am nearly at season 8...downloaded Chance... Best programme I have ever watched... PS you look much better with your beard..xx

Arek Majczyna

13 hours ago

to me its a throwback to last thurs. i religiously watch the series from pilot to last episode on repeat. i slept most of yesterday all the way till about an hour or so ago.

László Jakubinyi

13 hours ago

I have tried to contact you through Instagram, there is a imposter on ig, stating he was being heald captive by Fbi from sanfran airport and being heald for having a large some of money but after realizing he was you so would be released, but he had a fine of 49,0000 to be paid for his release, his lawyer, assistant,travel agent have all contacted me saying you are gravely ill and they have taken all his money and can not receive medical attention due to this issue of the fines he has,occurred, he has asked me to sell my home, everything to get him out and he won't use his own money because he would be tied to me and can't handle the rumors since he is married to Mrs Greene. I am getting 4-6 texts a day from his circle of imposters, I myself am I'll and he plays on my emotions, I'm telling you this because I believe he has using this scam on others and the new hugh Laurie on ig have told them the story and no one returnscaxmessage such makes me think they are imposters as well, I would love to share more info I have kept the false documents from the airport texts e mails if you chose to contact authorities, I will help you get this creep.

Jordon Dulguerian

11 hours ago

Hi Zayn can you please reply my comment because im the one of your solid fan please🙏🏻Zayn please because that is my wish🙏🏻
Love you,Zayn..😘

Jordon Dulguerian

11 hours ago

Bendito el gusano, de donde sacaron la seda para hacer la sabana que cubría el colchón, donde tus señores padres echaron pasión para crear a semejante hermosura así de sencilla, así de poética 😘❤

Emmanuel Boakye

20 hours ago

i love that look he looks like Zayn realy the original zayn and i love that 😍😍💦 ilove you Zayn and all the best and pleaze be the same pleazzze 😘😘

#OnThisDay 20APR1976 George appears unannounced with Monty Python at New York City Center.
#LumberjackSong #RCMP

Séverine Vauloup

5 hours ago

OMG brilliant find! Love this

Dawn Wilkie

5 hours ago

Everyone wants to be a lumberjack lol

Stephen Crouth

5 hours ago

Yahhh....the lumberjack song.......why can I now not get it out of my head.... Canada/Alaska tour memories.....oh ....and wateeeer..


“Passionate bright young thing...”

Today sees the release of the strictly limited, one run only, silver vinyl edition of Aladdin Sane. This pressing contains Ken Scott’s approved 2013 remaster and is released 45 years to the day since the original release date for the album (April 20th, 1973).

As mentioned previously, Aladdin Sane was thought to have been issued the week before on 13th April, 1973. However, we uncovered new evidence proving the release date was officially the 20th, but being Good Friday in the UK, the album was 'made available' on the 19th (see trade advert in montage).

Mainly on account of having received 100,000 pre-orders, the LP entered the UK chart at #1 on Saturday May 5th 1973. It retained the top spot for five weeks and stayed in the Top Ten for 27 weeks. Aladdin Sane peaked at #17 in America, making it Bowie's most successful album commercially in both countries to that date. It is estimated to have sold 4.6 million copies worldwide, making it one of Bowie’s biggest-selling LPs.

Aladdin Sane spawned two hit singles in the UK, The Jean Genie and Drive-In Saturday, which reached #2 and #3 respectively. Both preceded the album’s release.

The album cover features a red and blue lightning bolt across Bowie's face in a picture taken by Brian Duffy, with a full length shot adorning the inner gatefold. It’s regarded as one of the most iconic album sleeves of all time. Mick McCann writing in The Guardian described the image of Bowie as "the Mona Lisa of album covers".

In 2003, Aladdin Sane was ranked among six Bowie entries on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time.

This silver vinyl edition of Aladdin Sane will only be available to ‘bricks and mortar’ retail stores and not through on-line emporiums. The perfect warm-up for RSD 2018 on Saturday.

Go here for the full press release:


Upeksha Buddhi

5 hours ago

I bought it on its release day and there is still a copy in the car. The image is iconic and the album is a work of genius

Lisa Bond

5 hours ago

I was 16 when this his sixth studio album came out in 1973 and it remains one of my favourite Bowie albums but I
prefer his earlier Hunky Dory & The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust albums - the latter for me being his most groundbreaking

Cecilia Fernandes

13 hours ago

Hmv have it but not many there guys!

Thank you Hackney Empire for your participation in last night's Netflix record of #ReBirth - you made it special!

Amal Hajjem

6 hours ago

Can't wait to see Thank you

Tracy Robertson

6 hours ago

Sing, "Pet the Furry Wall"!!!! 😃😜😍😎

Jessie Tyo

6 hours ago

I really would like to see you in a remake of "Drop Dead Fred" ... Back when vhs was it and bitch was about all we got for swearing on tv!🤔😝

So happy to be back in the studio with @tobygadmusic writing with @angeltaylors 💗🧡💗 I first worked with Toby at 15 - we wrote/recorded band aid, broken arrow, nothing compares, dancing on my own and loads of others you haven’t heard 🧡💗🧡

Tom Hannon

7 hours ago

Yayaaaa excitingggg☀️🙌🎶✨💕 Hope you have fun Pix 💕

Shona Annabel McCallum

7 hours ago

Broken Arrow, amazing song 😘😊

Agnieszka Hariasz

7 hours ago

Looking great Pixie and that pool looks nice on a hot day like today.

I've got a lot of songs kicking about in the air, and there's also about two or three I've got at home. But I don't know whether to do 'em or not.
#quote #interview #hitparader

Jagpal Kainth

5 hours ago

IMHO George wrote the best Beatles song.... If I Needed Someone....

Teodoro Alejandro Barahona Moreda

5 hours ago

For you blue from the album let it be is and always has been my favorite song

Masato Aoki

5 hours ago

‘All things must Pass” and Living in the Material World “ the greatest most heartfelt soul music and albums EVER made .. love you George ! Hare Krishna.. Hare OM bhaiji!!!

21 days till my TOUR starts in GLASGOW! Sold out!! Got these glow sticks and all this merch I’m wearing and many other thangs made for you guys!! It’s about to be a PARTY!! 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫 EAT.SLEEP.ROARA.REPEAT #ROARA
That time I felt like I was on a chat show with the my head.

Jens Danielzik

4 hours ago

You're just so positive, Rita. Your pictures are so great. Roaro.

Kaylee Sosebee

4 hours ago

Have Fun dear, xxx

Nexhat Kelmendi

4 hours ago

good luck in your tour!!!! avici r.i.p. from argentina and an embrace to you dear rita.-

MY NEW GAME JOLTZ IS AVAILABLE ON THE APP STORE NOW! I’m following 100 of you who download now! Here:

Katie Balmer

7 hours ago

Awesome game #sorrybro #brofos

Rajdip Barman

7 hours ago

😭 I only have android ops

Real Pianist Singer Racer

7 hours ago

Does it show as planets on anyone else's?

We’re pleased to announce New Order will be performing at Incuyafestival 2018. For more information and ticket details head here : #Incuya

Claire Mc Guigan

5 hours ago

Jon Mohan dude, New Order is playing in your backyard

Eduardo Fiorda

5 hours ago

Cleveland during summer? 😰

Ozeias Dos Santos Costa

5 hours ago

Eric Barsness Jeff Potter

I have just found out that ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’ has sold 10 MILLION COPIES worldwide. My heart is crying right now. Thank you to every single person who has purchased and supported this song. I love you all so deeply xxxx

Jeff Latimer

3 hours ago

The words in this song relate to some one and what happen in there lives you are a true and emotional person that why every word to every song means so much to as all don't stop

Raj Suley

3 hours ago

Love this song! And loved hearing my 4year old sing it this morning, you are a huge hit in our family. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world 💕

Richard Briggs

3 hours ago

My fav 💕song on your second album 🎵Well Done an Congratulations your words in your songs touch so many people. Saw you in London Best time ive had for a long while. 😘😘😘

All the kitchen essentials: a tennis ball, a till, newspapers.

Agnieszka Kasia Bourgeois Wysocka

4 hours ago

Did all the rock stars in the 70s wear girls shirts? Robert Plant seemed to have a penchant for that as well..

Abdul Rehman Dahri

4 hours ago

Saw your show in Vancouver last week ROD.......we are the same age.and I am also a Brit...AMAZING EVENING....but that girls T-shirt does not suit you lol

Takahito Sugisaka

12 hours ago

He is still sexy love this handsome guy.

Carl Buron

5 hours ago

Like the song says, Oh yeah baby!

Rohit Singh

5 hours ago

That looks like some babbage green house shrubbery lol.

מיכה רוזנראוך

5 hours ago

You guys are doin' it wrong! I figured, of all people, you two would know...

Tour rehearsals complete, next stop the US!

Juliana Gutierrez

4 hours ago

Yeah i have been to a few shows here in maryland..i was on stage and got kissed too! I need to do this again!

Robert Đaransky

4 hours ago

Ah Sir Tom Jones ah would love to see him live....

Juliana Gutierrez

4 hours ago

Wish I was going to be able to see you in the States!

The European tour BEGINS 🚀 xx Stockholm that blew my mind. Thank you for singing your hearts out and coming away with me for the night xx I love you unconditionally. Photos from @jamesmsbarber

Olivier Garcia

3 hours ago

This photo is a beautiful photo of you ❤ #ineedyouasmybestfriend

Bertold Gleissle

7 hours ago

Thank YOU ❤️ You are a music genius ❤️

Robert Erb

11 hours ago

Such a beautiful soul, can't wait to see you and hear those amazing pipes.

The '90s ❤️ #TBT

José Antonio Gonzales Martínez

15 hours ago

Stacey Crane when they were right up there with my other heroes. Best boy band ever. Chris John❤️

Amer Alamour

a day ago

OMG priceless love photos they are the best thing ever! Look at you too those bloody EYES Mr Williams even then they kill me WOW xo

Caitlin Ja'Crispy Fearn

a day ago

What a throw back wicked probably got printed in a classic 90's magazine too and ended up on my wall massive fan keep the music alive both ace singer songwriters

All about the Logan Campbell centre tonight 🙂

Bruxs Sarasvati

21 hours ago

An hour and a half of work. I want your job.....🤔

Teten Cahyateja

21 hours ago

Is this for tomorrow??

Kathrin Lamprecht Reimann

21 hours ago

Marc Wren Sean Charlton look what we are missing

Awesome sold out show in L.A. Last night!

Check out our remaining dates:

20.04. Phoenix, AZ - The Van Buren
21.04. San Diego, CA - House of Blues
22.04. San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore

28.04. Jakarta, Indonesia - MS Hall

01.05. Tokyo, Ebisu Liquid Room
02.05. Osaka, Umeda Club Quattro
03.05. Aichi, Nagoya Club Quattro

05.05. Manila, Philippines - PULP SUMMER SLAM

09.05.Canberra, The Basement – 18+
10.05.Brisbane, The Triffid - 18+
11.05.Melbourne, 170 Russell – 18+
12.05. Sydney, The Metro Theatre – 18+
14.05. Perth, Capitol – 18+

01.06. Thessaloniki, Greece - Principal Club Theatre
02.06. Athens, Greece - Gagarin 205

10.06. Derby, UK -Download Festival
14 - 15.06. With Full Force -Gräfenhainichen, Germany Date we play TBC
10.08. Vagos, Portugal - Vagos Metal Fest


Otso Harju

4 hours ago

Come to NM damn it!!

Sàvõëūth Măk

4 hours ago


Solène Delorme

4 hours ago

Set list anyone ?

Get the exclusive version of 44/876 only at Target

Patrick Doyle

5 hours ago

You 're supposed to be a rocker. I hate this song.

Chanya Thananowan

5 hours ago

Caught the interview on CBC/Radio-Canada today! I liked how you talked about how you brought each other to new levels. Love you two together for sure.

John Rommel Octaviano

5 hours ago

loved every single track <3! are you enjoying your 4/20? 😂😂😂

It is a great honour to be performing for Her Majesty, tomorrow, live from the Royal Albert Hall 8pm on BBC One.

Shubham Vijan

4 hours ago

Wtg you, Sir. As usual HRH will have a ball. Same question as others has she ever thrown pants at you? Now I believe not but could imagine the Queen Mum in her time doing so, lol

Korina Zouganeli

4 hours ago

Congratulations Tom have a great night and I will see you at Chester racecourse in July can't wait xx

Lorne Clements

4 hours ago

Hello Tom,
I know how you feel about the Queen. I also have seen her give interviews where she speaks about how much she enjoys you and your performances. Have a wonderful time, whatever you sing will be a lovely present for the Queen. 🎤🍾
Love, Barbara

Yes to the dancing! #FlashbackFriday

Simon Harrison

4 hours ago

When I first heard this song, I couldn't not listen to it on repeat

Mélanie Soulard

4 hours ago

Andreea Drăgan do you know this singer ? <3

Cris Mercado

4 hours ago

One of my favorite videos and song. Most of Mika's catalog is happy sunshine wrapped in joy!

#OTD #1966, #TheBeatles were in Studio 2, Abbey Road, recording ‘And Your Bird Can Sing’ and ’Taxman’ ➿ “‘Taxman’ was great - it’s not a bad opening act for ‘Revolver’, is it?” - Ringo. ➿Listen:

Philip Moyse

6 hours ago

Love to you
She said she said
And your bird can sing
Good day sunshine
Tomorrow never knows
All my favourite stuff.
A superbly crafted album.

Luke Hessey-wall

6 hours ago

It was the last album where they played as a band. Sgt. Pepper is the dividing line between Rock and Roll and Rock - and turned the Beatles more into being music producers. From there I would argue most of their later songs were each taking a turn as the front man or trying to prove a new musically technical point. Still great music - but as a band, "tomorrow never knows' did show us the jump off point to where they were heading musically.

Keith Geldard

6 hours ago

I was 14 years old and had been saving my pocket money to raise the 32 shillings and sixpence to buy Revolver in the week of its release. One of the very first albums I bought as brand new. One of the greatest ten albums ever made.

Thanks Tu Casa TV Oficialfor the interview!

Nestor Aguirre Vitali

5 hours ago

Mis Amores que dios me los bendiga hoy y siempre, besos y abrazos i love you

Röxy Leppard

5 hours ago

I Love you IL DIVO
Soy su fan número 1

Malene Steen Nielsen Flagga

5 hours ago

Gracias il divo por uno de los momentos más extraordinarios de mi vida, son grandes y humildes a a la vez