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Fans shared about Depeche Mode

Gustavo Olimpio

2 minutes ago

I wonder why was Scum left out of the final tour setlist... Maybe they didn't like how it sounded in a live setting? It's such a highlight from Spirit, I wish I'd see them playing that song next year.

Kerim Muminovic

also shared about Depeche Mode

Would love to know how Scum has been played at this session. Even more I would love to hear that on the tour!!! Come on guys, there are still concerts left. 😘😘😘😘

Turtle and curtains.

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Going B2B with Eptic


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Fans shared about Oasis

Martin Fletcher

37 minutes ago

On this day a week earlier in 1993 I’d seen them live at Warwick University - Wish I had the set list for that gig, but will never forget staring out Liam from about 8 feet as I heard Live Forever for the first time & just uttered one word at the end of the first chorus - “Genius” - He nodded 😂

Jerome Blaha

also shared about Oasis

...always liked this tune, "Columbia"--(I always used to say that if I ever get a band together, I wanted it to sound like this tune...which is saying a lot, because I like a lot of songs)...

Fans shared about The Beatles

Colin Penny Wookey

an hour ago

SEVEN hits at the same time - including albums ... and this was in the days when we used to go out and buy real records ! Yes, they were that good !

Annie Mitchell Smith

also shared about The Beatles

My very first album but was called Meet the Beatles. My parents gave it to me for my birthday in 1966. I was 14. I still have all of their albums in vinyl

Linda Taglione

also shared about The Beatles

I saw the Beatles 3 times at 9 years of age dad slept in a sleeping get bag on Thornton Road Bradford to get 3 tickets...I still own this album

Just over 2 weeks until I see the New Year in at Epizode in Vietnam!! Who's heading over?

Fans shared about Gorillaz

Hayley Vecchio

an hour ago

You’re prices are so unfair to fans. Remember when you had us all pay for a fan club and you guys never gave us what you promised? Now you’re selling jackets for 300$?! I love you guys so much but this marketing/social media team is selling out my favorite band hardcore and it’s killing me.

Hayley Vecchio

also shared about Gorillaz

325$ Actually. Only way I would buy this is if this was a limited edition product. But you wouldn’t be able to know that because there marketing/social media team sucks with communicating to the fans.

Afsara Mehrin

also shared about Gorillaz

Oh my goodness!! That's terrible! $325 for one jacket!!?? 😱

Gorillaz merchandises weren't this expensive before!! What happened to this once glorious band?? :( Has the money become more important than the music? :'(

Cats vote for me in the Saturday Mash-Up Battle of the Bands! You might get to see my performance one last time this weekend on CBBC and BBC Two! #SaturdayMashUp 💛🎤

Fans shared about Alfred Hitchcock

Vernon Brown

11 minutes ago

I just watched this yesterday on my little DVD player and enjoyed it thoroughly even though I had already seen it 7 or 8 times!!

iiii]; )'

Fans shared about Paul McCartney

Michael Blease

3 hours ago

UDiscover- selling Paul’s color vinyl albums- are awful. Spent 100s Of dollars over a month ago and got nothing. No response from customer service. I am not the only one having this problem. Shame on Paul for letting them sell his music!

Luis Calderón

also shared about Paul McCartney

Nallely, ahí están los suéteres que quieres 🙊, con Wonderful Christmastime de fondo, la canción que te he repetido hasta el cansancio desde épocas no navideñas

Stefen Grace

also shared about Paul McCartney

Commercials again, to bad you can't help Yoko maintain Strawberry Fields or do something in the name of The Beatles. When I visited Liverpool you were not even liked as Yoko did it alone. Hopefully that has changed. You have made enough money Paul it's time to give back.

This year’s Christmas card? 😂

This moment says it all😬😝 my little baby's face when she saw she got her first real bike for her 4th birthday! (Ofcourse it's pink and has princesses all over it and tassels....) she brings me so much joy it's unreal. ❤️❤️ happy birthday to my baby.

Fans shared about Def Leppard

Mark Guess

3 hours ago

Numbers will skyrocket when the full catalog is available! (BTW, shouldn't "...And There Will be a Next Time, Live in Detroit" be up since it's newer?)

Pat Monacelli

also shared about Def Leppard

Would love to see you guys be able to work out a deal with Spotify/Mercury/whomever to get more of your classic studio stuff on Spotify.

Doreen Klose

also shared about Def Leppard

Thank you for the Fresno show, but I don't live there anymore. Please come to Raleigh, NC next year. Happy Christmas to you and yours and have a prosperous 2018, my favourite band.

Fans shared about Sam Smith

hi sam that is certainly a strange way for an umbrella to be! its sideways! sideways like the cars in the fast and the furious the tokyo drift! did you know that the guys who played the fishermen in the training montage actually invented the art of drifting? i did, but only because i looked it up on imdb, which i think stands for Internet Movies, DumBo. its a bit offensive but their website is full of information about tokyo and the drifting thereof

Jürgen Helgert

also shared about Sam Smith

I'm singing in the rain
Yes, singing in the rain
What a glorious feeling
I'm happy again

I'm laughing at clouds
So dark up above
The sun's in my heart
And I'm ready for love..........

Sherry Faria

also shared about Sam Smith

O sam look at you so hot and handsome rain rain go away what kind of umbrella is that or should i say that wind it ant going to work rain rain go away come agaim another day i wish i was there w you and wheres your smile y have a handsome smile love the pic you look ao hot love you keep the music coming love you 🎹💋😘🎤😘💋💙💜🎹🎤💋😘🎶🎤💙💚🎹🎶

Fans shared about Russell Brand

Kim Bennett

2 hours ago

I was 15 years sober, November 29th. We're sobriety siblings 🙂
Nice one and thanks for all you do. The 12 step programme not only saved my life but is the best distillation of spiritual teachings I've ever found. Practise Zen meditation now. Another life- changer 🙂

Jeremy Nuckols

also shared about Russell Brand

The worst part about addiction is that it not only destroys the person that is addicted, it also destroys everyone that is close to them. Only advice I can give you is to let her go. Do not try to save her. You will only enable her and continue this cycle of addiction. Tell her you love her and if she ever wants to be free you will be there for her. And then do your best to move on with your life. Only she can save herself, there is nothing you can do. I know this is very hard, I put my family through similar situations, Just know that there is hope out there. If she wants it bad enough one day she will be free

Charlie Larby

also shared about Russell Brand

Amazing you really are an inspiration! My husband was 9 yrs clean but sadly slipped back into addiction 😔 a year ago we split because of it but I will always be there for him I hope with all my heart he finds the strength to fight it again for the sake of our 4 beautiful children.

Fans shared about Scott Adkins

La Tonya Hamilton

10 minutes ago

You're kicks are amazingly flawless. You make them look so natural in even the most unnatural of kicks. I won't be happy until you're a mainstream action hero in the states. They really need to stop TRYING to hide you in the background with supporting roles. We need a action movie STARRING Scott Adkins.

Gilbert Yegon

also shared about Scott Adkins

Scott,if you don't mind,can you do two-fingered pushups?And if you many can you do at a go?
Otherwise keep it up brother!

Fans shared about Bastille

Carina Hikaru B

2 hours ago

God! I've been asking for a record with string versions of your songs for years. Please, for those of us who have no chance to be at one of these performances, do a live streaming or better yet, record it and release it.

Heather GrØjean

also shared about Bastille

I do hope this is coming to the US at some daughter missed the concert we had tix to last year due to sudden ice and being stuck on the Interstate for 9 hours due to wrecks :(. It would be so great to be able to try again, and in this format, she would be ecstatic!!!

Kathleen Hüllen

also shared about Bastille

Verønica Wisely
Nowwww can I fit a trip to London into my 2018 budget...
Ugh I wish they would just bring this to philly ❤️😭

Studio joy and comprehension @ronanpark

Fans shared about Black Sabbath

David Richter

3 hours ago

The greatest ever LIVE band: KISS!! And the greatest ever band PERIOD: Black Sabbath!! What's not to like? By the way I saw KISS in May and it was incredible!!

Robby Dodero

also shared about Black Sabbath

J Michael Harris it would be cool if your 18 wheeler could go back in time for the day huh ??? hahahaha what a Show this would be brother !!!

David Richter

also shared about Black Sabbath

Jaime Antonio Hidalgo Recabarren maybe when Pete Townsend was young and Keith Moon was alive but that was nearly 40 yrs ago!! KISS still do it RIGHT NOW. Fact. I've seen it with my own eyes. Go and see them soon before Paul Stanley retires.

Get yourself some #Who #Christmas vinyl for under £10 from #TheWhoStore while stocks last. #TheWhoByNumbers #FaceDances #ItsHard #MyGeneration #AQuickOne and #WhoAreYou. We’d call those a #bargain – the best you’ll ever have! And here’s the all-important link

Are you travelling for the holidays? Are you going to visit family and friends? Where are you going? Will Mika be on your holiday playlist?! <3 :)


Fans shared about Ricky Gervais

Oisin Cregan

5 hours ago

This might be seen as poking fun but I think that Ricky admires her for being at peace and comfortable on her own. Something he might find difficult himself.

Mark Wyatt

also shared about Ricky Gervais

We all know she has no friends but why tho does Jane not have a single friend ? Why dont you buy her a puppy , she may just not be a cat person , did you consider that ? BTW , wheres your friend the cat ?

Nicki Giroux

also shared about Ricky Gervais

This really is a fine shot for its own sake. You should do the black & white daily challenge going around. If someone reading this is doing the challenge, put RG’s name in the blank!

Behind the scenes look at my shoot with GQ Portugal. They cut the bit with my triple somersault 😉 #gqmoty2017

Fans shared about Depeche Mode

Arturo Moreno

6 hours ago

Nice to meet you im fan frío 80s andar I remember listen by first time "if you wan" ofrece some grest reward, that song's Was amazing

Follow LILY ALLEN - SINGLES playlist on Spotify
👉 👈


This girl @unbeweavablehair_ gives me hair goals 😻😩

Very cool time-lapse from the Berlin Show. Thank you Thomas Kalscheid

Fans shared about Ed Sheeran

Fiona Winston

6 hours ago

This song can never be covered. The original songs is why it stood the test of time and will continue to do so. I love ed but even he will admit nothing could compare to the original.

Mary Birch

also shared about Ed Sheeran

I am a huge fan, but l really don't like the lyric changes. Anne Marie has a nice voice but it doesn't work on this. Some songs are too good to be covered and this is one of them. Similar with the covers of Band Aid.

Amanda Lyons Balding

also shared about Ed Sheeran

Wtf has happened to the lyrics? What is a cheap nasty flagged??? I know the original is not political correct but this is a tune that should not be covered. Sorry Ed.

Fans shared about Sami Yusuf

Shazia Khanam

7 hours ago

That's amazing.... I'm already missing Barakah... thank U fr sharing Ya-Hyyu Ya-Qayyum.... I reeli need to go through the entire album on daily basis..inshaAllah .... thank U so much❤🌹

Fans shared about Moody Blues

Andrea Lauren

6 hours ago

My dad lamented every day that it was a travesty that they were not in the Hall. He would be so happy today! Took me to many of their concerts, the first when I was only 8 years old.

Kathryn Ridinger Clement

also shared about Moody Blues

Good Lord that's the poster i had up in our conference room @ Warner Bros Elektra and Atlantic records... When Ron Wood walked in .. he could not believe it was bigger than their posters... ! THE VERY BEST AND MUCH DESERVING.... fan since 1970... my first concert in Phila Dion, Van Morrison & Moodies...

Lesley Potts Hibbert

also shared about Moody Blues

Yay. Well deserved. Their music has always been in my heart. It touches me every time I listen to it. My absolute favourite of all time. Well done Moody Blues! 💝

Fans shared about Duran Duran

Depeched Duran

5 hours ago

Duran turned depeche mode that was a big surprise and i loved it though lots of fans were simply not ready for that kinda set.

Fans shared about Sam Smith

Angela Hodges

8 hours ago

Sam, the lyrics to ALL the music you sing is so heart-felt that they have become our teachers even if we haven't been living a similar life as you. People may consider you a geek of LOVE by the way you look, but who cares all that matters is what you express from within. Damn, I know I'm a geek of LOVE because at 49 I'm waving my arms in the air and singing to my computer and/or T.V. every time I'm watching you sing!!! I LOVE YOU and YOUR MUSIC SAM!!❤️🎤😘

Sam Smith

also shared about Sam Smith

good luck sam even though you won't need it on account of being sam smith also i am ready for the fast and the furious the tokyo drift 2 because i feel it deserves a full sequel. yes there was that sequence with sean in fast 7 but you know what i mean i want more antics with sean. and cars. and lil bow wow. who might actually be taller than me. so just regular sized bow wow. its all relative.

Fans shared about Ed Sheeran

Kerry Kenealy

8 hours ago

Ash Kenealy
Sarah McLellan
Sarah Cox

Anything with footprints
Christmas always reminds me of jay and emma. It was there time of year ❤

Fernando Briones Gallegos

also shared about Ed Sheeran

Yeaaaaa, jamie's álbum happy accidents is so feeling and so underrated, he deserves more followers 😿This is one of mi favs
Thank u edy

Olcay Zırhlı

also shared about Ed Sheeran

Hmm sound good.But you are the ONE ED!Omg how ı love you little gingie.When ı hear your songs(your voice)ı forget everything.I love you darling stay with love.❤😚😙😚🎶❤❤❤❤ ❤🎶

2017 has been Spencer Brown's year. Love his progressive 'Northern Soul' take, add it on Spotify now.

ReOrchestrated Tour // On sale Friday

Fans shared about Jamiroquai

Liliana Chittaro

4 hours ago

Welcome back Jay and Jamiroquai staff! We are so happy to have you again between us! !! We absolutely love you! !! The show it's gonna be a party tomorrow 😉🎩💖😘🔥🔥🔥🔥

Patricia Silva-Flores

also shared about Jamiroquai

So so so excited!!!!! I haven't been able to see you previously in Chile due to many factors, but finally on Saturday my dream will come true!!! Big fan since I was 12 years old! Now I am 33 😅
Looking forward for Saturday in Chile 🇨🇱 😬😬😬😬

Nariet Sy

also shared about Jamiroquai

Alejandro Sanchez Bryan Costanzo imagine running into Jay at the airport with a 3 hr layover. We'd go broke getting drunk with em lol

Fans shared about The Smiths

Jamie Irwin

5 hours ago

Good choice, might be my favourite too. This, Bigmouth Strikes Again and The Boy with the Thorn in his Side is one of the best 3 track runs in album history. Every track on the album is incredible though

Julius Malaza

also shared about The Smiths

Me either, it’s just hard to choose one as my favorite because all songs are brilliant. The poetry, the story, the melody, and the music itself are superb! While typing this my ears are on a high with “There’s a light that never goes out.” 😘 The Smiths!

GarryJames Chivers

also shared about The Smiths

Here it is, back in the 80's when I had every vinyl EP & LP I had my favourites and might skip tracks. Today I play in full and enjoy every song the same,. maybe now I release just how much of a genius they all were. I believe Johnny without doubt was number guitar song writer in the UK for the whole 80's.

NMTB 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition. 4 disc set. Out now!

Fans shared about The Prodigy

Louis Swan

5 hours ago

Noah Jaffray tagging you again cos its starting to piss me off how they're at all these European festivals but don't book a decent venue in London

We're pleased to announce that we will be returning to our home city of Bath in May 2018. We have a massive six months ahead, and this just tops it off beautifully. Coming home to play in the city where it all started for us 37 years ago on the Rec for the finale weekend of the 70th anniversary of the Bath Festivals is a perfect way to round off the tour. We can’t wait.

Tickets on-sale friday at 9 AM.

See you next year 🇳🇱
Tickets on sale this Friday
We’re coming back Hellfest Open Air Festival!!

Fans shared about Queen

Howell Glyn Jones

9 hours ago

What’s the point of this when QAL are plodding out the hits too? Queen B may as well play the cuts as the first team can’t be arsed

iiii]; )'

I GOT IT FT Brooke Candy CupcakKe AND Pabllo Vittar OUT NOW! PRODUCED BY A. G. Cook ⭐

Had a blast yesterday with Chris Evans on his breakfast show! Who’s exited for the finals? Xx

Something Christmassy is coming soon for you guys 😉. Shhhh! /// What are you hoping to get for Christmas? /// Follow my profile on Kewe. Download Kewe for free at My usename is @ Jacob.