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Fans shared about Elton John

Rafael Mestre

an hour ago

Much talk about their friendship, but Elton has forgotten to issue Snow Queen on a remastered version on cd. That would’ve been a real diamond in the collection set. Pity.

Marie Kateland

also shared about Elton John

Excalty my eyes have been opened and iam on a mission to end #BehindClosedDoorShame if we can get enough people to share this hashtag then Domestic violence suffers and survivors will stopped feeling ashamed

A Tsunami of Trauma this song is very important to me Cause I feel a need for me to speak out about my experience with my father to not only about the home environment but to also say that just cause a parent may have a job that requires them to Follow a law in public there image on the outside may be clear but behind closed doors it doesn't mean they are Law followers and Caring at home as a father
Yes iam writing one tonight I don't want anyone to be fooled by the clean image of a uniform what's more important to me is what happens behind closed doors

Hello. A Tsunami of Trauma this song is very important to me Cause I feel a need for me to speak out about my experience with my father to not only about the home environment but to also say that just cause a parent may have a job that requires them to Follow a law in public there image on the outside may be clear but behind closed doors it doesn't mean they are Law followers and Caring at home as a father
Yes iam writing one tonight I don't want anyone to be fooled by the clean image of a uniform what's more important to me is what happens behind closed doors

Marie Kateland

also shared about Elton John

Hello Elton John how are you I have been a huge fan of yours for a long time your music got me through my domestic violence experience iam in perth Western Australia 🇦🇺

YOUTH. Out now. What's your favourite track?

Fans shared about Paul McCartney

Fernando Paz

an hour ago

Goiânia, Brazil, this Serra Dourada Stadium is rounded by parks and trees. At that night Harold and his friends were attracted to the stage because of the lights and, off course, the good music. But they ran away when Paul played Live and Let Die. "Harold, say hello to the people." That was such a hot and beautiful night.

Jannean Arkinstall

also shared about Paul McCartney

Well...this happened to me as I was shopping for groceries...and I had to carefully go to the checkout and pay and the lady was looking at me like I was mad...I said 'Listening I can't leave this one in the store...I need to take him outside to a tree..... so I did. Happy Days <3

Elaine Everest

also shared about Paul McCartney

Saw Sir Paul 3times in the past year. He was AMAZING.
Never missed a beat. And as soon as he is back in the southern U.S., I will see him again.

Fans shared about Bee Gees

Vesper Sieras

2 hours ago

Islands in the stream, that is what we one in between, how can we be wrong.Sail away with me to another world and we'll rely on each other, ah ah ah

Wayne Killick

also shared about Bee Gees

The Bee Gees wrote Islands In The Stream and then I believe Dolly and Kenny covered it in the 1980's. It is one of my favourite songs.

Anywhere. Out Tomorrow.

Fans shared about Black Sabbath

Jochen Miescke

an hour ago

One of my biggest gig-moments was, when Black Sabbath opened their Munich show 2014 .... the sirens started screaming and the opener was Warpigs! ..... This happening in a place where 80 years ago Hitler reigned and the SS was parading was just a gigantic moment, I still get goosebumps! ... It was a friday 13 and the weather was fantastic too!! WHAT A GIG! \m/ :-)

Brian Rittmer

also shared about Black Sabbath

Might be one of the best songs ever. Led Zeppelin‘s Kashmir might be better but only when I’m not in a destructive mood.

Fans shared about Professor Green

Louise Gillespie

3 hours ago

I don't know what's happened, but your a legend!, you have a beautiful soul, and are a good person always putting yourself before others and always trying to help people, but either way keep doing you, let the haters hate XxXx

Fans shared about Slash

Rob Mazurek

an hour ago

Looks like the Slash imposter with the Top Hat is going to get the chick whos so happy and excited...and well the dude in the backround is obviously shocked and green with envy

A massive thanks to BBC Radio 1 for making 'Personal' track of the week 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

Fans shared about The Vamps

Maridelle Jaro

an hour ago

Im so excited for tommorow but we have connection problem so i cant watch it😢😢... im so happy for you guys where always here to support you❤

LP 5 burn me alive 🙏

The blu-ray of "From Here To inFinite" comes with audio commentary by Deep Purple watching the movie for the first time as a bonus. It's almost like you're watching the movie together with the band!
Enjoy a few of the highlights!

Pre-order "From Here To inFinite", out November 3rd:

//Deep Purple Webteam

Thanks Mixmag for giving us 'Tune of the month'!

Colima is out now on Punks Music! #GoGet

'Deadcrush' live acoustic. Courtesy of La Blogothèque - Check out the full video on their YouTube channel -

Fans shared about Russell Brand

Rosalind Nairn

an hour ago

rus sorry i cant be more of a lady but i have petrol fumes for breakfast,i get hammered at lunch and i rake the bins at supper so im afraid its not

Ruth Brook

also shared about Russell Brand

And now you go to da hudd. I guess you heard I'd moved out and it was safe for you to go now. great work. Keep it up xx

Lewis Reynolds

also shared about Russell Brand

Came to your show in Leeds on Tuesday was absolutely class!

Come to the best/oldest shop in Huddersfield...

C.Booth & Son
13 Cross Church Street


Fans shared about Judas Priest

Jimi Hodge Jr.

4 hours ago

Why is it these older bands that shaped so much of the music of today have taken so long to be inducted. I don't think the board is really listening.

Frank Zwettler

also shared about Judas Priest

Priest getting into the rock and rap country hall of fame does not open the door for anything. As Tipton said. "Who picks who goes in God and some guy"?

James Oneal Brown

also shared about Judas Priest

Judas Priest is not for the "dull minded" or "i get scared easily & squirt pp in my underwear types" ... Thats why it is going to be a challenge for the Metal Gods to win ... \m/

Fans shared about Iron Maiden

Richard Jirinec

4 hours ago

Pre-ordered on Amazon in July. Just saw the release is Halloween here in the US? Can anyone confirm this? Otherwise I'll just go to the bookstore tomorrow.

Julia Hadjiconstanti

also shared about Iron Maiden

Getting mine when we go to the book signing next week... hope they will have the cool black 'stuff' around the edge of the pages

Hey Everybody! My name is Amanda and I'm a photographer/video editor. I have my parents to blame for my love for Depeche Mode + being born the year of Violator! Although I always loved their music, it wasn't until recent years I transformed from casual fan to full blown devotee. What did the trick? Stumbling upon 101 on youtube..there was no turning back!

My posts will be of firsts: My first time to the Rose Bowl to watch 101 with fellow fans, buying my first record player, and my first Depeche Mode concert @ the hollywood bowl's record breaking 4th night! Also joining- my son in my belly!

posted by:

Amanda Empting-los angeles / CA

Fans shared about Sarah Brightman

Shimada Akira

3 hours ago

This was the second time which you sang on the Olympic.
First was Barcelona and Second was Beijing.
i hope next Tokyo 2020.

‪Soundcheck at Red Rocks #WildWildWorldTour ‬ (📷: Gregory Nolan)

Nuclear Blast are running a selfie competition to win 30 Nuclear Blast CDs of your choice! All you have to do is take a selfie of yourself with your favourite NB release from the last 30 years and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #NuclearBlast30th.

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Like honestly what could of possibly been THAT funny?? lol check us lads out on Jonathan Ross Saturday 10.20pm on ITV! I’ll also be performing my brand new single ANYWHERE which comes out tomorrow! Oh my gawd I’m excited! Link in my bio!

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Fans shared about Luke Evans

Valentina Leal

4 hours ago

Haha! ^^ it depends in what arrondissement you are! I'd like to say, according to this picture you are not far from 'place De Mexico' in the 16th arr. ;-)

Suk-man Brenda Lee

also shared about Luke Evans

Great shot! Me too, love Paris! Thanks for your regular posts :) Always love to see what you're up to out and about doing such interesting stuff! Love you!

Катерина Бусахина

also shared about Luke Evans

What a beauty!! 😍❤️I've never been there ... Luke, I wish you a good day and happy impressions! Thank you for sharing with us Paris!😘 Such a romantic place!!

Anywhere. Out Tomorrow.

Fans shared about Queen

Hagit Bernstein

7 hours ago

Perfect vocalist, so much emotion and attention to every word.
Just like he took care to his own songs, with every melody and lyric.
A great lost to the Music world

Straight from the mouths of the Sex Pistols #BollockDiaries 40th anniversary edition

Fans shared about Blue

Priscilla Kerkhof

4 hours ago

The book didn't come today so instead I'm listening to the audiobook and I'm sure it's ten times better. You can hear the intonation how everything was meant to come across. Love it! ❤️

Sabīne Rusmane

also shared about Blue

Dear lads, it will be my greatest joy and pleasure to read this book. I have preordered my copy, and I hope I will receive it soon with delivery to Latvia. I am so proud of you as musicians and as people in general. Thank you for being you all the way! One love and all rise from Riga, Latvia! <3
P.s. I still live in the precious memories of the show you gave here in Latvia back at the end of August! Thank you! :)

Ivan Remtoula

also shared about Blue

I've been a proud fan of urs since the beginning. Thank u for sharing ur stories and ur music with us, it really means a lot 😀
Much love from France 💙💙💙💙

Fans shared about Russell Brand

Rosalind Nairn

7 hours ago

rus you look like a seven year old thats wearing his giant grandads shades and your about to collapse under the weight of them.ha ha ha.babies dont wear shades sweetie pie love razee xxx

Fans shared about Robbie Williams

Philippa Murphy

7 hours ago

We almost called him Will after you but I knew he would become known as my little Willie in training classes so we changed it to Freddy 😂

Freddy is a miniature schnauzer at 12 weeks.

Simone Mangel

also shared about Robbie Williams

OMG 💕💕💕😍 I looks so damn gorgeous !! Is this your new puppy ? So welcome to the family. He will be a backstage dog, but life could be worse than living in your family ...

Julie Bush

also shared about Robbie Williams

Why are people saying it’s Robs new puppy!! You can clearly see it’s an old photo. Plus the lack of tattoos are a clue......and people call themselves fans 🤷🏼‍♀️



🔥💯 I love this work 💯🔥

Gman - Crooked since 73

iiii]; )'

Life on tour contains a lot of little moments, which we're fortunate enough to have captured by our tour manager and band photographer, Robin. Here are some of our favorites of ourselves and DM from up close before, during and in-between shows.

Posted by:
Photos: Robin Laananen ( instagram: robinlaananen)

Driving to tonight's final show at the Hollywood Bowl with Jenny and Stella. Here's a quick impromptu interview about getting to remix Depeche Mode's "Cover Me".

You can listen to our version of the song here:

Posted by:

Fans shared about Def Leppard

Kellie Trentham

17 hours ago

Awesome thank you for sharing everyone of these episodes with all of us!! I really love to hear all the different stories that all of you guys have that you have shared and you are so very right about life because we all have stories that we can tell in our own lives. There is a lot of Joy in life but everyone goes through lots of bad stuff too in their lives that really does humble us all. Thanks again for sharing this!! OH awesome playing on your guitar as always!! I hope that you and your beautiful wife are doing great and having a great time off for a little while. 😊 So Take care & God bless

Katerina Treleaven

also shared about Def Leppard

You look and sound sensational and your messages are always so pro, dazzling and delightful, thank you for expressing yourself about that and for your commitment to Def Leppard . <3 Peace and Love Always <3

Fans shared about George Michael

Adam Birch

17 hours ago

This brings it up to date for release and keeps it current and new.. after seeing his film on Monday I think he would have loved this version.. keeping the music alive and bringing it to a new younger audience.. still so sad at his passing but as a life long fan im pleased that his music is still being heard .. I bet this is smashing it in clubs everywhere...

Karen Elizabeth

also shared about George Michael

It's George Michael and that's all that matters, hearing him and seeing him is fabulous, may his music be heard for many more years 💕💕💕💕💕💕

Adele McGovern

also shared about George Michael

Thank you for giving me something to watch whilst listening to the song. I love the remix. It's so funky and to watch George dancing, twirling and bouncing around full of energy just makes it for me.
Super editing in the video 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Fans shared about Gareth Emery

Zeus Kottis

17 hours ago

Can you please tell me what time you be at Lavo? my flight from Toronto to New York City is at midnight will i have enough time to see you??? thank you

They're Back!Pre-Order "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" 8LP Box Set and "American Landing: The Jimi Hendrix Experience Live At Monterey Pop" on DVD or Blu-ray from popmarket.Available 10/27!

#DealOfTheDay #JimiHendrix #Vinyl #PreOrder #AreYouExperienced

Fans shared about Duran Duran

Ryan Hunter

17 hours ago

Big Thing is a totally underappreciated album! Although it may not have achieved the commercial success of "Rio" or "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" I think this album stands up on its own, and I can always dust this record off and enjoy it today :)

Dian Widjaja

also shared about Duran Duran

I always wondered why "Three to Get Ready" never get released to DVD or hell, even Blu-Ray if needed. It's a really great documentary and truly gives us, the fans- glimpses of what the band do in daily lives and preparation for tour. The deep friendship between them, we could see it clearly. "Three to Get Ready" is PRICELESS, truly! :)))

Marilia Canedo

also shared about Duran Duran


Awesome to get a tour of the @montgomerydistillery today. Thanks Chad!

Atlanta!! So wonderful to see you again, thank you for being so kind and so welcoming. Big love 💕xx The xx #ISeeYoutour