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Happy Birthday Joey!
From all of us, have a good one!

Sara Idrisi

6 hours ago

Have a GREAT Birthday Joey 🎂🎂🥂🥂😚xoxo

MiChal Waldberg

6 hours ago

Happy birthday Joey from Holland

Veronica Frögren Runnberg

6 hours ago

Happy birthday Joey

Excuse me 👋

Vicente Cohetero

30 minutes ago

looks lonely without my tongue stuck up it...

James Bendera

30 minutes ago

I support woman empowerment! feel free to go topless

Twaikya Faith

30 minutes ago

sexy in this picture and in this outfit.

Getting ready 💅💅💅💅

Rodrigo Gauna

13 hours ago

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Sławomir Warmbier

21 hours ago

I've sincerely been looking for a lovely girl to meet here and that might lead to serious relationship. I'll be waiting for the right person.

I’ll carry your flag as I march through my Kingdom!

Diane Kaulitz Biersack

12 hours ago

I love you.

Julian Hütter

16 hours ago

I really love him but he looks like a PUBG player in Trench coat. (Especially those bots, you know.) 😂😂

Emmanuel Baltazar Mena

a day ago

Let's go Boss, i'm ready !

Not that long ago in the heart of Europe. /P.

Pablo Videla M

13 hours ago

Marie for ever! ! !

P-a Holmström

13 hours ago

Rehearsing for Nokia Night of the Proms - this is quite a while ago..! This was the last time I saw Marie (I saw one of the concerts and she came out to the fans after the concert). I wonder how she’s doing today.

Maroy Mass Vegas

13 hours ago

One of the most beutiful and saddest song in the world❤️

Sound check 1, 2, 1, 2 🚨

Bryan Roodbol

a few seconds ago

Paulo Rafael Correa LOOK MAN

Tony Wenngren

a day ago

You are my saviors 💖💖

Norrland at night.
With two of my best friends from when I was 13 years old in northern Sweden. Love these guys! ❤️👊

Mariano Casas

4 hours ago

Looks like a submarine to me, but it is beautiful!

Claused Brown

4 hours ago

Is that van damme doing the splits?

Renata Alves

4 hours ago

Hi Mr Lundgren,when will you come to Transilvania?

This guy likes to talk...sometimes.... /P.

Luca Silvestri

9 hours ago

That is an awesome interview. It's cool to get to know you Per. You are an amazing and talented Artist. I love your music... yeah I am that person that listens to you music almost every day. Seriously
What you do???"
God gave you a talent, it blows me away how many songs you've wrote... just crazy. And you keep writing??? Love It!
It's cool to get to know WHO you are... who the person I've listened to ever since I was a teenager.

Ingrid Oropeza

13 hours ago

Is it just me... Every interview with Per he likes to shut down the questions about Marie Quickly... The question regarding him helping her with music, his whole deminor changed. And too the point answers. I have noticed he likes to talk in interviews because he knows the business, but I can't help feeling that there is something we are missing.

Leo Rehnström

13 hours ago

Can listen and watch to you for hours! Thanks again for doing it YOUR way Per! Very happy to see you live again, this time in Zurich! Can‘t wait! All the best from Innsbruck. 😊

Low key wearing a cape under my clothes so I can feel like a superhero for a day.

Urrke Thunman

5 hours ago

Even without the cape you‘re a hero to us ❤️

Brandon Harrist

16 hours ago

If you're on fire now, I hope you're soon in the Swedish mafia house.

Hugor Swako

16 hours ago

fire fire more more fire steveis cool

Stefano Brambilla

16 hours ago

u da Man

Lots of truths. Interesting. /P.

Γιώργος Πλατσης

9 hours ago

No good Photo...

Dan Tomene

13 hours ago

Because your swedish! 👍🏻
Would be great to hear one or two songs in swedish on the Per’s Roxette tour! Because they‘re all your songs and i bet the fans want to hear that songs! 😊
Anyway, i‘m very happy to see you live again here in europe! 😊
I love all of your records, no matter if they‘re the old ones or the new ones! I love your guitar stuff and the electronic way! The melodies and lyrics are the real „gamechangers“!

Shannon Pace

13 hours ago

Bra intervju! Du blir mer och mer öppen med åren, märks även på mellansnacken! 😊👍

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Bernhard Schmid

16 hours ago

Putain c'est chère !

Cristian Valentin Antipa

16 hours ago

Bill Grabon i want that lunch box!

Anthony Glynn

a day ago

It was perfect!!!! Love You!!!! 😚

Thank you Elbriot Festival!

#archenemy #elbriot #willtopower #willtopowertour #hamburg #germany

Michales Koutsoudis

2 hours ago

Ich fand es okay. Aber was wirklich genervt hat war das ständige runter gehen von der Bühne nach jedem Song. Was soll das? Mir war das Ganze zu durch choreographiert und der Kontakt zum Zuschauer wirkte sehr aufgesetzt. Das sage ich als Arch Enemy Fan seit dem 1. Album. 🤘🏻

Linus Lind

5 hours ago

This was so awesome <3 erste reihe *_*

Rodrigo Gauna

5 hours ago

Schwache show und eines Headliners nicht würdig. Sorry hatte mehr erwartet.

Family Time in Waterloo, Belgium ✌🏽