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A beautiful Sunday with heavenly tasty food and beautiful conversations...leading us into deep understandings of our journey knowing our true self is what will bring out the best in everything🕊. Photo credit: my love Toranj Kayvon

Vilma Kováčiková

3 hours ago

So beautiful pic my dear

Yonathan Jara

3 hours ago

Superb 👌👌from #PAKISTAN.

Frederick Douteau

3 hours ago

Elli AvrRam World: Love your eyes a lot they are so beautiful. 😍😍❤️🙏

Fucking love my new guitar! First one to guess Make and Model gets a SKOLD pic or 2. Go!

Leparz Parvez

a day ago

So I went about finding the make and model a bit different, I grabbed the photo locally and was able to scrape some of the meta data that facebook leaves behind. this gave me a location where the photo was taken. I then just google searched for the closet guitar store (making an assumption jump). then I called up that store, said i was doing a paper for class and she gave me the last five guitars sold. just kidding... I'll say a Gibson Firebird.

Ingotog Rafie

a day ago

Eastwood RD Artist

Mark Juergens

a day ago

Looking beautiful 🖤love you tim 🔫🔫🎸🎸👄

Gilbert Martens

10 hours ago

SHM is coming back I feel it

Christine Fessl

10 hours ago

Steve Angello shared the same photo yesterday!! It will be possible???!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱

Lina Mollai

18 hours ago

Andrew Guy 3 Stockholm's, 3 DJ's in SHM.... 🤔

Jessica Henrique

an hour ago

Ikea House Mafia reunited

Lena-Maria Blom

an hour ago

Marlène Chanavat swedish house mafiaaaaaaaaa 😍😍😍😍

Bôn Trần

an hour ago

On my birthday!! Thx u guys 🎂

Thank you Salvatore and Amsterdam for an awesome party! #salvatoreganacci #amsterdamdanceevent big love ❤

Stefka Yaneva

19 hours ago

Masterpiece is AWESOME! 👊🎧

Johanna Schi

19 hours ago


Harmon Kolas

19 hours ago

NICE NEW TRACK! GJ at Masterpiece

Sentimental Sunday. An ultra rare item! Who got one of the first Backyard Babies edition touchscreen Neonode smartphones back in 2009? It came with the new album, bonustrack, video and never before published photos. That WAS high tech back then. 😅✖️♥️

Angel Marells

16 hours ago

What’s the bonus track??

So happy for KIMI after the victory at the US F1-race! What a driver, what a champ!!! Will be missed at Ferrari next year! /P.

Amos Muiruri

4 hours ago

Great that he won, but sad he's not staying with Ferrari. Love those Ferrari cars.

Matteo Zanaboni

4 hours ago

Hmm, what about MotoGP? MM93 & AD04 ... with so many overtakings in just ONE (!) round - this is real Motorsport! 😁😉

Wyne Barba

4 hours ago

For sure! The deutsch is a loser!

Monday. ✖️♥️

In action in Zurich. Pic by Anders Roos. See y'all in Warsaw tonite. /P.

I Love Per ♥️

Mia Fransson

20 hours ago

Been in love with his voice since I was 4 years old, he was my 16 year old self's pin up 😍 not a hundred per cent sure if he isn't now...he just made my evening on Monday 😊💕

Sara Idrisi

20 hours ago

The show was brilliant💖,
please come back to Switzerland!
🇨🇭 🎤🎸🥁🎻🎹🕺💃

H-Town!! Epic evening at Spire Houston 🎉🙌🏼🎶

Jurek Winnicki

9 hours ago

Galantis Que pasó en la dj mag? 🙁 deberían de estar ahí. 🇲🇽

Victor Vazquez

9 hours ago

Y ni llegaron a los 100djs😬😬😬galantis!!!!!

Great pic by Anders Roos from Zurich. See ya tonite in Warsaw! /P.

Ketura Thompson

20 hours ago

I will look for all the pictures and videos afterwards.

Giorgos Loizou

20 hours ago

All the best in Poland.

Flo Brooklyn Michel

20 hours ago

Super. Happy for Per and his team.