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Fans shared about Alesso

Jonathan Enger

4 minutes ago

Vi behöver den gamla Alesso tillbaks med låtar som calling (lose my mind), years och under control. Den Alesso som körde progressiv house som påminde oss om Swedish House Mafia

Fans shared about Eric Prydz

Casey Donaldson

14 minutes ago

Dan Sharpe if this is happening in Miami when you're in Miami and you don't go, I can't be your friend anymore

Nick Rupert

also shared about Eric Prydz

Beyer & Prydz in MIA for Ultra Music Festival.... Chady Gill we need to show Blair McGauchie how to light it up in magic city

Kate Sasse

also shared about Eric Prydz

Claire Songkakul word on the street this is in Miami! 😱😱 but looks like it would fall on Saturday of Ultra if it is...maybe i'll run it by ROGER..roooogggeeerrrr 😂😂

Lyssna på vår tolkning av Sven-Ingvars "Sommar och sol" <3

Vive la France! It's gonna be a "soirée en sueur" for me. Both The Hellacopters AND Backyard Babies are confirmed for Hellfest in France! ✖️♥️🇫🇷

Björn speaks at the press conference. Tomorrow ABBA Super Troupers Exhibition opens in London. #ABBASuperTroupers

#TeamHelena #TheVoiceGR #SkaiTV #SemiFinals

Fans shared about Europe

Stefania Morese

6 hours ago

So grateful to all the people who voted for you on that occasion... their support and most of all your talent made you one of the most striking bands in Rock History and made you my lifetime favourite band!!!! Please continue this amazing journey on and on! Love you guys! 🔝

Tone Irene Røssum

also shared about Europe

Thank you for honouring your past and your start-up like this. We are so thankful for all the music and experiences you have given us through the years! Looking forward to many more!

Tiziano Caliendo

also shared about Europe

And in 2017 you just produced one of the most amazing tracks of the century, the masterpiece known as "Turn to dust". Such a marvellous ride. You're unique, you truly made history!!!!!

Et oui, ça promet 🗝 #DjKhaled

‪Creamfields we’re comin in HOT!! See u this weekend ✈️ Creamfields Hong Kong 🇭🇰 🇭🇰 #SeafoxNation 😃🙏🏻‬

Lookin over all of u #seafoxnation 😬😬

Obrigado Brasil!!!🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️❤️❤️

We had an amazing time in São Paolo showing the amazing Brazilian fans the first look of #alteredcarbon was a memory for life. Thank you for all the love🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Altered Carbon Skydance
#netflix #netflixandchill

🚨 LOW TICKET ALERT! 🚨 Hamburg & Stuttgart are sold out! Only a few tickets left for London, Paris, Gothenburg & Antwerp! Get yours asap 👉 link in bio! VIP packages (incl. Meet & Greets) available at #archenemy #willtopowertour #wintersun #jinjer #tour #europe

This Weekend! SKOLD POP UP STORE New shirt + new sticker + other sick shit! Limited stock - Limited time! No rain checks, no back orders! World Wide Shipping. The Link will be in the profile 👆🏻 when the store is Open. #skold #timskold #tim_skold

Thank you Romania 🇷🇴 It was a great pleasure to perform live at Gala Premiilor Excelsior ☺️ #tvr2 #romania #galapremiilorexcelsior

Loved playing at Sofar Sounds: Los Angeles the last time I was in the States. I've got more dates coming up on the East Coast! Follow Sofar Sounds for more information
12/16 - Sofar Sounds Long Island
12/18 - Sofar Sounds New York
12/21 - Sofar Sounds Washington, DC

Fans shared about Ghost

Erik Kelleher

a day ago

It really is a great album. Its more guitar oriented than it was getting. I was hoping it would stay guitar oriented since it is Heavy Metal and not Dance or Pop. Also the more Earthy sounds of OE and Infestistestesumsistum sound great on this album.

Fans shared about Dregen

Christian Ivarsson

a day ago

Vi bor inte där och har inte en aning om deras natur, egentliga förutsättningar och problem. Kan hålla med om att jag tycker trump verkar helt blåst men det behöver inte betyda att det han gör är fel för dem.

Dessutom, för att va ärlig, är jag ganska astrött på att höra det här förbannade jävla tjatet om han. Vi bor inte ens där. Ja följder dig för din musik. Inte vad nån idiot gör i ett annat land.

Fans shared about Eric Prydz

Nathan Tiley

a day ago

Yeah Adam Beyer posted the same picture. Every time an epic show starts it's always with a teaser liked this so hopefully it's a b2b epic show but whatever it will be in there!

Please tell me it's not the end.
There's nothing but the dust and dirt to keep us up tonight.

See you LIVE In 30min on @congotoglobal ✌💪🇨🇩👊 (18.00 GMT + 1 )
#ZongaMama ft @fallyipupa01 Official Video -> Link in My bio ✌ Now on Vevo/iTunes /Deezer Spotify etc... #AfroPop
Demain soir à 17h00 (GMT + 1) venez me rejoindre en LIVE sur ---> @banacongo #ZongaMama

So honored to have performed last night at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert! Thank you for having me 💕
(📷: Robin Bøe)

Hello London! 🇬🇧

Mio in the winterland❄️#anetteolzon #singer #helsingborg #sweden #blogger #nouwinfluencer #kids #photography
Red one 💋#anetteolzon #singer #helsingborg #sweden #nouwinfluencer #blogger #carinwester #winter

Chile 🇨🇱loves hardstyle ❤️

We wish to inform you that 20% off the gift guide merch is available for two days only.

#OuranioToxo, αυτήν την Παρασκευή 15/12 με τον #Τηλεθεατή 🌈 #NewAlbum

#OuranioToxo, αυτήν την Παρασκευή 15/12 με τον #Τηλεθεατή 🌈#NewAlbum

last gig of the year. Now, let’s get back in the studio.

Fans shared about Dregen

Martin Berg

a day ago

"Kan du bara pröjsa är du en ärans man, och kan du inte pröjsa så snacka med han"... Där pekade Pär på mig sådär generöst 😂


also shared about Dregen

Restaurangen har varit ett populärt tillhåll för kulturpersoner som Jussi Björling, Carl Michael Bellman, Evert Taube, Cornelis Vreeswijk och Fred Åkerström. I början av 1900-talet var Den Gyldene Freden även "vardagsrum" för den svenska konsteliten. Här satt bland andra Anders Zorn och när restaurangen var på fallrepet och nära konkurs så köpte Zorn den och räddade krogen till eftervärlden. I samband med köpet anlitade Zorn arkitekten Torsten Stubelius som ritade hela krogens utrustning med serviser och bestick. På krogen finns numera ett särskilt Stubeliusrum.

Here's the deluxe version of "Sketches Of Sweden" by Dregen & HiQ for Musikhjälpen! All 8 lithographs, colorized, signed and numbered. ✖️♥️

Here's the deluxe version of "Sketches Of Sweden" by Dregen & HiQ for Musikhjälpen! All 8 lithographs, colorized, signed and numbered. ✖️♥️

Bid here:

Tuesday and snow outside❄️❄️#anetteolzon #singer #helsingborg #sweden #nouwinfluencer #blogger #morning #winterishere

Stixx flex 💪😬

Me and the legend at tonight’s Nobel peace prize. Thank you for having me 💕

It’s coool to b nice! #blisseh ! This make Me Happi..... #driversagainstchildabuse #daca bra jobbat! grattis!

Fun times with Martha Higareda doing interviews about Altered Carbon

Skydance #alteredcarbon #netflix

Midlife Crisis in Dustward Studios, Stockholm 2017✖️♥️ (📸Micke Rip)

Ουράνιο Τόξο... 🌈

πολύ σύντομα κοντά σας 🎶

#OuranioToxo #NewAlbum #Dec15 Minos Emi

Style check with my lil bro 😎

Fans shared about Opeth

Sofía Ochoa

2 days ago

Opeth, Meshuggah, and Eluveitie are the only bands I'd bother with on that entire list. Maybe Ghost, for the theatrics, but that's it. What a shit line-up... sorry, fellas. :/

Sofía Ochoa

also shared about Opeth

Whu? You don't like Opeth. Wai u comment.

The bands I mentioned toooootally don't fit in with this festival. It's kind of gross, really. -_- Frickin' Foo Fighters and Meshuggah? Christ. Their fans' brains will liquefy.

(You may like Eluveitie, actually.)

Our friends at EMP got some new Arch Enemy merch up in their shop! Check it out: 🤘

#archenemy #willtopower #emp #merch #shop

This is what we do every time we’re off lol. My knees are sooo bruised after throwing myself on the floor like I’m James Bond. Literally looks I’ve been sucking dick for a week straight, no breaks. 📸 @robinboee

We truly have the best job in the world. A big high five to all the people working and looking fierce with us last week. ❤️

We wish to inform you that Ghost will be haunting the lands of 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia MMRBQ Festival on May 19th.

Tickets go on sale on December 15th @ 9:00am EST.

Fans shared about Axwell Λ Ingrosso

Clayd Manuel

2 days ago

Please Axwell Λ Ingrosso. As much we love you, please. Please. Please. Can you please release the progressive house dreamer? Well, if you released dreamer in the progressive way, you'll make another trend again. And remember. Do not follow the trend. JUST MAKE A TREND. You kinda forgot your motto you two. Hope you had a spare time to read this. 👌🌈

Sohaib Ali Khan

also shared about Axwell Λ Ingrosso

I used to love your music those days when I was 11 years old! I feel so worse that I miss your Progressive House Style! But still I love you❤️

Recording my backning vocals for the upcoming Midlife Crisis 7". ✖️♥️
Dregen & HiQ aktionerar ut "Sketches Of Sweden" till Musikhjälpen via Tradera! ✖️♥️ #dregen #hiq #musikhjälpen #musikhjälpen2017 #sketchesofsweden #thehellacopters #backyardbabies
Minus Celsius and out for a Pokémon hunt with Sixten! ❄️🌨☃️

The "Will To Power Tour" continues next month! Where will we see you? 🙂 Have a great week!

ARCH ENEMY "Will To Power Tour - Europe 2018"
w/ Wintersun, Tribulation & Jinjer

12.01.2018 - Tonhalle, Munich, DE
13.01.2018 - LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart, DE
14.01.2018 - Forum Karlin, Prague, CZ
15.01.2018 - Komplex, Zurich, CH
17.01.2018 - Alcatraz, Milan, IT
18.01.2018 - Transbordeur, Lyon, FR
19.01.2018 - Razzmatazz, Barcelona, ES
20.01.2018 - La Riviera, Madrid, ES
22.01.2018 - Le Bikini, Toulouse, FR
23.01.2018 - Bataclan, Paris, FR
24.01.2018 - Trix, Antwerp, BE
26.01.2018 - Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, DE
27.01.2018 - Music Hall, Geiselwind, DE
28.01.2018 - O13, Tilburg, NL
29.01.2018 - Große Freiheit, Hamburg, DE
31.01.2018 - KB, Malmoe, NL
01.02.2018 - Rockefeller, Oslo, NO
02.02.2018 - Arenan, Stockholm, SE
03.02.2018 - Trädgarn, Gothenburg, SE
05.02.2018 - Huxleys, Berlin, DE
06.02.2018 - Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, DE
07.02.2018 - Garage, Saabrücken, DE
09.02.2018 - O2 ABC, Glasgow, UK*
10.02.2018 - Rock City, Nottingham, UK*
11.02.2018 - Koko, London, UK*
13.02.2018 - O2 Ritz, Manchester, UK*
14.02.2018 - O2 Academy, Bristol, UK*
*without Jinjer

ARCH ENEMY "Will To Power Tour - Japan 2018"

2018/02/19 - Diamond Hall,Nagoya
2018/02/20 - Ex Theater Roppongi, Tokyo
2018/02/21 - Ex Theater Roppongi, Tokyo
2018/02/23 - Zepp Sapporo, Hokkaido
2018/02/26 - Drum Logos, Fukuoka
2018/02/27 - Club Quattro, Hiroshima
2018/02/28 - Numba Hatch, Osaka

ARCH ENEMY "Will To Power Tour - Australia 2018"

23/03/2018 - Manning Bar, Sydney
24/03/2018 - Download Festival, Melbourne
25/03/2018 - The Zoo, Brisbane
27/03/2018 - Fowlers Live, Adelaide
28/03/2018 - Rosemount Hotel, Perth

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