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Tim, since day one you’ve been one of my biggest inspirations to make dance music. You put Sweden on the map with the most memorable melodies in the world. I wish I could have said a few last words to you before you left this place. Millions of people will remember you forever. Vila i frid ❤️

Tarinyeba Esther

5 hours ago

Vila i frid Tim. Nu har en ny stjärna tänts på himlen. Din underbara musik kommer alltid att leva kvar i mitt hjärta och bland dina trogna fans. ⭐❤😢

Ιω. αννα

5 hours ago

We are all very devastated by the news. Condolences to his family friends and fans in all over the world.

Michel Montalvo

5 hours ago

i still miss you Avicii return if you possible 🖤 #rip


Another Walk The Earth Summer show added in Córdoba, Spain ...

Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba,
Teatro la Axerquia
July 11th 2018

Ticket link is below:

See you all there!

// Europe

Noé-Neil Garcia

14 hours ago

Cool! Long live Europe! Good luck! I love you ❤️

Ann-Christine Westlund

14 hours ago

Gracias por venir!!!!!

Heather Waldner

14 hours ago

Please come to Japan.

Rickard Wahlberg

5 hours ago

Featuring with Alcazar ?

Gyöngyi Szili

5 hours ago


Arman Eidipour

13 hours ago

I love jag är from the seventies....;)

”krya på dej” 😂✖️♥️
#Repost @markusfollin
FINALLY!! Den som väntar på något gott..... He who waits... or what u say... #vinyl #records #dregen #jilljohnson #music #love #finally #äntligen #steveearle #oxycontinblues #limitededition

Sachin Tulachan

5 hours ago

Michael Lopez Haraldsson😑😂😂😂

Dave Pues

13 hours ago

Styrkekramar kanske skulle skickas...?

Paola Grant Sykes

13 hours ago

Sandra Lundgren :D

The summer balcony are ready and the ”senior incubator” fake grass is rolled out! ☀️😎
Record Store Day, tomorrow at Sound Pollution, Gamla Stan, Stocklahoma: DREGEN 14:00, BACKYARD BABIES 16:00. ✖️♥️

Arnau Salisi Foguet

5 hours ago

How about a pick-your-colour cock on the wall? 😉

Suhailea Lovato

5 hours ago

Gött häng du kommer ha där.
Många ljumna sommarkvällar! ✌😎

Moritz Flöckner

5 hours ago

Ser mysigt ut ! 😍Kanske en jordgubbs/smultron ampel till far & son ! 😘💙

💰💰💰 et oui...ça arrive !!! #LaCliqueMusic

Seli Ramirez Civico

6 hours ago

Je Vais Juste Le Titre De L'arrivage! Je Sais Bien Que Ça Doit Etre Lourd Avec L'experience De Notre Grand Dj #khaled

西 まきパン

6 hours ago

Fongola Biso mwana mboka, Que- ce- qui arrive?

Marcus Johansson

6 hours ago

Say my name dj khaled

Me and my girlfriend✨
ICONS! Make sure to tune in to our LIVE guest mix on Pitchfork radio-TODAY @ 6pm PT! You'll be able to hear a very special first listen to our new collab single! -

Charles Draughon

5 hours ago

Looking good guys I miss you both xxx

Tomasz Lichoń

5 hours ago

I love it!

Chris Wa

5 hours ago

I love that song :)

Tim 💔 rest in peace. Du var en fantastisk talang som kommer vara saknad av hela världen. What an impression you’ve made in the world of music ❤️
u all better be blasting #stayhigh today 💕#420

Valeria Lomonte

4 hours ago

Rest in peace Bro. Until one of these days.

Ck Kasan

4 hours ago

Tove lo you are Love
I wan you
I from México
Te amoooo

Pekerrecho Iño

4 hours ago

“One day we’ll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember” 😢🖤


We wish to inform you "Rats" has been featured on Deezer's New Metal Playlist.

KM CSchoewe

14 hours ago

Probably one of the best bands of today’s generations. The growth of the music style and evolution is just superb. Cannot wait for chapter 3 and the rest of the album.

Pradel Osvaldo

14 hours ago

I miss Papa iii. Cardinal looks like Guido Sarducci on the skids.

Matt Berger

14 hours ago

I'm pretty antsy for the album. Checked this one out as soon as it was released and I have literally been crossing off the days on the calendar LOL.

😍 Love these two Dancing Queens 😍 Happy Friday! 🎉

Nicholas Govindsamy

5 hours ago

Mmmm. No matter what life throws at me, ABBA always cheers me up. Love all their music, but we all have our top no. 1 song.

Kalle Westman

5 hours ago

I love the winner takes it all . But every one of your songs is as beautiful as you all you girl's.

Ataul Khan

5 hours ago

Love ABBA,,,great and awesome music!!!❤❤❤

Happy birthday brother ! You’re the best! ❤️❤️❤️ - Ax

Dirk Ulrich

7 hours ago

Happy Birthday!!!!! Guys ❤❤❤🎂🎉🎊🎁 SHM FOREVER ❤❤❤❤👍

Lise-Lotte Hjalmarsson

7 hours ago

It's Ingrosso's birthday, what's wrong with you ppls? lmao

Atakan Bulak

7 hours ago

🎈Happy Birthday Sebastian Ingrosso 🎈 keep making beautiful music

Friday! +25 Celsius and two new Backyard Babies mixes in the trunk! @bbabiesofficial ✖️♥️☀️

#Repost @psycholasvegas
LA 🏴🏴🏴 #vivapsycho #anteup #deathtoratsandcopycats #thehellacopters #sunsetstrip #losangeles

Φίλιππος Χήνας

5 hours ago

WOW! What a bill! Is that Goblin from Italy?

Vendula Pupil

12 hours ago

Chris S Son Jacob Daniel Jameson Knop All the feels

Nidhi Jain

12 hours ago

The Alesso /\ Ingrosso...
Always on fire !

Osvaldo Gonzalez

a day ago

Suban su ultra a Youtube😍😢😢

Available @ The Official Europe Store!

Jonas Wittebur

6 hours ago

Ho no' I'm just getting ready to camp out for to try and make sure I get a 'walk the earth' picture disc in tomorrow's 'world record day' as there's a big queue all ready haha, my son says I'm nuts 'yes I am son 👍 xx