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We are truly honoured to be so high on this list featuring the best rock albums of the 80's. Thank you everyone out there who voted and thanks Louder and Classic Rock Magazine to include us in the first place! Great Stuff!

// Europe

Chigusa Tanaka

4 hours ago

So pleased I was able to see you play Manchester a few months ago, one of the best atmospheres of any gig I've been to. Congratulations on well deserved placing in the all time list 👍👍👍👍

Karen RS

4 hours ago

Congratulations. Nothing is more deserves than this. Song and album are milestones of this decade and of course we’re all here today because if TFC. I couldn’t be prouder and more humbled to be part of this journey. Thanks a million for the soundtrack of my life. Here’s to many more to come! 🍾🤘🏼😘

Toufik Kouki

4 hours ago

You're welcome 😉 you'd deserve to be in the first three places.

With my old friend and real life fighter Mickey Rourke at the Smash Global Awards.

Eelis Varpula

2 hours ago

Como le quedó la cara a mickey rourke ni reirse puede.

Isabela Frezzarin

2 hours ago

Sharon Stone looks horrible

Simanta Roy

2 hours ago

That's Mickey rourke...

Amazing then, amazing now! /P.

Mathilda Lefverström

4 hours ago

yes, as are you and Marie. Your music holds up

Tom Weegar

12 hours ago

Now that you say it... a rooftop concert would be cool! ;) Amazing indeed.

Ivan Bernal

12 hours ago

La que mas me gustaba de los Beatles es "Cosita loca llamada amor"('Crazy Little Thing Called Love' ) y me encanta bailarla.... jajaja

when your friend says be right out but they haven't even gotten ready yet... tag someone who's always late ⏳🙇🏼‍♂️

Sajjad Muthuza

5 hours ago

Deiss Forero Alv always!!

Mary Vivas

5 hours ago

Haha that’s me

Stockholm, Södermalm 07:30. ❄️⛄️🎄🎅🏽🇸🇪
Finally. Snow in Stockholm! ✖️♥️🎄❄️⛄️

Νικολέτα Κορομηλή

2 hours ago

Wow so nice 👍

Niki Soump

2 hours ago

Nice... Very nice country the Sweden 🇸🇪... 💖💖💖💞