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18.8.18 is special because it’s my first birthday as a mother 🎂👶🏻✨
I’m way past the honeymoon phase and really beginning to feel the pressure of being a full time mum + wanting another career breakthrough. But Momo has been my greatest gift, he is teaching me to be more patient, more caring, and brought so much love and joy to my family. My mom is obsessed with him, and I’m so happy to see her so happy. this post is dedicated to the one who birthed me, and the one I birthed. ❤️
#shenmomo #沈墨 #8months2weeks #生我的人和我生的人

Judy Tan

8 hours ago

Happy birthday Kewei! Be blessed with lots of joy, love and laughter 💕🎉💕🎉💕🎉💕🎉

Hu Shuying

8 hours ago

Happy birthday to you kewei.🎂🎂🎂

William Chao

8 hours ago

Hhappy Birthday to you Happiness n family money cannot buy CHEERS 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Thank you for always being by my side and thank you for all the birthday wishes! I'm soul complete!

Jang Jing Shan

an hour ago

Happy Birthday To You Desmond 🎂🎁 All the best in whatever you do 😀 Look forward to your new drama 😊

Abel Lee

6 hours ago

Happy birthday to you, 耶稣爱你.

Have a sweet and blessed Birthday Desmond Tan
May your days filled with joy and laughters.
Stay young, handsome, charming and healthy always
祝福你 演艺跟歌唱事业 更上一层楼

明天就是 伞day 了,好快。
#umbrella #伞 #Sunday #伞day

Thomas Kan

21 hours ago

Thanks for yr info. Enjoy yr wkend.

Haziq Zikry

21 hours ago

Happy weekend to you

Here we go again! Singapore day 3!

#sanctuaryworldtour #jj林俊杰圣所世界巡回演唱会


3 hours ago

Feeling better now? After today performance you can take a good rest. Yesterday was a great show, although you not feeling better. I actually enjoying it and worry about you at the same time. It's a hardship to produce a performance. I can see that it's need a lot of workmanship for the stage, Musician, producer and many more that one word can't say finish all. Hope you can enjoy today show too! 加油!

Olly Yang

3 hours ago

Talk too much also no use Only action can help you to improve.

Siew Kuan Mok

3 hours ago

JJ Lin 加油💪🏻
How I wish I could attend the concert but I couldn’t get the tickets😫

Let all the good vibes flow.

Sabrina Low

15 hours ago

Wow so gorgeous and lovely sweet smile 😊 😍

Jenny Yeo

21 hours ago

Married boss. You is 39 year old.

Lina Ganti

21 hours ago


Cool and beautiful 😍😍😍

Wei Kiat Ayden

21 hours ago

Coming in my dreams

Teo Kwee Yong

21 hours ago

love your hair.

这就是幸福! 侄女为我做cupcakes庆生! 吃在嘴里,甜在心里。Sweetest present ever, homemade cupcakes by little niece. A moment to remember. 💎

Ki Ki Ng

an hour ago

Happy birthday desmond

Tanit Madadam

an hour ago

Must appreciate lor

Feifei Chen

4 hours ago

Are u cold?

Eliz Nanieh

4 hours ago

Wow! Love your jacket😊

Waiting for tonight

Feelin'' some local love from @13stages and @boatnoodlesg ! Thank you on behalf of the Sanctuary team!
謝謝新加坡的好友們的溫馨禮物! @ Singapore Indoor Stadium

Alex Soh Ch

3 hours ago

all the best for your last show back in singapore, see you soon! have a good break before your next shows pls ❤️

Meibee Lee

3 hours ago

Any live streaming for tonite last concert?

Alex Croft

3 hours ago

May the Food and Drinks from your loved ones and friends nourish JJ and Team.

Singapore producers, please keep bringing this guys back for work. It’s like I’m in a long distance relationship. @aes_alien @katepang311

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1. Want to be part of our big family?
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Here is your chance!

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#RomeoTan #TheJulietClub


Was never really into watches until a good friend told me, “Every watch is a punctuation for that point of your life. You get to keep that time capsule with you.” I really like that. What’s your favourite watch and what does it remind you of? ⠀
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凯翔与Kloudiia😊 #ToggleBeijingtoMoscow #北京到莫斯科 #mycostarRiverHuang #our2ndlastdayinBeijing#nextcountry...☺️
📸: @samloh

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