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Supermarket Series 4: Cheesy line of the day - when the going gets tough I know you got my back. I got yours too. Great Facebook live today!

2nd of 4 events in #kualalumpur done!
完成了在#吉隆坡 的第二项主持工作!
Thank you for having me @clio_malaysia !!
📸: @dawncurlz
Suit: @beautifullovewedding

Going LIVE on Singtel Facebook at 10pm ❤️

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Athelean Cher

5 hours ago

Last Friday I saw a Pomeranian on the roadside the dog have minor burn ,so I sent her to the dog clinic and tonight she is going to do operation ,hope she will be fine .

Super lovely fresh hand-made wreath from a friend. 😍Oh how i love the refreshing pine and eucalyptus natural fragrance. True aromatherapy!!🌼🌿🌲

載譽而歸!孩子們回來了!welcome back Champ boys!

SMG Team SMG: Still Moving Under Gunfire

thanks to @rentadella for giving me a kick ass wardrobe for my vacation. Love knowing that I'm helping the sustainable fashion economy too. LOVE this Zimmerman piece 💕

“m” for miracle.

Every kid’s fantasy and every parents nightmare... Kids had fun, parents sakit pinggang n sakit kaki. But it’s all worth it... Thank you @persadaglobalholidays (pergi guide Bonang sent us to the disney monorail to save the entrance fee for the car but balik it was too cold n tiring so we told him to fetch us inside and it’s almost rm100 for the entry #lagisakitpinggang 😬)

一个字“赞”! #我还是我 #stillme #ianfang #birthdayboy #desmondng #romeovideologue @ian_ianization @desmondngzl

Husbands, jgn lupa dan jgn malu. We must reward our wife for all their hard work. Kiss our wife for every meal she prepares for u. 😉 #abgpunyasambaldahhabis #harinimakanmaggi #perjanjianmasaklimaharisaje #abgbersyukur #aaronazizfamilytravels

#zavierwong is very happy with his piano😁. Finally he got one. Now he plays with "feel". Watch the last part of the video😂😂.

So much laughter and fun tonight with my primary school mates... Next year we should do a big gathering! #28yearsandgoingonstrong #rgps

Can you tell me how to get to #SesameStreet?

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a day ago

Special Thanks to:
Videography: @Loz Blain, Goh Mingwei, Bernard Wee
Video Edit and Animation: ChongWu Koh
Audio Edit: Plaid Productions
Audio Mix: Tat Tong
Mastering: Bill Hare
Arrangement: Tom Anderson
Hair: Athens Salon
Automobile: Ford Australia
Video Equipment: Gudsen MOZA and New Atlas

健康比什麼都重要。今晚兄弟相互陪伴!詹維峰 早日康復!
Get well soon dear brother.

#把握得手握好 #開刀依然帥

Our burnt backs are all thankful for this overcast weather .. any after sun hacks are appreciated! Also LOVE @robynlawleyswimwear line. Honestly the most comfortable bikini of my life 💕

Jcode updated with a story on the dream. Full version of the video uploaded there as well

Been too long since my last Facebook Live (and rainbow hair)! This Wednesday 10pm, let's make it a date ❤️ Will be singing on Singtel Live's Christmas Edition on their Facebook page, seeya then! 🌟
#singtellive #takeawaylive

2017.12.15 《MERRY SUMMER CHRISTMAS》 全岛首播。敬请期待噢! This brand new single and its MV will hit the radio and YouTube this Friday. Are you ready?

#merrysummerxmas #christmas2017

Sharing a poem from my warrior heart to yours at Lisa Von Tang store opening at MBS. #LVTLITAF

Repost from @chichivontang @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost .

I was born a rebel,
Cursed with discomfort to never settle,
Gifted to love hard,
To feel the swell of my soul, lifted to stars
Each story told, to take back what’s ours.
Remembering past lives like boxed up memoirs
Forging new lifelines, dig heels in the dirt
Every step a new conflict
Every start a new worth.
Wild spirit, roam freely -
A warriors song
In quiet, love sweetly
For love, we stay strong.
[email protected]

“Your love is pure. Your love is brilliant. I see an angel when I see you.” Spent half a day at the Eden Children’s Centre, the caretakers and volunteers said I made the children very happy, I think the children made my day instead. Being able to give, is a gift to yourself in fact. 💙 #EdenChildrensCentre #AutismAssociationSingapore #AAS #AASambassador #AutismAwareness

I don't normally wear bright clothes these days but today I'm feeling kinda festive. Does your mood decide what color/style you wear everyday? If that's the case for me, I'm probably always moody 😂 📷 by @iamsheenakbal #instagramwife

It’s the first time a music video is fully shot, conceptualised, directed and edited by me. Do support @ian_ianization’s MV as it will be releasing soon. #staytuned #stillme #131217 #romeophotologue #romeovideologue
The party season is around the corner. There’ll be more than a couple of late nights and drinks. Be sure to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant no matter what your plans are. I just had my facial treatment done, and I’m all ready for the festive celebrations. #shiroaesthetics #shiroaestheticclinic #drzhangyijun #goodvibes #partyseason

#Fingerprints, fuss-free, feel good. #andigitallock #zansansingapore

I used to THRIVE off comments and likes. I'd eat only blueberries and lettuce and go through sleepless nights fighting every instinct in my body and be rewarded in the morning with an overflow of likes and comments of admiration for my body. The plain and simple truth is that my body wasn't made to look like that. But we live in a world that congratulates us and urges us to 'fight against resistance' and change them from what they are. This quote really struck me:
Why are you so unkind to me
My body cries
Cause you don’t look like them
I tell her

I did a little interview with Run Society about my experience with my eating disorder and how I got out of it - if anyone is going through something similar I urge you to click the link in my bio and have a read ❤❤ sending lots of love to you and your beautiful bodies.

People watching.. Story telling.. Behind the scenes Picturesque Films #JeanetteAw

Health Check day!

‘Cause, baby, you’re a firework! ✨✨

Tis the season to
Jessicacindy | Shunji Matsuo
#keweiootd #8weekspostpartum



I've got a X'mas gift for you this year! Lock the date! Something cozy and warm will be making its way to your social media this Friday, stay tuned🎄#merrysummerxmas

最新单曲 "Merry Summer Christmas" 和MV将 在星期五(12月15日)全岛首播。这是我提早送给大家的圣诞祝福,希望大家能 暖暖的,温馨的度过这个佳节 ❤

台湾什么都好,就是天气有时候真的让我受不了!以前只要遇上冬天,我的皮肤就会变得格外干燥,还好今年有ASTALIFT IN-FOCUS 精华液的加持,让我皮肤水润水润的,就算卸妆后肌肤还是很有亮泽弹力。😍

我最近试了它们家的另一个明星产品 –Astalift Jelly Aquarysta 保湿果冻!你们真的一!定!要!买!因为它在日本非常超人气,狂卖多达500万瓶以上,而且还获得多项最佳美容保养品的殊荣!


心动了吗? 赶快购入吧。Astslift boutique at NEX #01-70, Wisma Atria #03-30 and Jem #01-20.

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Vernon Sthradher

2 days ago

Merry Christmas Jeanette Aw I wish you and your family all the very best for this festive season I hope you get lots of presents.Take very good care and be safe, please.

Holiday mode activated 😎 @rentadella

Trying to post a handsome pic of myself this Monday, hopefully this works. But if you noticed the #biglanterns more than me, then I’ve probably failed. Haha. 😉😅😂 #lamemonday #handsomemonday

Precious things in life takes time. The difference between this life here and eternity is time. If we do not know how to live life here and treasure the limited time we have, how can we ever treasure eternity? Don't look too far. Don't drift to the stars. Heaven is on earth when we could see things that last.
#jacelynphilosophy #idon'tbelieveinmostbeliefs
#happinessissimple #wisdom #zavierwong #wongsanfamily
Oh I love travelling😍😍😍. Good tips here to stay healthy and look good while travelling.

I can do many more winter holidays if I can hv home made Nasi Goreng, comfy warm apartment to look forward to after all the Jalan japan and the 5deg celcius outside. This whole house rental offer 💯 privacy. If only I hv more time I wanna check out the traditional homes. Thank you HomeAway super loving this comfy house! Also thank you my dar dar for cooking for me as soon as u stepped in the house. I know ur pissed because u forgot to take off ur new white tudung. Sorry, ala esok shopping la Jom 😏😏 #sambalalloverhernewhijab @diyanahalik #carauntukkasiwifehappy #aaronazizfamily #aaronaziztravels Diyana Halik Tudung

PS : check this out of any of u gg to Tokyo! (part of Expedia Group)

Takde rezeki for Kids to take the cable car cause it got suspended due to the strong wind but we settled for Lake Ashi instead. This is my third time in Japan. First time I was at Lake Ashi with @drivem7 family 4-5yrs ago then last year for summer and this time around I brought my precious ones with me. Thank You Allah. A small whisper in my heart to Allah was made into reality. That’s why we must always wish for the good things in life cause HE listens to us. (Well planned ground arrangement by @persadaglobalholidays )#aaronazizfamilytravels #aaronazizfamily @diyanahalik @diyanahalikcom

IT'S A WRAP! Thanks to the team at @mediacorpch5 and @littlemisselly for taking such good care of us! Not forgetting our sound engineers at and @sennheisersingapore for making us sound awesome! It was such an honor performing for a good cause and we had so much fun learning a new language along with @the_eurasian_association who danced beautifully with their colourful oufits! 💃 Also, taking photos at random places are a must so do swipe for more behind-the-scenes pictures! 😬 Have a good week y'all! 🙌🙌🙌
#toggle #mediacorpch5 #micappella #[email protected] MES Theatre at Mediacorp

I strive to become better each day because of you. Thank you for everything ❤️ #happyanniversary

*JUST RELEASED* In solidarity with #MeToo movements and women everywhere, check out Lady Kash's new #BodakYellow remix with guest appearances by MAS1A and Preetipls

#FemaleEmcees #CardiB #HiphopSG #LadyKash #AsianEmcee #WomensRights #GirlPower #Woman #HerStorySG
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#PSC2017 is about to begin! 🙌Tune in to @mediacorpch5 [email protected]_sg now! We'll be taking the stage at 8.15pm with a #Kristang classic #JinkliNona with the colourful dancers from the#EurasianAssociation! 😬
#micappella #mediacorpch5 #toggle

With minimal resources, here’s my first MV 《等爱》shot / edited / produced by me. Special thanks to @jeffrey_xu for taking over the camera for our duet scenes. I’d also like to thank a good friend of mine @philipimedia for helping out with the editing. Lastly, thank you @iamfeliciachin for being so spontaneous. Do support this MV! With love from us 💕. #romeovideologue
OST available for download at:
等爱 Waiting For Love

主唱:陈凤玲 / 陈罗密欧
制作:麦如丽 / 黎沸挥

MV拍摄:徐鸣杰 / 陈罗密欧
MV剪辑:Philip Ang / 陈罗密欧

With minimal resources, here’s my first MV 《等爱》shot / edited / produced by me. Special thanks to @jeffrey_xu for taking over the camera for our duet scenes. I’d also like to thank a good friend of mine @philipimedia for helping out with the editing. Lastly, thank you @iamfeliciachin for being so spontaneous. Do support this MV! With love from us 💕. #romeovideologue … OST available for download at: 原声带下载: #LifeLessOrdinary8 新传媒8频道电视剧《小人物向前冲》插曲2: 等爱 Waiting For Love 词曲:黎沸挥 编曲:邓碧源 主唱:陈凤玲 / 陈罗密欧 制作:麦如丽 / 黎沸挥 MV拍摄:徐鸣杰 / 陈罗密欧 MV剪辑:Philip Ang / 陈罗密欧

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Alice QK

3 days ago

Happy Birthday little Rossi. 🎂
Let's make a wish on behalf of Rossi : "Wish that I'll have a god brother or sister to play with me soon. God papa, all the best." 😁
來替京京許個生日愿望 : "希望有個乾弟弟或乾妹妹能陪我玩, 加油乾爸爸"
生日快樂, 小京京。^~^

When ur wife is the invited guest!

Gara-Gara Nurul & Shahrul first episode with my wife Diyana Halik Tudung and me tonight 8.30pm Mediacorp Suria #garagaranuruldanshahril :) Thank you for having us. Mlm ni jgn lupa! Dua M Pte Ltd

Thank you!

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Ros Sabtu

3 days ago

Hai ..dah lagi besau menantu @#akbar/mimi ni...harap hari ini dan seterus nya betambah umor dgn di berkahi kesehatan dan kemakmuran rumahtangga...nnnn di kurnia kan zuriat tahun depan ya...👏🎈🎉🎂🎂
*dr mklong ros

Surianti Abdullah

also shared about Taufik Batisah

Selamat hari lahir Taufik batista.. Yang ke 36. Semoga Allah murah kan rizeki sihat walfat dan bahaga besama family dan tambar kan inman nya.. Amin amin amin alhumdulilah...

What is wrong with this absolutely stunning body? Don't listen to haters. Your body is for yourself and the person who knows how to appreciate it.

Who’s gonna be with you when you’re down and out... #jiakbabuay4 #ahbee #behindthescenes