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Pradheeka Ganesan

12 hours ago

Beautiful mother and the cute daughter!

Rose Cuamag

12 hours ago

I wish you always look like that you look like a Canadian ( French woman)

Rod Santiago

12 hours ago

You look so beautiful my dear parent Canadian looking ka

Long time no see! #godofwar #gloc9 #makatasapinas

Jerny Boy Denuevo

5 hours ago

John look at his table! Ganyan pagawa mo.

Tibz Jungko Celine

5 hours ago

Idol korin yan prang ikw idol.punta nmn kyo ulet ng bguio idol sama u po c shanti pls.

Joy Pagobo Lomod

5 hours ago

Idol gawa ka po rap tungkol nmn sa mga gamer kagaya mo po hehe


MoHighmen Waymen Abdullah

4 hours ago

amen,thank you po Lord

Allyn Deona

4 hours ago

Amen lord nd thank u always for my family nd friends!

Carla Arambulo

4 hours ago

Any Real Relationship Starts as Friends.. Between a Man and a Women.. <3.. YOU Must Examine The Goods :)
Thank You #DeRUCCI Family 👸🏻❤️💋🙏🏻

Rose Angeline Estacio

19 hours ago

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Renz Maramara Jugalbot

19 hours ago

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Bheng Tagadiad

19 hours ago

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If PUBG or ROS were real, this squad will prolly die taking videos/pics/screenshots together. 😳 Now, how to teach Wil Dasovich how to play. He doesn’t know WASD yet.. Fatay!😫 Its ok, Exploring with Josh & Ashley Gosiengfiao will carry us!😏🙌🏻

PS: No I’m not texting. I am remote-ing 🤓

PPS: Daily FB Gaming Livestreams starts today! 😭 Which game do you want us to play? 😍

PPPS: Wil and I + the squad are performing together at YouTube FanFest #YTFFPH this year, what should we do? #JustDance?? 😂

Lilybeth Musni Prescott

5 hours ago

I hope I can learn how to play PUBG or ROS 😊

Kim Saure

13 hours ago

si Twitch sa Rainbow six, first came into my mind Haha

Hector Gonzalo Viray

13 hours ago

Wow pubg in real life tsong idol kelan kaba maglalaro ng pubg tagal na naming nagaabang! Alodia turuan mo na si wil dakovich hahahaha

I love ponytails 💖
Catch the 5th and last live semifinals for this season tomorrow! ⭐️
3 days left! #AngelLocsinIconicAt33
Happy Friday! 😘

Gina Lebron Babanto

12 hours ago

Hi gorgeous angel have a very happy weekend

Jonnifer G Dematera

12 hours ago

You are the Greatest,, ❤️❤️👌

Jayson Aguda Rivera

12 hours ago

Ganda mo Gel.. Wish ko Lang magkita Tayo.... Masaya na ako...

It was a fun experience here at the Dubai aquarium and Underwater zoo in Dubai Mall! 😘🐟 #DubaiMall #DubaiAquariumAndUnderwaterZoo
Thank you Reel Cinemas The Dubai mall! Guys please watch Never Not Love You showing now in UAE. ❤️ VIVA Films #ReelCinemas #TheDubaiMall #NeverNotLoveYou #FrontrowFilmedEntertainment

Ace Rabanal

21 hours ago

CP User ka ba?📱 Need mo ba ng extra income kahit nasa bahay lang o nasaan ka pa?💸📲💻🏡 Student, house wife, house husband, employed, tambay and OFW?😉 Pwedeng pwede ka ditong kumita ₱300 a day o higit pa depende sa kasipagan mo.😊👌 Pm me directly or just comment down.😇 Legit 💯%

Joey Redulla

21 hours ago

your so very pretty nadine, u deserve that....god bless

Akihiro Yamato

21 hours ago

Kharla Lulu Arai bhe pasyal mo kami dito oh ..

This past Sunday's Poem of the week. — Enjoy! G

The Road Universe | Part 4

Dressing rooms, the loading docks red roses and forget me nots
Water wine coffee and tea, 2 percent milk that’s for me.
Fish and chicken, soup du jour, Vox’s warm ready to roar
Twelve string six string drums and basses, backstage full of empty cases
Pianoforte cable ties, winders grinders, synthesizers
Green room, bathroom, meet and greet room, sticky passes getting in tune
Sound check with the Golden Circle trousers black and shirts of purple
Six to seven quiet time, play a song and write a rhyme
Stretch the limbs upon a towel, crack a vertebrae or two
Walk next door to say hello, see the local working crew
Seven fifteen almost dressed shake some hands in Sunday’s best
Check the hair just one more time, vocals at the twenty five
Shoe on fridge lest we forget tidy up my secret lair
Ten to eight were getting close, one last time to check the hair
Stations everyone at 5 flashlights shine the way to go
Lights up Overture begins, the audience deafening applause
This is it, on with the show, the audience again is yours.

— Graham Russell

Sadiah Notorio-Mora

14 hours ago

There You got PPerla Lesparre Bell.😘

Stephany Jane Ermita

a day ago

I like this one , telling us all what you do each night... . . your rituals before you go on stage. Nice one.x

Rogelito Caorong Mangondato

a day ago

AWESOME poem, Graham!!! It makes me think of being at the concert hall waiting for your show to begin, thinking about what you guys do to prepare for the show, and the excitement/anticipation as we wait for you to take the stage. We would love to see the first 3 parts. Air Supply is the hardest working, and BEST band in the music business!!! We love you guys SO much.

@chinitaprincess: ️❤️❤️
#foreverthankful #forevergrateful
@chinitaprincess: life can surprise you in a thousand different ways.”
right now,my heart is full with so much love and appreciation from supporters, friends and family.
I just want to say thank you for all the love and support that you have given to me through the years,. No words can explain what I am feeling right now, wala akong mabuong mahabang caption..❤️ all I can say is just.... THANK YOU! kung may sobra pa po sa salitang yun, yun po yung gusto kong sabihin!😁❤️ Salamat panginoon for another year to live and to be thankful for.🙏🏻 #28 #foreverthankful #forevergrateful
Blogger conference later at 3pm!

Jester Sajines Tena

3 hours ago

Happiest Blessed Birthday Kim!

Reben Hasan

3 hours ago

Happy birthday Kim

Rhea Mara Obahib

7 hours ago

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Friday 🙏🏻😊

Ronald Tampuhin Bumagat

21 hours ago

Makes Sense ❤️😍U

Zildjian Paul Salcedo

21 hours ago

In Jesus name Amen...

Jefferson Bersaba Fajilan

21 hours ago

it is inposible to fall inlove with you..axler

Let’s all take a moment of silence with kilig for this beautiful moment ❤️😭 @colesprouse •#BenchEveryday Bench/ #ColeSprouseForBENCH@ Bench

Pearly Jane Apurador

4 hours ago

Nhadene Borja halaaaa!!! Wag ka magalit tinag kitaaaaaa wag mo ko block sa messenger nakita ko langgg. Hahahaha

Shiva Seenu

4 hours ago

Not a fan but... My bestfriend is. Princess Nicole Arce

Gabbi, what does this mean I have told you that you can’t hug my boyfriend he’s only mine you disobey me!

Tonight’s look. 😍💚

Makeup: Albert Kurniawan
Hair: Nante Alingasa
Styling: Kat Cruz
Good night! 😘
Walang kupas 💯⭐️
Mars ❤️ #BabaylangGloria

FLordeliz Cabasa

12 hours ago

I always say I wish to meet you,but it's not possible.

Roselyn P. Lasaten

12 hours ago

Good evening my friend

Otep Khalifa

12 hours ago

Cuando pienso en ti cuando pienso en ti mi tristeza crece y quisiera verte ángel hermoso

Jhee Thel

4 hours ago

Kahawig ni Dennis Trillo ang anak mo na si Amara...

Petrah Gatebi

4 hours ago

pra knino yang 🖕🏻 idol??? para ky hu🚶🏽🚶🏽✌🏿️!!!!!

Yanzkie Labrador Ian

4 hours ago

Wow nice collection. Pwede arbor na lng jeje , souveineer.

I travel for this. ♡

Lieann Villanueva Sollano

13 hours ago


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Nazurrie Venushien Choi Along

13 hours ago

Uwi ka na huy.

Michael Padua Labanes

13 hours ago

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Okey Ka Sana

14 hours ago

I thought it's a free bear 🙊😂

Princess Lyn Becite

14 hours ago

Ivan NC mahal

Amel Lia

14 hours ago

Loveeeeeee Suiluj Onaipmulac Aretso anjan lang sila sa may tandang sora oh .. Ngayon to @chinitaprincess
#KimChiu greets the aspiring teens and kids at the Kapamilya Star Hunt happening today in Araneta Coliseum! The PBB Alumni gave inspiring words to her fellow big dreamers! Keep chasing those dreams, Kapamilya!❤️ #DOTGA #DOTGANowShowing

Derique Dimaculangan

3 hours ago

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Lorna B JaDine

3 hours ago

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Kc Batino

3 hours ago

congrats sa pelikula & happy birthday kimmy

#ChikaMinute with @iyavillania [04.20.18]

Escoba Noilyn

6 hours ago

Ganda nman ms.Iya😘😘😇😇

KIM'S DAY-ary: More Pasilip Sa Behind-The-Scenes ng DOTGA

Jerry Dayan

11 hours ago

Gus2 mo bang kumita ng pera kahit nasa bahay ka lang?bsta may cp ka at malakas na internet okey na at wla po i2ng pinipili Pang international at kht anong edad mo na,matanda,bata,at kht cno ka man bsta masipag ka pasok kna.wlang interview 2.

Comment or pm me how

Patrick Ballesteros Pabalate

11 hours ago

Ang ganda no talaga Lodi na kita

Angel Castor Abranilla

11 hours ago

Happy birthday kim

Nakakatakot na ang population ng PLASTIC na tao sa mundo 😂😭
Nag iisip ng paraan kung paano ka mapapasaya ❤️ #flower #selfie #stolen

Anah Lynne Pelayo

4 hours ago

Ang alam KO ehhhh😂Ang alam KO Lang 😂👌ay Ang 4,ay April 😂👌20,date😂😂Kaya 420😂Kasi april.20😂👌

Pamela Diaz

4 hours ago

Ayon sa kasulatan📄✏ Banal na CHONGKE 🍁🔥💨Pahina 420 📖 Kapitolyong Ganja😂Bersikulong PIPA😂👌Hanggang sa Palara 🚬Taong Singkit ang Mata 👀At Tawa ng Tawa😂Malamang SABOG sa dahon NA TINATAWAG NA MARIJUANA. 🍁😂

Augusto Cañita

12 hours ago

420 yan yung FOR TWENTY hours naisip mong ayaw mo na agad sa kabila ng 6 years na naging tayo akaal ko masaya tayo parehas FOR TWENTY hours napagpalit mo yung 9 years of friendship natin.

Kim Chiu

3 hours ago

Hi yeng...sana nagustuhan mo yung tea😊

Nina Rabanson

3 hours ago

Good Morning Ate Yeng,,, luvvyyyyuuuu po,,,I misss u so much