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Ever since my birth, I've been cursed since I'm born to wild. In case I never get to holla at my unborn child... 👼

Sania Ali

15 hours ago

Don't worry bro.. I hope In'Shaa Allah soon you'll able to holla your kid(s)..

Arshid Khan

2 days ago

RinG RinG Mera pHn Bje SarE saRi rAat KudiYa di Call Aan naaM V ni Menu Yaad.....luv Uh Bohemia Paji...😘😘

Abdullah Shah

2 days ago

King of Punjab rap star BOHEMIA

I feel extremely proud that my Grand/Great Grand Fathers, were not only related to King Amanullah Khan but also‬ among the 'Key Members' of King Amanullah Khan's Cabinet during the 1919 Independence Day of Afghanistan. Their names were General Ahmed Jan - Military Advisor to the King of Afghanistan - Amanullah Khan & General Agha Mehfooz Jan - Governor of Herat, Kandahar, Balkh & Jalalabad in Afghanistan during the Reign of King Amanullah Khan. It gives me great pleasure to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day of Afghanistan & request you to say a little prayer for my Great Grand Fathers.. I'm proud to be their Son...
May God bless their souls... 🙏🙏💖💖

‪#Afghanistan #History #grandfathers #son #proud #legacy #RoyalFamily ‬

Aiman Fatima

20 hours ago

Proud of them..

Abdul Kareem Rang Saz

a day ago

Adnan ji I singing you song Bhar Do Jholi please listen bahut besura gana gaya hoo. Your vocal is some amazing extraordinary

Aqeel Ahmad Khan

2 days ago

May your forefathers rest in peace with King Amanullah khan, today you are proud because of them.

Najma Nisa

2 days ago

Aameen Summa Aameen

Rohit Gouri

2 days ago

Ameeeeen summa Ameeeeen

Arslan Sajjad

2 days ago

It's true 👍

When she is checking your comments... this pic is a surprise for her too 😂😂😂
Team RP

Najaf Ali

a day ago

wawoo kash may tumara mobil hota aur tum es tara muje hatoo may le kar dekhtey

Hassan Afzal Cheema

a day ago

So very nice looking and beautiful face beauti I like u baby

SA Adeel

2 days ago

Very Attractive looking beauty Queen really you are a angle

Be Water my friend, be Water! 🌊✨✨✨ @tarzz.official @raoalikhan @nabila_salon @shabandavid #Lahore #JPNA2 releasing this Eid ul Azha

Tamreziqbal Jutt

2 days ago

Okay I will be water

Aiman Abbas

2 days ago


Parveen Kumar Parveen Kumar

2 days ago

aap shia ho kya

#Throwback ... Recording sessions during the making of the Film Soundtrack of “SARGAM” in 1992 where I had composed the music.
#TimeFlies #music #film #composer #singer #actor #love #composing #passion #journey

Musfera Aman

2 days ago

Omg.. how did you put that much weight suddenly. You were so fit n fine that time.. I am glad you are fit n fine again. May your all wishes come true!

Maan Badshah

2 days ago

I love all songs of this album specially SUHANI RUTH

Abuy Abuy Putra Selibong

2 days ago

lov u adnan sir forever ❤

#LoadWedding #BTS #ReleasingOn22ndAugust
Book your tickets now 😎
#LoadWedding #ReleasingOn22ndAugust

EEffat Malik

a day ago

Amazing trailer. I wish this movie gonna be rock on the theaters and break all the records. It will be a super duper hit and blockbuster movie inshallah

Muhammad Sher Muhammad Sher

2 days ago

U r looking cute and sweet in good luck song

Surabhi Rathore

2 days ago

yu are so beautiful fahad and best of luck for movie

Hìmáñshû Dhåwárïyã

2 days ago

I want you to be our future Prime Minister Mr Hamza Ali Abbasi. :)

Hafiz Asad

2 days ago

True. Long live Imran

Shravan Singh

2 days ago

What a man,what a speech.I’m proud to be alive in an era where an honest man like @ImranKhanPTI leads our beautiful country #PMIKAddress

Seeing you taking the oath today convinced me that if one believes in something with enough conviction, they eventually make it come true. We are all expecting a lot . All our prayers are with you Imran_khan_offical

Shams Mandokhail

2 days ago

We r expected u as state minister for education

Khadijah Aftab

3 days ago

I agree with u dear shehzad mehnat kry allah usko sila zarror daita hy.

Salim Shaikh

3 days ago

Indeed Conviction is everything......👍👍👍👍

Sarib Sid

2 days ago

Asslam.o. Alaikum
Subah Bakhair

Muhammad Hassam

2 days ago


Alaina Alice

2 days ago

Beshk ap ka kia broosa in dinu jurha ha g

Some moments i would love to share... my country is a place of peace , humanity and fun... my identity Pakistan...

Muzafar Khan

18 hours ago

Rabi peerajada Your mobile number In inbox send it please

Muneer Ali

18 hours ago

Qoum k wasee turr Muffaad main apko singing Chor dayni chahye 😛 agur nahi. Tu allah wastay chor Do gaana.

Naresh Dhavlesha

a day ago

MashAllah Allah ko buri nazr se door rakhy hamesha kush rahna

Mehar Muhammad Tanveer

2 days ago

اللہ پاک سب کے لیے ایسا ہی رکھے کہ ان کی ساری زندگی اس میں ھی گزرے کہ میرے لیے میرا رب ہی سب ھے اللہ تعالی سب کے یقین کی لاج رکھے آمین

Sohail Ali Sohail Ali

2 days ago

Asslam .o. Alaikum
Subah Bakhair

Muhammad Asif

2 days ago

Or ya zahir ni hony dety k mujy pata hA

Ali Zafar's first interview post success of Teefa in Trouble with Ahmed Sarym. Ali Zafar Teefa In Trouble #AliZafar Maya ali #MayaAli

Syeda Sumbul Umair

2 days ago

Love u sir

Nasir Nasir

2 days ago

Awesome Ali Bhai

Shikhar Sharma

2 days ago

Ali the grt khali g k k h

Md Mahfuzul Islam Arif

2 days ago

Great woman.great singer

Abeera Irfan

2 days ago

Tayari maa ki.... Izat karni chahiay.....

Kareem Shah

2 days ago

May Allah give the wisdom to those backwards who don't know the dignity of mother, sister and daughter

പ്രളയത്തിനു ശേഷം....!!!! #KeralaFlood #AlertsBeforeGoingBackHome

Ahmad Bashir

a day ago

I miss you miya

Fahad Rana

2 days ago

Use universal language at least on the website.

Ali Ahmad Mehar

2 days ago

Hi good evening madam how are you doing my darling very nice hello madam any help you please call me plz my darling i like you my darling i love you miya my dear i like you my dear i love you miya my darling

Sania Lalwani

2 days ago

Hola amor Buenos días como amanesite amor dime algo de tuvida que ase Miya amor tu megustas mucho love you

Saad Miraj

2 days ago

My Mamm Apn Babys Baat Kar Ple.

Poornima Koli

2 days ago

Love sweet Sin very god punishment rain danger people understand. People pray said God rain finish hope