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Habibi enjoy watch and share😎

HLB Pakistan Desi Music Factory

Hameed Soomro

3 hours ago

Wowww superbbb song.. it's music is damn fab,, keep rocking #BILAL_SIR.. Really amazing 😍😍

Habib Hidayati

17 hours ago

Best ever song!
Who else can sing such a song com on, no one has tht much hits in a row ...
Who else is a singer of remarkable versatility like Bilal Saeed?

Muhammad Ehzaz

3 hours ago

Bilal bhi to be very honest pheli baar apka song sun k disappoint hua hun... Fazool hy...

Here comes my bakra selfie .... eid is almost here... yiyeee

Mustafa Bhatti

2 hours ago

Ur bakra is more beautiful then u

LucKy Farooq Lucky Farooq

2 hours ago

Nice by the way iam too bakra if you do not mind i want to take selfi with yoou

Power Pw

2 hours ago

I love you more then any one in thise world

Muhammad Irshad

13 hours ago

Nice looking too much bilal

Afsar Khan Shuar

13 hours ago

You are looking too much handsome 👌

Rihan Siddiqui

13 hours ago

M Waiting for your New Motivational song... your Song Larho Mujhy donot motivate me anymore... Waiting...

Trondheim, Norway-Backstage 🇳🇴🎶🎤
#nabeelshaukatali #liveconcert #travelling #backstage #fun

Zainab Ahmed Khan

11 hours ago

ماشااللہ شوکت awesome picture

Opel Astra

21 hours ago


Rabia Noman

21 hours ago

Achhy lg rhy hein...❤❤

Ever since my birth, I've been cursed since I'm born to wild. In case I never get to holla at my unborn child... 👼

Hadiya Ajmeri

6 hours ago

Paaji waiting hardly your solo album #SNBV2

Usman Khan

6 hours ago

Living #Legend #BOHEMIA Paaji❤❤❤😘😘😘😘👑👑👑

Mudas Ar Soomro

6 hours ago

King of PUNJABI RAP😘😘😘❤❤❤❤

Mëërå PwïñçêZz

7 hours ago

Love u panra😍😍
Always upload single pic in fb or Instagram
If u upload pic with any boy. Really i feel jealous.

Gull Shad Tanha

19 hours ago


Rizwan Ameer Mangi

19 hours ago

زما په زړه کښې دې خداے اوليدو؟ که بل سبب وو
دومره نزدې راغلې يو دم صنمه ،لاړې ،ستون شوې

زه د پــــردو خــــــبرو تـــــــا پــــوري راوستے ومه
په زړه ظـــالمه ته له خپل قسمه ،لاړې ،ستون شوې

When she is checking your comments... this pic is a surprise for her too 😂😂😂
Team RP

Abdul Muqeet Mughal

2 hours ago

Sadgy means simple dress you are so beutifull

Marjan Ahmadzai

2 hours ago

Stunning personality she is humble and straightforward

Usama Hussain

2 hours ago

Hi out standing on high level
very amazing no reply

Just your friendly neighbourhood lakarhara doing lakarhara things. benefits of the scruff: apparently stroking of the beard increases concentration and cognitive ability. #beardgang

Junaid Baig

13 hours ago

Nayab CH he'z looking lush❤

M Nadeem M Nadeem

13 hours ago

My favourite acctres sheheryar munwar

Angel Jangir

13 hours ago

Looking so beautiful.
Bro when your movie wil be released.
Project Ghazi

🌸Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.💝
#NothingwithoutFans&family #BlessedMusician #AlhamduLillah #Prayersneededeverytime #happinesthroughMusic

Mehrab Khan

9 hours ago

Mashallah...Allah pak apko hameshan be shumar kamyabiyon k sath apni amaan mai rakhy..Panjtan Pak k sadqy

মিসেস খান

18 hours ago

Looking cute without heavy makeup

Sheikh Usman

18 hours ago

Great very g to Mashaallah nice

#Throwback ... Recording sessions during the making of the Film Soundtrack of “SARGAM” in 1992 where I had composed the music.
#TimeFlies #music #film #composer #singer #actor #love #composing #passion #journey

Maan Badshah

5 hours ago

I love all songs of this album specially SUHANI RUTH

Abuy Abuy Putra Selibong

5 hours ago

lov u adnan sir forever ❤

Nomi Abbasi

10 hours ago

It's indeed a journey marked with passion and success!

Seeing you taking the oath today convinced me that if one believes in something with enough conviction, they eventually make it come true. We are all expecting a lot . All our prayers are with you Imran_khan_offical

Shams Mandokhail

4 hours ago

We r expected u as state minister for education

Khadijah Aftab

8 hours ago

I agree with u dear shehzad mehnat kry allah usko sila zarror daita hy.

Salim Shaikh

8 hours ago

Indeed Conviction is everything......👍👍👍👍

Not so Blue after all! 🦋✨💙💙💙 Styled by my @raoalikhan in @houseofmasaba @vesimi & @_akcollection MUA @shabandavid @nabila_salon #Lahorepromotions #jawaniphirnahiani2 #JPNA2 releasing this Eid ul Azha!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Manahil Khan Manahil Khan

9 hours ago

World biggest Quinn

Mujeeb Mir

9 hours ago

I love ur nose

Malik Abdul Wahab Bhachar

9 hours ago

you killing me...💕

Cadet Anees

a day ago

Where were u in the ceremony?

Asif Hayat Bhatti

a day ago

#PMIK live long #Pakistan live long #IK

مجید ترک

a day ago

Biscuits bhi ni thi 😂😂😂

#LoadWedding #BTS #ReleasingOn22ndAugust
Book your tickets now 😎
#LoadWedding #ReleasingOn22ndAugust

Rida Fatima

an hour ago

So nice pic

Zarwali Khan

an hour ago

All looking nice sir g

Kashif Hanif

an hour ago

Bast of luck I love u main as movie k what karon ga fahad bhi

Best of luck for the #LoadWedding premiere tonight @mustafafahad26 May you shine brighter than the brightest stars but just a little more as my Rahat in #JPNA2 ✨✨✨✨❤️🙏🏻 #RahataurXoe #jawaniphirnahiani2 releasing this Eid ul Azha!!!!
Early morning Filmy Behaviour perfectly captured by my #OPPOF9
the Portrait Mode & Dual Rear Camera just makes life brilliant 💙💙✨#OPPOPAKISTAN

Anum Qazi

a day ago


Hani Dehwar Baloch

a day ago

I Love You

Hadia Fahad

a day ago

Namaz bhi padh liya karo Mawra ji

I feel extremely proud that my Grand/Great Grand Fathers, were not only related to King Amanullah Khan but also‬ among the 'Key Members' of King Amanullah Khan's Cabinet during the 1919 Independence Day of Afghanistan. Their names were General Ahmed Jan - Military Advisor to the King of Afghanistan - Amanullah Khan & General Agha Mehfooz Jan - Governor of Herat, Kandahar, Balkh & Jalalabad in Afghanistan during the Reign of King Amanullah Khan. It gives me great pleasure to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day of Afghanistan & request you to say a little prayer for my Great Grand Fathers.. I'm proud to be their Son...
May God bless their souls... 🙏🙏💖💖

‪#Afghanistan #History #grandfathers #son #proud #legacy #RoyalFamily ‬

Eishal Fatima

5 hours ago

Today if we have independence in our life in Afghanistan is just because of those heroes espically Amir Amanuallh kan the greatest king. We always remembere him and proud of him. God bless him. Ameen!!!

Aftab Akbar

5 hours ago

Wishing you the same Adnan Saab .. waiting for Afghan

Safa Shafiq

5 hours ago

Wish you good Luck for your upcoming movie AFGHAN👍

Raja Waleed

a day ago

Bilkul such baat hai

Fatima Jutt

a day ago

بے شک بے شک

Usãmã Yøusâf

a day ago

Who's that darwesh?

Sarib Sid

4 hours ago

Asslam.o. Alaikum
Subah Bakhair

Muhammad Hassam

4 hours ago


Alaina Alice

4 hours ago

Beshk ap ka kia broosa in dinu jurha ha g

Thankyou for all the Love.
You have my Heart, Lahore! 💗 #JPNA2

Maadi Khan

9 hours ago

3 day to go

Zafar Hussain

9 hours ago

NICE Mawra di

Vishvajeet Das

9 hours ago

Lhr ma kis jaga aye thi ????

Saad Miraj

3 hours ago

My Mamm Apn Babys Baat Kar Ple.

Poornima Koli

6 hours ago

Love sweet Sin very god punishment rain danger people understand. People pray said God rain finish hope

Munir Ahmad

6 hours ago

Hi good morning my dear hello miya how are you doing my darling i like you my darling i love you miya my dear please call me plz my darling i love you miya my dear very nice

Fathima Rasha

4 hours ago


Khadijah Aftab

4 hours ago

इसमें क्या लिक्खा है तरुण जी ?