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Fans shared about Kygo

Sandy Medina

an hour ago

I was waiting for this since may 13 of 2016. Thank you to always make me proud of what you enjoy to do. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF ME.


I wanted 'To your brethren in the dark' to be a director’s interpretation of the song, rather than a band performance type of thing.Seeing what we do through the eyes of another artist is always interesting to me and just like the song, the video has become a little bit of a journey on it's own.'To your brethren in the dark' is definitely one of the flagship songs on the record.It is about emotion, our nature, the spirits, the autumn, the somber and rainy days, those who we lost and the ones who we have not met yet.You could say it is a tribute to the sorrow in man and to the drama of the nature we surround ourselves with.A song for the dark towers of the past and those who will rise in the future. Pass the torch to your brethren in the dark.

Satyr, 19/10/2017

You can watch the video for To your brethren in the dark here:

Fans shared about Marcus & Martinus

Μπίθα Χριστίνα

4 hours ago

I love it😍💘Please next time you'll come to Greece visit both Thessaloniki(2nd biggest city of Greece) and Athens🙏❤I MISS YOU😭💔PLEASE ANSWER TO ME😭

OMG!!!! Nominert til årets norske artist på NRJ - Hit Music Only Music Awards 💞💞💞 Det er bare én dag igjen, og du kan stemme på meg her: 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

A very serious game of chess with the world champ @magnus_carlsen ... we needed two minds for this one!! How do you think we did?

#KidsInLove @juanmatagarcia ⚽️

#KidsInLove @juanmatagarcia ⚽️

Excited to announce Australian Dates for New Waves World Tour, more date to come.

Fans shared about Alexander Rybak

Bożena Lebioda

20 hours ago

You are an amazing man with many talents. But the biggest one is versatility. I hope to see such an energetic concert in Poland Alexander

Raymond Mora

also shared about Alexander Rybak

Argentina is the one and only latin american country that Alex has been visited and offered a concert and TWICE!

Hopefully the rest of the countries consider to bring and appreciate his music and talent, including my country, that would be awesome!

#Herbst 🍂 #interiordesign #charlottewürdig #nadelkissenblume #hagebutten #deko

Thank you for one hell of a great night together, Copenhagen. The Gothenburg show has had its capacity increased, but there are now less than fifty tickets left! 📷 Itxlan
Lots of amazing coverage of Deep calleth upon Deep has been on newsstands recently - check it out:

Fans shared about Marcus & Martinus

Wiktoria Ślusarczyk

a day ago

It looks wonderful ... I hope you will sign it also in Poland💓😇💓😁 Please!
All Polish MMers ask you, and as you know there are not many of them...Really😭😢😉💓💓🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

ευαγγελια φιλιοπουλου

also shared about Marcus & Martinus

My daughter is a big fan of you boys and her biggest dream is to see you on a meet and greet.She couldn't come at amita's concert here in Greece and I feel sorry because she was really sad.So if you can please come to Greece and make and another meet and greet , maybe if she wins her dream will be true and I know she wants it a lot.❤️

Alya Bintang

also shared about Marcus & Martinus

can u make concert in indonesia. Because mmer in here always waiting u come or notice comment from we. I don't wanna say to much. Just i love u, will u come to indonesia babe?❤

#KidsInLove @jayalvarrez

Fans shared about Wardruna

Jennifer Armstrong

a day ago

Already got my tickets to see Wardruna at the Wilbur in Boston Feb/18. Taking my daughters to witness the waking of the Gods in the flesh. So blessed for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Lori T. Hurley

also shared about Wardruna

Kentucky would love to have you! Any of the more southern states would be great and a little more accessible to other fans. I'd host you at my home and let you set up a show in my yard lol. I know your shows will be magical successes!

Det er en ny dag! Hip Hop er ikke den lille undervurderte kid'n som vil være med å leke lenger... Baba har vokst opp nå;)!! Shout til @arif_murakami @karpe_diem_offisiell @ungeferrari @tomineharket @larsvaularnmg @slimkamel @yltv.nordic @adamezzari @jonas_benyoub @felaofficial @kennethengebretsen @hkeemofficial og mange fler! Vi kjører videre Baba🔥 #CONtaktVol2 Kommer snart SHOOOOOO!!!!

Back & Forth 3.0 in Poland was ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! #TeamOrjan

Fans shared about Aurora

Flávia Giuliana

a day ago

AURORA Thank you for all the love u gave us...i´ll never forget the hug u gave me.. i hope u come back soon...salvador loves u 😍😍😍😍😍

Ana Cristina Capre

also shared about Aurora

You are marvelous! You have a home here in Brazil, here in our hearts. I wasn't there, but I have to thank you for bring love to us.

Poncho Muñoz Palomero

also shared about Aurora

Beautiful woman ❤ you should come to Mexico we need to see you sing in live... I love your voice and your expressions while you sing ♪♫

#KidsInLove @adriangrenier

Los Angeles! Troubadour 11/6! With the stunning @raeleenikole!

Fans shared about Sondre Lerche

Larissa Almeida

2 days ago

Sondre Lerche your portuguese writting was amazing and also so cute! Hope i will be able to watch you guys, this time! And welcome back Brasil agaaaaain! yaaaaaaaaaay

Hatt en fantastisk uke i studioet til Karin Park og Kjetil Nernes. I en gammel kirke som de har pusset opp! Anbefaler å dra hit til alle mine artistvenner som vil komme seg ut av byen for å skrive, spille inn plate eller ha pre-prod!

Fans shared about Alexander Rybak

Patti-Bill Palazola Huegerich

2 days ago

Funny Translation from FB, a good Man?: "This brave 15-Year-old girl, apart from unique talent and charisma, still has willpower. Gave her a challenge to sing my song #kitty. Yeah, well, it's easy to say "no song", and zina found humor, children's positivity and good heart. And I sang 115 percent!
She's in the nomination now. I don't live in Russia, but I strongly hope that you will not be a future star, but maintain! Good luck, Zina. You are the most true star, and even more important, a good man. #Novaâfabrikazvezd #Muz " This is how mis-understandings start. Looked up the translation with Google, much better version!!

Niels Peeters

also shared about Alexander Rybak

Wow, what a lovely words ❤️, this made a not so good day a little bit better you know 😊 see you next week and i hope to have than a good day as well 😊❤️😘

Александра Рыбак

also shared about Alexander Rybak

Милый почему же песня ни о чем? Конечно в ней есть смысл и очень красивый. "Ты по настоящему полюбил девушку из сна и мечтаешь о ней". Я много лет занимаюсь эзотерикой и по своему опыту скажу. Люди которые снятся существуют.
Многими людьми их своих снов, включая тебя, я уже познакомилась. Ты как и некоторые другие часто снишся мне с 2013 года по сей день.

#KidsInLove @loganpaul 🤙🏼

#KidsInLove @loganpaul 🤙🏼

22 bars of the best fun I’ve had playing this old Greco in a while. Powered by The Strum Buddy by @fluid_audio, I won’t go anywhere without it from now on. (Full disclosure; I just bought this thing, no endorsements, just pure enthusiasm. It’s dirt cheap!)

22 bars of the best fun I’ve had playing this old Greco in a while. Powered by The Strum Buddy…

Looking forward to play at Paradiso Amsterdam during Amsterdam Dance Event! It's sold out! 🔥👌🏼


Few weeks off from touring to finalize the album! It even has a name already, can you guess? :)

Fans shared about Aurora

Hayley Belfield

2 days ago

I love you so much AURORA! I wish I could of came but I'm afraid I don't live in Brasil, im just waiting for a show in the UK

#KidsInLove @gronk 🏈

Our upcoming concerts In Heidelberg and Berlin are now both sold out! Thank you all so much for the support. See you soon!

А вы тут думали, что я Русский забыл. 😂 (Даже в Аргентине вечером буду на русском петь.) #новаяфабриказвезд #музтвновая-фабрика-звезд-new-star-factory/


Fans shared about Aurora

João Otávio

3 days ago

We're very happy that you're having a good time here in our country. I really wish that you feel it like a home and know that you're always welcome here ! <3

#NWWT is just a day away. Oslo to the world. Tickets in bio.

Hey you! Did you check out the lyrics video of "Drowning" yet?

San Francisco! 11/5, @theindependentsf! With the fabulous @raeleenikole!

Fans shared about Alexander Rybak

Евгения Шутова

4 days ago

Думаю, вашей маме тоже было приятно ещё раз услышать поздравление ко дню Матери, но уже на испанском 😃👍 А у нас был день Матери вчера. Успехов вам завтра и чтобы концерт прошёл, также замечательно как и всегда 😃😎✊🌎🎤🎶🎻