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Can’t believe this is biggest inspiration and the reason why I started making electronic music. Thank you for all the joy you brought to the world with your music. RIP @avicii

Jana Chúpekovaá

6 hours ago

A true inspiration and a true legend I love avicii and still will never stop loving him, but his music will stay known and avicii will be written down on the books as a king. Kygo your the next to take his place, and your doing us proud. Beautfiul words to bro 🙌❤️

Maciej Ślusarz

6 hours ago

RIP Legend. You made 🇺🇬dance to levels told someone to wake me up when I was in a silhouette, but these are the nights that my father told me about and the days too, you are not gone but your work is irreplaceable. Rest in Power Mr Avicii.

Saba Saqlain

6 hours ago

I agree. Kygo u make wonderful music. As avicci was such an would be amazing to play him a tribute. By creating the best music for him. 👍

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Pati Szaltynis-Skwarek

5 hours ago

Im an mmer because u help me trough so much times when all i needed was a hug. Ur music inspires me a lot and makes me feel better when im down. I love you guys with all my heart. (I would like to win the first kiss hoodie so bad 🤤😂) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #mmtocanada

Lisa Bjorheim

5 hours ago

Im MMER bcs of this fandom and u Boys. You are so talented at singing and playing football (me and my friend really like football). This fandom its like family. We are sisters and brothers. Im so proud and happy of that. Thank u for all. For made big and awesome family. ❤❤❤

Aleksander Krokeide

5 hours ago

I’ve been a proud mmer ever since 2016 ❤️ The first song I’ve ever heard was heartbeat and I fell in love instantly ❤️ I’m a fan because I absolutely love watching what they do and most of all I love their personality and how positive they are and how they share their happiness with everyone that is around them and I feel like I can relate to them a lot ❤️I love the way they treat their fans and how they still find time for them even though they travel a lot and study for school. They are a true inspiration and I love watching them pursue all of their dreams. I feel like every time I hear their songs or see a picture or video of them it brings a smile to my face❤️ if I was to win I would like either the white like it like it shirt or the first kiss hoodie❤️ even if I don’t win I just want them to know that I’m here supporting them and their journey every step of the way and all of the amazing opportunities that will come their way ❤️ love you guys ❤️ I hope you guys can come to the uk someday, meeting you guys is my dream ❤️❤️❤️

I’m left speechless right now.

You’ve been an idol and inspiration to both myself and countless others, and your music and legacy will continue to live on.

Thoughts and prayers to your family and loved ones. Rest in peace, @avicii.

And to everyone reading this, take care of each other.

Katie Hel

5 hours ago

Siempre estaras ahí en nuestros recuerdos, aquel que nos sacaba risas o nos alegraba con su musica, una persona la cuál muchos seguiamos y ahora saber que te vas de este mundo duele mucho💔 pero tus recuerdos quedan en nuestra memoria, fuiste aquel dj por el que llegue a este mundo de electroadictos y saber que la electrónica es un genero que se siente y se disfruta, Gracias Avicii Que En Paz Descanses😔😭😭💔
◢ ◤

Ieda Packer

5 hours ago

I'm started with producing becouse of his music. Probably everyone who just had inspiration in him feel the same. Music producers - this famous and this not famous are like family. Music world lost a great man and greatest teacher. Rest in peace master Avicii

John Sam Koshy

5 hours ago

avicii, you were an idol for me you left forever but your music will be eternally alive and will be an inspiration for many young artists who are looking for inspiration. Your departure is a terrible shock for all your fans of friends and many people around the world because they lost someone special avicii rest in God's peace let our Lord give you all his favors and let you into his kingdom of heaven, thank you that you have been with us through your music

The sun is very bright in Portugal!❤️
And I’m getting closer and closer to the Eurovision stage, you see? 🎻

Ever Peña Cespedes

5 hours ago

Aww bae!! Yes i see how happy and cute you are there!!😍🔥💘

Quốc Thái Tiên Sinh

5 hours ago

Great smile, great wink! Have fun in Portugal!! 😉

Kevin Andreassen

5 hours ago

Good luck Alex ✌️Have fun,always smile😊

Heute wird wieder geschwooft 💃 los geht’s um 20.15h. Ich hoffe ihr seid dabei!!!! Wir sind es mit der NUMMER 4!!!!Also: 01379-101004!!! 🎊🎊🎊

Fülöp Lóránt

4 hours ago

Anruf ist gemacht ✌

Charlotte Midtgaard

4 hours ago

Super gemacht 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Und dein Hintern ist gar nicht so schlecht 😜😂😂😂

Emmanuel Alvarado Barreto

4 hours ago

Ihr habt sehr gut getanzt.😍
Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Freitagabend.😘🌸💖

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Manoa Rakotomalalason

13 hours ago

LoooL, lots of close line arrays as monitors, you must be deaf after this if you don't wear ears protections :D

Sabrina Hu

13 hours ago

Toronto this year Orjan???

The "Hugsjá" Album is out now!
Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik store (EU):
Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik store (NA):
By Norse Music store (EU):
By Norse Music Bandcamp:

Drk Ahrns

13 hours ago

have just ordered :) it was great to see Einar live in febuary in York ! looking forward to the CD :)

Antonio Hernández Paredes

13 hours ago

when you give concert in Poland with this album? (just finished listening to it It's great)

Lucka Urbánková

13 hours ago

Cindy van Nierop :O

War schön gerade live mit euch zu sein!Danke, dass ihr dabei wart! Jetzt gehts gleich los. Ab ins Studio und heute Abend geht’s mit „la tortoura“ von Shakira aufs Parkett. Hoffen wir mal, dass der Titel nicht zum Programm wird ☺️ habt einen tollen Tag meine Lieben 💛

Angga Nugraha

12 hours ago

Hallo Charlotte, wir kennen uns nicht. Du bist bei Lets Dance die Frau mit der besten Ausstrahlung und für mich sehr sympathisch. Ich will Dich zumindest auf Platz 2 sehen. Du stehst mit beiden Beinen schwebend auf dem Boden. Drücke Dir heute abend ganz fest die Daumen😚🤗👍👏

Iven Len

12 hours ago

Viel Spaß und Glück für heute Abend! Wir rufen für dich an

Nieves Leon Castillo

12 hours ago

Viel Spass und viel Erfolg heute Abend 🤗

DIMMU BORGIR featured on the April / May issue of Zero Tolerance Magazine (🇬🇧UK).

New album, EONIAN, out May 4th via Nuclear Blast Records.
Available at

World tour dates and tickets at:

Ady Romonti

5 hours ago

Dimmu Borgir

"I have gas pains."

I'm sorry.

Magda Ladzińska

14 hours ago

Morbosidad!!! Tomas Stench

Kosma Graham

14 hours ago

Is that literally a band named septic tank? Lmfao.

Photo: Julia Schwendner

DIMMU BORGIR featured on Issue 106 of Metallian Magazine (🇫🇷 France).

New album, EONIAN, out May 4th via Nuclear Blast Records.
Available at

World tour dates and tickets at

Nathan Casey

5 hours ago

Mmmmh... Actually, fans could be a little bit disappointed by the critics made about Dimmu in this magazine :/

Kyle Bertrand

5 hours ago

Shagrath should wrestle in the WWE.

Martina Venus

5 hours ago

Damn, nowhere near Texas