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Fans shared about Tiësto

Carmen Heitert

3 hours ago

Paul Heitert Samantha T. Huynh Arden Huynh James Gudeli Kurt Blanz Cynthia Kelly Pollard Jeanna Hibbitt There is still hope for me yet to get back to Vegas!!!!

Big hands up for Trance Xplosion last saturday! #gdansk #trancefamily

Everything's right here 🙌 #Gouryella

Fans shared about Laidback Luke

Ian Francis

5 hours ago

I only buy vinal I have been buying for 20 years and have amassed a nice reasonable record collection only last year I managed to get my hands on a nice set of vestax pdx 3 after not having decks for 8 years and there is nothing more satisfying than beat matching 2 records together, that sound of the beats bouncing off each other and keeping the beat for as long as you want. The hell with sync buttons only real djs can mix with vinal as it's all skill and nothing else it takes years to master and would love to see more love gigs with decks you can pick up most records for less than a tenner these days and the supply is getting bigger and bigger....

Patrick Ellmer

also shared about Laidback Luke

Luke i love your vlogs, i am following them for a while now and i can say that i would believe anything you say because i know you have the knowledge. but in this case i think you have too much knowledge. you have to think much more simple because all the people who listen to martin garrix, david guetta or avicii on the radio who aren't this deep in the scene don't know and espacially don't care about this difference. i think dj's (sorry, performing producers) are the nowadays rockstars. and thats why i think that nowadays it doesn't matter if you call yourself a producer because people will call you a dj.

greetings from a fan from austria 🇦🇹💪

Jason Thompson

also shared about Laidback Luke

This vlog is no easy task.That being said I agree with85+%of everything Laidback says and does.There are a select percentage of DJ Who I believe produce also.Also they re-produce furthermore on stage”Live”in the moment/with the crowd🙌🏼”SHAKESPEAR”All the world is a stage....The people are the actors❣️🤪🎅🏼☝️🤶🏼🙏🏽👻💯❤️🌌

This is the remix I made for my buddy Cuebrick.. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Released on Enhanced Music:

— Products shown: Cuebrick - Smoke & Fire (Jochen Miller Remix).

First time Rebirth Festival 👊🏼
Get your tickets at

Fans shared about Radical Redemption

Radical Redemption

5 hours ago

Just a personal word here.

I want to thank you all for coming, listening to my music, supporting me throughout the last (almost) 6 years. I still remember back in 2012 that a lot of people where saying, “This isn’t hardstyle, this is a hype.” “You will never make it if you keep doing this.”
That never changed my perspective of what hardstyle should be about.

Now, almost 6 years later, it is you guys that made this possible.

12.000 people packed into The Radical Dome made this happen. I still can’t believe it if I watch the after-movie (and I watched it like 100 times already)

I also want to thank everyone at Art of Dance and Most Wanted DJ Agency for always believing in me and supporting me. This event would not be possible without any of them!

I am extremely proud and I hope to see you all next year in The Radical Dome!

Thank you! 🙏🏼

- Joey

Eline Maassen

also shared about Radical Redemption

krijg weer helemaal kippenvel als ik dit terug zie, voel me er zo weer tussen staan😍. Kim Rouhof hier gaan we sws ook met zn 4en heen volgend jaar!

Fans shared about Armin Van Buuren

Floriana van Noort

9 hours ago

Dat heb je leuk gedaan...mooi he met deze sneeuw...ik wens jullie fijne feestdagen en een superrrr 2018 toe...ik ga donderdag naar de zon..👍😘💋⛄⛱💛💚


When curling is life.

Thailand it's lit ⚡⚡🎉🎉🌈🌈🔥🔥🔥

Everyday should be #HumanRightsDay 🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿


Gisteravond is MAAN verrast met de 100% NL Award voor het Muziekmoment van het jaar! Gefeliciteerd lieve, lieve Maan, met deze fantastische prijs en tevens erkenning van jouw bijzondere talent!

Hosting this week's episode of Revealed Recordings Radio, enjoy!

Winter in Dinrher

Did you grab your copy yet?
Sitting by the fireplace now it's snowing like crazy... nothing better than listening to the new Funkerman & Marco Lys tune 😀😀☃️☃️☃️☃️

Proud to announce my brand new website

Our buddies W&W dropping 'READY' at Tomorrowland!!!

Green is the new black

Goeiemorgen! Vanaf vandaag start ik met de veiling van mijn platina award voor Sad Singalong Songs.
De opbrengst gaat naar Triple Threat, een organisatie die zich inzet voor jongeren. Kijk voor alle info op: #linkinbio# @tttlifestyle

Thank you LA!!!!!!!!! 💘😍[ photo by Oh Dag Yo Photo ]


WEEKEND 24/7 ! Thank you @xslasvegas

Let it snow #merrychristmas 👻

Margriet Winter Fair Laura van den Elzen Mark Hoffmann Amber van den Elzen Merle Coolen

Fans shared about Don Diablo

Ντινος Λιαμπας

a day ago

Don is love,Don is life,he's the dawn in the morning sky,he's passion,this poem is mine,still waiting for him to reply!!!!

What a weekend. 🖤

Speedy J played 3 nights in a row. Starting at Ribbon Club Culture in Italy on Thursday, followed by Nitsa Club in Barcelona on Friday and finishing the weekend back in Italy at Shame Clubbing in Verona Saturday!

what has been your favorite show of 2017?

GERMANY WAS 'READY'!!! 🇩🇪🔥🕺> Link in Bio <

Vietnam that was so much fun 🔥🔥⚡⚡🇻🇳🇻🇳

Fans shared about André Rieu

Gordon Skingle

a day ago

Having fun on tour, you always look as though it's fun on stage as well, (I hope it is), which makes it total fun for us. Roll on Maastricht in July, have front seats this year, Yea!

Sarah Dodson

also shared about André Rieu

Have a lovely concert in Belfast tonight Andre. Looking forward to seeing you at Wembley on 22nd. Take care in this cold icy weather, wrap up warm dear Andre. See you all soon. 😀😀🎄🎄🎄🎻🎻🎻

Catherine Mena

also shared about André Rieu

Why do I suddenly want to see a photo of perfectly composed Andre with a face-full of snow? With all due respect, of course!!! Have fun in the snow and thank you for the beautiful music!!!!! 😊❄️☃️🎼🎶

Fans shared about Ferry Corsten

Tomasz Turczyn

a day ago

Amazing set with many melodies, great vocals and energy, this is what I'm searching for in music. Hope to see you soon in Poland again

Fans shared about DVBBS

Hsu Pyae Sone MoeShein

a day ago

🔥🔥 brothers in my heart forever
d kg lay tway mha ma chit yin bal thu. thwar chit ya ma lal
Want to see you again 😭❤
your big big fan

This Is Power ⚡

We did a great show at My dinh stadium! Lovin’ the crew ❤️

Fans shared about Armin Van Buuren

Benjamin Hermann

2 days ago

Now you can tell yourself that even aliens heard your music ! Be careful ! We don't want them to get you just for themselves D:

I'm gonna bring Purple Haze to Jakarta and Hong Kong this weekend! Can't wait for that one 🎉🙌🏻 @djakartawarehouseproject @creamfieldshk

Robot Rock 🤘

Can't wait to bring Purple Hazeto D.W.P - Djakarta Warehouse Project and Creamfields Hong Kong 2017 upcoming weekend! Who's Ready for this?🙌

Goodmorning ☀️


Things are under control

All glorious moments in one mix! ✨


What’s good Las Vegas! DEEJAYCHUCKIESINDAHOOOOUSE!!! Come f🖖🏽ck with me tonight @marqueelv 🔥🔥🔥 #lasvegas #marqueelasvegas #dirtydutch #djchuckie

Enjoying Vienna with my brother ❤️