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NovaMute night at Berghain coming Saturday!

23:59 h - 04:00 h Nicolas Bougaïeff
04:00 h - 05:00 h Terence Fixmer LIVE
05:00 h - 09:00 h Luke Slater
09:00 h - 13:00 h Speedy J
13:00 h - 17:00 h Daniel Miller
17:00 h - 21:00 h IORI
21:00 h - 01:00 h Len Faki
01:00 h - End Antigone

Lize Goffin

4 hours ago

Garry Andy Stuart Darren oh ya cunt

Jay Patel

4 hours ago

Dit is zo zuur! Mijn ultieme wens is om Speedy J in de Berghain te zien.... en ik was afgelopen weekend in Berlijn...😐 Aargh!!
Hopelijk een volgende keer! Have fun!! ♡

Ahmed Muzthak

4 hours ago

Sander Gravemaker Can you believe it?!?!😲

Dear Tim, I can’t believe what I just heard, you have gone way to early, there are no words to describe how I feel now, I am thankful for all the great moments we got to spent together; and thankful for all the things I got to learn from you. The world will miss you. I hope you find peace now ❤️ ~ R.I.P Avicii

Farouk Mahamade

4 hours ago

you are and you will continue to be my inspiration to be a DJ Producer, thanks to know that I can believe in my thanks AVICII

Natalia Siejak

4 hours ago

We are shocked and terribly saddened to learn of the passing of our dear friend Avicii today. Our deepest prayers and condolences go out to Tim’s family in this difficult time.

Tim was an awe inspiring creator, pioneer, artist and true trailblazer in modern music. We are very proud that we could call him a member of the Ultra Family during his prolific but unfortunately brief career.

We’ll miss him dearly.

Manfredi Ruggiero

4 hours ago

The world of music lost a greatest musician. Rest in peace, Avicii. We all love you!
"There's a endless road to rediscover..."

Can't really describe in words how sad I feel right now.. thank you for inspiring me and million others. RIP Avicii 😔❤️

Benjamin Nieuwenhuisen

7 hours ago

Rest in peace Avicci you are star with or without talent, you hype us but today we lost you, always remembered never forgotten, you're special... I love you.,thank you for your epic music you said "don't wake me when it's all over" but I'm going to say "please wake me up when it's all over", I don't know why do God need to take all the good ones away, 1989 - 2018 💔🙏🏼
#Rip #avicci

Brandon Endut

7 hours ago

Avicii dies at 28 - DJ of hey brother and wake me up!! I don’t listen to Dance but this guy was brilliant and I liked his songs! So sad! Look after yourself guys!! You think you still young you can party and drink but know you body can take only so much! RIP brother!!

Leonardo Balbino

7 hours ago

It was one of the best dj's in the world thanks for the music you gave us avicci :( ♥ we will always remember you with a smile oh with your hands up like in your ultra music, greetings from Peru and it is a great loss for electronic music :( #avicci always

Just can’t believe this, I’m gonna miss you so bad. From your first show where we played together, to all the amazing memories we shared. Thank you for changing the world with your amazing music. Thank you for being such an inspiration. I hope you’re in a better place right now. I’m gonna miss you brother, until we meet again! 🖤

E Sebastian Moya

5 hours ago

Monday left me broken
Tuesday I was through with hoping
Wednesday my empty arms were open
Thursday waiting for love, waiting for love
Thank the stars it's Friday
I'm burning like a fire gone wild on Saturday
Guess I won't be coming to church on Sunday
I'll be waiting for love,
RIP legend

Dick Elzinga

5 hours ago

i'm devasted, he was one of the best unique producers of progressive house i've loved and heard for a long time, let me show your love will last forever, rest in peace avicii, YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE ARTIST, thank you for your brilliant, touching music <3

Matias Nicolas Peralta Marin

5 hours ago

Everyone go on Spotify and get Levels to no.1 on the top plays of the month 🙏🏻. The music community is so strong and so tight that something like this is felt by so many people! Avicii made this possible! Music will never die ❤️.

Really struggling for words here. Tim you will be missed. To all my colleagues and industry peeps, we need to do much better.

R.I.P Tim

Karina Rodriguez Murcia

6 hours ago

I miss you in your life. what will be i do in your die my friend

Jhon Fredy Noreña

6 hours ago

It’s an ugly subject that nobody wants to touch especially now. But thank you for shedding light on this matter

Francisco Guzman

6 hours ago

You guessed it :( "Luke says that when he saw Avicii in August of 2015, “he looked terrible”. So bad, in fact, that Luke worried the 26-year-old would join the “27 club” of music and film stars who died at that age. “It sounds horrible but it’s the truth, and I can’t take back the ­overwhelming sense of frustration I felt,” the Dutchman says."

It's Ruud Jolie's birthday today, congrats!

Tomas Tovar

6 hours ago

Happy Birthday to one of my favorit Guitarplayer - the other one is David Gilmour.

Desmond Too

6 hours ago

Happy Birthday Ruud
Keep Rockin 🎸
Dave UK

happy birthday and are you guys doing anything new for a album

We can't wait to fly to Mexico City next month for the mighty Hell And Heaven Fest! What a line-up!

Daniel Niemiec

13 hours ago

Arturo L. López no había visto este evento

Jajaja Leo Carrera life is tough 😆

Kunwar Umair

21 hours ago

....and cant wait to see you on the stage !!!

Words can not describe how I feel right now..I am gonna miss you brother ❤️

Dishant Goswami

4 hours ago

Its nice to say your words on any death that effacts the life if soo many in the world even by music, acting are wat ever its ok to show your love that some people just cant because of incapeableness thats inside there for you can look past them and there words R.I.P . #YOUDONTNEEDTONOTOSHOWLOVE❤ music is the esscence of life. TIESTO❤

Mariana Redd

4 hours ago

#Avicii : “#WakeMeUp
I only wish in the next few weeks when I attend Electric Daisy Carnival, where the world's leading music producers participate. They will recall Avicii’s immortalize tracks. And we'll light up the electronic Las Vegas sky by anything we can and sing his song as much as we love.

Alain Mali's

4 hours ago

We may not have known him personally, but he's music remains amazing and must have had a change in people's lives to make them mourn as much.


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Gilbert Hutagalung

6 hours ago

Amar DON DIABLO favourite vai

Shaida della Tommasina

15 hours ago

You guys can deliver those hoddies to India

Saul Estevez

15 hours ago

Don diablo love u

“You use to be so much taller, keep eating your spinach” 😂#tbt #captionthis

Ariel de Andrade

13 hours ago

“You just tweak the supersaw wave like this “

Cos Peter

13 hours ago

Are ye taking the p&@s???

Edson Romeu Sitoe

13 hours ago

Lmao, the progress is unstoppable, even in our lives! :)

My new single 'Therapy' feat. James Newman Music is out now!

Akshay Prasad

4 hours ago

What a beautiful time, a little serious you time in that picture but you're still beautiful, I hope to see your set tonight ❤

Jayme Viana

14 hours ago

Please come to Queimas da Fita do Porto 2018.
I can pay you some beer and take you on a boat trip.

Enrique Laredo

14 hours ago

Dear Armin 1000 Thanks for the new track from you Armin he has been beautiful. When I heard him he immediately went into my heart yawning and crying as I heard him Armin so great he is and 1000 thanks for the great Vido pass to your track from Morocco it is beautiful Armin. I wish you a nice and sunny weekend in Australia and a good start to the new week Armin. Toz Ziens Armin. Greetings Sabine. 🎧🎶🎶🎶🙌🙌🙌🌞🌞🌞😀😀😀❤❤❤

I'm deeply shocked and still can't believe that dance music has lost one of its icons today. Avicii's music changed the lives of so many people. He will be missed dearly. I would like to offer my sincere condolences to his family, friends and loved ones. May you find the strength you need in these difficult times.

Ruhe in Frieden ☮️ Tim 😢 jetzt hast keine Schmerzen mehr 🌈 Depression und Bauchschmerzen durch entzündete Gallenblase auwa Autsch das sind schmerzen die wünscht man keinen und dann Jahre lang darunter leiden das tut weh richtig weh. 😭 Ich weiß wie die schmerzen sind hatte selbst jahrelang entzündete Gallenblase mit Gallensteine drin. Tim wir werden dich vermissen und in Erinnerung behalten durch deine Tolle Musik von dir. 🎶 😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😢

Chan Nyein Hein

4 hours ago

Armin I am still in shock. Look forward ASOT this week show casing some sort of tribute to him. Such a tragic loss from an amazingly talented man. Thank you for all you did for him during his incredible career!

Max Manvell Miw Brink

4 hours ago

Yes a music icon is lost. Yes as I'm a dj that plays for functions & weddings. :) Avicii's music will be played in my sets! :) R.I.P Avicii! :'(

Songwriting at a secret location.

Akane Naruse

6 hours ago

That kind of looks like my house! LOL.

Paulina Paulino

6 hours ago

In een slaapkamer?

No words. Rest easy brother.

Nate Boone

5 hours ago

Without you makes more sense now... RIP

Sā Brî

5 hours ago

Legend R.I.P

Ong Ye Kan

5 hours ago

R.I.P Avicii 😢

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Giammarco Cippitelli

4 hours ago

Ja,een heel mooi koppel! !!😃😃

Wooohoo new single 'Therapy' is out today!!!
Love from Australia 🙌🏄‍♂️

Sujay Khapane

4 hours ago

Why⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️Come back to trance armin please 🙏🏼 let the commercial radio song to the ridiculous guetta !!

Wasef Gironmarulanda Tigakosongempat

4 hours ago

YOU WERE INCREDIBLE LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!! The amount of times I cried from the amount of happiness and shock I was in from my dream of finally being able to see you perform come to life was just, unbelievable. Thank you Armin! 😍😍😍 I'll be sure to see you again when and if you come back to Melbourne ♥ 👐🎉

Monique Walraven Vd Dobbelsteen

4 hours ago

Hello, I wish you a wonderful weekend! Thank you for everything! I hope you're well. Don't worry about what some say and do what you want to do and how you feel like it! Keep exploring and keep evolving. Stay safe and take care! Enjoy your weekend!

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Daniü SuäreZz

13 hours ago

Que aplicacion es esa ?

Béla Incze

13 hours ago

How about you'll try in rules of survival,wrestlemania entrance & in NBA ALSO

Yair Lopez Montes

a day ago

It is crazy fedde owwwww cool jajaja 😂👌🔥😂✌️🕶️🕶️🕶️🦉👌😂😀🌴🔥.

Vanavond! De grote finale van The Voice Kids! Deze week stond voor Yosina veelal in het teken van repeteren, kleren uitzoeken en een beetje dollen ook natuurlijk. En al zeg ik het zelf: Yosina is er klaar voor. Ze maakte al tijdens The Blind Auditions iets in mij los en dit is alleen maar meer geworden de laatste dagen. Deze avond zingt ze nog één keer de sterren van de hemel... Daarna is het aan het grote publiek om te beslissen wie er dit jaar met de award en de studiebeurs naar huis gaat. Mag Yosina op jullie stem rekenen? Kijk dan deze avond om 20.30 uur naar RTL4.
#yosina #teamborsato #tvk
Bij wie sta ik voor de deur en waarom zou ik een beer bij me hebben?

Kijk vanavond naar The Voice Kids, RTL4, 20.30 uur 😁

Pedro Costa

6 hours ago

Je was vanaf het begin tijdens de auditie mijn favoriet !!

Merel Brinkman

6 hours ago

De winnaar!!!!! Geweldig wat kan dat meisje zingen😍😍😍


6 hours ago

Wat een talent Marco, mag je trots op zijn, haar in je team te hebben, en ik weet dat je dat bent❤️

Het is één van de allermooiste liedjes van Oleta Adams, 'Get Here' en speciaal voor Yosina vertaald naar het Nederlandse 'Bij Mij'. Zo beeldschoon gezongen, een nummer dat perfect bij haar past en mij diep ontroerde...
Steun Yosina door haar naam te sms'en naar 3131 of bel 0909-1302.
#yosina #tvk #teamborsato
Wauw! Met ‘Jij Bent De Liefde' heeft Yosina ons direct weer laten voelen dat muziek pure emotie is! Yosina ís liefde, is warmte, is echt. Yosina is muziek! Echt een natuurtalent en dit is nog maar het begin van de finale! Kan Yosina rekenen op jullie steun? SMS Yosina naar 3131 of bel 0909-1302
#teamborsato #yosina #tvk
Dat Yosina voor dit vak geboren is, hoef ik al lang niet meer te vertellen. Dat bewees ze nogmaals in dit prachtige duet met Maan. 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' was dan ook de perfecte songkeuze voor deze finale. Yosina bracht niet alleen 'fun' op het grote podium, ze wist me ook te ontroeren met haar prachtige stem. Willen jullie ook dat deze altijd vrolijke meid straks naar huis gaat met de titel 'The Voice Kids 2018'? Stem dan nu op Yosina door haar naam te sms'en naar 3131 of bel 0909-1302.
#teamborsato #yosina #tvk

Melissa Herrera Meza

6 hours ago

ik hoopte dat ze zou winnen en toen ze won sprong ik juigend op

Miriam Daniela Aba

6 hours ago

Een terechte winnares. Marco je mag trots op haar zijn, wat een stem heeft ze. Geweldig en gefeliciteerd

Cornelia Preotesescu

6 hours ago

Ik had Maan ook best hoog zitten tijdens haar Voice periode, maar Yosina was vandaag echt beter! En ze heeft dus ook terecht gewonnen! Je hebt het gewoon weer geflikt Marco! Maar ik wens je wel veel sterkte voor volgend seizoen 😉

No words for this 😞 #Avicii

Ngu Wah Win Myint

6 hours ago

R.i.p Tim 😢

Naveed Syed

6 hours ago

I know you can do this Fabian! Make a remix to honor him 👐🏼

Christian Heusel

6 hours ago

No words, so sadness 😞

MY INDIGO is OUT! Available everywhere.
Tell us about your favorite song on the album!

Andrea Orozco Rincon

6 hours ago

I wanted to say Crash and Burn, but Black Velvet Sun omg too good!

Lorenzo Gattico

6 hours ago

Crash and burn

Raykowa Margarita

6 hours ago's no longer Within Temptation .....

Can’t describe the feeling I have right now. You were such an inspiration to me and to millions around the world. Rest in peace Avicii

New 🔥Coming Soon!!! ☝🏼👇🏼

Viraj Naik

a day ago

David guetta showtek id?

Mhedy Jr.

a day ago

listen to your mama ??

Abi Rafdi

a day ago

Showtek - FTS (2017 Edit)

Playing 4 sets in 1 day next week on Kingsday, can't wait! 👑 🧡

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Shane Mitchell Lucas

5 hours ago

Lucas Yvann vous avez les 4 lieux ou non ?

Richard Tai

5 hours ago

Ongetwijfeld breng je een eerbetoon aan Avicci

Rendy van Fell

5 hours ago

So your playing 4 hours ??? Wow

Chrispin Arrow

7 hours ago

do you like blak

Brand new remix pack of @danthompsonofficial @adamellisdj and Cristian Ketelaars is here. What is your favorite? (Link in bio) #trance #trancefamily #trancemusic