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Next year, we will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of 'Design Your Universe'. We will celebrate this by performing a limited amount of shows focussing on this album.

04/10/2019 TurbinenHalle- Oberhausen, Germany
05/10/2019 TivoliVredenburg - Utrecht, The Netherlands
06/10/2019 Elysée Montmartre - Paris, France
10/10/2019 Barby Club - Tel Aviv, Israel
12/10/2019 Glavclub- Moscow, Russia

Come join us!! Tickets are available from:

Kuldeep Powar

12 hours ago

Play it in full and record it! You guys have got to be tired of playing basically the same exact set since THP was released.

Ziqri Slaker's Despacit'o

12 hours ago

Wish this would come to the US too 😭😭

Tommaso Leonardi

12 hours ago

I don't see the concert date in the Czech Republic.Why?I know that you act often here, so why don't you come to celebrate your anniversary? :'-(

Thanks Armin for playing my new track Chester on ASOT894

Top.lekker die vocal👍

Last night at Poppodium 013 at Legends XL 😈

Noel Kristen

2 hours ago

Back to Mexico 🇲🇽
You are the best, I love you ❤😍

Ekaterina Panteleyeva

2 hours ago

Laurent Carron Adrien Germanier

Joe Farias

2 hours ago

Bulgaria is waiting you to kill👿💚