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Fans shared about Ayumi Hamasaki


2 hours ago

Ayu nice and beautyfull picture ayu i send all my love for you and i send greathings for you ayu chan you are all for me i love you so much good luck in your tour in okinawa you are a talented singer

Tetsu Yoshida

also shared about Ayumi Hamasaki

That's important! Love u! 😍😘

Fans shared about Donnalyn Bartolome

Artikulo Tres

an hour ago

beautifull ... H B D...wuatb..

Reynante Cepeda

also shared about Donnalyn Bartolome

Iloveyou always ate😊

Jenalyn Ate

also shared about Donnalyn Bartolome

But Hindi ka nlang nag artista ate idol

Fans shared about Donnalyn Bartolome

ESheil Briones Hermosa

an hour ago

Nko ate donnalyn nakaka inlove😍💞❤ ung kagandahn mu oo super ganda mu talaga ate donnalyn nakita ko ung vd mu noung first na meet mu si ate ann curtis naiyak dn aku noung umiyak ka galing mu we love you ate donnalyn 😍😘💞💞

Mary Anne Rodas

also shared about Donnalyn Bartolome

Love you ate!!!😻

Dimple Omar

also shared about Donnalyn Bartolome

So cute baby

Fans shared about Ayumi Hamasaki

Kumi Nakamura

2 hours ago



also shared about Ayumi Hamasaki

Hi ayu nice and beautyfull picture ayu i always follow you you are all for me i send all my love for you and i send greathings for you

Misato Watanabe

also shared about Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayu ti amo!

Fans shared about モーニング娘。

Jungi Higuci

7 minutes ago

Girl Happy New Year

Yoshinori Kamegawa

also shared about モーニング娘。

Waooo super nice

Nats Marcelo

also shared about モーニング娘。

Happy now yeas

Fans shared about EXILE

Kiyoka Otsu

22 minutes ago

お誕生日おめでとうございます👏🎂🎉。中学生の息子と私が、TETSUYAさんの大ファンです。さいたまスーパーアリーナにも行きました✨。また、さいたまに来てくださいね。EXPG、新しく開講するようですが全国のEMTG校に 同じようにレッスンできたら幸いです。ダンスなど身体を動かしたいです🎵。また、coffee の店で、いろんな グッズを楽しみにしております。心から応援をしております

東田 まゆみ

also shared about EXILE


Sadohara Mie

also shared about EXILE


Fans shared about Yoshiki

Tomomi Kudou

8 hours ago

We Are X <3 <3

Chanchiraphron Khamkhat

also shared about Yoshiki

We Are X❗(χ≧∀≦)❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Mika Koyasu

also shared about Yoshiki

Come to Poland ♡ We are X just next to Russia!

Been waiting for this day. Dreamt about it. So happy for Danz & OJ! Nothing but Love and support for y’all on your new journey as Mr. and Mrs. Orobia 👰🏻🎩
#OJsLastDanz @ The Veranda at Bella Rosa Farm

Been waiting for this day. Dreamt about it. So happy for Danz & OJ! Nothing but Love and support for y’all on your new journey as Mr. and Mrs. Orobia 👰🏻🎩 #LaFamilia

Fans shared about Donnalyn Bartolome

Emer Lugue

13 hours ago

Pangarap ko talaga makita at mayakap si donalyn sa personal tas papicture kami,,makapunta lng ako ng manila hahanapin ko sya.

Mår Įę ŁŁ

also shared about Donnalyn Bartolome

Wow naman ate donnalyn napaka ganda mo po love you po talaga

Denessy Isaga

also shared about Donnalyn Bartolome

Gorg mu donna 😍😍

Fans shared about Namie Amuro

Sayoko Satou

19 hours ago

Natapong Chatsriwong ไต้หวันมาล่ะ แต่ปกติเค้าปล่อยขายคนนอกด้วยใช่มั้ย ไม่ใช่แค่ fan space member


also shared about Namie Amuro

Oh c’mon! Non-Japanese fans should be given priority on the Asian dates of this tour! The Japanese fans already has plenty of options considering that there are waaayyy more Japan dates than Asian ones! Kinda disappointing!

Barros Lee

also shared about Namie Amuro

Lucky people. Namie never in South America 😭😭

≪from STAFF≫


そして、今回のリリックビデオは、EXILE NAOTO・白濱亜嵐・関口メンディーがプロデュースします!


Part 2 of the “EXILE FRIDAY” Project is almost here!
A jacket photo and sample audio of the online-exclusive single "Melody", which is due to be released on 3/2 (Fri.), have now been unveiled!!

This 2nd installment in the 6 month long project of online releases is an up-tempo melody with a feel-good beat that will get you up on your feet and dancing.
It is a fresh pop-tune that will make you will feel like you are taking off into the sky!

And this time the lyrics video was produced by EXILE NAOTO, Alan Shirahama and Mandy Sekiguchi!
The lyrics video is coming soon!
So look forward to that too!!

■Click here for "Melody" sample audio

■"Melody" Special Page
『EXILE mobile』

風邪がキツい。でも、行ってきます。 I feel so bad but I have to go. @GACKT #gackt #gacktstagram #spindle #テレグラムの公式グループが出来ました #にしてもきつい

Fans shared about Ayumi Hamasaki

Łukasz Nobukazu Hideaki

19 hours ago







杉村 つかさ

also shared about Ayumi Hamasaki

Happy 20th anniversary Ayumi :x still the queen in my heart and one of the best divas i've known

さとみ satomi

also shared about Ayumi Hamasaki

ayuℓσνє♡۹(๛ ˘ ³˘)۶❤

[9期 Blog] ガチャポン☆譜久村聖 #morningmusume18

[12期 Blog] 『札幌オリンピックミュージアム♡大倉山ジャンプ競技場♪*゚』牧野真莉愛 #morningmusume18

Fans shared about モーニング娘。

Kahsif Ansari

2 days ago

wow super sweet and super lovely

Just wanna share how @Skycastleevents made my grand opening day for @HeyDollExtensions perfect! Thank you so much for making all my requests happen 😍 It’s even better than what I imagined! def celebrating with @Skycastleevents again! 🎉 Perfectly duplicated logo fondant cake for @HeyDollExtensions from @Thebunnybaker posting more pics!! Photographers: @rayambler7 @jerucastanares

Fans shared about Yoshiki

Yousuke Takenouchi

a day ago

😍Thanks Yoshiki 😍
🎊Happy Chinese
New Year🎊
🙅We Are X Hong Kong🙅
😚Love Yoshiki Forever😚😍

菅谷 ひろみ

also shared about Yoshiki

Happy chinese new year 💕 The year of dog 😘 my year

Jason Yuen

also shared about Yoshiki

Year of the Dog, I hear

Still feeling like Valentines? Happy Friday everyone💓🐯 #sergegainsbourg #janebirkin #couplegoals #belated #valentines #valentinesday #happyfriday #paris

Fans shared about Yuki Furukawa 古川雄輝

Joselyn Balderas

14 hours ago

Buenos días Dios le continúe bendiciendolo con ese talento y carisma que tiene. Mi admiración para usted.

Rachel Cartalla

also shared about Yuki Furukawa 古川雄輝

have a great day :) , hugs from Peru :)

Teddy Noe Lay

also shared about Yuki Furukawa 古川雄輝

So talented and handsome. Yep im a fan 😉

Fans shared about Hatsunemiku

Finn Campbell

12 hours ago

A mí NO me gusta cómo se ve esta Miku 😕

Suguru Narita

also shared about Hatsunemiku

Miku my princess.

Dylan Rando

also shared about Hatsunemiku

Emily Stark one day I’ll see her 😂

Fans shared about ONE OK ROCK

Yayoi Sai Takahasi

7 hours ago

I don't really like it. However I can't wait to listen to the future whole album to discover the other songs.

Miriam García

also shared about ONE OK ROCK

No matter anyone say,they have to try something new. I will support Oor and waiting for new works. Oor still Oor, it's my life ♥

Marianna Khodabandelou

also shared about ONE OK ROCK

Song is dope. New sound. A little poppy, but I'm hearing influences from some of the Singapore band's. Mostly m1ldl1fe. So it's a bit harder Rock mixed with some electronic beats. Really good. Keep it up, can't wait to hear what else comes of this I'm assuming next album.

Fans shared about Perfume (パフューム)

Akira Watanabe

14 hours ago

Happy birthday day wishing you long life and prosperity

Junichi Yamamoto

also shared about Perfume (パフューム)

There was a Japanese girl Perfume Fan a few yrs ago that was featured on nhk showing how she was telling her class about Perfume and got to see a Perfume show. She died shortly after that because of Cancer . Here is a Perfume fan that introduced kids to Perfume, got them to buy Perfume items, making money for Perfume, and after she died Perfume said nothing about her ! It's like they never cared about her or the effort she made promoting Perfume. Nobody cared about that ! Not a RIP Nothing ! You guys think this is right ? YOU KNOW Perfume knew about her !!!

Twei Huang

also shared about Perfume (パフューム)

A very Happy Birthday!!! to A-Chan one of my favorite perfume members best wishes to you this year

≪from STAFF≫

3/10(土)全国公開 映画「去年の冬、きみと別れ」に主演したがんちゃんが、ラジオ番組に出演させていただきます!


ニッポン放送『Toshiのオールナイトニッポン Premium』





【Takanori Iwata】
Breaking news of media appearances!!

GUN chan is starring in the movie "Last Winter We Parted", which will be released in cinemas around Japan on 3/10 (Sat.). In the coming weeks, he will be appearing on the following radio programs to promote the movie!
Tune in and listen to him in real time!!

▼2/24 (Sat.) 23:30~
bayfm "TAKUMIZM"

▼2/26 (Mon.) 19:00~
Nippon Broadcasting System "Toshi no All Night Nippon Premium"

▼2/27 (Tue.) 11:30~
Nippon Broadcasting System "Takada Fumio no Radio Beverly Hiruzu"

▼3/3 (Sat.) 23:30~
bayfm "TAKUMIZM"

Plus there are a whole of magazine interviews coming up!!
For full details check out the follow site!!

■"Last Winter We Parted" Official Site

■"Last Winter We Parted" Special Page on EXILE mobile
#EXILE #三代目JSoulBrothers
#岩田剛典 #冬きみ
『EXILE mobile』

Fans shared about Namie Amuro

Masatsugu Nishida

2 days ago

Happy Dragon New Year~!!!!!!

Miho Ezawa

also shared about Namie Amuro


Atsuo Kohara

also shared about Namie Amuro

only if they're hand delivered by Namie😘



HMV record shop をはじめ、全国のHMV店舗、HMV&BOOKS onlineサイト他、全国CD/レコードショップで購入できる限定商品!

■HMV&BOOKS onlineサイト:

■HMV&BOOKS online サイト商品ページ: newsdetail/article/1802151004/



・Keep It Goin’ On
・Free Style
・Southern Cross
・No Limit featuring 宇多丸 (from RHYMESTER)
・Inside Your Head
・Your Love feat. KREVA
・Delete My Memories
・The Answer
・Turn Off The Light
・Two Hearts
・Right Now
・ふれあうだけで 〜Always with you〜
・Cry & Fight
・普通の今夜のことを − let tonight be forever remembered −


Thank you all for following @heydollextensions reaching 5k followers in only 2 months is a huuuuuge thing for a business, thank you!! 😍 😭🎂Hey Doll cake from @thebunnybaker (will post close ups tom!) 🎈Bubble balloons from @bbloons_ Bouquet from @petalier_ Makeup: @mikkamarcaida Hair: @strawberry_diaz 📸@jerucastanares

Fans shared about Daichi Miura

Keiko Takiguchi

2 days ago

s**t kingzさん、Shingo Okamotoさん、PURIさんD.Mクルーの皆さん最高でした!

Masayo Nakagawa

also shared about Daichi Miura




Narumi Shimajiri

also shared about Daichi Miura


So blessed to be announcing that I own a business I LOVE. I have been wearing hair extensions ever since I was 12 years old because of my thin hair. I own so many hair extensions, I just couldn't get enough of it so I opened a hair extension business @heydollextensions ! Hahaha! See all you dolls around cause we are soooo ready to play with your hair!!!! 🎀👱🏻‍♀️ *par·lor ˈpärlər/ a shop or business providing specified goods or services* Thanks for the support @mommyalexxsandra Event styling: @skycastleevents

#CarnegieHall #NYC #yoshiki #piano #tbt #SwanLake #tchaikovsky #カーネギーホール #ニューヨーク #白鳥の湖 #チャイコフスキー

Fans shared about Ayumi Hamasaki

Masaharu Aiba

2 days ago

talkin' to myselfのこの歌詞が大好きなので、載せて頂き嬉しいです😃🎵⭐︎




also shared about Ayumi Hamasaki

talkin'2 myself

このtalkin'2 myselfの歌詞の強い意志が、Imageが、Visionが、


May The Soul Force & Love & Freedom Be With You.

There is nothing “useless” “futile” “person” and “things” absolutely.

Kouichi Nihei

also shared about Ayumi Hamasaki

Hi ayu nice and beautyfull picture ayu i always follow you you are all for me i love you so much

#Repost @angpinakanewstv
It’s the merry month of “Feels” and we continue sharing the good vibes with our latest offering! Sooooo many great epic pics that moved us! Who made the cut? Find out only on your FAV list show! 📝🧡
What are the viral photos that made the netizens feel good? Find out this Sunday on your favorite infotainment show, 6:30 PM on GMA News TV! #AngPinaka

#Repost @angpinakanewstv It’s the merry month of “Feels” and we continue sharing the good vibes with our latest offering! Sooooo many great epic pics that moved us! Who made the cut? Find out only on your FAV list show! 📝🧡 ・・・ What are the viral photos that made the netizens feel good? Find out this Sunday on your favorite infotainment show, 6:30 PM on GMA News TV! #AngPinaka

≪from STAFF≫
3/14(水)発売 New Single「Anuenue」Music Video解禁!!!


今回、そんな楽曲のイメージにぴったりなMusic Videoが公開になりました!

DVD、Blu-rayには、「Anuenue」のMusic Videoに加え、DANCE EARTH FES'17の模様を収録予定!

■DANCE EARTH PARTY feat. EDEN KAI / Anuenue (Music Video)

Music video unveiled for new single "Anuenue" which is due to be released on 3/14 (Wed.)!!!

The theme of "Anuenue" is the "Rainbow" and as the title of the song reveals, it is a song with a Hawaiian image!

And a music video that perfectly matches that image has just been unveiled!
The world of "Anuenue" is brilliantly brought to life in this video, so make sure to check it out!!

The DVD and Blu-ray editions will not only include the "Anuenue" music video, they are also scheduled to contain highlights of DANCE EARTH FES'17!
So look forward to checking that out too!!

■DANCE EARTH PARTY feat. EDEN KAI / Anuenue (Music Video)

■Anuenue Special Page
#Anuenue #アヌエヌエ
『EXILE mobile』

Fans shared about Hatsunemiku

Muzakkir Fitri

a day ago

Such awesome and catchy song!! The lyrics is kinda silly, but it is a cool and awesome silliness!! Can't wait to see my dear beloved wife Miku performing this live~

Sandy Poon

also shared about Hatsunemiku

Pilar aaaaaa so cute
She is perfect and I'm so happy
Aaaaaaaaa*happy screams*

Marcin Grupiński

also shared about Hatsunemiku

is it just me or was it a funny song?

Fans shared about L'Arc-en-Ciel

Michiko Kawasima

2 days ago

Honestly, guys are not considered. :) Not on all tours, but yes. We do not consider concerts that go two days, because, you know exactly about it. You, guys okay? This is a 25th L'Anniversary photo. But guys, you know the answer to this question from Monday (today "We are X", Ufa, ul. Chernyshevsky, 75, TRC "Gallery ART" 20:30). Don't worry, please. Just for 3 days. I do not like to leave not finished. But the most important thing is that last time forgot your favorite things (wait a month), still want to see what condition will come on delivery (from 30 to 40 years, once it is possible). Of course you know that the most favorite places are "Nakanoshima Park" (Roses at Nakanoshima), "Namba Parks", "New Otani", "Osaka Castle" ("Castle of Hideyoshi"). So Beautiful "fortress Gorjokaku" in winter (Hokkaido), and in spring and summer is beautiful "Park Ashikaga" (Honshu). But they are very far away. :)

Rena Shinhama

also shared about L'Arc-en-Ciel

Todavía. No porque no vienen por Sudamérica?😂🎶💀❤️

Ricki Ventinio

also shared about L'Arc-en-Ciel

pretty concert soon for 26th anniv?

Fans shared about Crystal Kay

Yuki Furugen

3 days ago

I love you

Changwang Kang

also shared about Crystal Kay

Same to you my valintine

上間 比嘉里絵

also shared about Crystal Kay

Same to you CK. <3

Fans shared about Perfume (パフューム)

Yasuhiro Kamei

2 days ago

Happy so very happy saint valentine's day too!!!.

Takasue Fujii

also shared about Perfume (パフューム)

Happy valentine to all of you.

Hiroko Yamaguchi

also shared about Perfume (パフューム)

Good smiles and good future.

Fans shared about L'Arc-en-Ciel


2 days ago

It's amazing, guys!! I am still amazed by the style created. "Floods of Tears" 1992.11.25. Label: Night Gallery Records. Consisted of only two songs. Sorry I don't have this disc. Beautiful Music "Floods of Tears". Congratulations, guys. It is a great success and pride. So fast and preorder!! :)

Nancy Cisneros

also shared about L'Arc-en-Ciel

L'Arc~en~Ciel 良いよね‼️(^-^)v


also shared about L'Arc-en-Ciel

They look like Luna Sea. In 1992 i was...8 years old.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all😘

Fans shared about モーニング娘。

hi beauty lady

Fans shared about Donnalyn Bartolome

JerLyn A Villanueva

2 days ago

happy valentines ate donna love you!!!! you are so gorgeous

Bryan Pasawa

also shared about Donnalyn Bartolome

Happy valentines donnalyn gorg mu talaga kakaibabe ung beauty mu donnalyn I'm a my birthday ko makita na kita donnalyn we love you donnalyn 😍😍❤❤

Ria Jane Remigio Ramillano

also shared about Donnalyn Bartolome

Happy valentines i love you..

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! I got a surprise bouquet! I’m the luckiest Donnalyn in the world!! Thank you so much @petalier_ for sending me flowers on my grand opening day for @heydollextensions😍 it made the day even more special! And oh my! I received another one from someone today :”> and can’t wait to post it! So beautiful 😍 Follow @petalier_ to see gorgeous flowers on your news feed 😍 #LuckiestDonnalynInTheWorld

I have never been happier with my hair!! And brush! Haha! Permanent hair extensions by @heydollextensions 🎀 Makeup: @mikkamarcaida Hair: @johncarloclavecillas

I can’t imagine life without balloons. 💕 I am so excited to show all of you @HeyDollExtensions! Expect pictures til friday!!!!

Fans shared about Yoshiki


2 days ago

I wish you Yoshiki all the Love and happiness of the world , for all that you give us. You are a light in our lives. I will always love you 💖🌹

Hajime Hernandez

also shared about Yoshiki

Happy Valentines to you as well Yo Chan know that we love you baby boy

Yasunori Sakuramoto

also shared about Yoshiki

And to you as wonderful creature who has bought so much wonderful music and general awesomeness into my life! *HUGS*

ハッピーバレンタイン!嫌なことがあったらこれを見て心を癒してくれ。 Happy valentine’s! You can heal your heart so watching this when you feel sad. @GACKT @genji_umeno #gackt #gacktstagram #拷問 #torture #stretch #開脚 #happyvalentine #悲しいときは笑ってくれ #workout