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Xiaochao Fu

12 hours ago

Always DRUMS for me
I really like the live version of "X" back to the 07.01.1992 Live at Tokyo Dome 🤘

Leong Billy

12 hours ago

do whatever your mind and body will allow. as long as the body is strong and there is no pain, do what your heart tells you to do. as for people pitching a fit over a new album, put it out when you want to. A true fan will wait till it is how you see fit. id rather wait 20 years for an album that sounds great instead of one year for one that sounds rushed and unfinished. i think maybe a box set of every album you have made alone and with X Japan with a book about it all. id buy that.

FoiL Raveewan

12 hours ago

PIANO!! Yoshiki I care for your health. Your health is odaiji to me. I never want you to get hurt . I want you to be in excellent health. To be honest, it scares me when start to drum. However, this is your decision. XOXO XOXO I LOVE YOU!!❤💋💝💋❤💋

X Japan Live 日本公演 2018 ~ #紅に染まった夜 ~ Makuhari Messe 3Days 開催決定!本日よりチケット先行抽選受付開始!
「 @XJapanOfficial Live in Japan 2018 #ThreeDeepRedNights」CONFIRMED!Pre-Sale Starts Today!

Alan Jhan

4 hours ago

Yoshiki channel の重大発表!の放送にドキドキ💓
JAPAN Liveの発表でドキドキ💓

Bea Delgado

4 hours ago

On the Beast Yoshiki X Japan

Alan Jhan

4 hours ago

Europe is calling!! Italy more😜🙏🏻

[9期 Blog] 北海道☆譜久村聖 #morningmusume18
[13期14期 Blog] 『飯窪春菜さん。』森戸知沙希 #morningmusume18
[9期 Blog] 北海道とはるなん卒業。生田衣梨奈 #morningmusume18
[12期 Blog] 飯窪春菜さん︎☺︎羽賀朱音 #morningmusume18
[10期11期 Blog] 飯窪春菜ちゃん!石田亜佑美 #morningmusume18
[13期14期 Blog] 佐々木大好きPart2! 加賀楓 #morningmusume18
[12期 Blog] 涼しいね、涼しいのスキ@野中美希 #morningmusume18

Marycris Ducalang Pino

20 hours ago

I can't find the emoji to respond to this super cuteness. It's a combination of smiles, shock, and a heart attack.

Tana Gaki

20 hours ago

I love liltes,and daughters rebelius




photo by 橋本 塁 (Rui Hashimoto)

Kelsie Joy Ascura

12 hours ago

I want to see it!!!

Yurika Oba

14 hours ago

When could they return to Mexico? <3

Kim Jhulia

14 hours ago

It so hot day

I am incredibly proud of the Be The Cowboy vinyl packaging design by Mary Banas, featuring pics by Bao Ngo. It was Bao and Mary who each took my abstract descriptions of what I wanted and made them into concrete visuals. I hope you get to feel the packaging in your hands!

Asep Junaedi

4 hours ago

That clear is stunning! I went with black, and love that the label was perfectly lined up with the sleeve. Also, great fucking album!

El S Aint

16 hours ago

amazing record
what does ‘Be the Cowboy’ mean, though?

Shalica Riley

16 hours ago

Waiting for mine in the mail ❤️ Bless you for giving a shout out to the designers

Thank you to everyone all over the world for tuning into our Future Pop livestream! 🎆 We hope you liked the world premiere of "Future Pop" live performance! Did you get the screenshot? 💖💖 #prfm


16 hours ago

The future pop choreography is the best ever!! Loved the live stream so much

[13期14期 Blog] 飯窪春菜さん 横山玲奈 #morningmusume18
[12期 Blog] 『HBCラジオさん♡いちばん青い空にしよう♪*゚』牧野真莉愛 #morningmusume18


そしてリコ(アカ)なつかちゃん (アカ)素晴らしい作品を創ってくれてありがとう🙏🙏🙏


Matthew Loiselle-Stanford

3 hours ago


Yuutarou Terada

7 hours ago


≪from STAFF≫
8/23(木)「Eダンスアカデミー スペシャルレッスン」公開収録を開催します!!!

8/23(木)、横浜・ランドマークプラザにて「Eダンスアカデミー スペシャルレッスン」公開収録を開催!




A public recording of "E Dance Academy Special Lesson" will be held on 8/23 (Thu.)!!!

"E Dance Academy" is a TV program where ÜSA and TETSUYA teach fun beginners dance lessons for kids.
And on 8/23 (Thu.) a public recording of "E Dance Academy Special Lesson" will be held at Landmark Plaza in Yokohama!
And of course ÜSA and TETSUYA will be there!!

The recording is open to anyone, so everybody come and join us!!
We are waiting to see you!!

■Click here for more details

■"E Dance Academy" Official Site


『EXILE mobile』

Keiko Kamata

3 hours ago

Wish you guys luck, have fun.

【L’Arc-en-Ciel 2011】“L’A HAPPY NEW YEAR”, was held at Makuhari Messe on 1st January, 2011 at 0:00, two years since the last concert. In May the same year, “20th L’Anniversary LIVE” was held at Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium. The concert was broadcasted in Japan as well as overseas cinemas, which attracted over 100 thousand people. The National tour “20th L’Anniversary TOUR” which had not taken place in the past three years, was also held in September.


【L’Arc-en-Ciel 2011】2011年1月1日0:00於幕張展覽館舉辦了睽違2年半的「L’A HAPPY NEW YEAR !」演唱會。同年5月於東京味之素體育場舉辦的「20th L’Anniversary LIVE」,同時也在日本國內及海外的電影院進行現場直播,吸引了10萬人以上的觀看。9月時也舉辦了睽違3年的國內巡演「20th L’Anniversary TOUR」。

Taeko Ubukata

2 hours ago


Masakatsu Imai

2 hours ago

hope u gonna perform in Indonesia. The capacity in Gelora Bung Karno stadium is 76.000 seats, bigger than Tokyo Dome. well, this is just a crazy idea to perform in South East Asia regional.

≪from STAFF≫
8/21(火)開催「PKCZ®×DTC-湯けむり純情篇-from HiGH&LOW 完成披露試写会&PREMIUM LIVE SHOW」オフィシャルグッズ公開!!!

いよいよ開催日が迫ったコラボライブイベント「PKCZ®×DTC-湯けむり純情篇-from HiGH&LOW 完成披露試写会&PREMIUM LIVE SHOW」

9/28(金)全国公開の映画「DTC-湯けむり純情篇-from HiGH&LOW」の魅力が詰まった動画となっています!



Official goods unveiled for the "PKCZ®×DTC -Yukemuri Junjou Hen- from HiGH&LOW Premiere Screening & PREMIUM LIVE SHOW" to be held on 8/21(Tue.)!!!

The date of the "PKCZ®×DTC -Yukemuri Junjou Hen- from HiGH&LOW Premiere Screening & PREMIUM LIVE SHOW" is now getting very close!!
And to help you get ready for the event, the official goods have now been unveiled!
So make sure to get hold of the official goods and lets all enjoy a great time at the event!!

Plus, the compilation video "Kotoshi no Natsu mo HiGH&LOW de Moriagarou SP: Original ver" is streaming right now on YouTube!
The video is packed full of unforgettable highlights from the movie "DTC -Yukemuri Junjou Hen- from HiGH&LOW" that will be released on 9/28 (Fri.)!
So don't forget to check out this video as well!!!

■Click here for details of official goods

■【2018】Kotoshi no Natsu mo HiGH&LOW de Moriagarou SP: Original ver


『EXILE mobile』

Wasn’t ready but this picture is better than the ones wherein I’m ready. 😅 Hey Doll Extensions always, always. My hair is only chest length btw but you’ll have no way of proving it! Hey Doll extensions forever and always 😋

Yuki Nanaumi

2 hours ago

You're so beautiful as always dons! 😍💓

Joselyn Balderas

2 hours ago

Donna my love haha pake nyo


2 hours ago

pano naExtend yan?