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My audio commentary for "Live on the Line" is live now! Link in my bio to listen and watch some video shananagins!
Ryan True on Twitter got my lyrics tattooed on his arm!😱 normally I wouldn't know how to feel but since it one of my favourite songs I've ever written... So I'm okay with it! What an honour to make it on someone's skin!

Today is National Violin Day. Here's a clip of the fantastic Tara McNeill Music in action from our new Homecoming TV special, filmed live in Ireland. #celticwoman #homecoming

Backwards Christmas Countdown Day 3
Ringo has a special Christmas message for us all.

Sing up to be put in the draw!


Delighted to announce we will be heading out on a UK headline Tour this April. We are even happier to have BBC Radio'1 fabulous Abbie McCarthy and her GOOD Karma Club curating each night for us.

April 18 Heartbreakers , Southampton
April 19 Garage, London
April 21 The Cellar, Oxford
April 22 Mama Roux's, Birmingham
April 25 The Chapel, Leeds
April 26 King Tut's Wah Wah Hut Glasgow
April 27 The Deaf Institute, Manchester

A once in a lifetime opportunity folks!

Tickets on sale this Friday 10am. X

Fans shared about U2

Tina Niki

3 hours ago

I'm loving the constant reminders to this album! It makes my day AND it gives me another excuse to repeat how much i looooooooove this album!!!!!

Gabrie Hoogland

also shared about U2

great album U2, but is it necessary to post each day on FB how great your new album is ? Try to reach potential new fans by other social media rather than spamming U2 subscribers..preaching to the choir ;)

Booting up for breakfast #littlegreencars #cork #breakfast #boots
Thank you Thurles! What an special way to start the tour. On to St. Luke’s Cathedral! Photo by @heartofpurple #littlegreencars #thurles #sourceartscentre #cork #stlukescathedral

Fans shared about Kodaline

Rebecca Wilson

6 hours ago

Have a great show in Birmingham! So sad not to be able to be there tonight - front row ;-)that's where I would have been Sunday. Just wasn't meant to be ... 😢

Before we say goodbye to 2017, here is a big thank you for a great tour in Japan and Australia and to so many people who came to the shows. So many great moments and we promise: Wallis will be back. We also want to say a massive thanks to everybody who helped to make this journey happen and a big shout out to Culture Irelandfor the support as well! Happy pre-christmas everybody out there! Back on tour in Europe in March & April with a few special shows as well.
Pic by Jens Oellermann

Another one off the bucket list, watch a movie with Luke Skywalker! Thanks for the invite Star Wars, Mark and Glen went all out !!

DUBLIN, just a reminder that in a week's time I'll be playing this show with some great people for some great charities. U may not know the music of The Replacements, heck until a few years back neither had I, but it's pure fun and energy to hear and to play and I guarantee you'll enjoy yourself!!! *Disclaimer, in no way is this legally binding, you may find my guitar playing to be just TOO good and have to leave the show... J

Fans shared about Donal Skehan

Veronica Gonzalez

12 hours ago

ha! my husband and I can TOTALLY relate! 😁
our baby boy was born 10/28, 1st time parents here too, it's pretty hard the 1st couple weeks, it's getting a bit better for us here but we are hanging tight as everyone keeps telling is it really does get better 😆😑😴😩
Hoping it gets better for you and Sofie too! sending hugs and good wishes

Wanja Iwanowa-Mock

also shared about Donal Skehan

It'll be better. Trust me. My 5 months old slept 10 hrs yesterday. Well, doesn't mean I slept that long, since I didn't manage to go to bed in time but I could have! Enjoy these days! Time flies!

Siobhan Martin

also shared about Donal Skehan

If possible take it in turns to get a good few hours sleep when you can day or night especially Sophie but depends on feeding etc.... easy for exhaustion to creep up.... other stuff can wait a few weeks until time between feeds increases but really the best most beautiful time xxx

A special Christmas gift from my family to yours!

Sign up to the mailing list at and you'll receive an exclusive access link to 'Where's Santa' - a new Storytime episode just in time for Christmas and a teaser for what's to come on my new Damien Leith Storytime app.

Fans shared about Celtic Thunder Official

Debbie Labone

18 hours ago

I would love to but I live in New Zealand. I really hope you enjoy your time in the states. Have a very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!!!

Elmonda Wallace

also shared about Celtic Thunder Official

Will be at Thackerville finale show with four generations of our family!!! My mother and aunt, my husband and I, two of our daughters and a son-in-law and 8 teenager grandchildren all so excited, we can't hardly stand it!!!

Laura Jacobs

also shared about Celtic Thunder Official

We had a blast seeing you at Foxwoods in CT. Great job guys both on the cruise and the tour! Have a very Merry Christmas with your family and friends at home! Laura and Larry Jacobs

Fans shared about Gavin James

Julie O'Donnell

18 hours ago

Waiting patiently on your announcement for the marquee gav! Hurry up! We have the script, Jenny greene and ah ha so far... waiting patiently on your dates xx

Fans shared about Daniel O'Donnell

Kathi Pelham Bates

18 hours ago

Happy Birthday Daniel! We too enjoyed your shows in Branson and were thrilled to meet you. Wishing you a blessed year. We will see you in Lakeland and Jacksonville, Florida. Ben and Kathi Bates

Mary Clohessy

also shared about Daniel O'Donnell

Happy birthday love .hope you enjoyed Nottingham on Monday night unfortunately we couldn't get wheelchair space for Karen so hoping to get tickets on sat for Doncaster take care xxxxxx

Jan Cloer Harnisch

also shared about Daniel O'Donnell

Hi Daniel, Sending a birthday hug and kiss and Happy Birthday wishes your way 🎂🎉 Hope it was as special as what you are-God bless from Mike and I-Until the next time.......XO

This is hilarious... Good old-fashioned Irish Humour, hope you are having a great week so far!

Fans shared about Rory Gallagher

Rolf Ajeya Bessin

19 hours ago

i saw rory in the same year in cirkus krone in munich, it was a fantastic concert, all was a big family of rory fans, " the great rory gallagher"

Rodney Chamberlain

also shared about Rory Gallagher

I saw Rory at CNE stadium in Toronto Canada in the summer of 1976 he was playing alongside Arrowsmith and he was amazing and blew Arrowsmith away.He played an amazing set with bullfrog blues.

Rodney Chamberlain

also shared about Rory Gallagher

I saw a lot of concert's in the 70's But Rory Gallagher at the Arrowsmith and friends concert was one of the best.

Fans shared about U2

Raj Baines

a day ago

By far the album of the year, it’s not early U2’ it’s not late 80’s U2 it’s Not arty 90’s U2 or the U2 of the 2000’s it is all of these things together the all the best things about U2 all in one album’ love it love it... now just holding out for songs of ascent & you guys can rest lol love you guys thank you for this gem x

Lisetta Luna

also shared about U2

That film is AMAZING. I just wish I could download it and keep it forever. i love you guys, the more and more, like as if you were under my skin, you know me and sing me. I just would like you not to do stuff to get the attention of the kids of Mtv, like half SOE

Here it is! All our tour dates for next spring! A lot of these days are selling out quickly so make sure you grab yours before they’re gone!! Tickets on our website!

Backwards Christmas Countdown Day 2
Josh finds himself at the mercy of a barbarous bunch of 6 stringers. Oh how the plucker has become the plucked!

Tis the season for signing up to win free tat. (Today its a signed vinyl copy of Little Victories)

Fans shared about Celtic Thunder Official

Dorothy Scales

a day ago

Beautiful song, the orginal group was amazing. Love listening to their beautiful voices..still have the first C.D. by them. Listen to the Christmas one still.

Elizabeth Shaffer

also shared about Celtic Thunder Official

This is one of the greatest songs, ever!!! And it is beautifully done, here!!! It never fails to stir my soul, when I hear it so well done, as it is here!!!

Fans shared about The Academic

Ashley Rutter

a day ago

We saw you guys in NYC when you opened for Judah & the Lion and you were awesome! Can't wait to see you guys again!

Cracking night at Motion Bristol with the Resistance crew!

Fans shared about U2

Mark Gallagher

a day ago

yep. it may take 15 years to settle out, but you could put this song in a centrifuge with all of U2’s other great songs, spin them down, and it would end up towards the top. That good.

Michelle Marcak

also shared about U2

This is a poem I just finished as an expression of my feelings about the new U2 album, SOE

To Love, I Rhapsodize

In the last flicker of light dust settles on my heart
Tragedy beheld the night as I tore my skin apart
Crushed under the weight of this darkness and screaming
Love please save me so I can continue my dreaming

I’m wrought with anxiety and desperation
I’m grasping at multiple strands of connection
Formidable pain felt, a communal heart broken
Listening intently for those familiar words to be spoken

A ting pierced the silent evening of stored rage
Could this be my friend, deliverance freeing me from my cage?
A universe exists within my soul, a kaleidoscope of color
I can feel the vibrations of pain and joy coming in from another

A fragment of a star rejoices in melodies soft and profound
Drowning in a darkness I am rescued by love and sound
I will travel with this light to a place of safety and fun
Dancing inside the glorious beauty of this brightly lit sun

I thought my soul had weakened from such despair
I realize now that it’s an isolation all of us share
Waiting for our preacher to teach us how to radiate a glow
In utter defiance of hate we sing along to start the show

I can now hear my own quiet voice written in a love letter
A song that lifts the spirit and makes it all feel so much better
I would swim beyond the breaking waves to prove devotion
Carrying the love with me as I navigate treacherous ocean

My emotions stripped raw, I yearn for solid earth
This romance has pushed me on forcing rebirth
I stand strong now, no longer silent in dark fear
The dust falls off my heart as I shed a grateful tear

Karl O'Connor

also shared about U2

It would be nice if the darn thing would arrive. December 12th and still waiting on my box set. Never buying anything from again

Fans shared about Daniel O'Donnell

Marna Josephson

a day ago

Happy birthday 🎂 Daniel O'Donnell may you have a a wonderful and blessed day. Hope that all your wishes come true. You are my favorite singer. Hope to see you when you come back to Minnesota. I watch you on tv and listen to your music. Have a wonderful birthday today..🎂🎂

Heather Clifford

also shared about Daniel O'Donnell

Happy Birthday Daniel. Thank you for all the joy you spread wherever you go. It will soon be 20 years since I first saw you here in Ottawa and the journey since then has been amazing, God bless you.

Edna Zinck

also shared about Daniel O'Donnell

Happy Birthday Daniel, loved your concert I attended in Halifax, NS...the first one for me. I'm sure when you come back to do your next concert, I will be there....

Fans shared about Celtic Thunder Official

Kristen Lee

a day ago

When the wig falls and he laughs is my favorite part. He still sings through it though. Ive watched this at least 50 times before. It never gets old. And they are my 3 favs. Damians confidence in this performance is amazing. Theyre just all amazing.

Joy Zimmer-Snyder

also shared about Celtic Thunder Official

I love this video. Poor Damien never knows what Neil is going to do. But being the professional that he is, he got through the song.

Trisha Colvin

also shared about Celtic Thunder Official

Amy did you see this?? I love it! So funny!!! These guys are great! Next time they come back we have to try and go again!
Gambling Blues -- from Taste's appearance at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970

"The fact that Rory — only twenty-two years old, but already a seasoned veteran of the stage — could stand in front of such a huge audience with nothing but his white Fender Telecaster and a slide for company, and perform ‘Gambling Blues,’ the way he did is mind-blowing. But Rory could do that, couldn’t he? Letting the band take a timeout, he could pick up an acoustic or a mandolin or whatever he felt like and still remain the focus of attention."

Nothing says Christmas spirit like getting dumped on the holidays! 🎅🏻

Fans shared about The Script

Olive Sharkey

a day ago

I am. Hope you can say hello to me in Dublin sat show that would be a dream come through and have my picture taken with u guys. As a big birthday for me next year. #thescript #thescriptfamily

Gita Berghmans

also shared about The Script

No but fingers crossed! You're coming now friday 17th december in The Qube , until now I didn't succeed to win free entrancetickets but still trying!!

‘You can always find us in old vinyl stores… it’s like discovering your adolescence again.’ Adam & Edge record shopping in São Paulo with Cat Deeley for BBC 1 special, next Tuesday 9pm (19th Dec). 'Cash? What’s that?' #U2SongsofExperience#U2

Today we're excited to announce that we'll be joining The National at Donnybrook Stadium, Dublin, on Saturday 16th June 2018 alongside the wonderful Aldous Harding and Rostam! We'll be playing some new songs so this will be a big one for us :) See you all there x o Conor


Fans shared about Kodaline

Yee Shi Yin

a day ago

Becca Ngo Jimmy Butt yo guys (sorry Sunny Panesar youre never there when we play the songs but we can always invite your new friend Rena Ang )

Eithne Hayden

also shared about Kodaline

I can't believe it's 2yrs since we have seen them that's after flying by must be a sign to go see them again😂😂 Dawn Hayden Susan Kavanagh Sarah Lisa Mc Namara😂😂😂😂

Red sky at morning... #irishsea

Santa is missing, and just before Christmas too! But how will we find him?

Find out what happens when two brave kids from Sydney take on the task. Sign up at for your exclusive link to 'Where's Santa" written by myself and featuring my wonderful family!

Here is Celtic Thunder - 'A Song For The Mira'

ANNOUNCEMENT TOMORROW! 🇺🇸 📸 Christian Tierney

Found Gareth’s spirit bauble!(That’s a thing now). Tis the season guys 🎅🏻

Fans shared about Rory Gallagher

Tom Handy

2 days ago

Well there you go
He also did 11th April 1978
Never missed a Rory gig in the north east
I remember the music but not always what year as we saw him
Loads of times
Reading festivals were great as well
Everybody loved his shows even if not there particularly to see him
They were fans after it though
Everyone I dragged to see him got converted

Let the tour begin! First up, Thurles! See you all tomorrow #littlegreencars #thurles

Fans shared about Celtic Thunder Official

Pat Richardson

2 days ago

My granddaughters are going to see you for the 1st time, I think I 've turned them into fans, too. I've been one since the beginning,all the shows, tours & cruises

Pat Wiedt McGrane

also shared about Celtic Thunder Official

Hello Celtic Thunder we purchased VIP passes for a meet and greet in Pittsburgh and have not heard where that will be taking place. Any help in resolving this, would be greatly appreciated. I have called the Pittsburgh Symphony offices and they have no information. Many thanks!

Tara Stawasz

also shared about Celtic Thunder Official

Oh all I could say is if I was closer I would certainly head down and see you guys again. I saw my first Celtic Thunder concert when you guys were over here at Foxwoods I loved it so much. Have a wonderful show


This is by far our most popular song, view nearly 14 Million times on Youtube and 2 Million times on Facebook.

Here is 'Amazing Grace' by Celtic Thunder

#recipeoftheday is gingerbread cookies! Without fail we make these every year- it’s a bit of a Swedish tradition Sofie makes happen! What Christmas treats are you baking this season? 🎅🏼🎄🎅🏼🎄🎅🏼🎄🎅🏼

Fans shared about The Coronas

Bláithín Jacob

2 days ago

Thank You 'The Coronas', Management & Back Team, The Olympia & Security for making a truly incredible and special experience for my daughter Shaylyn xx
She loved every minute and sang along to every song. Thank You Guys 👌👌👌

Karen Keogh

also shared about The Coronas

Great night so happy the weather changed ... That i got there OK ... Well worth the travel ... Great buzz thanks for a great night love the Olympia great venue ...

Adrianne O Brien

also shared about The Coronas

Absolutely amazing gig. It's become a yearly family event now and you out do yourselves every time. My boys were in their element seeing you again. A huge Thanks to the wonderful staff in the Olympia- made our night

Hard to believe 3 years ago today "Getting Through" went GOLD!
Time flies lads! 😎😎
Photo - Cristina Arrigoni 👌

Warning!!! We have just received a call to say we are down to the last remaining tickets for our Olympia show Saturday March 31st 2018 ....get them on Ticketmaster before they are gone...

Every day this week we're going to be giving away something small for Christmas. So sign up here to be in with a chance of winning!
Today its a signed copy of 'Little Victories'
Taste's cover of Hank Snow's "I'm Moving On", with some great vintage train footage.

Don’t forget to get your festive knits out for @ChristmasJumperDay this Friday 15 Dec! Can’t wait to wear mine again and donate a bit of cash to @SavetheChildrenUK. It’s not too late to sign up at or you can text XMAS to 70050 to donate £5#ChristmasJumperDay #Christmas #Savethechildren #Christmasjumpers #JumpinginJumpers