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Fans shared about The Script

Linda Donovan

2 hours ago

I'm so incredibly thankful I got to see you in concert in Denver. You guys are AMAZING!!! Never disappoint. The new album is incredible. I LOVE THE SCRIPT soooooooo much! Looking forward to the next time. <3 <3 <3

Cath Williams

also shared about The Script

That's cos you guys were EPIC !! ❤️Loved seeing all these vids and keeping in touch with what u were doing in US am really going to miss them ❤️ roll on February 🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️😘 #FreedomChildTour

"CHRISTMAS 1915" - Now imagine this with a 36 piece LIVE orchestra behind it!

We are going on our 2nd ever Symphony Tour starting this November 14th at the Fillmore Theatre in Miami Beach, Florida.

Tickets are on Sale Now ->

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at @o2forumktown last night.. Was a very special night for us!! Next stop Nottingham #thecoronas #trustthewire #tour #london #notingham 📸 by @jarlathregancomedian

We got this! 👊🏼 💥 👊🏼 💥

Have you made plans to come see us on our 2nd ever Symphony Tour? Accompanied by a 36 piece symphony orchestra we will be performing, Holiday Classics, Fan Favourites and some BRAND NEW material from our JUST RELEASED 'Inspirational' album. Tickets are ON SALE NOW ->

We’ve reached the point where my fake maternity wear fitting room bump can’t compete with Sofie’s! Heading off to our 2nd birthing class tonight- deep breaths for all! 🤰🏼🎉😂

Fans shared about Celtic Thunder Official

Marcia Miller

16 hours ago

I would love to see an anniversary video of the original singers. I know George is no longer with us but the original singers had such a special bond and I miss their antics with each other.

Debi J. Dailey-Hoffman

also shared about Celtic Thunder Official

nice rendition but still miss George.......and where are the kilts????? This is the first video I have watched of the "new" crew and can see where great things are happening...

Martha Anne Gaudet

also shared about Celtic Thunder Official

Since it's the 10th anniversary, they should have the past lads(except George 😞miss him) there as well. Make a 10year and a reunion :)

If this song doesn't get your feet moving we do not know what will... WERE GOIN ON TOUR ->

Hope you are having a great week!

Fans shared about The Strypes

Lisa Kendigian

15 hours ago

Melanie Jason wish you guys could see them! i saw them in 2014 in LA the first time they were stateside. they're so great!!

Rory playing his Fender Stratocaster through his Fender Bassman in Wessex Studios 1975 during the recording of his album 'Against The Grain'.

Fans shared about Celtic Thunder Official

Doris Swehla

16 hours ago

I came across this show channel surfing, fell in love with that funny little boy, and have been a devoted fan of him and Celtic Thunder ever since.The man with the amazing vocal range that he is now still makes me smile.

Fans shared about The Coronas

Tina Knickrehm

a day ago

Love the video.💓 It's one of my favourite songs. Next time you can ring at my door and I will make you guys a nice cup of tea. 😊😊😊

Sabine Fiechter

also shared about The Coronas

Denis Hawkins unfortunately, they're not as big over here. Saw them a couple of weeks ago in Zurich and it was such an intimate venue. Don't get me wrong, it was great for the fans but in my opinion they should get much more credit for their music and it's a shame they don't get much airplay on the radio, whether on the English radio stations I listen to nor the local ones over here.

Fans shared about Celtic Thunder Official

Teresa Spencer

a day ago

I often wonder how other countries perceive my country. I have never seen Ireland, but I picture it as green countrysides, and a proud countrymen and women! I turly enjoy all of the Celtic Thunder shows on tv. Maybe one day I will see both the country and these wonderful young people in person!

#recipeoftheday is this Butter Chicken or Murgh Makhani in honour of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights! India is still on my bucket list of places to visit but until then this little beauty will tide me over! Watch the video on my YouTube channel! Enjoy the celebrations! 🎉 #diwali

ADE is here! Looking forward to Saturday for Pure Trance

Really exciting news for later on tonight - tune in at 8pm!!

'Sunburn' from my Ramaha EP, out now on RUKUS 🙌🏼

Fans shared about Celtic Thunder Official

Allison Pason

a day ago

I took my mom to her first ever live CT concert last October here in Denver and did the after concert vip event. We got to meet Mr. Cahill and Damien! It was so much fun and my mom was excited and enjoyed every minute. Thank you CT for doing these fan events.

Marcia Jankoviak

also shared about Celtic Thunder Official

Best thing I ever gave myself, was going to sound check, meet and greet, and the CT’s Legacy Tour last year, if you get a chance to go to any that is offered, you’ll have the time of your life.

Fans shared about Donal Skehan

Claudine O. Montenegro

a day ago

Hi Donal. I’ve actually tried this before because of the red wine addition. It was sooo good, esp. with cheese. Does not look like earthworms at all 😀

Stephen Arnold

also shared about Donal Skehan

I can’t wait to make it and try it...but I am not sure it will top the fun of watching your video making it!
Opening Tracks -- Just like his concerts, Rory like to have a blistering tune as an opening number for his albums.Opening number on 'Top Priority', Rory's 8th solo studio album is "Follow Me".Here's the song performed live at the Loreley Festival in 1982.

"Follow Me" became the theme tune to the immensely popular ‘MT USA’ in Ireland. The Sunday afternoon show ran from 1984 to 1987 with presenter Vincent Hanley standing on various New York street corners introducing the music videos of the day.


Wallis did a special secret little guest spot yesterday opening for Frightened Rabbitat the beautiful 850 year old Paisley Abbey in Scotland. What an incredible place to play. Thank you to Frightened Rabbit and the wonderful Scottish audience - it was lovely to be back in your country again!

Fans shared about The Script

Caroline Wallace

a day ago

😍 yayyyyy looking forward to this 💚 nd a wee script fix in ma lifeeeee 🎶 btw love this pic, ur pics n artwork are always awesomeness 👌 xxx

TOUR UPDATE! We've added a show in The Source Arts Centre, Thurles, on Tuesday, 12 December. For tickets go to:

#Throwback to Bochum Total this year where we had an amazing gig in this beautiful city! Cannot wait for TONIGHT's show in ROTUNDE - Alter Katholikentagsbahnhof Bochum, Germany 8pm!!
Big love, TRM. x 🤘🤘🤘
Contra Promotion GmbH Eventim - DE

Fans shared about Damien Rice

Damien Rice

a day ago

Hi Christina, thanks for the comment. I agree that tonnes of Irish people are very supportive of each other. I heard that lobster joke from someone else and found it hilarious. I don’t think it’s meant to be taken literally. I certainly didn’t mean it literally and, as an Irish person, I am not offended at all by the joke. Good jokes like that make me laugh at myself. I can be a right ol’ moan sometimes, have you heard any of my moany music? 😖 Swimming in the sea in the mornings with the Happy Pear lads is making it difficult for me to write sad songs because I can’t find the ‘poor me’ after I come out of the cold sea. Anyhow, I was just having a laugh because of the irony that the Happy Pear felt compelled to publicly apologise for swimming in the Irish Sea on one of the calmest mornings in Greystones. Merry wishes to you too!

Christina Burke

also shared about Damien Rice

Hi Damien, loved the pictures you posted and glad you enjoyed your swim; not so happy about what you said re: "don't worry, they're Irish lobsters....." all the Irish people I know(and there are hundreds of them) are always glad for their countrymen/women to do well, so am feeling very unhappy about that comment! Love your music and wishing you evermore success, an Irish lobster! Xx

Christina Burke

also shared about Damien Rice

I appreciate you responding to my message Damien; I have indeed heard your "moany music" I'm a huge fan of it and have been since I first heard you sing, quite some years ago now! Didn't mean to bring you down, guess I'm just feeling a bit "touchy" today. Listen, I'm the biggest fan of the late, great, impossibly talented Leonard Cohen, so I know heaps about sad songs and irony! You're up there with my favourites Damien. Enjoy your swimming, your deserved success and your good friends, peace and love xxx

Fans shared about The Strypes

Tim Doherty

2 days ago

"Doggie Dinner"? That started with Kenneth Anger's "Hollywood Babylon and, like most of his stories, wasn't true. The dogs were trying to wake her up with little nips, but she was already dead. OD, heart attack, whatever..

Some live sessions coming sooon 🤗

Fans shared about Celtic Thunder Official

Ashley Hamilton

2 days ago

I haven't received mine yet and I am so worried about it My mom ordered mine from Ticketmaster for part of my Birth Day present and she pre ordered it
Rory playing a slightly short version of 'Shadow Play' on this day in 1990 on the German TV show 'Rocklife' in Cologne, killer solo!

Loving being back home after traveling all over the shop since July! You forget so easily how much your body & mind needs a bit of normality, sleeping in your own bed and getting cook your own grub! Have done a serious Autumn clean on the house, have been filling the freezer, the nesting has begun!!! 🙏🏻😍🤰🏼🌅

Fans shared about Ryan Sheridan

Jason Wallace

2 days ago

Brilliant version Ryan nothing like a duet to really lighten a song, you should release it as a single for a homeless charity I’d definitely buy it

Less than two weeks until we film 'Celtic Thunder - A Decade Later' our brand new show to celebrate us being a group for 10 years! A brand new show with brand new material. It really is something special, tickets are on sale to be a part of the action and maybe even get featured on the DVD! October 30th in the Helix Dublin.. ->
"The Celtic Thunder Cruise sails in less than 3 weeks! We have limited suites and preferred cabin inventory that just opened up. These cabins must book in late dining. Get them before they sell out! Extended payments are available through affirm starting at 0% financing! too.. Before you know it we will soaking up the sunshine in paradise doing what we do best.. Making people smile through music :) ->

We were on Elaine on TV3 earlier talking about the Olympia March 31st...

Fans shared about Gavin James

Geraldine O'shea

2 days ago

Can only vote in Australia. If you want to buy me a ticket I will go and vote for you as many times as you like.

1 million views on Ready To Change!! 🎉 🍾
The 'I Wouldn't Be' EP is out now on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music:

SO looking forward to getting back to play the Wexford Spiegeltent Festival Sun Oct 29th!! Amazing venue and should be a great night!! Big love, Trm lads. X🤘🤘🤘
Tickets & Booking info here:
Opening Tracks -- Just like his concerts, Rory like to have a blistering tune as an opening number for his albums.Opening number for Photo-Finish, Rory's seventh solo studio album, is Shin Kicker.Here's the song live on the Chorus TV show in 1980

"Photo-Finish was a strong album with song's like "Shadow Play" and "Shin kicker". We recorded it in Koln in about four weeks after sessions in San Francisco didn't work out." -- Rory Gallagher

#recipeoftheday is this French classic- French Onion Soup! Onions cooked until dark and delicious and topped with melting cheese croutons- total comfort food for the change in seasons! 🇫🇷🍵🍂
Bloody red velvet cake with an Italian buttercream frosting! Watch the full video over on my YouTube channel! 👍🏼 🎃 🍂 👻
Good morning from Los Angeles! 🌅


Thanks to all who came to our gig in Birmingham last night!! On the road to London for our show in @o2forumktown tomorrow night!! Should be a good one!! X
‪Our gig in San Fransisco is now SOLD-OUT!! #thecoronas #trustthewire #tour #america #canada #SanFrancisco #soldout ‬
Our gig in San Fransisco is now SOLD-OUT!!