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Rory playing the Dagenham Roundhouse (Village Blues Club) on this day in 1975. Photos by John Hartley.

Andrew John Mills

5 hours ago

I was there- the sort of plaice where Rory shined!? Small and intimate. They used to have great acts!!

Shauna Keller

5 hours ago

Looks loud in there.

Paula Castaño Álvarez

13 hours ago

I was there....fantastic night

Midori Okuizumi

13 hours ago

Irish girls rock

Astin Syahyilluw

13 hours ago

So so pretty.

Stephan Meißner

a day ago

Una looking beautiful in this😍❤❤

Happy Friday !! Always is one week old 😁 what’s your favorite lyric from it ? 🤔‬

Michelle Connolly

4 hours ago

Easy...”You’re in my head always...always”❤️❤️❤️

Ann Hoock

4 hours ago

« What am I supposed to do without you? » 🧐

Edd Carney

4 hours ago

"Id rather choke on my bad desicions" line....great tune :)

As we're in Australia, we thought we do a bit of surfing... 🇦🇺🏄🏻‍♂ #FreedomChildTour

Lynda Koleber

5 hours ago

JJ next time we are flying to all states. If i have to break the bank, spend every penny on your dreams... 😜

Klára Šedivá

5 hours ago

You guys never disappoint, this was our third time seeing you all in Sydney since our first time six years ago, just like a fine wine, you all get better with time, thanks again for a fantastic evening. Big luv 💚🇨🇮🇦🇺💚 #SydneyAustralia #FreedomChildTour

Pamela Borg

5 hours ago

Fantastic show! I love the way you guys get right into the crowd!! Played all the faves right from the start! Come back to Sydney soon please!!!

haruna ishikawa

4 hours ago

Made in Heaven... You know what I want to say.

Chloe Hamill

4 hours ago

You guys are the best! Keep it! Animo! Ganbate! <3

Viera Hreskova

4 hours ago

can't wait to get this songs

Melbourne... 👊🏻🇦🇺1 down, 2 to go! #FreedomChildTour

📸 by ermskie15

Theodora Byrne

12 hours ago

The show last night was great, I'm sure tonight will be too. Enjoy.

Jennifer Kurusis

a day ago

Can't believe I've been to every 'Album' concert, from the time you supported Take That 'The Circus Tour), either in the UK or in Oz and this year you are NOT coming to Perth WA! gutted!! First time ever!

Adrian Rios

a day ago

Thanks for a great show, come back to Melbourne soon 🙏

Someone has made a video for Schizophrenic Playboys.
Not bad.

Jean Murphy

4 hours ago

Love this song💚🎶🎶🎶

Diego Eduardo Gil

4 hours ago

WOW happy for you Justin Post on The Cranberries very nice

Marianne Btn

4 hours ago

Really not bad indeed !!

DARK CHOCOLATE MUD PIE! If your Friday needs a pick me up- this is the answer! Very easy to make and flourless too- can we talk about that chocolate glaze?! So delicious! Happy Friday- we got through the week! 🎉🍫🍫🍫

Петя Керчева

4 hours ago

Have made it on many is always such a success!

Hannah Daniel

4 hours ago

Thought u might treat me 😉

Pedro Do Carmo

4 hours ago

Just let me know when it's ready Caroline Whitelegg

Tickets for our North American tour is on sale now!! Who’s coming??
#thecoronas #America #canada #tour

Judit József

5 hours ago

Kirsty Teehan there's a date nite in there!!

Tammy Parrish

5 hours ago

Angie Dowling Debbie Owen Shauna Moore Brenda Galvin 😍

Brigid O Mahony

5 hours ago

I hope you are stopping by the fallout shelter in Norwood while you are in the Boston area!😉

May or may not have rented an RV for Coachella round 2 today .. 😆😆 #breakingbad #coachella 🤙

Nisha Sharma

4 hours ago

Haha yes RVs are now forever associate with breaking bad.

Kath Foster

4 hours ago

Sure why not!!😅

John Deane

4 hours ago

Wow!!! Have a fantastic time!! Hope they love you!

Don't forget to tune in to The Late Late show Country special tonight at 9.35pm on RTE1

Ewa Bengtsson

5 hours ago

Has everyone forgotten that Brian Coll was one of the best country singers ever to grace the stage in Ireland and beyond , I don't see him on stage tonight !!!

Evelyn Sarapail

5 hours ago

See you Tuesday Daniel 😀😀😀

Dustin Flan

5 hours ago

Why cant us irish people in uk not get the late late show on internet tonight i am gutted

We’ve got exciting news Minneapolis/St Paul....due to high demand we’ve gone ahead and added another tour date on June 14th at Varsity Theater!! Tickets are on pre-sale now with the code GOODNEWS at check out! Grab your tickets before we make them available to the public!! #sharegoodnews

Audra Hill

6 hours ago

Can you come to WI with the Good News Tour? Please?!?!

Soundchecking for the Levon Helm tribute night in the Sugar Club.
All in aid of the Irish Cancer Society

Jane Mc Ginn

5 hours ago

Levon Helm is smiling. Brilliant Lads! <3

Waheyy thanks Spotify France for putting us on the cover of Pop Rock Shot! 🔥🔥

Barry Smith

6 hours ago

Looks like you have all got jet lag

Anna Lisa Chiaravalle

6 hours ago

Hope you guys come back to Lyon 💙

Quick Friday night dinner: scallops and pancetta with peas, rocket & asparagus! Made this last night for a quick dinner before baby bed time and it went down a treat! 👌🏼🍴

LONDON... we have no words! That show last night was insane! Thank you for coming out and making it a night to remember! Until the next time x

📷 Cian Duignan