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Hakuna ma-tatas

Michelle Donovan

8 hours ago

What a wonderful......👀phase

Ольга Гусина-Шихова

8 hours ago

you need another dot there for two smiley faces

Scott James Pearson

8 hours ago

Janet you don't need to post pictures like you are beautiful enough xx

Driving across Tasmania, beautiful place- next stop Hobart for tonight’s sold out concert in Wrestpoint,- see you soon.

Sondra Winslow McKeown

7 hours ago

Please play a Christmas song :)

Abungo Thokchom

7 hours ago

Maybe we could get a photo? Would be really nice.😁❤️

Jill Toms Fair

7 hours ago

Sorry I couldn't be there, have a great night 💖

AUSTRALIA! We're bringing the #PoliticsOfLivingTour to all the way to you. We're coming to Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney AND Perth in March 2019! Tickets on sale Monday November 19th at 9am AEDT! VSMJ xxx

Håkon Helland Rønneberg

8 hours ago

Kristen BoutrosJessica RaffoulMariana Raffoul someone go with me

Xandz Bantigue Doruelo

8 hours ago

How about South Africa guys? Around the corner...

Adrian Ng

8 hours ago

Capital will have to do 😂

Thanks Tasmania for two awesome concerts- see you again soon. #tasmania #movember #music

Andrea Smythia

4 hours ago

Thanks for being so generous with your time after the concert.

Meredith Lenna

4 hours ago

Just s quick note. You might need to give everyone a heads up that you CD’s are available for cash only at the end of the concert. Most people carry cards.

Taliesin Conner

4 hours ago

We had a great night at Wrest Point, thank you. Two very talented fellows. Would love to see you again.

Lovely day for a drive in the Tucson @spirit_hyundai 👩‍👧‍👦 🚘

Adrianne Coley

6 hours ago

Logan Parker told you it was her at boost earlier 👍🏽

Katey Hallock

6 hours ago

Great day out with the kids honey xxxx and blazing tunes too xx

Yae Htet Aung

6 hours ago

i could drive with you :)

“I’m thankful for Scripture and the people who fought so hard to make sure we have it. My relationship with scripture is intense and always has been since I first became a Christian after an encounter with Holy Spirit reading His word alone in my bedroom. So grateful that it’s no longer only for academics and “professional” Christians but that I have it so conveniently on my phone, in language I can understand and connect with. The power of the Bible is LIMITLESS.” - Chris // day two of our thankfulness challenge is underway! If you haven’t declared what you’re thankful for today yet, do it now in the comments below! ALSO, those of you who subscribed yesterday should have received the first Counting Every Blessing devotional! If you haven’t yet make sure you subscribe in the link below and follow along with us. #countingeveryblessing


Darcy Merrick

2 hours ago

I’m thankful our daddy never gives up on us even when we aren’t listening to what he's saying

Alberto Giannotta

17 hours ago

I’m so thankful that Jesus never gives up on me even when I deserve it

Esmeralda Molina

21 hours ago

I love the bible I m thankfull f Gods word

Just a stroll on the beach at 7am with my guitar!
A pic from a shoot with the one and only Barry Mc Call.

Laura Coppillie

a day ago

Lol a few yrs ago you sat in a yurt in Castletown geoghan outside mullingar for green village festival.. 2 security walked in and the female for reasons no one knows offered you a banana... Ya hardly remember?

Rory playing 'Philby' on his Coral Electric Sitar at the El Mocambo in Toronto on this day in 1982. Photo by Tom Poupore. "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!"

Sarah-Kate Corcoran

18 hours ago

The man was a genius !

Freya Kavanagh

18 hours ago

Philby is a great song 😁

Alda Lima

18 hours ago

Casey Wells Philby

Rory on stage at the Starz Club, Philadelphia, PA on this day in 1978. Photo taken by Mark Schaeffer.

Cesar Sanchez Sanchez

5 hours ago

Great picture never seen that one before

Axel Wunsch

9 hours ago

The stage in that club was so small, I don't know how it could hold Rory 😱

Deryk Ferdinands

9 hours ago

Thanks for sharing again!

“I’m thankful for God’s provision this year - started the year not knowing if my wife and I would be able to see each other much and we’ve been able to spend most of the year traveling together. ALSO God has provided for us to be in a position to buy a house, which we definitely didn’t think was possible!” - Steve // do you have a story of God’s provision this year you’re thankful for? Share with us below so we can celebrate with you!! #countingeveryessing

Jane Geraghty

2 hours ago

A year ago, I had an unfaithful husband I asked for a divorce from, 3 kids, and zero income. Now I have a great, very fulfilling job, 3 very happy kids, and a boyfriend who loves me as I always should have been loved. God is good!

We’re all set for @oslohackney and our last night of the #TrueSurrender !
Doors 7 / @PillowQueensband 7.35pm / Delos 8.35pm
‪Tonight we play our last gig of the tour at @OsloHackney London! Tickets are LIMITED on the door...
Cheers London!