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Happy to announce that Superstar’s#kaala will release on June 7th in all languages worldwide. #makewayfortheking#thalaivar

यश राना

6 hours ago

Rajni only told that IPL shud be postponed bcos we tamils are affected and are protesting against cauvery. There shud be no entertainment like IPL until we get cauvery. Yr fans wore black dresses armed with sticks hijacked the roads. Likewise all tamils demand postpone of yr films too indefinetely until we get cauvery. We shall boycott the movie or refrain watching in theatres.

Harbhgwan Brar

6 hours ago

Kaveri Thanni innum varala Ana date oda etha matum annonce panringa... Don’t deserve our respect! Most of ur film fraternity! Shame

Sathy Akter

6 hours ago

FDFS locked..😘😘
Thalaivar Rasigan from Kerala
#Kaala 🔥🔥

Makeup room selfies be like... #Monochrome #Selfie

Preejith KP

5 hours ago

Woah zero figure..keep it up!

Vicky Sanci

13 hours ago

Tmr figure totally change😂

Ashik Rayan

13 hours ago

Please bhalo kore Khao. Puro skeleton hoye gacho. Bhalo lagche na aktuo.

ਦਿਲ ਤੋਂ ਗਾਇਆ ਸਦਾ,ਦਿਲ ਤੋਂ ਹੀ ਗਾਉਂਗਾ ❤️

Mahasweta Das

a day ago

bohot vadia voice hai ji tuhadi.. 👌👌

Mriganka Paul

a day ago

Bht NYC lag raheo 😇👌👌👌👌


a day ago

Luv uhh prabh gill ji

People says a lot. So i watch
what they do..!! 😎

Gyana Ranjan Nayak

13 hours ago

Hi beautiful Parvati you look gorgeous I love your outfit

Vaibhav Gautam

13 hours ago

Nice pose looking awesome fabulous amazing beauty so sweet

Sai Charan

a day ago

Good morning my dear sweet sweet friend have a nice day today morning you are so very very beautiful baby girl thanks for the picture for me 😎😍😍

It is overwhelming for me to present a film so close to my heart on this special day. Happy Birthday, amma :) :)
Bharat Ane Nenu in cinemas now.

Harikrishnan Hari

a day ago

First ...Happy birthday to Amma.

Now I am wishing you all the best.
I am sure Bharat Ane Nenu gonna break the all records.

Ankur Kashyap

13 hours ago

Many more happy returns of the day Indira garu thank u so much meru maku super star ni ichinandhuku😍😍All the very best MB👍👍ur BAN getting positive talk😍😍😊😊

Shandeeban Reigns

a day ago

Hi Mahesh Happy birthday Amma and my mom birthday also Wish you many more happy returns of the day Happy birthday Amma. Mom is the most important person in the world

Sreelakshmi Sree

6 hours ago

Heavy bro etha nxt movie

D Monty Dhiman

13 hours ago

Amboooo heavyy look.. mattoru glamur ulla hero ye kitti... ini enthina waiting hero aaykoo.. we all gives u full support...

Aamir Khan

13 hours ago

Chetta..mohanlal movie da oru poster koodi idumooo..plz...allarum parayunu padam wash out aayi an..avaruda naakkil adich kodukk...plzz

‪On my way to the airport , just HAD to stop , click and to say thank you 🙏😄 , to the wonderful people who've planted these trees !! Worli sea face is looking jhakaas now ..!!!! 👍👍👍👍😃😄😃🌟🌟🌟‬

Muñí Kàththï Muñí

5 hours ago

Cool Mrs Chawala..i still hold a picture with you when you were in was nice meeting you.

Junais Junu

5 hours ago

Are u coming for tomorrow's match in Kolkata? Please come mam. We will be very glad , all KKR FANS 😍😊😊

Pintubha Jadeja

5 hours ago

Juhi nice name and a nicer photo too!

Robiul Awal Abdullah

12 hours ago

I love you srabonti I love you srabonti I love you srabonti I love you srabonti I love you srabonti I love you srabonti I love you srabonti I love you srabonti I love you srabonti I love you srabonti I love you srabonti I love you srabonti I love you srabonti I love you srabonti I love you srabonti

Rashmi Ponnu

12 hours ago

Ekhono tuli s👍weet 16..... All the best 🌹Best of luck

Ghosh Piyali

12 hours ago

Hiii I Like this Nice Beautiful pic Srabanti

"Laughter is the firework of the soul!!"

Jass Roy

5 hours ago

Mane haccha khub koste a6o. Khate pachho na. Tai ato roga lakcha 😀😀😀😀

Salim Sk

5 hours ago

Nice looking
Good Evening

Santy Pardhan Lalru

5 hours ago

Sayanthika, how is your Paglami is going on !!!!!!

Md Mahabub

4 hours ago

Sister sister please enne onnu cenemeleduko ...

Harkit Dhaliwal

4 hours ago

you are the best actor

Hrithika Kundu

4 hours ago

U r great..sstr

Ravneet Kaur

6 hours ago

Looks relaxed after a cunning act. You got your way to get TFI sympathy and attention by using PK’s name. You are never straight forward,all you do is you act like that and you are jealous if someone is open and getting attention. Nuvu bayata pettavu pettevallani chusi orchukolevu. If you can’t reveal the names or fight against casting couch then why did you say that casting couch exists? Mee vallano aa gayatri gupta vallano 1% of the issue kuda solve avaledu and now it came into picture and the people now will think once before asking any girl for commitment. Try to support the protest anthekani avatali vari meeda buradha jalli recognition thechukovalani chuste in the mask of goodness you would be the toy in the hands of big b’s and karma. Swa prayojanala kosam Bajana maani try to be a genuine fan of PK. Because you would have done the same when Mahesh kathi criticized PK. Apudu noru pegalledhu. Everyone knows that you and gayatri Gupta are masked cunning jealous souls. Now you are no more my favorite heroin. I realized it. Thanks for that and count your karmas

Nabil Afghani

6 hours ago

I used to lik u nd admire you. I used to follow ur interviews also after following u I realised ur true colors.
Making fans fools
Playing with emotions
Soon everyone will realise the truth then ur suituation vl b far worse than sri reddy

Shankul D X

6 hours ago

You have deserve for act with big stars like pavan,prabhas,ravi teja.
But as for only reason of telugu girl they suppress you well not to come on...

Stay tuned 😉

M.Lokesh Rdx

5 hours ago

Very nice to hear this, awaiting ahead anna, Superb!! May the big hit run successfully more than 100days. Mast Mass Maharaj Long live 👌👍😊😊😊❤❤❤

Priya Patel

5 hours ago

Ser I'm waiting for your muvi. I'm suman yadav form assam I'm your big France

Šávđàś Kuchhadiya

5 hours ago

Early waiting 😘😘😘 love you 😍

Anpriya Sebastian

14 hours ago

Sheelu Abraham u ok mool nintah photes Ware good ok mool nintah dras kolam ok mool sant good masag and goot photes ok I laqu u evreday ok mool

Sivakumar Ro Yal

14 hours ago

You are most beautiful gorgeous women in world 👌👌👌

प्रिन्स कोष्टी

21 hours ago

Looking so sweet good day dear friend

Apna Motor Gaana aa Reha Bahut Jaldi Apne Sharry Mann Youtube Channel te . Saare Jane Apna Youtube Channel Subscribe Karlao .. Link :

Waiting for your new song love you i am very very very biggest fan love you maan saab😘😘😘😘😘

SRivathsan JAs

6 hours ago

tera naal ek photo kar va ni hai bas
dil de tamna hai hai bas love you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Dheeraj Sid

14 hours ago

Hye oye Mann saab tension kyu leinde j thoade #ਕਟੜ_ਫੈਨ Thoade nal aa
Luvv uu Mann saab😘😘😍😍

Hi, reached delhi, looking forward to a super performance tomorrow.

Thanks for all your love and support. Cheers.

Bindi Sheemar

5 hours ago

Love u sir very much
U r superbbbb👌👌👌

Rezaul Karim

5 hours ago

Thanks HR for your all songs. Awaiting to your upcoming songs.

احمدابكرعبدالله ابكر

5 hours ago

Awaiting for your new classy but with HR magic wala song. God bless !!!!

All smiles !!! 😬

Janu Raam

6 hours ago

I'm always love you nazriya.where ever saw your name board smiling face always my mind.I Miss you so much

Khalil Ahmed

6 hours ago

Love u sooooo much...MY LOVELY ANGEL😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

Ashok Naru

6 hours ago

I Wish you,and your family,a beautiful happy life

Dear you, make peace with the mirror and watch your reflection change!

Saddam Hossen

13 hours ago

Jalpaiguri panda para te akta film shutting amra dekhte chai , pls because we are jalpaiguri FAN'S

Mahamood Fayaz

13 hours ago

Nothing is change my dear only u change...

Arnab De

20 hours ago

See others with eyes n watch urslf with soul... Reflexion will change ur actions under good way where is true success n peace... Dears.

Family…Friends….Fun…Fridays. All good things start with “F”. #TGIF #fridaymood

Rabee Bahudur

12 hours ago

i am always watching films of you madam so i am sindhi city of karachi so look of your wonderful and great personlity so How are you and where are you now ?

Ram Kishore

12 hours ago

"चांदणे शुभ्र! हे जणू हे दिवसा अवतरले! सौदंर्य असे जणू,तेजाने गहिवरले! रात्रीच्या चांदण्यांना सुद्धा प्रश्न पडावे! या तारके समोर आपण कसे उतरावे!" माधुरी खूप छान! #MadhuriDixit_Nene

Rajisha Jithesh

12 hours ago

Hola Preciosa, Te Deseo Un Lindo Dia y Un Feliz Fin de Semana, Podemos Destranparnos un Poco para Sacar El Estres Acumulado Por las Presiones Del Trabajo Felicidades y Buenos Dias.

Naseer Ahmed Gadhi

4 hours ago

De...why don't u give reply in messenger

Jashan Dhanoa

13 hours ago

Hi good evening madam hello very beautiful you very excellent pice you how sweet pice you so nice very wonderful pice you very pretty you very much very fantastic you i like you my darling i like you my dear

Daler Singh

13 hours ago

Looking beautiful Esther.god bless you sister.iam sure you will reach great heights..all the very best .

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#jalmitra #shramdaan Paani Foundation

Abdus Zeeshan

4 hours ago

You are doing that work which has been done before some decade ago personally I feel very proud about you someone is there who give more frefrance to society more than family

Ãńśhüĺ Śhářmã

4 hours ago

A man of right spoken, fittest actor , reformer of Indian film idustry and good guide for creation of an imaculate society. God give you long life . Regards.

Deepak Thakur

13 hours ago

Sir u r doing great job for helpless villagers. Keep it up. Very soon your dream will become true. People of India should sing in for Jalmitra and should help the villagers. Sir u r a great man and u r helpful man. We proud of u. Love u sir in Bangladesh

Never underestimate your strength. Never overestimate your weakness.

Hönēy Būnk

4 hours ago

How are you
Love you
I Like You
You are my first Love
You are fantastic Hero
You are handsome and nice
Your baby nice and pretty
Good night
Jeet da

Alex Mathew

4 hours ago

Jeet dar moto handsome actor all India keno all world a nai love you so much boss

D.k. Look

4 hours ago

Sunday Ta realise dite jacche #sultaner 1st look!সবাই প্রস্তুত থাকো #সুলতানকে এবার ব্লকবাষ্টার করতে আমাদের মাঠে নামতে হবে!

I wanted to b a simple happy girl ..... I did not know.....only PAIN turns u into a strong 💪 woman.

Prince Rawat

4 hours ago

Wat about 3 years cbn contract with raghvendra rao.huge amount

Bijendra Biswas

4 hours ago

Pain ? Who caused it ? PK?

Tapas Kumar Roy

4 hours ago

Sorry yaar you are so beautiful I never seen

We Belong To God 🙏🏻😇
Thank Him For This Beautiful Life ❤️

Soma Chakrabortty

4 hours ago

Thanks to god that he made u n thanks to u fr this amazing pic.....Such a love💓u r ..U dnt knw what u r seriously.......💖💖💖

Sunil Sahani

4 hours ago

Han ji Mg aap ho he ese saaf dil kush mejaz mehanti aur sab ko kush rakhne wale toh ase insan ke sath kuch bura nahi hota aur aapke sath hamari dua he & you are so sweet cute handsome dashing love you lot God bless kisi ki Nazar na lage

Surya Bhattacharya

4 hours ago

Yes mere bhai...i love my god ...nd MG also...good🉑

Abhi Karmakar

a day ago


Agnel Joy

a day ago

Hi sir I m ur truly fan I listen ur every song but u doesn't work In our industry?

Khushboo Gholya

a day ago

EK BAAR RANCHI V AAO SR.... 15 April k Delhi walli bhid Maine dekha thaa central park me ...... oosse khi jyada chahne waale aapko Ranchi me intezar kr rhe h sr

A Day With Natural Beauty...

Sourav Maity

6 hours ago

Kothai da da

Anjali Chathurika

6 hours ago

My super hero

Irshad Khan

6 hours ago

love u bro

Eliza Jahan Esha

12 hours ago

Wow.soo beautiful hair.MasahAllah lagche tomake.

Shivam Singh

12 hours ago

ja dekha zay chok chok korle sonahoy na.....valokore vojnio r valo theko.amar sodo... lk

Raheel Shah

12 hours ago

Hot Hair
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Amandeep Kattra

5 hours ago

Mother of smartness , skinnes, feminiezz and attractiveness , well done fit girl 🔥👆💃👍

Ditu Rahaman Meshu

5 hours ago

You look amazing in those jeans.

Praveen Dn

13 hours ago

My fevrate actresses in word 😘😍😆😙😚😎

Good morning all...

Vinoth Ji

6 hours ago

Wow! Looking forward for bright morning.

Swapan Kumar Singh

13 hours ago

Swetha lookeslike u doll your singing like your smile

ShubhAm Chaurasia

13 hours ago

Always in smile, cute and sweet and talented angel, good morning and happy Friday

#frenchviplavam poster 2nd

Kamalpreet Swaich

4 hours ago


Shahas Shazz

4 hours ago

All the best wishes n waiting to see

Nikhil Gampala D'souza

4 hours ago

ആദ്യമായി സണ്ണിച്ചായനെ കണ്ടത് ഫ്രഞ്ച് വിപ്ലവം ലൊക്കേഷനിൽ.....💖💖💖
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Maria Daoud

5 hours ago

You'r looking gorgeous and U'r much better than other skinny's ( ° Y ° )😘😘Killer Look Mam You r a Queen of My Hart...I Love you🌹❣️❣️❣️!

Abiya Aby

5 hours ago

, stylish Shilpa luv u

Ananthu R Nair

5 hours ago

Abhki #बार📯Rajasthan Royals🏏#टीम Meh Kyo Nahi Dikhi Aap Shilpa Shetty #जी😍#हल्ला_बोल😘

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Aman Deep Singh

5 hours ago

bhai k lye chandaa ikatta kry bht hi halat khrab ha .... ab so called liberal kahngy y fashion haa to bhai y b na phny

Enjoyed alot big love for #falakshabir

Veer Shahid Saifullah

5 hours ago

Kab hy yay consert lgs school mainn????

Super entertaining movie #NanuKiJaanu , Must watch.
Congratulations Inbox Pictures Abhay Deol Patralekhaa M Paul team RDM.
Jarror dekho. #Bollywood

Kashinatha K

13 hours ago

Bulkul , album ki date toh announce kro honey bhai ki

Imaad Fx

13 hours ago

Waah :o :p

Sheikh Amanullah Khan

13 hours ago

Ganna kab a rha ha konsa year ma

Thankyou @outlookindia@osmawards for the INSPIRATION of the year award . This is a real compliment 🙏Success is not just what you accomplish in life , but what you inspire others to do😬Thankyou for making me successful . Thankyou team Digi Osmosis @bethetribe for sharing my vision and last but not the least all my #instafam and followers on my social media platforms for continuing to inspire me to want to do more for all the love I receive .This one is for all you guys 😘😇😬😬🙏🙏#Gratitude #osmawards #inspire#instagood #socialmedia #love #digitalawards

Mahira Firdaus

5 hours ago

You always come across as a genuine humane /humble person """/and kudos to u ""/u deserve all the awards u entitled 2 """/well done """

Aneesha Regina

5 hours ago

keep smiling and inspiring

Prasanto Pramanick

5 hours ago

You are so welcome M/s Wonderful luv u always did Shilpa

She’s sunshine mixed with a little hurricane!! #happybirthdaycrazy #theonlypicofus 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😘 @p_tweedy Love youuuu

Chandayapeta Srinivas

5 hours ago

Vry nyc always so cute smile

Wish you a very Happy birthday


5 hours ago

So beautiful memories

Outfit by Duta_Couture
P.c Sandeep Gudala #RashmiGautam

Jeni Jeni

14 hours ago

QATAR VASU reddy I LOVE YOU Dhee10 extra jab areas super good super good super good super good super good super good super good super good super good super

Rajni Tamang

14 hours ago

Kotthaga try cheyi abba

Shahzeb Oberoy

14 hours ago

Oriiii diniiii asaluuuu

New day, new beginnings! Its Day 1 of my next film directed by #MaheshManjrekar ! 🙏🏻😎@shrutzhaasan #GalaniEntertainment

Manny Sandhu

4 hours ago

Congratulations VJ on your new venture💝✌️💝

Sudeep Pawar

4 hours ago

I feel so blessed that I cud meet u on the first day of shoot for ur new movie. M so proud of u. Stay blessed.

Ålwiñ Jøseph Nellîyanìyíl

13 hours ago

All the best sir...congratulations ...

Ashok Gohil

4 hours ago

Wow, Misa Poonam beautyfuu perfek natural sweet, good morning, i love you & i like'like like you, you all body sweet.

Sumit Kumar

4 hours ago

Nice looking darling love u your sweet heart

Abrar Khanapuri

14 hours ago

hey me j adore tous jour vous écrire et j aime tous jour votre beauté et très belle j adore cette posé et cette tenue à fleure et j aime vous dure que vous êtes attirent mon coeur et vous êtes la classe j adore vous dure mon trésor que tous jour j attend pour te voix et je vous écrire par ce que vous êtes merveilleuse excellente fantastique ma princesses i love you et un grand bisous à vous et vous passe une très belle après midi de vendredi

Maha Hashwanth Prabu

12 hours ago

Super,I love you

Ahmad Nasir

21 hours ago

Khub sundor lagchhe Hiraan da

Vallapu Phanindrasai

21 hours ago

Nice da da

Create the life you can’t wait to wake up to!💕
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Harman Johal

4 hours ago

Hello super cute da challam good night sweet dreams

Akhíl Çm

12 hours ago

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Vívék Kúmár

12 hours ago

I always like your post/pic but u do not answer.

Our eternal love song #MounaMazhaiyilae /#MoogaManasulu Song releasing today at 6pmon Aditya Music ! Stay tuned!
#Mahanati #NadigaiyarThilagam

Kratika Dheer Fc

14 hours ago

Soooooo handsome as ever 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘 #dulquersalmaan

Kowshika Easwaramoorthy

14 hours ago

#Waiting for Kadhal mannan...

Vic Pisueña Tubiera

14 hours ago

Kaata waiting

Sarath Babu

4 hours ago

I love u veeeru
I want 2 meet u once in my life & after this i will make this moment be a memorable one for me
M from Pak Punjab

Sneha Mhalkar

4 hours ago

Looking cute and your smile is killing me

U looking so so so handsome in black suit

NEW MUSIC VIDEO ...!!! A #SANAMrendition of the a wonderful Rabindra Sangeet - Amar Mallika Bone! Featuring Paroma Dasgupta.

Hope you all like it..!!

Like, Share, Comment and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE...!!!

Happy belated Bengali New Year to all our Bengali friends ...!!! 😀😀😀😀

Pratap Limbu

6 hours ago

i remember mummy used to mention shesher kabita by tagore when i was a child but since it was bengali and i dint know how to read and write bengali then i never read bangla it sounds like the poem/poems written by tagore towards he end of his life at about 80 years..actually i still remember vaguely coming to learn that in bengali its a story written in the form of a poem in english..meaning the last poem of tagore which mentions shesher kabita is the last poem..that is amar mallika bone..jasmine which kind of buds after spring in summer grishma kaal in forests..its in clusters of 3 and related to the number 13..but then thats like going into floral formulae in botany. yet also related to the olive...i remember mom mentioning this to me.. i remember.. i was v young..and now i'v heard it..thanks sanju-sanam,paroma and team sanam..good night..its 1 month today from the day of my operation..have a good sleep..some times we get deja vous..this was some thing like that..☮️

Sibi Kumar N G

6 hours ago

Yeeeepeee...rabindra sangeet....I looove rabindra sangeet.... thank u Soo much Sanam...for the lovely new year gift.... subho nabobarsho...sobbi tomra khub valo khako r amader ro sundor gaan gift koro.... love u soooo much...😍😍😍😍

Virender Ghotra

6 hours ago

Thanks for the song 'mallika bone' we want more rabindrasangeet sung by u. And we are waiting for u to come in Bangladesh.

All the love and comments about the mane should be directed towards this man @aalimhakim Sir ❤️ who is one of the very very few people i blindly trust.
He directed me to grow out of my comfort zone 💇🏻‍♂️ for something very exciting that i am working towards 💪🏽 #Soon
For #BeyondTheClouds yesterday 🎥 #ishankhattar 🤗 you make me feel ashamed about my first time on camera 🤦🏻‍♂️ @zeestudiosofficial @sujaykutty @btcthefilm
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Moheema Aktar

4 hours ago

Awesome bro u r rocking always God bless u

Sai Lavanya Devanaboyina

4 hours ago

U are absolutly right to trust this man...he does good job

Akhay Roy

4 hours ago

Sir your thoughts are very nice & your acting & your dance everything is superb that's why everybody love you so much because you are a really very nice person so keep smiling 😊 & god bless you & I am really very very existed to see you onscreen again🌼🌼🌼

Good Evening 😍
আনমনে ☺

Bhawna Narang

5 hours ago

So heart touching look

Kanika Dua

5 hours ago

I love you so much miss you too my dream girl goodnight and take care

Vinay Uppal

5 hours ago

Mujhse Shadhi Karogi
Mujhse Shadhi Karogi
Mujhse Shadhi Karogi
I am not business man billionaire but

From crayons and teddy bears to a young lady. Happy birthday to my smart ,beautiful , brave , cuteness overload and seriously humbling daughter Nysa . May the sun shine out of your eyes always and may you always walk in 🌈 ! ❤️💋

Dimple Santhosh

5 hours ago

Happy birthday to nysa God pless you angel

Those School days of ------ and telling tales are gone but in my mind they will live on and on-- " To Sir with Love " ❤️❤️❤️

Shri Kadam

12 hours ago

A v v happywala birthday beta may God bless u with loads of happiness success good health &may all ur dreams come true Stay blessed always

Whose cuter? 😜

Maha Mahe

5 hours ago

So cute smile and your eyes 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀

Soyab Khan

5 hours ago

As if you don't know 😏

Aryan Singh

5 hours ago

Cute pic bhagvan ne apko Sunday wale din bnaya hai Bohut cute ho aap

Watch me announce the #MirchiTop20 Countdown this Saturday on Zoom TV!!!

Md Ayakub Hossen Antor

4 hours ago

You are a legendary. I am your a big big fan and love you Palak mam. You sing a different level from other singers. And offcourse I will watch you on Zoom tv

Anumol Mathew

4 hours ago

Your voice it's so beautiful voice ma'am God bless you

Jaspreet Kaur

4 hours ago

Very nice picture so cute looking beautiful awesome mind blowing outstanding

‪Hi friends 😊🙏 going to release next video song from #KAALI ( Noorai Yugam Noorai ) at 6pm on YouTube today 🎶🎶🎶🎶😍

Ajay Ravindranath

13 hours ago

Waiting eh veri aagudhu..sir
Release the movie soon☺️

Lovepreet Sran

13 hours ago

nice look vijay garu malli meru oka diffrent movie tho vasthunnaru all the best your movie team

Bala Pandian

13 hours ago

I' m waiting movie anna


Syed Bilal

4 hours ago

I love you too mashaaallah

Sneha Kedarta

12 hours ago

Pind di shoni mutiyar cute kudi mare dil di dhdakan mari pasand main likhta rahunga or wo padte rahege kuch tho hai ki unki yaad aati hai hum tho chane wale hai chate rahenge tumhe jab tak hai akhari saans lu miss u alot waiting urs

Arshdeep Sran

12 hours ago

Ghainttaaa kaurB Ji

Pure protein /Ande ka funda

Ashish Swain

5 hours ago

by the way
this song was composed by hr and anad raj anad in jodi no.1 flim

Sumathi Arunachalam

5 hours ago

i thought himesh bhai is vegeterian

Monty Sharma

5 hours ago

Outstanding Fantastic HR ki Jhalak sabse Alag