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Iboga 20 years label party, Curitiba 🇧🇷
Iboga Records DM7 Bookings FMBooking
Pic by: Zooe

Friday - New York #kolschalbumtour

Sang a few songs last night at the Jólin koma i Reykjanesbæ 🇮🇸 (I have no idea how to pronounce that) 😄 at a lovely Christmas concert with a super cool Icelandic band and the sweetest Icelandic audience in #Copenhagen. I think I'm finally getting into the Christmas spirit 🎄✨

✨♦️TRUST ME BABY STAR NOW LIVE ON FB ♦️✨(link in bio) . Pics by: @frydfrydendahl

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Ianis Peptine

an hour ago

I showed my mum a short part of this live and she droped a tear (STILL SHOOK) and then she asked me “Is that MØ? Gosh She s great”
We miss you so much

Reece Germanotta Holmes

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If i dont have any conatct before I see you next year then have a good christmas and new year!! see you soon <3

Francisco Lima Jr.

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Julia i'd die if i see Dark Night live one day, 3 shows in Brasil and none of them with Dark Night on the setlist 😭

13.12. Deceive
This song features four lines sung by Sune Wagner from The Raveonettes, the best band coming out of Denmark ever! It was a huge pleasure to have him on my album. It’s not great songwriting ha ha ..very simple, but I like how it actually fits the music in a very hunting way.

We've passed 35,000,000 streams on 'Show You Love' 🎉
Thank you so much Spotify for adding it to the playlists MINT, Motivation Mix and Weekend Hangouts 🎼 #ShowYouLove

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Rohit Sinha

5 hours ago

When will u release the next track!! All I wanna Do is most played on my playlist,I'm waiting for your next song!!Plzz.. do hurry!

Tip of the Day: French heavy metal band -WARNING- second Album released in 1982 - Awesome guitarist Christophe Aubert (RIP) #80s #french #metal #intense #realdeal #learn #christopheaubert #raphaelgarrido #didierbernoussi #michelayme #geraldmanceau

Legs movin' side to side, smack it in the air

✨♦️TOMORROW♦️✨ . Directed by: @Jonas1bang


Moon Watchers

12.12. Vamp
The is also a tune we still play live. I played the bass guitar on the track back then, I’m not very good at it, but I managed to come up with this very simple bassline that basically is the whole track.

Brazil afternoon vibes 🇧🇷
OUT Produções DM7 Bookings FMBooking Iboga Records

STRAF_WERK is coming to Rotterdam 🙌
#noirontour #rotterdam #netherlands

♦️ MØ Presents: Trust Me Baby Star.
Facebook Live. Tomorrow. 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM GMT ♦️
Live Q&A to follow immediately after the performance

Shenzhen, Shanghai and Nakhon Nayok - YOU WERE AMAZING! <3

This little guy is always on the road with me and he loves it! He is 2 years and 7 months now. Grateful to have him in my life ❤️ #ProudMom #AnitaLerche

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Raphael Santos da Costa

2 days ago

caraaai... vou dizer que foi a minha melhor experiência com música. Não sabia se eu sentia a música ou se a musica saia de mim. Surreal. Pra mim foi o melhor da noite💪👽

Just a quick throwback to that wonderful day out and about in Prague. The Professor is being given a history lesson by the Doctor it appears? #mew #mewband #visualstour

No dull moments at casa Bramsen! 🦑 #gangiden #jegkansovenårjegblivergammel #babyboy

Ovaj vikend se druzimo;

L.A. - Saturday #kolschalbumtour

11.12. Metamorphis
A more abstract little intermezzo on the Into The Great Wide Yonder album. Very dark but at the same time there also some hope in it I feel.

Aligator Feat. Talal - Agmal Hayaa (Beautiful Life) Will be Released Friday January 5th 2018.

For pre order please visit:

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Thanks to JENJA in Bali for a great night 🖤
1 hour from the set can be found in the Noir Recommends weekly radio shows here:
#noirontour #asia #bali

Thanks for having me @bigmountainmusicfestival 🙌🏼

♦️ Thoughtful into the night/ Thoughtful into the night ♦️

Hope you like ‘Give Me The Light’, can’t wait to show you what else I got in store!

Melbourne #kolschalbumtour

🎁🎄 It’s the 2nd Sunday of Advent & I’m giving away 2 special items from one of my music videoes!! ✨
Tell me which video & join the NABIHA ADVENT CALENDAR to win ❄️ You Can find links to all 4 music videoes below..👇🏾

Bang that Drum:
My Truth:

#whichmusicvideo #freegiveaway #nabihaadventcalendar

10.12. Sinus
The first track I did for the new album 'Fixion'. It was done in my home studio in the basement of my house. The core of the track was my Moog Rouge which I layered several times and added a ton of effect pedals on afterwards. I like the simplicity of the song, it’s quite evil in a way (-:

How great was last night ?
Thank you IPSE and to the ravers who danced all night long. Amazing night and another extended set 🖤
You can hear it soon in Noir Recommends radioshow 😇
#noirontour #berlin
#airportwaiting #finalflighthome
No 1 #techno 🙌
Massive thanks to all the supporters
#noirmusic Beatport
#stella Thomas Schumacher

Pokkers. Man skulle have været hurtigt ude.......

Jedno sjajno vece i mnogo mnogo dirljivih momenata. Hvala Pošavino bili ste sjajni. Hvala Kristini Ivanovic. A ovo je jedna od drazih slika u karijeri❤❤❤ #moments

On Repeat ❤️

Thank you all for a fantastic weekend. From Copenhagen through to Gothenburg and Stockholm. You guys were incredible. We had a amazing time reviving the old Future World album. Now a short break and see you on Friday in Horsens for the biggest Xmas bang of the year. We love you guys. PM

What a tour this has been so far! SÓLSTAFIR and Árstíðir are phenomenal bands and great people. Vienna last night, you were wild. Krakow, we will see you tomorrow at the concert that is now SOLD OUT, thank you!
Photo: ?

THANK YOU SHANGHAI💨🇨🇳 📸 @michaelkaysar
✈️ 📸 @michaelkaysar

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Michelle Mikkelsen

4 days ago

Os som elsker dig og din Musik, os som er dine største fans, selvfølgelig støtter vi dig ❤
vi er til for at hjælpe hinanden så vi alle kan få det bedst muligt.
Smil det smitter ☺😚
og Glædelig jul til dig Wafande 🎄🎄🎄🎄
Hilsen en af dine største fans ❤

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Gregory Matveev

4 days ago

Oh, this crazy song. I often forget about it, but when I listen to the bass, the drop — it feels like coming home to an old friend

THANK YOU SHENZHEN🇨🇳 Next stop: Shanghai 🎊 📸 @michaelkaysar

Sydney #soldout tonight #kolschalbumtour

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Nigel de Beaté

5 days ago

That's nice. Album cover by Nedrum and limited edition necklace for your followers. So many artists sell crap on tour and let PR staff design their album art. Respect to you. Any chance you will do a gig in Scotland?

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Tina Svane

5 days ago

❤❤❤ kæmpe knus her fra waffer min❤. Min lillesøster far gik desværre osse bort for nogle år tilbage. Jeg var meget glad for ham. Og mange år efter, mindede julemåneden om ham. Savnet er der stadig, men det bliver nemmere med tiden, og jeg varmere mig med minderne. ❤ kys og kram

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Gregory Matveev

5 days ago

Trentemøller be like: "This song was recorded in my basement" or "The vocals are from built-in mic". And I'm here, thinking: "Give me top-notch studio equipment and the best sound engineer, and I still won't be able to recreate this beauty"