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IPSO Nordstern tonight

Mohsen Ghahremani

7 hours ago

Roman Leander Bürki🎉👌🏻

Joa Ramirez

7 hours ago

Théo Jean mec ça part

Harsha Moti

7 hours ago

See you there😁

I am the front cover of Spotify 's Heavy Queens playlist \m/ Listen to my new song 'Juniper' on there 🌿

Carina Katja Lytver

17 hours ago

Rachel Kelley Here's another spotify playlist of female fronted bands for your consideration

Kate Johansson

17 hours ago

Excited as Mike Wazowski

Magar Ukesh

17 hours ago

You should grace ALL the covers.

Kawasaki, Japan!! We love you to the moon and back!!! See you again tomorrow!🇩🇰❤️🇯🇵 photo;NK

Lukáš Dorotovič

5 hours ago

We had a wonderful moment with you.

Rolf Köppe

10 hours ago

Tak ! Tak ! Tak !👏 See you wunderful tomorrow 😁

Rikke Lund

10 hours ago

Thanks for the great show.
😋 See you tomorrow as well 💕💕

My home feels lighter and we sleep much better after my dear friend Kirn Lall did an energy cleansing of our house ❤️ The transformation happened with the use of sound vibration from a sacral chakra bowl, crystals, incense and a sage rose bundle, shaking up any stagnant energy build up over time. I can warmly recommend Kirn for an energy cleansing of your home or for yourself. She is also a magnificent healer. Read more here: Ambassador of Light

#HouseCleansing #AmbassadorOfLight #KirnLall #Healing #Chrystals #SacralChakraBowl #SageRoseBundle

Some highlights from#Thinkers50 European Business Forum 2018 in Odense. Will you be there next year? @thinkers50. Visit to watch the video.

Next Stop: Midnight Sun, Hamburg, Germany 👊🇩🇪👊