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I can’t wait for September 🌈💖🎼✨⭐️🌟💫chilling this weekend and prepping for my video shoot this week ! Fuck yasssss

Murielle Renson-Leroy

5 hours ago

And the cynics they will wonder
What's the difference with this dream
And the dreams of countless others
All believing in TV
They see their handprints in a sidewalk
Flashing cameras on the scene
And a shining limousine

She's never gonna be like the one before
She read it in her stars that there's something more
No matter what it takes, no matter how she breaks
She'll be the Queen of Hollywood
She's believing in a dream
(Queen of Hollywood)
It's a loaded fantasy, yeah, yeah, yeah...

Gary Goatsucker

5 hours ago

holy shiiiity my queen!!😯
your birthday this year would be special !!

goodluck on your upcoming release songs!!😻

Bernice Kokofu

5 hours ago

Omg she looks like a Barbie... so pink, so girly... is this the Avril Lavigne who used to sing punk and wear black clothes or is she a Barbie who sings pop songs?

Thank you @summersonic_official for having me ! X

Laura De Smet

4 hours ago

I could have you in my house but you don't want to u.u

Jader Almeida Luduvig

4 hours ago

You're still my favorite singer in the world💜✋

Julie Ann Farney

11 hours ago

Did you actually get lost in Japan?


Connie Irvin Densmore

an hour ago

i love u darling meri jaan meri wife so sweet teri meh bond layu ga soniye i love u

Chandan Chandan

6 hours ago

Lovely Nd Cute Nd Very Beautiful Nd Stunning Nd Must Pic Neeru Dear S S A Radhey Radhey I Love you Neeru Dear

Harmony Fido-Bell

8 hours ago

Beautiful nice pic ji
Good morning

I’m fighting to #SaveTheRainforest with Vivienne Westwood! Join us in supporting Cool Earth and their efforts to halt deforestation and it’s impact on climate change by purchasing this limited edition tee here 👉🏼 - Céline xx...

📸: Mushroom Creative House

Nicole Marie Waer

3 hours ago

For heavens sake leave Céline alone, our Qubec Star is fine. You people complain when she is too thin, and complain she is too fat when she gains 5lbs. Her genetics is naturally slim, so leave her alone. She is the mother of 3 sons and she knows what is good and not good for her. So leave her alone Pleeeeeease! Let her LIVE.

Twyla Harris

9 hours ago

Celine, you are looking beautifully rested. Your eyes always tell the story and I think you're feeling great! You know your own body better than anyone else...let that be your guide. I have not seen you look so peaceful and happy for a long time. The last couple of months have been awesome...the tour was a magnificent success and I am very proud of you just so you know. Enjoy a bit of peace and quiet for a while because you've definitely earned it. Saving the rainforest is a noble cause and I share your vision about that...wouldn't expect any other response from you.😘 If we had a planet filled with more human beings like you, we would not have this problem to begin with. Please enjoy a bit of time off. Miss and love you much mon amie. Bisous. 😘💞♥️🌍♥️

Susan Harkey

9 hours ago

Celine why don't you think to visit also us here in Africa don't you know that we love you more than other give us also a chance to come here in Africa we have as well nice and good place where we can accommode you until you sing for us the Magic song that we love here to much(Billy)

Braziiiiiiiiil, you ready?

Omar Demogorgon

13 hours ago

Sinceramente literalmente devastado por residir na capital e ocorrer somente no interior de SÃO PAULO...#DIVA

Nisansala Maduwanthi

13 hours ago

Yes shania brazil love you you are the Best god bless you

Raju Gopinath

13 hours ago

Vaiiiii ser um show incrível! Volte mais vezes Shania Twain! I Love You Shania Twain 😍😍😍

Farmata Koulibaly

5 hours ago

A wonderful album. God bless you and your family always.

Brittany Nicole Vagedes

5 hours ago

Loved hearing you sing tonight!!!!

Menna Roberts

5 hours ago

Amen. Thank You, Lord! God bless you, Matt. Hallelujah ❤

What a night! Backstage with Alan and Michael

Robyn Swan

an hour ago

My heart was with you #MrHandsome even though I couldn’t be. Next time I’ll be there no matter what my health dictates.

Ibnul Ahmed

an hour ago

I would love to see the 3 of you on tour together.

Cathy Papillon

9 hours ago

Nice wow what tallanted cuties.😊🤗

The calm before the most beautiful storm ⚡️ #babymoon

Minahil Fatima

10 hours ago

mango and blueberries?

John Cline

10 hours ago

Good luck on the baby!! 💓 your life will never be the same

Festival babies
Rehearsals caught by @alexkaneperkins - just flew into Toronto for tomorrow’s show! Sleeping in Canada 🇨🇦 feels good!

Brian Lilley-Longville

19 hours ago

Carly Rae Jepsen Like Music Owl City Good Time

Maddy Ertman

a day ago

Was this Firefly ? 🤔

I need the darkness someone please cut the lights
📷 Ruthless Imagery

I want to see you all so badly, you’re just such a great band.

Mustafa Düzgün

7 hours ago

Favourite song in the world 🎧🌠

Me escucharon cantando y me dijeron que pare..

Meet my fav shade from the special edition of @starstruckbysl - #WildCherry 😍

#SunnyLeone #fashion #cosmetics #StarStruckbySL #LipLiner #Lipcolor #IntenseMatteLipstick #LiquidLipColor #newlaunch #NewShades
It’s a yellow kinda day!!!

Mindaugas Liaugaudas

3 hours ago

please stand with kerala.... We are facing a big crisis here... Help us
#stand_with_kerala.. pray for us.. help us

Melissa Kowalski

3 hours ago

नफरत को हम प्यार देते है .....प्यार पे खुशियाँ वार देते है ...बहुत सोच समझकर हमसे कोई वादा करना.." ऐ दोस्त " हम वादे पर जिदंगी गुजार देते है

Ilir Kiki

3 hours ago

Thank you for supporting Kerala.... Huge respect...

Festival goers beware!! My friends may have out- fashioned you. 😝Matchy matchy @brandondhamilton @bearofaman xox

Mara Swanson

11 hours ago

Carly, that dress is EVERYTHING! You look amazing.

Brown Boy TG

11 hours ago

cunt on the left looks like Spring Break 2014 Ringo Starr

Basil SkOpus Tsavdaridis

11 hours ago

lol thats h&m

#SplitsvillaXI press-con .
Lips: #CherryBomb by @starstruckbysl 💋 @ Viacom18

Ahmad Rasydan Rasy

6 hours ago

No i don't miss every time if I wanna see you than I visit on your website.😂

John Walls

16 hours ago

source:--> Laughing flowers
..... :D :D :D
Wife 2 husband: Zara kitchen se Namak lana

Husband : Yahan to koi namak nhi hy

Wife: Mujhe pta tha Tm to ho hi andhe Tmhe nhi milega is liye to kaha... continue reading

Laetitia Courtois Fraysse

19 hours ago

I like your lipstick you can lips kiss me

We knew FM4 Frequency Festival Austria 🇦🇹 was going to be great...but that blew away all expectations! So much love for all of you today. WOTE.


Paul Smith

37 minutes ago

Nena Kuipers was je nog geweest?

Dankeschön! It was awesome with you guys! Please come quickly back to Austria 🇦🇹

Gabriela Fernandez

9 hours ago

Hope to see you guys in the Maritime's again sometime!