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Fans shared about Theory of a Deadman

Jaima Sullivan

3 hours ago

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!
You guys had a great performance and a stellar drum solo in Portland, ME last night!

october vibes 🥀 photo: @hannahearhartphotography mua: @jadacianneartistry

Having a delicious Mexican lunch on the road to Puebla, Mexico 🇲🇽one of the hardest hit places with the recent earthquake here #mexico❤️#bryanadamsgetup

Advance presale tix are going fast for The 2018 Excision Tour featuring The Paradox!!!
avail now at - more dates to be announced!!

Be patient .... sometimes the hardest thing u gotta do but the only way ur dreams come true

Fans shared about Shay Mitchell

Cassandra Nadine

9 hours ago

It sure did! I didn't want my weekend to end😭 I was in Miami for the first time, a weekend out there was not enough, I can't wait to go back🙌 I hope you had an amazing weekend, I love you Shay💕

‪Good times and It vibes w PopCrush, I swear it took us four tries to complete this interview ❤️‬‬

Infinite Content Calgary
Wore my Canadian Tuxedo/cowboy duds for "Cold Houston". Video by Ryan Leier

Fans shared about Roch Voisine

Catherine Brossard

7 hours ago

La vie n'est pas du cinéma, vous nous avez offert tant de beaux rêves dans notre vie, dans ma vie, tout au long de toutes ces années, merci Roch! Très beau clip! Que de souvenirs!

Celine Canadalove

also shared about Roch Voisine

🍁Coucou Roch l'extrait de Comme au cinéma est génial vivement que l'on puisse le voir en entier, très belle chanson merci de nous faire partager vos superbes chansons et votre magnifique voix, à bientôt bises. 🍁

Véronique Hennart

also shared about Roch Voisine

Well...Thank you , dear Roch, for discover this Beautiful little Gift 🎁 ((-;)... to welcome this so nice song 🎵 Comme au Cinéma 🎵 at your side.. ((-;) the meantime....I send you an Indian Océan of Blue 💙 Thoughts for a Wonderful Blue 💙 Monday ☉ everywhere you are!!..((-;)....xox..

This is @sarabareilles and she is one of the most talented, down to earth humans we have ever met. Her abilities are endless and we are so honored to have her on The Con X : Covers record. Sara covered Floorplan and basically it sounds like someone tearing out your beating heart. So. Get ready for that. This photo is from many many years ago when we first met. Sara sought us out at a festival show we were playing and introduced herself seconds after we arrived. This is not always common and it kind of guaranteed friendship and loyalty for life. She is as genuine and funny and nice as you could ever hope. To find out more about the record and where the proceeds will go visit The record comes out October 20th! XO

Fans shared about Dean Brody

Sue Liner

7 hours ago

Would love to your see the show in Halifax Dean! I know it will be an awe, and amazing show that night. Love ❤️ you and all your music! Listen to your music 🎧 everyday Dean!❤️🇨🇦🎤🎧🎸🙌😎. #SoInspiring #Time #TeamDB

Fans shared about Jann Arden

Anne Carreon

7 hours ago

Jann, absolutely loved hearing you and your band in Medford Ontario last night. Love your music! Love your sense of humour. Such a great time!

Lady Venom ⚔️😈⚔️
📷: Winterhalter

Fans shared about Sunny Leone

Guru Pandit

9 hours ago

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Fans shared about Matt Maher

Karen Oselka

13 hours ago

Just want to tell you how much I'm enjoying your new cd and Your Love Defends Me-wish you were coming closer-I have an autistic son who would love to see you-thanks for sharing your gifts❤️

Thomas Wiederholt

also shared about Matt Maher

Loving the new album Matt wish I could of made it to the show in Des Moines yesterday I'm sure it was a great show. Definitely see you next time your in the area. Thanks for all you do god bless!!!!

Fans shared about Sunny Leone

Abinash Santhal

11 hours ago

Yes great msg and we should stop this thing now big step need to take against them and celebrity like u need to spred msg and people need to support and fight against abuse way to go stop now

Fbliker Instaliker

also shared about Sunny Leone

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Jagdev Singh

also shared about Sunny Leone

If u make cyber harassment as crime. Than what's done by public in the name of agitation. Few people make a statue of a political leader put his name on it n burn him . Its a straight n clear threat from those people that they will murder or kill that politician . Its just like an attempt to murder of that person. If intentions are made crime than most of people will be behind bars. Need is not to let that intention change to crime.

Fans shared about Italia Ricci

Susie Roche Hester

13 hours ago

I hate cancer! We need a cure. To do this we need to fight the pharmaceutical company's. They don't want a cure because of the $100 billion in sales they have a year. Sad! Sorry for your loss.

Brian Gow

also shared about Italia Ricci

Sorry for your loss Italia!!! Cencer sucks, my father was only 61 when he passed away from lung cancer.. Way to young and never had a chance to enjoy a retirement!!! You are awesome being a spokeswoman for the fight against cancer!!!

Chip Suydam

also shared about Italia Ricci

Losing someone special is never easy. Not a day goes by I don’t miss and think of my Dad who passed 2/29/04. Your loss created pain and you have my sympathies for that but our memories give us just a little solace when we are sad. 🙂

Intezaar hua khatam. #TeraIntezaarTeaser is out now. Watch me search for love with @arbaazkhanofficial in @teraintezaar #SunnyLeone

Back in Germany tonight! Come check us out at Matrix Bochum with #femalemetalvoicestour2017!

Photo by Joanny Beaudoin

Fans shared about Sunny Leone

Sam Shukla

17 hours ago

तमन्ना छोड़ देते हैं, इरादा छोड़ देते हैं,
चलो एक दूसरे को फिर से आधा छोड़ देते हैं,
उधर आँखों में मंज़र आज भी वैसे का वैसा है,
इधर हम भी निगाहों को तरसता छोड़ देते हैं,
हमीं ने अपनी आँखों से समन्दर तक निचोड़े हैं,
हमीं अब आजकल दरिया को प्यासा छोड़ देते हैं,
हमारा क़त्ल होता है, मुहब्बत की कहानी में,
या यूँ कह लो के हम क़ातिल को ज़िंदा छोड़ देते हैं,
हमीं शायर हैं, हम ही तो ग़ज़ल के शाहजादे हैं,
तआरुफ़ इतना देकर बाक़ी मिसरा छोड़ देते हैं।

Fans shared about Arcade Fire

Coline Magaud

17 hours ago

Isabelle !!!!
Thomas, Guillaume, Alexis, Jérôme, si ça vous dit, moi j'y serai (j'espère...)
Antoine, je sais pas si tu aimes un tant soit peu mais ça peut être énorme, dans ta contrée !

Doireann Begley

also shared about Arcade Fire

Dear Arcade Fire. Shame your gigs are getting.more expensive every single time you come to Ireland... the next time I see you in Dublin will probably be the last I'll fork out's more expensive to see you than it is to go see Bruce Springsteen.....what the heck.....

Cielo Sparrow

also shared about Arcade Fire

Viviana Abril Díaz Ocampo aún no sé si me quedo en Francia hasta esas fechas, pero presiento que me lo quiero comprar en cuanto salga.... xq seré asi? Cuándo cambiaré?

Fans shared about Sunny Leone

Sam Shukla

20 hours ago

तु दिल से ना जाये तो मैं क्‍या करू,
तु ख्‍यालों से ना जाये तो मैं क्‍या करू,
कहते है ख्‍वावों में होगी मुलाकात उनसे,
पर नींद न आये तो मैं क्‍या करू। 💕

Guru Mirzya

also shared about Sunny Leone

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Weather in Toronto right now has me like...

Fans shared about Bryan Adams

Laura Sotelo

a day ago

Thanks for showing your love for Mexican fans! A few artists make a world tour on 4Mexican cities.. you're the best! Mexico loves you!! I love you.. see you next Wednesday at sports palace!!! 🎶🎼🎸🎤

We are heading back to Toronto. 2 hours to go...
Midi holding court

I took my dog for a walk and realized I’d been here before when my kids were small :) I just approached it from another angle. Life’s like that.

Happy Sunday! #SundayInspiration

Halloween Weekend in Dubai! 💀 Performing at Fiesta De Los Muertos @117live

Fans shared about Walk Off The Earth

Megan Lo

a day ago

Happy birthday Sarah! Thank you for being you! Can't wait to see you in March! It will be my son's first concert and he loves you and the guys.

Anne Lebeznick

also shared about Walk Off The Earth

woohooo to you!!! another year older and another day wiser hunny! keep up the great work.... you're such an inspiration to many people Sarah!. a great talent, performer, wife, mother of 3 wee ones, friend of many and a master of a multi-tasking woman! i hope you get spoiled for your birthday and get to enjoy, relax and reflect on your past, present and future accomplishments. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! :)

Emily Hill

also shared about Walk Off The Earth

Happy birthday to one of my role models! You are an amazing person inside and out, you deserve all the happiness in the universe. Thank you for making millions of people happy with your beautiful voice beautiful soul!

Head to now to watch my easy Halloween makeup tutorial for creepy clown makeup! This glam yet terrifying killer clown makeup is more than just easy Halloween makeup, it is a nightmare come true! If you like the video please click like, leave a comment and share with friends and be sure to subscribe to my channel for new videos each week!

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If I’m not mistaken, being a cop is full of sexy adventures and lots of hero posing. Movies and tv wouldn’t have steered me wrong. Mike the Cop, Officer Daniels and Annalee Belle are about to show me just how wrong I am.

Fans shared about Tegan And Sara

Craig Murray

a day ago

I'm just getting into Tegan & Sara's music,i bought last year's Love You To Death album yesterday,on first listen i was very impressed with what i heard,very catchy songs with great melodies and vocals,i especially like the track Boyfriend.

Timothy Thomas Cole

also shared about Tegan And Sara

Someone take me to the Chicago show! I love The Con! Really literally every single song actually. It's astounding. No misses. Now that is epic talent.

Another one!
Bookings contact @dnhartists for Asia OR [email protected]
Music @face7ess_music
Video @prismmedialab

Fans shared about J.D. Scott

Janice Medlock

a day ago

"Alright boys, step back because Proppy has officially arrived on the scene and I am looking so fine, might I add! A little competition in the good-looks department never hurts. The Scott Brothers rule, and big bro Proppy is here to stay!" ^_^ 💖

Diane Sheryl Bishop

also shared about J.D. Scott

JD (Speaking out of corner of mouth) "As soon as this camera person goes away, I will show you how a true man operates a power tool...minions." To which Jonathan responds, "We are going to Bruce Lee your butt." (Drew is just sporting his confused face).

Diane Sheryl Bishop

also shared about J.D. Scott

We are all agreed that we tell no one Drew wears Pull Ups at night. If anyone asks, I've got this. No worries, boys.

Happy Birthday, @drummer_mckay!!! Cheers to a fantastic drummer and musician, and to the man who can always bring the LOLs! 🍻 #happybirthdaysimonmckay #theagonist #metal #femalemetalvoicestour2017 #five #napalmrecords #simonmckay

Fans shared about Shania Twain

Sherry Walker

a day ago

Still very disappointed Shania in your choice of assistants. Never got my preordered CD or T-shirt. Very disappointing. Also since all of the good seats already gone for next years concert. I wish you were aware of this, I know you would fix it, I have followed you for 20 years.

Alicia McWilliams

also shared about Shania Twain

I will NEVER grow tired of this song. It is 'then' Shania and 'now' Shania all rolled up into one and it's magic! Shania Twain

Ana Krpan

also shared about Shania Twain

Same Sherry. I've followed her for the same amount of time, except I'm so dissapointed that this time it doesn't look like she's even touring Australia yet we were one of the first countries the album went number 1 in, so that's really sad. Like you say I'm sure if Shania herself knew she would do her best to make all of us happy. Hope you get your stuff soon xx

#YourLoveDefendsMe #Echoes

What are your #SundayFunday activities? #HaveAGreatDay! - Team Bret 🤘🏻✅💥

Fans shared about Sunny Leone

Zenie Dre Pado

a day ago

Hey! Sunny leone absolutely always beautiful, there are not enough words written that describes how beautiful you really are. Thank you for sharing your beauty

Dhritimay Sarker Sisir

also shared about Sunny Leone

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Arushi Gill

also shared about Sunny Leone

ये # sunny leone भी ना_____
ऊपर की लाइन सिर्फ आपका ध्यान खीचने के लिए लिखी है अब ज़रूरी बात..
कृप्या सड़क पर कचरा ना फेके, उसके लिए DUST bin का प्रयोग करे. स्वच्छ भारत . स्वछ नगर ...स्वच्छ भारत..में सहयोग करे

Fans shared about Dean Brody

Donna Hogan

2 days ago

This can only mean one thing. More great music from my fave. Best songwriter ever. Every one of your songs brings me to a good place. Keep up the great work Dean.💞💞💞

Lori Keenan

also shared about Dean Brody

Have a great week, was fantastic seeing you at the old port of Montreal on the train stage. Much appreciate you signing my daughters 18th bday card.