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SET COMPARISON 🔍🕵️ This past weekend I played at Exchange LA, did a 2 hour set on CDJs/rekordbox with a lot of techy dark shit; 2 weeks ago I played Dirtybird Campout where they asked me to do an "old skool hip hop set", which of course I flipped into my own interpretation (on Serato). Let's look at what I played at both - all freestyled as always. ⚡️ At Exchange I had a long set and I've played that club many times so I thought let's go dark and weird. I was speeding up tribal house and playing tracks that have big open droney breaks like the Madame joint, Elisa Bee etc.. ranging from ambient trance (The State of Trance to Come) to Lil Texas's 200bpm Texcore (I played it at 220). Playing without a laptop was making me listen to the tracks differently. It's fun being able to load up your next 3-4 songs when u have 4 CDJs. And I was picking new parts of the songs to scratch on the spot. I like forcing myself to be out of my comfort zone. ⚡️ As for Dirtybird, they asked for hiphop but I usually play new new new rap. I didn't expect them to be jamming Kodak. This was a bass house / tech house crowd but everyone loves the spirit of hip hop. I approached it as a type of rhythm and a tempo range more than anything. I played some Beasties, Eazy E, Dead Prez classics but also played Kendrick edits and the 50 Cent NIN mashup which might be the greatest mashup of all time.. and ended with Kon's glorious multitrack edit of Good Times because hey what's more hip hop than Good Times? ⚡️ Get your zoom on! :)

Carey Thomas

5 hours ago

That’s why you’ve always been the best real dj!

Erin Kukoda

5 hours ago

Amanda Nick my dream ATRAK sets

Lessa Siciliano

5 hours ago

Paul Revere by Beastie?! <3

Bryan Adams IN CONCERT is coming to Eastern Canada in January!
Facebook Presale runs this Wednesday, Oct 24 from 10am-10pm local time. PW: BRYAN
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Marie Kelley

10 hours ago

Woot woot. Great news

Marguerite Harlan

10 hours ago

Timmins Ontario come back

Kim Richardson

10 hours ago

🤔 Too far Áine McKernan✈🇨🇦

Check out the video for Emigrate’s song, “1234”, featuring Ben and Ian.

Hidayat Pratama Putra

6 hours ago

Loving this amalgamation

Fatima Carrillo

6 hours ago

Tour the US and come to STL ⚾

Usha Devi

6 hours ago

Oha! It's really good 🔊

Love this 💚

Brenda Chitty

5 hours ago

Atticus! I own this book of his :)

Miguel Trevizo

5 hours ago

Oh this is beautiful

Bryan Sanchez

5 hours ago

This is so beautiful.

When you are 50 mins into the first Harry Potter for the FIRST TIME but your flight lands in 4 minutes, you do the Hermoine.

Clarissa Romero

11 hours ago

Well you are in luck because I like this series just as much as an adult as I did as a kid 👌definitely make sure to read the books as well if you like to read. They put in a lot more scenes of characters like Dobby and you see inside everyone's thought processes a little better. I think they casted everyone really well so I don't think seeing the movies first would ruin the books for you 👍

Mariana Brando

11 hours ago

Oh wow! Welcome to the magic! Of course, there is always a Harry Potter marathon awaiting on our 106 inch screen if you two ever make it to Houston ----

Prashant Kumar

11 hours ago

What?? How is that possible?? You need to do a "Weekend Binge" of all the Harry Potter movies!!

Such a great time in SF with the YouTube Kids parent panel. Great meeting other parents who are excited about the direction of this platform. We so desperately need a safe place for our kids to watch YouTube and I truly believe the YouTube Kids App is headed in the right direction with the new parental controls. @ San Francisco, California

Midori Kato

2 hours ago

Congratulations on working on such an important project! I work in schools and see kids desperate to view fun things on YouTube! Thank you for your efforts! <3 <3 <3

Fabiana Lucciana Ponce

2 hours ago

That’s awesome! My kids currently aren’t allowed to view YouTube without a parent nearby...internet safety is so hugely important to our family! Love that you are active in taking steps to make this safer for little eyes!


Miriam Querengesser

2 hours ago

Is that Melissa Benoist stunt double as Supergirl...or is there another character donning her outfit?
Stephen Amell, anything else you'd like to share, bro?
C'mon, it's just you, me, and a few million of your closest fans reading this. ;-)

Tom Scruffy Welch

5 hours ago

If you could bring Shipp in as 1990s could bring in Dean Cain’s Superman!!!!!! And have him and Shipp together with Tyler and Grant.

Vɩsʜʌɭ Wɩŋŋɘʀ

2 hours ago

YES. I've been wishing they would get the old flash costume into the show since season 1. This is awesome!

One does not simply walk in The Flash suit.

Helena Galošić

10 hours ago

i am surprised you fitted in the suit. I thought you are a larger person. even the costume the flash is wearing, i thought it would be a lot baggy on him. you look better in the green suit. I don't think you pull the red color off well. cant wait to see the cross over. 😍😍

Anaëlle Perez

10 hours ago

Leave it to Barry to be late again. this time at being a beardless green arrow suit bearer... Oliver on the other hand is probably the first speedster on Tv to rock a goatie hahaha

Ann Vargas

10 hours ago

Love this picture.
It makes my point about Superboy perfectly.
Look at how small and skinny he looks compared to the other actors.
Flash and arrow are bigger.
Jimmy Olsen is even wat bigger when he appears on Supergirl.
He is not intimidating at all.
Anyway love the Arrow and this Crossover looks interesting cant wait I just hope they keep Superboys part small just like

the remixes // 10.26
Jaenga Holly DialedIn B-Sides DMVU Lucchii

Jackson Arun Sharma

3 hours ago

Siiiiiick! Thanks boys 🔥👁

Kylie Pendergrass

3 hours ago

Mike Gallagher KILL HIM

Craig Schweitzer

3 hours ago

Boom!! Let’s gooo

Family!! Happy Birthday Baby!! @dirrty99

Vincent Q Nguyen

7 hours ago

o oh b,day man gift u he open it beby

Abdiel Vianca Villegas

7 hours ago

Happy birthday to you baby Pretty Sunny

Joel Massa

7 hours ago

UK's King sleep with one eye open birthday boy! Baby killer!

Christian Pruter

3 hours ago

"This call may be recorded for quality assurance."

Kristian Brennan

3 hours ago

. You're so beautiful, but that's not why i love you😍😍

Gus Skalkos

3 hours ago

I dig the retro 80's phone!

Omg! Guess who just ate a whole pack of bacon?! #notkosher #notcool #notgoodforyou

Phillip Preyer

2 hours ago

Hope it was cooked

Once, My ex’s dog ate a half a pound of cooked Brussels sprouts with garlic butter on them. He was fine, but farted for days!

Melissa Deaver

2 hours ago

Hopefully it was cooked

Queen Peanut had a great ride home in her sisters jacket! XoS

John Stone

3 hours ago

Looks Like a Egyptian Mao kitten

Darlene Causey

3 hours ago

So the world is not going entirely to the dogs.

Angie Vargas

3 hours ago

Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!! *ssshhhhh* She's sleeping....

Houston! I’m coming your way for Freaky Deaky next week!


Berma Raza-Heyrosa

11 hours ago

I so wish I could go to this!!!

Cheryl Watson

11 hours ago

I'm sure you will play Where Are You
Btw i love this song

Beuflan Fishburne

20 hours ago

Is there an opportunity you will come back to red rocks?

❤️ — Crossover season tires me out. My kiddo fuels me up.

Joshua Ojeda

10 hours ago

These are the moments we cherish for a lifetime. Just a dad and his kiddo giving nothing but love. It goes by fast capt. Mavi started school you use to tell me..
Then capt that is the moment I am telling you to cherish it.

Tay Lima

10 hours ago

Nothing motivates a man like knowing that his kids depend on him... They are the wellspring of hope and strength , and the best things that he can ever hope for..

Jyoti Giri

10 hours ago

For me, no matter what has happened in my day, a hug from my daughter erases everything and makes it all good. It’s the best part of my day.

Who said you should never meet your heroes?

Victoria Konddu

2 hours ago

Now I get it. They had to tone down your EVERYTHING for the other Flash. Ok. I’m on board now. If I have to.

Penny Russick

2 hours ago

Wtf is going on with Arrow and Flash...I loved arrow then season like 3 or 4 hit and i got tired of it...I still love flash tho

Erica Do Nascimento Barroso

2 hours ago

I have been blessed enough to be able to meet both of you. ❤️⚡️❤️ I am super excited for this crossover!!!

Getting ready to Rock Wiesbaden Germany tonight! Photo by Harry Reese

Doug Jones

11 hours ago

Can't wait to see you in Estonia on Halloween! :D

Lorraine Rattell

21 hours ago

What a Show 💪😈🤘

Nicholas Romanuik

21 hours ago

It was f***ing awesome!!! 🤘

It has been an awesome time touring Europe with Bad Wolves only 2 shows left on this tour with them and we look forward to doing this again in Canada.

Photo by Randy Edwards Photos
Trippin’ on the lights! Photo by Harry Reese

Manish Randhawa

5 hours ago

come to chile

I wish so badly I could go when you come to Calgary area. Would be epic

Victoria Afekushi Mathew

5 hours ago

We are waiting you in Latvia! 😎😍

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Stefanos Marinos

7 hours ago

Again kiss me pink♥

Shoaib Ahamad

7 hours ago

Madm aap pr ek gaana bna hua h aapne suna kya
Sunny leone tere pink nipple te munde muth marde mere delhi de

Gaane acha h ek baar sunyega zrur