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TOMORROW: Record Store Day 2018
The 'Arcade Fire' EP will be available as a limited edition 12" vinyl for the first time
Support your local record store

Brian Bimbatti

5 hours ago

I bought the CD when I was 13! I had to ask HMV to order it in because y’all were so obscure at the time. I remember seeing you guys on The Wedge on much music and got hooked ever since. Now you guys are the famous-est. (not a word but whatever)

Alice Berri

5 hours ago

Kane best version of ‘no cars go’ on it

Patricia D'Amico Roberts

5 hours ago

Caryn Rybarsyk is stinkweeds doing this?

#fbf Vanity Fair Italy 🇮🇹 ❤️

Susan Stewart

3 hours ago

WOW! You always look so stunning whether it be a photo shoot or just hanging out in sweat pants plus your heart is equally beautiful and to me that is the most attractive quality to have! Great pics " much love ❤

Katie Louise Manning

3 hours ago

Solo la gente retrasada mental puede decir que avril fue reemplazada por melissa kjajajjaja dan pena ajena 😂😂😂mejor me rio de lo que dicen 😂😂😂

Rey Himmler Molina

3 hours ago

Looking good, when is the new music coming out and when you touring again would love to see you in the uk.

New York 22nd April at Hudson River

Patricia Leteil

13 hours ago

Ready for War Joe

Waleo Ruth Esther Natche

a day ago

Nishant Siddhant Abhay

Caitland Hawk Grasso

a day ago

Waw so good

Playing some Top Golf with Professional Long Driver Kevin Shook! Thanks to the Golf Channel for the hook up!

Thay Drew

7 hours ago

Is this the new way Canadians play golf? With a hockey stick? I think I missed the memo

Meghan Peloquin

7 hours ago

Holy shit it's nickleback I thought they died!!!

M.K. DhiMan

7 hours ago

Jaime Franz! Damnit!

Thank you to Canada's Navy Army and Air Force for allowing me to visit CFB Esquimalt and for everything you do ❤️

Deborah Newton

5 hours ago

She better looking than the Victoria secret models and that a fact

Bernhard Sellinger

5 hours ago

You make our country proud! 🇨🇦 Shania Twain

Ayla Mortada

5 hours ago

So Lovely... Shania you could wear anything and look Great! 😊

To the bird outside my window this morning,

See attached photo.



Rose Curadeau

4 hours ago

Awesome photo! Bravo to the Photographer and greetings from North of San Diego in San Marcos, CA!!!

John Parry

4 hours ago

We've all felt that way especially when it's a wood pecker banging on an aluminum gutter everyday for a week 5 am.
Me screaming at it trying to get it to fly away.

Mathew Thuring

4 hours ago

Last year it was a 5am wakeup. Every freaking morning. Grrrrr.

Hey girl. I’m in Serbia. We raised 30k with our last @fender guitar auction. OVER THE FUCKING MOON ABOUT THIS! Thank you to everyone who donated to @teganandsarafoundation to enter to win !!! More to come but just wanted to say THANK YOU! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

Brian Arbanas

a day ago

congrats! <3 <3 all the love <3

Maximo Hazard

a day ago

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 have fun!!!! :3

Sylvie Rovelli

a day ago

I want to volunteer but u are too far away

TGIF (📷 by @PamelaLittky)

Muhammad Fazreen

5 hours ago

Alyssa Alaska Thibodeau 😍❤️

Teun van Rijswijk

5 hours ago

AWESOME PICTURE!!!! I'm with Jon on the next album cover!!!! OMG!!!!

Dee Arnold

5 hours ago

Where does the good go... :)

Love my fans so much ❤️ Thanks to Ecko Jay for this beautiful fan art.

Victoria Konddu

5 hours ago

Jackie u are very gorgious infact i wish 2 c u live

Urvesh Pandya

5 hours ago

Jackie you will look like this when you 58 years old,this is ugly

This art work is so bad looking, I wish I could block it. Jackie, you need to delete this. I am one of your biggest fan, but this is a no no no

WTF NO WAY!! I can't believe this!! RIP 🙏🙏🙏 such a massive loss!! 🙁🙁

Christine Dobos

6 hours ago

Forever in our hearts

Ryan Kaka

6 hours ago

Devastating news ,

Jeremy Tylenda

6 hours ago

Wake me up 😐


Widiya Wati

7 hours ago

July trip to vegas Jeffrey Collins Jasmine Ramahi Katie Vulpetti

Emmeli Berg

7 hours ago

Tom Bacon hmmmm

David Blais

7 hours ago

Veronica Catalina Gonzalez

Don't miss RuPaul's Drag Race 8/7c on VH1 tonight! 💅🏻

Alex Hernandez

5 hours ago

With yourself the most beautiful lady in the world as far as my husband and myself believe to be true you are the most beautiful lady in the world xxxx 😘 😘 😘

Sarah Klassen

13 hours ago

Wow!! I'm a country music fan and I like Shania's music, but I guess it's time to un-follow this page!... I have zero interest in seeing this garbage on here, so I'm out people! 👋🏻

Stephanie Kemp

a day ago

I suppose a lot of Shania "fans" had no idea how much she supports LGBTQ ? I hope you realize she once hung out regularly at gay bars here in Canada. She felt comfortable there, and had a lot of fun nights out when she could. There's entire sections devoted to this in her book Shania Twain: From This Moment On . It's not like this scene is "new" to her. Sorry not sorry to shatter your heterosexual cheetah pant suit fantasy lmfao.

Sending all my love to everyone at #CancerCon! So sorry I can’t be there with you warriors!!! I’ll be stalking you on all social media fronts. 😏

Fatoumata Binta Camara

5 hours ago

Great cause and you have always done so much to support it Italia! You rock! :)

D'Haeyer Nathalie

5 hours ago

You must be busy when it comes to charity out in Colorado.

Tanya Cvetkova

5 hours ago

I'd love to go too but I'm probably getting too old

I’ll be performing at Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park, NJ on July 28th! Happy to have Patty Griffin joining me for an evening that benefits Mary's Place by the Sea :) Tickets are available now:

Cathleen Kulinski Beckwith

5 hours ago

Kathy Waz Saenz.. 2 of my fav artists!! Let’s go!!!

Inger Öhrvall

5 hours ago

I cannot wait! Got my tickets today! ❤️

Harmony Fido-Bell

5 hours ago

Wishing You a Sold Out Show, Desiderata

Secret's out!

Okay, it's been out for a while... Highlighting and contouring is the secret to giving you the appearance of flawless skin! In my NEW fast & easy makeup tutorial, I show you how to contour and highlight to flatter your features best. Everything you need to know about reshaping and highlighting your face is in this easy-to-follow video!

Watch the full tutorial here:

xo Shenae

Good to meet thebeauty @ragnbonemanuk tonight at @festival_musilac 🇫🇷 @luminati @sarahblackwoodmusic @joelcassady #WOTEWorldTour2018
Hold on to what you got;)

Steven Ernst

4 hours ago

I stood at both concerts in the columbiahalle in berlin at the same position. Thank you all for two wonderful evenings.

Md Ersad

4 hours ago

no F'in way Rory these guys are the best, just tell me your going to do something with them.

Thomas Chalifour

4 hours ago

Vivement mercredi à Bourges!

WE LOVE YOU GJOA HAVEN! You welcomed us into your community with open arms are your community has touched our hearts. ❤️ I'll never forget this place for as long as I live. To my fans, I'll upload footage to YouTube when I get home of this tour.
🌟Special thanks to our amazing sponsors:
- Arctic Cooperatives Limited
- Inns North
- First Air
- Calm Air

Did I or didn't I?! Find out SOON ;) Video uploading as we speak...stay tuned 🎥

Dennis Wolf

6 hours ago

OMG its that real Shay!!!

Michael Reese

6 hours ago

If it's from a fellow Filipino, JonBoy, it's real. 😉

Lander Jsm

6 hours ago

Honestly not sure if it’s real or not... red like real but tape is throwing me off hahaha regardless I love the placement so if it’s fake you should consider it 😉

What would you call this dance move? Tune in Monday to see all my dance moves 😜 Andie and I made an epic song/video with MTV for #coveroftheyear 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺

MTV Cover of the Month

Gary Barnhart

14 hours ago

Can't wait! :)

Prepping Weekend 2 🌵

Elimar Tavares

15 hours ago

Anastasia Pericleous why don't you just get it from here since you're actually obsessed with this and him

Gábor Pintér

15 hours ago

Next Issue Star Boy meets Starlord.

Annie Cooper

15 hours ago

Only one Starboy I know is King Wizkid...

we’re alone together

Sahil Mak

11 hours ago

Jesus is coming the devils know thts is why the devils collect people so tht he wont be alone in Hell n humans they knw nothing about tht the day Jesus comes Lucifer will run away from his people ( illuminati) running away with their souls n money they have will disappear so don't trust no one and dnt don't do anything which include the devils because u will burn in Hell forever n ever

Jay Florez

11 hours ago

Never alone my brother from another mother ..always here and always listening

Daiane Santos Battistoni

11 hours ago

My role model... 😍I love ur music alot..😊😭😍... U are a work of art..Greatest creation 😍❤😎😎💐💯

Join us next month in Nashville, TN for the National Worship Leader Conference. Register now for this unique experience featuring workshops and seminars to help leaders in the church refocus on their call as they pursue the mission of God in worship. #NWLC18

-Team M@t

Casey Cenquigrana

12 hours ago

God bless you Matt Maher

Marcus Hirt

12 hours ago

Thank you Matt Maher !!

NOwsher Romel

a day ago

I’ll be there! God is doing great things in our parishes and I’m humbled to be a part of it. Looking forward to learning and growing.

Surprise trip to LA to support my man Dion Timmer for his big show at Avalon tonight! See you there LA fam! #420 #diontimmer
All Excision merch is 20% off with code 420 🙅‍♀️💨

Carine Pelhatre

5 hours ago

Chase Bob Buege

Damon Halbert

5 hours ago

Angela you need more merch! Buy me something too! Lol

Dan John

5 hours ago

Martel Evan wanna buy me stuff? 😋

Marvell ‘s Starboy physical variant exclusive (link in bio) original comic HITS COMIC STANDS JUNE 13.

Frances Cottam

3 hours ago

Nat Díaz tendré que ir por el mío.

Anna Simon Shanti

3 hours ago

This is the one and ONLY time I will buy a Marvel comic Ellen Robbins

Mohammed Abubakar

3 hours ago

William Filipe Laner você viu? Nem sei sobre o que é, mas Quero