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#HappyBirthday to our favorite lefty and Vengeance University professor, Zacky Vengeance.

Fans shared about Sarah McLachlan

David Dalton

an hour ago

Today I found my copy of Wintersong but my copy of Wonderland wasn't next to it so I will have to search for it. (Unfortunately my CDs are not in alphabetical order by artist yet like they were when I lived in Vancouver.)

Amber Martens

also shared about Sarah McLachlan

All I want for Christmas is for you and Lindsey Stirling to collaborate on something wonderful together. If the two of you could make that happen, I know it would be CRAZY AMAZING! Merry Christmas!

Fans shared about Carly Rae Jepsen

Jerel Minter

2 hours ago

Carly Rae Jepsen just keeps looking better and better every time she has a new picture. She has fresh material every single time and that's what's so great about her. Look at her surrounded by those pink flowers. Such a beauty, mmm mmm !! <3 <3 <3.

Fans shared about Carly Rae Jepsen

Jerel Minter

4 hours ago

Aww !! The cat has some great taste, Carly's freaking awesome, how could you not resist her touching you ? I sure as hell wouldn't.

Fans shared about Michael Bublé

Living the Law of Attraction

4 hours ago

Dear person reading this I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better. You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work. I know you may feel unimportant or insecure at the moment but know that you are a beautiful human being inside, outside and you are important.

Chuck Harvey

also shared about Michael Bublé

Hey y'all, lighten up. The title is a play on the iPhone X giveaway. I'm sure it's not an attempt to offend you.

Richard Nia Ling

also shared about Michael Bublé

This would be so Amazing to win for my 16 your old son Rhys ❤ his phone is so old 📱😢 from Nia ling 💋 in the UK

In the window of a restaurant in Santiago. ❤️Haiti

2017 was... pretty damn exhausting if I'm being honest. Through it all the power and privilege and beauty of performing live kind of kept the engines going even when they threatened to cease. So, thanks for supporting us on this path. ❤️ [ 📸 @poonehghana ]

This is the moment. Don’t let it pass you by. Photo by Plekvetica #theagonist #vickypsarakis #live #five #themoment #metal
This is the moment
Don't let it pass you by

#theagonist #themoment

Photo by Plekvetica

Birthday vibes 😎 @mannydionxo

Daydreaming about the weekend and it’s only Monday 😝

Everything is in God's hands! 🙏

We're coming to play next year's Northern Invasion on May 12th! Tickets on sale now:

Fool’s Gold Basel™️
Brothers gonna work it out. Chromeo Dave (📸Jasonmpeterson)

China always makes it feel like home! ❤️💙 Electric Jungle Music Festival

#ICYMI - Vero Beach, Florida/Beach Town Music Festival - Thank you for an insane holiday mega-party & joining us to honor/raise awareness & funds with Women Behind The Badge to benefit Children's Burn Camp of North Florida, Inc. (Camp Amigo). We played through the cold, even extended the set & jammed with The Gin Blossoms. It was an awesome night & moment to bring members of our armed forces, first responders & severe burn victims onstage to honor them during “Something To Believe In”. #BTMF 🤘🏻

Fox 35 WOFL, WESH 2 News, News 6 WKMG / ClickOrlando, WFTV Channel 9, Melbourne, Florida, Sebastian, Florida, Orlando, Florida

"The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus" ⚔️

Fans shared about Roch Voisine

Josee Royer

5 hours ago

Ouais très bon show Roch a choisi c'est chansons a perfection que dire j'avais 13 ans quand jai commencer a l'écouter ma tente mas fait découvert ce chanteur et 30 ans plus tard il est toujours mon idole je lai transmis a mon tours a ma fille de 15ans pis elle la adoré sur scène.

Lise Lavoie

also shared about Roch Voisine

Je pense on devrait avoir droit à une chanson avec photos et vidéos vers la fin du concert , comme ça on aurait notre propre souvenir xx mais c'est bien d'interdir les cell car tout le monde aurait les bras en l'air et ça déconcentre ...

Yvane Abgrall

also shared about Roch Voisine

Merci pour ces photos, nous n'avons pas beaucoup d'échos sur ce début de tournée. Cela se passe t'il bien ? Le public est il au rendez-vous ?

Fans shared about William Shatner

William Shatner

9 hours ago

I’m sorry if you are disturbed by that but most Fan Clubs charge yearly. I unbundled the deliverables and Newsletter printing costs from the actual joining of the club.

Bill Roe

also shared about William Shatner

Can you put in a plug for cable channels to start showing reruns of Boston Legal. You and James Spader were a great team. I never missed an episode and was sorry to see the series cut. So far, I have never seen one rerun of that series, even though they have brought back TJ Hooker, which I did not find as entertaining as Star Trek or Boston Legal.

Rj Sullivan

also shared about William Shatner

Why take an out of context statement and assume the worst? A musician fan club I'm a part of charged twenty bucks and they sent you a ceramic mug for joining, offered exclusive merchandise, and we got web codes to buy tickets and backstage passes before they went on sale to the public. Was I charged? Yes. Was it totally worth it? Also yes.

Fans shared about Walk Off The Earth

Ema Pennington

9 hours ago

I had my third baby, a week after you, Sarah- and I just get us all ready and sorted daily let alone two music videos and a European tour. Insane.

Adriana M. Mendes

also shared about Walk Off The Earth

Oh my God, Sarah Blackwood take it easy !!! You have a baby in September 😮😮😮 kkkkkk You have my admiration !!! Congrats for your job and you beautiful family, including The Wonderful Walk Off The Earth 😘😘😘😘😘😘

On sale Friday 15th Dec 10am local time

Fans shared about Shania Twain

Jeffery Lamrock

12 hours ago

Can't my morning go right Shania Twain for once do what i asked you to do have the post on both timeline and homepage

Cape Town!!

#SunnyLeone #NoFilter
Cape Town #nofilter shot by the multi-talented @tomasmoucka

Bryan performs shows in Germany in 2018! Dates include Hamburg June 18, Mannheim & Cologne June 19 & 22.
Get your tickets this Friday through and usual outlets.

@ The Sanctuary

Fans shared about Walk Off The Earth

Marijke De Clercq

18 hours ago

Yes, can't wait to see and share this one!! Followed it on Insta. It's gonna be so amazing and even though I'm married, I love the song! Love the music so much and even the lyrics. I know not everyone was in for the lyrics but it will appeal to al lot of people too. And not every WOTE-song has to be childproof😃 Two thumbs up for this one! 👍👍 You guys are amazing! See you in April <3

Ricardo Ware

also shared about Walk Off The Earth

Looks cool like Cirque de Soleil. I must say that WOTE has created a musical entity that exists outside of everyone in the band. It has a life of its own. I love WOTE's bold creativity and looking forward to this new one.

Love is a wonderful thing! Thank you @annaleebelle for bringing such happiness into my world. You are everything I ever dreamt of and more. ❤️ #WintersVillage at @gvrcasino with @therefinedagency. 📸: @bethanypaigephoto

Fans shared about Lights

Julia Paige

21 hours ago

Your music was one of my crutches in times of darkness. People bullied me for literally anything. I can't imagine what it felt like to have those people ask for free stuff from you just because you became noticed or famous and they didn't. Wow. You've got the purest heart and I know you'll be the badass parent Rocket needs whenever she feels down. Thank you for sharing this with us. I love you. ✨

Tiffany Renee

also shared about Lights

I absolutely love your ears , I find you to be the most stunning woman on the planet. Now look where you are compared to them . You put your whole heart into your career and art and now you're this talented Wonder Woman conquering the industry while still remaining genuine. 💕

Anne Johnson

also shared about Lights

I was bullied last week and your songs helped me feel better. Especially Giants. I'd love to stand in front of my bullies as a giant and see them intimidated. Thank you <3

#repost @lindsayunwin thank u guys for this amazing surprise @salxo @mah00d @mannydionxo @rebecca_stella @theseena @sahimthedream @loriartinian @crdlslicee

"Do not be afraid His love is strong enough to save us, Nothing stands in the way, His love is strong enough to lead us..." #Glory #LetThereBePeace

Fans shared about Bret Michaels

Peggy Tate

a day ago

Go Steelers!!!! My thoughts & prayers are with Ryan Shazier & family. Cant wait till March to meet you again! Seems like a long time till then. Love ya Bret!!! ❤💋❤💋

Carlos Hernan N

also shared about Bret Michaels

te tenia de unos de los grandes de gran rock star ahora soy un marica que se saca selfiee para navidad ??...🤦‍♂️te caiste del cielo bret michaels.

Whitney Curtis

also shared about Bret Michaels

No better way to be than a lifelong Steeler fan. Even in MT we are among Steeler nation. Keep rockin Bret💛🖤💛 Love coming to a game and seeing you wave the terrible towel💪🏼

Good morning ! Follow me on Snapchat 😊 theneerubajwa

We love this clip from our Christmas Movie of José Feliciano performing his holiday smash Feliz Navidad!

Fans shared about Bryan Adams

Pierre Lombaard

a day ago

Best live music I’ve heard so far, however this was the worst show I’ve seen in my life. It was like paying to watch YouTube videos. The producer should be fired!!!
You can not expect anyone apart from the first 5 rows to only watch the stage. In such a big arena, you have to look at the screens for closeup shots of the band. There was almost no camera shots displayed on screen. Only music videos or a black screen.
That turned a show that was supposed to be mind blowing, into what I would call a waste of time.
So disappointed. Bryan Adams is so talented...

Mandy Kennedy

also shared about Bryan Adams

Wowzers i was not published on line you were in Pretoria today. Well done hubby you sooo deserve all the praise and adulation. Love u❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

A legend in the making 🔥 such a fan of this beautiful artist @officialavamae 🙌🔥

The family sunburst. #fenderjaguar #fenderjazzmaster #62gibsones335 #58lespauljr #73telecaster #gibsonj200 #dangelicoguitars #fenderparamount #fenderpbass

Thank u for all the birthday wishes. Truly blessed on this day to have so many good and beautiful people around me. It’s Been an amazing year and we’re only getting started 🙏🙏🙏 thank u God for all ur blessing 🙌

Fans shared about Tegan And Sara

Jay Baker

a day ago

(You’re the best thing that I see as I scroll amid all of this “American” chaos... a smiling breather.)... I’m sorry if your wrists get “crampy.”

living my best tropical life with @biodermausa 🌴 back to the rain I go 🙃✈️ #biodermausa #modearoundtheglobe #jewelgrande @modelistemagazine @jewelgrandejamaica

Fans shared about J.D. Scott

Diane Sheryl Bishop

a day ago

I want it to slow down. It is my favorite time of year and it goes too quickly! The saddest day for me is the day after Christmas. :-(

Chris Sheehan

also shared about J.D. Scott

Shopping done, condo decorated, just have to wrap gifts. Will celebrate with my kids and grandkids. It's a bittersweet holiday season for me though, my best friend passed away in September. I miss her so much.

Jennifer Schiffer

also shared about J.D. Scott

I am! But, sadly no money for gifts for my family and a dead fridge to top it all off. I'm grateful to have a family to celebrate with though! I love them so much!

Fans shared about Sunny Leone

Sher Khan

a day ago

No one can looks so gorgeous like you while day dreaming.. you are looking so stunning my queen of bollywood.😙 Sunny Leone what are you dreaming mam.😘 are you dreaming about cute nisha future..😉😄 you looks so so beautiful I adore you sunny❤❤❤❤

Fateh Nga

also shared about Sunny Leone

I'm speechless you know , not because you're beautiful , no because I didn't find the right words to describe how much I f*cking hate you

Karthik Chavezz

also shared about Sunny Leone

How difficult is it to just guess she might have taken this photo during morning and posted it at night or that she is in some other country r8 now.. ajeeb kisam ki ho

Sunday blah!

Fans shared about Arcade Fire

Izabel Azevedo

a day ago

Such a marvellous show at São Paulo! I wish I could make those moments last forever ❤❤❤❤ thanks for the brilliant presentation and please come back as soon as you can 😍

Jade Monteiro

also shared about Arcade Fire

Thank you guys so much for your show last night!!! The videos and the passion for the music was perfect! So much love and desire to share. Thank you! <3

Fans shared about Shania Twain

Oreste Ragni

a day ago

The Christmas tree is you, when you resist vigorously the winds and the difficulties of life. Christmas decorations are you, when your virtues are the colors that adorn your life. Christmas

Timmy Hamrick

also shared about Shania Twain

omg! there's this nintendo system i wanna get for christmas (the hard to find super nes classic edition) so if I get it, I'll get my dad to use this for it if I get it

Lindsay Young

also shared about Shania Twain

❤️❤️❤️ you. You and Nick sound so good together.
All I want for Christmas… I already have everything I need family, friends and my health.

Fans shared about Bret Michaels

Lisa Laney

a day ago

Great what you help do Bret :) Wondering if you had nice weather in Florida? Hope you all had a good time and raised lots of money :) Wish I could have been there :) Enjoy your sunday and have a great week :) Take care , luv ya sweetness ;) XOXOXO

On the E&C Pod of Awesomeness this week we have Bayley talking about her favorite opponent, women’s tag team titles, dream opponents and the fact that she’s my daughters favorite wrestler.

Thank you Brenda bower!

Sunday mornings! ✌️

Fans shared about Carly Rae Jepsen

Jerel Minter

a day ago

Happy Holidays Carly, oh by the way do you still have that number to Call You Maybe ? I'm one of the very few people who will actually call you since everybody will just send you a text message lol