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Fans shared about Kelli Berglund

Senzelwe Nze Radebe

3 hours ago

Sunt o mare fana a ta

Angel Coronel

also shared about Kelli Berglund

I love you

John Charles Hyland

also shared about Kelli Berglund

Happy Birthday Kristen!!❤️

Fans shared about Cody Simpson

Rizkiyah Rokhmatul Laili

9 hours ago

-Cody Simpson & The Tide Cody Aka baby maid if i sit my baby 😘😉💙.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????

Hung LamWai

also shared about Cody Simpson

U make me speechless❤️❤️

Hunter Allison Sedore

also shared about Cody Simpson

Coddyyy!! Hii :D

Fans shared about Anne Curtis

Cha Morabe

4 hours ago

Ma'am Ann hm po

Ritchelle Marayag Taguinod

also shared about Anne Curtis

Ang hanap mo..?
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Tia Rhin Jamhali

also shared about Anne Curtis

That is Somewhere I want to Visit as Well..

Poetry in cinema On this wild island

Boys on the run, photo by @laynestratton

Oiz on slope

Fans shared about Planetshakers

Timothy Wee

15 hours ago

Chow Bravo vamos

Joel Crisostomo

also shared about Planetshakers

Love her heart for God 💥

Excited to share @koraorganics is rolling out something NEW & magical VERY soon… sign up to KORA’s newsletter via link in bio & be the first to know! ✨💕✨xxx

Thank you! To all shown here. And to all who aren’t. You are each exceptional. An original ... and, that is what makes you extraordinary. #thisisme @pasekandpaul @kealasettle @zacefron @zendaya @visualprostitute @greatestshowman @20thcenturyfox @atlanticrecords

Fans shared about Hugh Jackman

Inmaculada Marchena Baillo

8 hours ago

Best film of the year overlooked. Although others wee good, they allowed audiences to watch, not be invested as Greatest Showman did. Waiting for the Broadway version to live on forever in tours and productions.


also shared about Hugh Jackman

It is incredible how this film and it's amazing music has impacted to all of us. No matter country, race, religion, lenguage... We all feel the same everytime we listen to this awesome and powerful song!

Keshav Bhardwaj

also shared about Hugh Jackman

I would love to see an interview with the guys who wrote that song. I would really like to know how it feels to have written something which means so much to so many people across the world.

‘Dancing' has travelled back in time to the 1980s on @initialtalk's remix! I love it! 🌟💫 link in stories!

Fans shared about NERVO

Prasad Arolkar

14 hours ago

I love this guy👍

Gregory Gutierrez

also shared about NERVO

Roberto Arias nervo y oliver

Karla Rocha

also shared about NERVO

Extremely sexy Babes 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👄👄👄👄👄💋💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️

Fans shared about Jordan Jansen

Лхагвабаяр Лхагвабаяр

8 hours ago

That was my phone things change rapidly

Edit Sári

also shared about Jordan Jansen

Nice one lol thats so me

Borbála Murányi

also shared about Jordan Jansen

I had one of these. No cover tho

Studio Diaries part 2 of 2 - Album Number 6. 🎥 @goodguychady #parkwaydrive

My My My acoustic video out now!!! Link in bio ❣️❣️

I am SO. INCREDIBLY. EXCITED to announce my Golden UK & Ireland tour!! ✨💫 I can't wait to see you lovers 💕 Link in bio for more details!

Fans shared about Kylie Minogue

Zoltán Deák

18 hours ago

I really want to go to see you (in Cardiff) but I don't know yet if I can as it depends on how much the tickets cost! If they're too expensive I won't be able to afford it! It's annoying that we can't see all the ticket price levels before they go on sale, so we can make plans and do our budgets in advance to work out if we can afford to buy one or not! Does anyone have any idea how much the tickets are likely to be, please? Surely not as much as the tickets for the small venue gigs she has coming up soon?! When I saw Kylie on her Kiss Me Once tour in 2014 I paid just under £100 for a Gold Circle ticket.

Kevin Paul Fillary

also shared about Kylie Minogue

Well, Tom... Looks like the wedding has to happen early September or after the first week of October if we want her to perform at the wedding. Nicole, get to planning. Reach out to her people. 🤣🤣🤣

Lexi Sterling

also shared about Kylie Minogue

I saw Kylie in concert here in Houston, TX for the Aphrodite tour. It was so magical to see her! I know it's a stretch, but I hope she comes back for this tour!


Fans shared about Cody Simpson

Evy Jacobs

a day ago

Cody too handsome

Maya Hariz

also shared about Cody Simpson

This looks legendary, babes.

Sam Kuria

also shared about Cody Simpson

Come play in Morro Bay.

Fans shared about Troye Sivan

Demika Ess

a day ago

i love this so much!

Ashley Daniels

also shared about Troye Sivan

My my my 😱😱😱

Angela Knettel

also shared about Troye Sivan

cara troye sivan canta mto (troye sivan sings very well)

Nini and I 💖 @theninavee

Someone brought lunchables pizza to craft service of “Tell’em who you got it from”. I was HYPED AS FUCK! I stopped shoot for 5 mins and had to handle business. I haven’t had these things since I was a kid. It was just as delicious as I remembered it being. 🙏 📷 @mediagiraffes

Fans shared about Hugh Jackman

Delia Fauchè

a day ago

Jeepers Hugh you look older in that picture than you do now.. You are one special man... When are they gonna get you involved in the AVENGERS.. Love to you and your awesome wife...

Lucia Ramirez

also shared about Hugh Jackman

Nice photo , thank's for share, have a wonderful day.

Mineko Tanioka

also shared about Hugh Jackman

Oh Hugh what role can't you portray. You have to be the best actor I know.

“For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.” 1 Corinthians 11:26

THARK. 1994. #throwbackthursday

Fans shared about Hillsong Worship

Florish Daniels

a day ago

Father thank You for Your unbreakable covenant made possible only through the blood of Jesus. Eternally grateful.

Ak Samuel

also shared about Hillsong Worship

It is true !

Tino Brenda

also shared about Hillsong Worship

Amén Aleluya Gloria a Dios

Hi 🦋 - Me, after reading the Anne Rice Sleeping Beauty Trilogy 👯‍♀️ Who gets me? @metromagph #metromoststylish2018

Fans shared about Havana Brown

Luiz Adriano da Costa

2 days ago

You're so beautiful !

Mark Featherston

also shared about Havana Brown

You are very beautiful :)

Laddurustam Laddu

also shared about Havana Brown

Above O.K. ✋🏻❤️

Fans shared about Planetshakers

Jyles Camille Orquia

15 hours ago

And the world got just a tiny bit better!

Mel Chie

also shared about Planetshakers

I met this beautiful man wayback feb 4 2006 in Philippines i was about 8yrs old that time and i was born with a Christian family my dad is a pastor, my mom and dad told me to accept Jesus on that time and Franklin is the preacher that moment i will never forget that. And he prayed for my acceptance. Thanks a lot my father in faith. 😌 I know you are in peace with our Lord God! Amen!

Jessa Mae Macaraeg Rebutar

also shared about Planetshakers

Rest in peace

Fans shared about Hillsong United

Joris Oeuvray

a day ago

I love this song!

Monica G Torres

also shared about Hillsong United

That was awesome. But when you sing a bought our King it will be awesome.

Eunice Muasa

also shared about Hillsong United

I see the world in grace
I see the world in gospel everyday I see God even if it's a rainy day. He will always be a God who loves me unconditionally. Blows my mind.

Fans shared about Empire of the Sun

Alex H. Curtis

16 hours ago

Wow....and no wonder the world is really apart ...just so much anger in such a simple thing a man died whatever good or bad he did in this world it's no one's business except his . You don't have the right to judge no one has ....

Ilaria Esteki

also shared about Empire of the Sun

Guys please stop all the hate 😓 Listen to their music, have you ever heard a band so unique and a band that makes you feel good like they do? An opinion shouldn't stop you from liking their music. It won't stop me. They're my life, and they've personally helped me through many hard times and their music stopped me from leaving (if you know what i mean causs I don't want to actually say it) Just please stop all this, it cuts up all us fans 😓

Karol Vargas V

also shared about Empire of the Sun

What a disgrace of a human. Twisting the "word of God" to share hate and wrongly inform others. On top of that he was a mega homophobe. I'm disappointed seeing this post come from one of my favorite music groups.

God bless the great Billy Graham.

Scans of a few of my 1964 Polaroid Land prints. North Shore, Oahu. February 2018

Fans shared about Cody Simpson

Oganda Oww

2 days ago

난 한국팬이야. ..코디 심슨 난 널 어릴때부터 많이 좋아했어. 소년소년한 이미지가 너무나 귀엽고 잘생겼다고 느꼈어. 거기다가 내가 선호하는 깨끗하고 맑은 음색까지. 완전 완벽하다고 생각했고 엄청 좋아했었어. 지금도 많이 좋아해...모습이 몇달동안 못보게 된 사이에 많이 달라졌지만..난 그때의 너를 다시보고싶어. 21살밖에 안된 매우 젊은 나이인데...수염 기르고...그랬더라고.....너의 취향이라면 어쩔 수 없지만 그래도 너의 그랬던 이미지를 아예 그냥 없애버리지 않았으면 좋겠어...개인적으론 조금 아쉽긴한데......La Da Dee 노래 나와서 봤을때 정말 너무 좋아서 하루에 10번 넘게는 보기도 했었어. 너가 조금만.....너의 그런 청년 그니까 소년? 의 중간 모습일때의 모습이 조금이라도 있게되면 좋겠어. 널 몇달뒤에 다시 찾아서 볼땐 많이 달라져 있어서 너무 놀랐고 안타까웠어. 조금 슬퍼..그치만 그래도 나는 널 많이 좋아해. 그리고 응원할께...😥😢😂..

Metin Tanıtım

also shared about Cody Simpson

Love you guys

Kaylaneth Mendoza

also shared about Cody Simpson

Love you both!

Fans shared about Kylie Minogue

Sue Neul

a day ago

Can't get you outta my head 😁😁😘😘😘

Joyce Kanda

also shared about Kylie Minogue

She must have done more than enough in studio performances live isnt for brit awards while a is for the best ascend if neurologically fit on tours to u.s

Peter Conroy

also shared about Kylie Minogue

Stunning is the only description I can think of

Wore the @esteelauder Pure Color Envy Liquid Vinyl in ‘Desire’ over the weekend and I 💖 the colour!!! I’m so into pink lips lately! I love to wear bright lips with simple eye makeup, because I don’t like feeling too done up unless the occasion calls for it, wbu guys? #esteelauder #pinklipstick #hotpinklips #datenightmakeup

BTS of the best day of my life @nbcsnl. Photos by @jacobbix 🤗 Brits tonight!!!! 🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹

Fans shared about Hillsong Worship

Sohan Babu

2 days ago

I'm interested as to why you haven't studied them for yourself, instead of just accepting

Margaret Alyea

also shared about Hillsong Worship

I don't know about peacock

Jp Gubatan

also shared about Hillsong Worship

Don't pay attention to the persons who criticize your album cover, I think it's a good idea to find a link between mythology and christianism 😊👍 I also think that there are links to christianism everywhere and in each historical period 😊 so, why don't we find them? 😊

long skips on the beach with the boys whilst holding hands 😍😍

Fans shared about Havana Brown

Boyet Java Flores

2 days ago


Hasta Saru

also shared about Havana Brown

Happy birthday lots of love hugs kisses

Manika Kaur

also shared about Havana Brown

Happy birthday xo stay safe

Can I just say how much fun I had in Hawaii celebrating my birthday - Big thanks to our beautiful friends @jordan.wavish, @vonniewavish & BillWavish for generously giving up their amazing home for such an unforgettable time 🌴💖

Fans shared about Hopsin

Fliix Galler

a day ago

I feel this track 100 I'm going thru the exact same deal right now when we gonna do a record together hop?

Racky Ruiz

also shared about Hopsin

🤔🤔🤔How come y’all can come out of nowhere to like the lambo video but when it comes to supporting music it’s only half or a quarter of y’all. Smh. Let him be great in his art. He isn’t mainstream. He could rap over a banjo beat and I’d support. 📌

Padiddle Lynn

also shared about Hopsin

When u posted this song I had it on repeat then u made the video 4 it I was like awwwwwww shiiiiii
I totally can relate.....I can relate to this album more than ever

Hopefully youguys can feel the vibe on this new music video! Link in bio! #tellemwhoyougotitfrom

Just saw @blackpanther last night, wow wow wow, blown away, get out and see it if you haven’t already!! Congrats to all involved, epic work 👍👍 @marvel #blackpanther @elsapatakyconfidential

Fans shared about Phoebe Tonkin

Naomi Kelly

3 days ago

I know you want to run wild in those hills Phoebe! 😆❤😍 Phoebe Tonkin

Alina Luca

also shared about Phoebe Tonkin

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Oh, I take photos of the sunrise while driving, but don't tell the cops.....

Tonia Corcione

also shared about Phoebe Tonkin

Sky looks amazing

#ThorRagnarok now on digital w/behind the scenes footage, bloopers, deleted scenes + all other sorts of secrets and madness! #Repost @marvel ・・・ It’s main event time! Marvel Studios’ #ThorRagnarok comes loaded with bonus extras and more. Watch it tonight on Digital and @Movies.Anywhere!

Fans shared about Hopsin

Bulela Mtembhele

a day ago

Since IMOH8 I kinda let go of the only rapper I was listening to (you) and fully got into extreme metal, was not disapointed

Chico Dusty

also shared about Hopsin

This proves dosent matter what you do someones gotta hate but all i see are no name people on here with nothing better to do then hate on anything around them just do you and be happy

Narek Kalashian

also shared about Hopsin

How about you collab with Young Thug or Uzi and stop with the corny shit and maybe I'll consider listening.

Nous sommes la nouvelle vague. Allow us to craft a style of cinema emulating that of our primordial consciousness stream.

Fans shared about Sia

Thato Trizzy Phiri

2 days ago

Nicola Fadoul sia w demi ilon aghani fii can't waitttt

Jennifer Snth

also shared about Sia

All of your soundtracks are flawless, but I am waiting for a new album Sia❤❤❤

Lïlïa Lïlï

also shared about Sia

thank you for accepting Disney Sia you know that in empty space you must create from within and no better place than Disney at least to give a new meaning to certain things with powerful colorful energy. It's not for all but it works for me. For the simplicity and beauty .