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Fans shared about Kelli Berglund

Esther Burgles

an hour ago

Hi K, I really, really would like to be there on Wednesday and be present in something so special, incredible and important to you, to myself as well for the first time. But while the distance is still a problem for me, I'd like you to know how happy and excited I am for you. Proud too. I hope this is the first of many and that you can always be able to see how huge you can get by believing and struggling in your own inner power and in who you are. I'm proud of you. We all are! Eu te amo <3

Don't miss out on Sia performing "Snowman" today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show! Check your local listing for when to catch it on TV on or watch now ❄️ - Team Sia

Fans shared about Chris Hemsworth

Phyllis Hall

2 hours ago

I can't wait to see this. Salute to ALL service personnel who fight for freedom and a better life for those who can't fight for themselves.

Pig island! The Bahamas 🐷❤️🐷❤️

BARRANQUILLA 🇨🇴 We are so happy to be back in Colombia! Your passion and hunger tonight changed the atmosphere and we are so thankful for the opportunity to praise with you 🙌🏼 #Planetshakers

Fans shared about Elyas M'Barek

Christina Niederle

9 hours ago

Der rechts im Hintergrund schaut so traurig der wollte sicher auch ein Foto... wäre ja ein witziges Spiel den ausfindig zu machen damit du ein lachfoto mit ihm hast 😂😂

Netti Rose

also shared about Elyas M'Barek

Oh...ich wohne bei gleich um die Ecke...😇...wenn du willst, dass ich in deinen Film gehe, dann komme schnell ...🚀...und bringe gleich Karten und Schnupftücher mit.😆

#santababy 🎅🏻

Jake Tunks

5 hours ago

Callum Aitken Ethan Mitchell “I try to walk in the shoes of the less fortunate but quite often they dont have shoes so how can I”

Matt Shewan

It’s still hard I know but if you haven’t pulled the key out you don’t have to start it just go to accessories I hope this helps. sorry for your struggle.

Dylan Howlett

Britney Joanne Oates Me when i want to wind my slow ass driver side window up and “I try to walk in the shoes of less fortunate people but quite often they dont have shoes so how can I " 😂😂

Fans shared about Hugh Jackman

Mary Helena Mayorga Mejia

12 hours ago

Sr. Jackman sea usted bienvenido a mi hermoso pais, los mexicanos lo recibimos con los brazos abiertos y le auguramos otro gran éxito a su larga trayectoria lo amamos y es un honor tenerlo de visita 😉

Ana Loranca

also shared about Hugh Jackman

hi! Welcome to México! Still stands the invitation to the best tacos in this city, me and my family will be honrored to take you!

Karla Benitez

also shared about Hugh Jackman

Si... lo vi en la alfombra roja cuando vino a la Premier de Wolverine en el Auditorio Nacional! También vi la peli, ya que nos regalaron pases para verla! Como consejo... te digo que llegues muy temprano a la alfombra... pegate lo mas que puedas al frente de las barreras, por que eso si... Hugh es muy pero muy accesible y se detiene mucho tiempo a dar autógrafos! Bueno, en lo personal es lo que yo percibi... es muy agradable! me dio su autógrafo... Me saludó... Me dio la mano y le tome muchas fotos! Fue una experiencia inolvidable y ahí... lo adore mucho mas!!! Es mi actor favorito! Ojalá y pueda ir mañana... ya que tengo algunos compromisos! Suerte y espero puedas conocerlo!

Fans shared about James Reid

Grace Francisco Jarina

15 hours ago

Lahat kami nagsimula sa 600 pesos na puhunan.
Tuloy-tuloy lang 'yan.
Tanong ::
Saan ba mapupunta ang 600 pesos?
👌Para lang naman sa magiging account mo kay PPM na LIFETIME mong magagamit
💞💞Note: LIFETIME, kahit hindi mo trabahuin o i-open ng ilang buwan, hindi mawawala ang account mo.
👍👍👍 Okay lang, kasi kay #PPM hindi lang sa invite kikita, kikita ka rin sa DATA ENCODING at E-LOADING. 😉👌
💌💌💌Feel free to PM me. ☺

Jenny Ella Reid

also shared about James Reid

What's so amazing about the both of u z that u are real
U don't have to pretend or force it
It's pure Love u have for each other
U guys are blessed
I pray God add more n more blessings to ur couple
Love u both

Fans shared about Planetshakers

Bogs Delagon

15 hours ago

Try nyo po pmunta sa mismong araneta ticket booth. Kasi ako pmunta tlga at dun bumili.
See you all guys..
Lapit na Jeckah Aganan Cruz Vhannie Mae Rullan Nicole Rullan

Fans shared about Anne Curtis

Marie Adecon

13 hours ago

I’ve seen you during your tweetums times your adolescent period...; I’ve seen you during your young lady times, so sweet and nice... Now I’ve seen you being a full grown woman with everything in life... Your being nice and great made U so much blessed.... do not change, we are always here for you... now also my daughter is your follower... we love you Mrs Anne Curtis Huessaff ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Fans shared about Kelli Berglund

Maddie Ruzicka

21 hours ago

Yessss! Go kelli!! Please make it possible for us to meet!! I love you! I wanna be a actress so bad, but i just belive it will happen!! I want to be just like you kels!! I love you so much!!

Fans shared about Kylie Minogue

Renay Ellison

a day ago

Wish I knew this was on! Would have loved to take a snap of you Kylie! I could have tagged David!!
Merry Christmas to you and your family ❣️🎄🇦🇺🌟🎁

David Little

also shared about Kylie Minogue

Can't wait to see this film. Kylie is there anything you cannot do!
U looked stunning in pink on the red carpet btw..

Danielle Sampson

also shared about Kylie Minogue

Dear Kylie,
I'll see you tomorrow night at your Melbourne premiere. I won tickets through village.
I'll be the one with big hair, lots of personality & rocking that red carpet!

Fans shared about NERVO

Michiel Posthumus

21 hours ago

Same as my reaction when my friends told me they did not want to go to Don't Let Daddy Know where you girls are pulling the roof of the building with the biggest beats in the country! 😥😥

Fans shared about Parkway Drive

Jamey Tinerella

a day ago

Nice south east tour, that's what it should be called. Exception for 2 states that are part of a festival tour. Shitty cities. None of the majors.

Zach Rodarte-Otis

also shared about Parkway Drive

Why not CO?!? Doesn’t matter you guys wouldn’t play Five Months and id have to rage after the 5th time of seeing you guys and not hearing it.

Eric Wojcik

also shared about Parkway Drive

PLEASE ADD CLEVELAND!!! I've seen you guys in Cleveland at least 5 times over the past few years at the HOB and is always a crazy, sold out show. Come on, you know you wanna!!

Fans shared about Hugh Jackman

Rossy Butler

a day ago

Great song...your dancing...priceless...sing, dance, enjoy life my dear! This is your time...put on your Golden Globes and knock them with your talent, charisma and voice!

Pam Hegger

also shared about Hugh Jackman

Trying to picture this guy as Logan!!! Haha! It just shows what a talent Hugh Jackman is. Can't wait to see the Greatest Showman!!!

Valeria Whitehead

also shared about Hugh Jackman

Young man! You are such a treasure and the more we see you, the better our lives are. By the way, I feel so privileged to have seen you in The Boy From Oz! Keep singing!

My personal spin on Carpool Karaoke. @greatestshowman

INDONESIA🇮🇩We can't wait to be back praising Jesus with you in January 2018! Tickets still available at - see you there! #Planetshakers

Our hearts are with our Capitol CMG family today and with all who knew and loved Bill Hearn. The outpouring of gratitude for this remarkable man is a testament to his life lived for the cause of Christ. Bill was a man of warmth, sincerity, tenacity and consistency who for decades championed and made a way for music that magnified Christ. We are honoured to have known him and called him friend. We know we will see him again.

The truth about 'free' websites (facebook, google etc)

your inner bitch be like

Fans shared about Hugh Jackman

Susan Moreland-Majury

2 days ago

You were superb in Logan and l know you will be great in 'The Greatest Showman'. I have always loved musicals. Your are just a multi faceted talent. Congratulations on the Golden Globe nomination.

Robyn Billin

also shared about Hugh Jackman

Hi Hugh , can't wait to see this movie . By the way , do you ever chat to people privately on messenger ? I had someone portraying to be you on my messenger . I asked a few questions & they didn't reply to those . So I defriended . Please let me know . 🇦🇺🇦🇺😜😜👍🏻💕💕

Christine Hartman

also shared about Hugh Jackman

I had the same thing happen, he sent back a message saying thank you for watching my movies. I thought it was odd and asked some questions, him or they didn't answer so I unfriended and deleted it.

Happy Birthday my little angel healer Forest.
@teresapalmer @markwebber x

MAMA Live at O2 Arena London - 20,000 strong with @jonasblue @capitalofficial

We're loving the lyric video to #LikeAir w / WolfPack! Who has heard the track? ☁️☁️☁️

Fans shared about Sia

Shannon J. Witkum

2 days ago

One of the greatest voices I have ever heard! Her live performances are better than on record. If you listen to say..Bird set free..the live performance on SNL. Its flawless! Her lyrics are very good too. I am a huge fan! Love you Sia🎶

Sandra Brekke

also shared about Sia

Dear Ellen you bring so much joy to your guest..... That being said.... With all the sexual accusations going on..... I hope you will change your show to being more respectful of your guests and patrons..... Point being.... You don't need to have shirtless men coming on and giving guest lap dance or even bump and grinds..... Your better than that I hope. Also I was embarrassed for you being an gay woman and groping The beautiful lady from Modern Family on one of your skits. Mario from the Chew stepped away from the show because of accusations.... The times has changed and you don't need to bring anything like that into your show.

Mohamed Alwerfaly

also shared about Sia

I love you and I love this song, but Iconcert😢 could go there on my forbidden country, my country was set up by the concert

“On Our Way Home” is heating up!!! Go check it out on @eltonjohn ‘s #rockethour this week on @beats1official radio. . . . #empireofthesun #eltonjohn #rockethourshow #beats1 #beats1radio #applemusic #uk #rocketman #newmusic #newmusicalert

Fighting the Monday Blues by looking back at our show at Shrine Foxwoods! 💯 one of our craziest shows this year. You guys know how to get LOCO! 😈🍾🍾

Fans shared about Hugh Jackman

Mitch J. Denman

2 days ago

You bloody deserve the nomination Hugh! You deserve nothing but respect and love as you show to everyone on the planet! Praying you get an OSCAR for Logan as well! We love you Hugh! ❤

Summer DeGrave

also shared about Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman please checkout the "Stand with Keaton" he's a young boy being bullied at school. A lot of people have come to help him along with regular folks and celebrities. BUT a person can never have too much love!! If you could send him a nice message I'd really appreciate it!! Or a public post to him!! Thank you!!

Angela Dorris

also shared about Hugh Jackman

I saw the first add for this movie last evening. I don't get to see many movies. I want to see this on in the theatre.

Fans shared about James Reid

Ariane Joy Porcino Añonuevo

2 days ago

I am really,🙌 truly✋ a fan of JADINE but i dont have money to buy ticket. only i can do is to watch📲💻 on youtube and be a fangirl👧🙋 always. Solid JADINE me. Goodluck and congratulations in advance. only my wish🙏 is to stay strong to both of you at sana kayo na forever 😍💑 and more teleserye and also movies. Love you both. 😘

JereLyn MagBanua EstoYa

also shared about James Reid

Ako lang Ba 😭 ako lang Ba ang FANGIRL na subrang lau sa kanila 😭 na parati nalang team bahay 😭 Yong tipong pag my concert sila Update ka nalang sa bahay ka nalang sisigaw at kikiligin at ang kasama mo unan ' kumot at mga Lamok😭
Sana Sana Sana MAGCONCERT din sila dito sa negross 😣 please Po NOTICE US 😣 SOBRA pa ito sa LDR 😭

Support padin sana MY PAY PERVIEW 😌 DYAn lang ako kakapit 😣

Marvie Diaz Reid

also shared about James Reid

Baka naman po may mabuting loob dyan na pwedeng manlibre ng ticket😂😭 gustong-gusto ko talagang makapunta😭 Yung mga walang kasama dyan o,pwede ako 😂😭

Fans shared about James Reid

Alessa Post

2 days ago

Grabe ang voice ng papa James Reid ko.boses pa lng nakakainlove at makalaglag bikini 😘.. Punta ka na ulit d2 sa Europe sweetie James at sa pagkikita natin muli halikan ulit kita 😉❤❤❤

Catch the highs and lows of our recent Europe tour in the fourth episode of 'That One Time...' on our YouTube channel righttt nowww.

Fans shared about Kelli Berglund

Jeremiah Anthony Watkins

3 days ago

It's a great thing you have accomplished this year, Kelli. You love your fans, you have great experience of tv shows, and you remembered your projects. I think you should make new friends by next year. ❤️

#wagepeace | PRAYING FOR PEACE IN AFRICA ⠀ DAY 17: There are currently fifteen African countries involved in war, or experiencing post-war conflict and tension. The result of conflict includes ongoing human rights abuses and massive displacement. At the end of 2016, the number of displaced and stateless persons in Africa was estimated at almost 19.6 million. ⠀ WHAT CAN YOU DO TODAY: Pray for the Central African Republic, the DRC, Burundi, Somalia, South Sudan, and all of the nations in Africa who are facing conflict or war. Pray for leaders and governments to choose peace over conflict; pray that they would choose to protect and support their people. Pray that peace negotiations will succeed and that lasting peace will come to countries ravaged by war for decades. Pray for those who have suffered violence and who have lost loved ones that they would be comforted. Pray for the next generation that they would rise up in peace. ⠀ #wagepeace #middaybabymidday

#SisterSelfie 🌺 Tag your sister/friend/dog that loves a good selfie! 🤳😉

Wer hat auch so eine(n) im Büro oder in der Schule? :)

#codyandthetide holiday sweatshirts are only available until 11:59pm PT tonight so make sure to grab yours here:

It’s heating up Down Under but UK .... #letitsnow!!!! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!! ❄️🎄❤️

“Sleep in heavenly peace...” See above for a taste of #OHolyNight or listen to all of #thepeaceproject via‬

Fans shared about Anne Curtis

Flor De May Lucero

3 days ago

thank you miss Anne ..
wahhh Your so pretty.
hahaha kahit pawis na pawis basang basa na muka ko. dahil sa dami NG tao. Naipit na ako .sigaw padin... ako..
love you miss anne

Joanna Alcano Lusocon

also shared about Anne Curtis

Ate anne u r my number 1 idol po.. worth it kahit ang daming tao sa mall kanina basta lang po makita kita sa personal, super ganda nyo po talaga.. Pati po boses nyo 😆God bless 😍😘 ,

Sheryl Chi Gamus Sumague

also shared about Anne Curtis

Thank you ate anne! Youre so pretty and kind person 😊 Bait bait mo talaga 😍 First tym ko makipagsiksikan makita ka lang ng malapitan😁 pawis na pawis na kame pero worth it ung pagod kse nakita po kita 😍😊 Iloveu po 😊

Fans shared about James Reid

Jovelyn Gacisano Inovejas

3 days ago

Iloveyou both. I want to go to your concert guys kasu ang layo ko from isabela pa ako. Hays sana may himalang mangyare gustong gustong gusto ko talaga kahit pang 424 pesos lang ako 😭 Lorddd plsss help me . I really really want to go 😭💔💞

Join us for our final Sunday service! We are so excited to be graduating the Planetshakers College class of 2017!

MAYA tonight 🇹🇭

Join us for Planetshakers Church Australia LIVE! During this service we have our PLANETBOOM Year 12 Graduation! Get ready for an incredible afternoon in the house! #Planetshakers

Fans shared about Anne Curtis

Danilo Villanueva

4 days ago

si mrs smith sobrang ganda nyan! yung mga maiitim na contestant sa miss universe sobrang gaganda nun! madlang people maniwala kayo sa akin maganda din kayo at guwapo gaya ko! kung may pangit d2 sa pilipinas si anne yun hindi tayo!

Mary Rose Batiles Delgado

also shared about Anne Curtis

Simple lang ang ginagawa sa PPM para kumita

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Sa 600 na puhunan pwede kana magsimula lifetime membership pa . Lugi kapaba?
Sabay na kumita kay PPM , habang ikaw puro HOW kami kumikita na at kikita pa ..

Pm me for complete details .
#activeuplinehere 🙋🙋🙋

Aniloj Sabatin Ocsicnarf

also shared about Anne Curtis

Sa #S2S mag-uumpisa ka talaga sa mabagal pero habang tumatagal bumibilis din ang patak ng metro sa DASHBOARD mo dahil sa effort,Dedication , determination at goal na maabot mo dreams mo hanggang sa point na di mo na kailangang trabahuin si #S2S
Yung tipong kakain ka nalang at matutulog pero tuloy tuloy parin ang pasok ng income mo! Lupet diba? Time is gold ika nga .
Kaya wag mo ng sayangin oras mo

We are so excited to be coming back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in January 2018for Planetshakers Conference! 🇲🇾 Our early bird price ends in just 5 days so head to to secure your spot! #Planetshakers