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Fans shared about James Reid

Chermae Godinez Suhot

an hour ago

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We're excited to share with you our brand new Christmas album, The Peace Project. #ThePeaceProject is an album of music symptomatic of a movement. It's the sound of worship of the ultimate PeaceMaker - God the Father who sent His only son, Jesus, to become the way of peace for us.Now as the Church, we have the privilege of waging peace wherever we are, making our worship heard but most importantly felt in some of the darkest and most chaotic places on the planet as we celebrate what is certainly worthy of celebration - the birth of our Prince of Peace, Jesus. Join us and #WagePeace this Christmas season! // Available everywhere on Friday... Go to & listen to #Seasons now!

Fans shared about Sia

Shannon Lemon

an hour ago

The reason for existence and human life has nothing to do with who you love or what your gender, sex, race, or any other arbitrary factor is. Life is precious. Show kindness to others by supporting people who are against bullying. Peace.

Israel Odogbo

also shared about Sia

You are one of my favorite artists but supporting something that goes against the reason for existence and human life is not acceptable to me

Josie Ellement

also shared about Sia

Sia you could do so much to help our world because of your huge influence & fame. Please, Please, Please, chose a worthy cause. That's all I'm going to say because the very group you are supporting will bully me because of my stance not to support them.

Fans shared about Hugh Jackman

Rossy Butler

4 hours ago

Your efforts for the betterment of communities across the world are an example to follow. You are so humble and caring, a true human full of love! Thanks Mr. Jackman, you rock!

Angelique Gauthier

also shared about Hugh Jackman

African people need a lot of help. Tank you to be conscious of what we are doing. I were to Senegal in 2013 and i saw how much could be my love for everybody on earth. Share our time our thougt for those who have nothing . Thank you for doing it.

Mary Helena Mayorga Mejia

also shared about Hugh Jackman

Sr. Jackman usted en Logan podrá ser muy duro, pero en realidad es el hombre más genial, carismático y sobre todo un gran ser humano, nunca cambié Dios lo bendiga y siga cosechando más éxitos saludos desde México

From the original doc #dukalesdream - we shot in Ethiopia. #claws are universally understood! #wolverine @livelaughingman @Keurig #throwbackthursdays #NoSoundNeeded

#PedroPenduko 👊

Fans shared about Hillsong United

Jose Posada

6 hours ago

This album is up there as the best of any genre.
Some of the songs and lyrics have made a big impact on my life.
Forever thankful and God Bless.

Daniel Williams

also shared about Hillsong United

The best Album on its own. Love it just the way it is. As much as it was lyrically the same with empires, to me it was new all over again. United is Bae 😘

Fans shared about William Singe

Chloe Renee

7 hours ago

I am going I hope I win I really want go go backstage and meet you I love you OMFG 😍😍 please pick me go win

Fans shared about Anne Curtis

Chap Jojo Rivera

9 hours ago

Suportahan din nawa ng lahat ng nagmamahal sayo ang FOREVER YOUNG Album mo :) hindi naman na pera ang alam kong dahilan kung bakit gumawa ka uli ng Music album kundi, mahal mo talaga ang pagkanta at masaya ka dito. Ang isa pa ay tuparin ang pangako mo na matulungan ang Music career ni JESU RIVERA na isa sa composer at ka-duet mo mismo sa track #12. DI NA AKO. Feat. JESU :) Graduate na din si Jesu ng ABCom Arts mula sa Scholarship na binigay nyo sa Showtime Lenten Special. Hindi nasayang ang tulong nyo at nawa ay makapagpasalamat kami ng live sa Showtime family, sa ABS-CBN at kantahin nyong dalawa ang duet version ng DI NA AKO :)

Pagpalain at ingatan kang lagi ng DIOS.

Ken Can

also shared about Anne Curtis

Boy: Diba ngayon yung heart surgery mo?
Girl: Oo.
Boy: I love you so much.
Girl: I love you more.
( After ng surgery ni girl nagtaka sya kung bakit tatay nya yung katabi nya.)
Girl: Asan po sya?
Tatay: Hindi mo ba alam kung sino nagbigay sayo ng puso mo?
Girl: OMG!!
( The girl started to cry )
Tatay: Joke lang. Umihi lang sya arte neto.

Shaq Sai

also shared about Anne Curtis

Mine is terrible dear. I've got 6 ladies and all they wanna go with me to disco tonight then they will start fighting and all. Terrible, isn't it?

Fans shared about INXS

Lisa Williams

10 hours ago

Every single song ❤️it was the first ever album I bought and all of them have stuck in my mind for a many of reasons

Justin Murray

also shared about INXS

For my 16th birthday I received a CD player (our first - convincing Dad they were better than vinyl and the future (short-term sadly) took some doing!) and a copy of 'Kick' as my first CD. The very next day I went out and spent a Brashs (Brashs!) voucher on 'Listen Like Thieves' on CD. What great albums.

If I had to pick one track off 'Kick' it would be 'Never Tear Us Apart' but really it's such an even, well-paced album. Never tire of it.

Kerrie Beggs

also shared about INXS

My most adored album....was at the time living in Coober Pedy at the time. Totally remember the furore at Lake Eyre while filming there. Then a few years later had the ultimate pleasure of meeting Michael (while INXS was having a sound check) in Darwin. Michael actually bought me a drink that arvo while having a quiet chat. He was such a polite and softly spoken gentleman that I had the pleasure of meeting. Everytime I hear his name it breaks my heart 💔

The Tide. Santa Barbara.
Santa Barbara, @codyandthetide

Check out these champ drawstring bags from @MiloPH. 3 designs are out now in stores, so grab yours today!

Loved doing this windy Sydney rooftop performance for The Late Shift with Nick Gulliver. Check it out!

S2g I’m writing n that I’m not just a beach bum

Fans shared about Sia

Brandon Robles Constanzo

21 hours ago

That song is incredible! A master piece :D But I dont like me Lamar... He ruined a beautiful song! He do the same thing with songs of Chris Brown, Travis Scott, etc... You are a genuine queen in the music Sia, he dont...

Tiffany Nelson

also shared about Sia

Running out of breath but I, I got stamina.
One of my ultimate favorite songs that's gotten me through a lot of shit. Thank you, Sia.

Hermann Kappes

also shared about Sia

yes the song of the year and Maddie Ziggler is the sweetest model and dance actor i have ever seen...i hope it gives more videos with maddie in time....the greatest fan in Germany...your hermann

@soitgoesmag @jamiewright84 x
Plant food with @jamiewright84 @soitgoesmag 💕🌱

Fans shared about Hugh Jackman

Nancy Steeb

21 hours ago

I loved him in the comdey Neighbors,, he is a cute, dancer,, that wiggle of his bumb is worth watching over and over again.. Hugh I think you two should have a little dance off,,,, lol.. put on some music, and bring a laugh to this disabled, Arizona Nancy,,, lol, xx

Suryavanshi Ravinder

also shared about Hugh Jackman

You were born; you are alive. And one day, whether you like it or not, you have to go. Right? Where do you go? Where do you go?
I ask this question: “When a child is born—and say, the child weighs ten pounds, five kilos, whatever—does the earth get five kilos heavier? And when you die, does the earth get that much lighter?”
So, where do you go? Where do you go? You go nowhere. Where did you come from? From nowhere—right here! From all the materials of this earth you are made. And when you die, these materials go back to where they came from. Earth doesn’t get any heavier because you were born and doesn’t get any lighter because you died.
Do you understand what that means? Think about it! Think about it. This is it! This is it! You are here. You exist. You’re alive and that means so little to you, so little. Till the day comes…or, the doctor says, “You are going to die.” The doctor says you’re going to die. And you go, “Aaaaaaaah!”
It’s funny. A lot of people come to me, very concerned, “Oh, the doctor said I’m going to die.” I say to them, “You didn’t know that? You didn’t know you’re going to die one day?” You are living in this world like you’re going to live forever? Excuse me. What the doctor said was just stating the obvious. “You’re going to die.” Well, don’t you know that?
And once they understand that, then I said, “Let’s help you. Let’s find out what the problem is, and let’s help you.” And I have a very good team of doctors from around the world, and it works. A lot of people have been helped.
But, the first thing is, “What do you know about yourself?” You were born. You came in this world, not because you pushed a button; you did not choose your parents. You came….
Now, let’s see—so, you’re alive for eighty years; you’re alive for ninety years—even if you’re alive for a hundred years—that’s a long time, a hundred years. The last thing that’s going to happen, do you know what that is? The last thing. Do you know what it is?
We talked about the first thing—that was the breath, right? You know what the last thing is going to be? What the doctor looks for? The doctor will look for a pulse, but the last thing the doctor is going to look for is if you are breathing or not. Right?
In the old days they used to put a mirror under the nose to see if you were breathing, because if you were breathing, then they could see the steam; they could see the fog. So they knew, “Okay, he’s still alive”—he, he is what? “He’s still alive.”
He is what? “He’s still alive.” He’s quiet. He is not solving any problems. He is not ordering his wife around, but so far he’s breathing, he is what? He’s still alive. And, so far he’s still alive, he gets to stay where he is. Because after that? No more breath? “Sorry.” First thing: the sheet over the head. Finis!
Hmm! Well, this is very interesting. It all begins with that breath, and it ends with the breath, right? Do you agree? So, this drama that you are going through in your life is in the middle of that first breath and the last breath. This is the drama.
You know the drama—right? But you don’t know the breath. Do you understand this breath? Do you understand the meaning of this breath? Do you understand that this is life? Not life style—life. Big difference: lifestyle and life. I’m talking about life, not life style. Lifestyle is rich or poor. Life is life. A poor man is also alive; a rich man is also alive.
How long is a poor man poor? So long as this breath is still coming into him. How long is a rich man rich? So far this breath is coming into him. You have children? How long do you have children? So far this breath is coming into you, they will call you, “Dad, father.” When this breath goes away, they have no problem taking you and burying you six feet deep.
The difference between six feet under and sleeping on your bed is? This breath. Without this breath, you neither have a personality or a life!
So, this breath is your candle. In this darkness, this is your candle! Only if you can understand it, understand the self—that at the base, at the core, you exist!
– Prem Rawat

Fernand Slight

also shared about Hugh Jackman

Joyeux Anniversaire mon ami,mon acteurs préféré,laisse-toi gâter par ceux qui t'aimes ,moi l'Halloween arrive ,alors je suis un Fan !Bonne Fête à toi !😎

Fans shared about Elyas M'Barek

Aurélie Weiss

a day ago

Mélanie Bapst tu viens avec moi au ciné à Karlsruhe 😂 va falloir me traduire le film....mais je m'en fou parce que Elyas sera présent 😂😂

The power of songs - Dave Ware |

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Fans shared about James Reid

Donna Erilla Labayo

a day ago

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Marites Penafiel

also shared about James Reid

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Mharvic Catalan Domingo

also shared about James Reid

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Fans shared about Anne Curtis

Vicky Layson Dumale

a day ago

I Luv everything you did.. Last year is so dangerous and you'd conquered.. But today is very different from previous production but I was amazed buy giving Ryan, hashtag and girl trend to shine too.. You're such an inspirations to everybody esp. to our young generations nowadays.. For your kindness, humility and love.. The theme also and the whole production is what I admired so much "Love Parade" will never forget.. Thanks for spreading the love to the whole world Ms Ann.. God bless 🙌💞👍👊

Albert Millo

also shared about Anne Curtis

Mga Bible Verses Tungkol Sa Ating Kaligtasan

At matatanggap natin ang anumang hinihiling natin sa kanya, dahil sumusunod tayo sa kanyang mga utos at ginagawa ang naaayon sa kanyang kalooban. 23 At ito ang kanyang utos: Dapat tayong sumampalataya sa kanyang Anak na si Jesu-Cristo, at magmahalan gaya ng iniutos niya sa atin. (‭1 Juan‬ ‭3‬:‭22-23‬ ASND)

“Sapagkat ganito ang pag-ibig ng Dios sa mga tao sa sanlibutan: Ibinigay niya ang kanyang Bugtong na Anak, upang ang sinumang sumasampalataya sa kanya ay hindi mapahamak kundi magkaroon ng buhay na walang hanggan. (‭Juan‬ ‭3‬:‭16‬ ASND)

Sapagka't kung ipahahayag mo ng iyong bibig si Jesus na Panginoon, at sasampalataya ka sa iyong puso na binuhay siyang maguli ng Dios sa mga patay ay maliligtas ka: (‭Mga Taga-Roma‬ ‭10‬:‭9‬ TLAB)

Sapagkat ibinigay ko sa inyo itong pinakamahalagang katuruan na tinanggap ko rin: si Cristo'y namatay dahil sa ating mga kasalanan, bilang katuparan sa sinasabi sa Kasulatan; 4 inilibing siya at muling nabuhay sa ikatlong araw, ayon din sa Kasulatan; (‭1 Mga Taga-Corinto‬ ‭15‬:‭3-4‬ RTPV05)

At mangyayari na ang sinomang tumawag sa pangalan ng Panginoon, ay maliligtas. (‭Mga Gawa‬ ‭2‬:‭21‬ TLAB)

Dahil sa biyaya ng Dios, naligtas kayo nang sumampalataya kayo kay Cristo. Kaloob ito ng Dios, at hindi galing sa inyo. 9 Hindi ito nakasalalay sa mabubuti ninyong gawa, para walang maipagmalaki ang sinuman. (‭Efeso‬ ‭2‬:‭8-9‬ ASND)

Nguni't nang mahayag na ang kagandahang-loob ng Dios na ating Tagapagligtas, at ang kaniyang pagibig sa tao, 5 Na hindi dahil sa mga gawa sa katuwiran na ginawa nating sarili, kundi ayon sa kaniyang kaawaan ay kaniyang iniligtas tayo, sa pamamagitan ng paghuhugas sa muling kapanganakan at ng pagbabago sa Espiritu Santo, 6 Na kaniyang ibinuhos ng sagana sa atin, sa pamamagitan ni Jesucristo na ating Tagapagligtas; (‭Tito‬ ‭3‬:‭4-6‬ TLAB)

Nang maghahatinggabi na, nananalangin sina Pablo at Silas at umaawit ng mga papuri sa Dios. Nakikinig naman sa kanila ang ibang mga bilanggo. 26 Walang anu-anoʼy biglang lumindol nang malakas at nayanig ang bilangguan. Nabuksan ang lahat ng pintuan ng bilangguan at natanggal ang mga kadena ng lahat ng bilanggo. 27 Nagising ang guwardya at nakita niyang bukas ang mga pintuan. Akala niyaʼy tumakas na ang mga bilanggo, kaya hinugot niya ang kanyang espada at magpapakamatay na sana. 28 Pero sumigaw si Pablo, “Huwag kang magpakamatay! Narito kaming lahat!” 29 Nagpakuha ng ilaw ang guwardya at dali-daling pumasok sa loob at nanginginig na lumuhod sa harapan nina Pablo at Silas. 30 Pagkatapos, dinala niya sina Pablo sa labas at tinanong, “Ano ang dapat kong gawin para maligtas?” 31 Sumagot sila, “Sumampalataya ka sa Panginoong Jesus at maliligtas ka at ang iyong pamilya.” (‭Mga Gawa‬ ‭16‬:‭25-31‬ ASND)

Ininsulto rin si Jesus ng isa sa mga kriminal sa tabi niya, “Hindi ba ikaw ang Cristo? Iligtas mo ang sarili mo, pati na kami!” 40 Pero sinaway siya ng isa pang kriminal na nakapako, “Hindi ka ba natatakot sa Dios? Ikaw man ay pinaparusahan din ng kamatayan. 41 Dapat lang na parusahan tayo ng kamatayan dahil sa mga ginawa nating kasalanan, pero ang taong itoʼy walang ginawang masama!” 42 Pagkatapos ay sinabi niya, “Jesus, alalahanin nʼyo ako kapag naghahari na kayo.” 43 Sumagot si Jesus, “Sasabihin ko sa iyo ang totoo, ngayon din ay makakasama kita sa Paraiso.” (‭Lucas‬ ‭23‬:‭39-43‬ ASND)

Si Tomas na tinatawag na Kambal, na isa rin sa 12 apostol ay hindi nila kasama noong nagpakita si Jesus. 25 Kaya ibinalita nila sa kanya na nakita nila ang Panginoon. Pero sinabi niya sa kanila, “Hindi ako maniniwala hanggaʼt hindi ko nakikita ang mga sugat ng pagkakapako sa mga kamay niya at mahipo ang mga ito, pati na ang sugat sa kanyang tagiliran.” 26 Makalipas ang walong araw, nagtipon ulit ang mga tagasunod ni Jesus sa loob ng bahay. Kasama na nila si Tomas. Kahit nakakandado ang mga pinto, dumating si Jesus at tumayo sa gitna nila, at sinabi, “Sumainyo ang kapayapaan.” 27 Sinabi ni Jesus kay Tomas, “Tingnan mo ang mga kamay ko. Hipuin mo, pati na rin ang aking tagiliran. Huwag ka nang magduda; maniwala ka na.” 28 Sinabi ni Tomas sa kanya, “Panginoon ko at Dios ko!” 29 Sinabi ni Jesus sa kanya, “Naniniwala ka na ba dahil nakita mo ako? Mapalad ang mga naniniwala kahit hindi nila ako nakita.” (‭Juan‬ ‭20‬:‭24-29‬ ASND)

Nilikha tayo ng Dios; at sa pakikipag-isa natin kay Cristo Jesus, binigyan niya tayo ng bagong buhay, para gumawa tayo ng kabutihan na noon paʼy itinalaga na
ng Dios na gawin natin. (‭Efeso‬ ‭2‬:‭10‬ ASND)

Ang Salita ay naging tao at nanirahan sa piling namin. Nakita namin ang kaluwalhatiang tunay na kanya bilang kaisa-isang Anak ng Ama. Siya ay puspos ng kagandahang-loob at ng katotohanan. (‭Juan‬ ‭1‬:‭14‬ MBB05)

Nang pasimula, naroon na ang tinatawag na Salita. Ang Salita ay kasama ng Dios at ang Salita ay Dios. (‭Juan‬ ‭1‬:‭1‬ ASND)

habang hinihintay natin ang napakagandang pag-asa, na walang iba kundi ang maluwalhating pagbabalik ng ating dakilang Dios at Tagapagligtas na si Jesu-Cristo. (‭Tito‬ ‭2‬:‭13‬ ASND)

Ngunit pagdating ng Banal na Espiritu sa inyo, bibigyan niya kayo ng kapangyarihan. At ipapahayag ninyo ang mga bagay tungkol sa akin, mula rito sa Jerusalem hanggang sa buong Judea at Samaria, at hanggang sa buong mundo.” (‭Mga Gawa‬ ‭1‬:‭8‬ ASND)

“Sinasabi ko ang mga bagay na ito habang kasama nʼyo pa ako. 26 Pero kapag nakaalis na ako, ang Tagatulong na walang iba kundi ang Banal na Espiritu ang ipapadala ng Ama bilang kapalit ko. Siya ang magtuturo sa inyo ng lahat ng bagay at magpapaalala sa inyo ng lahat ng mga sinabi ko sa inyo. (‭Juan‬ ‭14‬:‭25-26‬ ASND)

Dumarating ang magnanakaw para lamang magnakaw, pumatay, at manira. Naparito ako upang ang mga tupa ay magkaroon ng buhay, ng isang buhay na masagana at ganap. (‭Juan‬ ‭10‬:‭10‬ RTPV05)

Hindi kaila sa inyo ang kagandahang-loob ng ating Panginoong Jesu-Cristo, kahit na mayaman, naging mahirap siya upang mapayaman kayo sa pamamagitan ng kanyang pagiging mahirap. (‭2 Mga Taga-Corinto‬ ‭8‬:‭9‬)

Ang totoo, sinugatan siya dahil sa ating mga pagsuway; binugbog siya dahil sa ating kasamaan. Ang parusang tiniis niya ang naglagay sa atin sa magandang kalagayan. At dahil sa mga sugat niya ay gumaling tayo. (‭Isaias‬ ‭53‬:‭5‬ ASND)

Subukan ninyo at inyong makikita, kung gaano kabuti ang Panginoon. Napakapalad ng taong naghahanap ng kaligtasan sa kanya! (‭Salmo‬ ‭34‬:‭8‬ ASND)

Purihin ninyo ang Panginoon. Oh mangagpasalamat kayo sa Panginoon; sapagka't siya'y mabuti; sapagka't ang kaniyang kagandahang-loob ay magpakailan man. (‭Mga Awit‬ ‭106‬:‭1‬ TLAB)

Ang kaligtasan natin ay nakakamit po natin hindi sa mabubuti nating gawa kundi sa paniniwala natin kay Jesus. Dahil kung kaya nating maligtas sa pamamagitan ng ating mabubuting gawa, hindi na sana ipinadala ng Diyos Ama ang Diyos Anak na si Jesus para mamatay bilang kabayaran ng ating mga kasalanan. Mas maganda pa dito, ang paniniwala natin kay Jesus ay nagpabago sa ating puso, kaya mas lalo tayong nakakagawa ng mabuti sa ating kapwa. At makakasama natin ang Diyos Espiritu Santo bilang tagatulong at kaagapay dito sa lupa. Gusto rin ni Jesus na maging malusog tayo at masagana ang buhay natin dito sa lupa habang hinihintay natin ang totoong tahanan natin sa Langit. Sana po tanggapin natin si Jesus sa ating buhay.🙂

Portgas Raven D. Lavigne

also shared about Anne Curtis

C ryan bang ang highlight nila kanina. Marami na kasing pinakita c anne and nadine kya nag give way cla ky ryan at sa ibang hashtags at girltrends.
I love the performance at 100% ang team work na ipinakita nla

Fans shared about Anne Curtis

Eshka Gaytana Labrada

a day ago

Congrats to your team Ms. Anne. You're so pretty, and si Nadine, bagay sa kanya yung concept kase sa pinagdadaanan nya, she really needs love and sa nangyayari sa paligid natin we all need love to have peace. And sana meron talaga love parade for us to remind always have a positive outlook in life no matter what. Lakas makabata and colorful. Perfect combination 👉perfect concept outcome.😍😍😍

Annaly Gonzalez-Vasquez

also shared about Anne Curtis

Congrats I enjoyed your team's prod. I was hoping it lasted longer cuz after the end I was still craving for more. #feelgood #goodvibes

Daryl Mico Galimba Mangabat

also shared about Anne Curtis

Ang labo ng camera kanina tapos nawawala bigla, sayang yung details di naman masyado na enjoy at nakita pero ang ganda ng song sana i release nyo agad.

Alina Ui Chaollai

a day ago

It's a shame Nick Cave is not joining Roger Waters, Annie Lennox, Pixies and other musicians of note in boycotting Israel. He plays in Tel Aviv, November 19 - 20, 2017

Kerry Coates Dyer

Maybe he's doing a concert there because he wants to entertain his fans. Doesn't mean he supports what happening there. Good on him for allowing his fans to see him and for them to forget about the bullshit for a few hours.

Darcy Cornwallis

Piroska Elizabeth take a look at this poster and then quietly weep about the fact that we don't live in Ireland and will never see Cave and Smith in the same concert pls

Let's celebrate with the Greatest Party in 40 Years……
Stay tuned for how you can be part of this extraordinary night.

birthday hugs to this beautiful lady and my "on screen mom!" @angelparker Love you Angel!❤️ #LabRats#TashaDavenport

Fans shared about James Reid

Rosé Lofamia

a day ago

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Open to kahit sino ka man, kahit saan ka man sa mundo, kahit ano pa ang edad mo basta positibo ka at willing kumita.
Message mo ako.
Turuan kita papaano.!!

Ppm May Ann Valde

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Sino gusto kumita online? Sure po ang income natin dito at di po kayo maghihinayang. For proof pls ckeck out my timeline and pm me for more info. :)

Mharvic Catalan Domingo

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Gawaing bahay while doing PPM too? Yes its possible 😝😝😝
✅Yong iba nag aalaga ng makukulit nilang chikiting 👦👶👧 while doing PPM 😊
✅Yong iba naman sinisingit si PPM habang breaktime sa office.
✅Yong iba sinisingit si PPM pagkatapos ng skwela and busy days sa school nila 📒📚
✅Yong iba kahit nasa ibang bansa sinisingit din si PPM
✅Yong iba naman full time kay PPM
Ikaw?? San ka ba dito if ever member ka ng PPM o kayay mapapa member pa lang kay PPM.
Kahit san ka pa o ano man ginagawa mo. Pwede mo rin gawin si PPM. Time management lang yan 😁😁😀
Only ppm member knows,.

We're comin to you live from the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA!

Tickets for the entire Cali tour here ->

Me singing Sam Smiths song - Too Good At Goodbyes
🎵 🎵

8mm frames from our photo shoot for
#wonder , which is also the lyric video for Future Marches In.
Hit up our YouTube page to check it out..

love you to pieces! 💛 @kirraberglund
do I still look like a freshman in high school or

TONIGHT! We are celebrating our current release and getting #LOCO at OMNIA Nightclub 🎉 It’s been too long, it’s time to party Vegas! 👯🍻

A trio, Cody and The Tide first gigs in California start today. Ain't nothing but some hound dogs

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Sarah Sparrow

2 days ago

Eigentlich mochte ich Goethes Werther in der Schule. Aber dann komme ich an die Uni, um Deutsch auf LA zu studieren und jetzt ratet mal welches Werk ich nochmal lesen durfte? Genau! Werther. Jetzt ist die Luft raus 😂

Silvana Perbandt

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Die Glocke von Schiller..zur Strafe mussten wir immer Strophen lernen..Festgemauert in der Erde,steht die Form aus Lehm gebrannt.Heute muss die Glocke werden,frisch Gesellen seid zur Hand😂😂Habe es immer noch im Kopf

Samantha Shulver

2 days ago

I was trying to get one of Warren playing the violin & someone just jumped in me way, good ole Nick lol!!! Amazing gig at Nottingham ♠️🎰

Giuseppe Ragno

Please encourage to NOT take pictures. I would like to see the stage and not a mobile screen mosaic. I do not mention people looking at the stage through their mobile screen. See you in Milan my lovely bad seeds

Kelli Sincock

Really? Because he chastised us for taking out our phones to take pics at the last show I attended. ;D When Nick tells you what to do you listen!