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Don't know what to say.It is a sad sad day!! Is it even appropriate to post about it - not sure if it is or isn't... We havent hung out for a while - too long, but the moments we had will forever be with us. Your talent was above the rest. So young and so brilliant. We feel incredibly privileged to have worked with you, raved with you. Its heartbreaking. At the very least your light shines on with all the incredible music you made and the people you touched along the way. Today the world lost one of the greatest! Rest in peace babe Avicii 💔

Krishna Soma

6 hours ago

I am so shock that this is happening Avicii was one of my best djs and he was a legend aswell R.i.p Avicii 😢

Josh Casas

6 hours ago

Expresiones que llegan al corazón, se que donde estés veras como crecen con los que trajaste y si se que no es conveniente hablar maravillas de alguien cuando muere... #truestory #RIPAvicii

Yvonne Cremo

6 hours ago

Que desalentador es uno de los mejores dj de la istoria de la electrónica es la música que eleva los sentidos a otra dimensión avicci desde siempre y para siempre vivirás y no se te olvidará gracias por tu música mil y mil gracias avicci por tus canciones

Alexane Barthelemy

4 hours ago

I'm not so sure, it's 0 degrees C here :)

Danica D. Castillo

4 hours ago

WOw look aT thaT SeXy waist!

Blake Pruitt

4 hours ago

It doesn't help that spring keeps playing hide and seek. Enjoy the spring weather when and where you can find it.

#wce 🌹🌹🌹 @rosiehw

Juan Gerardo Argueta

14 hours ago

Is that you? O.o

Yousuke Nagahata

21 hours ago

You mustn't post like this photo in facebook
You don't have to listen some thing make you angry

Kevin Ring

a day ago

Some items shouldn't be posted on social media please like this one for example

Have you seen the lyric video for So Will I yet?

Ruth Teixeira De Souza

6 hours ago

In fact this the song I was listening to throughout the day repeatedly

Tonia Corcione

6 hours ago

Amazing and beautiful song... Love our God so much ❤️

Kre Selda

6 hours ago

What a beautiful song❤️Jesus I love you.

#tbt for everyone #coachella bound!

Be sure to catch DREAMS on FRIDAY

#coachellaweekend2 #throwbackthursday #empireofthesun

Ziggysilk Cdrahark

5 hours ago

I love it!!!! ✌✌🦂🦂

Charlene Claudepierre

13 hours ago

Marath PichJulio Luna

Joke Lanting

21 hours ago

Nice nice and Nice

that time I had blonde hair and wings 👼🏻 #fbf

Fabiola Marquez

7 hours ago

.......and a jaguar mauled your jeans?? 🤣🤣😍

Kyla Jade Magsino

7 hours ago

Angels do exist

Ajay Katta

7 hours ago

Go blonde again!!!

Many thanks to the amazing Pat Schoenfeld ... for a great night. My Fair Lady on Broadway photo cred: Bruce Glikas

Maybelle Domdom Deuna Teodosio

4 hours ago

Hugh, I just wanted to tell you that every time I feel down, misunderstood and the people don't "get me" I play "This is Me" and "The Greatest Show" to inspire me-you are in my heart and with me forever! Thank you!!!!

Mhean Tapao

4 hours ago

I just have to say that movie The Greatest showman is the greatest movie for this time so many messages that the world needs to hear it should have won every award there was at the Oscars. Thank you Hugh Jackman and all the cast for making such an incredible movie ❤️

Isaias Toledo

4 hours ago

OH WONDERFUL !! I LOVE My Fair Lady !!! It was one of my ALL-TIME Favorite movies !! I can just imagine the play being just as AWESOME !! I'm so glad you got too experience Hugh ... :)

Jerick Ballon

6 hours ago

My 5 year old daughter loved the show! She was disappointed that Taya wasn’t there. Not to take away from any of the other talented singers, she just really likes Taya.

Annabelle Binondo Eyas

6 hours ago

Amazing show!! God Is So Good!! 😍👐

Awesome show last night!!

Don’t forget we have @russell.evans speaking this Sunday at our Melbourne Campus. Make sure to watch online for 9:30, 11:30, 3:30 & 6pm. #Planetshakers

Francisco Villa

21 hours ago

The lights is wierd

Gabriel Abreu Valoy

21 hours ago

Miguel Ivan Calamba ganda lights nila pre :D

Cecil Solomon Mateo

21 hours ago

How can find this song i wanna buy
I Draw Close Again pls follow me i can’t find iTunes

Khimberly Rudio Escalona

5 hours ago


Shannon Dominguez

a day ago

This is perfect 😍

Adrian Nowak

a day ago

I love you guys 💖

Tessa Valli

5 hours ago

Me too! Have a good day.

Jose Luis Nuñez Gonzalez

5 hours ago

and people didnt act like morons just because the internet is anonamous

Fialka Polska von Zétény

14 hours ago

I know how you feel ,JOrdan. So expensive, wish they could at least live as long as us , can't help you with the fries lol peace bro ps. Ppl do suck

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