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Today’s the day to get emotional #NERVOnation 😍😂😕😭😢😡 Our song ‘Emotional’ is OUT NOW! Feat Ryann Dirty Panda !! What emoji best describes your emotion after hearing this song? Let us know below in the comments ⬇️

Irene Paza

8 hours ago

I love nervo for ever

Resjie Andus

8 hours ago

oooh yes yes hermanitas the big day arrived its beautiful and melodic 😂😂😂😢😢😢

Simona Adriana Băetu

a day ago

I love you my girls 😍❤️

FF Acoustic out now.

Joana-Rose Vicencio Felix

12 hours ago

I really like your music..Well done! Best regards from Réunion island ( Indian océan). 😉

Amirah Najwa

12 hours ago

Love your music & you have a very handsome voice as you sing. ...keep it up & always following you

Eliza Dangue Leron

12 hours ago

What’s your name on YouTube?

Guess the chord 😏

Meleke Abbasova

6 hours ago

It's...a multi-chord strand...that cannot be broken lol.

Salvatore Imperato

6 hours ago

Playing a new beautiful song??!! 🤔🤔

Yarik Stalin

6 hours ago

Joel Houston , I'm gonna write with you someday

Big congratulations to Fashion Nova & Cardi B on their sold-out collaboration! 🥂

Jean-yves Noe

20 hours ago

So why you trynna fight the cash me oussside girl, asking for a friend lol

José Andrés Martínez

20 hours ago

you're beautiful inside out IGGY . People don't see you yet ❤️❤️❤️

Mha Syafietriee

20 hours ago

Iggy Azalea you should mentor for real that lil girl that was trying to beat you up. Yall both like Cash... Blessings

Sometimes we write lyrics on a table tennis paddle... you gotta keep your head in the game 😜 🏓

Rica Prame

6 hours ago

He is making art.
We love you guys.💜🔥

Dijon Maila

20 hours ago

What about the Holy Spirit inspiration?

Zhen Pang

20 hours ago

Joel Houston, l dream of writing songs with you . You are my favorite song writer in the entire world

What's your go to order for room service? 🍔🍟🍕🥨🍉

Jericho Leonardo II

8 hours ago

Toasted sandwiches and chips,pretty much all you can get from Novatel at 3am 😂

Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference 🍂 - Robert Frost.
One of my favourite poems that instantly popped to mind after @erwan took this photo.

Randolf Cruz Gonzales

7 hours ago

Miss you in Showtime.

Livor Sumalinog Noble

7 hours ago

Glad youve seen it like me because that road being less travelled is invisible to those whose heart and mind are not open.😁😁😁😁jk

Intan Ratnasari

7 hours ago

Glad youve seen it because that road you took is invisible to many except those whose heart and mind are open

#ahomeforeverychild #AdoptChange Deborra-lee Furness

Caren Flores Isaga

12 hours ago

We were lucky enough to adopt our son in 2007 from China. He has brought so much joy and love to our family. Thank you for being a voice for adoption.❤️

Kumi Oshiro

12 hours ago

I think adoption is wonderful especially older children, I often think they are overlooked and they really need a loving home and parents.

Elizabeth Hudson

12 hours ago

Thank you so much Deb and Hugh for being such great advocates for children and finding them families and loving homes. I am so passionate about children and their needs. God Bless you both.

"Fake Friends” acoustic is out now! I want you to hear the way the song was written and feel like you were in the room with us.

Tia Rhin Jamhali

a day ago

Love you Joel 😍

Coming soon #planetshakers

Chelly Ruiz

17 hours ago

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Mónica Maria Valencia Rodriguez

17 hours ago

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Jean Peralta

17 hours ago

Maria Isabel Penaso