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Ep. 17 “Immergasm 2: Electric Boogaloo”
In which a guest returns from the far reaches of the West and the boys explore their Sordid youth.

Dorothy Henderson

a day ago

i like their hits

Debbie Stonebraker

a day ago

Very familiar with that 😊

Feli Martínez

a day ago

Every time I see a post from you guys I’m hoping it’s UK tour dates - but alas - not this time.

Excited to announce we're playingKAABOO Cayman next February. Use promo code CROWS to save $20 on THATCH (GA) passes here:
We’re back with Ep. 16 “Pt 4: Love Will Tear Us Apart” (link also in bio)
In which the 70’s come to a close, the center embraces the fringe, and 1980 begins with a terrible ending.

Also…during a podcast dedicated entirely to punk, I somehow manage to mix up The Commodores and The Ohio Players and THEN confuse Afghan Wigs with Fine Young Cannibals.

Marcky Ponchard

7 days ago

Emily Scott I don't understand the line up but a lot of good ones are there! How fun would this be!?

Jamie Forman Pruyssers

7 days ago

I don't think I've ever been more confused by a festival lineup.

Carlos Lopez Andres

8 days ago

You should be headliners!!

Greetings intrepid music fans! Immy here…

Yep, it’s Monks Of Doom TBT (circa 1986!?), but also to let you know that before the Crows hit the road all summer, Monks Of Doom are making some ultra rare appearances this month on the 2 coasts:

May 18th: Café NELA (Los Angeles CA)
May 19th: The Make Out Room (San Francisco CA)
May 20th: The Ivy Room (Albany CA)
May 22nd: Milkboy (Philadelphia PA)
May 23rd: Berlin (NYC NY)
May 24th: BSP (Kingston NY)

Tickets/details here

Catch us while you can!

Brenda Immenhauser

13 days ago

I totally forgot Counting Crows were going on tour 🙄

Red Bull Records

13 days ago

I'll see you in June at White River Amphitheater I wish I could afford to go to California to see the monks of Doom

Michele Meneses

13 days ago

Come to Australia! Well just Western Australia I have followed you guys for ever x

Foggy morning today in San Francisco. In other news...I eat a carrot.

Kade Lopez

13 days ago

I hereby formally request that you shave you head.

Paul Bridgford

13 days ago

That's one big carrot, Adam!

Sue Dalton

13 days ago

You need a hair cut bro, dreads want out along time ago

We’re back! Ep. 15 “Pt 3: London Calling”
Oh punkity punk punk punk. PUNK! Punk-O-Rama. Punkadelica. Polka Punk. Peppa Punk. Punk Rock Girl. Punky’s Dilemma. Punk Rock T-Shirt Melting. Judy!

….is A Punk. Also…..British people.

And - if I’m being totally honest - I fell asleep and woke up and now my brain’s not working in the slightest.

Stef Ania

14 days ago

Maybe more carrots, lol. Adam, have you seen decline of western civilization? Punkity punk punk punk it up. See u guys at the hard rock!

Chuck Bowie

15 days ago

I really can’t believe that you got me to like punk music! I mean not all of it but most of it! I wanna hear that song by the Avengers again with female lead singer god damn that was an awesome song! Great podcast again! 🎼❤️

Gerry Memmo

16 days ago

Have you seen the movie London Calling with Jonathan Rhys Myers? It is really good

#TBT Gone fishin’

Thomas Steinböck

20 days ago

Awww! Such a cutie!

Hal Eisenberg

20 days ago

Lol I keep stopping at this post. And wish I had a childhood picture to post also. But want to say thank you for sharing.

Alexandre Lemaire

20 days ago

Awwwe, gorgeous little munchkin! :) PS pleeeease come back to Australia

Adam and Ed Kowalczyk of LIVE doing press in NYC earlier this week for the 25 Years and Counting Tour. #TixFor20 #NationalConcertWeek

Karen Wenrich Sponagle

21 days ago

Brent Anderson
Jonathan Robins

Marinalva Jesus

21 days ago

See you again in September in KC once again my Littles want to see you so we will be traveling from MPLS to KC for a wonderful adventure

Samantha Addison-Bolden

21 days ago

See you all again in West Palm!

We’re back w/Ep. 14 “Pt 2: All The Young Punks (New Boots And Contracts)”
In which New York City and the Bowery are still the center of the punk world but new bands are arriving every day from as far away as Cleveland and San Francisco. They’re popping up all over LA as well and it’s just the beginning because, across the pond in the UK….anarchy.

Nataly Moreira

21 days ago

By "anarchy" you mean interesting music, right?

Celebrate Summer Concert Season with a special $20 All-in ticket offer to our 25 Years and Counting Tour with +LIVE+ now through May 8 #tixfor20 #NationalConcertWeek

Daniel Wynne

22 days ago

Thank you so much!! So lucky I was waiting at DMV (who EVER said that before?) scrolling through FB to pass the time.

Ken Haysey

22 days ago

I wish! Went to the site it said nothing in my area! My world can't get any darker!

Canales Alexander

23 days ago

How come we never get these cheap tickets offers when bands tour the UK would happily go to more shows at those prices

#TBT to The Ophelias circa sometime around 1987 or thereabouts. Now...shut up and enjoy your Immergasm

V Vince Ntlele

a month ago

If I had the money... :)

Angel Tseng

a month ago

What the hell is on stage and the Crow's nest? Any one know?..

Shelby Wilcox

a month ago

Qual deles é Immer???

Saw Come From Away for the 2nd time tonight. It’s so great. Incredible composition, innovative staging, and a tireless and brilliant cast. Spent the whole night both times trying not to bawl. Thank you.

Lety Tobon

a month ago

Ashley Nicole Owens next time you go see a broadway show maybe try and see this?! I bet it’s good! 👍😊 wish I could see it!

Ekow A Annan

a month ago

So come back to Newfoundland for your tour.....we LOVE you!!,

Gessica Coronel

a month ago

Come to Newfoundland!!!

The Underwater Sunshine Podcast is back with Ep. 13 “Pt 1: The Punks And The Godfathers”
In which a basketball coach comes up to Adam after a game at The Garden to talk about Death and that changes everything. So the boys decide to spend the next month discussing it. In other words, how talking about Death (and Vermont) leads to talking about the birth…of punk.

Pim van Diemen

a month ago

Thank u4 sharing this-much love

Tickets are on-sale now for Bourbon And Beyond. Get them here:

Yolanda Holguin Quintana

a month ago

Melissa Rich if you’re looking for a birthday present for me, lol. I’d love to take you!

Taneha Romedris Shanks

a month ago

That looks great!

D G Luis Fernando

a month ago

Would Be Fun!

Broken Lizard MovieNite dbl feature this weekend! Super Troopers at my house first, then Super Troopers 2 at the theatre! You should all do it too!! THE TIME IS MEOW!!! #BrokenLizard

Janek Lutyński

a month ago

Talk about wasting life on total bollocks

Susan Tailby

a month ago

I’m in the Bay Area, you guys near? When and where should we meet to watch the movie?😜

Sydney Livingston

a month ago

I saw the trailer and it was hilarious 😂🤣😂🤣

The Underwater Sunshine Podcast is back w/Ep. 12 “40 Watt Love Gods"
In which our heroes spend a quiet afternoon talking about old friends and bands, the ones who left and the ones we left, and the ones who just found the dreams didn’t fit them any more, and left to find new ones that did. And we keep returning to a little town on the North Oconee River where, at least for me, the left of the dial was born.

Melissa Gosney

a month ago

big love for the podcast. :)

Tammy Jean Long

a month ago

One of the best vocal groups around these days if not the best

Gabriela Lazăr

a month ago

Adam I love your podcast and I love hearing all the bands and songs that have inspired you throughout the years. I’ve even added some to my playlist.

We're excited to play Bourbon And Beyond festival on Sunday, September 23rd in Louisville, KY. More information here:

Maxime Rivieyran

a month ago

I only have tickets for Saturday. You guys are my favorite band, but I'm gonna have to catch you on tour at another stop. I've seen ya lots of times, but was still disappointed to see that you guys would t be there the same day as me. Enjoy your visit to Louisville fellas!! :)

Mark Gayah

a month ago

Dawn Road trip?!

Jaculin Denise O'Brien

a month ago

THIS would be something to behold!

Saturday night in Harlem at Dapper Dan’s Brownstone w/my pal Massimo Bottura - Osteria Francescana & Dapper Dan


a month ago

Massimo is the man! And you are too Adam 😃 I will see you and the Counting Crows in WA this Summer

Laetichia Veerasamy

a month ago

Italy's waiting <3

Daniel Prein

a month ago

Love the smiles😁

The Underwater Sunshine Podcast is back with Ep. 11 “Chamber Pop, Pt. 2: Forever Changes“ ( In which our heroes explore the meaning of Love, the magnificent grandeur of a Soul Man, Sam and...Dave Godowsky, a Bryter haze of British sorrow, the incredible Travelogue of Vince Mendoza and Joni Mitchell, and the marvel that is Illinois. But first...something Wonderful.
(PS. Dave Godowsky’s song “Here I Am” is actually on his album ALL YOU LOVE IS NEED)

Witchy Mari

a month ago

Walk away Rene... wow

Chante Caines

a month ago

This is my new favorite the passion you both have for music!

Penny Mack

a month ago

I love these podcasts!!!! Thank you!!! 40 minutes into today’s so far!!!

#TBT back to when I was a skinny little 16yr old stoner punk. (note: Samson the cat hiding in the background w/the weed)

Zin Phoo Pwint Khaing

2 months ago

25 years for us...5 boys ..Cant wait for our meet n great yes..July 6th cali shoreline

Nassor Salim Albarwan

2 months ago

got my VIP Tickets to your meet n Greet shoreline amphitheatre. We had tickets last year but when we got to Venue giant sink was canceled Cant wait to spend the night enjoying all my favorite songs July 6th woo hooo

Cecelia Conitz Heinrich

2 months ago

Love the throwback. Hands down my all time favorite band. Pure poetry in your lyrics. Each song touches my soul

The Crows Nest is back! Watch the entire performance onstage with COMPLETE VISIBILITY - plus enjoy other VIP perks, including a meet & greet + photo with the band, access to soundcheck and much more! Use the password 25YEARS to get yours now.

Sheila Washington

2 months ago

What about the dates for Germany 😚 ?

Karl Quinones

2 months ago

Third row center Denver, can’t believe the luck. Excited! Saw this same show on August 5, 2000!! It’s the wife’s first show!!

Stephen Williams

2 months ago

Drew Kwasniewski front row would suffice

Spent the day recording in The Garden w/these 2 knuckleheads yesterday, doing BVs for Seán Barna’s new album CISSY w/Dave Drago aka 1809 Studios

Sharone Piace

2 months ago

How many crows are you guys up to now? Must be a lot of 'em after all this time.

Dude, Christmas tree?! It's Easter!

Melina Mealor

2 months ago

Hi Adam. xo

This could easily end up being my fave album this year. . Check it out NOW! Caroline Rose is mindblowing good, ridiculously fun, & jarringly catchy/disturbing all at once! Also...I saw #TheLowRoad last night at The Public Theater and it was unabashedly epic and hysterical.

Sonam Singh

2 months ago

It's a great album. Check out Becca Mancari as well.

Jayme Schlueter

2 months ago

This is my amazingly talented cousin! Rocking it every day, “her way”!!!! 🎸💥

Jr Camilo Carrazana

2 months ago

This is mine so far ...

Just getting ready to do a Skype interview with CBS This Morning Podcast. You can hear it on Monday.

Yoshitomo Kanai

2 months ago

I'm out here feeling like the search tabs...

Eddie Griffin

2 months ago

Please post a link!!

Aya Idihya

2 months ago

dont' forget europe ;-) we need this tour here.

We’re ready to #MakeThePilgrimage this fall! Join us at Pilgrimage Music Festival September 22 + 23 in Franklin, TN. Passes go on sale tomorrow at

Ricardo Medina

2 months ago

I'll wait for you while she slips in something comfortable
And I'll miss you when I'm slipping in between

Cassandra Frazier

2 months ago

Anna Myers Pittard what a great line up! Too rich for my blood, but great line up!

Tomonori Sugar

2 months ago

Please come back to the UK - your fans are waiting to part with their cash to see you again.

The Underwater Sunshine Podcast is back with Ep. 9 “People Say We Monk-y Around!” The team-up we’ve all been waiting for! The Sunshine Boys meet the Monk of Steel! Yes, it’s Immergluck, strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those off mortal men. Immergluck, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands. And who, disguised as Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way. And now another exciting episode in the adventures of Underwater Sunshine.

Anna Rico

2 months ago

Love me some Imme! 🙂

Nick Fortney

2 months ago

“We welcome the tangent.” 😂

Linda Salumbides Orozco

2 months ago

Those book shelves! The amazing light! And fabulous boots!! Love it all!!

Thanks for a great night in Tempe, AZ at Innings Festival yesterday!

Photo Credit: Alive Coverage

Stephen Donohue

2 months ago

You guys were the highlight for me! Thanks for a great show! San Diego soon?

Nancy Mora

2 months ago

Summer Tour...Round Here 😉

Raki Robin

2 months ago

You know, Adam, after Snowden I always CC my emails to the NSA ;>

The new album from Field Report SUMMERTIME SONGS came out yesterday too. I can’t wait to check this one out!

Danny Cletz

2 months ago

I’ve been listening to them a lot since Adam mentioned them on the podcast. Thanks for the tip

John Leeper

2 months ago

I'm glad you said album.

Vojta Pošvář

2 months ago

Every time I see a notification from you I’m hoping you are announcing coming over to the Uk Come on boys - it’s been so long since you’ve “crossed” the ocean - I think you should. Now try not to sing “na na na nahhh yeeeeah”

Today is the day! New record release by Immer’s other band #MonksOfDoom THE BRONTE PIN is out today! Go get it and dig the #Immergasm!!!

Lee Gallaugher

2 months ago

Nice shave, your eye looks purple a/f though, are you sick?

Billy Stairs

2 months ago

He was super cool when I met y'all he was very social.

Youssef Abidar

2 months ago

immers yourself in great music!! 😏🤣

Finally found this book our pal Jay Chandrasekhar sent me. It’s hysterical. Someone hid it in a guest bdrm closet in a box w/some lube, a pack of fake mustaches, and an inflatable sheep. (shrug) Kinda perfect(?) Anyway...just in time for Super Troopers 2!!! The time is MEOW!

Yasushi Kobayashi

2 months ago

Some of that was filmed around here in Western Massachusetts, I was told.

Michel Johnson

2 months ago

What did you think of Beerfest?!? 🤣🤣

Marian Hurtado Gomez

2 months ago

Josh and I will be at the Red Carpet release in Chicago. You guys should join us.

We’re late! But the Underwater Sunshine Podcast is back! Ep. 8 “A Walk Across The Rooftops”
In which our heroes post the podcast late because Adam got caught up eating ramen and watching a Japanese movie about ramen called Tampopo which you should all immediately watch while eating ramen yourselves and forgot to write the summary until now. PS. We fixed the bootleg. (link also in bio)

Gail Harding

2 months ago

I am loving the podcast. It’s about the time of year counting crows announces their summer tour dates and I haven’t seen anything. Any idea as to whether there will be a tour?

Robert Gladwin

2 months ago

Massive fan of The Blue Nile. Any update on the 'Back From the Wilderness' recording in Manchester. I know a lot of people interested in hearing that!!!!!

Papas Khoza

2 months ago

Thank you for giving me a new band to listen to. I had never heard of The Blue Nile before and I'm loving them!

What a weekend! Friday night we saw a blindingly good Albee play AT HOME AT THE ZOO: HOMELIFE & THE ZOO STORY, then today a matinee of Martin McDonagh’s excellent HANGMEN before watching @milenam_officialpage perform w/@MeredithMonk in her mindblowing piece CELLULAR SONGS. Unreal. PS Meredith Monk is soooooo cool

Zakk Connor

2 months ago

Hangmen closes before I get there this time. I will get an Albee fix w Three Tall Women.

Louisa Burkhardt

2 months ago

Well I finished Bates Motel (highly underrated) and finally saw Three Billlboards Outside Of Ebbing Missouri and then The Darkest Hour and cannot wait to see Dunkirk! Tomorrow I will see Hard Day’s Night on the big screen in Ithaca!

Veronica Grant

2 months ago

Damn, you are packing them in

Spent the afternoon running errands and studying/prepping for the next Underwater Sunshine Podcast recording by listening to one of my favorite bands. Somebody Immertastic has a new record coming out in a week or so...

Sandro Alex Menezes

2 months ago

The new Monks is amazing, as are all of their previous offerings. I'll be catching all six Monks gigs in May.

OlúwáGbémilékè Gregor-Freeman

2 months ago

Just listening to monks of doom for the first time, very good so far.

Bekah Hassi

2 months ago

these are treasures!

Saw my old friend Don Nguyen and his play HELLO FROM THE CHILDREN OF PLANET EARTH on Monday at The Duke On 42nd St Theatre. We were fellow playwrights together at Ojai Playwright Conference a few years back. Such a great writer and such a cool play. See it before it closes in a few weeks!

Ravi Yadav

2 months ago

When will they release tour dates?

Anjoe Timtim

2 months ago

Crawling skill 100

Amanda Combs

2 months ago

I haven't seen a play in years!

The Underwater Sunshine Podcast is back! Ep. 7 “It Takes A Ross To Laugh; It Takes A Train To Cry”

In which Adam and James discuss a particularly terrifying brand of stage fright, examine the fertile intersection of Black Funk and the Rolling Stones in the inspiration/information age, sneak a look at the effect the Crescent City and the Dirty South had on a British Island record, and finally bask in the afterglow of real royalty, remembering the son that set in the North Star state.

Coco Marvin

2 months ago

Please put on Sticher

Marco Antonio

2 months ago

I've already downloaded it to listen on my short flight tomorrow! 😀😀

Reminding everyone our pal MATT SUCICH @EsMatteo plays Rockwood every Wed in March 10pm starting tonite!

Arely Martinez

3 months ago

Come to the UK counting crows, you are so sorely missed!! I had Round Here as my wedding song, so desperate to see you live!!!

Kayjah Nevaeh

3 months ago

Matt Sucich he must be a band member in the Counting Crows otherwise why would they be promoting him there's life 6 guys in the band so.

We’re back! Ep. 6 “It Could Be Worse; It Could Be Raining”

Our heroes explore the burden of expectations on art and reflect upon the irresistible oppression of hope on human beings. Eventually, after pondering the crushing weight of possibilities, they get really bummed out. They turn, first to drink and then to god before settling on pizza as the answer to life’s really important questions. They take a short pee break, talk about Paul Simon, and then each paint a masterpiece…but you can’t see that because this isn’t that kind of podcast


Mission Impossible

3 months ago

Hey Ad! Here is your newest fan...raising them right!

David McCrea

3 months ago

Really enjoy listening, look forward to Them

Paula Colpo

3 months ago

Young Frankenstein much?

Went to see #RelevancePlay Thursday and it was brave, disturbing, and brilliantly performed by a great cast. Been busy building an ark. Forgot to post this pic.

Andrew Mitchell

3 months ago

Is this arc you speak of a new album??? 🤣

Alena Grünhagen

3 months ago

All you said you needed was a raincoat and a phone call. I would have helped with the ark.

Cailin Collins Filhiol

3 months ago

Will you come see a show at my theatre company in NJ? Pegasus Theatre Project

Tonight we saw In & Of Itself. I was so moved and it was, quite literally, Magic. You must see it. Derek Del Gaudio is a thing beyond imagining.

Jack Kamminga

3 months ago

Thanks for the heads up--just checked it out and added it to an already action-packed NYC jaunt on the horizon.

Brad Wright

3 months ago

want to go but I'm going to have my own card made before I go. Its gonna say... I Am. I have Been. And Forever Shall Be. Does that work?

Jolaine Theron

3 months ago

I am "je tombe des nues" big time. So much to take in, not enough time to read it all and to process it all...

The Underwater Sunshine podcast is back! Ep. 5 “From A-to-Zevon” (link also in bio)

Our heroes discuss the upcoming release of James’ new book “Accidentally Like A Martyr: The Tortured Art of Warren Zevon“, talk about the difficult creative act of giving birth to a finished work, and reflect upon the up-and-down life of its complicated subject, the Excitable Boy himself, the troubadour of The Troubadour, the great Werewolf of Los Angeles: Warren William Zevon. a brief inexplicable attention-deficit-fueled detour into late-70s New York punk.

Eric Souther

3 months ago

Warren Zevon + NY Dolls = freakin’ awesome! Really loving these podcasts! Can’t wait for next week!

Timothy Jonathan Howes

3 months ago

thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. warren zevon secured his place in my heart with his unusual style of writing and production of his music. A beautiful look within. Thank you!

Maria Buchanan

3 months ago

Thank you guys. I was blown away by Warren the first time I heard Jeannie needs a shooter. So nice to know others appreciate this great songwriter. Have read and reread Crystal's book and so look forward to this new publication.

Something is coming. The Sunshine Boys make it all the way to the other side...and then some...tomorrow.

Jacob Stephens

3 months ago

I hope it’s another team up with Rob Thomas! Best concert co- headliners!

Elisha Webb

3 months ago

So when are you announcing your tour?!

Taylor Annelise Stevens

3 months ago

Alexandre BeaulieuNicolas Mori tomorrow we will know, if they start the tour in Australia, they should be back in Europe by the summer

Once a Fanboy, ALWAYS a Fanboy!!

I really gotta get OUT more often!? Hanging with the legendary Taj Mahal at my local hometown brunch spot (Meal Ticket, Berkeley CA, yo)!! Yeah, I learned to play slide guitar off his 1st album (google that shit!!). He kindly informed me it was Jesse Ed Davis on slide, NOT Ry Cooder, as I’d wrongly thought these last 45 years!? (google that shit, too!)…see kidz? There’s ALWAYS something new to learn…

Rock On,

John Griffin

3 months ago

Will there be a new album guys?

Adam Norey

3 months ago

Taj! David, you’ll be happy to learn my son is all about Taj Mahal and all the other greats you worship. we just got back from his band playing at a PTA fundraiser, performing La Grange and White Room. it was pretty sick for a bunch of 8th graders! i think he’s campaigning for them to tackle Oh Well next.

Debbie Garrison Spidel

3 months ago

Taj...our great musician from Springfield,Massachusetts !!!! We love him here in New England !!!

8.28.17 Hershey, PA

Shawn Milford

3 months ago

Now THAT was a pretty good night...

Mike Brier

3 months ago

Please come back to the UK!! More specifically Manchester. It’s been waaaaaay too long!

Jolaine Theron

3 months ago

I hope you guys don't tour with Matchbox again, I've been to 25+ shows of yours...The one last year was by far the worst. There is no reason for you guys to open for anyone. I think that is what caused the lack of energy that was displayed.

It’s Tuesday, which means Episode 4 “XX-Ray Vision” is now live! In this episode, Adam gets all excited about playing Mary Lou Lord and our heroes manage to accidentally find themselves spending an entire podcast talking endlessly about the one subject neither of them knows anything about...



Dig it.

John Griffin

3 months ago

Really loving these podcasts and all of the great music-some new to me and some old favorites I haven’t heard in years-that you guys are playing. Really interesting to hear the music that inspires and influences you. And really agree that Counting Crows is not any one individual, it’s all of the members’ contributions that make the whole more than the sum of its parts. Anyways, my sister went to Oberlin with Liz Phair, hadn’t listened to “Fuck and Run” for years, that was great. And that album, “I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got.” I had that on the B side of a cassette. Depeche Mode’s “Violator” was Side A and I wore that thing out...looking forward to the next episode!!

Michelle StPierre McDonald

3 months ago

Team Liz Phair!!

Michelle Sharp

3 months ago

Can I listen via podcatcher?

Minca Ramen. So freakin delicious. I Immer’d my Bowl within an inch of its life. They won’t even need to wash it.

Christy Wenrich

3 months ago

Soooo, "immer" is now a verb, too? (Immer...? I hardly touched her! 😜)

Bridgett Erin

3 months ago

No Ramen matches Sapporo, Japan. This ish will change your life!

Kelly Korndoerfer

3 months ago

"Immer'd". :D :D :D

PLEASE come to Denmark (Scandinavia) SOOOOOON guys. PLEASE. <3

It looks like darkness to me
Drifting down into Miami

Jack Pallatto

3 months ago

Well looks like another year may pass before they return to the UK????

Anita Von Schmidt

3 months ago

Best song in HC is “Black and blue”.

Oren Schwartz

3 months ago

Man oh man what I would give to have another intimate Counting Crows concert! They are my favorite musicians in the world but the last few years of touring have been so disappointing. I just want them on a solo tour in smaller venues so they can work their magic!

All I wanted to do when the movie ended was jump to my feet and applaud. An entire audience beat me to it. T’Challa!!!

Ian Lambe

3 months ago

Movie all good "round here"...

Stacey Clapp

3 months ago

Going Monday, can't wait!

Brad Wright

3 months ago

Can't wait!!!! 😊❤️U Adam!

With great power comes great responsibility. With Tuesday morning comes Ep. 3 of the Underwater Sunshine Podcast “The Outlaw Roadshow and Everything After” Nuff said True Believers!

Amelia James

3 months ago

summer tour this year? i'd like to throw in a vote to do it with the wallflowers again. those were some of the best summers ever. :)

Angie Getz

3 months ago

Yay!!! And was rummaging through my desk this weekend and found this old stamp.

Sarah Woodason

3 months ago

These Marvel related updates are making my week!

Screened all the CAPTAIN AMERICA films in a row at my house Sat, Sun, Mon to get ready for BLACK PANTHER. Let your geek flag fly people! PS. Tmw is Podcast Day!

Russell Davis

3 months ago

I ❤️ Iron Man

Jessie Moyer

3 months ago

A good way to spend a couple of days chillin

Alena Grünhagen

3 months ago

Loved the Action Sequences in Winter Soldier! Since then, Bucky has been one of my favorite characters. Hoping to see a cameo by him in Black Panther.

Good news boys and girls! Episode 2 “Underwater Hitchcock” is now live! Check it out!

Arturo Alejo

3 months ago

so good. i know nothing about hitchcock, so this was a great education.

Marine Mathy

3 months ago

you guys wrote a male perspective on women better than anyone in the modern era!!!! love you

Julie Kinsella

3 months ago

Frank Deb Spinetti you might enjoy these podcasts. I really enjoyed the first one.