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Doing artsy stuff in London at Saatchi Gallery.

Mc Carlos Taveras

12 hours ago

See you Saturday in Dublin.#Countingcrows25 trifecta

Jennifer Stark

12 hours ago

Pity you are not coming to Glasgow. Poor show

Steven Mejia

15 hours ago

See you on Sunday.

‪Ep. 36 “Gang Of Youse”‬

‪In which the Sunshine Boyz get ready for the Fest, clear up some cases of mistaken identity, discuss old Macs, and finally settle down to just rave a little more about the best band from the other side of the planet.‬

Marcos Gomes

5 days ago

Loving the love for Gang Of Youths! Incredible band!

Shawon Das

5 days ago

I know where to find it, but after a long night at work that ended with some tequila and a couple of beers, I totally would not have minded an easy link...

Jason Vetterli

6 days ago

My brother is missing he needs you urgently. Dude's name is Juan sergio Montan Contreras.

Some of the friends at the #GardenSessions for Underwater Sunshine Fest were Ed Kowalczyk & Chad Taylor of +LIVE+, Felipe Molina Artist, Willie Nile & Immer, Mikaela Davis band’s feet, and Cinjun Tate of Remy Zero. You can tell by the look on my face that it was amazing.

Isaac M Xirhami

6 days ago

You look as happy as I did at your concert :D

Atara Glazer

6 days ago

love you guys..See you agian in 2019 25 years ♡

Angela Elledge

7 days ago

Seriously, off the hook! Both days blew me away. Already looking forward to next years fest!

Recovering the Satellites was released 22 years ago today. Watch this clip of the song Recovering the Satellites from Woodstock '99 below.

Oscar Marcos

7 days ago

2/12/03, my husband and I listened to this CD on the way to the hospital to have our first child. Not knowing if the baby was a girl or a boy, we had both names picked out. Proud to say our daughter, Elizabeth was born later that day. She got her name from “Goodnight Elisabeth”. This CD has always had a special place in my heart. Almost four year later, Gray was born. “Because well you know, Gray’s my favorite color”.
I ❤️CC

Manami Shimada

8 days ago

I remember the album being delayed and me going into my local record store just about every day asking if it was in yet. Like Bart Simpson and his spy camera. When I heard it the first time, I was blown away. So different from August and was captivated by Daylight Fading and Have You Seen Me Lately.

Dan Molitoris

8 days ago

22 yrs ago I lost my father. CC mean so much too me. They take me back to a place only a few have been.

Time to get down down to The Bowery Electric! Underwater Sunshine Fest is rolling again RIGHT NOW with Erica Blinn!!

Robert Pablo Junior

8 days ago

I saw you at the Bowery in 1999

Hilary Withers

8 days ago

Adam when are you coming back to Bowery Electric??? I want to see you you..

Cheryl Canale Rowland

9 days ago

Underwater Sunshine Fest was awesome. It was so great to discover all the young and talented artists who gave their best .They will be successful and we will enjoy their music, their positive energy and their spirit for years to come. Thank you to Adam Duritz for organizing with his friends such a nice event. And yes Stew and the Negro Problem was a fabulous cap to the festival.

Dublin & London - Who's coming to BluesFest in just a short few weeks?

Daniel Lacerda

12 days ago

Send the jet or plane ticket and I’ll be there

Abdul Samad

12 days ago

I have two tickets going for just £100 each (face value 125£ ) centre front block a2 row j , anyone interested- just can’t go any more

Stanislava Folovska

12 days ago

London. Can’t wait. Am travelling down from north Wales and staying overnight. 👍🏻

Ep. 35 “Underwater Sunrise Pt 2 aka 93 North Revisited

Went to California, drank a lot of wine, and now we’re cleaning up the place. We also roasted a chicken we soaked overnight in Buttermilk. Now we take a dip in the musik. This is the kinda shit that makes life worth living.

Дмитро Василець

12 days ago

Still waiting for a tour to include Alaska... Fairbanks preferred but I will travel to Anchorage if necessary. Love you guys!

Esteban Castrillon

13 days ago

Going for a #CountingCrows25 trifecta. 1. Arizona Innings Festival, 2. Minnesota Mystic Lake, to be continued,,,,,,

Introducing the official 2018 Underwater Sunshine Fest (very!) Limited Edition poster, created by Man On Fire (MoF) Design. This piece will be available during the festival, and we may just have an opportunity for you to win a signed poster coming up next week. 😉 Stay tuned! 🐙 #UnderwaterSunshine

Paul Bupte

16 days ago

Kellie Rae O'Donnell

MI LA Gros

17 days ago

How do we get our VIP photos?

Hector Iglesias

17 days ago

Cherilyn Jasmine not fair

Happy Birthday to Dave Bryson today!

Lakshpreet Kaur

17 days ago

Happy birthday Dave. X

Isabela Avilez

17 days ago

Happy Birthday Dave!!!!

Olivier Sylvestre

17 days ago

If it was 2 weeks earlier he would have received the Vickrey treatment (Los Tres Luchadores) on tour...HBD Bryson!

‪Ep. 34 “Underwater Sunrise Pt 1 aka Mambo #5"‬

‪With the festival less than 2 weeks away, the boys explore some of the Underwater Sunshine acts they haven’t touched upon before now plus a brief detour to check out The King Of Mambo!‬

Syd Butcher

20 days ago

Awesome! Psyched for the podcast, and the Fest!

Greetings Friends,

Immy here, hollering at ya from the Decompression Chamber!

First things first, a BIG thank you to you all for such a STELLAR summer! We felt the LOVE big time, night after night! (It never ceases to amaze me!)

I’m shouting out to let you know that, before Counting Crows hop the pond at the end of the month, my curious band Monks Of Doom is once again boarding our flying saucer and playing a quick handful of shows on the 2 coasts:

Oct 7 - Albany CA (The Ivy Room)
Oct 9 - Sacramento CA (Harlow’s)
Oct 10 - Santa Cruz CA (Moe’s Alley)
Oct 12 - New York NY (Bowery Electric - Underwater Sunshine Festival)…gonna be a good one!

Katch Us If You Kan!!!

Also, if you didn’t already know, after a hefty bout of detective work and some significant blood and sweat shed by our crack team, the Monks' entire (and criminally long “out of circulation”) catalog is now finally available at a streaming service of your choice near you:

Have at it, Teenyboppers!

Love ya,

Immy (er?)

Promise October

21 days ago

Wish ya'll would come back to Texas 💜💜💜

Eduardo Luis Dignef

21 days ago

Aww, teenybopper. Nicest thing I’ve been called in a long time. 😊.

Fred Scott

21 days ago

See you at Moe's Alley! Welcome back to Santa Cruz

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of Underwater Sunshine, it is my pleasure to welcome you aboard the Sunmarine with service to New York City. Please make sure your seatbelt is securely fastened and seats are in the upright position. We are about to embark on a magical journey of music discovery.” - Man On Fire (MoF) Design

Alex Ortiz

23 days ago

Don't you need a seabelt in a submarine?

Nasser Badwan

23 days ago

Boom Forest was a great choice to take on 25th Summer tour...they were amazing.

Luis Angel Vargas Tomateo

23 days ago

Counting Crows Stoked to see Stephen Kellogg on there! A very underrated songwriter in my opinion

Little lineup pic for ya.

Karyn Nkwantabisa Dumber

a month ago

Sadly I’m working that weekend. Haha, that being said, I work nights at a hospital. What’s a weekend? What’s a holiday? #savelivesandtakenames

Dwaine Goodwin

a month ago

Super stoked to be there! Night one IMO is a stellar line up. I am equally as excited to here some bands on night 2 that I'm not too familiar with and hoped to be pleasantly surprised. After hearing the 2 latest podcast I'm eager to see and hear Stew and the Negro Problem! It's all going to be stellar!
First time to NYC too.

Álvaro Sebastião

a month ago

Sadly me and my friend that I always stay with in nyc have a wedding to attend in Louisville that weekend :( sometimes having friends isn't a good thing lol

Ep. 33 Welcome Black! Pt. 2

Over the past 3 summers Counting Crows have lost 1 gig each summer to bizarre circumstances: the giant broken fan blade that beheaded Bristow, the sinkhole that ate San Francisco, and finally the mudflood that fucked Kentucky yesterday.

(sigh) I hate missing gigs.

Nevertheless, I’m home now and we are back with Part Deux of our journey through the musical life and times of Stew and The Negro Problem. Someday there’ll be a Part Three but for now...Welcome Black!

Daniel Mrózek

a month ago

What do you have to say about the Madison, WI show? I think you lost alot of fans that day.

Gabby Renteria

a month ago

We should keep asking about Madison until we get an honest answer

Rebecca Principi

a month ago

What about Madison?

Wish a BIG Happy Birthday to the man holding down the rhythm section for us, Jim Bogios!

Goupil FoxItal

a month ago

Happy Birthday, Jim!!!!!!

Carla K Bailey

a month ago

Happy Birthday Jimmy!
Sorry we missed you guys yesterday but it was raining in Walton, Ky too!

Keith Ross

a month ago

happy birthday....laissez les bon temps rouler....let the good times roll !

Ep. 32 Welcome Black! Pt. 1

In which the boyz return from their 2-week Adam’s-On-The-Road-And-We-Miscounted-How-Many-Episodes-We-Had hiatus with a bang-up series on maybe my favorite songwriter and my favorite band. Dig Stew & The Negro Problem!

Maria Ivanete Guerini Dassan

a month ago

Worth the wait

Dana Poindexter Bailey

a month ago

So excited for this podcast, Stew and the Negro Problem such an awesome band with unique sound love the funkiness mixed with beautiful lyrics

The annual band/crew tour bowling party was lots of fun, but this is a sure sign we are nearing the end……..for now. - Jim Bogios

Yuliana Ramirez Ramirez

a month ago

Si donde esta Adam?

Vince L Price

a month ago

Thanks for sharing! I try to imagine what life on tour must be like and I’m glad to see you all get to enjoy each other, even though you have what must be a grueling schedule.

Lars Løchte

a month ago

Damn. Wish I could've been there.

Champaign, Indianapolis, Chicago & St Louis - We're heading your way this week! #25YearsandCounting LIVE

Iona Higgins

2 months ago

Hope the rain goes away in STL by then....

Shiqualla Wright

2 months ago

Loved the show in Champaign last night! Hadn't seen you guys since way back in ~1997. Thanks for coming to our little corner of the corn fields!

Hlobisile Mafisa Shoba

2 months ago

Five days to KCMO!!!!!

In this behind the scenes interview, Lighting Designer Mike Zielinski discusses how he uses CHAUVET Professional STRIKE 1 units on the 25 Years and Counting Tour.

Freda Cleveland

2 months ago

Really have enjoyed the lighting this year. It really sets the mood. The columns on Colorblind really are devastatingly beautiful. Really spectacular design this year!

Nsimba Aretha Hudson

2 months ago

I really did notice the lighting this year, especially the columns it created at times. Interesting little tidbit there.

Happi Ness

2 months ago

Love that behind the scenes stuff!

some photos from Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City 08/23/18

Katerina Lulkova

2 months ago

Goodnight elizabeth in tinley park. This was the valse of my marriage back in 2016.

Joshua Matalang Satiada

2 months ago

KCMO 1 week to go. Can’t wait to see and hear what everyone has been talking about!

Megan Lynn Colburn

2 months ago

Enjoyed seeing a show at the new Hard Rock Hotel and finally got my mom to come along for a CC show. And I got to leave the kids home with hubby! 👍🏼. Great show and I maybe enjoyed the 70 year old guy in front of my dancing and clapping along with the show more. He was awesome.

Somewhere Under Wonderland released on this day in 2014. Watch the music video for Palisades Park below.

Tammi Clark Smith

2 months ago

Amazing concert last night at DTE! Not sure what all the HATERS are talking about...this was one of the best concerts Ive seen in years. Cant wait until next summer!

Belinda Murry

2 months ago

Waiting patiently ay DTE right now for you boys to take the stage. My 10th Crows concert. You will always be my fave.

Montana John-Furnace

2 months ago

So love this album. Feels like it has been stuck in my car forever. It takes me to many places Especially god of Ocean Tides Can’t wait to see you Wednesday!!!

This day in 2011 "August And Everything After- Live at Town Hall" was released. Check-out a clip of Murder Of One / Doris Day Live below.

Thomas George

2 months ago

I was there!!! What a night!!!! You can hear my “wooooooooo!” at 6:20-21!!!!!!

Abhay Tripathi

2 months ago

There is stii a better version on YouTube with Adam telling the audience to "get the hell up" and him jumping thru the whole song! Better than this version.

Edwin Rolina Espino

2 months ago

Adam...can you listen to it and see the emotion that has been missing from your performances the past few years. I will never miss a show-travel far and wide to see you, but you have spoiled us with you emotional song lyrics and stage presence- please bring that heartfelt storytelling back to the stage...I miss you!

‪Ep. 31 Three = Beatlemania‬

‪In which the boys...oh I don’t know!‬

As always, the best soundtrack to my Tuesday workday, thanks!


Elisabeth Ivarsson

2 months ago

Counting Crows, any chance you heading to Australia with the tour??

Gnana Sekar

2 months ago

Can’t wait to see you guys tonight in Syracuse!!! My husband and I went to see you in Syracuse last year when I was pregnant, and now our little guy will be there tonight (at a safe sound distance) at his first concert! There’s no better band for a first concert than you guys! ❤️

Sheki Banger

2 months ago

Love this photo!! I would love an Xmas photo book all about CC....hint, hint

8.22.18 - Wantagh, NY - Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater
Photo Credit: Ehud Lazin

Nancy Garris

2 months ago

What a great night!Nothing like great music at the beach.

Melinda Speasmaker

2 months ago

They should send a check back to everyone that paid for that jones beach show. One word HORRIBLE!!

Landon Lawson

2 months ago

I love the pics!💕

‪Ep. 30 Two Beatlemaniacs = Super Solar Sister Lovers‬

‪In which the boys take a deep dive into The Posies and splash around with Gigolo Aunts too!‬ Stephen Kellogg Underwater Sunshine

Laura Williams

2 months ago

Awe I saw the Gigolo Aunts open for you in Winnipeg wow it’s been like 19 or 20yrs ago..

Ginger Kaczmarek

2 months ago

Awesome. Will listen during my ride down to Atlantic City, if not before!

Just saw Mike Brbiglia’s new theatre piece THE NEW ONE at Cherry Lane Theatre. Brilliant, heartbreaking, and hysterical. Go see it!
“Palisades Park” Hartford, CT 8/15/18 “We got nothing to wear”

Claudia Adobati

2 months ago

You guys totally rocked xfinity center in mansfield ma friday evening and boom forest and live were great also.

Jess Bishop

2 months ago

Did you have a mishap with a razor and you're too scared to show your face?? :) :)

Russell Williams

2 months ago

Thanks for playing "Los Angeles" in made my night...and talk about a sweet "Palisades"! Please play Foxwoods next's such a great venue!

8.15.18 - Hartford, CT - XFINITY Theatre

Nelsy Ludeña

2 months ago

I am currently living in Japan and this is the first time in 25 years (literally) that I haven’t seen you guys at least once. This one feels personal. Sad/happy to see all the pics and videos and reviews from afar.

Were great in Hartford, really liked the songs I didn't recognize. I finally got to see them do Rain King, totally moving.

Vern Hill

2 months ago

Came up a bit short. Rough start and only 1 hour 15 min set no encore. Weak

8.14.18 - Holmdel, NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center


Takanori Yamamoto

2 months ago

Please commend whoever did the set and the lighting for the show. Both were amazing.

Hery Yusuf

2 months ago

Such a shame over here in the UK we are priced out of seeing the Crows by rip off ticket merchants who are known for terrible service..

Carlos A Nazario

2 months ago

Was a great show. Been seeing you guys for about 12 years in a row. Top three. Thank you

Camden, NJ - 8.11.18 - BB&T Pavilion


Gaby Andrea Mendoza

2 months ago

Not picky about the setlist but previous two times I saw them the sound wasn't very good and so many of the songs were sung as slow ballads with Adam speaking the words more than singing them. I'm just hoping for a good performance of whatever songs they choose to play tonight.

Patricia Ward Ruggiere Scavuzzo

2 months ago

Murder of one would be the best ever closer of the set

Bobby Riddle

2 months ago

See You in New Hampshire... Einstein on the Beach

‪Ep. 29 One Beatlemaniac: Fountains of Adams‬

‪In which we casually and confidently confuse the Bay State with the Bay State. It’s a club IN Massachusetts and a state NAMED Massachusetts. Forgive us all you Massholes out there.‬

Jala Starchild

2 months ago

Ep 29 Beatlemaniac:Fountains Of Adam the link won’t work going to actually try and find it in Podcasts.. but got to watch a beautiful video of Scarecrow (which has became one of my fav songs)

Hershey, PA - 8.10.18 - #25YearsandCounting

Xavier Guertin

2 months ago

See you 8-15 in Hartford ! Can you guys please play “ up all night”??

MP Lachance

2 months ago

Does anybody know what times each band went on?

Louis Burris

2 months ago

I guess they moved on without us, Colin Taggart :'(

New Born Akash

2 months ago

Looked for Jim at the carousel. The ghost of the tilt a whirl still lingers inside of my head

Vivian Fernandes

2 months ago

One of the best shows I have been to of yours!

Heather Queenbee

2 months ago

Hi guys! See you next Friday in BOSTON!!!!

Ep. 28 “Butterflies In Reverse”

In which the Sunshine Boysprove beyond a shadow of a doubt their unfaltering willingness to go to the well yet again with the gift that just keeps on giving: the background vocal thing!

Kailey Isela Hernandez

3 months ago

Love that song, and interesting to hear the story of the background vocals.

THIS WEEK's GIG's: Virginia Beach, VA - Bristow, VA - Hershey, PA & Camden, NJ - Who's coming?

Emmanuel Velasquez

2 months ago

Saw you guys last night in Va Beach. Awesome show, just awesome!

Prince King TJ

2 months ago

Does anyone know if there is a local opening act in Hershey? The tickets say 6:30. That’s a little early!


3 months ago

Counting Crows do your fans in Bristow Va a favor tomorrow night ? I’ve liked you for all these years but try and step it up and play some of your old songs that everyone knows ... looking at your set list for the past couple nights you need to play songs of the past that everyone knows ....Mr. Jones is huge and I don’t see you playing that ... Sullivan Street, Raining in Baltimore, Angels of the Silences, Accidentally in Love, Daylight Fading , Rain King , Hanging Around, Anna Begins , Long December .... so please do us a favor and give us a performance with the songs we grew up listening to and for being the reason the Counting Crows have been a big part of our lives ... the negative reviews I’m seeing of your performances worries me but hopefully it will be an awesome show in Bristow Va... so I will keep you posted how the experience goes ... Thanks Counting Crows

Make sure to grab a signed vinyl at a gig near you this summer. #25YearsAndCounting

Vam Guevarra

3 months ago

They should sign the jacket. If they sign the vinyl it will skip

Raki Robin

3 months ago

August and Everything After, the best album ever! Not knowing 20 years later this title also changed our life. August 2014: we got to know a hole new world. How bizarre! A coincidence? I don’t think so.❤️

Imran Hassanudin

3 months ago

Would love to, but there is not a show near me and the ticket price for the nearest one has gone up 400% since the last tour 😪

In less than two months you can see us live at #BourbonAndBeyond in Louisville! We’ll see you in September for the perfect blend of Bourbon, Food, and Music. Tickets are on sale now!

Linsolite Lpizza

3 months ago

I love this picture!!!! Dan I prefer the fedora though, just sayin! 😂😂😳

Gio Soto

3 months ago

So stoked, can't wait!

David John Hourigan

3 months ago

See ya there ,hope i make it past bourbon trail

Get to Know Underwater Artist Seán Barna: "In a culture where identity can so easily be misappropriated, listening to him sing from the point of view of a drag queen or a woman is refreshing because it feels urgent and real." Read more here:
Wish our fearless leader, Adam Duritz, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Christine Gleeson

3 months ago

Cultural appropriation is just a negative term for a neutral practice.

Pafras Mukisa

3 months ago

Happy Birthday but honestly not impressed!

Mary Marquez

3 months ago

Happy Birthday Adam! Saw you and the guys last month at The Shoreline in CA, great show! Hope you have an awesome day celebrating today!

Ep. 27 “Highway 61 Resurfaced”

In which the boys celebrate Adam’s “road trip” with an epic paean to travels and travails in song

My good buddies from back in the Sheryl Crow days joined us in Atlanta. I have shared a lot of great music and memories with them, and we added some more last night. - Jim Bogios

Brooke Bennett

3 months ago

Thank you for another amazing show in Atlanta - you guys are the best!

Nelo Angelo

3 months ago

After this tour, can we all just agree we're too old for this heat and have some indoor shows 😂
Sincerely, Florida

Jon Michael Fink

3 months ago

Come back to Australia please :(


Carol Madden-Wollmann

3 months ago

Now if you would just change up your set list!!
Really mix it up 🌪
Murder of One!! Angels of the Silences!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Melanie Grace Rajan

3 months ago

The slowest working band in rock! Any chance of a new album in the next decade?

Reece Ulmer

3 months ago

help me to stay awake Im fallin…...

Houston, TX - 7.22.18 - The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion #25YearsAndCounting

Kenneth Stubberud

3 months ago

I was at this show and I loved it. It was beautiful and fun. Great music, great stories. Thank you so much!

Barrett Chowning

3 months ago

We got both set lists last night!!!

Deejay Blaze

3 months ago

Cannot wait to see you in Charlotte!! 💗💗💗 Hoping you can add Mercury to the set!

A glimpse of the Austin, TX show on 7.21.18 at Austin360 Amphitheater with LIVE. #25YearsAndCounting

Callum Bolton

3 months ago

Hi Adam. I’m not sure if this message will get to you. I recently discovered that you suffer from depersonalization. I found that out because I have been suffering from it for over 25 years. I’m always googling stuff, and came across some of your interviews. Answer me please

Omer Rose Elmakais

3 months ago

I so enjoyed the Tupelo concert. I think I danced the night away for sure. You all were so awesome! Thank you for such an enjoyable evening listening to the best music. Adam Durtitz is definitely an artist. He truly is a lyrical Picasso. An absolute genius. Looking forward to seeing you all perform again. 🕎

Amanda McClain

3 months ago

Was a great show

See this and many others like it when you follow me on FB/Instagram.(Sadly Charlie won’t be flipping the bird in the other pictures, but who knows….maybe I will get him to do it again real soon!)

FollowJim Bogios on FB/Instagram

Karen Slotemaker

3 months ago

Looks like you're enjoying the tour, but please come back to Australia :)

Cristiano F Souza

3 months ago

Man you guys look this old it means I'm an old fuck as well

Shannon Vero

3 months ago

Charlie you freakin rock! Come back to Australia 🇦🇺

Ep. 26 “Aquaman Vs The Neptunes”

In which our heroes dig deep into the hip-hop hit-making majesty of The Neptunes. Pharrell Williams & Chad Hugo rocketed out of VA Beach and changed the course of hip-hop and popular music forever. We dig it. You should too.

Michaela Fluck

3 months ago

I'll listen tomorrow.
Loved seeing y'all again. Thanks for the great pic and the perfect show. You guys are the BEST!

Lacey Newman

3 months ago

if it is related to the sea, count me in

Dallas, Tupelo, Birmingham & Atlanta - We're heading your way this week. #25YearsAndCounting with LIVE

Kathy West

3 months ago

Did they have an opening act before LIVE?

Jacob White

3 months ago

Is there an Australia leg of the tour planned?

Adriana Lopez

3 months ago

Wanted to be there for Dallas too!

Which show are you coming to this summer? #25YearsandCountingTour LIVE

Jul 21 - Austin, TX
Jul 22 - Houston, TX
Jul 24 - Dallas, TX
Jul 26 - Tupelo, MS
Jul 28 - Birmingham, AL
Jul 29 - Atlanta, GA
Jul 31 - St. Petersburg, FL
Aug 01 - West Palm Beach, FL
Aug 04 - Jacksonville, FL
Aug 05 - Charlotte, NC
Aug 07 - Virginia Beach, VA
Aug 08 - Bristow, VA
Aug 10 - Hershey, PA
Aug 11 - Camden, NJ
Aug 14 - Holmdel, NJ
Aug 15 - Hartford, CT
Aug 17 - Boston, MA
Aug 18 - Gilford, NH
Aug 22 - Wantagh, NY
Aug 23 - Atlantic City, NJ
Aug 25 - Syracuse, NY
Aug 26 - Cleveland, OH
Aug 29 - Toronto, ON
Aug 30 - Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 01 - Cincinnati, OH
Sep 02 - Detroit, MI
Sep 05 - Champaign, IL
Sep 06 - Indianapolis, IN
Sep 08 - Chicago, IL
Sep 09 - St. Louis, MO
Sep 11 - Kansas City, MO
Sep 13 - Council Bluffs, IA
Sep 15 - Sioux City, IA
Sep 16 - Minneapolis, MN
Sep 18 - Cedar Rapids, IA
Sep 19 - Madison, WI

Viktor Rodriguez

3 months ago

We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary at the #25YearsandCountingTour LIVE concert tonight in Austin. So excited!!! 😆

Sweet Cheeba

3 months ago

I’m so bummed we’re on vacation when you’re in Bristow 😢 We never miss a Counting Crows concert. We got to see you VIP 2 years ago and afterwards the concert was cancelled bc of a storm/damage to the venue. Thanks for all of your great music that is a wonderful part of our lives these last 25 years
🎶 💕 😊

Irene Lever

3 months ago

September 16th, and I cannot wait! Anna Begins, please!!

#ThrowbackThursday A rather peculiar post gig pic from back in the day of my white haired self, hanging out with a long haired David Immergluck, and stoned choir boy Daniel Eisenberg. Oh yeah, and Immer is trying to stick his tongue in my ear! - Jim Bogios

Cari Burns

3 months ago

Throwback Thursday. My first time seeing y'all front row. Traveling Circus and Medicine Show. Franti/Augustana/Notar. I was so excited!!!

William Tanguay

3 months ago

Jim - where’s my snare???

Lisa Gonzales

3 months ago

What is up with David Eisenburgs Adams Apple??!!! Who nose 👃 !?

Killer article and interview with ME on Underwater Sunshine Fest artist Seán Barna on the freaking from page of today! Go check it out!

The Underwater Sunshine Podcast Ep. 25 “Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams”
In which we really dig deep into some incredible music that just came out last week and start a rumor that I’m quitting the band after this tour by never once even mentioning the possibility.

Daniel Beletsov

3 months ago

The list of new music I need to check out and old music I need to revisit gets longer every Tuesday.

Jmm Mukumadi

3 months ago

Does it shatter

Aleksi Martikainen

3 months ago

Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii 🎵🎼🎤🎻