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at The Bells 🛎⛰🏞

Gregory Lane

20 hours ago

Really that you are coming to Brasil in december? 😱😱😱😱

Edoardo Drago

a day ago

I love the view, Coco! #ColbieCaillatPhilippines

Mucha Mucha

a day ago

What a beautiful photo of you two!

Frances Fritzie Espiritu

2 days ago

Colbie will you ever come to Australia? Please!

Daniel Shamburg

3 days ago

Aspen gondola? Are the leaves changing yet?

Where the 🍻 flows like 🍷and the 💃🏼💃🏽 flock like the 🐟 of Capistrano.... I’m talkin about a little place called Asssspen 🌲🌳🍃🍂🍁🏞🌄

Latricia Horsley Hall

3 days ago

Colbie, you are gorgeous and sexy when you smile, and when you have your hair down in this picture.

Nicole McKenna

3 days ago

Uma mêsa repleta de belezas, meu pobre coração não suporta. 😊

Egy Dwyns Hamdallah Damares

3 days ago

I absolutely enjoy your music!

Alessia Sancilio

10 days ago

You are gorgeous and sexy when you smile, and when you have your hair down in this picture.

Jessenia Gracteroly

10 days ago

Wish I could be there for a cold brew with smiling faces. A breath of fresh air for sure.😉😎😇

Katalin Batta

10 days ago

I love your music Colbie🙌❤️🎶

9 years yesterday... what??? Still my favorite & BFF 😍❤️ @justinkawikayoung

Congratulations Coco @ Tin

Jenifar Prantica Gomes

12 days ago

From Coco tour at TLA/Fillmore, South Street Phila (front row)to Malibu Sessions in Glendale, PA, my heart has followed you both. Congrats and wishes of many more happy years. #myfavoritetwopeople #together

Mary Carson

12 days ago

Good numbers just need that ringing sound

Zarayda Piña

a month ago

Despite of the problems a month ago, you both are still strong! 💝 I love you, Colbie and Justin! I hope that y'all happy. Keep strong! 😉

Mihran Tepelikyan

a month ago

Hello Colbie I hope you are doing Great Much Luv :)

Tamika Robinson-Council

a month ago

So happy to see you both so happy! 😄👍

Happy Birthday my favorite! ❤️🎆..... You guys, Justin @justinkawikayoung has a very special birthday today ✨I’ll keep the # a mystery for him but y’all are always cool to guess 😁 1 hint- he’s at an age of sophistication where he has a favorite spatula 🤔 sorry baby 😊 anyway he’s the cutest and I’m always 😍

Archie Magtabog

a month ago

Happy Birthday Justin! Don’t you know forty is the new twenty!? Lol. Hope you enjoyed your day and were surrounded with the people you love the most!

Christel Bennett

a month ago

Happy Birthday enjoy with good time together

Laurie Cottrell

a month ago

Happy birthday, Justin! Hope you enjoyed it! You don't look a day over [insert number considerably lower than current age here].

Missing my baby girl so much 💙 I’ve been having a hard time with the loss of our sweet giant beauty, Mali. She was the happiest energy, most loving & goofy dog I’ve ever had ❤️ I am always going to miss her 130lb morning snuggles, her hour glass painted head waiting for us at the front door, our trio of pups grazing in the yard together like happy farm animals🍃🐶🐰🐭, her going swimming & then digging muddy holes & then going swimming again 😏, her Houdini brain full of skill and mischief, her singing when @justinkawikayoung would play the piano, her huge bear paws, her playing like wild beasts with her other giant siblings Dora, Lady & Vinnie, and how she would always come thank us after every meal she ate 😊, to name a few. — I never told you what happened to her... Some workers finishing our patio caulking left our gate open 😞 and our dogs ran out for another one of their adventures. That day in Nashville it was extremely humid and about 95 degrees.
We found Dorothy after 6 hours of searching & luckily she was ok, but we never found Malibu. Someone called us 2 days later saying they found her but she had passed away & it was from heat stroke. 😞💔She was only 4 1/2 years old. She had wandered 2 miles through the woods & her big body couldn’t take it. So many things have gone through my mind about that day and the grief is overwhelming. She was our baby and we couldn’t protect her. It was a huge reminder what nature is capable of, and also how people need to be more responsible. That week @justinkawikayoung & I had so much help in our search for her everyday, we were surrounded by our amazing friends, and they were there with us to say goodbye to her. 💙💛 I couldn’t have done it without you guys @nellyjoymusic @jasonreeves @billyhawn 🌅. Honestly we felt so much love from everyone who sent letters & flowers & kept checking in on us. 💗 Last thing, I did research on Heat Stroke & learned how common it actually is. People not even realizing it’s happening to their pets. Keep your animal friends cool, don’t lock them outside in the summer, don’t take them on long walks when it’s too hot, never leave them in cars, & make sure they always have water 💦 ❤️~Cc

Terri Huggins

a month ago

I wondered if it was the heat or not. She’s so big and fuzzy and it was so hot. Those furry babies are always emblazoned on our hearts. They make us better humans. Much love ❤️❤️

Miguel Dominguez Gomez

a month ago

I am a 58 year old “dog mama” and have lost several “children” over the years. It is the worst pain in the world, but I am so grateful for the time I had with them. I lost my beautiful boy Jeison a year ago this month. I still miss him something awful but am so grateful for the time he was in my life. He is one of the best gifts I have ever been given. I like to believe that someday I will somehow see him again.

Ben Renkenberger

a month ago

So sorry Colbie! We lost our girl Lacy in May and it’s still fresh and raw. I don’t think the pain will ever go away, but at least I have pictures and lots of memories of what a wonderful dog she was. You and Justin are in my thoughts!

I wanted to update you all and thank you for your efforts in trying to find her and for your loving support 💙

Erick Ortiz

3 months ago

So sorry for your dog’s loss. What a gift she was to your life! The memories you created with her will comfort you, and when you’re ready, may they compel you to rescue & save another furry soul to share your life with. She’ll be waiting to greet you one day at the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge for sure! 😌👍🏼❤️🐶🌈🌈🤟🏼🤟🏼🌺🌺 Moe i ka maluhia sweet Malibu 🙏🏽🙏🏽🌈

Tonya Lovingmenmines Ransom

3 months ago

I am so very sorry for your loss. Our fur babies hold such a special place in our hearts and their loss can be incredibly painful. Keep those memories safe and Malibu will always be with you.
I am a certified pet grief recovery specialist (we met at the SuperValu conference in Minnesota last August where you performed). If I can be of any help, please feel free to reach out to me.
Wishing you peace.

Eddami Eddami Reda

3 months ago

I am so sorry for your loss. It hurts my heart as well. I pray that all our fur babies are waiting for us when we cross over.

Still looking for Bu 💙😢💔
But thank you all soooo much for your help spreading the word and for your loving support. It means so much to us. We’ll keep you posted...

Dana Bowlin

3 months ago

Mariana Melo Rosi Cléa Varjão a Colbi tá desesperada atrás do cachorro dela Caso vocês virem ele por aí avisem

Ness Hsn

3 months ago

Is this in Brentwood?? Because I live nearby, I hope hes found soon.

Aldilla Dwi Krisdianti

3 months ago

Say a pray to St Anthony finder of lost things..I will too Colbie. It always works for me.

‼️MISSING‼️ 💙 Saint Bernard, lost in Brentwood, Tennessee. Please let me know if you find her, if you have seen her, or hear of anyone that has! Thank you, Colbie & Justin
#brentwoodtn #brentwood

MoHamed BasHandy

3 months ago

Very sorry she didn't make it....I hope you find peace and remember all of the good about her and all the reasons you love her. I lost my pet friend of 11 years Dec 6 2017 and I think about him everday....I miss him so much and wonder if he is ok or gone or suffering...there is no way for me to know so I pray for him and hope that someone is taking care of him, or that he is not suffering....I will never be over losing him....I loved and took care of him like a best friend for 11 years, so now I am just trying to build all of the good memories and remember him that way.

Beth Crossley

3 months ago

Hope you find your dog soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Dreezy Whayaa

3 months ago

one time my dog ran away and I ordered a pizza to get her to come home
she loved pizza

Missing!!! 💙 Saint Bernard, lost in Brentwood Tennessee. Please let me know if you find her, if you have seen her, or hear of anyone that has! Thank you, Colbie & Justin

Bruno Cérsar

3 months ago

What part of Brentwood did she go missing?

Isaac Frinchy Montana Dumbuya

3 months ago

Oh no ! OMG , I hope you find your baby 🙏🙏🙏

Gìá Īs Nøt Çhàīīy

3 months ago

So sorry!! Praying you find her! Post on Nextdoor in that area and even on Craigslist. Look for local FB pages for lost pets and post there too.

Ümit Aksöyek

3 months ago

C’est trop mignon super photo

Pankaj Chouhan

3 months ago

Sweetheart u can vent and say that bitch wants to use us to put metal detectors in all the schools in the US....ewe that evil bitch listens to my music when she’s soooo sad she wants to cut/hurt herself. Jason Thomas Mraz guess you’ve met 😬(blood is like seeing an unexplainable pain is why. I know it’s not ok but I know why n I haven’t done it. It’s easier yah know pain u can see then invisible pain)

Jose De Jesus Alvarado

3 months ago

idk but, I think I may be, fallin for you..droppin so quickly <3

🚣🏼‍♀️🚣🏻‍♂️🚣🏻‍♂️🏞 complete downpour thunder storm ⛈ then pure sunshine ☀️ Tennessee could be Kauai 🤔

LaKendra Smith-Beatty

3 months ago

Is that butterscotch pudding you are floating through? Yuck to both! Yeah to having fun with your friends though.

Fangeran Kediif

3 months ago

I don't think so!!! Not in this lifetime anyway.

Irene Santiago Colón

3 months ago

Have to say it's great, comedy gold actually. Haven’t LOL'd this hard in a while. Is this critically analysed? 😓

Rocking my way in to 33 🤙🏼🎸💆🏼‍♀️🎉 #metalhead Thanks for the Birthday love everyone 😊☀️

Marcelo Damian Maldonado Concha

4 months ago

Happy Birthday, Colbie! I hope you had an amazing day!

Britney Humes

4 months ago

That amount of highlight foil is nearing conspiracy level concerns that the government and / or aliens are listening to your brain waves to scoop your next song.

Schoolboy Abuchok

4 months ago

Colbie, I hope you had a happy birthday and that your years ahead will be great ones.

Cutest lil thang 💙 Incredible 📸 @nellyjoymusic 🐢😍

Mike Lilja

4 months ago

Turtle 🐢 good pic !

Aline Gurnot

4 months ago

Yeah, definitely not too stale. Have thought about this exact topic somewhat. 🐧

Rich D'Amore

4 months ago

Is this in Kauai ?

Tennessee skies 🏞

Omaatla Veronica Ramaditse

4 months ago

My grandma lives in Tennessee, and with views like this, I kinda envy her for it.

Micaella De Leon Toledo

4 months ago

Belo céu azul, bela mata verde a tornar ainda mais belo tudo.

Matthew Wells

4 months ago

Beautiful 😊 ❤️those shades of blue💙

Thanks for the 📸 and for coming to every single show around the US @wave_chick 💛✨

Shirley White

4 months ago

✨Uncrerible artist with uncrerible voice ✨👌👌👏👏👏

Dino Fidel

4 months ago

It was a great concert and getting to sit in front of ya and talk was just amazing. So happy for you and Justin <3

Taylor Young

4 months ago

Love u colbie,,,,i remember each n every lyrics of your songs,,,luf u ever,,,😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Last Friday night 📸 @joshd.adams of me 🎤 & @justinkawikayoung 🎸 💆🏼‍♀️+💋x @annaliese_canady

Maxine Todd

4 months ago

Colbie.. we were at the concert and couldn't hear you! We tried to communicate this with the event peeps and even your sound guy. Finally halfway through THEY TURNED THE SPEAKER UP. We couldn't hear your stories. So bummed.

Teri N Pelon Morales

4 months ago

Hold this line and you might just have me shelling out attention in the long run as well. 🙄

Rosaline Botchway

4 months ago

Muito sucesso para a jovem senhora mamãe "GOOD LUCK"!

📸 x @jasonreeves
📸 x @nellyjoymusic

Chris Jones

4 months ago

Keep it up and you could actually have me having to pay attention in the near future as well. 😖

Χαρης Αλεξοπουλος

4 months ago

Great pic Colbie! Looks like your Malibu album cover! Beautiful!

Matt Brennan

4 months ago

Your posts are always inspirational. When I was in the USNavy, stationed on an aircraft carrier (back-and-forth from San Diego to the Persian Gulf) we were commanded to throw all of our trash in the ocean. This is one of the reasons I could not stay in the USNavy after my required eight years of service. How does this relate to your posts?

Us 🤤 over that Caribbean water 😋🏝

Carlos E Alvarez

4 months ago

it looks like you are having the best day ever

Miquel Angel Villalonga Tortella

4 months ago

Crystal clear...AWESOME! ENJOY!

Kathleen Cadorette

4 months ago

Fun in the sun ☀️ 😎

Show tonight ✨🎤🥁🎹🎸🎻🎼 excited to be back playing! Sugar Hill, Georgia. 📸 x @tatifoster

Kazuhiro Aida

4 months ago

Thank you for an amazing show last night!

Paolo Sgueglia

4 months ago

We enjoyed how you explained where and when each song was written. Very personal and up close concert was exceptional. TY

Varga Árpád

4 months ago

Come Back to Cary, NC.

🏝☀️😍 ...... 📸 @nellyjoymusic

Ivette Sierra

4 months ago

You are calm, serene, comfortable ...It's for when the new album ..👍😉😜

Gloria Rojas

4 months ago

O Sol a beijar a pele da jovem senhora mamãe "GOOD LUCK".

Tarek Hosny

4 months ago

Happiness is a beautiful thing

Rodrigo Villalba

4 months ago

What a gorgeous place!

Ruben Godoy

4 months ago

WOW. Gorgeous view. Hawaii I would guess???

Shelby Ryan

4 months ago

oh, I'd like to be there at this moment in time :)

When momma comes to town 😊🍾☀️🚤

Ward Vermeersch

4 months ago

Ladies doing it right!

Neutro Ciencia Verbal

4 months ago

Colbie, I love your hat!!

Thelma Zanders Payne

4 months ago

Momma Mia weekend

Pounded a margy (Marg-orona) while waiting for togo order 👍🏻🌯🌮🍹🎉

Khumbu Sithole

4 months ago

Love your pic and I'm your biggest fan

Linda Vega

4 months ago

I wanna try it !

Paige Rod

4 months ago

According to the(the radio (the Q out of Wellsville) today is Laughing day .I cannot laugh .Just can see how beautiful you are Colbie,your friend,fan,and admirer Bill HellerBenson William Heller

Sharon Mayoral

5 months ago

Myo HarkLinn ၾကည္​့လိုက္​ ၾကည္​ႏူးစရာ​ေလး.😍

Erin Spina

5 months ago

Oh ring the bells already

Lore Lore

5 months ago

Está feliz. Que bom!

Guess who popped into the studio yesterday! One of my favorites ❤️ Keb Mo

Ericaa Lenise

5 months ago

My husband loves that song he does on Mike and Molly!

Heidi Reid

5 months ago

These smiles are a bright spot in my day. Phone being used to cook hands but I wanted to thank you. Have a blessed weekend..

Ambar Mansilla

5 months ago

Oh dear... -_- I first had read: "Guess who *pooped* into the studio yesterday".

Creating something rad with all these peeps ☀️✨💥💛 Ocean Way ~ Nashville, TN

Louis Garcia

5 months ago

Hi Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy!

Katherine Chao

5 months ago

I love you Colbie!!

William Allen Furl

5 months ago

Omg I just want to snuggle that Baby!!! Beyond cute!! Love seeing your tribe !!

🌱Happy Earth Day 🌳 These puppies love and enjoy the clean green outdoors so much 💚 watching them lie still admiring it and respecting it everyday is always a beautiful reminder that we should all do the same thing ☀️🌎🐾🌿

Laura Jameson

5 months ago

Beautiful day, beautiful pups.

Cesar Figueroa

5 months ago

These are wonderful Colbie Caillat!

Qristi Qristi

5 months ago

we still have to pick up their dog poo to keep it green and clean, they can't do it for themselves

☀️ Spontaneous short stop through Waco TX 🌾. Finally got to see The Silos! 💛 W/ @annaliese_canady 🤸🏼‍♀️ 🤸🏼‍♀️ @magnolia @joannagaines @hgtv @johnnyswim

Addy N Cornejo

5 months ago

wow, did you meet Johanna Gaines?

Anna Thallauer

5 months ago


Andy Chervenak

5 months ago

You and Johnnyswim would be a dream concert!!

Such a goooooood song with an important message 💛 @justinkawikayoung 😍 #stonecatcher #kawikayoung

Tiffany Hall

5 months ago

It is great, humor gold even. Haven’t laughed this hard in a while. 😓😆

γιωργος ιωαννιδης

5 months ago

love always 907 744 7748

Jose Luis Gomez Gonzalez

5 months ago

So good! Talk about great messages, I played Think Good Thoughts for my students today!


Debbie Rios

5 months ago

Met her before 😁...also had my birthday brunch at that same restaurant hahahaha

Milun Novicidj

5 months ago

looks like It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.

Patience Dace

5 months ago

He’s getting soooo big!!! Auntie Colbie is awesome!!

Also tonight on @americanidol ... singing “Bubbly” with this beauty @maddiepoppe 🤗💛☀️🎤!!
I’m on @americanidol tonight!! Singing “Lucky” with this talented cutie 😊 @garrett.jacobs 🎤🎼

Jeffrey A Payne

5 months ago

glad her and garrett went through. im a big fan and love your music. your a great singer

Elizabeth Millan

5 months ago

That was an amazing performance tonight!!

Eva Dyck

5 months ago

@ColbieCaillat hi Colbie! We watched you on idol tonight and wondering where we could get that white dress you had on? We're getting married soon and it's a small casual outdoor event in June. That looked perfect!

Morning sunshine☀️coffee☕️Dominoes🎲 puppies🐩 and this cutie❤️

Ajala Ololade Abiodun

5 months ago

Mindy of course she plays doms ❤️

I love you guys and dominoes!!!!

LA Marie Reeve

5 months ago

Great pic...awesome real moment. Have a great week Colbie.

Phone heads📱❤️📱

Paola De Los Angeles

5 months ago

Please bring Justin with you to ACL next week and sing puzzle pieces! Pretty please!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Tiffany Emmons

5 months ago

did I hear your name that you will be on american idol next week?

Sanket Donglikar

5 months ago

I guess that isn’t bad I wish to see far more fresh text, getting repeating. 😛

My lil Maté 💛📷x @justinkawikayoung

Latanya Murray

6 months ago

Sorry Mom, I just can't get that Miking Technique with these nails !

Andrew Tarantino

6 months ago

Um amor de mãe.


6 months ago

Tabitha Rae for a moment thought it was you and honey

Nashville fun 🍻🎉

Matthew McWhorter

6 months ago

Muitos amigos, jovem senhora mamãe "GOOD LUCK", e um grande salão para recebê-los.

Nepali Ashish

6 months ago

Simply leaves me having this hollow experience, just can not grasp it entirely. 😇

Drew Robinson

6 months ago

Cards Against Humanity is such a fun game! 😂😂😂

Spring w/ these beauties 🌿🌷🌼

Terri Thompson Higbie

6 months ago

Your property is amazing love that the weather finally turned where we can get outside and enjoy it

A Natalia Meedina

6 months ago

Beautiful babes,your friend and admirer forever sweet Colbie,Bill Heller (Benson William Heller)😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

Angie Acevedo

6 months ago

Jovem senhora mamãe "GOOD LUCK", com muito respeito, mas tens muitas belas amigas.

Nathan Valino

6 months ago

I guess this specific post isn’t totally terrible, but still. I wish to see much more fresh things 😆

Eng Toussaint Baheka

6 months ago

VER DE pertinho.

Trevoris Davis

6 months ago

Ur smile is just like this sun ❤

Khey Khey Makki

6 months ago

What a great couple! I was grocery shopping yesterday at Safeway when a Colbie song came on over the Safeway sound system I started to sing along as I walked down the aisle when a woman walking toward me was also singing we both burst out laughing but didn’t miss a beat!

Andrea Sanchez

6 months ago

Your boyfriend has nice tattoos Colbie. 😉

Yannick Giannoni

6 months ago

Please tell me Justin is coming to Austin TX with you in April at ACL!!!

Bernice Rush-Harrison

6 months ago

Have contemplated this exact topic honestly. 😏

Florian Le Guen

6 months ago

Colbie I like your pic

Stoked to have co-written a song on @tonibraxton new album 😊 I’m also singin on it 🎤 and Toni’s voice is gorgeous! @babyface 💛 #MyHeart

Amanda Aikens

6 months ago

So cool! Love her & cant wait to hear your song with her 👍❤️

Arafat Djandja

6 months ago

i remember taking her songs to english class in grade school:)

Kate Calvey

6 months ago

Just listened! Such a gorgeous song, and you can def hear those melodies of Colbie! Love it!!! 😍😍😍

Stoked to have written a song on @tonibraxton new album 😊 I’m also singin on it. Toni’s voice is gorgeous! @babyface 💛#myheart

Peneaux Lynette Candace

6 months ago

I love the song.

Clay Radeke

6 months ago

Hold this line and you may possibly have me paying attention in the near future as well. 🙄😍

Anuța Balea

6 months ago

can't wait to hear some of you singing some new songs!

Norma Thompson Torres

6 months ago

Chase ..couch goals..

Gregory Willis-Davis

6 months ago

Now that's a couch.....

Marcella, Marcio Junior

Ezio Loki

6 months ago

Doesn't look real it's so beautiful

Michelle La Bruna

6 months ago

To poor to be there but in heaven anywhere with my Angel wife Debra

Evelyn Nowakowski

6 months ago

Jovem bela senhora mamãe "GOOD LUCK", é muito VER DE perto.

See you tonight Kauai! 💓🌈☀️ @zontaclubofkauai @justinkawikayoung @kauaimindy

Edward Kuhne

6 months ago

If I still lived there I would go :( after 26 years of living there I moved to NY with my boyfriend, wanted to meet you somehow on Kauai but I missed my chance.

Arky Loyola Paralejas

6 months ago

Você é a porta voz da bela canção.
Tenha uma Ótima Apresentação!!!
Fã do Brazil!

Sue Szeliga Lindstrom

6 months ago

Oh my. If I would have known, I would have flown over from Maui.

Hartmut Prochnow

6 months ago

Yeah, not necessarily too shabby. Have contemplated this exact topic somewhat, but failed to reach virtually any conclusions. 🙄

Chance Comeau

6 months ago

Somebody looks like she's a winner. Hmm who could that be. Well let's see now...bunch of good looks.

Susan Delgado

6 months ago

i love you queen forever you are my singer number 1

Mariann Szabó

6 months ago

Beautiful Colbie your friend,fan and admirer,Bill Heller (Benson William Heller)

Shelby Crouse

6 months ago

Happy pic Colbie ! Lucky you to have these 3 partners

Timothy Price

6 months ago

What a nice pic! Love your tee Colbie, makes me think of camping with my folks.

Thank you to everyone who posted these! I wanted to share them from the past couple days of shows 💗

Victor Souza

6 months ago

Love the Martin Guitar 🎸😀 made right here in PA. Hope you visit PA soon 😎

Martin Falko

6 months ago

Come back to HH!

Cassandra Matthews

6 months ago

This can be pretty dreary next to the usual stuff.Simply leaves me on this mountain of hollow experience, just cannot grasp it totally. 🐧