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Calgary, Regina, Brooks, Enoch, Sedgewick, & Penhold, I'm coming to see you in early April! I hope to see you there!

Alfredo Fonseca

10 days ago

How about Vancouver or Abbotsford please💖💕

Ericka Zito

10 days ago

When is Regina???

Pam Ryan

11 days ago

cant wait to the 15th of jan you be in Tallahassee fl again at the moon

Honored and humbled to celebrate the life of such an amazing man and president...

Robbie Crowder

11 days ago

The Tribute to George HW Bust was truly memorable - great job!

Phoenix Reynolds

11 days ago

Hallelujah was absolutely beautiful! ❤️

Amy Gonyea

12 days ago

I saw you rehearsing in the background of a news cast. The reporter wouldn’t move over or stop talking over you...SMH

Good morning Texas! You are beautiful!

Jenifer Meyer

15 days ago

Do you need a ranch hand? I'm a city slicker but don't mind getting my hands dirty...I'm okay with shoveling cud. Lol

Gavin Mikkelson

15 days ago

Looks like home. I grew up on a farm in Kaufman s.e. of Dallas.

Rebelle Songbird

16 days ago

A grate day in Abilene Texas today

Can you imagine how much trouble you would be in!😂

Sam Magu

19 days ago

Let your wife find out and you will NEED a way to stay camouflaged

Noelia Gomez Alvaro

18 days ago

Lol!!! But he would be in alot of trouble!!!

Deone Joubert

19 days ago

Clever idea, but you would freeze your------- off!

Woke up this morning to feed the animals and found my horses like this!😂 Can someone explain??!! 😂

Jessie Law

21 days ago

They did a lil bit to much partying last night!😂🍻🤣

Emma X. Biggs

21 days ago

We missed you so we thought of a way for u to sit a spell while we watch❤❤❤ you!!

Renato Bertoni

21 days ago

How in the heck are you going to get them out?😂

Nothin’ like spending time with the family around the holidays!How is everyone going to spend their Thanksgiving?

Jüri Palmer

25 days ago

Having my friend Pat over for dinner. Been in kitchen most of the day. Only one mishap! While I was taking the Dutch apple pie out of the oven it flipped and I caught it! Lost part of it! Lol Spending time with family is a blessing! Happy Thanksgiving! I would love to be with family. Too far away. God Bless

Jonathan Suarez-Diaz

25 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
We will be spending Thanksgiving Day with friends and family.

Amy Hall

25 days ago

Home with the family and ALL the dogs.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
Definitely no shopping 😍

#ThrowbackThursday to performing with the two best singing partners out there!

Antonio Tovar

a month ago

Such a cute pic. Such an awesome dad!❤

Sierra Hryniewich

a month ago

That’s the sweetest ever!

Marinilda M. Leatherman

a month ago

So sweet, great memories

Nothing beats a nice day at the ranch 🤠

Milton Quiñonez

a month ago

Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing them with us

Thay Karl

a month ago

Thats the life. Wish i was there with you

Stefano Teneriello

a month ago

I'm glad you're enjoying it we skipped fall, straight to winter snow in Arkansas,lol😁

!!!!! I cant wait! who loves Game of Thrones?!!!

Chauncey Freese

a month ago

yeah, I saw all the episodes and this new season next year... Good show...

Thelma Demarcus

a month ago

Dude I know!!!!

Gina May

a month ago

Oh I can't wait! So excited!

Thank you veterans, your service & sacrifice will never be forgotten.🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Jose Jojo King

a month ago

My dad was a Veteran and my father in law is a Veteran. Thanks for sharing Clay 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

Nancy Gareau

a month ago

I want to thank veterans for every thing there do for us and also thank you very very much went the panhandle got hit by hurricane Michael yall did a real good job again thank yall so much god bless each and every one of yall god bless

Jerica Ann

a month ago


Talk about ROI!

So cool you have to name them like happy lucky names!!

Yanka Koleva

a month ago

Wow! How cool is that?

Nicolas Gardner

a month ago

WOW!! That is incredible!!! ❤

One of my favorite songs! Give it a listen!

Sammy King

a month ago

Beautiful! Love your older songs and I’m glad to hear some newer ones too

Fernanda Pessoa

a month ago

You have the most beautiful voice you make people smile with your singing God has given you a gift with your voice with your looks any woman in the world would be very lucky to be your first middle and last best in your life may God bless you and take care of you and your family

Robert D Small

a month ago

Nope Clay!! I need some hardcore honky tonk traditional country music, like you usually put out!!!

Do you think I could carve a turkey with this?

David Hilliard

a month ago

only a turkey woud try so have at it

You could make a lovely turkey carving with that. Make sure you choose a tree with a large trunk.

Boyd Anderson

a month ago

You know where we live come over and we'll try it.

Indiana, I’m coming for you in a couple of weeks!Make sure to grab your tickets!

Alessandra Zennaro

a month ago

I'm trying would love to see you in concert

Sean Duncan

a month ago

Come to Wyoming

Steven Gerard

a month ago

Coming ro Aus mate ?

Happy November 1st everyone! Is it too early to get in the Christmas spirit? 😂🎅🏼

Chasity Jermirah Dickinson

a month ago

I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping...😊👍

Togbadja Ariel

a month ago

Nope...I’ve already decorated my office door at work

Jamie Nelson

a month ago

You are so handsome baby!! I love you so much

Happy Halloween everyone! 🤠🎃 What’s everyone dressing up as?

Brady Bibbs

2 months ago

U look so good.... Too busy with new twin grand daughters to even think about dressing up but they were pumpkins

Zala Rozina

2 months ago

Hope you had a good Halloween Clay.

Sara Haynes Blackwood

2 months ago

Oh... a common country housewife & a hardworking husband 😉🤗❤️ Usual, is what we was going fer 😉🤠👏

Just a little appreciation post for you fans, it wouldn’t be possible without y’all! 🤠❤️

Marius Wasem

2 months ago

Love you clay

Andrea Michelle Giangreco

2 months ago

One of the country artist who still tuck in his shirt.

Tina Rocke Giguere

2 months ago

Clay Walker is the best, lucky ladies!

Sasha Nomura

2 months ago

Love your music!!!!!

Tracy Gruber

2 months ago

That’s pretty cool

#ThrowbackThursday to some pre-performance shenanigans!

Kenny Detwiler

2 months ago

How are you Mr Walker?

Desiree Van Zyl

2 months ago

Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing Clay 😃

Evelyn Dennis

2 months ago

That's Mikey C....

Still thinking about this gorgeous view!What are y'alls favorite vacation spots?
I cant wait to play country thunder next year! Click the link to get your tickets!

Gwenda Kay Radcliffe

2 months ago

Great Smoky mountains here in the Carolina's

Shalonda Ingram

2 months ago

Hiking in the east Tennessee mountains in the fall. Heaven on Earth.

Joanne Pitt

2 months ago

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria has beautiful views

Anyone else feel like this? 😂

Jennifer Corkern

2 months ago

Yep, that is definitely me,lol.

Alisonn Barahona

2 months ago

to funny clay but very true 💯

Michael Bläßer

2 months ago

Same for the sit ups... 😒 👎👎

Looking forward to performing for you tonight, La Marque!It's a free show so make sure to come on out!!

Jon L Belton

2 months ago

And the fireworks were amazing

Oliver Cesar Jimenez

2 months ago

I had never seen you before in concert and you were awesome! Just truly a gentleman genuine super duper cool guy with compassion and a heart. Thank you so much especially for playing that song Hallelujah at the end of your show

Julie Miller Guter

2 months ago

Was an amazing concert. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Sorry Houston Astros, we had a great season Congratulations Boston Red Sox on your victory!

Shawn Turner

2 months ago

What a great game go Red Sox make it to world series...Clay love this picture...

Edilene Rosa

2 months ago

love the pic clay you looking good

Elia Tavares

2 months ago


Go Houston Astros🤠!!

Stephen Munene

2 months ago

So good to see you friend! Beyond proud of all your accomplishments! You are still the best ever! ❤️

Michelle Renee McNulty

2 months ago

Thanks for sharing pic with the fans Clay

অসমাপ্ত ভালবাসার কাব্য

2 months ago

I just have to say... U r so cute... What a selfie

😂I agree! 😂

Lisa Cody

2 months ago

Buck R Hill omg that would be funny!!

Raymond Alejandro

2 months ago

That would be a great idea

Rodrigo Riquelme

2 months ago

That would make them a better target for the person they are chasing, because they would show them their locations.

It's been great spending time with the family!How was everyone's weekend?

Paulo Martins

2 months ago

Let’s just say she won’t be lonely long is my song for today

Leigh Parry

2 months ago

It was officially Fall this weekend and we loved the weather here in Southern California, but back to the heat this week....Celebrated my son's birthday and decorated our house for Halloween! Hope your weekend was fabulous Clay Walker!

Amy Mack

2 months ago

Awesome !!!thanks but wish i would have came there an went horseback riding!!..y"all have fun !!

Can’t wait to get back on the road next week! Make sure to grab your tickets for the La Marque Bayou Fest by clicking on the link in my bio!

Dan Mac Griogair

2 months ago

I try to get tickets but doesnt give the option

Sylvia Thomas

2 months ago

Can’t wait. Going to be at the show on the 20th. This will be my 26th concert of your!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Pras Loft

2 months ago

How does one get to meet you at your shows? Nothing about M&G on your web site. Will be seeing you at Mohegan Sun in Nov 16th

Hey you!Don't forget to have a great weekend :)

Rebecca Hayes

2 months ago

Have a great weekend too!
Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪!

Roel Gijselhart

2 months ago

Clay, warn your fans that there are numerous fake accounts on messenger using your picture and pretending to be you. Eventually they ask for money.

Tatiizz Rincon

2 months ago

So looking forward to Friday at Mo’s!!

Shades of Hogan? lol...not even close 😂... Thank you to the awesome folks at Greyson Clothing for outfitting me at the Dunhill Golf Tournament in Scotland last week!

Franzie Esser

2 months ago

Melissa Pakebusch Kimberly Bishop Warren

Nice picture and beautiful day...

Ana Beltran

2 months ago

You look good in anything Clay!

Happy hump day! Don’t forget to listen to my new single here!

Lindsay Dawn

2 months ago

When any of your music comes on.

Jana Owens

2 months ago

Love that song Clay.

Kim Tirot Collin

2 months ago

Love it baby, You're working on me....;);)

This was always one of my favorites! Hope it makes your day a little better!

Tonya Dickerson Marler

2 months ago

A unforgettable song that I'll always remember by a increadable artist clay walker amazing song and amazing job on it no dought

Ginger Violette

2 months ago

This is one of the greatest songs you ever recorded!

Loago Sebogodi

2 months ago

I thought I had heard all of your songs... Nope

Appreciation post for my beautiful wife! Who do you guys appreciate?
🤠 ❤️

Phillip Helton

2 months ago

My husband and our 4 babies!! 20 years and counting!! I feel like "Fall" was written for us!!

Merle Kimball

2 months ago

You for not walking off the stage at Farm Fest in Selma NC. What a crappy PIT audience. They were too interested in taking group drunken selfies and face timing others and basically having sex at the stage to enjoy the show and I know you could see how they were acting. The fact that you did such a great show despite idiots is top notch so I appreciate you!

Danie'l Bettin

2 months ago

Celebrating our 40th anniversary.

It’s only been a few days and I’m already missing these beautiful views! #Standrewslinks

Areefa Abrahim

2 months ago

I love how active you are, even on stage in this Texas heat! Denton Fair and Rodeo!

Yogesh Samud

2 months ago

How did you shoot..

Kasey Love

2 months ago

I bet you are

#TBT to this stud!

Dor Krichli

2 months ago

Yeah...probably just drained that beer- no putt needed

Shae Sees

2 months ago

Still a stud ❤❤❤❤

Tom Dawy

2 months ago

You sure are a young one here... You aged well....

Finally made it to Scotland! Looking across the 17th hole. Nick named The Road Hole. One of the most famous holes in golf! Can’t wait to be playing the Dunhill!

Tom Dawy

2 months ago

Please can you do a Tour of Scotland

Shecallme Romeo

2 months ago

Looks a lot different then the old days at pinewood!

Kerry Lanez

2 months ago

It is so beautiful. I'd read about Scotland for years. Enjoy yourself while your there. Thanks for sharing some of your time with everyone.

Nothin better than clear skies and an open course. ⛳️🏌🏼‍


2 months ago

Looks so relaxing Clayboy...

Ukwueze Emmanuel

2 months ago

I love this, wish I can go there someday

Criziane Rodrigues

2 months ago

Live laugh love hope you had a good time golfing 💯🤠🌞🎤🎻🎶

hahah I was just sent this 💪😂...

Christina Hartzell

2 months ago

I think you're working on a little bit more than that fence ! :D

April N Albert Rios

2 months ago

If I could make a living out of loving you I'd be a millionaire in a week or that song

George Betts IV

2 months ago

You're like a fine wine you get better with age & oh so fine love you

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife! Love you darlin. 🤠

Theresa Cournoyer

3 months ago

Happy Anniversary, may y'all have many more !

Genella Brown

3 months ago

Happy Anniversary 🎈🎈to a beautiful couple 🎈🎈wishing you many more 🎈🎈othell and Irene

Derek Penning

3 months ago

happy anniversary wishing yall many many many more to come!!

Just me and my boys 🙂...AND the Best burger in Texas! Bacon, cheese and fresh jalapeños! And a shake with curly fries! C’mon

Gabriel Victor

3 months ago

That is a great picture of you & you're handsome boy's & I'm guessing that is your Dad

Susanna Mattila

3 months ago

When I make my way out there, should I ask for the Clay Walker burger? 🍔🍔

Timona K Mwayi

3 months ago

Beautiful family Mr.Walker

Shipshewana, IN! I will be headed to the Blue Gate Restaurant & Theatre on 11/17. Make sure to grab your tickets here:

Michael Joseph Murray Chapman

3 months ago

Already got my tickets for 2019 😳 😉 I am loving this tour schedule! 3 times this year and already planning for 2019! This hasn’t happened since like 1994 😉😄

Gypsy King

3 months ago

I wish I could go see him again, he sure look sexy...;)


La Marque, TX! I will be at the La Marque Bayou Fest on 10/20 for a FREE show. See you all soon!

Cesar Moreno

3 months ago

You all are looking spiffy!

Steve Price

3 months ago

Come back to WV 😍😍 please

Tanjina Afrin Lira

3 months ago

I will be there, happy happy peace love pray.

When I overheard someone in the crowd say they’ve never heard #WorkingOnMe...
Stream here:

Peter Piet Maaleka

3 months ago

Cant wait to see you tonight at the Farm

Sbonga Mriva Mahlobo

3 months ago

Excellent show in Greeneville, TN last night.

Anthony Hndz

3 months ago

Excellent show in Greeneville, TN last night.

Selma, NC! I can’t wait to play the 7th Annual Farm Fest with Lonestar, Deana Carter, and Moonshine on 9/22! Tickets available here:

Gift Boaz

3 months ago

I wish I was there also

Becky Denise Muzychka

3 months ago

Will be there! It is going to be great! Can't wait!

Lesley Hindmoor

3 months ago

Can't wait to see you play again! It's been a long time!

Greeneville, TN! I can’t wait to play the NPAC Niswonger Performing Arts Center Greeneville, TN on 9/21. Grab your tickets here:

Shaun Matthews

3 months ago

Great time last night in Poway, Ca. Always gives a FUN show. Can't wait for your next Southern Calif. Show. It's ALWAYS a party!!!

Deborah Jones Davis

3 months ago

I thought it was windy there?

Belen Felix Sillo

3 months ago

Indiana wants you....😁👍

#tbt to hangin out with my bud

April Howell Davis

3 months ago

What are you pointing at cuz

Francielly Santos Ramos

3 months ago

What a beautiful landscape.

Arelhi Mendez

3 months ago

Too sweet,peace love pray.

NEW COVER!George Jones was a huge influence on myself and country music. Check out this live cover of The Grand Tour. Let me know what you think and if you want more covers!! Please share!

Anysabel Chavier

3 months ago

WOW! You sound great!!! I love George Jones. "He stopped loving her today," is my favorite song by him. You ought to give that one a try.

Houssam Ghaly

3 months ago

You are my favorite artist. You sing everything amazing. Just saw you at the Riverwind Casino in Oklahoma. You have so many wonderful songs of your own. Is there a reason artists do Covers instead of all their own music? No disrespect. Just curious. I hope this is not coming off negative. Truly not meant to be.

Shinylovesherkids Focus

3 months ago

If you do the show with Ms. Nett again, you should sing "He stopped loving her today" or Keith Whitley's "Don't close your eyes" Your version of Hallelujah was absolutely breathtaking!!

Today we remember and honor the brave men and women we lost 17 years ago. 🇺🇸 #NeverForget

Chrissam Ng

3 months ago

I also remember that day all them people die 17 years ago

Beaugarel Jas'b

3 months ago


James Allan Hay

3 months ago


Cowboy up! 🤠

Katherine Wong-Lam

3 months ago

Nice picture Clay.

Samuel Eduardo Corro Arias

3 months ago

You're one of a kind, precious picture!

Blanca Aurora Dean

3 months ago

I am a very big clay walker fan love his music

This crew is one of the best. Glad to have this group of guys on the road with me. #WorkingOnMe


3 months ago

when will he be coming back to calie

Sara Cipriano

3 months ago

OMG!! I missed Clay Walker @ Fire Rock bc of MVO mtg. Veterans were appreciative

Jamie Lagano

3 months ago

We are blessed to get to know y'all, down to earth, Arkansas is calling your name,😁

Las Vegas, NV! We’ll see you soon at the The Orleans Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas on 9/8. Who’s got their tickets?! Go get them before they’re gone! Tickets available here:

David Bono Soe

3 months ago

This has to be one of my favorite photos of you......The background is absolutely stunning......(and your profile with your cowboy hat is too)

Tyler Patton

3 months ago

Just saw your tour bus in Arkansas on my way to work this morning!

Donna Bailey

3 months ago

Wendy Murphy Knox Angie Jones Hill want to go to Vegas? #justplaying #kindof #unlessyoureallywanttogowithme