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Greeneville, TN! I can’t wait to play the NPAC Niswonger Performing Arts Center Greeneville, TN on 9/21. Grab your tickets here:

Shaun Matthews

4 days ago

Great time last night in Poway, Ca. Always gives a FUN show. Can't wait for your next Southern Calif. Show. It's ALWAYS a party!!!

Deborah Jones Davis

4 days ago

I thought it was windy there?

Belen Felix Sillo

4 days ago

Indiana wants you....😁👍

#tbt to hangin out with my bud

April Howell Davis

4 days ago

What are you pointing at cuz

Francielly Santos Ramos

5 days ago

What a beautiful landscape.

Arelhi Mendez

5 days ago

Too sweet,peace love pray.

NEW COVER!George Jones was a huge influence on myself and country music. Check out this live cover of The Grand Tour. Let me know what you think and if you want more covers!! Please share!

Anysabel Chavier

5 days ago

WOW! You sound great!!! I love George Jones. "He stopped loving her today," is my favorite song by him. You ought to give that one a try.

Houssam Ghaly

5 days ago

You are my favorite artist. You sing everything amazing. Just saw you at the Riverwind Casino in Oklahoma. You have so many wonderful songs of your own. Is there a reason artists do Covers instead of all their own music? No disrespect. Just curious. I hope this is not coming off negative. Truly not meant to be.

Shinylovesherkids Focus

6 days ago

If you do the show with Ms. Nett again, you should sing "He stopped loving her today" or Keith Whitley's "Don't close your eyes" Your version of Hallelujah was absolutely breathtaking!!

Today we remember and honor the brave men and women we lost 17 years ago. 🇺🇸 #NeverForget

Chrissam Ng

7 days ago

I also remember that day all them people die 17 years ago

Beaugarel Jas'b

7 days ago


James Allan Hay

8 days ago


Cowboy up! 🤠

Katherine Wong-Lam

9 days ago

Nice picture Clay.

Samuel Eduardo Corro Arias

9 days ago

You're one of a kind, precious picture!

Blanca Aurora Dean

9 days ago

I am a very big clay walker fan love his music

This crew is one of the best. Glad to have this group of guys on the road with me. #WorkingOnMe


11 days ago

when will he be coming back to calie

Sara Cipriano

11 days ago

OMG!! I missed Clay Walker @ Fire Rock bc of MVO mtg. Veterans were appreciative

Jamie Lagano

11 days ago

We are blessed to get to know y'all, down to earth, Arkansas is calling your name,😁

Las Vegas, NV! We’ll see you soon at the The Orleans Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas on 9/8. Who’s got their tickets?! Go get them before they’re gone! Tickets available here:

David Bono Soe

13 days ago

This has to be one of my favorite photos of you......The background is absolutely stunning......(and your profile with your cowboy hat is too)

Tyler Patton

13 days ago

Just saw your tour bus in Arkansas on my way to work this morning!

Donna Bailey

13 days ago

Wendy Murphy Knox Angie Jones Hill want to go to Vegas? #justplaying #kindof #unlessyoureallywanttogowithme

Thankful for holidays that celebrate the hardworking men and women in this country. Happy Labor Day friends.

Melissa Flores Perez

15 days ago

Happy belated Labor Day to you and you're family

Zoli Bogdola

15 days ago

See you in Poway on the 14th.

Lilly Bttl

16 days ago

Same to you Clay.

Church Rock, NM! Y’all ready for a fun night? I can’t wait to play the Fire Rock Casino on 9/7. Tickets available here:

Kimberly Kastlee

17 days ago

I cant wait to see you again !

Cornel Mirea

17 days ago


Sávio Gomez

17 days ago

Can't wait to see you on stage😍❤️👍🏻

#FlashbackFriday to workin on the new album in the studio. Listen here: #WorkingOnMe

Laura Angela

18 days ago

Will you ever make a live album?

Kumar Ramakrishnan

18 days ago

Coming to Houston soon? Because that would be awesome!!

Abieyuwa Usoh

19 days ago

Love the new song. Love that you have as much energy as you did 20 years ago. Keep it real. Keep it country. St. PAUL....LOVE YOU.

I brought my racket from Texas 😂😂😂

Lori Robbins-Brown

19 days ago

I would love to see you play with it!

Patrycja Jaworz

20 days ago

Everything's BIGGER in texas!

Julio Cabrera Gomez

21 days ago

Have to keep home close ... during all your travels 😍

Brought my racket from Texas 😂😂😂

Ryan Rivera

20 days ago

They say everything bugger in Texas live you Clay

Nimlay Ennovy Fly

21 days ago

Listening to you clay on you tube this woman this man video. You bad ass bud

Tiffanie Beasley

21 days ago

I need a racket like that one...if I could hold onto it!! 😂LOL

One of the best duets I’ve ever had. 🤠

Daniel Blažíček

23 days ago

That is so sweet!!! She will remember that forever !!! You are such an amazing ,kind, andwonderful man. Keep doing what you're doing!!!

André Kreusch

24 days ago

This little angel will treasure this moment forever

Emeka Jr Ihekona

24 days ago

Very precious! I was about that age when I first became your fan. This little girl will treasure this moment her whole life. ❤️❤️

When I see #WorkingOnMe got added to your playlist… Listen here:

Yohann Bouty

25 days ago

Have a great show tonight!

Angie Samuels

a month ago

What’s up clay Walker 🤔

Chelsea Marie Priebe

a month ago


Corpus Christi, TX! Are y’all ready for a great show over at Brewster Street Ice House on 8/24? Tickets available here:

Farai Mushaninga

a month ago

Hope you are good..Keep moving! Love ya brother..

Sebastian Nørgaard

a month ago

Have a great show and safe travels 💕

Miles Dolding

a month ago

Yes,sir, I am. So excited, cnt wait. Will be best b-day present ever. Love me sum Clay❤❤❤❤

It’s a #WorkingOnMe kinda Friday… who’s listenin? Stream here:
Denton, TX! I can’t wait for the North Texas Fair & Rodeo on 8/25, who’s gonna be there?! Grab your tickets here:

Tyler Boss

a month ago

Happy Birthday Clay❗️
I hope it's the best🎈🎈🎈🎂

Robert Robert

a month ago

Clay! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You're coming back to Vegas! My sister, Dana, has MS (but it doesn't have her) first saw you 5 years ago at an MS charity event and have been dying for you to come back ever since. Can't wait for Sunday, September 9th at the Orleans. We'll be cheering from the 3rd row wearing our "Stick With It" buttons. This is like a dream come true! Whoop, whoop!

Rajendr Vishvkarma

a month ago

I stop what I’m doing and crank it every single time #WorkinOnMe comes on my Pandora!!!!!

Hard to beat a good day out on the ranch. What are y’all up to today?

Afiq Nuradli

a month ago

Training horses, teaching riding lessons, living my dream everyday & playing the Colorado lottery to move back home to Florida to continue doing the same...but back home near the beach!🌴🐴

Frank Chuvaka

a month ago

Nice picture Clay...was at the beach digging clams with my family....then a BBQ and of course fresh claims...great day

Raija Kyllikki Vihma

a month ago

Clay did you color your hair red? Us Englanders colored our hair red back on May for the Red Sox!! I have my family all over the country going red!!

‪Thank y’all from the bottom of my heart for letting me get to do what I love. ‬

Francia Georgina Tapia Moya

a month ago

I thank you for giving us what we love, and thats you Clay, i seen you at Riverwind Casino and cant wait to see you again in the future. I love ur songs and you r amazing. I love working on me. ❤

David Vander

a month ago

Thank you for continuing an active career through your otherwise already active life. My little Maggie Mei has been singing your songs since we saw you in May. I can't wait for you to meet Victoria next!

Nakic Nikica

a month ago

I'm grateful to have been able to see you perform twice now Mr. Walker. I was able to see you at JD Legends in Ohio. I find you to be one of the ones who truly appreciates your fans. Thank you for all the great years of music! Keep up the awesome work you do.

Greenville, SC! Will I see y’all tomorrow at the The Blindhorse Saloon? Tag a friend you’re bringing! Tickets here:

James Brown

a month ago

We will be there!! Can't wait!!! Jackie Moore

Natalie Altamiranda

a month ago

From Greeneville Tennessee to Greenville SC here I come 😍

Alexander Pèrez

a month ago

Annie Smith Whitehead will be there. She’s been to all of your concerts in the south since the first one at Gaffney High School, the peach festival) in 1994. This picture was 12 years ago, can she get a new one with you tonight???

Albertville, AL! Are y’all ready for the Main Street Music Festival on 8/10? See y’all soon! More info here:

Love Larez

a month ago

Wish I was there instead of being in the hospital! Thanks Clay for sharing 😃

Terry Oostdyk

a month ago

Welcome to our hometown. Hope you enjoy your time here 💗

Jocky Balboa

a month ago

Now that would be fun.

Gonna drink every drop of happiness, ‘til they cover me up, I’m gonna live, gonna laugh, gonna love…

Sandie Kavalauskas Bolden

a month ago

Amen! These are wonderful words to live by and I try to do so daily. Thank you again for your music and dedication to your family and fans! God Bless you Sir!

Sandra Garson-Pacini

a month ago

Just sexy you are I love you Clay

Sho Ishizaka

a month ago

You have the Best show, Clay Walker!

Thank you Riverwind Casino!!

Mercedes Miller

a month ago

had a wonderful time and it was such a amazing show

Björn Unger

a month ago

Awesome show! My sisters and I had so much fun!

Kelly Brennan-Kilian

a month ago

We were a great looking crowd.

Me showing this crowd how to find #WorkingOnMe on their Spotify playlist. Listen here:

Ashaa Halimahlu Avilez

a month ago

Love this song

Juanita Olivera

a month ago

I love all songs from him

Cathy Marshall

a month ago

clay you knoe have to bring a person smile went they down looking sexy sweetie

Norman, OK! I’m headed to Riverwind Casino on Saturday. Who’s comin out?! Tickets available here:

Ron Fick

2 months ago

Me! On the road now from Tomball, Texas to come see you tomorrow night!!!

Michael Davey

2 months ago

I will be there. So ready to see you again.

Teddy Menanteau

2 months ago

Can’t wait to catch you in Tennessee, Clay!

Gotta love em… how many of y’all have a dog? Comment with what their name is.🤠 #NationalMuttDay

Jason Martinez

2 months ago

Mine are all rescues. My Havanese is Sebastian, dappled Doxie is Pebbles, Yorkie is Sassy & Chihuahua/terrier mix is Punkin'.

Theresa Langdale

2 months ago

These are my giant lap dogs.
Bear is a border collie/heeler mix 80lbs
Peter is a pitbull mix of some sort 70lbs

They with both be welcoming their new human sister into our home in mid Oct. And they couldnt be more excited.

Nnaemeka Franklin

2 months ago

This is my 9month old, Rebel. He is 25% American Staffordshire Terrier, 12.5% American Eskimo Dog, 12.5% Rottweiler, 12.5% Chow Chow, 12.5% Toy Fox Terrier and the rest is unknown. And my other fur baby is a 10 year old Chiweenie, Pokemon. Both my boys are love bugs!

Staying active is a must! What did y’all do today?!

Thanos Solomos

2 months ago

I hauled my holiday trailer home. Wish I was golfing lol

Paul Jericho Gajo

2 months ago

Walked five miles in the whitetail wood's! Picked vegetables, watered the plants etc.

Myrto Skentou

2 months ago

I laid on my couch and binged watched the ranch!

Atlanta, GA! Are y’all ready for a good night at Buckhead Theatre on 7/27? Grab your tickets before they’re gone!

Chimmy Crane

2 months ago

Can't imagine how ,you feel Everytime you walk on stage ,I would love to see from your point of view,your the greatest cuz

Shawn Christian

2 months ago


Den Mokamad

2 months ago

Thank you for Saturday!!!! Please come back to jd legends next year

West Virginia with my Mountain Momma
These are the best days.

Μαρια Σαμαλικουδη

2 months ago

What a lovely family!

Emmajane Stratton

2 months ago

That looks like the bestbplace to be. Love how you havent lost the country living.

Bailey Crist

2 months ago

Too sweet bless yall peace love pray.

When the playlist is on shuffle and #WorkingOnMe comes on 🤠 Stream here:

Best Coupel Ever

2 months ago

This was back in the 90’s at the state fair of Texas in dallas still all time favorite singer

Celeste Rodriguez

2 months ago

Love this Great Man

Carol Jording

2 months ago


Eau Claire, WI! Are y’all ready to sing at Country Jam USA tomorrow? Last call for tickets, see y’all there!

Pamela Waldon

2 months ago

He was Amazing! So interactive with the audience! Even went out in the Rain !
Thank you for the Meet And Greet. It made my day !

Corinne Melissa Key

2 months ago

Finally coming back!! Cheers!!

La Tonya Gillis-Farr

2 months ago

CAN’T WAIT!!!! It’s been too long!

Tonight is the night! Watch American chopper on the discovery channel at 10p ET! Featuring me!! I cant wait for you guys to see this bad boy!!!

Mauricio Marçal

2 months ago

I only saw 2 pics, does anyone either have any others

Dawn Laing

2 months ago

I saw it...amazing! When are you going to post a picture??!

Matt Koinaa

2 months ago

The show was great, it was great seeing you put ur passion into something and you said it correctly on the show, that bike is badass!

Who’s lookin for a brand new Clay Walker T-shirt?! Snag one of these from the brand new merch site! Browse the merch here:

Ayesha Bester Denson

2 months ago

I am wearing mine right now! I love it!

Michael Murillo

2 months ago

Got mine at concert in murrels inlet at the beaver bar!!!!

Krista Fisher Aston

2 months ago

Ive ordered mine, get it in a few days!!!! Thank you clay for the amazing new shirts!!!

New Salem, ND! I will see you at ND Country Fest tonight! Tag a friend you’re bringing, see y’all soon! 🤠

Jeane Fagundes

2 months ago

Come to San Antonio

Alison Meader

2 months ago

My phone spells crazy lol

Alberto J Ramírez

2 months ago

You are one of the greats now clay ,just like Meryl, Waylon,hand ,your name will live forever. Ow cousin I love you buddy ,...Bit me up and put me to work look for my video I made for you o. Twitter and facebook

Sturgis, South Dakota! Can’t wait to hear y’all sing along at The Knuckle Saloon tomorrow! If you haven’t yet, grab your tickets here:

Giulianna Santos

2 months ago

I wanted to go home for this SO BADLY! Clay Walker - you are the reason I am married to the wonderful man I am! I had it planned out and followed through one March night in Sturgis after we both got off work from our college job at McDonalds. It was 1995 - I talked him into driving my friend and I around for several hours and the whole time, I played “What’s It To You” - we estimate between 40 and 60 times. Over and over and over. He finally got the hint after about the 20th rewind and the rest is history. I knew that night he’d be my husband some day. Here we are over 20 years later and stronger than ever. There is not moment that that song doesn’t stop us in our tracks each time we hear it. I am SO SO SO sorry we will miss seeing you in Sturgis - where it all began. Have a great time. My heart is there with you while it remains in Arizona with my love.

Gretchen Bullock

2 months ago

Hi clay your awesome

Joshua Ayers

2 months ago


Craven, Saskatchewan - I can’t wait to see y’all at Country Thunder Music Festivals on 7/12! Tickets available here:

Choco De Hoyos Maldonado

2 months ago

I would love to see clay again back in fla clay come back to tallaheess fl

Hammad Chaudry

2 months ago

Clay please come back to play in Saskatoon sometime Saskatchewan misses you

Emily Behrends

2 months ago

Miss seeing u.. I wish u would come back to St. Louis... Great picture... Looking good cowboy

Who out there is lookin for a brand new guitar to play some tunes on? If you are then enter here to win a signed one from me!

Fabiola Valencia

2 months ago

It looks too pretty to play!!

Joy Fe Atuan

2 months ago

I’m all entered now pick me!!!! Please!!!!!!!

Hugo Rodriguez Cruz

2 months ago

I love to win 2 time entered for my grandson

Have y’all entered to win a new signed guitar? Or some merch? Enter here for a chance to win:

Nataša Mrkela

3 months ago

Sent pm...not about guitar entry.

Andrea Kliegl

3 months ago

I completed my entry Tuesday. And I got the email confirmation. :)

Israel Roca

3 months ago

Me please 🙏❤️🌹 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you Clay

“I couldn’t stop it if I tried, keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working on me.” #WorkingOnMe Listen to the full song here:

Fausto Fabbri

3 months ago

I love the song. It is beautiful. You are amazing.❤️

Jim Laguna

3 months ago

"Your working me " Clay, keep doing what your doing. Yeah Buddy!

Jean-charles Dauphin

3 months ago

Got to shout out to talented Van,come on guys Arkansas,please,please😊

Who wants a new guitar? I’m giving away a signed one with some of my merch! Enter to win here:

Kaiyam Williams

3 months ago

Your guitar would be so blessed next to the big picture I have of you in my den. Working on you just another one to remember.

Linnea Hagler

3 months ago

Love love u!!!! Would love your guitar!!! Saw u in Moncton nb!!!

Misael Emaus Rivera

3 months ago

My favorite country male singer!!🤗my first ever concert was at Great Adventure and Clay Walker was the act that night!!!!..I was the happiest outta my friends ((they never heard of him))) that night!!!🎤💃🎶🎵🔊that was back in the 90's and Clay is still going strong God Bless!!

Sometimes I feel like Jesse James...

Lou Mblue

3 months ago

See you tonight honey in Murrells Inlet. At 7:00 pm

Conner Shelley

3 months ago

Looking great, and congratulations ya'll, still " fall" the great song ever for me during a very rough time

Conner Shelley

3 months ago

Such a good looking man!!! Lord have mercy!!!💕

Who’s been out to a show lately? Can’t wait to be at the Poway Center For The Performing Arts on 9/14. Tix here:

Andre Vossenkaul

3 months ago

was at your concert in tallaheess at the moon wish you would come back this time to a fair ground so I can bring my step granddaughter she 10 but she love you and she always tell me nene he sexy

Simba Chaima

3 months ago

I was in Hopewell VA in March, won't be out again until you come back to VA.

Citlaly Mora

3 months ago

Please come to Indianapolis. You have many fans here!

Ridin’ into this week like…

Jess Angayen

3 months ago

I like that you are a country singer but truly a country boy. Always see pictures of you with livestock and family

Winston Blair

3 months ago

A good day I love you riding that horse I wish I was there already with you you know this is your girlfriend you're one that you were supposed to marry and you left behind

Cruz Castaño Muñoz

3 months ago

We all love seeing your great pics and your animals!

Who’s out golfin on this beautiful day?⛳️

Felix Pfister

3 months ago

But if your in Texas and wanna go fishing I would not hesitate. Miss that the most about my home state. Can get there in 14 hrs. Lol

Die-Go Alonso

3 months ago

Oh how I love you in all that denim. A lot of sexiness there!!! Go get that little white ball! Have fun it’s a perfect day for Saturday! Love you Clay

Adalid Hernandez

3 months ago

Not me!! You would have to teach it to me!!

When you tell me you haven’t heard Working On Me yet. Listen here:

Nazmi Alcańtara

3 months ago

☄😉This one of my favorite songs of yours🎶🎸

Jl Stoker

3 months ago


Jenny Langdon

3 months ago

Nothing like driving alone with the music going, very relaxing. ❤️

#ThrowbackThursday to when these guys were just youngins

Olajide 'Harmless' Oluwa

3 months ago

Btw wanted to thank you for your concert with Tracy Byrd on February 1st(8 days before my 38th birthday!)

Maria Roda

3 months ago

Please put more pictures out for us.Thanks Bobbie

Cha Vernier

3 months ago

And you were too

Here’s a shot of me and my girl at the CMT awards from a few years ago, good luck to all my friends and nominees at the awards tonight. Who did y’all vote for this year?

Bananimavoko Sambo Bananimavoko

3 months ago

Nice pic Clay its always good to see you here.

Ourania Stylianou

3 months ago

You both look great !!!!.May YOU both always shine!!😇

Jennifer Mckinley

3 months ago

what a beautiful couple

Hey y’all! Tickets are on sale today for the Poway Center For The Performing Arts in Poway, CA! Grab them here:

📸: Matt Downing Photography

Akanete Jones

4 months ago

Love your shows. Do you yourself actually ever respond to fans on messenger? Can't wait till you come back to Billy bobs texas. Long live the Cowboy.

Tóth Gábor

4 months ago

Hey Doris"s Sexy Texas. Cowboy. When you comming back to Virginia.

Ana Camila Romero

4 months ago

wish I could go but cant make it have good time clay kick them dead

#ThrowbackThursday to hanging out with my boys on the ranch​ 😊

Wendy Robertson

4 months ago

Awesome! Nothing better than spending time with family. Make some memories. Thanks Clay

Luceil Cornelius

4 months ago

Too sweet enjoy out side peace love pray .

Akanete Jones

4 months ago

love it clay have a good day

#WorkingOnMe has got me thinking about everyone out there who has that special someone. Submit a picture of you and your sweetheart in the comments and you just might get picked to be featured in a video on my page. :)

Annette Wright

4 months ago

Awww cute pic ...must. Make time for family fun ..blessings to you an yours...🌹

Suzana Johnson

4 months ago

Your family is precious!!! You’re a true role-model for many!!!
I couldn’t post a pic, so I sent it as a message. 😊

Katie Macdonald

4 months ago

Won't allow me to post in the comments

Typical Tuesday, ya know?

Magdalena Iileka

4 months ago

Great pic Clay u look like such a kind caring & loving soul .😊👍

Elaine Lorenzo

4 months ago

So sweet ,get your sweet wife to fix the finger peace love pray .

Martina Hernández

4 months ago

Clay Walker- come to Minnesota again soon please- (Duluth?). SO enjoyed your show. Especially your last song....Alleluia!