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Just Givin Some Pep Rally Vibes On Edgewood In ATL. We just gettin started. Official Video Coming Soon 💃🏽 #DOSE

Massango Flag

an hour ago

Cause you keep acting like that every time when I ask about that pussy

Robin Speck Persson

an hour ago

One of the most incredible videos that I've ever seen!!!! 😍
Congratulations to my beautiful Ciara!!!!! ❤️

Schwanda Smith

an hour ago

Omg love ittt!!!😍😍

Selfies With My Sis Miss. Missy Elliott.
American Music Awards Rehearsals Special Moments #LevelUp #Dose

Shanna Charles

12 days ago

When I say yall KILLED IT!!!! You both will always be on my favorite performers list!!

Alexandra Adams

12 days ago

.....levels up bongs from South Africa

Skinny Boy Floy

12 days ago


My 1st U.S. Cosmo Light Cover Shoot is officially out today.... And I’ll be hitting the American Music Awards stage later tonight. God is good!💃🏽 #AMAs

Silvia Salomon

12 days ago

So sad that you have to have your comestic surgery. Is this the value you want young girls to have about their bodies? That the gift God gave you isn't good enough?

Celinda Lowe Shafer

13 days ago

NoShade% I love Ciara down, but those shorts look a Fool with that. 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🙅🏿‍♀️🙅🏿‍♀️🙅🏿‍♀️🙅🏿‍♀️🙅🏿‍♀️🙅🏿‍♀️🙅🏿‍♀️ U Can't alwayz take everyone's advice around U.
This wuz ya first time working with them, so U Gett a Pass...

William Greer

13 days ago

That’s the girl who killed it on stage and made it her own with Missy Elliot too.

My 1st Cosmopolitan Cover Shoot! On stands October 9! 💃🏽

(Editor-in-Chief Michele Promaulayko - IG: @michprom)

Alberto Mata

19 days ago

I Lv everything about you cici😚👌

Ramon Castelo

19 days ago

New management? You’re booked boo. Mother of 2 too! 💕💫

Kat Vallo

19 days ago

Most beautiful woman in the world. Go Diva!

Kingkong mag
Photographs @micaiahcarter
Styling @shannon_sense
Set Design @laurennikrooz
Hair @ursulastephen
Make up @yolondafrederick
Manicurist @kana_nailist
Studio @pier59studio

Diogo Carvalho

24 days ago

That lovely that I am saying that ciara is my role model

John Taravella

24 days ago

Outfits look awesome on u!

Erica Farrar

24 days ago

y esos trajes tipicos de donde los sacastes?

#Dose was added to #CiaraEssentials playlist on Apple Music! Listen here:

Missy Watson

a month ago

You so beautiful ciara😘😘

Norma Meza

a month ago

Naomi Campbell Vibez 💕💫

Marlon Salita

a month ago

Always beautiful n on point girl I love u

My Dancers and Friends Went OFF 🔥 #Dose

सरोज तामाङ

a month ago

I want to say I love you

Crystal Cabrera

a month ago

I am proudly letting u know Champion is after it happens and it conclude,yo motley style give the ears worth a while, conscious food no brumotactilliophobia.

Carmen Ventura Turcios

a month ago

Omg ciara you make me wanna get up and dance

The party as officially started heating up! Choreo by Kyle Hanagami #Dose! #Dance

Tessie May Clune

a month ago

Sara Hart Watch~ jojo is there💓

Laquieta Mason

a month ago

Une tuerie !!!le top

Lori Blodgett

a month ago

Wow❣love Dose and the choreography.

Juanita So Blessed Gaines

a month ago

Still one of the most beautiful women in the world

Adam Antolec

a month ago

~*"."* how i feel about my Ciara_not your Ciara...i don't even know your Ciara !....

Elijio Lozano

a month ago

Beautiful Sexxy profile picture Ciara, i like it👌😎

I’m a hit you with a DOSE!! #Dose out now! 📣

Mary Riel

a month ago

My favorite new song just came out finally

Micheal Arrington

a month ago

Yes👌🏻 pretty good

Petr Mistr Jr.

a month ago

Check trace me guys... the video is stunning 🔥🔥🔥

#TBT to this week 14 years ago when "Goodies" went #1 💃🏾

Stefanie Miller

a month ago

We need goodies 2.0 Ciara, call Jazze Pha and Petey! Make The beat! Call Nicki too

Connie Boone

a month ago

Damn I was just 7 when this song came out😔

Nubarig Tagirian

a month ago

You taking me back now...oh I love that song

New Single #Dose out 9/14!! Tune into ESPN All Day, Everyday to hear a snippet! I’m soooo excited! 💃🏽

Cordell Willeto

a month ago

My Baby is back with another one @Ciara!!...I'm proud of u my babbbbby!!

Amy Denmark Farabee

a month ago

It will be awesome just like every hits you’ve had!

Malhar Kawre

a month ago

Joshua Soberanes does this not look EXACTLY like the cassette tape post from a few days ago !!!

Proud of my friend Serena Williams for standing up and being strong tonight. A true inspiration to many of us women. A new day is coming. #Equality ✊🏽

Mohamed Mohamed

a month ago

I dont think a lot of people really get it. Serena has had to deal with all sorts of racism and biases in her tennis playing history. After dealing with all the B.S, I am quite sure she has had enough. Let's not forget the arrogant comment made about her tennis clothing recently.; a mother who has given birth. She can't get a damn break. Now you want to blame her for displaying anger... I wonder if roles were reversed how many would make it this far dealing with all that she has endured. Everyone has an about walk a mile in her shoes. Big ups to both Serena and Osaka.

Silvia Fazio

a month ago

Serna is my girl when it comes to tennis but wrg is wrg and she was wrg her coach did admitted to coaching but he said he didn't think she saw him I understand why she said what said but to double bck that's a no no plus she call him a thief come on serna u are better than this on all levels next year u will be better wth a strong come bck u don't have to prove anything the pudding is already been made

Sara Kennedy

a month ago

Congratulations to Osaka but that match was no match. That umpire was unfair and Serena was punished for speaking the truth. Serena is a example of pure class and a role model don't believe me watch the press conference she gave after the match. 🎾 #inspirational

My song #LevelUp was added to the #BreakingPop Playlist on Apple Music! You can listen here:

Dave Smith

2 months ago

How I wish I could meet u!!

Abel Lazaro Pérez Guía

2 months ago

We call it success....big up babe...i love you Ciara
Please send me airtime sweety

Kelly Gabriel

2 months ago

Omg I go to a vixen workout class that mixes about 10 songs together for an hr class. Level up was one of the songs. When I tell you we put in that work!!! Perfect song! Love it and love you Cici!!

Ciara "Freak Me" Fan Challenge

Chinyere Sarai Okpaleke

2 months ago

Manon Silva Camille Weiss c'est pour vous ca

Luka Orehovec

2 months ago

I need to record one. I feel like a boss after doing my best level up

RodneyJamie Fletcher

2 months ago

Ciara and other Csquad go check my freakme challenge on Instagram I made it last night 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

#MusicMonday: #FreakMe ft Tekno Miles on iTunes Apple Music & Spotify! 💃🏾

Jennille Espinoza-Hinojosa

2 months ago

Love the song Ciara! It's lit

Pruthvi Mhaske

2 months ago

Hi baby love

Tee Williams

2 months ago

Sexiest dancer ever baby omg going to watch you now .

Chia Yuan Yu

3 months ago

Full moon energies gotta see your astral chart asap!

Samantha Marie

3 months ago

I love ! Signed "Aio" !

Jordan Humble

3 months ago

Lol great's like a throwback😀

GO Bthompsonmusic! #LevelUpChallenge

Barbaro Gomez

3 months ago

Here we go again

Omar Peña

3 months ago

That’s my amazing brother !!!

Denise Conrad

3 months ago

Awesome my #Number1Saxophonist is leveled up 🎷🎼 ayyyyyyyyyyyye 💙

#LevelUpChallenge all the way from Lagos, Nigeria!!

Michel Lupaka

3 months ago

I'm ALL here for this, please get rid of the got me in my feelings challenge!!! This is great.

Nana Akwasi Sika

3 months ago

🔥🔥🔥💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽🔥🔥🔥 Everyone around the world wants to Level Up!

Vanessa Alexandra

3 months ago

Pleaaaassseeee do a colab with Missy!!!!

#LevelUp Out Now! Download it now! Love CC

Courtney Walton

3 months ago

u have no idea of how I was waiting for this 💜💜💜

Ц. Хүүхнээ

3 months ago

Thanks for the update.

Γιάννης Συρμόπουλος

3 months ago

Camille Thompson ❤️ this song is so freaking amazing!!! I see MOM CREW doing a routine to the song!!!!

#LevelUp 7.18.18
Get Ready To Dance 💃🏽

Leonardo Lemos

3 months ago

Here Is How To Best Support
@Ciara's New Single "Level Up",
Available 7/18/18! See Attached
Image On How and When to
Trend, Stream, Buy, and Radio!
Let's Get "Level Up" to #1 🎉

Bexy Duran

3 months ago

You are so beutiful, i love u, hw do u think about it

Sarah Childs

3 months ago

Yass, bring on the dance, CiCi!

Krystal Jastine Estrada Estrella

3 months ago

My Opinion: I love your music and you Ciara but I feel like these should be private. You're a strong beautiful woman and don't need this type of's society makes me sad for any woman have to be shown almost naked publicly.

Shelley Zomb Ferguson

3 months ago

You look like a super woman. Are you doing something with that out fit for a movie? Why did you take these picture?

Emmarencia Mdluli

3 months ago

I wish I could look like you, not that disciplined. Anyways, maybe one day I will get my mind right to get fit like you. Making all the mommies proud❤

Russell Wilson and I had a blast with everyone who came out to support our @WhyNotYou WCI Foundation event .No greater feeling than knowing we have the opportunity to save and change lives together. Together we are #StrongAgainstCancer. #WhyNotYou

Eunice NineAnutza Jerez

4 months ago

C this genius idea you made in life was the best thing ever#making Russell your better half 😊 just look at this healthy adorable fam💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Please papa give C more babies 🙏

Ilaria Grossi

4 months ago

Cancer is something that has touched so many of our families !! Thanks for your prayers, continued support to those who have to fight the battle of Cancer everyday 😍😍😍

Will Standrod

4 months ago

Beautiful picture Ciara of you and the family; also I am glad you and Russell had such a great turnout for your golf 🏌️ event that helps raise money for cancer research. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

The feeling I have knowing that there’s an opportunity to bring MLB to the city of Portland and join the list of the few female owners in all sports! #PDP #MLBtoPDX. Let’s go ladies!

Bianca Frances

5 months ago

I love how God is blessing this couple!!

Daniel Kratzer

5 months ago

I did upload a picture with me in hospital bed what about it

Suzanne Witt

5 months ago

I'm excited for you and us in pdx.. congrats ciara

Happy Saturday Everyone 😝 #Family

Azuka Mukolu

5 months ago

Beautiful pictures and also she look just like dad that's his twin god bless you and your family ciara

Balvina Cruz

5 months ago

Happy weekend to you all may the God Almighty continue to protect and bless your family stay bless dear.

Leticya Jamily

5 months ago

Memorial day coming up happy holiday wilson family i love u russell and sienna and baby future and Pocahontas cici 💕 --- love damonte

So excited to have had this wonderful experience with some very talented women behind the scenes, thanks to Uber and the Billboard Music Awards! Be sure to catch our ride here. #ad

Jon Bazler

5 months ago

U are the best

Jona Reyes

5 months ago

I LV u n ur music

Clarissa Sill

5 months ago

This really is great, funny stuff gold possibly. Haven’t laughed this hard in a while. 😇

‪#HappyBirthday My Little Prince! You are everything I’ve hoped for and more! I can’t wait to see you take 4 by storm! I love you so much! ‬

Robert Pavlovits

5 months ago

Happy Birthday love and many more and tell mom to send you with your dad Russell next time the Barber comes to the house please

Marilette Louw

5 months ago

Ciara reminds me of Michael Jackson. She look more like MJ than anybody to me... She beautiful tho, just remind me of him. I got another hone girl they use 2 say look like him N she beautiful too! Need Ciara 2 do a Michael Jackson performance, please! 🙏

Dennis Schielicke

5 months ago

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday

Princess Sienna’s 1st Birthday! 4.28.17 Forever one of the best days of my life! #HappyBirthday angel.

Josua Lemay

6 months ago

Love don't love nobody ! She has been stunting. No T.V. ! She's a MORMON ! Or a Moron. A ozzy-moran. LOL. What's that really ? Humm.Riddle me this.

Arianne Montes De Oca Gonzalez

6 months ago

I love you Ciara MAM... You're my favorite singer... You're a great person and professional.... I wish you always the best, and that every day you grow up more... My biggest dream to see you and go to a concert of yours.... I love youuu muchoooo and blessings in your professional and private lives....

Valery Menyaylo

6 months ago

she is beautiful without makeup....but look now after all these years of makes you look older and different...coz we use to seeing you all dressed up and things...

@BRCKHMPTN Is That Next Level, New New. Love these guys. 🔥 🔥🔥

Debra Perry

6 months ago

Major R&B Star.

Ben M. Simon

6 months ago

Sweet more over CC pie

Jhonnis Martins Iori

6 months ago

Good lyk lv u ur team

She’s Too Cool. 📷 By Daddy.

Tight Like Glue. This Is How They Roll ❤️ #Easter

1st Family #Easter 🐣

Creative Juices Flowin. #SetLife

Mom Life 😍

Sienna Says Happy Sunday Everybody! Smile! ☺️

I filmed this when I was in NY a week ago. It was one of the most chilling experiences I ever witnessed. Seeing the kids take 17 minutes out of class to honor the kids of Parkland High School and stand for what they believe in and what the world needs was truly touching, inspiring, and remarkable. The kids are truly our Future. Today was another historic day for the books. Praying their voices be heard, our voices be heard. #EnoughIsEnough #MarchForOurLives

We welcomed our New Puppy Hero To The Crew This Month! Now We Have 6 kids including our Pups! #NationalPuppyDay

Only Looking Forward.

Seriously Can’t Waaait....🎧🎤

Erianna Lashay

7 months ago

I give you all my Trace from now on...
I love you all my heart ❤...
I need you Ciara...
I want you
I promise that will try my best for you
You will be my subject of pray every day. Thankyou so much for patience.

Sky Keen

7 months ago


Kristi Davis Boyles

7 months ago

Keep it up and you might actually have me paying attention in the long run as well. 😆🙄

No Turning Back.

Shining Like ✨. @TheOfficialPandora #PANDORAShine #ad

I asked Future Who The Greatest President Of All Time Is..His Response...#Classic!😆Proud Of My Boy ❤️

Forever Amazed and Grateful For The Amazing Gifts God Has Bestowed Upon Us As Women. Forever Motivated Because Of It! There’s Nothing We Can’t Do! #IWD.

Motoki Murakami

7 months ago

I just need a day with u

Suresh Kumar

7 months ago

God bless you now and forever 💯💯

Pat Meale

7 months ago

Wait she pregnant again

Rocking my S! S for me stands for Strong, Striver, Survivor! Excited for My girl @SerenaWilliams comeback! #IWD