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Quick Slay with my best friend. Check out my instagram to see the rest of my pics from yesterday’s brunch with THE DONNA KAREN and “LIKE” and comment!

Farah Myprid

4 hours ago

We kno she takin my guy LMAO

Mae Delarosa Gutierrez

4 hours ago

Dip it low and bring it up slow!!!! Christina Milian

Gary Tucker

4 hours ago

You're just amazing😍😍

Blessed & humbled to have attended @worldofchildren cocktail dinner tonight w my close friend @elizabethfmorris definitely went home in deep thought as to where my passions are this time around in philanthropy. Thankfully Liz has dedicated her life to helping those in need so I know with her help we can make some great things happen as we have before @irvingmorrisfdn
Thank you Adam @madaluxevaultfor the invite. Glad I could make it this year!

Howard Brooks

4 hours ago

Beauty's Finest Angel Christina

Jenna Hillman

4 hours ago

Love to hear u have a beautiful heart as well as a beautiful face and body Christina Milian

LaTonya McCurdy Seals

14 hours ago

Awesome forever BooBoo

Flicks on Flicks 😋📸 #lastoneipromise@ Indio, California

Camilla Straub

21 hours ago

Loving the Green.....

Shaolin Queen

a day ago

Hi Baby. Still having funs at the carnival. Pretty gorgeous.

Michael Standridge

2 days ago

I ned cosmetics bussiness connection in Africa Tina from paulgreat

We both got ♥️ for Coachella. So we did it together. #musiclovers

Jackie Taylor Sr.

2 days ago

you are a very beautiful couple Christina and Matt

Jonathan Neal Brimhall

2 days ago


Robin Belmonte

2 days ago

Wow very nice

Taking my jewelry for a swim..

Kary Martinkus Snyder

2 days ago

I miss looking at you..... but I'm no do amazing things that draw people attention... you can't help who you attract but you are responsible for your action.. stay real because I know you have a daughter and know your place as a mother... well as being professional..👍👍

Brian Horne

2 days ago

Fin pêcheur très jolie tu es là stade actuel que Dieu te donne la santé prospérité longue vie à toi

Khevin Teves

2 days ago

Nice looking set of eyes knou what I mesn

Manifest Happiness 😁 @ Neon Carnival

Crystal Rice

3 days ago

Luv don't cost a then

Luisiitha Gomez

3 days ago

You know your not completely happy babe but you soon will be. Because im going to make you the happiest woman on earth 💓👆

Ralph De Bruin

3 days ago

So sweet I love you my dear

Saved the best look for day 3. good vibes only. I💚Coachella.

@ Coachella 2018

Jonnel Bow Bow

3 days ago

Hi Baby. Lovely cute. The Carnival @nialynn still galore. It's all about having funs. Am I invited baby?

Beverly Jones

3 days ago

wo u wt,whr u @,hw lng do i wait,runingout of tm

Josephine Rodriguez

3 days ago

And as always absolutely beautiful

Wake & Bake 🌞 Day 3. #coachella@nialynncollection
In the Neon Light Once again.. @neon_carnival @justtnic #neoncarnival

Ester del Campo

4 days ago

God has truly blessed you simply beautiful

Venita Augillard

4 days ago

I wanna bake you with butter than pour honey all over your........!

Chris Klippel

4 days ago

Hello good evening mudom imiss you but ilove you to

Couldn’t Bey in a Beytter Place than this.
🏊‍♀️🎉 Day 1s @bootsybellows
Just found my happy place at the @McDonald’s Pool Party! All about that Sundae Bar. #McDsDesertWeekend #ad

Michael Angelo Ponciano

5 days ago

Ma🌿🌼🌿 She 🌿🌼🌿 all🌿🌼🌿ah

Jin Park

5 days ago

Hi Baby. Truly pretty and beyond compare. Lovely outfit.

E. Steven Fried

6 days ago

Outfit would look better without the Tee

CoaCHILLin’ ❣️
My annual reminder to be free & live my best life. #coachella 🎡

Anel Calety

5 days ago

Glad you happy boo 🙂 #Tina # Maryland Girl!!

Janet Misiti

6 days ago

I will never understand the kind of guys you choose to date or be with?

Daniel Alvarado

6 days ago

Come on I look better the him,, he looks like a under cover cop,

Sis is SNATCHED! 💕🧡💖💕 @danielle_milian

Diane Tieva Patrias

7 days ago

You are wonderful kind beautiful person you have beautiful smile you are so gorgeous I love you 😍❤😘

ฟิล์ม กะล่อน.

7 days ago

You are both very beautiful looking ladies

Catherine Boucher

7 days ago

How you go my heart you're really bright I adore you I had a dream yesterday we kissed I hope it will be true soon I love you kiss

All this finesse, it don’t make no sense..💖
dress: @prettylittlething

Luz Gabriela

8 days ago

Sure look fine in that outfit yes you are a keeper and yes I would date you out of my what what ppl think Bout it

Sagar Lophchan

9 days ago

Always picture perfect sheesh

Raquel Ortega Ross

9 days ago

Angel..very miss milian

Perfect day to be with my sisters.. 🧡

Mark Kelly

9 days ago

O WOW, now Mic can understand I'm the man and I must try to become a better man and I ask how much longer are you ladies going to take before each of you understand each of you have cycles and if I can LOVE Millian,C right and wait to hear more of her love being shared in the moment than there should be plenty of understanding between all of you about loving me separate times living our life loving cycle. I'm trying

Dena Ayu

9 days ago

You are beautiful and wonderful and I live you 😍😍😘😘👌👌⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩💋

Hayley Zaborski

10 days ago

You are so beautiful and sexy and you are friend so beautiful

Gassed up for weekend...Lookin’ like a @prettylittlething 🕊 #coachella

Elias L. Hernandez

10 days ago

Looking so beautiful and lovely and cute my dear 😘😘😘😘👌👌😍😍😍

Ntokozo Ngobese

10 days ago

Hello good hot noon but ilove you to yourpic fantastic lovely daling I love

Jakob Kristoferitsch

10 days ago

Sorry never mind. But I love you. Because you are really hot

Maryluu Cruz

10 days ago

I'm kinda wondering if that guy even washes his hair, lol.

Patrick Fwsc Gieselberg

11 days ago

Audrey ca d’megoute, ça devrait etre moi a sa place ...😂😂😂

Amy K Lukas

11 days ago

Cool picture of you I like that all right

Hugo Silva Sá

12 days ago


Ramon Feliz

12 days ago

Very very nice

Fernanda Colonia

12 days ago

I don't know you and you don't know me but I believe in one Lord and that's only one man upstairs that's God we answered to live a clean life you have a beautiful child I don't know if that's your nephew or child you're very beautiful women in me without makeup keep going strong praise the Lord even though you are successful listen to your mother if she still alive older people have good advice even though it don't make sense sometimes it does make sense when it happens you wish you would have listened anyway God bless you send me more pictures of you and your child and have a beautiful Sunday amen and let the Lord be with you

Big Molly hair don’t care

Jeanny Jovitha

13 days ago

Love u babe always and forever my love

Mary Ellen Goodwin

13 days ago

Still Cute ! Now find it in ur heart to intro me to a Friend tat likes a Caucasian 41 yr old Handy Retired Marine wit a Brain Injury, bc u r so Adorable tat I know their is somebody in ur life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙂

Wilson Silva

13 days ago

Natural is always better, it makes you look very sexy baby

Sippin’ Friday-Sunday 🍷 @vivadivawines @sobeyscanada @sobeys

Angel Hamilton

14 days ago


Hagelin Maduin Gazim

14 days ago

mango is def pee dont drink it

Raquel Pando

14 days ago

dont get any moscato bites...haha get it? <3

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Roberta Esposito

14 days ago

Forgive me Damn!!!!!!! what I would Do for your love..Okay okay I'm back now I lost it for a moment as a tear was falling down my face and my heart took over my body but I am okay now

Hideaki Nosho

14 days ago

Heyy my friend, i haven't heard from you in awhile

Kayla Ramon

14 days ago

Am I wrong if everything you said was right or is that god way of attracting words to might god is love , amen.

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Pier Paolo Di Mattei

15 days ago

Still thinking about you Special

Lucy Adsett

15 days ago

Were can I can i get the information at

Ben Smith

15 days ago

Super beautiful queen from lou long order

Evelynne Gibson

15 days ago

Hi Baby. Are you now at Carnival Cinema Park? Looking extremely pretty to enjoy and having fun. Catch you there Baby.

Bonobo Génial

15 days ago

So super I love you my dear

Melissa Williamson

16 days ago

Nice very nice like,Christina,Milan,

Hope you’re ready for the wild ride ladies.. 🎪🎟 My Coachella crew ready for another one in @prettylittlething @justtnic @shaninamshaik

Minka Luna

16 days ago

Cool wildcats!Have fun.Amazing💪💎....... Super J👑💫💖🍒

Ramona Morse

16 days ago

Yea Haw Bring It Love It

Gaurav Jha

16 days ago

Ba, by, jimni, tomar, Rupe,
Thani, tikno, budhi, jelapeer,
Arai, pachar, thaka, basi,
Ar, juna, Donnobad.

Point me to the nearest Disco Carnival 🎡 time to shop @prettylittlething – everything you need in time for Coachella!

Taylor Goodman

16 days ago

Wow look at you so 🔆 and colourful, take care babba X keep ☺

Frances Etheline Mitchell-Heywood

17 days ago

Hi Baby. Love to be there with you to that Carnival Disco. Let's discover this part of the world where we can make shopping windows.

Wizz Jay

17 days ago

Lreally feel,u,create,Milan,lovely

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Shabia Grace

18 days ago

Christina Milian u are extremely beautiful. I love you

Iza Tung

18 days ago

Really you must well come

Sarah Marie

18 days ago

Look very nice u are great I love you my love

Summers coming...

Maira Guevara

19 days ago

looks great just picks the wrong guys to be with

Ana Luisa Perez Figueroa

19 days ago

Christina you're such a hottie!! I've been in love with you for years! Looking great girl!

Mary Salvatierra

19 days ago

Hi I am looking to get a chance I can do it is a good time for the use of this email in error and that I have to be in the past few months ago I was just wondering what the heck is this a lot of people who don't think I will be able to make sure the kids to school for the use of the individual

I got hot sauce in my bag.. 😜

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Mpule Judith Mohapi

19 days ago

"I know its white, but here cums the hot sauce" - Cam'ron

Feña Nando Nano

19 days ago

Ni se que decirte mi vida entera diera aunque.sea por ir a traerte lo digas ser tu chófer particular.tu.jardinero quien te lleve el café a tu mesa quieres mas felicidad que eso no eso sería estar en un paraiso

Kunihiko Ogawa

19 days ago

It's been a minute, your looking great as always. Happy Easter to you and the family. Be blessed. Inside beauty as well. Queen

Slaying Goals 🔥💪🔥

Caught up in the maze @readyplayerone in hollywood with my mini besties 🗝🗝🗝 we got keys!
Took a @lyft Lux to run my errands today while my car was at the carwash! Thanks for the ride & making my life convenient!#lyft #ad 🙌

CheryLabelle Mathews-Reynolds

20 days ago

I like your Beautiful eyes love your Beautiful eyes love you so much your Beautiful eyes love your Beautiful eyes love your Beautiful eyes am love you so much your Beautiful eyes

Peggy Bohannon

20 days ago

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Umanga Manandhar

20 days ago

You have beautiful smile you a wonderful kind beautiful person I hope you have a wonderful Easter I love you ❤😍

Most definitely ready for another Baecation 💞 #tbt

Merra-Lee Morrison

22 days ago

Léa fais quelque chose s’il te plaît

Gloria Pelous

22 days ago

Abu Dhabi Dubai like me 👩

Bryan Perez Morales

22 days ago

Get ur hands off my girl !!😠😉

Cheer up buttercup! It’s Hump Day, you’re halfway there.. 🌼🐪🌼@prettylittlething

Graecin Haines

23 days ago

OMG, what a nice Pic, to me this is pic of the week, I'll be alwayz loving U my Big Sister, keep on slaying, get em.

Misdah Kelly

23 days ago

I'm doing better, Three Months to Go. 😘

Leslie Iniguez Estrada

23 days ago

You are so beautiful wish you could respond just once

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Kelli Aguilar

24 days ago

More OK Nkomo's ghoul love too like Jesse waded John yuki sidesaddle

Angela Alford

24 days ago

You are a light to all of a strong woman with beautiful

Tshepiso Thadishe Mogane

24 days ago

Dam looking beautiful Christina 😍❤️

Team Viva Con Agua 💧 Great turn out for a good cause. Bringing clean water to families around the 🌎 . @vivaconaguacalifornia

Cristian N. Martin

25 days ago

Very beautiful pic

Michelle Atkinson

25 days ago

Awesome forever Boo

Nicholas Scott

25 days ago

U are very beautiful i love you my dear

Feeling like a kid again. I miss waking up and going outside to ride bikes with my friends all day.. 🚲🏖 @ Santa Monica, California

Laureanita Perezz

24 days ago

Very nice i love you

Ali Khan

25 days ago

Very nice I love you my dear

Dulce Nicy Dulce

25 days ago

Beautiful and sexy

Soccer Sunday Funday ⚽️ 🥅 @vivaconaguacalifornia #3generations @mamamilian @violetmadison

Jarne Higgins

a month ago

Hey, been with y’all most of the day. Still here 😊

Ashley Mueda

a month ago

Pretty Family and you prepare
For the World Cup *CaptainMilian* <3 Gooooooooooooal!!!!!!!

Nick Palmer

a month ago

Beautiful family Christina! Dios bendiga💪💎.......🦅Jamel D.👑💫💖

Come thru! Fun for a good cause. game starts at 1pm @vivaconagua #CleanWater @mattpokora @brianamlani @jermainejunior @lesliegrace @bossward43 @alfredoflores @adamw @quincy @djskee

When the 🌞 shuts down #usagainsttheworld

Gloria Flynn

a month ago

Natui need,moie,something tosharewithyou,lovely

Iván Castro

a month ago

I live you cristina

Helle Nielsen

a month ago

You smuck this chick Isen Mark Adams

On set.. this heater is giving me life on this chilly night..
Spring is in the air 🌸 #hellospring

Andreas Krämer

a month ago

Perfect and gorgeous lovely

Sean Wallace

a month ago

Becareful of getting flue!

Sơn Sôon

a month ago

Lolthought said on the love

Spring is in the air 🌸🌼🌸 #hellospring

Still buzzing off Cocktails, Cake, Flowers & Friends who know how to have a good time.. (pic #4 says it all) 😝 #tbt @shaninamshaik @justtnic

Allen Wishinsky

a month ago

Very nice amazing you have great time & you looking cute & beautiful 😉❤👌🌹

Anita Perera

a month ago

Tina say hi to Nicole,love that beautiful smile Tina kissesss

Aranza Bernal Espinal

a month ago

Love me some Christina Milian

The sound of rain can be so peaceful. Don’t you think so? 🌧

Manuela Knippschild

a month ago

Sounds of the rain sometime lesson to it pea's full and it also speak to u everything is liven things


a month ago

Gd afternoon awesome have a blessed day Thursday god bless you always and keep you always happy!!!!

Muhammad Rasya

a month ago

Spiritually Deep for the Soul Special

The sound of rain can be so peaceful. Don’t you think so? 🌧

Gotta give it to you like we in a marriage 📻 @prettylittlething

Tatiana Vilaine

a month ago

She was born a star she always will be a star no matter what nobody say two going hard Christina much love your boy Lino

Lily Whitehouse

a month ago

The butthole? If so yes I won't mind it to smash u in ass

Brandon Geldart

a month ago

I know you trying to get career back on path, praise you. But I think at this time you at age and career to maybe take it all off and show some skin, never know.. Get your career path jump started again, not to take anything from you now... Just don't really hear or see you in in main media stream anymore???? God bless..

Gotta give it to you like we in a marriage 📻 @prettylittlething

What a fabulous weekend! @shaninamshaik I can’t wait for the big day! You & @djruckusofficial make such an awesome couple! @justtnic great job w the festivities! #mygirls #bridalshower #herecomesthebride 👰🏻🤵🏾

Pamela Jean Wolslager

a month ago

You are very best I love you

Megan Million

a month ago

Kmoyuni Yoko best Ebert cell Olomouc's sexton koesd love too like Jesse waded

Uyanda Mphahlwa

a month ago

So sweet of very nice lovely

What a fabulous weekend! @shaninamshaik I can’t wait for the big day! You & @djruckusofficial make such an awesome couple! @justtnic great job w the festivities! #mygirls #bridalshower #herecomesthebride 👰🏻🤵🏾 📷: @jencooperphoto

Yellow: The happiest color in the rainbow 🌈#FeelingYellow 💛

Alfredo Jimenez

a month ago

And the fact that you love sunflowers and your skin color match it good pretty face from tru king tae Love out loud

Shana Gillispie

a month ago

I really be thinking about sliding in your DM 💛💛💛💛💘

Dia Kožiaková

a month ago

Vis is goud zegt de bos want de wereld heeft geen ander leven dan er nog een iemand zoals de persoon die als mens uit te laaten water spreek hoop dat de krach van mijn geel jou nooit tegen komt slang als de kracht van mijn is harder dan mijn zeggen vis leeft op zijn droog maal hoop in de recht van kijk me niet hard uit geel van hemel is krachtig maar laat het zo zijn mooi over hemel in de boom mijn kracht aan jou mijn wat water spraak zeggen slangen ik had ook liefde nu zal ik de woord uit spreeken water zoals steen leven

Yellow: The happiest color in the rainbow 🌈 #FeelingYellow 💛

Always a Girlscout 🍪🍪 @prettylittlething ✨

Aga Exequiel G. Mercado

a month ago

Ass looking rope,,,,,Christina,keep up,Othello,may begreat in bed buttalittle smallme

Mollie N Hartley

a month ago

I'm just good at what I do. They gone hate but that's what their supposed to do. -KingJay Oh, btw... Abra Cadabra 🔒🔑🔓 off with yo biker shorts. 👀👙🔥

Janice Davis

a month ago

Beautiful to look at. So is the scenery.