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Hair Spinning like a Cyclone 🌪 #curlyhair #4life

Pat Dunbar

3 hours ago

Oh da m baby can I joint you in table

Kerry Mozingo

3 hours ago

Christina. Milian you are so beautiful. Beautiful. Picture

Princess Sarmiento

3 hours ago

Looking good girl

High like you do 🏝🏝 @ Paradise

Matthew McCrory

7 hours ago

Too hot Tina. Why you so gorgeous? Hope you are having fun there.

Andrea Kristin Origenes

18 hours ago

"I bet it is paradise".... beautiful

Rachelle Wilson

7 hours ago

Beautiful as always!! 👍❤😘

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Karina Molina

2 days ago

Always wanted to co produce a music video around jewelry Christina .....

Cailey Parker

3 days ago

nice stuff how can I buy some bae.

Cathy Carroll

3 days ago

Looking very very sexy sexy lovely so very Beautiful sexy sexy lovely

Fresh air & Wind blown hair.
I’m exactly where I’m meant to be 🌞

📸: @neverlovers
@ Puerto Rico

Kaydence Gunlock

3 days ago

Treat This Woman With (RESPECT)

Jose Manuel Rodriguez Alamillo

3 days ago

Mope up the mess Housekeeping after I'm done Loving You See You Tomorrow Baby Im I Love 😀💝🇺🇸

Boulkanic De King

3 days ago

That's My Future Wife I Made Her Mine Now She Is An Amazing American

Call me, Beep me
If ya wanna reach me 😉

*name that theme song 👀

Nephi Ashton

4 days ago

Hi christ i want you beside me can you call me naw Christ

Juliane Oliveira

5 days ago

A Song ? This is what i came for ( Not yououou like we read in Lyrics but cue that is a Bad barbadian English i cant remember to forget that 😂

Ye Kyaw Swar Win

5 days ago

Gon is the goos when lay golden eggs.

Make today ridiculously amazing! 😁☀️ #youonlyliveonce #happylife

📸: @neverlovers@ Vivo Beach Club

Cathy Brown Waugaman

6 days ago

Thanks for choosing Obenge beach resort √

Marisa N Joe

6 days ago

When the baby gal is beautiful than the mother...

Renee Narvaiz

6 days ago

Very nice my love christina milian I really love you but you. ................m.?

what really happens to all the socks that mysteriously disappear? 🧐🧦

Arleth Ralph Cazeleca

6 days ago

Bermuda triangle forces

Linda Smith

6 days ago


Jeremy McIntyre

7 days ago

You are sexy and hot beautiful women and I love you too

When the door shuts—
I break the lock and let MYSELF in.
... I belong here 📌, thank you.
(Made a 🥪 too)

Monica Vazquez

8 days ago

Do you have another vidio comment beside love don't cost a thing?

Can l join you looking beautiful

Walter Blennis

8 days ago

So super my love I love you christina milian 💕 💓 💕

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Kassidy Mooney

18 days ago

I love you sweetheart

Ebony-Rose Hoare

18 days ago

Wow gorgeous I'm your number 1 fan

Grace Josephine

18 days ago

You are definitely a pretty little thing and adorable.

I must say.. I’m pretty f’n excited 😜 s/o my new fam @theoathcrackle. This season will be 🔥 #TheOath watch season 1 on @sonycrackle
Don't worry- about a thing. 😌
Every little thing - is gonna be alright. 🌸

Magnouissi Clairizier

18 days ago

Wow that's great

Fabiana Poloni

19 days ago

Mezcla mujeres a todos.. Bueno..

Ay ya ya...

Bolatito Destinie

19 days ago

Good morning to you my beautiful angle

Sending you my location 📲❣️
#wishyouwerehere #comethru

Sçãllý Wäg Ðât Ðøpêý

19 days ago

look at all these fools stupid as shit😂 she's horrible at this and already has a man

Mirna Law

19 days ago

Honey do you know what I want you to have your day your way today don't think about any business think about what love really is that you share with me everyday how strong we have made it what you have gone through it's a beautiful Source of energy and I realize you have to relax this is your day as you started my day off this morning I stay with you throughout the day you're on my mind in my heart I love you back all of you we are one I can feel my life just tending by yours we will make it to that alter as one I love you too

A boy and a girl ran away and hid behide some bushes so nobody could find them. They was very stressed out and angry. They wanted to find peace. They needed a place where they could vent. There was open fields everywhere, so they hid behind some bushes, just to get away.

You know very well..
Who you are..
Don’t let em hold you down,
Reach for the stars ✨
#namethattune #sundayvibes

Darlene Tanner

21 days ago

I see you and immediately think to myself bedroom ecstasy

Matt Calvin

21 days ago

I almost feel like kissing you right know dang it.

Henry Martinez

21 days ago

So sexsey very beautiful my love I love you 💕 💓 💕

Always down w/o question. 🖤

Lorena Pompa

a month ago

So sexsey my love I love you christina milian 💖 💖 💖

Brad Dodd

a month ago

I love me some Christina Milian

Diego Martinez

a month ago

Mooi haar vecht niet eens het kam voor gebruik het te kamen maar hoofd met gelijk maat mooi haar er weet een macht haar groei jij toch doet weet haar het is straf baar hoop mooi haar

Sporty lil’ Shorty ☺️ #thatshowiroll top to👟 in @prettylittlething

#ootd #petitejoys #santamonicabeach #prettylittlething

Linda Aguilar

a month ago

😎😎😎 To all natural Queen in their elements, all praises go to y'all.

Rico Montana

a month ago

I like this photo of you just taking it easy
Sometimes you have to slow down baby girl or your going to miss the scenery
You look very comfortable I like that

Faelyn Wilson

a month ago

Beautiful eyes and luscious lips and gougeous

🖤x NYC

Shot by @mderricotte x Style @jvmes_iv

Bhelekazi Elihle Venter

a month ago

Gorgeous Sexy Talented Woman amazing Body

Tina Ventresca

a month ago

You look so gorgeous you are my favorite beautiful person you have beautiful smile I love you 😍😘❤

Alicia Viviana Lopez

a month ago

Hell she looks beaitful any day.

There’s no better feeling than being one with the water #summershere 💙💦

Hugo A Ortega

a month ago

Nice but make up has made u look new and different. Can't recognize u

Kathryn Koloroutis

a month ago

Or bean two with me, lol love the water you look great!!

Sari Patimah

a month ago

You are perfect you are sexy and so much more

When besties link up and do biz..

Ursula Ali

a month ago

If i was ur bestie....i definately could not keep my hands off that sexy body of yours

Carolyn Roudebush Kleinschmidt

a month ago

I'm very proud of you sweetheart keep up the good work you doing a great job I have some plans also I would share with you for your business I'll see you soon love you

Garrett Hixson

a month ago

Looks like your grabbing his crotch.

Feels on Friday 💕

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Kimberly Moody Underwood

a month ago

i travel for Togo Lome for one month thank you for all your calling you are really nice Christina Milian

Haley Nicole

a month ago

Girl you getting so skinny you still look good but put some weight back on

Patti Oakes

a month ago

beautiful Christina u always fantastic lol

Going up 🛸 #outtahere

📸 @madpics (tap for more)

Joshua Aragon

a month ago

You've been through alot,but still have Managed to come out Shining.

Kaan Tezel

a month ago

please I don't like you posting like this

Carlos Arratia

a month ago

Cute but skinny I guess that's what they like in Cali

Meagan Jane

a month ago

So, when r u going to Actually give tis Handicapped Marine tat had a TBI, like 17 yrs ago, a chance, and after the Great Night, for u will be begging for ur Heart Back, but now a Sweet Cutie like U is taken, right?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Mendoza

a month ago

Like your new pic is super beautiful amazing there 🔥😍😍

Michael Cooke

a month ago

Yum is all I can say, I might catch a charge for what I'm thinkin lol

Had a dinner date with friends @myshiseido beach house looking & feeling good in the skin I’m in. #ultimune #myshiseido

Sing Khaw Khai

a month ago

girlz when your body is covered like that how do you feel because you are always naked!

Alana Ayme Rodriguez Valenzuela

a month ago

Louis D'Cruz 9987027995 hi my friends Christina I locking you ok by

Jetzky Carambias

a month ago

Very hot &sexy

Sergio Fragoso

2 months ago

Lovely and cute...mmmh!!!

Connor Mayes

2 months ago

Capurte all the attion you can receive your sma

Ruben Dos Santos Fonseca

2 months ago

My bautefull farind nice pic so cute

Sweet 16 🤩. #fbf #headshot

Lovanna Casper

2 months ago

Damn I love you too I love you long time

Greg Harriott

2 months ago

Oh so cute as you still are

Fran Prince

2 months ago

damn in my opinion u was miss world in 2000 :) most beaufiful girl !!!

I just- wan-na- let you- know that your #mine!! 🎶 — > 🤗😝
📸 @walik1
When you’ve got a real one don’t ever let ‘em go.. ♥️

Rondi Toledo Chambers

2 months ago

I wasn't aware of that one.

Wendy Domínguez

2 months ago

Concentrating on a love song right now, dont remind me.

Alejandra Grimaldo Fernández

2 months ago

That's a lovely picture

🍊 @prettylittlething #PLTxKani

Alisha Sutton

2 months ago

Love This One,And Violet Double Time

Ken Martoselli

2 months ago

My Other Buddy,Hi Pretty Lil Thing,Love Sweet-Tee

Diana Kemp

2 months ago

Life is a riddle and what I am speaking is fact not fiction did it ever occurr to you that so people actually know her personally you might want to think about that

How cute are these heart glasses?! All Weekend. All PLT 😍 @prettylittlething

Melissa Johannes

2 months ago

They nice, I think it's the woman wearing them that makes them though. I Love you Christina!!! 😍😍😍😚😚😚

Kelly Burns

2 months ago

Watching ur music and video all good u are coming up nicely dia

Shannon Baker

2 months ago

Love the glasses you are so sweet

Dropped it real low with @TanquerayUSA sipping on some #GinandJuiceat @TaoLasVegas today. 🍹#TanquerayAmbassador

ゆみ ささき

2 months ago

Like the African attire, come to Obenge

Anika Mannion

2 months ago

Love You Christina,Love You Violet,Love The Family

Lexy Mill

2 months ago

I'll see you soon love you back

Dhiraj Tamang

2 months ago

I like to see you really happy I apologize for my absence I know it's not easy even on my side it's the same I love you my doll kiss

Arandy Hernandez

2 months ago

I Love,your ,shades😎!

Priscilla Malia Rancier

2 months ago

This set up in the back is dope🔥🔥🔥💯❤️

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Plus it’s bout to be Kae’s birthday!! Aye! Be ready to wish her a billion birthday wishes! Ill do the spanking for you guys. 🎉🎂🎉

Mange Witehira

2 months ago

why does karreuche look like tlc's chilli

Gime Pereyra

2 months ago

Very nice pic of you to

Gift Lungu

2 months ago

SO🌿🌼 Sweet 🌿🌼 dost🌿🌼

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Vanessa Skelly

2 months ago

Could be cool but my love dont cost a thing nor does my comment to leave a compliment beautiful... although you are fantastic and awesome as well.

Calvin Johnson

2 months ago

Appsolutly Beautiful Special Woman

Drew Turock

2 months ago

You told me I'm a loser after I was totally nice to you and you said I was a liar all i ever wanted to do was love you and be there for you but if I'm good enough for you then I'm not good enough for nobody all because i couldn't get you a Target Red Card !! 😢😡🤬💯

Major Goals. Love coming on the show! You ladies are A1! Happy to have come on and had some girl talk! @therealdaytime
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Michael Moore

2 months ago

Greens for Philadelphia I'm your huge fan of your show all of you look for all your five gorgeous I watch that show every day you are a very extremely sexy and funny so keep it up great work and I love you so much!!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💎💎💎💎💎

Dylan JL Roberts

2 months ago

Some one in the group need to stop with the face surgery's... LOL

Ben Slipknot

2 months ago

may the blessings and mercy of ALLAH(SWT) be upon you bby. I love you so much! ♥♥♥♥♥

Catch me on @therealdaytime LIVE tomorrow morning!(Tuesday) talking jewelry & lots more to catch up on--- I adore them. ❤️💕❤️

Kris Wellens

2 months ago

Кристина тебе улыбка идёт ты такой милой становишься. А тащюсь с тебя, болдею, кайфую от твоих фото, люблю жизнерадостных людей искренних. Я потом ещё что нибудь напишу жди малышка.

Ricky Haas

2 months ago

Keep it up Jo .ahmm 14344 .

Euclidio Anselmo Tha Tug

2 months ago

Tina , upni , kay ,BR kay ,
What is ans,,,,,,,,,.👈💁

Mama, You know I love you girl! Thank you for my existence! For your presence! And your beautiful energy. For everything! I thank you. You are so beautiful and have taught me so much time and time again. Me and Violet appreciate everything you do for us! You deserve the world! Love you Mom!
Kisses to my faves! 💋💋 @violetmadison & @mamamilian

Jenna Quelle

2 months ago

Happy Mother's Day Christina Milian To You, Your Mom and your Sisters

Leigh Hancock

2 months ago

Happy mother's day my lovely friend

Maria Torres

2 months ago

Happy Mother's Day my love kiss

Cream of the Crop. ☺️ #solostarwarstory premier was pretty epic.. you should definitely check out the movie. You #StarWars fans will love it ♥️

Irineo Abad Santos III

2 months ago

Guni mi yur firinid juwaen de srpin ino juwaent firinid yur virie good net de lak yur firinid sukr allah ka amin

Laiane Borges

2 months ago

Christina I love you and my life is you kiss

Noel Jativa Jr.

2 months ago

I love you beautiful

Loving my new shoot for @houseoffinegold with @earkirklandphoto & 😍 to my #Detroit glam squad for helping make it look so good.
I got love for you Detroit ♥️📌 #houseoffinegold is made in Michigan w/ my crazy biz partner @georgethejeweler (link in bio to see the new 💎✨)

Dale Brison

2 months ago

You're looking very very sexy sexy lovely so very Beautiful sexy sexy 😍😍😘💟

Angelina Espinoza

2 months ago

You look so beautiful I love your gorgeous smile I love you 😍

Rohit Mahajan

2 months ago

Milian You are not just a man or someone you are personal or you are not just for a man, but for your country, you are not just for your wealthy friends. You are a poor friend like me. Christina Milian. I have seen your shows and liked you very sweet and very nice. So you tell me why you do not reply to my message?

I’m thinking something like this💁‍♀️👱🏽‍♀️ from @prettylittlething for #edclasvegas.
What do you think? 😁 or 🙃

Angela Zingaro

2 months ago

Looking like a bowl of vanilla icecream,can I have ah $

Linda Nilsson

2 months ago

White is such a beautiful color on you. Very beautiful pic

Keith Tizzac Branch

2 months ago

Hi Baby. What a perfect outfit and awesome pretty lady. Cute.

How bad bitches bringing home the 🥓
#Bts @rachaelrayshow talking @houseoffinegold #ootd #tapfordetails #jewelryoftheday
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Albert Zulli

2 months ago

Love u babe always and forever my Cuban serenade of love and virtue I love u

Angela Cooper

2 months ago

may the blessings and mercy of ALLAH(SWT) be upon you Christina. I love you soo much! ♥♥♥♥♥

Cathee Mija

2 months ago

Christina I wanna suck your delicious fun bags

Mamacita, Señorita.. 🌶🔥#cincodemayo

Godfrey Mashingaidze

2 months ago

Cheer up I'm still here with you ok I'm never ever going anywhere with out you i most definitely not going with out you I'm putting a lot trust in the both of us together and your blessing is mines trust me:

Chanel Mncube

2 months ago

You are so beautiful you have beautiful smile you are my favorite beautiful person I love you 😍❤😘

Jacklyn Medeiros

2 months ago

Hi hello my dear semple words that i say ,i ms you so much thousand words that i said ,,i love you my dear this semple word, that i send you,,,,,this ,,,msage,,,,your very speciall for me more than you know ,,,,,cristina,,,happy. Mothers day my dear,come frm me in the philippines

Oh 👋 there sunshine!
(Boyfriend says I look better when I do my own glam and I have to say.. he might be right) 🤭 —- s/o my glam peeps though. #thegagis Y’all taught me though lol 😝
Party in the photo booth! 🔥 congratulations @chanteljeffries on dropping your new single! @ Poppy
Hit the black carpet with best friend like.. 😜 #chanteljeffries #singlerelease

Msafa Rocma Mh

2 months ago

Gorgeous Sexy Talented Woman amazing Body

Vero Garcia

2 months ago

That smile could make me falling 👄

Dam Nooki

2 months ago

Beautiful don’t get any better than you 😍

Sometime you have to simplify to qualify reaching your goals. 🕊 #happythursday

Paul Ake

2 months ago

My bedroom need you tonight Beautiful

Valeria Mena

2 months ago

I can Star at you for Hours.....and Say I Had A Great Day Today!

Leoney Colonel

2 months ago

Hello beautiful butterscotch complexion queen !

Wedding Fever all Weekend 😚💕🤭 #ido @nataliehalcro
📷: @jencooperphoto
@ Eleuthera Island

Αλεξανδρος Μπιλικας

2 months ago

Well I could say if I was there I prob would not be able to even talk

Lisa Evans

2 months ago

They making you marry a woman now wow thats wild

Bob Sutterlin

2 months ago

I wish these two beautiful ladies all the happiness that they are seeking! I am still in awe, but Cristina is the good girl that gives her best and her all in a relationship, but her boyfriends have taken that al and at the vsame time,

Singing “I work hard, I work hard.. everyday-day-day-day yeeeah” ✨ ⁣
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Bailey Jordan

2 months ago

I don't care what other people're still look damn sexy

Vic Sarro

2 months ago

She looks like a beautiful Indian woman in this picture

Marlen Hainke

2 months ago

You're looking very very sexy sexy lovely so very Beautiful sexy sexy have a great morning 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Plotting on ways to make South Beach my second home! 🏖
👙 : @myraswim
🕶: @elizabethandjames
💍: @houseoffinegold@ 1 Hotel South Beach

Colleen Panega

3 months ago

You doing a good job Ms. Christina NIPPLES Milian

Vanessa Coey

3 months ago

I love these pictures hot hot hot you got it beautiful

Harue Wakao

3 months ago

So sexsey I love you my dear 💕but you 💆🔒💘sorry my love

gracias a mi gente 4.4 🎉
I live for memories like this.. the Abrahams Mamas!
wild, barefoot & free🌊 #vibetribe

Rich Barton

3 months ago

44 ?!😲 my gosh, so young and beautifull 😍😘

Nemeth Jozsef

3 months ago

You are the best of the best. I remember learning spanish in school. I also learned alot from my hood.

George Daios

3 months ago

Thank v much ,how is ur day?

Tina Tequila 🌹 #bonfirenight

Julie Coriz

3 months ago

I was in a look a like contest , when I was little.

Marce Marce Marce

3 months ago

S. F. C. I. A. F U C M.☎📱📞👈😇💋

Try Cool

3 months ago

Thought Tina wasn't takin no more flicks 5 a while!

You’re at the carnival. You’ve got one ticket left. Which ride are you spending your last 🎟 on?
Me: #thesizzler
🎡 @prettylittlething

Martin Grady

3 months ago

I would use my ticket on my sexy sexy lovely so very Beautiful sexy sexy 😍😍😍😍😍

Sourabh Kulkarni

3 months ago

The Pony. Turn up gitty up, hurry now you know a horse run fast don't last long lol. Cowboy *****

Mike Green

3 months ago

Been to trindad and Tobago carnival in 2000 lovely hoilday and I had mud covered all over my body it is great fun. I wish I want go back there again. how are you Christina hope you are well. Xx.

Médallion De Saint Christophe x Medallion & Pendant Collection. 🔥#ChristinaMilian x #houseoffinegold

Veronica Diaz

3 months ago

You're looking very very sexy sexy lovely so very Beautiful sexy sexy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jerwin Gallano Irinco

3 months ago

I like the way you house that fine Golden Glow!😘😘↗😍↖↗💝↖😘😘

Mandy Winbun

3 months ago

Woow,100% accept that you are more fun,sexy,beautiful,best in soul, me too I still support and in my corner agree for are everything to me and to the world ,pass my best greetings to your lovely kid ...

Thinking happy thoughts on the rooftop. 🤘🏾

Christian Myhre

3 months ago

Beautiful just don't jump off and get hurt

Francis Esther Adames

3 months ago

Never wanted to be a roof

Sean Melissa Grossetete

3 months ago


“Mom I loved you before you AND dinosaurs were born”
.... 🤔🦕 #bestkindoflove #quoteoftheday

Nat Beauvais

3 months ago

Beautiful picture of you and your daughter

Heather Rapp Landrum

3 months ago

How Sad ! So ur Daughter really said tat to U? Haha!!!!!!!!!

Mohammed Baayo

3 months ago

Christina you are my baby beautiful momma

Happy Sunday! Sunday’s are a reminder of the good we can do for ourselves, family & community. @worldofchildren is doing some great things for kids all over especially refugee children who have lost everything. Take some time & check them out and whatever you can do to get involved in helping, no matter what that could be, will make a difference in a Childs life. 💕 children are our future. 🙏#philanthropy #helpthechildren@ Beverly Hills, California

Marc Wenzelburger

3 months ago

Love your beautiful pictures

Seth Klitzke

3 months ago

Hi Baby. Good wealthy course. Good humanitarian gesture. Supporting needy and the destitute children is something commendable. May the Good LORD continue to bless you in this endeavor.

Cathy Castaneda

3 months ago

You're looking very very sexy sexy lovely so very Beautiful