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Apam Kashung

8 hours ago

It's a cool design. I've never seen sleeves on a type of bathing Suit. I guess designed for style and not necessarily functionality.

OluwaTosin Muyideen Essa

11 hours ago

En tout cas cette fois ci,je n'arrive pas à résister mon ange.Tu es vraiment suis tellement bouleversé de ta beauté ma belle.

Style3s - Lovely Outfits

11 hours ago

Not with your bleached bootyhole u not 😂😂

When @dressyourface gets her hands on you.. It's magic 💕💄

Salai Van Ceu Hmung

11 hours ago

Only blessing will tell Christina Smalls my wife

Rnïwâ Rôk

a day ago

No words to describe how naturally beautiful you are

Claudine Dancer

a day ago

I kiss you

S/o my core trainer @ahss15 for helping get me right. it’s crazy how 15 minutes can lean you out in such a short period of time. It’s been a blessing & I truly appreciate it!
Your kind of motivation is gonna take you all the way up 🚀🌝🌚

Rick Kern

2 days ago

I've seen my abs like
seen i was 18yrs.
Now i'm 54yrs they a keg .lol

Celia Maira

2 days ago

So much my love christina I really love you 💕 💓 💕 💓 💕

Joyce Dennis

2 days ago

You look fit Christina,take care Friend.

Kim E Massey

2 days ago

Christina Milian I wish you would always remind me about throwback Thursdays

Carl Armstrong

4 days ago

Wow...shocking beauty's....looking fantastic..👉💣

Valencia Bush

4 days ago

Love cards de to Night a paixão musica linda sweet e abençoada por voce cantora musica

You have limitless potential to do anything or be whatever you want. So get up, get out and get your life!
Always With Love,

Valencia Bush

4 days ago

Baby that pussy so good I want you to send me some more pictures so we can make nothing but beautiful awesome a blessed cyber love I'm okay I'm hooking pussy you too

Kantou Ulricka

5 days ago

His is the truth a word so strong I love you

Stef Staxkz

5 days ago

Excatly bbygirl , just do it ! (Nike ain't got sh#t on you) Ijs 😎

‘I’m cut from a different cloth —-
I’m who the shoe fits’

Jade Keane

5 days ago

You are cut from silk pure 😉

Maxine Taylor

6 days ago

Hey beautiful look at you

Brooke Billman

6 days ago

i want a baby with you..^^

Always looking forward to Good News.. 😁

Jeans: @catwalk_connection

Kathy Fedor

5 days ago

America is too big for one to rule!

Lisa Garza

7 days ago

Tamanna Hai Milna pagal par kar Deti Hai Yaad Hai Mujhe Yaad Sataye Teri Kya Cheez mast mast Tere Pe

Gerdson Roseno

6 days ago

So nyc my love

Along came Pocket Polly.. 😋💜


Lisa Gagnon

8 days ago

Beautiful house and for you know what do that would have

Mthobisi Hlophe

8 days ago

No matter how old you get, You're still BEAUTIFUL...

Marsida Gjoshi

8 days ago

Aye meri jaan kaisi ho tumse bahut pyar karta hoon Kabhi Miloge Gazab Ka Chehra Hai Kya

All Gold eeerything 🔥 got some new Medallion Necklaces w/your name on it.

Check them out at (Link in bio) #tapfordetails

Christiane Dupuis

8 days ago

ooh christina .. great pic 😊 beautiful face , perfect skin tone, the colour of your top suits you perfectly , the boobies! no.. il be nice 😁 you look fabulous 😗

Lisa Miller

8 days ago

Love this baby hope it's for me

MJ Styles

8 days ago

Choose between living without you
and dying with you
I would say kill me

I love you

Living a life as free as the wind. 🌬

Okchez Klaas Lehutso

12 days ago

My good sister Jesus is passes u life, give u life to Jesus.

Jessica Egale

12 days ago

To touch is to experience, but to feel is to live

Lea Alesia

13 days ago

Beautiful picture Christina always looks beautiful and awesome 😊

Say something that’ll make me smile in 1, 2, 3.. go.. 😄
📸: @violetmadison

Sanaya Sharma

13 days ago

Did ya hear about the lady who had a baby through her nose?
It was a cute little booger.

Evouille Ciboulette

13 days ago


Daniel Zuzga

13 days ago

Have a wonderful time injoy the gorgeous beautiful weather many blessings and happiness to you . 😃😇⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I simply adore you ♥️x💙

VaNn C. Sardoma

15 days ago

Berg niet vinden haal geschrijf uit wat hoog gaat kom nog op zien wat laag zit op op de top weet oog wat er spreek schrijft die eerste vonden schuld die had maak over wijst in stap nog nog best over wat waar is

Diana Volkmann

16 days ago

I simply adore her as well, very fresh

Alicia Zegelien

16 days ago

Leny Agüero bon la je crois que c'est mort hein!!!😝😂

One of a Rare Breed🌴🐆🌴

Alex Romero

17 days ago

te most beautiful woman in the world !!!

Edgar Díaz Sierra

17 days ago

So awesome mamas n sexy body mmmmmm I like it mama xem

Bob Stone

17 days ago

Your swimsuit career is going good, how would your pva. investments or any investments save your family and look alikes from property ? Or would you help them or show the programs available to them in their areas . In today's market there's scarsity in the Cash Flow , which means no money from new York while seeking to invest below the requirements, yet thell be blamed from their lack of trading knoldge.. or Bitcoin investments is the only option and new company stocks that haven't made millions yet . This is a country that never cared or explained why drivers had to have gas to go anywhere , now there's substitute's for gasoline driven car's, Tesla .

Living our Lives. Me & My Dream Girl. 👩‍👧💜

César Moreira

17 days ago

Good morning! freckles I definitely like seeing you in this light ( would love to get a reply back ) I once said that I was not a fan but someone who likes the way you are -hard working and great with people and willing to try things

Marcia Soares

18 days ago

So beautiful my love christina I really love you 💕 💓 💕

Dawagyal Sherpa

18 days ago

This is the real definition of love. Mother and daughter.

Floatin’ & Boatin’ 🚤 🚤💨

#boatlife@ South Of France

Lupita Perez

19 days ago

Christina... Any chance on a Htown visit? Would love to attend a meet and greet if possible.. That would be a dream come true for me..

Rigo Rodriguez

21 days ago

I love the piece swimwear beautiful colors with black. Where can I purchase one like yours?

Junior Almaraz

21 days ago

Hello Christina where have you been still Beautiful as ever I see
Stay safe and keep doing what you do sweet lady
So when is your next Movie coming out I can't wait
From your fan and friend Mac

I used to think my 20’s would be my prime. But then I found out there’s no cap on the glow-up. Stay Lit Girls & Boys. It’s Prime Time to Shine 💯✨✨@ Saint-Maxime, Provence-Alpes-Cote D'Azur, France

Janie Balfour

21 days ago

i see you you are looking very cute so i decide you are wonderful and amazing girl i know you not love every man but every man love you i know you are every time proud feel anyway its your rite

Jorge Araniva

21 days ago

Groot vergisting deel onder een staat wie zou open staan die op lang uit gang komt bij groot vergelijken met anderen zinnen er zijn top schil schuift door heen als toren die zijn open deur onder houd niet een trap op die recht is door schil nooit geest merk toch eerlijk zijn best raad voor eens op toren zeggen kijk drijven uit naar zijn daad over leven toren stam

Ronaldo Galvao

21 days ago

Talent and beauty like yours is timeless and amazing.

Down to ride till the very end.. 💙📌

Photo: @mattpokora

Daniel Lovisotto

21 days ago

Volk drijven keer dat een groot waar huis in zeven Mark tuig in ging open zijn haal er voor drijven over water de stom uit wij denk het komt zien het ver uit maar met licht uit een toren kennen wij het van volk woord drijven

Christy Edwards Maupin

22 days ago

Voodoo - A magical and religious rites, characterized by sorcery and spirit possession. Voodoo comes from the heart and is done by the saying of the word; voodoo; and imagination. For example: Imagining hearts all around you, asking why you don't love me? And would you say, "Voodoo." And the spirit of voodoo should possess you. From my heart. I say voodoo to everything I don't like to see. And the voodoo spirit from my heart should possess that person until their acts gets better. Barbie Doll Magick comes from the flesh. It works by saying of the word, "Barbie Doll Magick," and imagination. Barbie Doll Magick and Voodoo is based on Wisdom, Love, & Discipline. For example of Barbie Doll Magick is, imagine studying / reading about whatever your heart desire, and than you should say, "Barbie Doll Magick."

Corey Ady

22 days ago


My new address & permanent residence: ⁣Cloud 9, 7th Heaven,⁣⁣
Over the Moon. <3<3⁣

Monica Maldonado

22 days ago

Keep having to play Just Imagination by the Temptations when I look at these beautiful pics.

Helen Titterington

22 days ago

Anything about you is good for my liking Mikian.

Delanie Montoya

22 days ago

I am sorry for all the different estimations of yours

The 🌍 Lays in the Palms of your Hands🤲🌴


João Belo

24 days ago

H sen and saxxx beute full love you forever milian

Friderika Oláh

24 days ago

So sexsey my love christina I really love you 💕 💓 💕

TJ Bradley

24 days ago

Your just to sexy and awesome for words

⛓ Killin’ you softly with this #ootn ⛓

🔌: @fashionnova
☎️: @sebagabs
🔦: @puertorico@ San Juan, Puerto Rico

Kimberly Loftus-Gomillion

24 days ago

Da gates two men enter one man leaves huh

Alex Walker

25 days ago

Singing your life with my words

Kake DaCosta

25 days ago

Leren klein blijven dat hoe groot wij worden het nooit goed zet leren veel sport ⚽🏀🏈⚾ met elkaar uit zetten vijf ✋ wijst kon negen dat zet uit doen dat is best voor ieder dat genoemd klein maar groot

Find your light
And never flip the switch 💡

Rijul Phapale

25 days ago

Pyar Karta Hoon Jab Se Dekha Jab Se Tumse Dil Laga Liya kya mast figure Hai Kasam Khuda Ki Jhoot Na Bole

Joann Emery

25 days ago

S Tumse Pyar Karte Hai Karte dekhna up some Itna Pyar Karta Hoon Dildar Khoya Rehta Hoon Tumhare Pyaar Mein Kabhi Aaoge Mere Bas Ek Baar Aaja

April Stark

25 days ago

So you want me to sit in the dark knowing how to cut the light on

Never judge a book by its cover.. 📚

📌@fashionnova #ootd
📸 @Sebagabs
🎶 #whenyoulookatme

Laverne Ward

25 days ago

Main aapse pyar karta hoon Dil Laga Ke Baitha Hoon abhi nahi bata sakti mil sakta Pyar kar rahi hoon aapse Pyar Kare

Mai Magdy

25 days ago

I know you got a lot of love to give;but love takes time to heal.So let your love shine through rica caramela Christina💪💎.......Super J👑💫💖

Sabrina Spane Luckey

25 days ago

Vier met vijf is een stap over één met honderd is het een stap van vijf en negentig over om te kent dat houd in kleed mee om zegt het is goed dan blijft het met alles goed

You gonna leave me hanging by the wall or you gonna ask me to dance..? 💜🧡 #memories #puertorico

Bârlău Angelo

a month ago

I'm shy Guy. I think that I will be afraid to ask you to dance with me unless if I'm a little bit drunk 😂

Matsunaga Takashi

a month ago

So sexsey my love christina I really love you 💕 💓 💕

Theresa Hoppe

a month ago

I'd love to dance with you

1 shot, chilled w/ a squeeze of 🍋 #pleaseandthankyou

Gabriel Castillo

a month ago

You still that sweet n sour treat!!👙👙👙👙👙💞💞💞💞💞🎈🎈🎈🎈🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆

Atanas Mitev

a month ago

You are looking beautiful my sweet love

Kathy Metzinger

a month ago

So beautiful my love christina I really love you 💕 💖 💕

Mint Condition 🌱@neverlovers

Mark Roan

a month ago

Super beautiful queen from lou long

Alison Sweet

a month ago

Hi christina i want note 9 will u gift me note 9

Dianna Wilson

a month ago

Looking Beautiful LOVE BIRD 💜

On the Run Tour de France 🖤🖤 @ VIP ROOM ST-TROPEZ

Antonio Boban

a month ago

Love u both

Ariana Cantavero

a month ago

🗣️I BEEN told you you tha baddest😍

Dennis Glunt

a month ago

There's something about you that I really love you for your very smart lady and also sexy two can play the game

You picked the right one 😚🍊

Photo credit: @neverlovers

Mariana Soto

a month ago

You are a sexy woman I love to be with you right now

Kika Costa

a month ago

She can't She is married already

Alex Etham Sánchez Core

a month ago

Aaron Nguyen Nick cannon noooooooo

In there like swimwear 🏊‍♀️@ St Tropez

Charity Pauley

a month ago

Oi tu e linda

Vik Singh

a month ago

very bad action and worst action

Andre Joaquin Facundo

a month ago

😍 Gorgeous! Love You Christina💋

Guys love a good girl wit’ a attitude.. tell me I’m wrong.. 😑 #sayitaintso

📸: @sebagabs
#badandboujee #converse #fashionnova #adinasjewels

Heather Kowalczik

a month ago

Wrong.... Especially the ones with attitudes for no reason...... Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong good girls should have good attitude.... Oxymoron!!!!!!!

Jennet Tunell

a month ago

You alway righteous LADY T WITH UR BLACK N GOLD OUTFIT ON💞💞💞💞💞

Carrie Thiel

a month ago

lol no u not wrong

Thirst Trappin’.. but you can’t have none. 🍍😜🥤

#jarritos #fashionnova #puertorico #mami

Rixile Theo Mabasa

a month ago

That's right!😁 Love You Christina💋

Susan Estling

a month ago

Oh dam baby you are beautiful and sexy

Benis Freeman

a month ago

So sexsey so beautiful my love christina I really love you 💕 💓 💕

Spark Up & BYOB kinda night ⚡️ @fashionnova #youreinvited

Lucas Gatti

a month ago

My darling, you are the only person I Think of in the morning.When I wake up,you accompany me in my thoughts throughout my day, and you allows me to sleep well every night

Douglas Grant

a month ago

You are Amazingly Beautiful Love I Wish U were Mine...

Fathia Nurul Haq

a month ago

You can't go wrong with BYOB !
Me myself , likes to drink hard bbygirl . Ijs

Ripe & Ready for a Dip 🍉💦

Akwaisua Okopide

a month ago

S what are Dora Dora Jai kya Haseeno Aaja Bahon Mein bahar aa jaye

Rich Brigham

a month ago

Lookin' like a daughter of Yemaya..

Taty Tiger

a month ago

Good morning sexy you look so beautiful and sexy love all the way

Lizzy, sister! I love you. Had the best time celebrating YOU thousands of miles away from home. This is the stuff we dreamed of as kids. Hope this year is fruitful and abundant in good health, wealth & happiness! Did I mention 31 rhymes with FUN?!(I always find a way- lol) love you! Tina!(We miss you @danielle_milian)

Jessica Hursell

a month ago

She's the most beautiful of 3 of you girls!!!lol...

Dulcinea Torralba

a month ago

Ooooh...that's so cute!beautiful and lovely declaration


a month ago

That's cute we love that family love,...yes beautiful dress too Lizzy loving cool Milian

When I wasn’t filming The Oath on Sony Crackle I was on the beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico taking in all this Sunny D with my bae Zulay Henao 😜
Another day in paradise w/ @zulay_henao 💓 #farewell #memories

Chanty Schiefner

a month ago

stunning ladies but that beach don't look so clean come visit South Africa and our beaches beautiful.😘

Maria Victoria Romarate

a month ago

S Aaja Bahon Mein Woh Jaadu Rajai Bin Tere Bin Adhura Hu Mai Ram Kasam

Jessica Braden

a month ago

You still look flawless!! Very beautiful woman.

𝓕𝓻𝓸𝓶 𝓢𝓮𝓪 𝓽𝓸 𝓢𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓢𝓮𝓪 🌊 #puertorico #godbless #ontothenext

Alicia Martinez

a month ago

I love you with all of my heart and soul

Stephen Bosch

a month ago

I see you Girl you are toying Good have a good day blessed.

Alejandra Lara

a month ago

That water is not worth you beautifulness.

Level with me - Yes, I’m taking up all this space on your timeline..
but honestly, is that really a bad thing? ☺️

Happy Thursday! #ootd @fashionnova
📷: @sebagabs
Of all the paths you take, make sure a few of them lead you to the beach.. 🌴🏝🌴
Mentally Awake,
Physically in Shape &
Always Fashionably Late 🔥
@fashionnova #modo #ootd

Pic by @sebagabs

Gustavo Adolfo Posada

a month ago

S Pehli Pehli Baar Mohabbat Ki Hai Kuch Na Samajh Mein Aaye Toh Kya Karoon

Luz Condo

a month ago

Happy to have you,wish I had a girl like you.

Princ Mïtîñdø Pettie

a month ago

S Yeh Dil Tumpe Aaya Re Aaya Re Salim Khan bolo Aap Mujhe Achche Lagte Naik

#GetTheStrap? ✔️ Our TV ExecProducer @50cent came thru set last night. Me & @KatrinaLaw showed who really Got the Strap tho.. 👮🏽‍♀️😝👮🏻‍♀️ @theoathcrackle @sonycrackle #theoathcrackle

Voy Pronto

a month ago

Okay take care christ you know your so beautiful in my heart

Levente Kiss

a month ago

50 makes great movies aswell..
if only hey,like who would'nt mind being part of that

Kehlani Queen

a month ago

Christina you should shout murder Inc out when 5 0 is around lol

The Apple to my Orange 😍 #MiniMe @violetmadison

📸 @neverlovers

Till Schmucker

a month ago

Your Outfits are always a 10. Is it your mind r your body. U figure it out!.,.

Digiorgio Jacob's

a month ago

Hi christ your so sixsi take care always i like you so much

Radovan Soero

a month ago

Any time I take a pic looking hella cute my babies will too period

KitKats & Hot Fries Oh My 👅💦 🍟🍫

What you picking up? #snacks

Marcia Corner

a month ago

I am eating with Christina- run tell that-

Nicole Sagginario

a month ago

I love kitkats too and skittles.

Caroline Massonneau

a month ago

Is this really Christina Milian or just a fan base page.

Put THIS on your wish list 💁🏽‍♀️💎 “Cross My Heart” Necklace @houseoffinegold

Get 10% off w Discount Code 10FORYOU ✨

Scott Sweet

a month ago

I will put her on my wish list after I live life 👍

Azhi Piloneo

a month ago

I Love You movie Love Don't Cost a Thing

Azhi Piloneo

a month ago

Yes, you are on my wish list

I’m having a blast raising these crazy little siblings together with you.This friendship/partnership is truly a blessing. 🙏 @mrsnashxo

#family #thisislove #girlstrip@ Old San Juan P.R

Elsa Pinto

2 months ago

Cool mommies, their Angels & wow place ladies

Lisa Lee

2 months ago

miss you christ are fine Hope you good??

Waymond Lee Waphael

2 months ago

The beautiful Christian Milian

There’s no time to be bored in a beautiful world like this.. 💚
🧘🏽‍♀️ #PuertoRico #Rainforest

*Video on my IGTV..
Thank you @fernifernz

Praise Him

2 months ago

I want the stomach

E-d Gyozalyan

2 months ago

Beautiful words are spoken by U, what a thought hanny dear,

Tatiana Vaganova

2 months ago

Adventurous Encountered ~ Where it's at

Don’t get any fresher than this.. 🏝 @fashionnova@ San Juan, Puerto Rico

Marius Gabriel

2 months ago

Every time I see you I can't help but notice how exceptionally beautiful you are. It is kind of unfair that I never say it.

Roger Yawn

2 months ago

Absolute i am feeling this place hv a great time Christine

Nick McKay

2 months ago

So nice my love christina milian Iam really love you 💕 💓 💕 💓 💕 💓 💕

God gave me this crazy bunch and I’m keeping them. #Family @theoathcrackle #theoathseason2 #grateful #workhard #playhard@ Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar

Thandolwethu Thando

2 months ago

Wow that's lovely

Zeb Sacker

2 months ago


Kimberly Rae Fournier

2 months ago

Ooooooooooooo oNLY FEELING

Oh hey @leonalewis 👋 loving the fact that we get to work together! @theoathcrackle

Samir Arab

2 months ago

Both yours are cute christina milian

Mthokozisi Çharlez II

2 months ago

Feeling cool Christina...

Vanessa Patterson

2 months ago

Honey you little sweet enjoy you know it

How did I get so lucky? 😍 @zulay_henao 🏝

Nancy Rosas

2 months ago

You look vert sexy my love christina

Kathy Garner

2 months ago

Cooooooooolll Selfie LADIES

Robert Anderson

2 months ago

CloseFirst part of a close button label to close a dialog ShareSharelinkfor a post

All I need in this life..🌊

Art by: Trina Padilla
#trinapadilla #puertorico

Zhadz Jasani

2 months ago

What do you want from this life missy . To feel like a kid again ?

Raffaela Farias

2 months ago

Nice looking you

Peter Löwe

2 months ago

So sexsey my love christina milian Iam really love you 💕 💓 💕

For my Facebook Friends.. sending 💕 your way!

Belle Lea

2 months ago

Beautiful. Picture. Hi. Christina. Milian. You look. Good. In. This. Bikini

Liliana Marisol Moreira

2 months ago

Diq jus went in the toilet water.

Stevan Rondon

2 months ago

Oh dam baby you are beautiful and sexy

I used to pray for times like this..
To shine like this.. ☀️
📸: @nadinem___
👙 : @bfyne

Martina Santosuosso

2 months ago

Lorsquevousappuierez sur {tactile},{Name} verra oubli-informations Henné hou pat {ta tilte}, {Name} Will ses tour public info.
légal test tau notifié user acter thé nul state star buttons, page Will ses thermie public profile.

Yuka Natsui

2 months ago

This is not my cousins real page.. this is a fake page

Vedant Gupta

2 months ago

Lijk veel punten zijn als best meer maak lijk op meer standaard vol eer over lijkt mijn eer vol uit standpunt op jou zijn lijkt op als jou die zou zeggen elke eerlijke standaard

Guess who? #tbt 😌

Paty Álvarez

2 months ago

You look like violet then #tbh

Fanny Canela

2 months ago

I dont know

Laurelle Nancy Pretty

2 months ago

Labellisations Conditionneuse havenet type,butinante moindrement Philippeville vendredi,standing, Flandre-Orientale.;) :)