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It's #GrimmieThursday and what better way to celebratewith you #TeamGrimmie by posting one of Christina's very first YouTube videos from July 2009. The Christina Grimmie Foundation will be honoring YouTube by presenting them with the 2018 Legacy Award at the #CGFoundation event on 9/25.“We are very pleased to be able to honor YouTube this year. They have been an integral part of Christina’s legacy!" - Bud Grimmie

Antoine Williams

2 months ago

There are no words used in any language that can describe what the world has lost and Paradise has found, with the passing of this beautiful child of God and Sister in Christ to our Lord.
God Bless you Christina.

Carlitos Gomez

2 months ago

On Twitter it says Dear Friend was the first, here it says Dear Friend was one of the first. Which is it?

Tina Friesen

2 months ago

Bud & Marcus are beyond amazing for keeping Christina's & Mama Grimmies legacy alive. 💚

[TEAM] Thank you for the outpouring of love and support for the Grimmie family. Many people have been inquiring about service details. Please find Tina Grimmie’s Memorial Service information below.

Relatives and friends are invited to celebrate the life of Tina Grimmie on Saturday, September 8, 2018 at:

Fellowship Alliance Chapel
199 Church Rd.
Medford, NJ 0805

9:30AM to 11:00AM - Public Visitation and Reflection

11:00AM - Funeral Services

Interment will take place next to her daughter, Christina, in Berlin Cemetery - Berlin, NJ.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to theChristina Grimmie Foundation in Tina’s memory at

Orlen Smith

2 months ago

I’m so sorry to hear this! May Mama Grimmie Rest In Peace alongside her beautiful daughter. They are once again together. Condolences to bud and Marcus on the loss of yet another wonderful Grimmie woman. My heart aches for you both.

Sue Anderson

2 months ago

At least she and Christina were united and they now live in God’s house. Rip Mama Grimmie. The love and support you showed for your daughter after her passing showed how much you cared and loved her.

Pep Arena

2 months ago

Rest In Peace Mamma Grimmie 👼🏻. Thoughts and prayers for Bud and Marcus, family and friends.

Cindy James Harber

2 months ago

No person should ever have to go through what she did and then with the loss of her beloved daughter... miss Christina .. may u fly high together and you will be missed but alway in our hearts. Love u mamma grimmie!! Marcus & Bud... u stay strong .. we luv u.

Paulo Aparecido Candido

2 months ago

We stand in Spirit alongside the Grimmie family as they mourn the passing of their beloved ( Mamma Grimmie) Tina, who has now passed into Glory.
As the door of our beloved earth closed behind her, the doorway to Paradise swung wide and she entered peacefully and without pain to be with all those who had gone before her. One especially known to us all of course, their Beautiful, talented, daughter Christina.
May our Lord Jesus comfort and Console all the loved ones she has left behind

1 Thessalonians 4:15-18
For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep.
For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God.
And the dead in Christ will rise first.
Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.
And thus we shall always be with the Lord.
Therefore comfort one another with these words.



Greg Woolley

2 months ago

My deepest sympathy and condolences for the bereaved family.😥 Stay strong in the Lord.My prayers are with you.
Mama Grimmie, you were an inspiration , thank you. It brings comfort knowing you now rest in Jesus' loving arms..


We are saddened to announce the loss of our beloved Tina, also affectionately known as “Mama Grimmie” to the millions of fans of Christina Grimmie around the world. She will be missed immensely.

Tina fought a courageous and brave battle with cancer for many years, even until her final hours with family by her side. While this is a bittersweet moment for us as a family, particularly after losing Christina two years ago, we rejoice at the thought that Tina and Christina are united once again in the presence of our Lord and Savior.

Tina Grimmie was a powerful and shining example of motherhood, being an amazing wife while giving love and encouragement to others. Her laugh, energy, passion and joyful spirit will eternally be a part of all of us.

Our family is grateful to all of Tina’s committed caregivers and to our close friends and family for their unwavering prayers and support in the times we needed it most. We are also grateful to our beloved #TeamGrimmie, Christina’s amazing base of fans, for their immense outpouring of love on social media that’s continually kept us encouraged.

Tina was truly a one of a kind soul and our hearts are heavy. We respectfully ask for some private time to process her passing.In lieu of flowers, we invite you to make donations to the Christina Grimmie Foundation in Tina’s honor. God bless and thank you all.

Santiago Sainer

2 months ago

I didn't sleep so well last night. Hearing that made my heart broke and yes, I did cry. I really did. The Grimmies are a loving family and it's not fair for them to lose Christina AND Tina. But Tina gets to reunite with her beautiful little girl/angel and they will never separate again. I bet Christina is excited to see her mom again and is ready to open her arms to her again. RIP Mama Grimmie. I love you so much and I will miss you. Give Christina a big hug and kiss and rawwk finger for me and the rest of Team Grimmie. Mark, Bud, Chloe and the Grimmie family and friends are in my prayers! 💚💚💔💔😭😭

Robert Sheeran

2 months ago

I lost my grandpa and my aunt within a year of each other just recently. I understand how painful this is. Condolences to the Grimmie family and may God bless during these hard times.

Geraldine Zapata

2 months ago

I have been out of social media for while but to come back at this specific time to this terribly saddening news, God has a plan. I don’t know what it is but I’m praying for you Bud Grimmie and Marcus Grimmie your entire family and Team Grimmie will always been in my heart, thoughts and prayers 🙏🏻

It's #GrimmieThursday and with so many favorite videos to choose from #TeamGrimmie, we decided to share "Request Medley #2" today. This video features some of your most requested covers by Christina dating back to 2010.We hope you enjoy this one from the vault.Let us know in the comments about any of your favorites featured in the video. - The Grimmies#CGForever

Cory Nelson

3 months ago


Yukiko Tokoro

3 months ago

I Was Crying In My Dreams Last Night, And Now I Know Why; Fear Of Loss.

Kymberly Bridges

3 months ago

💚 I have always loved her vision of Nellys Just A Dream! 💖 always in my heart! 💗

Come make a difference! We’re personally inviting you to attend the 2nd Annual Christina Grimmie Foundation Event on Sep 25th in Hollywood. A wonderful evening is planned just for you. We’ve been able to provide support to over a dozen families who either lost a loved one to gun violence or caring for a loved one battling breast cancer. Looking forward to seeing you there and making a difference together #TeamGrimmie - The Grimmies 💚 #CGFoundation #CGFevent2

Barabara Sanders

3 months ago

Dan Joseph Sarmiento Larida tara, sagot mo pamasahe round trip hahaha

Dan Erhardt

3 months ago

Still loving u as a fan my christina💖

Celeste Kristiana

3 months ago

2 years and I still cant believe shes gone .. still cant forget the feeling i got when i saw the news.. stay strong, grimmie fam!

Congratulations to one of Christina's dearest friends and a cherished friend to our family, Travis Michael Flores, on his wonderful new TV series "Sorta Supportive" that will feature Christina's music! Many of you in #TeamGrimmie know Travis well and the amazing support he shows us as a family. Join us in wishing Travis all the best with this important and groundbreaking series. - The Grimmies 💚💛

Read story here via Deadline Hollywood:

Sabrina Cote

3 months ago

Congrats Travis! I miss yuh so much girlie. 💚

Diamond Stevens

3 months ago

Congratulations Travis! I hope your successful! That's great of you to be using Christina's music! I'll definitely check out the link provided in this post to find out more!

Sofie Hautekier

3 months ago

I miss her so much fr I love her and her music

For Today's #GrimmieThursday, we're posting Christina singing "Liar Liar" LIVE on The Ellen Show!#TeamGrimmie you can listen to the entire FIND ME album on #Spotify - The Grimmies

Erika Pena

3 months ago

Her voice is breathtaking ❤️🙏🏼😇😘

Iacov Burdianov

3 months ago

Goosebumps every time she opens her mouth! So glad she lived in the generation of youtube.

Mike Gonzalez

3 months ago


Watch “Advice” from the “FIND ME” EP Now available on Spotify!#GrimmieThursday #TeamGrimmie

Charlene Carter

4 months ago

There isn't a single day where I don't listen to Christina. Her perfect voice is immortalized.

Jimenez Emely

4 months ago

One of my favorites..

Mthokozisi Nyawose

4 months ago

lamentável vc morreu daquela forma trágica

This #GrimmieThursday we’re excited to announce that FIND ME is now available on Spotify! This EP is a #TeamGrimmie favorite released in 2011. Watch the “Advice” video below from FIND ME and listen to the full EP on Spotify! 💚 - The Grimmies #CGForever

Christian Tibabuzo Caballero

4 months ago

Miss u so much .

Noro Hovhannisyan

4 months ago

I thank you!

Arm Fade Away

4 months ago

This is definitely the best Grimmie Thursday ever. Huge thanks to the Grimmie Family <3 <3 <3

Today is a special #GrimmieThursday as we announce making one of your favorite covers by Christina available – “I Will Always Love You”. These words ring so true as Christina absolutely loved and adored you #TeamGrimmie and that love continues as we carry it forward as a family!We appreciate your unrelenting support and as you listen or stream this song, know that you are loved #TeamGrimmie and that you’re in our thoughts.💚 – The Grimmie Family #CGforever

Listen Here:

Henry Q. Ramos

5 months ago

We miss you and We Love you so much Christina Grimmie❤️❤️

Rhonda Aldridge

5 months ago

I've never met her...but i miss Christina so damn much...couldn't believe it's almost 2 years since she walked the stairs to heaven😭

Lena Gram

5 months ago

I was listening to some of her music a couple days ago and i was just saying to my dad how a shame it was that she was gone because she had so much going for her and she was getting way more recognition and was even making a movie. She was just so amazing, i just can't believe that she is gone

[TEAM] Please join us in wishing Mama Grimmie HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 💚💚💚

To celebrate this special day #TeamGrimmie we’re giving away a second LIMITED EDITION COLLECTORS VINYL SET with a Vintage Record Player! Enter Here:

Schlandria Brown

6 months ago

Happy birthday mama Grimmie I hope you have the best birthday ever. Also you raise a beautiful daughter and she will be miss finally thank you for sharing her music to see how much she has grown. And I hope you enjoy your day ❤️

Nickolai Nordsmark

6 months ago

To the mother of our girl Christina...
Thank you for sharing your precious daughter with us and appriciating all our love for her. We miss her so much i hope shes happy while seeing all of us still loving her and continuing her music and legacy. 😊
Happy happy birthday Mama Grimmie! 🎂👏🙏👌We Love you! 😘💚💚💚😘

Alison Lawton

6 months ago

Happy birthday mama Grimmie💕💕💕Christina is watching over you and the Grimmie family up in the heaven! Wish u hv good health and keep your thankful heart💕💕💕💕💕

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! “I am proud to share this extremely personal song with other mothers and daughters as well as Christina’s fans, #TeamGrimmie. #LITTLEGIRL is very special to me and carries a part of not only Christina but our unique bond. I miss her daily and I take comfort in knowing that this song might help other mothers and daughters through their fearful or tough times. ” 💚
- Tina Grimmie aka #MamaGrimmie #mothersday

Russell Tacocat Rogers

6 months ago

My heart hurts for you mama Grimmie! I think about Christina often as I live in Orlando. I say a prayer each time I think about her. What a gift she was! God bless!

Emmanuel Arthur

6 months ago

Happy Mother's Day Mama Grimmie..Elf is so cuuuute...

Brooklyn Summer

6 months ago

Christina is taking care of you everyday from heaven 💜 I send you lots of love & I'll pray for your family

#TeamGrimmie your response to #LittleGirl has been incredible. Thank you for the ways you support Christina Grimmie. We now present to you the World Wide Premiere of the Little Girl Official Video! - 💚 The Grimmies
Watch Here:

Beinir Brattaberg Evaldsson

6 months ago

Thank you all for sharing with us this beautiful song and amazing video.Christina's legacy will continue thanks to you, she'd be so proud of what's been done for her.We'll be by your side always. Thanks!!

Shanelle Fioretti

6 months ago

Such a sweet soul that Christina was. Still breaks my heart to think about what happened. Her impact was incredible and it still remains today.💜

Nixon Nyaga

6 months ago

This song sound exactly like the songs Christina would produce on her own, it has exactly the same feel and I love that. I didn't think there was any more music that would remind me of how she made original music years ago ❤️❤️

Emanuel de Oliveira

6 months ago

This is my all time favorite baby photo of her. 💚 But when I see the rest of her cute baby photos on the lyrics video of Little Girl, I'm in awe. 💚 We love you little girl 💚

Alisha Kamara

6 months ago

grimmie team always present, to hear your voice is to feel that you are here with us❤️😭

John Stodola

6 months ago

Adorable! So sad her time on earth was short.

#TeamGrimmie, This new song has never been released and was held personally by me because it was something special between Christina and I! 💚 - Mama Grimmie

#CGForever #CG0511 #MamaGrimmie #NewMusicFriday

Connie Watkins

6 months ago

Thanks! Coz i've missed hearing a new song from her.

Ray Elizalde Alvarez

6 months ago

I sure that it's will be a wonderful song !!!!!

Gigi Stubbs

6 months ago

Can't wait to hear it <3

This next music release is very special to me. Especially for Mother’s Day! 💚 - Mama Grimmie

#CGForever #TeamGrimmie #newmusic #MamaGrimmie #CG0511

Lindsey McGinley

6 months ago

Thats on my birthday omg ♡

Sue Ruddock

6 months ago

I'm so EXITED💚💚

Darlene Alphabet Bind

6 months ago

Remember when she started out doing covers on YouTube. I still can't believe she's gone but glad she's isn't forgotten. Love to your family.

Our Record Player giveaway has ended and it’s time to announce the winner...

Congratulations to JASMINE P from Kansas City, MO! We will send you details by email about claiming your bundle prize. Thanks everyone for participating. More giveaways are coming soon...
With love, The Grimmies 💚💚💚

Frank Chuvaka

6 months ago

Kayla I’m not sure how I missed this promotion!
What a bummer!!

Argelis Mata

6 months ago

Dang! Wish I could have won but hope they do more things like this!! I had fun with it 😊

Ying Ci Choo

6 months ago

She was so amazing as is the family she left behind. Love that you all are keeping her here with us, thank you! ❤️

In continuing Christina’s legacy, we’ve been 100% committed to doing everything we can to see her dreams come true.One of those dreams came true #TeamGrimmie when we met with Skrillex to tell him all about Christina! He’s been a fan of hers and as you all know, she was a HUGE fan of his! What an amazing day to remember and honor our angel! 💚
- The Grimmies#CGForever

Enikő Ozsváth

7 months ago

I love Christina i have for a long time, both her and Skrillex are my role models to start my music career and my lifelong dream! He should definitely do a remix of her songs! Will always love the both of them forever ❤

Patrick Delude

7 months ago

OMG Skrillex Remix pleaseeeeee of Sublime!

Valerie Cruz

7 months ago

Cool... So I feel a cool remix in the air...

[TEAM] Hey #TeamGrimmie, it's #GrimmieThursday and today's post is a favorite from 2009 with Christina singing a cover of "Fireflies" byOwl City!

Khyara Newton

7 months ago

Wow watching this made me miss her 😭😭😭

Musawenkosi Mkhwanazi

7 months ago

I love this song!!

Sickario Crew

7 months ago

Aida , am ascultat-o de la inceput <3 <3 <3 ....:(

It's #GrimmieThursday... Today’s @YouTube favorite is Christina singing an @owlcityofficial cover of "In Christ Alone". Happy Easter #TeamGrimmie! We Love you. - The Grimmie Family 💚 (Link in Profile)

[TEAM] The Christina Grimmie Foundation presents the PLAYER 2 Campaign... Be a Player 2 to a Player 1 in need! Are you ready to make a difference? #ReadyPlayer2 #CGFoundation #CGForever

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS ANGEL! Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you or miss you. It warms our hearts to see the tremendous impact you’re still making on this Earth through your music and videos. Your fans and the people who love you around the world give us so much strength. We love you and miss you dearly! Happy Birthday Christina Victoria Grimmie! - Bud, Tina & Marcus #CGForever

Kitty Boomer

8 months ago

She is at least safe with the Lord Now. She is our Guardian Angel watching over smiling at us and she loves all of her fans today and watching us listening to her songs and music and I hope I give her and her family and friends hugs when we go to Heaven. Love You Christina Grimmie I will never forget you.

Khsn Shar Afridi

8 months ago

Happy Birthday Christina Grimmie , excited to meet you again in Heaven! Hope your birthday is wonderful there. :) ❤❤ #TeamGrimmieForever
You're amazing, and your music is wonderful to listen to. I will be praying your family is shown much love and can continue to handle the tragic situation well. Grimmie family please take care, much love, Ria. ❤

Chandi Amatya

8 months ago

I got this done as soon as I turned 18. The date is the day I met her after seeing her live for the first time. It means so much to me, I look at it and think of her everyday 💜

#TeamGrimmie today’s event was incredible!! 💚 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outpouring of love and support you continue to show our family. Here’s a special message I recorded with fans who attended today. I love you all and appreciate everything you do to continue Christina’s legacy! With love 💚 - Mama Grimmie #CGforever

[TEAM] It’s #GrimmieThursday and today we’re reposting a favorite from 2011 featuring Christina with @tylerwardmusic singing “How To Love” by Little Wayne! Link in bio. 💚#TeamGrimmie #CGforever

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Christina Grimmie Foundation East Coast Event this weekend. Thank you for all the love and support we’ve seen. - The Grimmies 💚💚💚 Tickets: @jacquieleemusic Runner-up of Season 5 of NBC’s The Voice Lisa Fine: Survivor of the Route 91 Festival shooting in Las Vegas and co-founder of Route 91 Strong, a charity created to assist those impacted by the Las Vegas incident. A special performance by @marcusgrimmie featuring @thejonathanlamarche and @stephenrezza Our Host is New Jersey’s own, Pete Innaurato @pinnaurato #teamgrimmie #cgforever

Hello from the Grimmie Family! Our Christina Grimmie Foundation East Coast Event is almost sold out! We’re excited to announce a few special guests added to the event. Get Tickets Here: @jacquieleemusic Runner-up of Season 5 of NBC’s The Voice Lisa Fine: Survivor of the Route 91 Festival shooting in Las Vegas and co-founder of Route 91 Strong, a charity created to assist those impacted by the Las Vegas incident. A special performance by @marcusgrimmie featuring @thejonathanlamarche and @stephenrezza Our Host is New Jersey’s own, Pete Innaurato @innaurato1. #teamgrimmie #cgforever

[TEAM] Hey #TeamGrimmie! This week’s #GrimmieThursday archive comes on the heels of Valentine’s Day with Christina singing a beautiful cover of Lady Gaga's “Bad Romance” in 2011. 💚

Watch it here:

Junel Aranes

9 months ago

I think this was the first cover I had ever watched of hers. 💚

Marie-Michèle Crispo

9 months ago

There's really no other like her in the youtube 'industry'... I don't mourn her as much as I did before. But I still wish she didn't die though.

Arnaldo Valli

9 months ago

Era brava Christina R.I.P.

[TEAM] Hey #TeamGrimmie! This week’s #GrimmieThursday archive comes on the heels of Valentine’s Day with Christina singing a beautiful cover @ladygaga’s “Bad Romance” in 2011. Link is in the profile.

Happy Valentines Day #TeamGrimmie from the Grimmie Family! We love you all so much. As you celebrate this day of love, we invite you to listen to Christina sing “My Buddy” from our favorite movie, The Matchbreaker, on DVD. We hope your day is special and filled with love! 💚 - The Grimmies MUSIC: DVD:

Happy Valentines Day #TeamGrimmie from the Grimmie Family! We love you all so much. As you celebrate this day of love, we invite you to listen to Christina sing “My Buddy” from our favorite movie, The Matchbreaker, on DVD. We hope your day is special and filled with love! 💚 - The Grimmies


Lupita M. Maldonado

9 months ago

If she was around I’d kiss Christina and show her how much I cared and she’s always my star 🌟 now til the end of time in my arms.

Lupita M. Maldonado

9 months ago

Miss her attitude and talent. Still get a rush of anger at that jerk gunman, that she didn't have the chance to cheer millions that had not seen her, as yet. Quite a few of her songs are amongst my favorites. Thank you for keeping her legacy going.

Rian Apers

9 months ago

Every day i wish Christina was still here...I wish her life didn't have to end in such heartbreak & tragedy..She was more than a beautiful voice and a pretty face..She was a beautiful soul!..

‪[TEAM] Happy #GrimmieThursday! Today’s post is one of your FAVORITES from 2011 with Christina expressing some @Skrillex love and sharing a few dance moves! 💚 (link in bio) #cgforever‬

[TEAM] SAVE THE DATE #TeamGrimmie! The Christina Grimmie Foundation is coming to the East Coast for a special event on March 10th in Voorhees, NJ. Click link in bio for more details or to RSVP: (link in bio)
[TEAM] SAVE THE DATE #TeamGrimmie! The Christina Grimmie Foundation is coming to the East Coast for a special event on March 10th in Voorhees, NJ. Click here for more details or to RSVP:

Autumn Giannette

10 months ago

Huh wish I can go I'm from and still live in California

Martin Godinez

10 months ago

I'll try!! It's 13 hrs away from south Indiana, but I'll try. I hope you guys please do a Midwest gathering!!!!!

Mahdi Choudhury

10 months ago

Darn. New York is close, but still far from Jersey. And I'll be busy with school. Probably can't even make the trip on my own.

[TEAM] Hey #TeamGrimmie, it's time for another release from the #GrimmieThursday archives! This week's feature is from 2011 with Christina singing "Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato.Have a RAWWKING 2018! 💚💚💚

Bessie Moxley Possee

10 months ago

Beautiful person with a beautiful voice!! 😇❤️

Đình Đỗ

10 months ago

I miss you Christina. All your covers are so great. Such a talent :((

Guilherme de Santis

10 months ago

I miss her :/ What a beautiful cover.

Happy New Year #TeamGrimmie from Mama Grimmie! 💚 See full video message on FB (link in profile) #CGForever

Happy New Year #TeamGrimmie from Mama Grimmie!💚 #CGForever

Pratham Chittoria

a year ago

Happy New Year Mama Grimmie. We love yu so much. Thank yu so much for everything. Stay strong, we are always with yu. And we never stopping supporting spoop and spreading her legacy. Take care of yourself. Sending you a big hug. #CGForever #Teamgrimmierawwks \|/ 💚💚💚

Sarah Zwieg

a year ago

Love you Mama Grimmie! Prayers for your health and treatment. I can't wait to see what 2018 brings to continue Christina's legacy.

Alex Flores

a year ago

Your a very strong women. I can feel all your love and pain in this video. God is great! Sometimes we have no idea why things happen to us, good or bad. It’s great to see you carrying on your daughters legacy!

#TeamGrimmie here’s a #FlasbackFriday to our friends and family on the East Coast featuring Christina Grimmie and Pete Innaurato. Stay warm guys! 💚 - The Grimmie’s #CGForever

Gloria Nguyen

a year ago

Such a great video. She’s surely missed! 💝💝💝

MaryEllen Brennan

a year ago

I still miss her! 😟

Jillian Balcazar

a year ago

Miss Christina Grimmie So much But She Is still alive In our hearts though. 😥


#TeamGrimmie, we want to take this moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Your support, comments and beautiful expressions of love warm our hearts and give us so much strength, especially during this time of the year. Show those around you how much you love and appreciate them today as we all celebrate the true reason for this season. We’re looking forward to staying connected with you in 2018 and have a few exciting things in store to continue honoring our dear angel, Christina. We love you all so much! #CGForever

Peace & Blessings,
The Grimmie Family
Merry Christmas #TeamGrimmie From the Grimmie Family: 💚💚

Zachary Way

a year ago

Merry Christmas Grimmie family! Love you!

Breno Vitório

a year ago

Merry Christmas, Grimmie's. God bless you all, I love you guys so much 💚

Ashlyn Cannon

a year ago

Merry Christmas Christina and Grimmie family 💚💚💚💚❤❤❤❤

FROM THE GRIMMIE FAMILY: #TeamGrimmie, wishing you a Merry Christmas with this special GIFT! Download a FREE MP3 of Christina singing “O Holy Night” right now at Amazon Music Spotify

We love you! - The Grimmies 💚

NOTE: Amazon will process your transaction with an automatic coupon at checkout

Tracy-lou Evans

a year ago

Me too, ‘content not available’ 😓

Tony Neal

a year ago

The amazon link isn't working

Jodie Lynn White

a year ago

says it's not avaliable when I tried, will keep trying

[TEAM] It's #GrimmieThursday and we're excited to kick off the Christmas season with this favorite from 2011 of Christina singing "O Holy Night". Hope you enjoy it #TeamGrimmie! 💚

Ramona Vigil

a year ago

So angelic.... god bless your beautiful soul Christina. 💗
So thankful to have your music.

Rhani Barecha

a year ago

Merry Christmas 2017😊
God bless the Grimmie Family& Team Grimmie Worldwide.🙏🏽

Mike DeGeorge

a year ago

She's still gone. That is, she's no longer alive - no need to try to convince yourself otherwise. It's just reality, but by all means, remember her. It's a shame what happened to her.

[TEAM] #CGForever Commemorative Christmas Ornament now available in the store! 💚 #TeamGrimmie

#Teamwork: #TeamGrimmie we’re looking forward to tonight’s premier of Psych The Movie on USA Network at 8pm EST.Thanks for your support James Roday!

Daryl Lawrick

a year ago

Awesome! Love it! Best!!🤓\|/

Mhel Domondon Soliven

a year ago

charlotte flair<3

Priscila Ugarte de la Fuente

a year ago

Alma Kianna mira :) 💚

[TEAM] Hey #TeamGrimmie It’s #GrimmieThursday and time to release another favorite from the #YouTube Archives. But first... join us in wishing Marcus Grimmie a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY with love!!! 💚💚💚 Stay tuned for today’s archive release!

Ellen Stehle Forsberg

a year ago

Happy birthday, Marcus. Thank you for being so kind to my daughters when they went to see Christina in concert in NYC. Such a good memory for them.

Allison Whitlow

a year ago

Happy Birthday Marcus Grimmie!! 💚

Silkegel Kanner

a year ago

Happy birthday hero! :) Hope you have a great day, and remember: she´s gonna give you steady love, and love you till the storm subsides!

We had an amazing time screening the new Psych The Movie with the cast. Thank you James Roday and Dulé Hill for your hospitality and supporting #TeamGrimmie. Psych The Movie premieres Dec 7 on the USA Network! - 💚 The Grimmies

Faith Kay

a year ago

Stephanie Chupp This makes me happy

Emily Blu

a year ago

Love that you all are continuing her legacy 💚

Nhật Duy

a year ago

Christina will love this movie,thank you guys for honored her memory 💚💚

[TEAM] It's #GrimmieThursday and time to unlock the YouTube Archives! This week's release is a #TeamGrimmie favorite from 2011 with Christina Grimmie singing a "Paramore" Medley.Hope you enjoy it!

Danika Bugayong

a year ago

Lady Danielle Bugayong Danielle Louise Bugayong

Can Avci

a year ago

Be happy that there are new songs

Desiree de Haas

a year ago

I am posting reactions everywhere. Hi again

[Team] Today is #GivingTuesday, a global celebration of generosity! Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are offering up to $2 million to match your donations to charities here on Facebook today beginning at 8am EST. These funds may go quickly this morning, but you can support Christina Grimmie Foundation by posting about us and adding a donate button to your post, sharing about our commitment to helping families impacted by the tragedy of gun violence or helping families facing a breast cancer diagnosis.
Here's how:

Islam Mahmoud

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I LOVE you 😓Christina Grimmie

[TEAM] On Nov 28th, #CGFoundation is participating in #GivingTuesday! The amazing folks at @facebook and @gatesfoundation are matching up to $2mil in gifts to non-profits on this special day dedicated to promoting generosity. Set your alarm for 8AM EST on Nov 28 and visit the Christina Grimmie Foundation FB page to participate. 100% of your gifts on #GivingTuesday will benefit families impacted by gun violence or breast cancer diagnosis. Link in bio for more details.