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Robert Henrick Mougoula Malékou

5 days ago

Why Chris Cornell?, yes i know they say it was because of the crazy prescribtion drug, but really man, why??😞

Jhon Ale

6 days ago

Just to boost people up. Matt Cameron album is really good. Even for me being a crazy fan of all these genre of music it took me 5-7 times and now I m addicted. The only thing is that it is only 30 minutes. I would have listen to another 30 minute.
Crazy talented our friend Matt
Cavedweller Matt Cameron

Les Donald

6 days ago

Hoping this is a sign of unreleased Soundgarden, Audio Slave, Temple of the Dog and Chris's songs. What an entertainer that loved music, loved his family and yes loved his life. He just wasn't able to see the forest for the trees.
God Bless Hid Family and God Bless the Soul of Chris Cornell

"Missing us...."

Walaszek Zsuzsanna

a month ago

Its so hard some days and i am just a fan, can’t imagine the loss you feel. Many days when one of his songs shuffles on my ipod i have to quickly move to the next artist. Songs from Higher Truth get me the most. I still wanna thank you for posting pictures and everything you do in memory of him.

Brielle Robinson

a month ago

What a great pic! Thank you for continuing to post such beautiful images of your/our beloved Chris. My grandma used to say that " some people are put on this earth to touch the souls of others. Those people often leave us quickly, as the lord finds their work complete." Stay strong

Jadia Lanham

a month ago

This hurts more than you could know...I lost my wife only 2 months before we all lost Chris. I was just looking at family vacation pics of us on the beach too that popped up in my Facebook memories...

Contact Sheet for MTV 'Plugged' with Soundgarden in 1996.

Jaqueline Mc

a month ago

Any songs filmed that didn’t air?

Maria Alejandra Ricaurte

2 months ago

That’s a lot of telecaster for a band usually associated with Guilds and various semi-hollows.

Xavier Wadondo

2 months ago

Thanks for this memories 💖💔

Audioslave on the 2002 cover of Metal Hammer. #TBT

April N Albert Rios

2 months ago

16 years ago, the year when my oldest daughter was born. Wow, time runs fast. Miss you endlessly my dear Christopher. 💔

Donna Crisel-Robertson

2 months ago

When i moved to the south from seattle I listened to audioslave to feel at home. His voice touches my soul miss you so beautiful one

Chris Neimer

2 months ago

It's too bad you folk never bothered to reply to my request, says a lot.

Setlist from The Odeon in Saskatoon on November 14, 2008.

Dave Melling

2 months ago

My daughter who was 9 at the time and I got to watch the concert on the side of the stage and meet and take photos with him in Winnipeg at the Burt in 2008 thanks to his wife. He signed a playlist and my daughter’s ear protector. He was genuine even talking to a 9yr old.
Thank you Vicky for that experience. The playlist still hangs in my daughter’s room. 10yrs later 🙂

Mat Lewis

2 months ago

Amazing show, it’s the first time I saw him. His voice is legendary and I am lucky I got to see him a couple of times over the years. You are missed ❤️ (I have so many pictures from this show, I wish I could post a few). But the memories live on forever.

Daniela Rincón

2 months ago

I feel so fortunate to have been given the setlist from his Manchester show in 2016. I'll always cherish it.😖<3

Saturday Night Live | 1996 #SoundgardenSaturday

藤井 チータ ヒロ

2 months ago

I was wide awake and tuned in!

Guzman Basilio

2 months ago

That doesn’t look like a happy 2/3 of a band. Great photo.

Klaus Michaelson

2 months ago

Greatest singer, greatest band. Still cant believe hes gone..

“Soon after Chris passed away, I was inspired to make a care package for the last Soundgarden crew from the fateful April/May tour of 2017. With the help of Josh Graham and Chris Siglin,we created shirts, stickers and hoodies for our crew. Since March 2018, I have been wearing the "Chris stage shirt" I designed and fans have been loving it on social media. Josh Graham and I created a new version of my "Chris stage shirt" that I hope our fans will like as much as I do. Vicky Cornell and I have decided to make the shirt available to the public, with all proceeds going to our various charities. Wear it with pride. Thank you and Loudest of Love to you all."- Matt Cameron

The Chris Cornell Infinity Tee (featuring artwork by Matt Cameron and Josh Graham) is available now at: Proceeds from the sale of this shirt will benefit The Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation.

Omar Ezzahraoui

2 months ago

Can anyone help me on this... I want to order a copy, but I find it hard to pick a size. Anyone any experiences on that? A 'large' medium or a 'small' large?

Ronald Mallatt

2 months ago

To Tony Bourdain....You were the original pirate. You took kitchens from "Unknown" and "Confidential" to the inspiration of generations of young "Glorified Dishwashers". We cut together. We burnt together. We screamed together. I was in kitchens for 29 years and You were one of the main reasons I pushed through and grinded it out for all of those long days. Robin, Chris, Chester, Kate and an infinite number of people who no one knew their names......... THERE HAS TO BE HELP SOMEWHERE IN THIS GALAXY!!! IT'S TOO MUCH!!! You are all loved. You are all missed.

Yoshitaka Ogawa

2 months ago

All that luscious hair and he ends up looking like the Starbucks logo on a commemorative shirt?

“In your house, I long to be. Room by room, patiently."

Leonel Riera Ponce

2 months ago

love this song, sat in the car an extra 5 minutes this morning when I got to work to listen to a live version of it.. Brilliant musician, huge loss that still hits me every day, I feel for his family and friends.

Sayal Limbu

2 months ago

What song was playing here yesterday night in Québec,Canada? We were with some friend's playing Yahtzee and have a few drinkssssss.....THIS F"$"'XCG song... love it so much....he's still with us, every party night 😍😍😍😍

Manuel Pérez González

2 months ago

My favorite love song. When this song first came out I was obsessed with it! I had to know all the exact words and when I learned them, my heart burst into flames and I felt Chris was talking to me. He wasn’t of course, but I’ve never lost that feeling for this song. And for Chris. ❤️CJC💙

Nothing Compares 2 U.

Henrry Reings

2 months ago

Heartbreaking. Wish Chris had not taken that double dose of Ativan. RIP Chris

Shane Fromm

2 months ago

Chris was a beautiful man. A gift to us all. His passing breaks my heart especially for his children’s loss. His incredible words, voice and music he left to us will be a part of my life until I too pass from this life.

Edgar Yesquitas

2 months ago

The bond you have with your dad can never be broken because he is always in your heart. Some day we'll meet in heaven.

Nothing Compares 2 U.

Shalonda R Crawford

3 months ago

Omg ... I’m torn between much love and profound sadness at this picture. A reminder of the lives that will forever miss him... ❤️

Chakkrapong Failed Eynkong

3 months ago

I so loved Chris and how awesome it was that he remade a Prince song ..another one of my favorite legends. Yes, what a beautiful picture! Mental Health is so serious and I hope we start doing something more about it so we don't continue to lose more amazing people like this. I just encountered mental illness with one of my children and had no idea until I dealt with it personally. Totally looked over in our society unfortunately. I am now an advocate and will continue to be.

Daniel Sousa Oliva

3 months ago

Such a beautiful and sad picture all at the same time!!! Bless his soul and praying for his family and friends for continued healing and loving memories !

Beneath a mile
Of earth and sky
In the sunlight
I will appear before your eyes

Kimberly Ehrich

3 months ago

Was just thinking about him again today…
Anthony Bourdain got me thinking about it again...
The giving up...

I was lying in the ICU the night they announced Chris took his life... I had just been rushed back to the ER with my 2nd heart attack in two days... struggling to live... & knowing what depression is... struggling with that my whole life...

Today I thought... no matter how bad it gets, it always gets better... nothing is constant, everything is always changing...
And I wish I could have helped him to see that...
To see life is worth fighting for...
That your Loved ones are worth fighting for… No matter how much pain you’re enduring...
& that it wont stay so bad... there’s a rainbow 🌈 inside every cloud...

Im sure he had more songs, more words...
I’d have listened to them all 😞

I didn’t know him
But I miss him 💔

Imee Ménagé

3 months ago

I thought of you all yesterday a lot.

Riley Lovezz You

3 months ago

I just posted these lyrics on CC tribute page the day before they were posted on here. I feel his energy is still with us and he sends messages. He will always be a huge force in this universe.

Onstage with Soundgarden on the band's only visit to Istanbul, four years ago today.

Yori Takahashi

3 months ago

C.C. forever!

Kristena Kristena

3 months ago

I love and miss you Chris Cornell,

Lia Yolangga Wilyanah Lim

3 months ago

We can only thank you for all of the soul-warming memories, Chris. Extremely missing you ❤️

"The words of my brother still resonate in my head causing me the same pain as they did a year ago. "Hello, have you heard on TV? Your friend Chris Cornell died!"
Before realizing it was true, I insisted a thousand times that it was just fake news.
It was a year ago yesterday, and the word death continues to seem so foreign to that gentle and kind man.
Christopher was a myth for many, for rock, for his voice, his songs.
For me it was all about the man he was, about the boundless love I saw him express for his family, his wife, his children, his in-laws.
He was my myth, far from the spotlight, from fame, he was the kind and humble man that only a true rock star can be.
I met him in Paris 15 years ago and I had the pleasure of designing his house. He and his family were happy in that space and so I stayed with them for many years. His marriage to Vicky was beautiful, I cannot forget it.
I also followed them to Los Angeles, Rome and New York, where I saw Chris for the last time. His hugs and his smile were sincere and engaging and his good education informed his every gesture.
Today I hope my thoughts can reach him and transmit the same warmth that he gave to me. I hope my affection can reach his family, little Christopher, little Toni, Vicky.
I love you."
- Maurizio Capobianco

Erika Silva

4 months ago

É uma pena ter perdido o Chris eu amo as musicas dele tanto do Audioslave quanto da Soundgarden até hoje eu e minha mão cantamos Like a Stone ela disse pra mim que quando eu era um bebe estava tocando essa musica no radio e eu dormi abraçado com ela escutando Like a Stone <3

Jessy Falk

4 months ago

One Tear One Year from the SuperUnkwow ...REst In Peace Bro!

Quinn Eubanks

4 months ago

RIP Chris.....I hope you meet up with my Dad and Bro!

Yesterday, a year on from his funeral, Chris's wife thanked fans for their support.“Chris will live forever in the present..... You have paid your love forward a hundredfold.”

Maricarl Estacio

4 months ago

I was at the vigil. Flew in from Austin, TX. I had planned on going to Hollywood forever to pay my respects on the 18th, then I heard you were holding the vigil. Thank you Vicki. You did a beautiful job.

Amanda Bergström

4 months ago

My son and I attended the memorial for Chris Cornell. We were both very moved by the respect for this man, the love for him, and the tremendous saddness felt by his family and friends. His lyrics, music, and that voice will forever be in our lives. Love to Vicki, childrend, and all who knew and loved him.

Debbie Harvey

4 months ago

The range of emotions wide , none stronger than love of what I have for this. He's moved me for some time now and will beyond what we know.

My heart is broken.
Chris Cornell was my hero.
He was everything I ever wanted to be, and he showed me kindness and compassion from the first day I met him. I idolized this man, and he treated me as an equal even though I approached him as a fan. He went on to give patient advice and attention to a kid he barely knew at the time. He changed my life. He treated people like people, no more and no less, even when he had the power to do otherwise.
The last time I saw him was when he reunited with Tom Morello and Audioslave in downtown LA. I had not arranged to go, and I messaged him to say hello and to hope he had a great show, and that I was sad I couldn't make it. He proceeded to scramble his people to sneak me and my friend inside, telling me to keep it quiet as he was only supposed to have a limited amount of guests. As always, it seems, he went out of his way to be kind for no other reason or motive. At that concert, I took this picture. It was my birthday.
My heart goes out to his beautiful, beautiful family, and Tom, and the countless others who are feeling this right now. Please give them the space they need. We didn't just lose a musician and singer with an incredible vocal range and songwriting gift today, we lost something more - we lost a great man.
I'm going to listen to your music today like I have since I was thirteen.
- Nick Simmons

Maygelaa Ramos

4 months ago

I was a teenager absolutely lost and that voice and that ...I can not explain...was a part of my salvation in a very delicate situation..Things that you don't learn at school. That sound was dangerous and
it could thown me out to the edge but I'm still here. Now with my 45 years old I only can feel gratitude to that great person full of talent . Thanks Chris, Thank you very much. Always in my heart. Sorry for my crapy english.

Thanks for sharing his kindness with us, it is some sort of balm for our pain of losing such an incredible person. He has always been light

Sak La'fare

4 months ago

This is amazing! I was hoping to attend his soundgarden concert and unfortunately I couldn’t. To think we lost not only an amazing voice but a humble human being breaks my heart for him and his family. Depression and anxiety are not able to be ignored and I just hope Chris found his peace. 😢

One year ago the voice of a generation passed away. He is gone but never forgotten . Proud to have known him and proud to honour him. - Steve Smith

Richkid Ti Amg

4 months ago

truly one of my favorite musicians amazing singer and legend grew up on his music as a child will be missed always

Tommy Sue Lyles Smith

4 months ago

"I was hurting from my eye teeth and bleeding from my soooul...And i sharpened my wits on a dead's man skull...I've been caught in a mind riot". Amazing lyricist, GOAT rock vocalist. RIP CC

Dyan Armstrong

4 months ago

We love you Chris... thank you, for everything. The most incredible Woman that I’ve ever known, or ever will know, brought me to your recent Show at Massey Hall, and it is a Gift that I will never forget. You were, and are, a Gift to All of Us. RIP Brother. Be sound ❤️✨

Adenan Omar

4 months ago

I gotta visit his grave one day, this man helped shape my love of music and I never met him in life. So I’d love to leave a Rose with a piece of paper that says “Fresh Deadly Roses” and a guitar pick and to talk with him for awhile.

Wade Gillson

4 months ago

Wish I could have been there, I lite a candle for you Chris, you are missed sooo much!! Sending a hug to the family as Know he is watching over you all forever! xoxoxo

Moritz Makulla

4 months ago

Beautiful tribute. Chris will always be around xx

Beautiful sentiments from Tom Morello
"Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the passing of Chris Cornell. I wrote this for him the day he passed:
You’re a prince, you’re a snare, you’re a shadow
You’re twilight and star burn and shade
You’re a sage, you’re a wound shared, you’re masked
You’re a pillar of smoke, you’re a platinum heart
You’re a brush fire, you’re caged, you’re free
Your vision pierces, you do not see
You are pieces strewn on the hillside
You’re open armed, you’re armed, you’re true
You’re a revealer of visions, you’re the passenger, you’re a never fading scar
You’re twilight and star burn and shade
You’re the secret veiled, you’re the secret revealed, you’re surrounded no more
You’re not there, now you’re always here
Youre a handsome groom, a loving father, a haunted stairwell
You’re the clear bell ringing, the mountains echo your song
Maybe no one has ever known you
You are twilight and star burn and shade"

Jill Nahhas

4 months ago

How incredible a writer you are, Tom Morello! Your tribute to Chris tugged on my heart strings then entered my soul.

Music never dies however the musicians do in their physical form leaving this planet. I believe they travel one more time to a venue I refer to as heaven.

Musicians are true soldiers on earth who battle the demons that haunt their minds producing incredible songs they created sang and recorded, performing tirelessly.

Chris Cornell graced our lives till the end of his time on this planet however his music will sustain in perpetuity as we mourn his loss a year ago.

Let’s choose instead to CELEBRATE as his life has passed on. The music he gave us a gift to all who remain.

To feel the joy, turn on the music crank up the volume and listen once again to the songs Chris recorded.

Music is the universal language we all understand no matter where we were born.

RIP Chris Cornell. 💫

Mie Arnvig

4 months ago

I was in my twenties during all of the 90’s and had the pleasure of hearing the bands that made up what is known as the Seattle sound. Chris was one of my all time favorite singers and I was finally able to see him live when he came to Ohio for his Higher Truth tour. The show was an acoustic version of most of his greatest hits with a few covers thrown in. Chris was in his element when he performed and that night was magic.
I have never had a celebrity passing feel like I lost a member of my family until now and that just goes to Chris and his incredible voice and body of work. Sending prayers to his family, friends collaborators and fans. ❤️

Jackie Gregg

4 months ago

May is a difficult time for me as I lost both parents, my precious dog and last year the beloved Chris Cornell. I hear his voice and I can't believe he's gone but what gives me comfort is he will always live on through his music and as a great artist. May your soul find peace and you are one with the universe.

Danielle Donley

4 months ago

you lighted the way for our lost soul
but that night you couldn't see it all
a man of words who could reach into souls
influencer, prisoner in his own rusty cage
you tried to be the sun but you have been burnt
new life been born but yours been gone
suddenly we were out of control
in someway you became a myth, your loss is incomplete
so many hearts just can't believe
we have lost so much we can't accept
can't let you fade can't leave in rest
still burning still shining still sore in our souls
there nothing left to do
except wave goodbye to you.
r.i.p chris and sending a lot of love to vicky and his family and the rest of the fans world wide. we are a community (sorry if i'm mistaken in grammar, not my native language).

Love Bastien

4 months ago

Still heartbroken and a year later I just still cannot believe he’s gone. Until a week ago I hadn’t been able to listen to his voice. Can listen to the rockers now but not the slow ones yet. Not just an incredible musician but a beautiful soul. Thinking of his family who have been so strong and inspiring. RIP Chris 💔

Mats Hopstaken

4 months ago

Missing you Chris :( can't believe a whole year has past!! It still feels so raw and painful, I can only imagine how hard this must be on your beautiful family :(

Shadreka Stevens

4 months ago

In May of 1996, I was 13 years old, staying up late watching Saturday Night Live, especially excited because Soundgarden was the musical guest. My grandma and dad were watching with me, and halfway through the song, my dad said "That's really wonderful," and looked at me sarcastically and went upstairs to the kitchen. My grandma(who would have been 60 at the time) was listening intently and tapping her hand to the beat of the song. Toward the end, she said "what's the words he's singing, Shane? What's he mean?"

I don't remember if I got out the cd and referenced the liner notes or if I wrote them down, but I recited all the lyrics to her. She said something like "That's a really deep song, isn't it?" and said how she was surprised once she started listening intently that the singer's voice "cut through the noise"(grandma's not a fan of distortion, turns out). It turned into an hour and a half long discussion of the music I listened to and I played her several songs from Bush, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Meat Puppets, and Pearl Jam, each time reciting the lyrics to her and letting her absorb them. I remember at the end of it, as she went to bed she hugged me and thanked me for taking the time to share with her.
"Your generation seems like they really have something to say, don't they?"
"Yeah, that's true."
"I hope more people listen. Goodnight."

My grandma's still around -- and what a strange juxtaposition that Chris isn't :( . She hit 83 this year and has had Alzheimer's for about six years now. She doesn't remember talking about it with me, but she still taps her hand along to Burden in My Hand when I play it and says she remembers that song from "when she was young."

Chris gave me that.

Barry Ebrima

4 months ago

There is something to be said for a spouse who can put her own pain aside long enough to understand and welcome the pain of fans, to truly care that Chris affected millions of lives outside those of his own family. Even though we never met, he knew me. He knew many of us, amd shared our fear and pain through words and music. Fortunate are we to have so much of him remain with us in those songs. God bless you, Vicky, for sharing him with us. We love you as well.

Shabana Khan

4 months ago

Fear not death; we are destined to die. We share it with all who ever lived, with all
Who ever will be. Bewail the dead, hide not your grief, do not restrain your mourning.
But remember that continuing sorrow is worse then death. When the dead are at rest, let their memory rest, and be consoled when the soul departs.
Death is better than a life of pain, and eternal rest than constant sickness.
Seek not to understand what is too difficult for you,search not for what is hidden from you. Be not over-occupied with what is beyond you, for you have been shown more than you can understand.
As a drop of water in the sea, as a grain of sand on the shore are man’s few days in eternity. The good things in life last for limited days, but a good name endures forever.

Chris Cornell plays solo acoustic at Royal Albert Hall in London on May 3, 2016. Pictured backstage with Jimmy Page, captured by Ross Halfin Photography.

Leo Barba

5 months ago

I saw him at Bristol Colston Hall when he did this last tour. Absolutely blew me away. Hands down best ever gig I had been emotional to think he had all that dark stuff going on in his head at that time....such a sad, sad loss 🖤

Jessy Criollo

5 months ago

Kev McCarthy haunting to look back at the Olympia gig and know he’s not around any more. Still hurts 🤘😭

Terry Steinmetz

5 months ago

I was there and it was the greatest gig i've ever been to. I can't believe he's gone and its nearly a year since he did. :(

“Great riffs aren’t repeatable. If it comes out once, it’s great, and that’s it. You can’t rip yourself off and revisit it or steal someone else’s.” - Chris Cornell

Amanda Votava

5 months ago

Brilliant insight from the genius of grunge. U2 would do well to heed his advice, especially on their latest album.

Kaos Motley Crue

5 months ago

I'm not sure what that means.

Denis Topoljak

5 months ago

my one and only, why did he check out so soon.?

Chris rides onstage in NYC on a bike built for him by 11-year-old fan Tony Harrington, back in 2013.#tbt
Photo Maria Ives

Sheila Boyd

5 months ago

Rock on TonyHarrington That is so cool.

Ahmed Fouad

5 months ago

Tricia Lynn Bizic Meddles, thought you’d like this if you haven’t seen it already. ❤️

Jakob Zidar

5 months ago

What a great show this was at at the Beacon theatre. He was in fine voice and spirits that night.

Chris delivers the #HigherTruth in Belfast, two years ago today.
Photo by Darren McVeigh

Victor Edgardo Muñoz Meriño

5 months ago

I was there, it was an amazing glad I travelled to Belfast now to see him! 🖤

Dave Dart

5 months ago

Miss you so much CB met him and Andy in Tacoma in the early 80’s hung out at the studios to hear them practice back then it broke my heart when Andy left we all were shocked then Kurt met him in Aberdeen the same time with MC 84ish was hitting the stage and then Kurt was gone met all of them back then and Layne that really hit us hard when Layne left and now Chris your gone too and it just sucks your all gone it’s still hurts and always will no one will ever sing like you again CB R.I.P. your with Andy again and Kurt Shannon and Layne 💔💔💔💔

Cecilia Bowman

5 months ago

I experienced HIGHER TRUTH in Santa Rosa, of my favorite concerts better artist has there been!

Taking my time
To untangle the wires
And stare into my sanity

Alexis Ferreyra

5 months ago

Please never close this page. Very cathartic to come here once and a while to share with friends from all over the world our love for chris. Thank you friends and thank you chris. Forever missed. RIP

Gorda Gutierrez

5 months ago

I had a very hard time listening to his music at first without crying so I stopped listening for about two months, now there are only certain songs I still can't listen to without crying. His music is a huge part of how I feel about a lot of things in my world and the world today. It is crushing that he left us, but he left meaning in his music to us:)

Emma Davtian

5 months ago

I am not your rolling wheels
I am the highway
I am not your carpet ride
I am the sky

"It's not like I'm walking a tightrope between two tall buildings, I'm just making music." - Chris Cornell, 2008

11 painful months. Nothing compares to you CC. So loved and so missed as Hell: '(

Jason Cypher

5 months ago

This picture is epic my dear Christopher. 👐 I will always love and miss you. ❤💔

Jesus Ü Juarez

5 months ago

Saw him twice. Audioslave in Detroit, ‘06... All black stage w/a black box up front. Basic stage stuff, but it was like he was levitating above the stage as he sung, Awesome! And very much missed.

Ann Wilson of Heart and Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell paid tribute to Chris last night at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Nathali Stabenow

5 months ago

I understand Ann’s reason for choosing this song but having Pearl Jam there too to do Say Hello To Heaven would have really pulled at everyone’s heart.

Maya Mobayed

5 months ago

I wonder how much longer we wait for Chris to take his earned place with the RRHF? First alt. Rock band, massive fan base, large body of work and a 4 octive range. . Catch up !

Maria Gutzeit

5 months ago

I miss him
Miss him
Miss him... I listen to him everyday of my life.

There were times of lots of laughter
And you felt you understood
We were carefree, open, and honest
Loving easy, kind, and true…!CC

Philip Read

5 months ago

I love his hair back so I could see his beautiful face

Daniela Garcia

5 months ago

Brilliant singer and songwriter. Will always miss him:(

Katsuya Tanaka

5 months ago

Wonderful, beautiful and passionate!!

At Center Stage, Atlanta on the first Songbook tour seven years ago today#tbt

Christina Marrufo

5 months ago

I was there! One of the greatest shows I have ever saw. Amazing setlist!

Julian Liu

5 months ago

Chewy Chewy. Is this the concert we went to?

Enrico Gennaro

5 months ago

Aww, Ben. Was such a good show!!

“I realized it's a lament, not a dance track...the lyrics are brilliant.” - Chris Cornell. On this day in 2007, Chris and his brand new band performed a stunning live version of @MichaelJackson's #BillieJean for Nissan Live Sets on #YahooMusic.

“I realized it's a lament, not a dance track...the lyrics are brilliant.” - Chris Cornell.
On this day in 2007, Chris and his brand new band performed a stunning live version of Michael Jackson's ‘Billie Jean’ for Nissan Live Sets on Yahoo Music.

Tre Calamita

6 months ago

Our dog is named Billie jean. I told my daughter that it’s for both Michael Jackson AND chris Cornell. Chris nor Cornell sounded that great for a dog. 🤣😂🤣😂 seriously though. Love it!!

Lupita Morales

6 months ago

I thought I was alone in thinking that Billie Jean was a lament
Still I miss you Chis. Your spirit, compassion and that voice. 💔🌸

Christophe Merle

6 months ago

Such a haunting voice. By far the best version of this song. It is still hard to believe he is gone. Loved by many and forever missed ❤❤

“There is a certain amount of pride I take in the fact that my wife and I and my in-laws work hard to make this happen. Because there’s no way I can tour and travel all around the world and have children. The fact that we make that work – that’s something.” - Chris Cornell, November 2007 #tbt

“There is a certain amount of pride I take in the fact that my wife and I and my in-laws work hard to make this happen. Because there’s no way I can tour and travel all around the world and have children. The fact that we make that work – that’s something.” - Chris Cornell, November 2007#tbt

Jose Angel

6 months ago

well then publish the toxicology report ,which is readily available already right here, and protect his incredible heartful magnificent legacy and stop trying to pass him off as a relapsed druggo.

Stuart Downing

6 months ago

The little childs outfit shows the support they had for Chris how adorable with a guitar on the front and rock across the bottom of the skirt Daddy's girl awe makes me happy for the good times they had as a family in love

Ka-mbeng GokielL'jpw

6 months ago

Cute babies, especially baby chris with the headphones

Chris in Santiago, Chile, nine years ago today.

Cristian David Ruiz

6 months ago

Great man, an artist, and the man inside muy dreams, i promise u i will never forget u, u will stay witb me forever

Jacqueline Cano

6 months ago

I saw you outside the hotel, and you were so nice to us, even when you were late for that show!!

Beverly Stephens Edwards

6 months ago

This was a crushing shock to sad

Acrylic painting by Gail Younts - Artwork

Cameron Johnson

6 months ago

One song worth a thousand pics.

Jonathan Andrade

6 months ago

Well he is dead . Stop this craziness and leave him Rest In Peace . Don’t immortlize him . He doesn’t like that . Trust me . Money makers

Vetoinette Jackson

6 months ago

I am not your rolling wheels
I am the highway
I am not your carpet ride
I am the sky

She's going to change the world But she can't change me

“Until I had children I didn’t really give a shit about what happened to me. necessarily... I didn't feel afraid for my own future so much. Now, I feel concerned for my future because I feel concerned for my children's future.”-#KeepThePromiseForChrisCornell

Just like a stray dog in the rain
I can run all night and get nowhere

Photo Ross Halfin Photography

Selminha Palmeira

6 months ago

when I'm sad, I listen to Chris cornell and his voice always touches my heart and helps me not feel alone♡♡

Sharon Gunderson-Likely

6 months ago

Such a sweet smile.... I miss him so much.

Ocia Benio

6 months ago

You will forever be etched in my soul! ❤️❤️❤️Loud love to you in heaven, my favorite artist of all time.....

Would you believe this wasn't a photo? Seattle artist @Keegan.Hall specialises in photorealistic pencil portraits. #fanartfriday

Would you believe this wasn't a photo?Seattle artist Keegan Hall specialises in photorealistic pencil portraits.#fanartfriday

Read more at Artist Waves:

Lisa Bunner

6 months ago

It captured his essence and his precious soul. Chris Cornell was and will always be my most beloved lyricist and musician of my day.

Naomi Silvi

6 months ago

Got this one from Keegan on our wall!! Amazing artist!

Paula Lenore Lawrence

6 months ago

Chad Cassidy there was no computer programs used in the drawing, I know that for a fact

You Never Knew My Mind was added to the #AListHardRock Playlist on Apple Music . #ForeverWords  Give it a listen here: Video courtesy @chris_cornell.tribute

‘Heavy Is The Head’, featuring Chris with the @ZacBrownBand, was released 3 years ago today.

New Chris Cornell Signature hoodies available now! Order yours in the store at

New Chris Cornell Signature hoodies available now! Order yours in the store at

Amilcar Conceição

6 months ago

The CC and family have enough money for themselves, they are generous people and commit to help the poor children of the world who are takin advantage of everyday. Countless children’s lives have been saved by this great man CC, his friends and family. Keep the PROMISE! All you naysayers do your research!

Silvio Coelho

7 months ago

Hope those negative nellies aren't buying records or anything associated with Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Prince, John Lennon OMG the list goes on...

Matthew Maverick Murphy

7 months ago

What is the deal with paying for his signature? It's not real, he didn't sign the top...mass produced bits of cloth.

Watch @MSNBC interview with @VickyCornell and General McCaffrey about The @WhiteHouse #OpioidSummit and why medical professionals need more education on how to diagnose/treat #addiction.

Watch @MSNBC interview with @VickyCornell and General McCaffrey about The @WhiteHouse #OpioidSummit and why medical professionals need more education on how to diagnose/treat #addiction.

“You Never Knew My Mind” features a powerful vocal from Chris Cornell and previously unpublished words written by @JohnnyCash. The song, one of Chris’ last solo recordings, is on ‘Johnny Cash: Forever Words,’ a new album featuring songs created from Cash’s unknown poetry, lyrics and letters. Listen Here: @ZaneLowe #ForeverWords

The words of @JohnnyCash. The voice of Chris Cornell. Tune in to @Beats1Official on Apple Music at 12:05 pm EST to hear the world premiere of “You Never Knew My Mind,” from the new album ‘Johnny Cash: Forever Words.’ @ZaneLowe #ForeverWords Listen Here:

The words of Johnny Cash. The voice of Chris Cornell. Tune in to Beats 1 on Apple Music at 12:05 pm EST to hear the world premiere of “You Never Knew My Mind,” from the new album ‘Johnny Cash: Forever Words.’

Emily Hurdelbrink

7 months ago

This is great!

Sanna Kulmala

7 months ago

Chris should still be here!

Carsten Volmer

7 months ago

I loved it!

A brand new Chris Cornell song from the upcoming ‘@JohnnyCash: Forever Words’ album, makes its world premiere Monday at 12:05 p.m. EST on Apple Music’s @Beats1Official. @ZaneLowe #ForeverWords