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Fans shared about Chris Brown

Melindah Bwalya Kaniki

30 minutes ago

My two favorite chocolate and vanilla....stay classy my VA peps

Ivan Santtos

also shared about Chris Brown

Bruddah from another Muddah💯✨ even better Birthday Twinsie born the same day as me.😏♉️💕✨ Cinco De Mayo Tingz!🇲🇽 ✨

Jakeline Dantas

also shared about Chris Brown

I don' t know your name . I think that's dat dude who would make us visual artists laugh out loud , with his sing . Everybody knows my name . LoL

Fans shared about Chris Brown

ßïläl Räfïë

7 hours ago

I am very proud of you Chris Brown what did make from you life today and what you are now.But never forgot about our God too.The poor is also there let you help them also please

Philemon Hermano Otaris

also shared about Chris Brown

dont have much to say. always DOPE, also wanna tell that i will be hitting your DM one day on IG: @hilldrizzy thanks #onelove

मुना ता- माङ

also shared about Chris Brown

Don't wake me up cuz I need a little more of your love,,,,, and don't judge me cuz I'm ready to die for you ,,,, I just can't live without you ,,, u r my new flame ,,,and me I'm always loyal 💗💗💗

@ellamai ❤️


Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ spread love and good vibes

Thanks G, I appreciate y’all

Fans shared about Chris Brown

Jasper Manansala

3 days ago

It doesn't really matter whatever negative they wanted to say. Its obvious that they are jealous with you and your success and just tryna bring you down. Ha! That's how they react to real talent

Patrício Emerson Paulo

also shared about Chris Brown

Don’t listen to( How do they know)
What people say( How do they know)
They don’t know about you( How do they know)
My boy, you try to challenge yourself with people’s opinions.
It doesn’t matter. In life we lived the moment for the moment and we take care for the future the way we build it.
In life, we will be loved and not loved. Have mercy for the ones who speaks rubbish without knowing you.
Too smart and way too talented to be questioned and compared.

Halle Barry Phiri

also shared about Chris Brown

I have always told you to, ignore the haters and continue to be the best! Your love for and care in raising your beautiful daughter is proof positive! You are amazing!!! Congratulations on your platinum and gold!!!


We gone keep em mad

SAY WHAT U WANT... really wouldn’t matter at this point. ❤️🏆. GREATNESS DEFENDS AND SPEAKS FOR ITSELF

Fans shared about Chris Brown

Schinzle Quofi Dice

3 days ago

Hey little miss royal looking all pretty as usual happy Valentines day mama stay buetiful and blessed as always

Ainara Maldonado Ruiz

also shared about Chris Brown

I would have a doughter like that! But right here in Brasil, apearentlly, the TV newspapers violates our laws(inciso 10 e 28 do artigo 5°), and then i was grown with violence waiting for me out there and my brown brothers in legacy. They're violating the mans simbol and image, since 1988, a litle more. But womans don't care about, and a lot of mans involve theyself for laws violated to the coffin or conflicts.

Samuel Jones

also shared about Chris Brown

I love your father even you was born and i will never stop to love him no matter what happen you are a beautiful daughter i love brown's family

Fans shared about Chris Brown

Anto Angelino

4 days ago

We are all. Good person. In God's eyes, before you can judge someone check yourself. First.we are all humans.

Star-boy Doza

also shared about Chris Brown

If you're a good person your ways of action will naturally prove it. If others don't appreciate the good then you have the right away to move forward.

Sophia Rose Kummerer

also shared about Chris Brown

It shows up in your walk and talk.. It's one of those self acknowledgment things...I Love you ♥⌛♥⌛♥⌛♥⌛♥


ALLSTAR @snoopdogg they gone get this work! @NBA

Fans shared about Chris Brown

Alsadeg Mohamed Nøor

6 days ago

What people need to do is to stop being bothered by Brown's past. Do you want to drive him towards suicide or what. Some people here have done worse. The brother apologised. Let him be for heaven's sake. We appreciate you Breezy. #StayPositive.

Paul Jericho Gajo

also shared about Chris Brown

Do not be sad, beautiful eyes, just smile, life goes on and God has shown you how blessed you are in life, your daughter, your family, each of your admirers and the blessing of God who lives in your soul, you can finally pour a tear to water a rose, but do not pretend to water a garden, just smile, do not be sad, around you there are so many good things your strength, your greatness and courage, simply here there is no place for sadness, there is no defeat, The love we do not have is because we deserve an even greater one, smile, live and enjoy. do not feel alone because you are not, look at the sometimes sad moon and at some point it is, your joy diminishes, fourth ebb, then grows but is aware that you have to recover suddenly feels new and is renewed and then feels full and fills, again and again each month, and now it's still light, it's time to be a bullfighter take the capote and the sword and give a push without fear of that sadness that sometimes happens to us and infinity of people, smile without tistezas, gives time while more twilight because it will be and be reborn from a morning of happiness, there will be no loneliness, there will be company, there will be no more sadness if there is no joy and you will see that there is reason and that you will be fine with yourselves. I am not a fairy or a magician, but I feel identified because sometimes the sadness usually happens in my eyes or in my life, I declare an open heaven of blessing today and always, may God bless you from my heart, a strong viridian embrace..hii 👀💙🌻🙂🌌

Alessia Sanchez

also shared about Chris Brown

Hello Chris. Praying that everything for you will be great. Focus on being the best you. It's not easy, keep trying though. One love.


Excited for the THINGS TO COME

Fans shared about Chris Brown

Diamantis Korais

5 days ago

But the true is that Chris u makes me feel crazy in every step on the bittt "in every record" I mean you're the one I love you all... and I'll never find the artist like dis man 4ever

Wilfried Pambo Faure

also shared about Chris Brown

Yes!!!!! I've waited patiently for the Tempo music video but are there any update for Enemy..... cuz Karrueche Tran would love to see how you make a music video for that special song for her

Romayne Naidoo

also shared about Chris Brown

I love you chris brown come my birthday next month


Fans shared about Chris Brown

Akachukwu Eddy Ihemefor

7 days ago

Hi I come from the netherlands, I follow you on Facebook. I see this picture and i love it! Father&Daughter no one can break this band.💞

One thing i love to sing this song in my bathroom😂 "Whatever you need" loud😁

Girl, as long as you, wrap your arms 'round me
Ooh baby, I don't care what them people say
Girl, you know I can provide
Whatever you need
Whatever you need, babe
Listen to your heart, baby..............😍😍
💖 You Chris Brown ✌

Sebastian Perdomo

also shared about Chris Brown

The love of my life my beautiful daughter, the reason god wakes me up everyday and start me on my way.

Roman Perlaza

also shared about Chris Brown

Hey Chris brown your daughter so cute look u have fun make songs and love his pictures see Dad have fun with his daughter💗😇


Childhood dream to reality




Fans shared about Chris Brown

Civilise Jeune

8 days ago

I know its not you dancing but its your music and l love it so much because I listen to you music just god blessing you

Misael Domingos Varela Varela

also shared about Chris Brown


Trelle Scott

also shared about Chris Brown

I get so impressed with the quality of the dancing...Nice vocals too.

Fans shared about Chris Brown

Cristian Fernando

9 days ago

I was soooooooooo wishing you would have done the super bowl but your time is coming chris I know it is. Shout out to you chris brown for being the ultimate entertainer WE are gonna ever have. No one besides Michael Jackson can do what you do. Much love and respect

Kassim Said

also shared about Chris Brown

A colab with Bruno Mars and Ne-Yo would be something so friggin awesome! Voice and choreography of all 3 together would be insane! Ale LöbÖs Max Laz Yung Drippy

Thales Castro Ohb

also shared about Chris Brown

I know you're a morning person so... yeah. I'm up in the morning lol but I don't wifi til later usually. #foryou :)