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Faustino Bince

2 days ago

Is death penalty in this world not to find a brother? only gangster with responsibility we can leave very well even want a better world for each part of the

Vaishnavy Rajah

2 days ago

royalty, strength my homie is hard work coming success, and we have seen a love in the defect. This is royalty, salute. Senior Breezy.

Kaylee Jordaan

2 days ago

Dont worry my favorite artist Chris brown allways been my favorite artist since day one god got your back allways and your beautiful family😇💗💯

Alvaro Garcia Tadeo

3 days ago

Chris Brown, since you'll be at the Grammy's this time around and it's been so long since you last featured on surprise you're the main attraction to this event. I think for your set you should do a mixture of songs from your catalogue like "with you" "yeah 3x" and so on to show how you've grown as an artist and an individual; even thru the ups and down of your career.

Shane Fromm

4 days ago

Chris I know you will be the king of pop and r n b someday.. You are really good. God bless you, always pray for you bro

Nela Červenková

4 days ago

Hello Chris brown!! I'm mozambican and i really admire yourself.i like that music from you "alitle more"

Rodrigo J. Miranda

5 days ago

I hear you and lets make one thing clear I'm no hater I'm blessed to be where I am in life and I thank God for the promises that he made to me so for all the young kids that have the desire to do great thing at a young age more power to you, it's bad enough that are young kids have such an influence on our lives meaning they have to be away from their parents and strick guidelines my only hope is for the world to take in concederation our feeling in the matter so many kids fall beneath the cracks so many fall into statistics and no one really knows why our youth struggle so much, so here's a prayer for them that they think with a positive attitude that they feel better about themselves despite their circumstances and keep in mind that your more than society leads you on to believe, so comb your hair every morning make breakfast for yourself and watch things that can be influential to you don't never let know body tell you you cant amount to anything be because God is good to those who are good to others so remember that on your way to work and on phone conversation that you are what you teach you are an example to your team and those who are lead to inspire. To be great to be changed and reformed for the common good in others.

Daniel Lara

5 days ago

Before I start the day, I look for you as inspiration to reach my desires, it is worth playing each sound every second and at all times.

Alexa Wilson

5 days ago

Well said...! Bullying wiz peoples timelines of success is a rat race mode.some of zem may not understand z concept behind zat it.

Sayat Primculov

6 days ago

o trabalho que fazes identificam-se muitas pessoas como eu. adoro tanto as suas músicas espero que um dia venhas a Moçambique. we are waiting for you ...

Kevin Montague

6 days ago

Just know you got someone praying for you hope you make it to your next level of grace and mercy and favor continue to challenge the gift you were given

Jon Bjerke

6 days ago

Omg!There Walks He Endowed With Moves Ashtag My Mingos Can Move His Lips To Holler At A Dead Dog.I Saw That Mj.Rich Niggas Issue.

Think positive.... it will be what it will be. The goal is happiness! ❤️

John Khual

7 days ago

When it's too much for you to handle.put it in God's hands💯stay positive and continue to be a great dad to your beautiful daughter ♥️

Luis P Martinez

7 days ago

That is the way to go....what your mouth say so shall it be...speak positive about your life and it shall come to pass. Wish you all the best. Stay blessed

Jimi Lilja

7 days ago

Chris Breezy, check out for Sheena Belarmino. She impersonate you with your song Yeah3x. She is good dancer and singer like you, i hope you look for her talent. ❤

Irie Tatsuya

8 days ago

“Dear Lord Jesus,
I know that I have sinned and done things in my own way,
Please forgive me,
I choose to be your child today,
Take away all my shortcomings and all my weaknesses,
Make me your own today,
Let my name be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life,
Give me a fresh start,
Take my life and help me live for you,
Cut me off from every negative covenant made by me or my family prior to my decision today,
Wash me in the blood of Jesus,
I believe that you died and rose again for my sake,
So Lord- Change my life today in Jesus’ mighty name.

Felipe Rocha

8 days ago

Crazy I need hired to be your number one body guard where do I apply I have credentials Mr Chris Brown💋❤️💜

Sonia Membreno

8 days ago

You can whine pon this Grenadian girl ting any time babe I think u are handsome maybe u could show me some bend down low ting some day


Kee'Onu Fuller

9 days ago

Because you was in bash do not maker you stronger and different you that guy that everyone notice take my word I am not the that wake in the bash now how was that and where was you when i got on the road you was not there ok you will never get there because holding the pain how that was

Benjie Panopio

10 days ago

Hi Breezy .... Just's so good performance show....never collaboration with Future and you is like diamond and gold mineral.....bravoooo! My singer breezy

Benjamin Puga Grebe

10 days ago

Find by me
Pills and automobiles
Little more
Grass aint greener
Picture me rollin
Fine in China


Amber Dianne Wilson

11 days ago

Karen i literally have the arms of an 8 year old chris brown and thats something to be proud of 😂

Luciano Vega Trevisani

11 days ago

Awwww, beautiful. Some people look different as they get older. I can see you Chris.... I said I can see you Chrissy at first because it was cute, no intention to girly stuff because Chris, you are ‘da man. Love and appreciate you, young man..... beautiful photo, but were you play wrestling with mom, you gone for that. 😆

Rope Anderson

12 days ago

Hi am breezy am looking for a job i love music, modeling, acting etc but i can do anything to make a living please help me good people please. please i will be waiting thanks to all


Elange Marcellus

14 days ago

What a cutie pie!!! Chris Brown you should always be there for your daughter physical, mental, Financially , and most of spiritually. She will always need you. Love her. Love her. Love her.

Anne Schubert

14 days ago

What n beauty...she's everything like you💓can see she's n daddy's little girl....but honestly speaking Chris you need to put your baby girls priority first🙏your beautiful baby girl came into this world as an Angle to protect from all da bad so please be n very good 👌example in this little girls your biggest fan I simply would love to see you out of trouble than being in trouble 🙏🙏🙏

Offor C. Peter

14 days ago

😍Hi, Miss Lady I C U there Beautiful,
School is the best place too be. Where all your best thoughts will be coming in as all the ideas you will want to do your self truly in life and the ones for you will help you achieve, stay positive. I Love u girl❤❤❤💖💝👒Royalty your dad is a good beautiful person and his parents are too always keep smiling God Is Good And Always In Control. Have Fun in School! Stay Focus,& learn a lot it's all awesome just like You xoxoxoxoxoxo🤗👒💝 and I Love your alfit and That Bow"! Beautiful smilez☺😊😚💋💋💋💥💖

Almost done. SUMMER TIME
We on some shit!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Pere Català

16 days ago

You going to sing with diamond that's a wanna be men, if you going Dat way I might think of other ways, that's piece of trash 👎

José Domingos Daletra GE

16 days ago

That is one mean car Chris Brown you leave that lying round though lol I’ll take it down to the GM Chevrolet dealership and trade that in for a sexy hot Chevy pick up truck🤣😉🤣❤️🤣🤣🤣#nothings hotter than a 4x4 ⚡️🔥💥💫

James Evans-Jr

17 days ago

Hey man my wish is to go to America n get a job so I can take good care of my family. N if you can help me, I'll really preciate it n God bless....

Takashi Mii

20 days ago

Yesterday here in South Africa we were celebrating your birthday 🎂,i wished you nothing but the best,on 05 may u a king u were born with many talents that anyone could ask for...may the mighty lord be with you through this day.

Trevor Nash

21 days ago

Happy birthday my idol and celeb crush. Hope you have a great time on ur big day. But always know i love u as your true fan and you will forever be in my prayers But love u Breezy and Happy birthday🎂😘🎊🎉

Audriana N Perry Ashcraft

21 days ago

Feliz aniversário!!!q esta data repita_se por vários e longos anos e anos...melhor cantor do mundo #Chris_Brown,minha fonte d inspiração!!!é pena q estamos muito distante um do outro,um dos sonhos q tenho, é d te conhecer...palavras são muitas,mas d momento sø digo isto...


Phoebe Stemmer

22 days ago

Ok... When did Chris get married🤔🤔🤔.. Cause clearly I missed my invite.😀😀😀.. Lol.. Cute pic, with the little princess..😘😘😘

Ayelen Gutierrez

23 days ago

Ok cb u don't want to do steroids b cuz when I was hospitalized dis guy named mannie he did Dem and he is in diapers

Hitesh Kumar

23 days ago

We tired of your pics only just two ....we need you to collaborate her mom too Nia Guzman on your profiles ......AM I WRONG WORLD?!?

#IDONTDIE Joyner Lucas

Naoko MJ

23 days ago

Can i just say....every song CB drops issa banger!

Virginia Eva Tranchida

23 days ago

brill colab and vid is soooo funny love it x

Simon Pelletier

23 days ago

I love this video And Chris you always have me laughing

Whenever u ready.... SO AM I🔥

Ivan Carballo Muñoz

24 days ago

with you Chris Brown, I'm OK with all kind of music...

I am 19 years old boy From Zulu Natal Province.... I am a Zulu guy... You bring encourage to my life...

keep on that bRa

Oluyomoye Tolulope Kikelomo

24 days ago

Loving your album I play it every morning and after work. The album was worth all $19.00. When are you coming out with a new album, movie, or show. My grand daughter loves your music

Xiomara Gutierrez

24 days ago

Have to say it's great, comedic gold even. Haven’t jeered this hard for a long time. Is this serious? 🌶

Sayori Ohtsuka

25 days ago

I am not sure if this is for males or females. The colors are nice, but I think it would be for females up to the age of maybe 12. If you are creating for older females, suggest darkening the colors.

Luigi Aguayo

25 days ago

I love this set t-shirt bermuda with the sneakers it's great ! 👌🙂❤️💯👟👕👍

Kaz Evans Swaite

25 days ago

No thanks!!
You're have to pay me to wear this

#HeartbreakOnAFullMoonTour! Tickets:

Angel Hall-Harton

a month ago

Wheres n.z at on the tour sheet aye when will you come to new zealand bruh. Your mains are here cb. We wont to see you live perform. Dont wonnar loose your realist fans do yah.

Isaiah Lusk

a month ago

Dude came to Kenya and was paid money enough to budget our education system and pay our teachers. Please dont come back here.

David Wolfe

a month ago

Big C.... Ken. Memphis your dad... Think.. Stay out of trouble very hard as u do.. My son... Always, here for you, later or sooner

Asdee Licasepu

a month ago

Looks very cool, I will be starting my clothing line .. you will design them for me !!!every style you bring is good and Dope

Benjamin Ramirez

a month ago

It gives the capture of u wearing this clothes in a dark green water sea bowing down your head in posing of shy tears with nothing to say looking at the camera yet so silent letting your face talk and just so u walk and walk so eager to look back thats how my imagination creates u in this clothes

Iffat Jahan

a month ago

I like the black with the grey. Hope you see my sneakers and t shirt I design .

Mark Montinola

a month ago

How am I supposed to keep my cool when you be comin around , you be hangin out , tell me what do you expect for me to do , girl you so right it just ain't right , I forgot about how you look in them jeans ,the way you be walkin workin them hips, Girl I just don't know ,I'm tryina be solo ,but you so right it just ain't right no

Julie Butler

a month ago

So Chris Brown's dick is Lil Dicky's dream dick?
🍆 CB u the man!!! ✊💪💪💪

April Sheehan

a month ago

My inspiration and celebrity crush since i was 5 years old im fourteen now ive been team breezy for 10 years and still riding strong :) <3


Hannah Thomas

a month ago

dope - my daughter is obsessed with teen titans, like all she watches obsessed haha

Sagar Agrawal

a month ago

My daughter loves this!! She’s a big fan of teen titans go and Chris brown As is her mother! ☺️ when I showed her this she said “mom Thats really cool, can you tell him that?” She’s 5!😂😂

Tony Risen

a month ago

This is great, humor gold even. Haven’t LOL'd this hard in forever. 👏

Be creative. LET NOTHING STOP YOU. Don’t put yaself in a box unless it’s your funeral! I’m thankful to have a team who want to inspire and a heart that won’t stop beating to this music. TOUR IS REALLY ABOUT TO BE AMAZING

Alejandro Rvs

a month ago

I teach inner city youth math every day encouraging them to be different with a purpose, own their passion, and fight for their place in this enormous world 🌎 It starts there!!

Trần Minh

a month ago

I truly love and admire you young man!!! You have a most beautiful voice. You are super talented!!! I look forward to seeing good come of you!!!!!

Sarinya Yang

a month ago

You still dancing Chris, there's no box that can hold your groove. You keep doing your thing and take those haters to their cremation.... BURN DEM OUT CHRIS!!!.. YOUR ON FIRE!!😜😘✌👍 #VISTRONG


Dashiell Maddox

a month ago

Hi guys, i'm a french streamer Come to my youtube Channel "urijah deltaplane" thank you, lots of love

Labla Thapa

a month ago

Hi Chris Brown I'm from Nigeria and I love to listen to your music... Please I need you to reply to me if you my message to know if you ever love your fans from Nigeria.

Jes DA Gonzalez

a month ago

People just don't know how talented you are .and they don't want to give you the credit you deserve. they don't realize you are an O G in the music industry Just keep doing what you doing


When u r coming up wit the plan of world peace and a negative thought comes in


@snoopdogg @blackpyramidofficial

Tickets available now! #HeartbreakOnAFullMoonTour

Erick Castillo

a month ago


1 Corinthians 13:4-13 King James Version (KJV)
4 Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,

5 Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil;

6 Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;

7 Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

8 Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.

9 For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.

10 But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.

11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

13 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

King James Version (KJV)

Charity= LOVE





トクマル ショウ

a month ago

Can only see u on youtube it's not fair :(

I’m coming from Oklahoma. CANNOT wait to see you live!!!!! Loved this album! See you in Dallas, TX!!!!

Sydnéy Qūáh

2 months ago

Oh Chris I Like U, Ur Songs , Fashion Everything About U Works 4 Me, Kp It Up Dia!

Michele Shana

2 months ago

And have a great one family and much love

Luca Odorico

2 months ago

Wow this clothing is on fire its dope


Renan Ferreira

2 months ago

Chris you have shown time and time again that you are more than just music!! I’m so beyond happy for you!!!! I hold my head up high when say I’m a Chris Brown Fan!!!! ❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💯Love you!!!!

Danny French

2 months ago

Chris Breezy the very own talented guy no one can change that not even ur self keep moving chris am with u,,,please dont jadge him and he wont jadge u

Cobra Torino

2 months ago

You OVERSTAND 👊🏽and EXCEL at what they try to make you be! Your a DIAMOND💎....they can never break you KING💋..... stay focused on the MUSIC AND WHAT MATTERS 🙌🏽🙏♥️💙

Curtis Horton

2 months ago

You're the best Aritst in the world Chris you be Safe an keep your head up leave everything in #GOD HANDS an keep pushing forward at the end of the day ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE YOU.💯

Kêvîn Châçôn

2 months ago

What up my winner! Much RESPECT to you young man......I think your same bday as my son cinco de mayo. ...may 5 killing the game

Katie Jellis

2 months ago

I finished mi data checking up on u bt it's ouk...coz nobody makes mi fyl like I belong smwhere like u....even mi families doesn't give mi wht u really give mi....nd I dnt mind coz I knw dat #I_Was_Really_Born_To_Be_A_Champion. ..Breezy man I kinda need ur txt even if u can say hi or send an emoji I dnt mind. ...coz I really think dat im gon loose mi mind coz of u nd ur songs. ...I followed u ever since u ur first album. ..dat I kinda #Respect too much coz I tought mislv how to dance like u wth dat album. ..I was young. ..I didn't even know how to read nd write bt ur songs really introduced mi to de world of Hip hop, rnb &pop..
Man Brown, thnxs for everything! !

What’s your ambition? What’s your dream? Do u think it’s too hard? Do u think it is unattainable? YOU’RE WRONG. GO OUT THERE AND DO WHAT THE FUCK U GOTTA DO!! AND LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT! ❤️

Saw this earlier. Thanks. ♉️ WE ARE SO MUCH MORE!

That form though

Papermade Press

2 months ago

Nobody knows what it is to be you but you. Love to see you having fun. Keep loving laughing and living. Brezzy my international love 😘😘😘🤗🤗.

Tony Peters

2 months ago

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Z D. Louis Jnr

2 months ago

Khe-Sanh Burch Yolanda Ling Maribel Quiñones-Davis Jamaal Davis Lori Nicole
This is going to be my form next time...#soontobeprofeasionalbowler

Angelina Trujillo

2 months ago

The shoes are the wrong color. They make the clothes look outdated. Either change the shoes or change the colors in the outfit to make the shoes. Definitely change the strings in the shoes. Black might be better.

Jefferson Ocampo Benalcázar

2 months ago

Have contemplated this exact topic relatively often. 😇

Maxine Harper

2 months ago

If i could get a chance to wear this clothes i would walk high swallowed by pride cause i know all eyes would be on me like a New York red carpet celebrity in those moment i would take pictures of myself as though im live in television waving my hands like an England princess wow u have good taste of clothes in fact u are a multi taste in english multi talented

Olivia Meghan Cornett

2 months ago

Your painting is great. My son Lucas is like you passionate about mangas. He thinks that you are the best artist in the world. He would like to meet you if only 30 seconds. It's his biggest dream. Thanks.

Diane Kotouch

2 months ago

My 13 year old son is an exceptional artist as well. Hit me if you would like to see some of his work.

Nɩtɘsʜ Tʀɘʌɭ

2 months ago

Very artistic very talented man such skill luv it

Mariam Khaled Omar

2 months ago

Why are some saying they're "looking for Royalty's new mother"? Honestly I feel that's disrespectful to RoRo's mother. Royalty already has a mother. P.S Nice pic

Simanyene Jikwa

2 months ago

I love Chris Brown he does great music and he a great dancing he is great looking I just love him I love Michael Jackson and Chris Brown is just like him so I don't care what peoples have to say about him if it's bad ❤ keep doing what you do Chris ❤⚘🕆 God bless you

Jesse Wan

2 months ago

This really is pretty dreary next to the typical stuff.Results in me on this mountain of hollow sensation, just may not put a finger on it. ✨👏

When I look back and no one is there.. I assume that they are ahead of me. ♉️
@opizet 🔥

Jarvis JSleez Fowler

2 months ago

Guys help me with the name of the song it goes like remember the Time when wil fall in love, you have enough at my crib it's on heartbreaker album, please help

Adoracion Catudio

2 months ago

Christopher... @chrisbrownofficial there is no point is there, in my believing differently from everyone else, that I could actually get a response from you? 😔 maybe you’re so used to having to defend yourself against negative people, that you only have eyes for comments that are out to hurt you in some way. I would never hurt you— I think you and I have both had enough pain for a lifetime. I just was hoping, I believed that, I could get a response from you, for something good... I know that you have been isolated by people, wronged, prosecuted, as I have and— I don’t know how to survive it 😣 this constant attack on my heart and my faith. I wish that... 😣 that you could see me, talk to me, because I am so lost, so tired and, at 26, all I can think of is how easy it would be to emulate Cobain and die at that age of 27. If nothing changes, I don’t know how I’ll— I just 😔 I can’t keep trying to contact you. The being invisible I can only do for so long, it hurts too much. I won’t say what the millions of people always say to you, but I would say open your eyes. Not me, I am not out to get anything from you, I would never hurt your heart, and I know you would never hurt mine 😔. I don’t know how much longer I can... I can be here on my own; this world is too hard without someone to hold you at night. I’m 26, but I’ve never had that, someone to hold me, not a relationship, a boyfriend or anything. People say it’s because I’m “wife material” or I have high standards. I say it is likely because of a fact I have come to believe since I was in the hospital last Thanksgiving: that God loves everyone but me 😞. I wish you could just answer me, even if just once, because the only person I have seen fight this same war as me is... you 💔

SpeedyGonzales Sammy

2 months ago

I couldn't find it on your website. Can you please provide a link for a sista Chris?

Bihhhhh! @richthekid

@buffmonster edit . His shit is so fire!!!

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ PROUDEST FATHER IN THE WORLD!!!!