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Happy Birthday Keith Howland!
Photo by William Mc

Steve Shelton

3 days ago

Have an amazing birthday with your beautiful wife and daughters🎉🎂🎈🎶. Enjoy you well deserved vacation, too!

Barry Lawrence

3 days ago

Congratulaciones Keith, saludos desde Perú, Dios te bendiga

Benjamin Adeboye

3 days ago

Happy Birthday, Keith! I love it when you sing “If You Leave Me Now” in concert! ❤️

Photos from last night's show at DTE Energy Music Theatre in #Detroit, a great finale to the Summer Tour with REO Speedwagon.

Jerrilyn Dahlstrom

4 days ago

Saw you guys in NJ a few weeks ago. My ears are still ringing from REO's set. They need a new person running the board.

Imoke Armani

4 days ago

Pine Knob, I seen Chicago there at least a dozen times. Great memories.

Lennon de Souza

4 days ago

They are the GOAT of 70’s and 80’s bands.

Last night at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater in #Wantagh NY - making music day to day ...

Dee Dee Hopwood

12 days ago

Awesome show. Loved hearing Chicago 2

Pascal Jadin

12 days ago

Some day I'll get my wish to see you guys. Ever since the late 70's. I missed the performance at Jones beach outdoor amphitheater back then.

Carlos Guevara

12 days ago

Had a great time.

Thanks to Missy Kennedy of Manna Cake for this amazing welcome to Saratoga Performing Arts Center!

Ray Cortez

16 days ago

My town great gig last night what a beautiful night our family night out every year 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Franka Waters

16 days ago

Awesome cake, Missy Kennedy!

Manna Cake just a little bit....

Dancing lights against the sky ... Thank you Bristow VA and Jiffy Lube Live!

Maria Lopes

21 days ago

Hey, my hometown...sort of. (DC/MD/VA)

Lori Silva

22 days ago

I hope you come to México City again. Was there at your concert last year and went home wanting more! It was great!!

Amidu Ibrahim

22 days ago

You guys were great last night!! Even after the monsoon getting there! 😬

Lee Loughnane sings Colour My World, featured CHICAGO II: LIVE ON SOUNDSTAGE. Order on or listen on Applemusic or Spotify here:

Lisa Luther

22 days ago

Can't wait to see them in concert tomorrow !

Selina Mußmann

22 days ago

Great to hear Lee singing it! Sure is faster than the original. I used to love playing this on my flute. 💖

Vernon ExChef Hatton

22 days ago

Marie Parazaider was my neighbor and friend. Step mother to Walter. She spoke highly of Danny Serafin and the members of the band Chicago practicing at their home

Great photos from last night's show at Daily's Place in #Jacksonville FL - our thanks to for the photo share!

Riyad Sami

25 days ago

Three shows, in three different cities, three nights in a row and that's not even the tip of the iceberg! You're going to go down in history as absolutely the hardest working band ever and we are so grateful that we get to soak it up year after year!!! Thank you for that!!! Love you guys!

Muhammad Aditiya

25 days ago

I truly love these guys.

Blank canvas, tonight at Daily's Place in #Jacksonville.

Gavin Cheng

25 days ago

See you in Sept in Kelowna

Mugabi Gabriel

25 days ago

Have fun guys!

Monie Wake

25 days ago

Wow.....Wht a Real Deal of a beautiful Dream...Someway Someday 😇🌹

Almost show time at MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre in #Tampa!

Tracey Hurley Palmer

25 days ago

1970! First and last concert I’ve ever seen at Hynes Auditorium at the Prudential Center in Boston! Still the best live concert I’ve ever heard! And they can still bring it!!

Tommy Atkins

25 days ago

Amazing show, as always! Looking forward to seeing our meet and greet photo!!! Thank you so much for your dedication to your fans!!!

Marcelo Enrique Perez Delgado

25 days ago

Please please come to Boise Idaho! We love Chicago! Heck i'll even cook you dinner(Best Salmon Ever). Almost 60 and would love to see y'all live! Been listening to y'all forever!

Chicago was his favorite band, and “25 Or 6 To 4” was his favorite song.

He played the trombone in the school marching band and was 14 years old.Alex Schachter was one of the first victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre in Parkland, Florida, earlier this year.To honor Alex, Chicago invited 1,000 students, their families, school administrators, etc. to their West Palm Beach concert on July 20 and dedicated this song to Alex.

After the tragedy, Alex’s father Max Schachter, quit his job so he could dedicate his life to making schools safe thru the foundation he created, Safe Schools For Alex. Max is currently developing national school safety best practices in conjunction with law enforcement. He intends to use these best practices to teach schools districts around the country how to protect themselves from future school shootings.

“No child has died in a school fire since 1958 due to our fire codes.” Max wants to do the same for schools by developing school safety best practices. He intends to create an environment where teachers can teach and children can learn without the fear of being killed in their classrooms. “After 9/11, we hardened our airports and our cockpits. After the Oklahoma City bombing, we hardened our federal buildings.” Max intends to use his national school safety best practices to assist all school districts in hardening their schools to make sure that all children and teachers are as safe and protected as our airports and federal buildings.

Pictured are: Max Schachter in the middle, bottom row, surrounded by Chicago, including original band members Jimmy Pankow to Max’s left, Robert Lamm to Max’s right (light blue shirt), and Lee Loughnane directly behind Max.

Rich Martin

a month ago

Another reason to LOVE Chicago!!

Anna Vasilakou

a month ago

Yes it was such a nice Gesture from CHICAGO!..

Ariel Cordero

a month ago

Great concert last night!! And thank you so much for doing that for Alex and the rest of our city that is still grieving and growing ❤️

Last night at Coastal Credit Union Music Parkin Raleigh NC ...Good times I remember!

Cheryl Trim

a month ago

Randy Schwarting I hope you were there!!! :)

Tony Chavira

a month ago

Love that band

"Just open your eyes, Just smile your smile, I'm talkin' to you…" CHICAGO II: LIVE ON SOUNDSTAGE is back in stock on Amazon, order here or listen on Spotify.

Kevin A. Bautista

a month ago

Beautiful song great band!!

Suraj Shrestha

a month ago

The great band and sound ever!

Ailene Wolfe

a month ago

Oh I love it thank you so so much for sharing that

Thank you #Nashville and Ascend Amphitheater! We love playing this great city, see you again soon!

Cristina Salazar Treto

a month ago

It was a stellar performance. We enjoyed every note and story told.

Viloria Beaz

a month ago

Waiting for you in Charlotte — Sunday night!!

Eliian Perez

a month ago

Love the huge venues! But I sure hope you come back to our lovely little venue in SF area next year

A few photos from last night's show at Austin360 Amphitheater.Thanks to all the big-hearted fans in Texas, You're The Inspiration! We're taking a few days off, see you in Nashville soon!

Sofia Quinn

a month ago

Saw you in Rosemont! Awesome!

Jasmin Nyman

a month ago

Incredible show last week in KC!

Tun Pa Pa Khit

a month ago

They were awesome in SAN ANTONIO!

Here at Austin360 Amphitheater, very cool venue! See you soon!

Londiwe Ngobe

a month ago

Wowza that's a big place

Brandye Glass

a month ago

Oh man wish I was there

Frank Altamuro

a month ago

Have a Great show my peeps in Austin know how to rock🤟

Last night in Dallas ...

Jenny Solís Cruz

2 months ago

I was there last night! My 3rd time to see you guys. Took lots of pictures with each of you playing an instrument or friends and I all had a great time! Keep rocking and hope to see you in Dallas again soon!

Eirawadee Payupmak

2 months ago

My fourth time. Not much thrills this old heart of mine. But the men of Chicago brass are still soul-stirring. James Pankow is my rock n roll hero. I was elevated to Cloud 9 when I walked out. Chicago. Never. Disappoints. Guitars, drums, percussion, new singer —simply magnificent.

Kostya Sedov

2 months ago

Did they play Chicago II in it's entirety? I read something to that affect.

Hello Texas! Here at the Dallas Pavilion and ready to rock!

Danny Galetti

2 months ago

Ya vamosssssss. Byhappyyyy.

Samantha Bryden

2 months ago

See y'all tomorrow night in Houston cynthia woods pavilion

Barbra Miller

2 months ago

Sorry I’m not in Texas anymore. 😕

Amanda Pope Steenken

2 months ago

Love that song

Adrian Gerardo

2 months ago

Good times I remember......

Gavin Moore

2 months ago

A great song

Sing A Mean Tune Kid
Photo credit Cynthia Hurt Photography

Ashley Waltham

2 months ago

Incredible in KC last night!

Devin Lambrechts

2 months ago

Can't wait to see my favorite band in my hometown, Tampa!

Gala Apples

2 months ago

Sock em in the gut yeah, yeah, yeah!

Kansas City here we come! We're at the beautiful Starlight Theatre and ready for a party!

Diego Torres

2 months ago

They need to do there old stuff instead of playing the Chicago 2 album.Hasn't been Chicago since Cetra Left.

James Banks

2 months ago

For all the knockers, realise this is Chicago rediscovering their roots and the groundbreaking sound that set them up for the incredible career they've had. You will have had an education AND the hits tonight. Open your mind and your ears.

James Byrdo

2 months ago

You suck! Play what we came to hear!!!! I know you have it on you!!!

FREE SHIPPING on all Chicago merchandise through Sunday - use code CHGFATHERSDAY - shop now at
Last night we kicked-off our North American Summer Tour with REO Speedwagon at Concord Pavilion. Thanks to the fans in #Concord for a great start to the summer! To find a tour date near you check our events page.

Koby Sanchez Laccazzette

2 months ago

The merch selection is terrible

Tim Brummett

2 months ago

Who wants a black t-shirt in the summer??

Julie Schreibvogel

2 months ago

Kristen Martin - now I can get those shot glasses that I've had my eye on.

Happy Birthday Lou Pardini!
Photo credit Peter Curtis Pardini - Writer/Director.

Alexsandra Sanchez

2 months ago

Love your musicality! Happy Birthday, Dude! 🎉🎈🎂🎁🎵🎹❤️🎤🎶☮️💐🥂🍾

Alexander Rodriguez

2 months ago

Still miss Bill. But since it's your special day. Happy B Day Lou.

Alexandra Poncinie

2 months ago

Happy Birthday!! we so enjoyed the concert at the Soundstage in Chicago in Nov.

Our Summer Tour with REO Speedwagon starts June 13th! Check out our events page for a list of dates and locations along with ticket links or visit See you on the tour!

Ashley Russ Batson

3 months ago

We will see you in Jacksonville

Jordan Nigel Modise

3 months ago

Excuse me! You have not been to Germany in a while. What’s up with that?

Jessica Pigg

3 months ago

Wish you would come to Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺

Last night we ended our Spring Tour with a sold-out show at the Tennessee Theatre in beautiful #knoxville TN, we are HEADING HOME!! We'll be back in a few weeks to kick-start the summer, hope to see you on the tour!

María Guadalupe

3 months ago

See you June 20th in Denver with REO! Saw you a couple years ago with REO at Red Rocks. Excited to see you again and welcome you back to Colorado!

Martin Racicot

3 months ago

They are finally going to take a break? This band out does the energizer bunny.

Akinyan Dayoseye

3 months ago

Can't wait to see you in Sydney on September 16!

Get ready #Knoxville - Last night of the Spring Tour is happening here at the Tennessee Theatre! We'll be back in a few weeks to kick off the Summer Tour with REO Speedwagon, tickets for the summer tour are on sale now at TicketMaster.

Oscar Marcos

3 months ago

I love this band💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Alex Zuniga

3 months ago

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Dulce Sanchez

3 months ago

Who wants to hookup?

Some photos from our show in Ashville NC, next up - Charleston Municipal Auditorium! See you soon!

Mike Pooler

3 months ago

Saw you in Savannah with my daughter..Absolutely amazing show!!!

Marta Soto

3 months ago

Seen the band in Stockholm at the consert house 1977 and the horn section and mr Lamm are still in great shape!🎵🎼🎷🎺🎸🥁

Âlêx SmííTh

3 months ago

Front row VIP thanks to v100 radio in Charleston, West Virginia! We loved it! Come back soon!
Stacie Thrush

Thanks to the beautiful people of #Tallhassee for coming out to the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center last night! It was a great time, hope you all enjoyed it too. The tour continues tonight in #Savannah at our sold-out show at the Johnny Mercer Theater. Awesome photo by Sherry Ford.

Jeff Moore

3 months ago

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Shawn Cayatineto

3 months ago

GREAT show in Savannah last night!!!

George Beasley

3 months ago

Scusatemi ma Walter Parazaider non c'è mai....E' AMMALATO?

Some of you are asking about the awesome new guy on percussion so join us in officially welcoming “Ray” Ramon Yslas to the Chicago family. Ray is stepping in following Walfredo Reyes Jr.'s move to the drum seat.

An internationally known percussionist, Ray has worked with numerous music icons including legendary performers David Sanborn, Stevie Wonder and Paul Stanley – just to name a few! His first musical inspiration was a self-title debut album called The Chicago Transit Authority, “I listened to that album every chance I got! If I was home, I was trying to play along.”

It seems only fitting he has found a home on tour with Chicago, for a list of current tour dates go to

Jodie Bartlett

3 months ago

Ray is the man! Been lucky enough to play with him on many occasions

Princess Berry

3 months ago

Have tickets to see you tonight in Tallahassee! Hoping to hear "Color My World". My husband and I danced to that song at our wedding 44 years ago! See you tonight!

Martin Enrique Sosa

3 months ago

This is no negative reflection on any members of Chicago - but I saw the band very recently, and Walfredo Reyes was very difficult to ignore. I found myself watching him & his drum playing for much of the show. Sure, there was his solo on "I'm A Man", but more than that --- he just delivered with each and every song. - an extremely good drummer.

It's a beautiful day in Chattanooga, hope to see you there!
Chicago went home to its namesake city last year to record a live version of the band’s multi-platinum second album, Chicago II. Recorded at the historic WTTW Studios Chicago, the performance features every song from that classic album, including several that haven’t been played live since the 1970s. CHICAGO II: LIVE ON SOUNDSTAGE, available on June 29 as a single CD and CD/DVD set, will include video of the program and a 5.1 audio mix. Also available digitally, you can pre-order your copy now:

Luke Tyrrell

3 months ago

It was a GREAT show!!! Hope y’all come back to Chattanooga again soon!!!!

Massimiliano Sala

3 months ago

Thanks for a great show. Best concert I have been to. Wish my brother was still with us to have seen it.

Gris Pimentel

3 months ago

It was an awesome show, guys! Come visit us again. ♥️♥️

Our recently unveiled star on The Orpheum Theatre-Memphis sidewalk of fame just ahead of our sold-out show! See you soon #Memphis!

Barbara Carpenter

3 months ago

Congratulations! Our son gave us tickets for Christmas to see you last night in Memphis. Awesome show. Brought back so many memories. Colour My World never gets old. I loved your energy. Trombone player was talented and fun to watch. Drummers were outstanding ! Thank you for a wonderful evening.

Parla Baeuti

3 months ago

Great honor for a great band.

Chuck Renae Eggers

3 months ago

Loved the show last night in Memphis! Amazing!

Arthur Flores

3 months ago

Thank you guys! I have been a fan since the beginning. Thank you for coming to Alexandria Louisiana!!

Sharon Jackson

3 months ago

Were you there???? We were!!!

Susan Betel

3 months ago

My Mother’s Day gift. Great show in Little Rock on Mother’s Day.

A few photos from our sold-out show at The Saenger Theatre, this is way too much fun! Thanks #neworleans!
Celebrating amazing Moms everywhere!

Marilza Brandão Brandãõ

3 months ago

I'm glad Keith is singing lead again!

Marianne Adinaro Palastro

3 months ago

Love the Saenger Theatre. Such a great venue

Alanna Chapman

3 months ago

Hello ! Birgit and Debra ! Thanks for your answer , l'am very happy to hear about my favorite band " Chicago " México Loves your Music , Rock & Roll forever ! Publ . Mexico

Tonight at The Saenger Theatre in the beautiful city of New Orleans!

It was a great concert!!

Ivan Hnatow

3 months ago

I’d punch a pregnant girl to see that show!

Jennifer Kinman

3 months ago

Michelle Zamora on Mundo's bday!

Thanks to the incredible staff at Saenger Theatre in #Mobile for the warm welcome! Also to the amazing crowd who rocked this sold-out show.

Dorian Antoine Spencer

3 months ago

Fantastic show! Loved every minute - come back soon!

Dana Fuller

3 months ago

I had the pleasure of being a part of last night and you guys rocked! Absolutely the best concert I’ve attended in such a good while....will pay to see you guys again,again and again!❤️ ROLL TIDE

Jackson Telan

3 months ago

It was a great show!! I drove over from Pensacola, FL. Thanks for coming and please come back to this area again soon!! (Like the Beau Rivage again!!)

Back on the tour and excited about tonight's show at the Von Braun Center in #Huntsville!

Iamjojr Wms

3 months ago

Can’t wait to see them at Verizon Arena in North Little Rock, ARKANSAS, this Sunday night -May 13th!

Linda Mantha

3 months ago

Please come to New Hampshire 😊

Urs Tinoco

3 months ago

Y'all were awesome!!! Fantastic!! Wonderful show✌🏻️🎤🎺🎷

Just Announced! Chicago Live at Prospera Place in Kelowna, British Columbia on 9/2/18. Pre-Sale starts 5/8/18 - Public Tickets on sale 5/11/18.

Masseck Seck

3 months ago

Almost to the west coast guys. Last year you were in Vancouver. How about Victoria this time? Nanaimo maybe? Great venues in both places.

Abby Brickley

3 months ago

Who is on drums ?

Lucita Walcott

3 months ago

It's been 4 years since you guys visited sparkling downtown Kelowna, really looking forward to this, see you then...!

Robert Lamm#TBT

Georgette Williams

3 months ago

saw Chicago in 1976 in Dallas and again in 1989 - totally different setlists and pacing, but both fantastic!

Tommy Castro

3 months ago

Riverbend Cincinnati Ohio the summer of 96 I can hear color my world as if I was still there best concert I’ve ever seen in my life!
Other than little Emisunshine 💕💕💕💕

Gift Samuel

3 months ago

I saw Chicago alot in Michigan at Pine Knob- outdoor area- you could sit in seats or blankets in the grassy area.

Watch the live video performance of “Saturday In The Park” from Rockpalast in Germany on February 22, 1977.Get your copy of Chicago: VI Decades Live now:

Nichole Huddleston

4 months ago

I saw them in 1974 and again in 1977. They had all the original members at that time. Many people have commented about the importance of Terry Kath to that group and I personally agree that Chicago was never the same after he died although they continued to have several big hits.

Ronel Orasa

4 months ago

Regardless of the great, past members, pay the money and go see Chicago. Yes, there are new vocalist’s and musicians. People, ie band members, get old! Their voices and fingers don’t work quite as well. I have seen them for the last 3 years straight, and in my opinion, they have never sounded better. We will be going again this year when they will be with REO Speedwagon. We go for that distinctive Chicago sound. The nostalgia for the younger days. The great show that they put on, sometimes including the other band joining them onstage for “25 or 6 to 4”. Saw them with Earth Wind and Fire a few years ago, and it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Enough rambling! Just go and see them while you still can.

Geri Bartkus Pocilujko

4 months ago

Give Leonid and friends a listen, they will make you smile, starting listening to their studio act and watched their live act and was totally impressed

PBS Soundstage kicks off their 11th Season featuring Chicago playing Chicago II followed by Chicago's greatest hits performed live and recorded at Grainger Studio in their namesake city! The performance premiers April 5th at 9pm on WTTW - Chicago PBS and WYES New Orleans, and will be featured in other PBS markets throughout April and early May – Check local listings for showtimes in your area.

Tim Fleury

4 months ago

been a fan since day 1. was at the November 8th concert in the front row.. Awesome night with a great band!!

Peggy Turner Paul

4 months ago

Too bad love the band will not be airing in my area Orlando Fl. Something😪 about a pledge station/show.

Sandra Soltermann-Gasser

4 months ago

Loved how you opened with side I in your Nashville concert. My wife and I are so happy you guys rock on. Keep at it!

Photos from last night's show at Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land TX! We're looking forward to a few weeks off, wishing you all a Happy Easter. See you soon!

Lilia Moreira

4 months ago

I saw some of the comments about replacement musicians. If you watch the Chicago documentary, it explains the genesis of this group and steep hurdles faced and conquored over the years. Cheers for keeping the music alive and continuing to tour. A true American original.

Marisela Castro

5 months ago

Love Chicago no matter who is in or out. My husband and I enjoyed the new troop. Lots of old band changes too.

Austin Borzash

5 months ago

Happy Easter Guys get some rest.

Old Days #tbt

Andréa Marimoutou

5 months ago

Lee Loughnane is one of the best men alive. So sincere, and talented and good.

Mai Neng Vang

5 months ago

One of their best songs.

Prince Jaidiya

5 months ago

For me the best musical period of Chicago with Terry Kath, Peter Cetera, Dany Séraphine of the beginning up to Terry Kath's death this big precursory guitarist. I always like Chicago but for me, it is not the same any more!It is all my adolescence!

Keith Howland and Lou Pardini performing a special acoustic version of Memories of Love from Chicago II at Kiva Auditorium in Albuquerque. Catch Chicago performing Chicago II in it's entirety on their 2018 tour.

Gabriela Mejia

5 months ago

I really enjoyed the show in Albuquerque. Terry Kath was remembered well throughout the show!

Lacie Howell

5 months ago

Hoping for a cd/dvd of this tour!

Lisa Hall

5 months ago

No originals here...a real "cover" duo!

Tonight at Kiva Auditorium in Albuquerque! Ain't It Time?

Papy Sane

5 months ago


Martina Pagano

5 months ago

This was such an amazing concert. I have waited close to 30 years to see this band in concert - it was so worth the wait. Thank all of you for an incredibly, amazing show.

Diane Thomas Jenkins

5 months ago

When are you coming to Toronto? You know how much Toronto loves you! We need you Now More Than Ever!

Last night at Tucson Music Hall...

Ramses Creazy

5 months ago

Sorry couldn't make it...saw them live on their world tour for Chicago 21 album...and I was 16 years old...look at these guys still Rocking Amazing Energy and Ageless Talent

Nasrii Mikidadi

5 months ago

Thats the way, Ray! Showmanship! Great job!

Lucia Helena Silva

5 months ago

My fav.. from Tucson

Thanks to the great crowd at Pikes Peak Center last night! Rock on Colorado Springs!

Maxine Ramsey

5 months ago

What a great show! I was there, and the whole first half was the entirety of Chicago II from start to was glorious to hear it played live!! Thanks, guys!!

Felipe Alberto Herrera Fest

5 months ago

This was a great show. Only three original members but the whole band rocks. Sat next to Keith Howland's wife and got to chat her up about his time in the band. She gave me one of his guitar picks. Very kind!!

Jennifer Aguilar

5 months ago

What a horn section. The best and they are from my home town!!!

Loading in for our sold-out show at Pikes Peak Center in Colorado Springs, check out this beautiful theater!

Cheryl Jardan

5 months ago

I ready see you guys again beautiful Plaza Theater

Galang Destak

5 months ago

Wish I could have gone, but DID get to take my mom to see you at Red Rocks with Doobie Brothers!

Brooklen Nanette Choate

5 months ago

I love Chicago! Fan since 1969 (age 7) !!! Wishing I was there!

#Throwback of legendary songwriters #JamesPankow and #RobertLamm. Chicago is currently performing #ChicagoII in it's entirety on the 2018 tour, followed by a set of Chicago's greatest hits. James and Robert wrote the vast majority of the songs on this album and were recently inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. #OldDays #ChicagotheBand

Sergio Ochoa

5 months ago

The first photo Wrong button AGAIN!

Eduardo Chávez Hernández

5 months ago

I wore out the Chicago II lp and had to buy another on. Have it now on lp and cd.

Taisha Brown

5 months ago

Robert Lamm, and Terry Kath = genius. Love and Respect, always. xo

Hanging at the Amarillo Civic Center Complex

Shenell Griffith

5 months ago

Incredible show!!! Thanks for coming to Amarillo!

Andrea Lujan

5 months ago

Very Much enjoyed the show last week when you were in Wichita (Hartman Arena, Valley Center/Park City)!!! Our 4th show in about 5 yrs. It NEVER gets old!! 💙

Tashia Fray-Brown

5 months ago

Great Show in Amarillo and I really enjoyed hearing you guys play the Chicago II album. I’m a long time fan and have seen you guys in concert going way back. Thanks again for doing a show in Amarillo!

Getting ready for tonight's sold-out show at WinStar World Casino and Resort - see you soon!

Nestor Castellanos

5 months ago

Every time is like the first time. Chicago delivers like no one ever has or ever will 😍

Chiara-Antonia Stühler

5 months ago

You bet!! I was there and it was definitely a total blast!!

Lolo Nas

5 months ago

It was a great show! Thanks for the memories!

Scenes from last night's sold-out show in Baton Rouge at Raising Cane's River Center!

Lisa Maldonado-Swensrud

5 months ago

Saw Chicago last summer and seeing them again this July 31st with REO Speedwagon opening...

Mario Antonio Rossi

5 months ago

So much fun!!! Great show!!! ❤️

Abbey Stanley

5 months ago

The best three nights of my senior citizen life was at the Dallas shows. Going again in June. ❤️❤️❤️Chicago.