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Get ready #Knoxville - Last night of the Spring Tour is happening here at the Tennessee Theatre! We'll be back in a few weeks to kick off the Summer Tour with REO Speedwagon, tickets for the summer tour are on sale now at TicketMaster.

Michelle Hawks

7 minutes ago

Thank you guys. As always it was a perfect night listening to my favorite band.

Sonny Gold

7 minutes ago

Are they performing the entire Chicago II on the summer tour ?

Besse C. Espinoza

6 hours ago

chicago so much good music

Some photos from our show in Ashville NC, next up - Charleston Municipal Auditorium! See you soon!

Mike Pooler

6 hours ago

Saw you in Savannah with my daughter..Absolutely amazing show!!!

Marta Soto

6 hours ago

Seen the band in Stockholm at the consert house 1977 and the horn section and mr Lamm are still in great shape!🎵🎼🎷🎺🎸🥁

Âlêx SmííTh

16 hours ago

Front row VIP thanks to v100 radio in Charleston, West Virginia! We loved it! Come back soon!
Stacie Thrush

Thanks to the beautiful people of #Tallhassee for coming out to the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center last night! It was a great time, hope you all enjoyed it too. The tour continues tonight in #Savannah at our sold-out show at the Johnny Mercer Theater. Awesome photo by Sherry Ford.

Jeff Moore

3 days ago

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Shawn Cayatineto

3 days ago

GREAT show in Savannah last night!!!

George Beasley

4 days ago

Scusatemi ma Walter Parazaider non c'è mai....E' AMMALATO?

Some of you are asking about the awesome new guy on percussion so join us in officially welcoming “Ray” Ramon Yslas to the Chicago family. Ray is stepping in following Walfredo Reyes Jr.'s move to the drum seat.

An internationally known percussionist, Ray has worked with numerous music icons including legendary performers David Sanborn, Stevie Wonder and Paul Stanley – just to name a few! His first musical inspiration was a self-title debut album called The Chicago Transit Authority, “I listened to that album every chance I got! If I was home, I was trying to play along.”

It seems only fitting he has found a home on tour with Chicago, for a list of current tour dates go to

Jodie Bartlett

5 days ago

Ray is the man! Been lucky enough to play with him on many occasions

Princess Berry

6 days ago

Have tickets to see you tonight in Tallahassee! Hoping to hear "Color My World". My husband and I danced to that song at our wedding 44 years ago! See you tonight!

Martin Enrique Sosa

6 days ago

This is no negative reflection on any members of Chicago - but I saw the band very recently, and Walfredo Reyes was very difficult to ignore. I found myself watching him & his drum playing for much of the show. Sure, there was his solo on "I'm A Man", but more than that --- he just delivered with each and every song. - an extremely good drummer.

It's a beautiful day in Chattanooga, hope to see you there!
Chicago went home to its namesake city last year to record a live version of the band’s multi-platinum second album, Chicago II. Recorded at the historic WTTW Studios Chicago, the performance features every song from that classic album, including several that haven’t been played live since the 1970s. CHICAGO II: LIVE ON SOUNDSTAGE, available on June 29 as a single CD and CD/DVD set, will include video of the program and a 5.1 audio mix. Also available digitally, you can pre-order your copy now:

Luke Tyrrell

6 days ago

It was a GREAT show!!! Hope y’all come back to Chattanooga again soon!!!!

Massimiliano Sala

6 days ago

Thanks for a great show. Best concert I have been to. Wish my brother was still with us to have seen it.

Gris Pimentel

6 days ago

It was an awesome show, guys! Come visit us again. ♥️♥️

Our recently unveiled star on The Orpheum Theatre-Memphis sidewalk of fame just ahead of our sold-out show! See you soon #Memphis!

Barbara Carpenter

7 days ago

Congratulations! Our son gave us tickets for Christmas to see you last night in Memphis. Awesome show. Brought back so many memories. Colour My World never gets old. I loved your energy. Trombone player was talented and fun to watch. Drummers were outstanding ! Thank you for a wonderful evening.

Parla Baeuti

7 days ago

Great honor for a great band.

Chuck Renae Eggers

7 days ago

Loved the show last night in Memphis! Amazing!

Arthur Flores

9 days ago

Thank you guys! I have been a fan since the beginning. Thank you for coming to Alexandria Louisiana!!

Sharon Jackson

9 days ago

Were you there???? We were!!!

Susan Betel

9 days ago

My Mother’s Day gift. Great show in Little Rock on Mother’s Day.

A few photos from our sold-out show at The Saenger Theatre, this is way too much fun! Thanks #neworleans!
Celebrating amazing Moms everywhere!

Marilza Brandão Brandãõ

9 days ago

I'm glad Keith is singing lead again!

Marianne Adinaro Palastro

9 days ago

Love the Saenger Theatre. Such a great venue

Alanna Chapman

10 days ago

Hello ! Birgit and Debra ! Thanks for your answer , l'am very happy to hear about my favorite band " Chicago " México Loves your Music , Rock & Roll forever ! Publ . Mexico

Tonight at The Saenger Theatre in the beautiful city of New Orleans!

It was a great concert!!

Ivan Hnatow

12 days ago

I’d punch a pregnant girl to see that show!

Jennifer Kinman

12 days ago

Michelle Zamora on Mundo's bday!

Thanks to the incredible staff at Saenger Theatre in #Mobile for the warm welcome! Also to the amazing crowd who rocked this sold-out show.

Dorian Antoine Spencer

13 days ago

Fantastic show! Loved every minute - come back soon!

Dana Fuller

13 days ago

I had the pleasure of being a part of last night and you guys rocked! Absolutely the best concert I’ve attended in such a good while....will pay to see you guys again,again and again!❤️ ROLL TIDE

Jackson Telan

13 days ago

It was a great show!! I drove over from Pensacola, FL. Thanks for coming and please come back to this area again soon!! (Like the Beau Rivage again!!)

Back on the tour and excited about tonight's show at the Von Braun Center in #Huntsville!

Iamjojr Wms

15 days ago

Can’t wait to see them at Verizon Arena in North Little Rock, ARKANSAS, this Sunday night -May 13th!

Linda Mantha

15 days ago

Please come to New Hampshire 😊

Urs Tinoco

15 days ago

Y'all were awesome!!! Fantastic!! Wonderful show✌🏻️🎤🎺🎷

Just Announced! Chicago Live at Prospera Place in Kelowna, British Columbia on 9/2/18. Pre-Sale starts 5/8/18 - Public Tickets on sale 5/11/18.

Masseck Seck

16 days ago

Almost to the west coast guys. Last year you were in Vancouver. How about Victoria this time? Nanaimo maybe? Great venues in both places.

Abby Brickley

16 days ago

Who is on drums ?

Lucita Walcott

16 days ago

It's been 4 years since you guys visited sparkling downtown Kelowna, really looking forward to this, see you then...!

Robert Lamm#TBT

Georgette Williams

19 days ago

saw Chicago in 1976 in Dallas and again in 1989 - totally different setlists and pacing, but both fantastic!

Tommy Castro

19 days ago

Riverbend Cincinnati Ohio the summer of 96 I can hear color my world as if I was still there best concert I’ve ever seen in my life!
Other than little Emisunshine 💕💕💕💕

Gift Samuel

20 days ago

I saw Chicago alot in Michigan at Pine Knob- outdoor area- you could sit in seats or blankets in the grassy area.

Watch the live video performance of “Saturday In The Park” from Rockpalast in Germany on February 22, 1977.Get your copy of Chicago: VI Decades Live now:

Nichole Huddleston

a month ago

I saw them in 1974 and again in 1977. They had all the original members at that time. Many people have commented about the importance of Terry Kath to that group and I personally agree that Chicago was never the same after he died although they continued to have several big hits.

Ronel Orasa

a month ago

Regardless of the great, past members, pay the money and go see Chicago. Yes, there are new vocalist’s and musicians. People, ie band members, get old! Their voices and fingers don’t work quite as well. I have seen them for the last 3 years straight, and in my opinion, they have never sounded better. We will be going again this year when they will be with REO Speedwagon. We go for that distinctive Chicago sound. The nostalgia for the younger days. The great show that they put on, sometimes including the other band joining them onstage for “25 or 6 to 4”. Saw them with Earth Wind and Fire a few years ago, and it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Enough rambling! Just go and see them while you still can.

Geri Bartkus Pocilujko

a month ago

Give Leonid and friends a listen, they will make you smile, starting listening to their studio act and watched their live act and was totally impressed

PBS Soundstage kicks off their 11th Season featuring Chicago playing Chicago II followed by Chicago's greatest hits performed live and recorded at Grainger Studio in their namesake city! The performance premiers April 5th at 9pm on WTTW - Chicago PBS and WYES New Orleans, and will be featured in other PBS markets throughout April and early May – Check local listings for showtimes in your area.

Tim Fleury

2 months ago

been a fan since day 1. was at the November 8th concert in the front row.. Awesome night with a great band!!

Peggy Turner Paul

2 months ago

Too bad love the band will not be airing in my area Orlando Fl. Something😪 about a pledge station/show.

Sandra Soltermann-Gasser

2 months ago

Loved how you opened with side I in your Nashville concert. My wife and I are so happy you guys rock on. Keep at it!

Photos from last night's show at Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land TX! We're looking forward to a few weeks off, wishing you all a Happy Easter. See you soon!

Lilia Moreira

2 months ago

I saw some of the comments about replacement musicians. If you watch the Chicago documentary, it explains the genesis of this group and steep hurdles faced and conquored over the years. Cheers for keeping the music alive and continuing to tour. A true American original.

Marisela Castro

2 months ago

Love Chicago no matter who is in or out. My husband and I enjoyed the new troop. Lots of old band changes too.

Austin Borzash

2 months ago

Happy Easter Guys get some rest.

Old Days #tbt

Andréa Marimoutou

2 months ago

Lee Loughnane is one of the best men alive. So sincere, and talented and good.

Mai Neng Vang

2 months ago

One of their best songs.

Prince Jaidiya

2 months ago

For me the best musical period of Chicago with Terry Kath, Peter Cetera, Dany Séraphine of the beginning up to Terry Kath's death this big precursory guitarist. I always like Chicago but for me, it is not the same any more!It is all my adolescence!

Keith Howland and Lou Pardini performing a special acoustic version of Memories of Love from Chicago II at Kiva Auditorium in Albuquerque. Catch Chicago performing Chicago II in it's entirety on their 2018 tour.

Gabriela Mejia

2 months ago

I really enjoyed the show in Albuquerque. Terry Kath was remembered well throughout the show!

Lacie Howell

2 months ago

Hoping for a cd/dvd of this tour!

Lisa Hall

2 months ago

No originals here...a real "cover" duo!

Tonight at Kiva Auditorium in Albuquerque! Ain't It Time?

Papy Sane

2 months ago


Martina Pagano

2 months ago

This was such an amazing concert. I have waited close to 30 years to see this band in concert - it was so worth the wait. Thank all of you for an incredibly, amazing show.

Diane Thomas Jenkins

2 months ago

When are you coming to Toronto? You know how much Toronto loves you! We need you Now More Than Ever!

Last night at Tucson Music Hall...

Ramses Creazy

2 months ago

Sorry couldn't make it...saw them live on their world tour for Chicago 21 album...and I was 16 years old...look at these guys still Rocking Amazing Energy and Ageless Talent

Nasrii Mikidadi

2 months ago

Thats the way, Ray! Showmanship! Great job!

Lucia Helena Silva

2 months ago

My fav.. from Tucson

Thanks to the great crowd at Pikes Peak Center last night! Rock on Colorado Springs!

Maxine Ramsey

2 months ago

What a great show! I was there, and the whole first half was the entirety of Chicago II from start to was glorious to hear it played live!! Thanks, guys!!

Felipe Alberto Herrera Fest

2 months ago

This was a great show. Only three original members but the whole band rocks. Sat next to Keith Howland's wife and got to chat her up about his time in the band. She gave me one of his guitar picks. Very kind!!

Jennifer Aguilar

2 months ago

What a horn section. The best and they are from my home town!!!

Loading in for our sold-out show at Pikes Peak Center in Colorado Springs, check out this beautiful theater!

Cheryl Jardan

2 months ago

I ready see you guys again beautiful Plaza Theater

Galang Destak

2 months ago

Wish I could have gone, but DID get to take my mom to see you at Red Rocks with Doobie Brothers!

Brooklen Nanette Choate

2 months ago

I love Chicago! Fan since 1969 (age 7) !!! Wishing I was there!

#Throwback of legendary songwriters #JamesPankow and #RobertLamm. Chicago is currently performing #ChicagoII in it's entirety on the 2018 tour, followed by a set of Chicago's greatest hits. James and Robert wrote the vast majority of the songs on this album and were recently inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. #OldDays #ChicagotheBand

Sergio Ochoa

2 months ago

The first photo Wrong button AGAIN!

Eduardo Chávez Hernández

2 months ago

I wore out the Chicago II lp and had to buy another on. Have it now on lp and cd.

Taisha Brown

2 months ago

Robert Lamm, and Terry Kath = genius. Love and Respect, always. xo

Hanging at the Amarillo Civic Center Complex

Shenell Griffith

2 months ago

Incredible show!!! Thanks for coming to Amarillo!

Andrea Lujan

2 months ago

Very Much enjoyed the show last week when you were in Wichita (Hartman Arena, Valley Center/Park City)!!! Our 4th show in about 5 yrs. It NEVER gets old!! 💙

Tashia Fray-Brown

2 months ago

Great Show in Amarillo and I really enjoyed hearing you guys play the Chicago II album. I’m a long time fan and have seen you guys in concert going way back. Thanks again for doing a show in Amarillo!

Getting ready for tonight's sold-out show at WinStar World Casino and Resort - see you soon!

Nestor Castellanos

2 months ago

Every time is like the first time. Chicago delivers like no one ever has or ever will 😍

Chiara-Antonia Stühler

2 months ago

You bet!! I was there and it was definitely a total blast!!

Lolo Nas

2 months ago

It was a great show! Thanks for the memories!

Scenes from last night's sold-out show in Baton Rouge at Raising Cane's River Center!

Lisa Maldonado-Swensrud

2 months ago

Saw Chicago last summer and seeing them again this July 31st with REO Speedwagon opening...

Mario Antonio Rossi

2 months ago

So much fun!!! Great show!!! ❤️

Abbey Stanley

2 months ago

The best three nights of my senior citizen life was at the Dallas shows. Going again in June. ❤️❤️❤️Chicago.

Here in Tulsa at the River Spirit Casino Resort - see you soon!

Andrej Zareski

2 months ago

Dang..wish I could've been there !

Melanie Seavers James

2 months ago

Wish I was there
Seen you guys in the 70s❤️❤️

Zach Edwards

2 months ago

Was a great show but was very disappointed that the whole first side of Chicago 2 wasn't played in its entirety!

Behind the scenes at Hartman Arena, here's a look at what happens before the show. We could not do what we do without the incredible staff of professionals that get us to and on the stage! #tourlife #behindthescenes #ChicagotheBand

Jerdara Hale

2 months ago

You guys were AMAZING!! Thanks for stopping in Kansas!! ♥️

Janard Morrison

2 months ago

This was concert VIII for me and it was an awesome evening! Thank you for always making Wichita a stop on your tours!❤

Amanpreet Singh

2 months ago

Great show! Thanks for all you put into it! Such high energy and you all look like you’re having a blast!

Some photos of last night's show at Jesse Auditorium, University of Missouri. Gorgeous campus, fun audience, thanks to all!

Thandi Zee Lupiya

2 months ago

My 2nd time to see Chicago. LOVED it!!

Mark Walton

2 months ago

Fantastic concert, and Neil Donell....what can we say?! We were all mesmerized and in awe of his outstanding performance. The BEST you've ever had! WOW!!

Wayne Howsan Outback Horsemanship

2 months ago

I sure would've liked to have heard Jimmy Pankow play that trombone.

Thanks Dubuque IA for an incredible start to our spring tour, what an amazing crowd!

Marios Tako

2 months ago

My parents took my sister and I to our first concert to see Chicago around sister and I were there on Friday. Great music, great memories and still an awesome show!

Terri Hallas

2 months ago

Fantastic show! You guys never, ever disappoint! One favor to ask😉come back to The Surf Ballroom!!

Lindaleeann Bailey Martin Zimmernan

2 months ago

Great Show!!! Loved every minute of it!!

Spring tour starts tonight - Only the Beginning!
After a few days off we're on the road again! Getting ready for tonight's show at Five Flags Center in Dubuque. See you there!

Pattylee Thornberry Paxton

2 months ago

Are you coming to Minneapolis?

Xime Mixuxi

2 months ago

Hey guys, I know you will be in VA but can't you try to get a tiny bit closer to Maryland?! Please, with cherries in top?! 🍒

Thelma Sif Sófusdóttir

2 months ago

Can’t wait to see you in Knoxville!

A few photos from our closing show at The Venetian Las Vegas, it was incredible to play such a great venue and before such incredible audiences. Thank you Las Vegas!

Sylvia Cantu Peters

3 months ago

THE number one banda un THE world


3 months ago

American rock al ways had brass, and wood wins, it was British invasionsion that changed American rock, but by the time Chico formed it was on full rebound in soul, rock, pop, never left jazz.

Angelina Fuentez Garcia

3 months ago

The greatest group ever. See you in Michigan.

Last night at The Venetian Las Vegas! We're back on Friday, a few seats still available at Thanks to 90 East Photography for the awesome photo!

Ivar Johansen

3 months ago

I’ve been following the band since the beginning. We saw them again February 17 at The Venetian. Neil was great. Give him a chance, everybody.

Chuck von Arnswaldt

3 months ago

Do they sing any of their 80's songs on this tour? You're the Inspiration, Look Away, etc...

Homas Pinsax

3 months ago

Seeing them tonight! 👍🎲🎰🎉

Photos from last night's sold-out show at Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza – photo credit Alex Kluft Photography.

Emma Gallardo

3 months ago

Saw them 4 times last year and off to Vegas for the last show!

Prasopchok Makkasaman

3 months ago

I wanted to go but the night was not a good one for me with work conflict in San Diego

Hiroko Nakaarai

3 months ago

This will be my third Chicago concert this year. Front row in Albuquerque. The original band is forever irreplaceable. Terry Kath and Peter Cetera Danny seraphin etc. Chicago music means the world to me. And I’m taking special one to enjoy them as well. I’m hoping that another similar vocal is there to try to match the Cetera voice. Anybody have their opinions on the replacement of Coffee?

Scenes from The Venetian Las Vegas this weekend. Chicago returns for our final week on Wednesday Feb. 21st. See you there! Photo credit Peter Pardini / Beau Loendorf.

Deborah Dragaone

3 months ago

My husband and I were at the Venetian on Saturday, in the front row, left side, directly in front of Keith. We had no idea about his history with the band, starting with attending Chicago concerts with his parents when he was young, until we watched the Chicago in Chicago DVD the following day. Great story and incredible guitar player. And, Neil is wonderful, as you all are. Fourth time we have seen you this year. The other times were in L.A. You guys are not only classic, but also a class act. Thank you. See you June 15th at the Forum.

Sherri Lourenco

3 months ago

Best show ever! Worth the trip to Vegas! Come back to Seattle!

Jeff Palmer

3 months ago

Wish I was there. Return concert in Champaign IL....please!

Robert Lamm jamming at The Venetian Las Vegas! Don't miss it - tickets available at Ticketmaster. Photo credit Peter Pardini.

Patsie Wyatt

3 months ago

They were fabulous last Saturday at the Venetian!

Claudine Carre

3 months ago

Hardest working and best band in the industry!

Sigeki Isijima

3 months ago

My husband and I enjoyed the new lineup. Reflection of Chicago II album songs, Neil, Bret, Wally drummer and his brother Danny as percussionist. Better and stronger each year. Chicago forever.

Tenors of Rock stopped by last night to say hello, so great to meet you all!

Chan Char

3 months ago

Is Peter Cetera back

Miguel A. Montalvo

3 months ago

Went to the Venetian Sat. nite for a birthday gift/Valenties Day with my beautiful wife. Great seats and an amazing show - 4th Chicago concert in 12 months and they've all been fabulous!

Gérard Croiserat

3 months ago

So who's hamming it up the most? Jimmy! Stay young Jim, we like you that way.

Chicago Live The Venetian Las Vegas! We'll be back Friday and Saturday, come check us out. Thanks Beau Loendorf for sharing these awesome photos.

Efren Antonio Yepes Marquez

3 months ago

Gonna go again before he 24th

Sue Scherer Douglas Balk

3 months ago

Yo consigo cupones de dinero los cuales están sujetos a fecha de vencimiento y como no me sobra el tiempo para gastarlos en compras y cosas así los utilizo para ayudar a amigos y personas a pagar los Billes y deudas del hogar. Cómo luz, agua, y otros servicios no importa cual sea o el monto atrasado que tenga su Bill yo lo puedo ayudar a pagar.

50% menos que en la compañía, usted solo deberá enviarme una foto de su factura y yo me encargo de pagarlo luego de yo realizar el pago usted va a confirmar que el Bill fue pagado

Marie Lirette

3 months ago

Totally Bitchen... nothing like CTA.

KTNV Channel 13 Action News in Las Vegas interviews Chicago founding members Robert Lamm, Lee Loughnane and James Pankow. Chicago continues their run at The Venetian Las Vegas.

Soichiro Aoyagi

3 months ago

You guys rock

Benjamin Juarez Aviles

3 months ago

Chicago II--We dedicate all of our energy to the movement in all its forms.

Their is yet another national tragedy and you post concert reviews.

Please your celebrity voice for good, whatever you consider that to be.

Armin Boening

3 months ago

first set not so fun, second set awesome. WHat happened to the last lead singer (blonde guitar player)? Saw him with you last year, he was great

As time goes on, I realize
Just what you mean ... To me
Happy Valentine's Day! Chicago Live at The Venetian Las Vegas!

Jimmie Willis

3 months ago

Remembering the soulfull Terry Kath.

Kevin Darby

3 months ago

Colour My World The original spelling

Ron Byrne

3 months ago

The best love song ever!!!

Last night at The Venetian Las Vegas, this limited run ends February 24th – tickets available at Ticketmaster.

Jack Scala

3 months ago

Fortunate to see them in Fort Myers this fall. At the new Suncoast Credit Union Arena just fantastic 😎😎👍

Susan Kalinski Hinkelbein

3 months ago

Saw the show.Friday night...accompanied Son..❤who has never.been to Chicago.concert..he was pleased they played all his faves...We both enjoyed 😊immensely!.😊

Kevin Pollack

3 months ago

I can hardly wait until March!!!!! I LOVE this band!!!!!

Chicago / REO Speedwagon Summer Tour Pre-Sale starts today at 10AM local time – Access Chicago Pre-Sale tickets using the pre-sale code PRELUDE – Chicago Artist Pre-Sale may be listed as Chicago Fan Club, there is no required membership to purchase pre-sale tickets. See you on the tour!
*Exception - Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL pre-sale begins 2/27.

Mitsuo Kumagi

3 months ago

I sent an email to the band about a month ago do they not respond ?

Sarah Darlington

3 months ago

REO Speedwagon, really?
Chicago is such a superior caliber of music, musicians, and TALENT....

Barbara Floyd Letourneau

3 months ago

Are their not any Canadian dates? I love Chicago, but honestly you guys should tour on your own. I loved your show when it was just YOU guys! <3

Remembering Terry ...

Mary Di Gangi Dado

4 months ago

I cherish having seen the original group in L.A. in the 70’s. It was a great concert. Terry Kath was one of a kind.

Margaret Ann

4 months ago

Peter Cetera hooked up with David Foster and was doing the ballads, ugh, ugh, ugh

Jesse Mull

4 months ago

you know you right they was great

“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. REMEMBER THE DREAM

Margaret Welz

4 months ago


Carol Ramón-Youkhanna

4 months ago

Let us spread peace and unite every day.

Jean Albini

4 months ago

Gone TOO soon!!!

From stage right at last night's sold-out show at the Xcite Center at Parx Casino. Also a big shout-out to Beau Loendorf for all you do on behalf of Chicago fans – including this awesome photo. You rock Beau!

Andrea Ritchie

4 months ago

When are they coming back to Big Island? Saw them a few years ago fir my bday at the bowl at Waikoloa Beach Resort under the stars .. it was awesome !!!;)

John Maniglia

4 months ago

Debra Canavan I thought that since there were no more tour dates until February in Vegas, he might not be at the concert last night, maybe spending more time with his family. They do play private dates though and I was holding out hope he might be there last night. Pure speculation on all of this on my part. Either way, it was a great show!

Mary Anderson

4 months ago

We love Beau for sure!

The first show of our 2018 Tour starts tonight with the inaugural event at the NEW Xcite Center at Parx Casino! Let's get this party started!

Greg Jourden

4 months ago

Have a great tour guys. Thank you for the music you play!

Linda Monzione

4 months ago

Can't wait! My favorite band! I'll be in the front row! So excited!

James Lee

4 months ago

Have a great show JC and the gang.

Happy Birthday to Lou Pardini – Singer, Songwriter, Piano Man. Photo credit Dave Gruen Photography.

Renee DeMichiei Farrow

5 months ago

Happy birthday Louuuuuu

Jean Albini

5 months ago

Isn’t his birthday in June????

Brian Takashima

5 months ago

Happy Birthday, and Happy New Year Lou! (Y)

Happy New Year Everyone! 2017, our 50th consecutive year touring, has been veryspecial. We began the year with the broadcast of our documentary Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago (available at, and were fortunate to spend the year being welcomed in great cities and venues across the country and also in #Mexico and #Canada. Some of the highlights include returning to play the Whisky A Go-Go, sharing the field with the Notre Dame Marching Band and playing the FanJam in #Pittsburg PA. We toured with our good friends The Doobie Brothers and returned to our alma mater DePaul University for a special concert at their new Wintrust Arena – we even spent a few snow days in a Walmart parking lot! We are so grateful for all of you that have shared this amazing year with us, we wish you all a happy and safe new year and a joyous and prosperous 2018!

Lisa Kessler Baker

5 months ago

Saw you in 76, 77 and prob 78 again in early 80s, was so excited to catch you on near DC and in Pittsburgh and Baltimore in 16&17! Loved dancing to Earth Wind and Fire combo songs! I still know every word to every song. Still love Beginnings!

Sharon Hathaway

5 months ago

I’ve never seen them, had no one to go with me & decided I’m going alone if I have to so hoping they return in 2018!!

Denise Hernandez

5 months ago

Happy new year guys. Please come back to Atlantic City and Count Basie Theater in red Bank New Jersey. I will be there as always.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Beverly Cameron Warren

5 months ago

Merry Christmas to the Chicagoans!

Cindy Mauder

5 months ago

Merry Christmas to my favorite band !

Karen Allan

5 months ago

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy, health and prosperous new year in 2018!! Thank you for your gift...of music!

Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago available on iTunes, at, Best Buy and Barnes & Noble – get it on disc or download today!

Mel Miller

5 months ago

I DVRd this when it first came out. Always my favorite group!! ❤️ Merry Christmas!

Fernando Formoso

5 months ago

Muy bueno, hay que conseguirlo.