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Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend 😎

Getzemani Joshajandy Aguilar Santiago

a day ago

You have a fantastic weekend I can't chill and relax I have to work but have to do what I have to do I hope to see you in concert soon I'm in Indiana

Kimberly Young

a day ago

Love your music Charlie...the price of the concert tickets are out of my reach in ATL currently. I pray that this fan since forever will finally get to see you soon. May God's blessings continue to flow in your life!

Marin Ghita

a day ago

Happy Father's Day uncle Charlie have a bless weekend one of your number one fans God bless you and your family amen ✌️👍😇♥️

Rock on my friends 🤘🏾

Queenella Goddard

2 days ago

My man Charlie Wilson looking fly in his white.

David M Brainerd

2 days ago


Teresa Lyons

2 days ago

Have a good time for me Charlie see you soon.

Always singing for the ones I love #tbt

Chris Heil

2 days ago


TinaMarie Stephens

2 days ago

This how I be coming to see a Charlie Wilson Party

Connie Whitley Richardson

2 days ago

Yaaassssss Uncle Charlie, I Love This Picture😍

No one can take me out of my element 🎤

Susan O'Neill

5 days ago

Me either loving me "I m Blessed

Jose Arredondo

5 days ago


Manex Félix

5 days ago

Looking good with your handsome self first name Charlie last name Wilson on point God bless

For this #MusicMonday, I put together a playlist of some hip-hop songs your favorite uncle was featured in! This one takes me back!

Jana Marie

6 days ago

Charlie show do look GOODTOME

Shivendra Aryan

6 days ago

Uncle Charlie you are so versatile... a musical genuis

Jovanny Valladares Almazán

6 days ago

I Love It Charlie!!! Thanks For Putting It Together.

He has shaped me into the man I am today 🙏🏾

Anne-Marie Kramer

7 days ago

I thank God for how he has made a difference in your life, you are truly blessed, and a blessing to many, keep singing and praising the Lord...You Are Awesome...Amen

Dory Kahlbaugh

7 days ago

Amen and Amen...Uncle Charlie.....So Glad you found his spirit in you..its a beaming light thru you and everything you do...Almighty God He's a WONDER. Now you know eho you are and whose you are...your whole ora...radiance..says .....JOY. Stay Blessed. Much 💕 Agape.

Dustin Collette

7 days ago

To God Be The Glory! Continue bring the wonderful person you are. God Bless You!!! 😍❤

Which one’s the real Uncle Charlie? 😎

Melba Stephano

7 days ago


Raquel Kohoutek

8 days ago

No he's the number one Uncle Charlie Charlie Wilson he's the man I would love to meet him

Princess Zoey

7 days ago

Their is On One Charlie Wilson The Best Sing in World.😎😘👼👤Amen

Happy birthday to my nephew, Kanye West! Enjoy your blessings today, hope it’s a great one 🙌🏾

Diego Piñeiro Agrelo

8 days ago

Uncle Charlie tell your nephew Kanye to let the dead rest in peace. I know he is ignorant but the way he disrespected Whitney is ridiculous

CrystalandJim Green

8 days ago

Charlie Wilson is everyones uncle! Kanye is no exception.

Victoria Santiago

8 days ago

Your nephew is a psychotic narcissistic fool...

Always looking back on the past to make the future better #TBT

Luiss Martin Poumian

10 days ago

Keeping Smile God Bless Always Charlie 🙌Wilson

Cristian Rodriguez

10 days ago

Is that when u were in the gap band

Hossein Yosefian

9 days ago

Awe.. Was reading through the comments. Your fans LOVE YOU! You deserve all of it. Smile.

You know your man’s always getting down 🕺🏾

Viktória Erős

10 days ago

Yes you are there’s no party like a Charlie Wilson party. Your concerts are always awesome I’m there in the city I live in and nearby. Looking good as always I love Charlie last name Wilson.

Wangu Nothabo Ramokate

11 days ago

I got a chance to see you in Detroit in February for my birthday and I loved every bit of it, when are you coming back to Detroit?🎤🎤

Taylor Coronado

11 days ago

You’ve been to New Orleans several times and I always miss the show 😭!! Hopefully next time you visit the city I will make it. I am a really big fan! I can’t wait to experience the show in person!!!

Always believe in Him and he will show you the light.

Janice Chang

14 days ago

I trust HIM, Charlie Wilson! Thank you for the reminder. 💖

Uriel Cabrera

14 days ago

In Jesus Christ Name and in the Holy Spirit I trust God I declare recieve this prayer and scripture and gives You Heavenly Father all the praises and glory and Blesses Your Holy Son Jesus Christ Name in advance Amen

Fatima Saad

14 days ago

Jesus is on the Mainline I We have to do is tell him. What We Want

Blessed to be around all these beautiful people last night. Thank you National Museum of African American Music for inviting me to your special night 🙌🏾

Thomas Grider

15 days ago

You're just the ambassador of smooth

Denise Sandra

15 days ago

Congratulations Charlie Wilson my favorite R&B singer#charliewilsonfanforlife

Brian Byrd

15 days ago

That's so awesome to see you so very blessed

Hey you! Hope you have a great weekend

Oyamat Sredna Tamzky

15 days ago

Thank you Charlie you too.. God bless you in Jesus Name✨

Brian M Lee

16 days ago

Having a great weekend on my roller skates.....Have fun😊😊😊

Isa Rothert

16 days ago

Thank you and you have a great weekend too. C.W.🙏😇😍🎤🎹🎵🎶🎼📀🎷🎺🎻🎸✋👍👌😎

So blessed to be honored by the National Museum of African American Music at their Celebration of Legends Gala this evening! 🙏🏾

Melissa Harrison

16 days ago

I just love that unique voice, and I will Always love the Gap band, and now you as a single performer!!! I’ve been hooked on this music since you started..... keep on singing!! Congrats on this award!!! 💋💋💋💋

Mike Farace

16 days ago

Congratulations Charlie Wilson! The honor could not have been bestowed upon anyone more deserving than you! Thank you for continuing to give us amazing music--I been with ya since the Gap Band days and you havent missed a beat in your performances, nor has your passion to your musical game [career] ever left which is a testament to your success all through the grace of God. From me and all of your loyal fans, "you're still our love", and yes, I'm Blessed!

Md Sagor

16 days ago

Well-deserved honor. So very proud of you! Congratulations! Now if I could just get Bill Withers to sing with you...; All my dreams will have come true! 😍😍😊

Always gotta keep that fit fresh #TBT

Mattie Springer

16 days ago

Ok uncle Charlie. Thanks for always giving us your best when you perform for us. Love u brother. Keeping it real in songs and truth.

Valentina Smith

16 days ago

Charlie you are the best!!! How I would love to attend of one of your shows when you perform in NY. I am a fan!.

António Carlos Miguël Jr.

16 days ago

You know, he's my favorite guy still loving.....haven't missed a Chastain Park Charlie Wilson concert in 10 yeara!!!

Sending nothing but love and positivity to everyone today

Laura McCray

18 days ago

Right back at cha and many blessing you you😍

Brecht Lry

18 days ago

Thank you Charlie Wilson!! God's blessings to you!!!! Love you💝💝💝💝💝

Sara Cain

18 days ago

Thank you very much. I send it back to you. Be Blessed.

I love all my fans THIS much! 🙌🏾

Alejandro Orozco Lemus

18 days ago

I love you too Charlie you're awesome keep it up

Francisco Andrez Lopez Perez

18 days ago

I Love You Too Brother. You Are FABULOUS😘

Enzo Felipe de Castro

18 days ago

Charlie Wilson has his stuff together 💯💯He is Awesome 🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️💯💯

Feeling like we need some Gospel love for #MusicMonday! Check out my updated playlist and let the blessings shine on!

Tanya Banfield

19 days ago

Jesus is on the Main line I you got to do is tell him what you want call him up tell him whatcha want

Olaleye Olatunbosun

20 days ago

First name Charlie last name Wilson you just can't mess with perfection you are the best

Peťo Dokess Dóka

20 days ago

Love this song handsome❤️😍

Feeling grateful that He is always with me.

Andrey Bessonov

20 days ago

God Bless you Uncle Charlie. Thank you so much for the encouragement.

Dalton Lyman

20 days ago

Amen Charlie Wilson I'm Blessed by the Best his name is Jesus!!!!!

Karen Tabares

20 days ago

Amen Uncle Charlie You are so amazing in What you do , God Bless You

Sacramento!! Who will be at Thunder Valley Casino Resort on July 20! Did you get your tickets yet?
Happy Birthday to the beautiful and talented Patti LaBelle!! Hope you have as great of a birthday party as we threw for Snoop!!

Mrkhalifa Vevo

23 days ago

Good morning to you

Ralph Renz B Malaca

23 days ago

I want to wish you a very very happy birthday patti labelled I hope you have many more birthday bless like charlie Wilson say I am bless yes I am so bless😇👼🙏🎂🍹🍸

Josh Treasure

23 days ago

Happy Birthday love, enjoy your day to the fullest. Be blessed love you too!

Blessed to have all the support from my fans. Thank you for inspiring me to keep doing what I love 🙌🏾

Bibiana Vqz

24 days ago

We love e you Charlie Wilson and truly miss having you and Maggie as neighbors. Miss you both a bunch.🤗🤗😎😎💖💖

Diana Judge

24 days ago

His name is Charlie, last name Wilson

Florencia Pisano

24 days ago

I love your music so much I try to see you in concert three times each time something tragic has happened and I wasn't able to see you the first time was in Bakersfield my mom got sick second time was in Los Angeles on your tour with Fantasia my daughter got the flu really bad then this last time I wanted to see you at the bowl in LA and things just didn't work out family issues so I'm praying one day I'll get a chance to see you cuz I love you music God bless you and your family and keep making great music.

Happy birthday Ron Isley! Hope it’s a good one, enjoy your blessings today ✊🏾

Ãymäne Zïdân

a month ago

Happy Birthday Ron Isley have a blessed day. I'll always enjoy your music. I'am so glad that you have Charlie Wilson as a great friend. Because his music is great and he's such a nice person to know.

Mark Wilkinson

a month ago

Happy birthday to you and many more to come 1 luv 😎

Valerie Stephens

a month ago

Happy birthday Ron I love you I play your songs all the never gets old...what's up uncle Charlie and you know I love you too

Hanging with Ron DeVoe, Bobby Brown King of Stage , Ricky Bell, and Michael Bivins, if I like the girl who cares who you like 🎶 before our show tonight in ATL

Pulie Thee Humble Queen

a month ago

Well Alright Now!!! Uncle Charlie and Some of them Handsome New Edition ❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯

Korletey Wisdom

a month ago

Attended the show and I saw these guys. The show and performance was absolutely Fantastic!

Johnny Barton

a month ago

Bobby looks like he could be the oldest in this picture. He's been through a lot though. I hate that Ralph is not there.

I’m living my best life 🎤

Petr Baragan

a month ago

You’re a big part of a lot peoples lives.👏👏👏

Lupe Lopez

a month ago

Glad you are enjoying your life you deserve all the blessings keep smiling and performing. Love you Charlie last name Wilson.

I Love all your songs and everything that there is

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend 😎

Sz Mónika

a month ago

Hello Uncle Charlie, you have to make a trip to Massuchetts. Please put us on your Calendar for a Tour. We would appreciate. Thank you!!!😊😊😊💗💗💗😁😁😁👍👍👍

Samanta Cannone

a month ago

Thank you Uncle Charlie! You have an amazing weekend as well! Be Blessed and Be A Blessing To Someone Else!!!

Juana V Alle

a month ago

Hello uncle Charlie and you and your family be bless have a wonderful blessing weekend too m god continue to bless you and keep you safe Amen

You know your man been dressing on point since day one #tbt

Rafal Stachyra

a month ago

Great Show Worth Coming Out In The Rain Saturday Night

Janice Wheeler

a month ago


Zoe Sholl

a month ago

Oh you know it always dressings to make your Fan's go wild

Had so much celebrating Mother’s Day Weekend with you all in Brooklyn and Charlotte! Thank you so much for having me 🙌🏾

Robert Tri Niero

a month ago

Charlie Wilson the last time I saw you was when you was in the Gap Band in Asheville, N. C. so you know how long ago that was. Am disabled so I be trying to win some tickets every time you close, but no luck. So I thought I will miss you again. But my 18 year old who still in HS, started working as a CNA and took her 1st check and suprise me with tickets. What a wonderful daughter I have and on Mother's Day too. I really enjoyed your show.

Zach N Lexi Beck

a month ago

Waiting for you here in the DMV 6/24

Robert Lozano

a month ago

Me and my family had a Wonderful time at Bojangle s Coleseum in Charlotte just wish you would visit us more often we love you Uncle Charlie!❤

Brooklyn!! Who am I seeing at the Barclays Center tonight??

Rona Moser

a month ago

Charlie Wilson I’m still on a high from your performance last night! You were truly amazing!!! It was my first time seeing you perform live and it won’t be my last. I’m so grateful for the experience. Continued success, health and wealth!! Thank You Uncle Charlie😘

Benny Vega

a month ago

Please have a show in Nassau Coliseum on Long Island or Jones Beach in the Summertime. A lot of people last night at Barclays Center said they never going back there

Trystan Tarver

a month ago

Loved your show last night Charlie you did that!

It’s not too late! See me live tomorrow at Barclays Center with Boyz II Men, Kem and Joe for the Mother’s Day Good Music Festival. Get tickets here:

Michel Teatino

a month ago

Incredible! ....wishing I could be there 😊❤

Luis Vargas

a month ago

We need this show in Baltimore

Stanley Uche

a month ago

Can’t wait. Thank you Boobee

I’m putting together something special this for this Mother’s Day! Comment below with your best photos of you and your mom or that special woman you look up to 🙏🏾

Kelly Danley

a month ago

My momma well i can't pick out just one favorite pic cause mama is the most caring, loving and giving person on this earrh putting others first always doing for others opening our home to all family and friends always feeding everyone that comes to our home. She has had some tragedies along the way with my father passing away to my brother comitting suicide and last year she fell and broke her right arm but that doesn't stop her nor slow her down she hears music playing and she's ready to dance, her faith in God gets her thru those hard days. But she's the greatest there is no udder like my mudder. I LOVE HER SO MUCH God bless her, i cherish her always and try spoiling her when i can. Today 5/10/18 is Mexican Mothers Day.

Mary Hunt

a month ago

RIH Happy Mother's Day love her and she true is miss. May 1,1933- December 22,2015. Love your mother you have one spend every minute you can with her

Esther Fong Lu Yi

a month ago

Three generations ... My mother's is resting safe in the arms of Jesus!!! I will see you on Mother's Day in Charlotte, N.C. (The Queen City) My daughter is leaning on my shoulder.😌❤️

Always gotta find the right pitch 🎶

John Wayne McDonald

a month ago

If it's you singing it really don't matter what note it is cause you got the Shit 👌👍😂

Javier Torrico

a month ago

Your pitch is just right soothing to the ear Charlie Last Name Wilson💙💙💙💙

Cristina Massabni M

a month ago

You have that perfect pitch and you know that Uncle Charlee,

I put together some of my favorite gospel songs for this week’s #MusicMonday! Keep your spirits high and stay positive today 🙌🏾

Franka Špralja

a month ago

We all need Jesus thats for Real

Juan Diego Duque

a month ago

That's so sweet of you thank you so very much

Kartik Chadha

a month ago

I Will definitely be listening to it. Love You Charlie!!!

He is the one who will always make you stronger.

Hani Adel Zaki

a month ago

Amen.The Righteous Man It is the Righteous Man Who The Lord is Close to when Broken Hearted and God Keep The Righteous Man Bones from Being Broken.Love it Amen Amen Amen Uncle Charlie Just Love yoy and your Family God Bless you .

Wardell Coleman

a month ago

Amen blessings to you and wife Charlie Wilson

Hiren Sahariah

a month ago

My daughter loved your concert at fantasy springs, she is always asking about uncle waved to her in the audience and she won't stop talking about you

Where are all my day one fans at?? Let me hear you!! #TBT

Wendy Orozco

a month ago

Love Your latest Song, Just Heard It Today, Nice!

Iron Steel

a month ago

Hear me loud and clear since the Gap band dayz!!!!!!!!

Noah Cross

a month ago

The one and only Charlie Wilson There will never be no other

Life is good y’all, let me tell ya 😎

Denise Jackson

a month ago

By GOD'S grace and mercy when one door closed another one opened. When you see C W you looking at some of GOD'S best work GOD'S peace and blessing be with you my brother. From a OG=Original GAPPER

Clara Suriani

a month ago

You Are Clean Mr.Wison !! Class Act Luv it Man ,,,,

Brianna Ritter

a month ago

My 5 year old son loves your music. We live in Louisville KY it would be such a blessing if he was able to meet you

Blessed to do what I love 🙏🏾

Liliana Reyna Garcia

2 months ago

If only i can watch u live i would be more than happy

Daisy Irizarri

2 months ago

I believe having a healthy relationship is one key to having a good life.It takes a lot of time and hard work,I believe also that it's important to invest our time on these relationships to lead happier,longer lives😀#CharlieWilsonHOF

Gor Mkhitaryan

2 months ago

Yess! God is Wonderful❤
Love your talent 💯

Presale for my Hollywood Bowl summer shows ends TODAY at 10pm local time! Don’t forget to use the code CHARLIE to access tickets. Hurry and get on the party train with your favorite Uncle!!

Darius Berry

2 months ago

I'm coming! Party Train get on Board in LA

Gabriela Ma del Carmen

2 months ago

I wish I could be there to see you again! LOVE YOU ALWAYS UNCLE CHARLIE 👄Michelle in Alabama.

Kymberly Bridges

2 months ago

Rosalind Wilson go seek professional help your not married to charlie Wilson w your not getting that go get you a man and stop sweating him

There’s only a couple days left to get your presale tickets for my shows this summer at The Hollywood Bowl! Get your tickets with the code CHARLIE and get ready for a good, good time! 🕺🏾

Faith Danglo

2 months ago

Looking Good Uncle Charlie! Wish I Could Come! I Know It's Gonna Be A Great Show, Have A Blast, I'll Be Cheering You On! Love Ya?

Nuno Guerreiro

2 months ago

💗 the suit uncs C!! Make it happen, you polish well!!!

NJ Iliw Iliw

2 months ago

Jus show out unc gotta see ya next yr

You dropped a bomb on me, baby #TBT

Charles Strickland

2 months ago

Thanks for this Share, Just looking at the
Picture brings back so many Good memories, this was the JAM!!! & the GAP
Band was Dropping Bombs left & right
But Uncle Charlie Turned the Party OUT
With those Dance Moves & Uncle Charlie
Is Still Dropping Bombs, keeping The GAP
Bands Legacy ALIVE!!! WE LOVED The
GAP BAND, & We Still Have the GAP BAND Every Time You Step ON STAGE
Uncle Charlie, Again I Love The Picture I
Was Just Graduating High School & I've
Always Loved to Dance & this was the Jam of the Year then & it still Moves All of
Us Like it did Then & that says a lot about
The GAP BAND & YOU Uncle Charlie Your
Music is Legendary, Timeless & So Are You, Thanks For All the Good Times Then
To this Present Day, You're Still Selling Out
Arenas Every Where & Please Do those of
Us that didn't get to see you in Oakland at
The Paramount Theater, I'm Not Blaming
You, But by the time I heard the News it
Was to late to get the tickets me & my
Family Members would have wanted, & I
Definitely Didn't The Nose Bleed Section So that being said could you have any
Arena that you're going to be at in Oakland, CA ask them could they announce it like 3-4 months in advance
So I/We can get good seats, this last time
It hasn't been long at all but when I found
Out, that you were going to be at the
Paramount it was to late for me I didn't
Want the nosebleed Section!! Yep I was
Sorry that I didn't make that show & I know everyone had a Great Time, Cause
That's what you do you come & Party and
I listen to the radio in my car everyday & I
See when you're going to be in other States on the computer, so that's why I'm
Saying have the Arenas to announce 3-4
Months in Advance!!! You know when you
Come to Oakland those tickets sell ASAP
I Will see you when you come back, and
I hope it won't be to long, I know you're in
Demand, But I'm Gonna have to be on my
P's & Q's I Refuse to miss another & the
Same thing happens When you come to
The Oracle Arena, I Love you Uncle 💜🌹Charlie, So I'll be Waiting & Checking for
Myself See you Soon💜🎶💜 M's V.💃🏽👏🏽

Madison Garrett Galyon

2 months ago

Uncle Charlie Gap band you laugh at my teeth remember gap band USA

Carlo Mesa

2 months ago

I heard the song when my twins daughter's were Born now 38 years later it reminds me how Charlie Wilson changed my great life with my girls only one of the girls seen him in concert with me in February and the other one of my girl bought the tickets for my Birthday is being a great since then still Remembering Charlie Wilson

There’s no place I’d rather be 🎤

Cate Murray

2 months ago

Your fans are always glad to see you performing.Looking handsome as always. You are awesome Mr. Charlie last name Wilson.

Chris Becton

2 months ago

I’ve been a fan since forever... You’re an Inspiration to many. May God continue to richly bless you ❤️🙏🏾❤️

Raheem Khadafi

2 months ago

My heartbeat! Love my Uncle Charlie Wilson.

Excited to announce that I'm headed across the pond this summer for the BST Hyde Park show on 7/14! Get ready to party with Uncle Charlie and get your tickets at the link below

Debbie Kinniard-Rowe

2 months ago

I wish I could afford to go

Yonah John

2 months ago

This is going to be soooo good

Tomáš Novák

2 months ago

Come back to Chicago!!!!!!!!

I thank Him everyday for giving me that second chance 🙏🏾

David Michael Frank

2 months ago

Kind WORDS and I give you the MOST credit meaning you had the desires of helping yourself.. It's like a overweight person in NEED to lose. weight. First. the WANT is required.. To obtain a NEED met a WANT. is needed.. It's a EQUAL really... You were in it to WIN your life back and you WON.. A thumbs UP to you...

Dolores Camarena

2 months ago

I wish you would come to Chicago, to sing to my Auntie for her birthday thursday 😁😁😁😁😚😙😚😙 wishful thinking

Hezron Brul

2 months ago

Charlie You're the best.I wonder how You choose Your relics,they just seem to be fit for every occasion.

Doing a special giveaway for my show at the Cincinnati Music Festival this summer! Follow Cincinnati Music Festival today for a chance to win a pair of tickets and join the party train!
Tune in to Steve Harvey TV show at 2pm on NBC to watch Snoop Dogg and me chat with Steve Harvey and perform #OneMoreDay!! Can't wait for y'all to see this one!!

Patricia Schirra

2 months ago

Let me be lucky enough to win these tickets!!!!!!! There Goes baby!!!!!

Thamal Barchyi

2 months ago

We always love you in Baltimore. Saw you twice already. Once in Washington, D.C. Listening to your music always uplifts me.

Gabriela Huerta

2 months ago

Good luck, Uncle Charlie!! Want to come NYC to see the fam. Me know you don't like talk pan phone; but message me. My heart & soul need healing 😇

Wow, the blessings just keep on coming! Truly honored that my song #ImBlessed has been nominated for Billboard Music Awards Top Gospel Song of the year! 🙏🏾
Your man’s on deck 😎

Emmanuel Francis

2 months ago

Mr Wilson, I am a big fan of yours. I'm a 68 yrs young woman who loves her music. I just Googled "I am blessed" and the first thing that came up is your song. I read the words and listened to it and I couldn't contain my joy! I too, was "out there" and was blessed to have God lead me back to the REAL world. I just celebrated 14 years in recovery. I'm surrounded by amazing friends and although I'm not the woman I want to be, I'm definitely NOT the woman I was! God bless you my brother.

Anna Thacker

2 months ago

Congratulations Charlie Wilson!!!!! May God continue to use you and your amazing voice for his kingdom, in Jesus name be blessed.

Jeff Miller

2 months ago

I'm so happy for you Charlie Wilson giving God all the glory in your music that song deserves to be number 1I love all your Christian music

Feeling truly blessed! Thank you to all my fans for listening and supporting, it means the world to me! Many more hits to come 🙌🏾 Billboard #ImBlessed #Chills

Kyle Ryan Kenion

2 months ago

Uncle Charlie please, please come and do a show in Nassau, Bahamas!!! We love you here and I'm your BIGGEST FAN!!!!!...Priceless...

Samuel Sztuka

2 months ago

Yes, thank you for such beautiful music. My five year old granddaughter loves herself some Charlie Wilson. We drive her to school and have to play "I'm Blessed" all the way. I thank God for you!!!

Bentleigh Perley

2 months ago

Please keep up the good work. You have a whole new generation of Uncle Charlie fans. My 18 year old granddaughter wanted to see you before you get to old. She saw you at WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma! Thank you so much for making her dream come true!

This Sunday got me feelin’ like… 🕺🏾

Sierra Reyelts

2 months ago

still waiting here, with the fire department .its on.

Bobbi Jo

2 months ago

That party last night in San Diego was lit I had so much fun came from Oakland it was nice 💜

Laura-Ryanne Chadwick

2 months ago

Uncle Charlie. If you see my name, you know who son I am.

San Diego!! Get ready to party tonight at the Valley View Casino Center! It’s gonna be a good one 🎤

Deldan Wangchuk

2 months ago

And it was a good one! Better than that...SPECTACULARLY ENTERTAINING🤩

Влади К.

2 months ago

Hi Charlie,
We had such a great time last night in San Diego listening to your amazing voice!!💕🌴
Thank you for putting on a beautiful show.
With huge hugs,
Sherry and George Young

Augustine Otieno

2 months ago

Charlie Wilson me & 3 of my sisters: Stephanie, Marcia, Denise drove from Vegas & you were AWESOME! The whole concert was good but, you were GREAT! Well worth the trip. Thank you for continuing singing great music. We love you & your music. Continued blessings & much success. See you in Vegas!!

Oakland, Uncle Charlie’s in the house!! Can’t wait to see you all at the Paramount Theater tonight!!

Francessica Minor

2 months ago

Thank you Unk for a WONDERFUL show, as per usual. My 13 year old nephew has wanted to see you live since he was 10 or 11. Well, last night he was in the house and I was surprised he knew ALL the words. Uncle Charlie, thank you. Take care of yourself and know Sacramento is praying for you. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Hector Pruneda

2 months ago

Like fine wine, you look better with time!!

Tuwanda Atkins

2 months ago

Yes, I was there. Uncle Charlie turned it out.

This is how we do it 🕺🏿🎤 hanging with my friend Montell Jordan before our show tonight at Selland Arena in Fresno, CA

Chynna Smithers

2 months ago

Nice picture Charlie when are you coming to perform in Kansas city Missouri

Deborah Arm

2 months ago

Tow good looking men...Goodness Montell you are tall...remind me of my really tall son Mont and grandson. Have a good concert. Wish I was there!

Sue Tibbets

2 months ago

You are not my sister and I wish you would get off her Facebook page

Hope you’re ready for me Fresno! We’re about to start the Party Train!! 🙌🏾

HoRyong Shin

2 months ago

See you in Cincinnati...Everybody All Aboard!

Emmanuel Kayondo

2 months ago

Go!Charlie Wilson Party On Soul Train!!!Your Good Friend Gwendolyn Evans

Ana Lü Correa Gonzalez

2 months ago

I see you bro bro Cordell Walton