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Happy birthday to the late, great BB King.

Photo by Herb Ritts, 1993

Nayou Kindou

2 days ago

What a great picture!

Claudia Ximena

2 days ago

Beautiful photo! I was lucky enough to watch Ritts do a photo session with Travolta and Newton-John. He was the best, RIP.

Chiara Callegari

2 days ago

What a photo!!!!

Closing out the SONG OF THE WEEK with Carole's original demo of "Crying In The Rain"on The Legendary Demos.

Chiara Callegari

2 days ago

I've Album on CD,& my iPad ,along with Tapestry. Timeless!

Maria Maria

2 days ago

I love this song. I didn't know the Everly Brothers were marines. What great singing.

Angela Mohrbach

2 days ago

Gente! É muito legal! Demais!! Grande CK!🤙🤙🤙

James Taylor & Carole King covered "Crying In The Rain" during their Troubadour Reunion Tour
Hollywood Bowl 5-14-2010

Justin Power

3 days ago

Crying In The Rain

I'll never let you see
The way my broken heart is hurting me
I've got my pride and I know how to hide
All the sorrow and pain
I'll do my crying in the rain

If I wait for cloudy skies
You won't know the rain from the tears in my eyes
You'll never know that I still love you
So though the heartaches remain
I'll do my crying in the rain

Raindrops falling from heaven
Will never wash away my misery
But since we're not together
I'll wait for stormy weather

To hide these tears I hope you'll never see
Someday when my crying's done
I'm gonna wear a smile and walk in the sun
I may be a fool
But till then, darling, you'll never see me complain
I'll do my crying in the rain

I'll do my crying in the rain

J Nambu Riamei

3 days ago

‘Heard them sing it in Tanglewood (Berkshire Mts. Venue) on the 4th of July for the Troubadour Reunion Tour.....Absolutely WONDERFUL....’love my Sweet Baby James & Carole!!!!❤️

Mike Furgeson

4 days ago

Saw James Taylor Carole King YYZ 2010 wish they would tour again

Here's an interesting take on our SONG OF THE WEEK...
Gregorian is a German band headed by Frank Peterson that performs Gregorian chant-inspired versions of modern pop and rock songs. The band features both vocal harmony and instrumental accompaniment.Each Gregorian album is initially digitally tracked at Nemo Studios, Peterson's Hamburg studio. The vocalists then record their parts in a church atmosphere with dimmed lights and candles, in order to escape what Peterson referred to in a 2001 interview as the "cold and technical" studio atmosphere.

The concept proved to be successful, and the group proceeded to record several more Masters of Chant albums in the same style, with "Crying in the Rain" included on the sixth Chapter released in 2007.

The Masters of Gregorian Chant - VI


3 days ago

Interesting but creepy. I watched a notable rock star guitarist do a version of Harrison's Here Comes the Sun as a sweaty brooding overly technical solo and found it repulsive. There is a sense that when the intent of the composer is discarded in favor of "reimagining" a subtle rape of culture occurs.

Call me a curmudgeon. I'm ok with that.

Spencer Passwaters

4 days ago

Carole, I think that Your performance is the best 👍 kissess from Italy 😉

Rielton Ricardo

4 days ago

The holiest song - so many - crying in the rain - odd place for so many to be - not getting satisfaction.

Art Garfunkle performed a duet of "Crying in the Rain" with James Taylor, including it on his 'Up 'til Now' album in 1993.In 1997, Art recorded his first and only live album in 1996 titled "Across America", performing live at The Registry Hall at Ellis Island, New York over two nights, and took the opportunity to record this video with James Taylor.

Particularly poignant this week with the twin towers behind them...

Mamuri Armstrong

5 days ago

Love this. The location is now so poignant.

Gabrielle Martins

5 days ago

I like Garfunkel & Taylor. Hopefully they'll hook up together. 😊

Vincent Arboucau

5 days ago

Extremely poignant, as you say and my all time favourite rendition of your beautiful song 😘

Country singer Tammy Wynette covered the song in 1981, bringing it to the top 20 of the US country singles charts and #11 in the Canadian RPM Country 50 Singles

René Reger

5 days ago

The Everly Brothers sang it in the 60's

Thechainz Lewy

5 days ago

Liking this one a lot.😪😪

Juniorsigfrido Liconasantos

6 days ago

This song has legs.

Jan and Dean were an American rock duo consisting of the late William Jan Berry and Dean Ormsby Torrence. In the early 1960s, they were pioneers of the California Sound and vocal surf music styles popularized by the Beach Boys.

Jan and Dean included their recording of "Crying in the Rain"on 1968's Save for a Rainy Day, a self-released album on the J&D Record Co. label.

Jan and Dean

Noel Petrolati

5 days ago

I love that most of the times this song has been released that the arrangement stays very true to the original.


6 days ago

They were great

Jayson Watson

6 days ago

Not a favourite.

Peter and Gordon
Peter Asher and Gordon Waller recorded this for their Hurtin' 'N' Lovin' album in 1965.Later in his career, Peter Asher Management handled the musical careers for many artists including Linda Rondstadt, JoniMitchellcom, James Taylor and Carole King.Peter also produced Live At The Troubadour,celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Troubadour nightclub and the 30th Anniversary of the Carole King and James Taylor performance at the nightclub. The event was performed and recorded in 2007 with the original band.

Scott Thomasson

6 days ago

An unparalleled song!

Yamashita Ken-ichi

6 days ago

Art Garfunkel with James Taylor did a great rendition of the song too!

Edinaldo Ribeiro

6 days ago

Such a wonderful song!

In 1989, the Norwegian pop band aha covered "Crying in the Rain". It was the first single taken from their 1990 "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" album.It was a-ha's last single to go top 40 on a Billboard chart in the U.S. to date, peaking at #26 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart during the week ending April 6, 1991.It was more popular internationally, topping the charts in the band's native Norway, and peaking at #13 in the UK Singles Chart.
Following its success, a-ha became closer to the Everly Brothers, who had originally recorded the song.The band members were presented a set of guitars by the Everly Brothers that a-ha continues to use.

Shani Geerman

6 days ago

Beautiful version, I had no idea this existed!! Thank you for posting 💙

Tish Cruice

6 days ago

Søs Fenger of Denmark did a lovely recording some years back.

Pappu Rana

7 days ago

Simply love relaxing

Dimension was the home of some of the finest girl group sounds of the early '60s.The main reason it was such a strong label is that the songwriting team of Carole King and Gerry Goffin were the primary sources of the songs. Classics by Little Eva, The Cookies and Carole King were including on this pop music album of the '60s. This song was written by Howie Greenfield & Carole King.

Jessie Faro

7 days ago

Love your version on the legendary demos! 😍

Darin Bernardi

7 days ago

Yep remember the song the Everly Bros version

Julia Malska

7 days ago

I prefer The Everly Brothers recording.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Henrik Hildebrand

12 days ago

Tu tambien dulce Carole

Nicholas Hitchcock

12 days ago

Looking Great Carole!

Miguel Quinones

12 days ago

You as well Carole

early '80's
Photo:Andrew Kent

Prisca Giitu

13 days ago

Carole, enjoyed your appearances on the "Gilmore Girls".

Brenda Estes-Worden

13 days ago

Hey it looks like someone is making some dinner.... What's for dinner.? Save me something I'll eat leftovers.... LOL

Andi Fieber

13 days ago

Just listened to "I feel the earth move under my feet" and thought about you 😁

The Big September Sale is going on now in the official Carole King online store.Up to 75% of select merchandise including music, video, apparel and collectibles.

Taking their name from the word for a decorative handbag favored by women in Lithuania, British garage pop girl group, the Delmonas began life as the Milkboilers."Chains" was included on Dangerous Charms album release 1985 and re-released 2000

Brandon Murray

13 days ago

Love the Delmonas ♡

Alicia Salazar

14 days ago

Great song to dance the swing to.

Stevie Mena Roche

14 days ago

I really enjoyed this cover of Chains.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

© Elissa Kline Photography

Christina Raul Puente

17 days ago

I've heard SunValley is Beautiful! Have a fun day :)

Jagoda Stachowiak

17 days ago

Beautiful picture Carole King.

Keith Rodriguez

17 days ago

I have enjoyed your music for decades!

For some reason, today I’ve been thinking of that song “Life Without Love” that Louise Goffin wrote with Gerry and Warren Pash.Xo - C.

Sasa Lam

17 days ago

Ain’t no life at all...

Б. Дөлгөөн

17 days ago

Oh this is nice!

Mike Fuller

17 days ago

Anonymous love that spreads too thin? Gate keepers - gate keeper of love? Old love - new love - forgotten love - HIDDEN love. A fluctuating community of love? But if you are lonely in love - there is something wrong - I have always maintained.

John McCain and I agreed that torture is wrong & Robinson Bar is beautiful.
With respect for his service & sympathy to his family.

Below in white cowboy hat
Joe Leonard Photography

Linda Haralson

23 days ago

Wow, Carole - this is an amazing revelation - and confirmation that McCain was an awesome American.

Sharon Barnard

24 days ago

Thanks for sharing !

Raquel Jorge Rodriguez

24 days ago

John McCain was a class act. You are a class act too, Carole King. The world is better for having had John and it is better for having you. Proud to be a fan. 💞

Have a fabulous weekend!

Diana Paiz

25 days ago

Carole, please come to Germany for some concerts😘

Dirge Lycan

25 days ago

Thanks and you too. Peace ☮️✌️

Jessica Vanek

25 days ago

Your Troubadour concert is my go to disc in my car. I sing along comfortably in your key!!!! Thanks

Byron Bagwell

a month ago

You are so beautiful ❤

Fayma Zacharia

a month ago

Awesome. You touched my soul with your music. Sang with you so many times

Alexis Florez

a month ago

I just smile every time I see this face.

Photo: Sherry Goffin Kondor

Amol Gejage

a month ago

Very sorry, a GREAT LEGEND

Philippe Christine Kriou

a month ago

Adios o asta pronto.una grande

Ben Southwick

a month ago

thanks for the beautifull songs u composed and sing:-)

Live at the Troubadour, 2007

Elissa Kline Photography

Barbara Gardner

a month ago

What are the chances of a repeat of that show?

Vikaran Singh

a month ago

I love your music. The Troubadour I have on DVD. I wish I could have seen it live. Can't even imagine. Maybe you should do it again?

Dominique Gonzales Arquiza

a month ago

I love you Carole King! I know you might not see this but your music has gotten me through so many hard times in my life. I'm eternally grateful! ❤

And Patti too.♥️
Patti Scialfa #SpringsteenBroadway.

Aimee Pietzsch

a month ago

Please tour again ❤️

Olive Ramsay

a month ago

🙌 That’s some serious talent!!!

Cruz Lizasuain

a month ago

"You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart."

Backstage with Bruce Springsteen after his phenomenal performance last night.Dude has more heart than a cardiology curriculum.#SpringsteenonBroadway

Angelique Zboralski

a month ago

Both looking most excellent!

Mike Bennett

a month ago

Two fantastic songwriters!!

Maricella Buendia

a month ago

Love Carole! Bruce, not so much.

"Make The Night A Little Longer"

Jimmy London is a reggae singer who first recorded in the late 1960s and achieved chart success both in Jamaica and the United Kingdom in the early and mid-1970s, thereby earning international success.

He recorded "Make the Night A Little Longer" which appears on his Bridge Over Troubled Waters album which was released in 1972 and on his A Little Love album released in 2004.

Keep Away

a month ago

Dionne is up there in top spot still!

Tammi Terrell was an up and coming, highly regarded singer in the 60's performing solo and successful duets with Marvin Gaye. Tammi passed away from brain cancer before her 25th birthday.This song was originally recorded in 1966 but did not appear on an album until the release of the compilation album "Come On and See Me - The Complete Solo Collection in 2010.

Mary Ayden

a month ago

I remember her duets. She was wonderful.

Andrew Batista

a month ago

Gone too soon indeed!

Davide Mancuso

a month ago

It was a great loss.

"Make The Night A Little Longer"
Originally recorded in 1963 on Make Way for Dionne Warwick on Collectors Choice Music label and subsequent albums, 1995 "From the Vaults", 1996 Double CDMake Way for Dionne Warwick and 2014's 4cd release.

Salvatore Santarpia

a month ago

Love her. Saw her in Atlantic City 1980 front row. Sands hotel and casino.

Stacey Etchegoyen

a month ago

As Dionne is a great favourite of mine she now goes to this weeks top far!

"Make The Night A Little Longer"

Recorded in 1963 by the Cookies under their pseudonym The Palisades, with Margaret Ross on lead.

Vicente Perera

a month ago

Sounds like Carole arranged this recording too - maybe?

Gloria Lozano

a month ago

CK, you make everyone sound great! Thanks!

Leandro Gomez

a month ago

I really love listening to your music,thanks so much!

"Make The Night A Little Longer"

The Shirelles included this song on the 1962 “best-of” double album with hits including the title track hit “Baby It’s You",featuring state-of-the-art orchestral early-'60s New York girl group production and top notch songwriting.

Molly Smith

a month ago

Still a great tune

Od Chidera

a month ago

Envision this:

Take that sweet vocal track and erase the slushy NY sessionmens' backing track.

Now imagine the early Beach Boys or the Wrecking Crew playing behind the girls with layered guitars, bass and drum. No keyboards, no violins. Just a clean, California-ish track. A dreamy mood.

Would/could that have been a hit?

When Burt Bacharach produced The Shirelles, "Baby It's You" or "Foolish Little Girl," the musicians didn't sound like they were spinning wheels in the mud -- there was a smooth forward motion to the music.

The Shirelles and Carole deserved better here.

Yeni Barrera

a month ago

The Shirelles are my favorite black girls band!

Look who I ran into...

Yulchiev Sanjar

a month ago

Well don't step on my blue suade shoes..sorry Elvis...just kiddin..rock on kids..

Miguel Del Piero Sanchez

a month ago

It is good to see him out and about. Hope that all is and will continue to go well.

Samuel Martinez

a month ago

I saw him and the Attractions at the Whisky in LA on their very first tour in the US in 1977. The sounds and sights coming from that stage were so thrillingly new and exciting and we just about lost our minds.


Chuck Jackson, was a regular visitor to the R&B charts (and an occasional one to the pop listings) in the early '60s with such early pop-soul concoctions as "I Don't Want to Cry" and "Any Day Now." His records included cheeky brass, sweeping strings, and female backup vocalists.This Goffin King gem was recorded by him in 1961.

Miguel Del Piero Sanchez

a month ago

Fantastic vocals and inflection.

Kincső Anna Gál

a month ago

Great start to this weeks his soulful voice..of course the writers are brilliant!

Thanks, Elton John.

Tony Manashian

a month ago

Love you both. So many wonderful songs, memories etc. Thank you both.😘

Brian Romine

a month ago

Favs of mine too Sir. You nailed it!!

Salome Khvadagiani

a month ago

Went to see James Taylor in Leeds UK in July and he praised you hugely Carole King. World class superstars, both of you. Fantastic night!

Such an uplifting performance of “Way Over Yonder” by Jessie Mueller , Joshua Henry (co-stars in "Carousel" and the fabulous Loren Allred!

Dominik Bayer

2 months ago

From the Album Tapestry.

Nicolas Prt

2 months ago

Need a drummer? Just thought I would ask.

Shiv Dixit

2 months ago

I love this song.

AFTER you go see @BeautifulOnBway The Carole King Musical, go see Carousel, with the wonderful Jessie Mueller!

Joe Tj Ugenio

2 months ago

Saw The Carol King musical, LOVE IT. I hope Carousel comes to Grady Gammage in Tempe, AZ

Tèrd Magbitang

2 months ago

I like all your songs Carol . Hugs from Fives City Peru.

Françoise Lejeune

2 months ago


Carole in Idaho
Photo: Kirsten Shultz Photography

Andrew McElhannon

2 months ago

Whoa... Still lookin' good Mrs Carole King. :)

Jose Manuel Ferreira Ramos

2 months ago

Beautiful as your music❤️

Roberto Seminara

2 months ago

My sister & I on way to see beautiful in NYC any chance Carole will be there

Happy Sunday.

ฟลุ๊ค ร้อยสิบ

2 months ago

I hope you'll be blessed with a wonderful Sunday too for all the joy you bring to others from your music.

Ryannan Hickman

2 months ago

Whenever I see your beautiful smiling face I have to smile Carole

Chris Speakman

2 months ago

When is you next concert in the US and where?

Congratulations to tonight's winners of the Helpmann Award for their contribution to the Australian production of BEAUTIFUL: the Carole King Musical

Matt Verevis (Barry)

Amy Lehpamer (Cynthia – Sydney season)

Marc Bruni

I’ll be thinking of Michael and Esther as more Helpmann Awards are presented tomorrow night (Monday).
BEAUTIFUL is nominated for

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

Esther Hannaford (Carole)

AND…the Australian production of BEAUTIFUL will open Thursday at the QPAC Lyric Theatre in Brisbane.

It’s a big week for BEAUTIFUL in Australia!

Much love, best wishes, and gratitude to the Australian company and audience members.


George Stutzman

2 months ago

I saw it in Brisbane on the weekend and I will be returning to see it again. Every emotion and amazing music. I'll be watching the Helpman awards tonight on ABC to see all winners from both nights of the awards

Alessio Cuscani

2 months ago

I saw this in Melbourne about a month ago in it's last week here and I can understand why they won awards, the show was brilliant. I absolutely loved it and could easily see it again. Congratulations to all.

George Floyd Palmer

2 months ago

& so it should.... Fantabulous !

Touch the sky...

Photo: Jim McGuire

Liv Bern

2 months ago

"I feel the earth move, under my feet...I feel the sky come a tumblin' down..."

Iman Hamed

2 months ago

Excuse me while I kiss the sky..

Ally Clare Dandy

2 months ago

Great, hopeful song.

David Crosby, Carole King, and Graham Nashperforming at the Berkeley Community Theater, November 1975
Photo:Chris Bradford

Armel Mbuebue

2 months ago

Yes carol is indeed the king!

Faiso Ahmed

2 months ago

Michele Hoffpauir Bradshaw

Carl Jurie Colegado

2 months ago

Those were great days for music. Oh to have them back again as nothing compares to the 1970s.
It was a time of amazing melody, beautiful harmony, meaningful lyrics and real talent as instrumentalists and vocalists. Am I biased — you bet I am!

2 years ago this month, Carole performed her album Tapestry, in it's entirety in London's Hyde Park. To celebrate the anniversary of this historic concert we are offering all Tapestry: Live in Hyde Park merchandise at 20% off now through July 17.
CLICK this link to view the sale:

Evan James

2 months ago

I was there an got the memorabilia plus cd DVD most amazing event ever..xx

MayMay Beautyman

2 months ago

EXCELLENT Album !! I can listen to it, OVER & OVER Again !!

Hector Francisco

2 months ago

Love that lady

On Saturday, show up. Wear white. Make your voice heard. #FamiliesBelongTogether

Priscila Bautista

3 months ago

Yes, they do belong together, so, go back to your country and straighten it the hell up so you can live in it. After all, it is your home and needs to get the evil people out so you can live with your family in peace. All the jobs and sanity in this country have gone some place else, so, there is no reason to want to come here. This is not the promised land any more.

Priscila Bautista

3 months ago

So true thank you for sharing👍

Alma Collazo

3 months ago

Wow, these comments! Carole, who knew?

A rally/march will take place near Sun Valley, Idaho this Saturday as part of the FAMILIES BELONG TOGETHER national call to action.
Location: Ketchum Town Square
Date and Time:SATURDAY, JUNE 30th @ 10 am
Please RSVP

Nitin Dominic

3 months ago

Not in London cause the system here it's really really sick and they get paid to destroy families and children aspiration. A judge in London it's like a🦖

Othman Jaha

3 months ago

The problem has been resolved! Get over it liberals. Thank our President for wanting us safe! Sheesh!

Angela Arant

3 months ago

I live far from Sun Valley; unfortunately, therefore, I will not be able to attend. It is my Hope, however, that this will spark a massive movement; that it is only the first of many rallies and marches to take place throughout America in the coming days. There in Heart! Here in Solidarity! 🤝


All that's changed is the colour of the hair. Fantastic.

Mugdo Ray

3 months ago

Getting more beautiful with age.

Sue Tissen

3 months ago

More beautiful every year Carole.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Milagros Del Valle Alvarado

3 months ago

You as well, Carole

Missy Pruitt

3 months ago

Hey.... Have a wonderful weekend Carole......

Kazuhiro Hikichi

3 months ago

You have a great weekend too Carole!

RCA recording session 1959

Courtesy Sony Entertainment Music Archives

Didier Paul Blanqué

3 months ago

I am glad she let her hair grow. She has such beautiful hair.

Johanna Leibauer

3 months ago

Oh Carole! Where would music be without you @Gerry. Boatload of talent

Khurt Roselle Joaquin Decano

3 months ago

I feel the earth move under my feet

Carole King in England in 1973
Photo: David Warner Ellis/Redferns

Lucas Armstrong

3 months ago

your so beautiful carol

Theo Burgers

3 months ago

Regards from chile Carol we loved your long Play tapestry that was our companion in every teen ager get together ... And keeps bringing the best memories and sweet nostalgics loving moments

Morgan Fritz

3 months ago

For those of us unable to attend that wonderful performance, please schedule a repeat performance. Please don’t forget to come to Dallas! We love you too Carole.

Carole King, 1972
Photographer unknown

Adams Budiman

3 months ago

Love you and your work Ms. King are you doing any touring? Would love to have you in Michigan

Andrés Klinchovski

3 months ago

Beauty love love love ❤️

Troi McAllister

3 months ago

Sorry Babe, you can’t go back..

Carole King, 1959
Recording vocals, RCA Studios
Photo courtesy Sony Music Entertainment Archives

Mirjam Braun

3 months ago

Looks like a U47!

Joseph Mubiru Jr

3 months ago

might as well rain until September....

Doug Welbourn

3 months ago

Hmmmm?..I wonder what you were thinking about there!

Photo: Joe Pugliese
2015 Pre-Grammy Gala

Maricatherine Carson

4 months ago

Saw her and James Taylor a few years ago, they were so good!

Ova Cyuse Indri

4 months ago

Love you, Carole!

Allan Mugisha

4 months ago

One who stirs my heart.

Today, and every day, we send our love and gratitude to the fallen, the wounded, the survivors, and their families. #MemorialDay2018

Ronan De Kergan

4 months ago

I got you on FB now

Yanina Isabel

4 months ago

Just as Christmas has become the celebration of all kinds of stuff nobody needs Memorial Day has become the day the pool opens an summer begins. No words can say how much we owe those who served.

Free Concert for Central Park, 1973
45 years ago today! Who was there?

Jackie Vallejo

4 months ago

Wish I was but I was like 14 years old. Would have gone in a heartbeat.

Shawn Simpson

4 months ago

I wasn't, but I'd sure settle to have this on a DVD! Carole, are you listening?! 🙏🏻

Mikala Stokes

4 months ago

I was there!!