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Have a fantastic weekend!

Milagros Del Valle Alvarado

3 days ago

You as well, Carole

Missy Pruitt

3 days ago

Hey.... Have a wonderful weekend Carole......

Kazuhiro Hikichi

3 days ago

You have a great weekend too Carole!

RCA recording session 1959

Courtesy Sony Entertainment Music Archives

Didier Paul Blanqué

4 days ago

I am glad she let her hair grow. She has such beautiful hair.

Johanna Leibauer

4 days ago

Oh Carole! Where would music be without you @Gerry. Boatload of talent

Khurt Roselle Joaquin Decano

4 days ago

I feel the earth move under my feet

Carole King in England in 1973
Photo: David Warner Ellis/Redferns

Lucas Armstrong

9 days ago

your so beautiful carol

Theo Burgers

9 days ago

Regards from chile Carol we loved your long Play tapestry that was our companion in every teen ager get together ... And keeps bringing the best memories and sweet nostalgics loving moments

Morgan Fritz

10 days ago

For those of us unable to attend that wonderful performance, please schedule a repeat performance. Please don’t forget to come to Dallas! We love you too Carole.

Carole King, 1972
Photographer unknown

Adams Budiman

12 days ago

Love you and your work Ms. King are you doing any touring? Would love to have you in Michigan

Andrés Klinchovski

12 days ago

Beauty love love love ❤️

Troi McAllister

12 days ago

Sorry Babe, you can’t go back..

Carole King, 1959
Recording vocals, RCA Studios
Photo courtesy Sony Music Entertainment Archives

Mirjam Braun

15 days ago

Looks like a U47!

Joseph Mubiru Jr

15 days ago

might as well rain until September....

Doug Welbourn

15 days ago

Hmmmm?..I wonder what you were thinking about there!

Photo: Joe Pugliese
2015 Pre-Grammy Gala

Maricatherine Carson

19 days ago

Saw her and James Taylor a few years ago, they were so good!

Ova Cyuse Indri

19 days ago

Love you, Carole!

Allan Mugisha

19 days ago

One who stirs my heart.

Today, and every day, we send our love and gratitude to the fallen, the wounded, the survivors, and their families. #MemorialDay2018

Ronan De Kergan

21 days ago

I got you on FB now

Yanina Isabel

21 days ago

Just as Christmas has become the celebration of all kinds of stuff nobody needs Memorial Day has become the day the pool opens an summer begins. No words can say how much we owe those who served.

Free Concert for Central Park, 1973
45 years ago today! Who was there?

Jackie Vallejo

23 days ago

Wish I was but I was like 14 years old. Would have gone in a heartbeat.

Shawn Simpson

23 days ago

I wasn't, but I'd sure settle to have this on a DVD! Carole, are you listening?! 🙏🏻

Mikala Stokes

23 days ago

I was there!!

with Paul Simon
RCA Studios, 1959
Courtesy Sony Music Archives

Chris Holda

24 days ago

I went to law school with Paul Simon. He dropped out after the first year and the release of Wednesday Morning 3 AM.

Christopher Forbes

25 days ago

wish if we live the years of youth again.....

Regent Cats

25 days ago

Paul Simon is still wearing that shirt.

Photo: Guy Webster

Logan Williford

a month ago

My beautiful Carole. ..jack.

Peggy Brooke

a month ago

I like this profile picture. I always loved her music.

Marko Zli Vučković

a month ago

Love the fact that you take time to interact with your Fans. I have loved you since at first I heard your voice. Blessed day, Peace✌

Photo by Jim McCrary

Andrzej Iżko

a month ago

Awesome Musical!! <3 It!!!

Oni Sakura

a month ago

And you did just that Carole.....thank you.

Katie Torrey

a month ago

Wonderful musical. Carole is the best!

Carole King
Idaho, 1983
Photo Andrew Kent

Pranav Satardekar

a month ago

Carole (the Lion) King

Brenda Reynolds

a month ago

So nice picture

Nguyen Tuan Anh

a month ago

Love this silhouette photo!

Carole and Maya
Stanley, Idaho

© Elissa Kline Photography

Chen Majomot Magsubar

a month ago

♫♫ You've got a friend. ♫♫

Photo: Kirsten Shultz Photography

Lisa Kezenatis

a month ago


Linda Wamsley

a month ago

A lovely picture !!!

Neil C. Luallen

a month ago


Happy Mother's Day!

Genie & Carole at The Housatonic River, Connecticut
Carole King Family Archives

Tony Doyley Jr.

a month ago

Lovely photo of Carole and her mother

Kazi Salfi

a month ago

Which one is Carole?

Liz Rios

a month ago

Happy Mother's day Carole! <3

Photo: Jim McCrary
Courtesy Lou Adler, Ode Records

Tiffany Covarrubias

a month ago

Please come to Hawaii and perform at the Blue Note Hawai`i. I have loved your music since I was in my teens. Your songs resonate. Please come to paradise and bring your songs that only you can do with you. Please

Fernanda Huerta

a month ago

Your up there with elvis

Peggy Eckard

a month ago

Love you, Carole!

RCA Studios, 1959
Courtesy Sony Entertainment Music Archives

Atiba Robinson

a month ago

Beautiful picture of you.

Gia Forgione

a month ago

One of a kind.

Belinda TE

a month ago

Such a baby! So pretty.

Happy Sunday, Facebook people...

Photo: Roy Reynolds

Sivan Tiwari

a month ago

Have a wonderful Sunday Carol

JMiguel BZ

a month ago

Happy Sunday from Texas Ms. King

Robelle Morante Armando

a month ago

Wishing you a great Sunday..

Happy birthday to Adele!
And Happy #CincoDeMayo...

Michel Wilson

a month ago

Happy Birthday Linda Evangelou aka Adele Ha

Ninama Kiju

a month ago

Happy Birthday love you

Slava Kubitski

a month ago

Hppy birthday Adele enjoy yours day or evening

Living Room Tour 2005

© Elissa Kline Photography

Samuel Savard

a month ago

I loved it- felt like I was at a really short concert

Tapestry Live in BST Hyde Park, 2016

Julien Koba

2 months ago

It was wonderful - was there with my adult kids and their partners

Miklós Dukkon

2 months ago

Are you going to do that show in the Midwest someday?

Shannon Fisher

2 months ago

I was there !!! It was AMAZING ! UNFORGETTABLE !

We're a day late...
Happy birthday Willie Nelson!

Michael Leighton

2 months ago

I love this song!

Suruchi Malla

2 months ago

One of my favorite all-time songs. Two of the best singing it

Janet Brasher

2 months ago

I'm at a bar in treasure Island called Willies right now..

Malibu, 1983
Photo: Jim Shea

Kidist Birru

2 months ago

Just love pics !!!!!!!!

“Shot with long lens & intentional guesswork”
📷 Jim McCrary

Akanksha Singh

2 months ago

The Laurel Canyon shot reminds me of Writer from way back when....

Trine Mikkelsen

2 months ago

I got an email just recently and I need to know if it was real or not. Concerned me that it could be a scam

Favi Perez

2 months ago

Very quirky. Love the pic.

Linda Dodds

2 months ago

Love her music great memories!

Arsenio De Lisa

2 months ago

I love you too Gloria Estefan. I’m happy you have Cuba back

Gri Borda

2 months ago

Is so true very nice

Bayowa Kemi Grace

2 months ago

Both outstanding musicians!

Nancy Cabrera

2 months ago

Then she was a lucky lady.

Gabriala Di Bella

2 months ago

Is it coming back to Pittsburgh?

"Way Over Yonder" - Carole King

Milo Baier

2 months ago

Have this on my list for songs to be played at my funeral but not for a long time yet. Just love it so much

Vishal Yuvan

2 months ago

Love this one :-)


2 months ago

My favorite song from the Tapestry. Actually... my favorite song ever❣

Have a beautiful weekend.

Carole King, opening night

Photo: Elissa Kline Photography

Jaden Diamond

2 months ago

Desde mi infancia llevo en mi interior las canciones de Carole King, canciones maravillosas llenas de humanismo de poesia. Un gran abrazo a mi cantante favorita.

Victoria Ann Allen-Richards

2 months ago

Such a beautiful spirit shining through her face. v

Traci Allen

2 months ago

What a great lady, and one with a talent that has been a gift to the entire world.

Laurel Canyon, 1970
© Guy Webster

Rodney Larson

2 months ago

Love, love, love your freckles.

Iris Violeta

2 months ago

_Can't help but wonder, what is she thinking at this particular moment?

Waldeni Hossein Di Piero

2 months ago

That was the place to be in those days ! It's still as pretty !

Photo: Joyce Tenneson

"Love Makes The World"2001

Joey Blue

2 months ago

Aging gracefully. Music ageless.

Candee Perez

2 months ago

<3 hearin from u,louise always makes me smile

Bill Willis

2 months ago

Love is only fun if its a 2 way street...

Happy Monday.

Photo: Jim McCrary
Courtesy Lou Adler, Ode Records

παναγιωτης παπαδοπουλος

2 months ago

Happy Monday to you Carol.

Iris Jimenez

2 months ago

i would sing it to my young neighbor....and all you had to do is call......and i'll be there.....😊

Kristie Ryder

2 months ago

Not long after my mother had died I woke in the night.
I had been dreaming of her and I could feel her arms around me and these words were playing in my head.

Photo: Kirsten Shultz

Tyrone Alexander Calliste

2 months ago

One more question. Carol Kaye . A very accomplished studio musician. Will you share your thoughts on her and others like her and the contributions to music?

Paula Creamer

2 months ago

What an amazing lady!! 🌹🌹

Josieli Rodrigues

2 months ago

Carole ! When will you come and visit
Chile ?

Happy birthday dear Danny!
-xo C.

Danielle Vargas

2 months ago

PLEEZ come here 2 CT,,,Old Saybrook,CT,,The Kate theater,,u will love it there!!!I can even get the number 4 u,,,xoxoxox

Hiroshi Matsubara

2 months ago

You’ve Got a Friend.
I spend mi best years listening ti yoar songs. Mythic Carole.

Anzar Alam

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Kootch 😀

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. I just donated in recognition of individuals, families, and caregivers living with autism. #lightitupblue #WorldAutismAwarenessDay

Today is World Autism Awareness Day.
I just donated in recognition of individuals, families, and caregivers living with autism.
#lightitupblue #WorldAutismAwarenessDay

Debbie Robertson Ward

3 months ago

Talent, enthusiasm -she’s got it all goin’ on! Gorgeous!! Gorgeous!! Can’t get enough of Carole!

Indra Muhamad

3 months ago

What a wonderful woman

Cheryl Anne Colabres

3 months ago

One of my very favorite performers of all time... so generous with her time, talent and resources....

Happy Easter. Happy Passover.
Whatever you celebrate, have a wonderful weekend.

Yasmiin Toranzoo

3 months ago

To you and yours, too!

Tiago Ivo

3 months ago

Right back at you.

Carolyn Allred

3 months ago

Same to you!

Happy birthday Eric Clapton!

Ellen Muncaster

3 months ago

Thank you for the wonderful music you've shared over the years!

Félix Henrique

3 months ago

Happy Birthday my freind🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

Selina Ann

3 months ago

Happy birthday to Eric Clapton....I got my 62 yo hearing you doing great music!

#throwbackthursday Who remembers these shirts? Photo courtesy Carole King Family Archives

Who remembers these shirts?
Early 70's
Photo courtesy Carole King Family Archives

David Madsen

3 months ago

A brown yellow and orange striped one!!

Nathan Illiidge

3 months ago

Missoni Fashion, original vintage is worth alot today... should have kept them!

Trashon Jackson

3 months ago

Love the 70’s styles...thus my flip flops

Tapestry photo shoot
Photo: Jim McCrary

Mirco Sorrentino

3 months ago

Carole, did you actually physically create a tapestry as well as living a life that's like a tapestry?

Lauren McMann

3 months ago

My all time favorite album. Plus there's a cat in the cover.

Rachel Johannsen Buchanan

3 months ago

Bjs pra vc :)

#peace & #love ✌🏼♥️ 📷 Jim Shea

Really touching song and video from my friend @jessemccartney. Watch,listen and share with someone special who makes your life better. #betterwithyou #jessemccartney

Happy birthday Aretha!@arethasings
Happy birthday, Elton John!

Dohoon Kim

3 months ago

Happy birthday to Elton and Aretha🎊

Ive seen him many times in concert...always a great this man and his music!

Douglas Whelan

3 months ago

Happy Birthday Elton.

Happy birthday, Aretha Franklin!

Marvin Sandhu

3 months ago

Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin.

Latoya Wilschut

3 months ago

Happy Birthday to you, Aretha Franklin!!

Valeria Morales

3 months ago

Absolutely fantastic but the Tapestry version takes some beating

Sharing a message to my daughter Louise Goffin on her birthday: I just heard an advance of your new album “All These Hellos.” Wearing my professional hat: really good work, especially “Let Me In Again.” 👍🏻👍🏻 Wearing my mom hat: Happy birthday dear Louise.

Sharing a message to my daughter Louise Goffin on her birthday:
I just heard an advance of your new album “All These Hellos.”

Wearing my professional hat: really good work, especially “Let Me In Again.” 👍🏻👍🏻

Wearing my mom hat: Happy birthday dear Louise.

Photo: Robin Danar-real

Quinn Luehring

3 months ago

Happy Birthday Enjoy your special day 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

Ericka Martínez

3 months ago

Very Nice!! Happy Birthday!! 🎈🎈🎉🎂🎈🎉🎂🎈 🙏😀👍

Tony Johnson

3 months ago

Much love 💕 to you both!! Happy birthday, Louise!!

#ThrowbackThursday Carole King, Burgdorf, Idaho 1978 Photo: @AnnieLeibovitz For more photos "Through the eyes of" great photographers:

Richard Dang

3 months ago

Those boots were made for .......... Ah ha. ( regards from chile )

Jamila Lynch

3 months ago

I dig it. (:

Kelli Troiani

3 months ago

Unsinkable Carole King! Trudy 😊

#tbt Recording "A Holiday Carole", 2011 At The Village Studios with @LouiseGoffin

Recording "A Holiday Carole", 2011

Kathy Verdugo

3 months ago

Carole, hope all is well with you

Martin Lintott

3 months ago

My favorite Christmas CD <3

Sojib Ahmed

3 months ago

Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore