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A big photo shoot is about to drop. Here's a tatste.

Philip Dzeremo

8 hours ago

great,,this is freakin hot....I always love to see you in the nude....wish you had the courage to show it all your beauty to the beautiful you are inside and then out

Zul Fadzli Corn

a day ago

Think you meant, a big *photoshop*

Patrick Baustier

a day ago

Tak yes pewno lepiej mi nakręcanie wychodziło film aktów sex niż żona Paris Hilton Sinzinger z wyglupienia się jej zarobiła nie jedna czapkę cash ciekawe czy za te słowa mnie sobie uszczelniła zbrodni palnej że ile byś my zarobili podobno prawda to czy falach że 50 milionów euro na farbę będzie bo 5 przyszła żona Paris Hilton Sinzinger kosztuje więc niech pisze a tego filmu będzie płacić za pracę wymaluje sobie oczy pewno chodzi jej żebym wziął się za malowanie Hilton hotels muszę jakoś odrobić jej prezenty pierścionek na ślub będzie trzeba mega farby tak przepraszam mam sie meldować do biura jasne będę ją tyle na kręceniu jakiś tam dziewczyn nie zarobiłem a też miały skóra i kości ale i tak jest jedyną która się odważyła mi głowę odszelic bo by było jak bym dostał refleks się mialo teraz jak już wiem po roku w aucie na ulicy w Wiedeń wien spędzonych gdzie ten strzelec jest a niech żyje jeszcze ciekawe jaka zrobi minę naj mu na szybie grafitti zrobię niech żyje w strachu przecież ja morderca nie jestem to że siedziałem w więzieniu z mordercaminie znaczy że muszę mu maczeta głowę odciąć prawda pewnie że jestem grzeczny po co do tego biura uczęszczam żeby nauka nie poszła w las żartuje niech idzie w las

Slaying it at fashion week

Gisela Hillemeyer

8 days ago


Lucian Dinu

8 days ago

Pani reżyser carmen electra znów muszę dać że malowania robię później napiszę tak ładnie wyglądasz dziękuję że mogę na ty miłego wszystkiego


9 days ago

This color is giving a dimension to your beauty!

New York Fashion Week, I'm here! #nyfs

Vinícius Silva

10 days ago

Fashion Week...could'n start without you !!!

Jamie S Moore

10 days ago

there is a reason why you are still in my top 5 hottest and this pic just proves it...

MaryAnn Thresher

11 days ago

Wow wow wow! Large glasses sign of high class now all you need is the big floppy rimmed hat with a ribbon around it then hit the Belmont stakes horse races and place your bets.

Shirley Sheppard

12 days ago

A wonderful actor whose acting I realized durin his latter years.. RIP Burt.. Ur moustchaed face is incomparable to any South Indian actor.. U should have them all clowns 😁😁

Donnavan Pierre

13 days ago

Mr. Burt Reynolds was such a great entertainer and always loved his work. As thre Bandit you been Eastbound, Westbound and finally Northbound and down RIP you will be sadly and forever missed.

Joanne Garry Beattie

13 days ago

I always enjoyed Cannonball Run! Him, Dom, even Jackie! Fun car movie series!
*sniff sniff*
Someone should do a proper sequel! Latest muscle, tuner and Supercars + Jay Leno, Rowan Atkinson and other car enthusiast celebrities in a race! That would be cool!

Happy National Dogs Day, from Carmen and Roxy.

Bob Montgomery

22 days ago

I have... J'ai... Ho UN.....


nel cimitièro di Cisterna Di latina... !

Dal 1996 ed io dormo per strada...
1)Stazione di Cisterna...
2)...di Latina scalo....
3)à Roma Termini..............

..E ADESSO...à Parigi......sempre ....-per strada-
...da quando ... che ho divorziato...! S.T.R.A.N.A.M.E.N.T.E !

NB :per la persona che me l'ha fatta questa fattura...:


Epp Kudak

23 days ago

Aww cute as you love ya puppy's like me sweety I sleep with 3 on my bed there my kids they love there dad my little American staffy licks me silly every day bless her beautiful heart enjoy you week sexy 1 xxx

Craig Evans

23 days ago

Maybe one day when I get my own dog again. Y'all look great together!

Tabitha Smith

a month ago

Dam carmen fuggettaboutit.smokin hot babe.u are..🖤💗🖤♠️♠️♠️👁👁🤟💯

Lindsay Schlau

a month ago

never thought I'd be jealous over a pole 😎

Mrchorma Bah

a month ago

You remember spring break back in 95!!! Nice tan 😉

Splish Splash I am taking a bath!

Missy Griggs McKenna

a month ago

So many creepy old men making creepy comments...
Show some respect, learn how to talk/treat a woman and you might actually meet a real woman that likes you some day!!!

Pily Valdovinos

a month ago

Now you can say you look amazing in your natural way !! you look better without too much makeup and photoshop ! :)

Kari Hekr-Cottom

a month ago

Apparently Carmen Electra appeared during an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway this week. If people missed it then you can see it for free on the website.

Philippon Sarl

a month ago

Lamborghini- Diablo ..or ..Ferrari- my choices..they should come out with a car ...and name it the ... Carmen Electra. ...I'd definitely drive it- with the top down of course. ....lmgdfao!

Dushy Navarajasegaran

a month ago

But it sure can help. Notice there is not a back seat in the pictured car....🤔

Katlyn Stewart

a month ago

Lonely,confused hugging the briefcase?.. Lol. $ can't buy life,only protection from STDs

Rope suspension swing fest! Woo hoo

Pia Etzel

a month ago

yeah im pretty sure i could set a world tongue record on that...

Rebecca Herrington Jolly

a month ago

Wow, somebody's been doing their squats and lunges! Always killing it in those fishnets! Thank you for making my heart jump Carmen!🤩

Kristy Rae RomeroCummings

a month ago

Yummy we love female booty 👄 my mom is proud 100 % Strait Boy BEAUTY 👄

Overdressed for a Sunday? Lucky for them I'm not going to church like this.

Baylee D'Amico

a month ago

Jak teraz z żona Paris Hilton sinzinger przyszła a ten kat drażni mnie ta landryna twarda hrrrr bo ona znów w filmie jumper myślisz właśnej żona Paris Hilton sinzinger nie mogę przemyśleć ona 811701 ona811702
Sex numer
81 hihi

Tracey McCulloch

a month ago

What difference the day make???? You should dress how you feel any day of the week (weekend) Do you

Gary King

a month ago

One word comes to my mind,,,AMAZING!!

Can you spot the sexiness?

Lee A Ludwig

2 months ago

I spy with my little eye ,
Something i want ,
Like a fat kid wants pie

De'Andria Off'That Hall

2 months ago

the sexiest thing in the pic is your reflection.

Justin Larison

2 months ago

I'm trying but where do I look?

Love this dress, jewelry, and makeup combo

Richard Brown

2 months ago

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Artie Falksen

2 months ago

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Linda JO

2 months ago

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One of my sexier shoots for sure.

Albert Perez

2 months ago

Hey carmen there is a fake profileout there with your pic and everything. In my inbox and im sure other people im sure. Askung for money for one of your charity's. So i started asking questions. Im sure you can google the answer. But i feltit was fake. Then she hit me up for money. So i jump all over the person. Because i knew yoy wouldnt do that. So just wanted to let you know. Hope all us well.

Detlef Ruttmann

2 months ago

Thanks again for putting a smile on my face.

Redel Ramos

2 months ago

Thank You Carmen for keeping your blistering 'HOT' body in shape. It takes commitment to be this beautiful, and you've commited for damn sure.💘

Felt like being sexy

Dipu Sunar

2 months ago

I just want to marry you, we get away together forever!

Mary Helen Binns

2 months ago

All things I will do for you to you babe! I love you

Yiannis Eliopoulos

2 months ago

Carmen Electra💞😘 you are sexy and much more seeing such beauty in a woman's gorgeous beautiful eyes and smile is the most perfectly gift in a heart of a woman being the most lovely gorgeous beautiful sexy woman that shows the precious and special woman she is Jesus your beautiful Carmen

I'm such a sucker for beautiful stories like this.

Andrew J Talcott

2 months ago

The story that was shown on this Carmen Electra page can be found on the james hoft YouTube channel. Walter Carr definitely earned that vehicle. When he walked 20 miles on his first day of work, it showed his dedication to his occupation. It was an uplifting and moving story.

Bolat Bekmaganbetov

2 months ago

Carmen I understand.

Rhon Antonio

2 months ago

Life can be also good.

My Roxy and my Daisy who passed away last year.
My Monday mood. Abstract.

Raven Forsythe

2 months ago


Annmarie Camp

2 months ago

sorry to hear that i am animal lover too have always had animals.

Canşer Süleyman Nasso

2 months ago

Sorry you lost your best friends it's not easy it just gets a little easier to handle with time,the pain will always be there.

Stop staring at my G.D. Tattoo!

Aleksandra Borkowska

2 months ago

Good Morning Girl..!!!
And a Happy Saturday to the Young One....!!!!

Jamie Kuhns Litvinoff

2 months ago

It is remarkable that you look better and younger than you did in the 90’s. It’s complete insanity given the fact you were already spectacular! Well done!

Dee Medrano

2 months ago

I think the most'll look at your boobies 🙈😅

#Alonetogether is Season 2 is packed with stars including me and Fran Drescher. Catch me August 1 at 8:00PM on Freeform

Claudia Claudia

2 months ago

Fran has let herself go... Looking like a man...

Is he your boyfriend? You look so beautiful. Let me say I am very happy for you.

Kartik Singh

2 months ago

U really turn me on at times, carmen. Turn on my tv set!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

This is one of the pieces I designed for lounge wear my collection.

Kathleen Etzold

2 months ago

Love the the color. If it's soft and believe you would have it be; it perfect in times of war and peace. :)

Peter Angelonides

2 months ago

This photo was also posted on that Carmen Electra Instagram page. She looks fantastic as always.

Christine Henry

2 months ago

Okay show everything you have on NOW lol

Hendricks Sean Elumabi

3 months ago

OMG Do the girls defy gravity?

Leo Martinez

3 months ago

Good Morning to the Youthful One in Los Angeles...!! Have a Great Thursday, Carmen...!!!

Rebecca Turner

3 months ago

Thats a whole lot a side boob!
Yay for us!!!! 🤠

A cute tbt pic.

Andrea Arena

3 months ago

Sunday brunch at the Montage with me??

Eliseo Zavala

3 months ago

No Comparison... KK shouldn't even occupy the same space

Eliseo Zavala

3 months ago

Carman what the hell you are just stunning yes OMG !

I hate to sound egotistical. But I'm aging gracefully, and its hard work in the kitchen and gym!

Britnee Lloyd

3 months ago

That doesn't sound right to me. It can't b right. U havent changed at all from the smart, sexy girl u always were since u started ur acting career

Sheila Buckner

3 months ago

Yes,I would hurt someone to get a date with you still!

Elaine Sullivan Vique

3 months ago

Your aging gracefully AND airbrushing your pic bigtime to look better. I can even look good by airbrushing my pic.

Jasmine Imani

3 months ago

I still have the autographed picture of yourself you left me on the window seal the next morning honey!

Courtney Drake

3 months ago

The kiss

Astonished was my mouth, when you gave him that kiss,

Well, nothing hinted, that arrived in high flight.

It was all of a sudden ... and when it came down on my lips

I swear, life of my soul, your kiss was sealed

In all my feeling

Sarthak Kumar

3 months ago

Wow I don't think you regret it one bit. If anything Hugh needs to be around. He is well missed RIP.

Gotta love Cali beaches!

Bigyan Mangden Limbu

3 months ago

you are an amazing women, stunningly beautiful, when you were younger you were stunning or beautiful but now you are both stunningly beautiful,wow, have a good day Carmen.

Roman Anthony Galafate

3 months ago

And the women who model there

Andrea Zajkowski

3 months ago

So stunning you are Georgous for sure in your picture perfect pose read one of the post so disrespectful to you sorry people believe you should have to hang out with rhem hope all is well and may God bless you Carmen Electra

This was last night's bedtime kiss for you.

Eliftherious Tim

3 months ago

Next time I would like my bedtime kiss right after u turn off the lights....😔 Not while the lights are on.

Bailey Jordan

3 months ago

WoW so pretty geeeezzzz 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹~👌~Good Morning Carmen xxx0000

Yesha Beeharry

3 months ago

Happy hump day you look absolutely amazing Carmen to like you is to love you thank you for your bed time kiss 😎

Here's a Monday morning throwback.

Adrian Marcelino

3 months ago

beautiful but you dont have to throw throwbacks at us you are now just as beautiful

Brandie Nichols

3 months ago



SWEET LADY. ♥. :-*

Cheryl Halay

3 months ago

It's Tuesday on the best half of the world lol

Donald Lawson

4 months ago

Aminul Islam noakhali oi lokh ta high jacker chilo !!!

Abish Pastrian

4 months ago

If you get caught jerking Odonell a plane the other passengers are going to have one hell of a story !

If your the pilot, then every body will die 😔

Sebastian Cervantes

4 months ago

Or maybe just a cool jerk!

Baywatch Hawaii flashback

Moises Condori Titirico

4 months ago

This picture gives me the urge to sniff your foot Carmen

Christian Hidalgo

4 months ago

I watched you when I was a kid in school all the time.❤

Shane Rakentine

4 months ago

Miss Carmen you look very beautiful and very cute and very beautiful.GOD BLESS YOU.

Who's THAT little Diva in the making!?

Edward R Rivers

4 months ago

Everyday should be jaw dropping Wonder Years selfie day🙏😍

Armando Ballesteros

4 months ago

Wowzaroony ! You were a young chickadee here.

Dottie Ditzel Righter

4 months ago

You were very pretty when u were a young girl and just got more beautiful as time goes on.

Aihtnyleb Ross

4 months ago

Good Morning, Carmen...!!!
How Young do You FEEL 2Day...??

Bobby Gibson

4 months ago

Now that was a sinister smile but still a smile unlike your beautiful smile with is so stunning Carmen Electra

Annie Collin

4 months ago

Sweet dreams miss electra..when you going to sleep...

Love my early beach walks. Gets my blood flowing and my lungs going.

Louise Jensen

4 months ago

Hey Carmen ! --- If you're ever in Byron Bay or Coolangatta 'Australia' , give us a yell and I'll take you out for lunch --- somewhere simple ! --- signed a genuine 63 yr. old Local 👍

Ahmed Haytham

4 months ago

U need a walking partner Carmen ure a very cute lady miss Electra

Alexia Castañeda

4 months ago

I enjoy riding horses on the beach, I used to go to Cabo all the time and this guy there Jorge had the beat Mexican quarterhorses! So fun!!🌴

Sara Womble

4 months ago

Carmen yours is a timeless beauty that only the recently departed could miss. Would love to see you back on the big screen, but in a role that pushes your acting chops a bit more, maybe a historical piece, love and respect from another fan. Kris King

Dorothea Krancevic Chitur

4 months ago

Wow how cab any one be so incredible beautiful they broke the mold and cane out with perfection which is Carmen ELECTRA

Fiore Nikté Mendoza

4 months ago

Oh yes sugar I love this photo this is the one I will sketch of you Carmen !

"The eyes chico, they never lie" What movie!?

Trisha Gwinn

4 months ago

In love with how amazing you look heck always been stunning and gorgeous but just something... Wowsers you are a sexy woman

Gaia Cassani

4 months ago

Your looking good,need babies to make them breast full and plump like they used look great Tara..

Amy Crow

4 months ago

Ellie B Comperatore remember when we used to pretend to be presenters at the American billboard awards at nanas house in the Mirror lol I would always be her.. lol I think u were Britney

Can't resist a cool background for a quick pose!

Faith Maguire Watson

4 months ago

hey carmen electra ur fan g gerald love ur acting also with sofia vegara salma hayek jennefer aniston cameron diaz halley berry but iam writing u theres more that i like ass a fan hi hope u write back lol hahahaha love ur movies really have a sweet nite ur fan g gerald kool

Jo Anne Buchanan

4 months ago

What background all I see is a Gorgeous lady Miss Carmen Electra

Joshua Kyewalabye

4 months ago

I really love you and I'm from Russia a former special forces officer and a 2-time Russian mixed-combat champion and martial artist, but now I'm just a lawyer and a Deputy.

Michael Nutt Jr.

4 months ago

Take care of you, first and always, Carmen. And if I should be one of the chosen to stay, I thank you and may all of your life choices be brave and beautiful.
And if I should be one to go, the exact same feeling holds true.
My love to a very bright and beautiful dream girl.
And you will forever be in my heart and dreams.

Cindy Reyes

4 months ago

The text color combination made me think it was an Indian patriotic message at first :/

Kya Draper

4 months ago

Carmen Electra is providing the masses with a creative way to say goodbye. She's known for these classic quotes.

Guest starring on a TV Show. Back in action!

Hana Bártová

4 months ago

There it is,, Stunning Carmen,, you've got the LooK and it ain't never gonna go away,, , Congratulations on all your HarD Work,, ~~~🌿🌹🌿

Jack Champlain Hendrix

4 months ago

Carmen Electra isn't going to tell her fans what the show is yet. I suppose it's better to keep it a mystery since such an action adds a layer of intrigue and keeps people guessing.

Otter Kohl

4 months ago

Congratulations Carmen, finally back on the tube, can't wait!!!!

Silvia Ruiz

4 months ago

Body shaming is a no no in my book Sorry lady.

Yến Nhii

4 months ago

I don't know what's causing this to happen should we just push them back into the water lol

Katie Mayes

4 months ago

You put on some weight Carmen?

These legs are on fire! I'VE FALLEN AND I CANT GET UP!

Mfundo F Walker New

4 months ago

Carmen do you want to massage you legs i will start with your feet then slowly work my way up till i hit your volcano because heat rises the higher you go the hotter it gets i have healing hands you would have an eruption or blow you top

Roberta Pinsaglia

4 months ago

YO! Are you watching Cheech and CHong? Fn awesome (y)

Jhonny Beavis Sparkes

4 months ago

Oh Gawd how I wish I was kicking back and just watching t.v. with you!!! YOU are THEEE most Beautiful girl that was EVER created!!!

How many of these people do we unfortunately know!? 🤣

Jezer Rodado

4 months ago

You're beautiful from the inside as well.

Randy Turner

4 months ago

My answer to this Carmen Electra question would mostly revolve around the people who claim that they know when the world will end. I have yet to see anyone accomplish such a feat and even if someone did predict the end of the world, nobody would be around to hear said person brag about it.

Ryan Beckford

4 months ago

Someone will say I know it’s true...I saw it on the internet! Don’t worry I’m not trying to fool everyone. It only takes one, and I’m dead. May you’re blades be sharp, and you’re bullets fly true...happy hunting to all of you!

Jessica Lynn

4 months ago

WOW. This couldn't be more perfect for me right now.

Rose Oko

4 months ago

Whom do you mean?

Walter Schwyzer

4 months ago

Ok thank you...I was wondering.

I'm a little mermaid!

Hugo Ramos

4 months ago

You can be anything you want to be, Gorgeous.

Caro Garzón

4 months ago

Carmen Electra went for the Dennis Rodman mermaid look with the nose ring. I'm just joking with this comment. She's always been a beautiful woman even if the clip-on nose ring isn't my thing.

Fernando Daniel Lopez Flores

4 months ago

Are you the beautiful mermaid that fell in love with me.

This is in my top 5 favs.

Francine Godley

4 months ago

Lol this is what I was thinking about when I bought my canon

Kim Helsel Hetz

4 months ago

Hááá que menina bonita ^-^ ♡ ela tem lindos busters americanos que amor ♡ ^-^ ♡

Theresa Lemon

4 months ago

I love you so much my love my sweetheart xenia you are the movie beauty where that place I wish to be the beauty film festivity. You can capture the photo in the background.

Beach weather baby!! A new digital calendar is coming too!

Joshua Looyo

4 months ago

Carmen, ure looking so gorgeous n sexy in ure bikini such a beauty queen u are love her n the nice view of the ocean

Jun Gray Eggsy Horter

4 months ago




Marquis Mignon

4 months ago

Would love to kiss & lick every inch !💓🌹

I actually shock everyone when I play pool. First impression is that I'm gonna be bad, then second thought is, I'm a hustler. The reality is, I SUCK! Always go with your first instinct! 😆

Issack Choma

4 months ago

I don't think I could play you I think staring at you from across the table I will lose my concentration lol

Diane Eilers

4 months ago

I think you just like it when guys put their arms around you to show you how to shoot! Nothing wrong with that Carmen "I WOULD LIKE TO DO IT" HA! HA!

Hugh Patrick Daverin

4 months ago

I am the king of plays. I live in Sweden. I live in Stockholm. I play pool with Nicklas Olsson and Per Wiberg. Both of them can be taken for hustlers. I like eight ball.

Jeez! Can't YOUR PROBLEMS wait til I'm up!?

Jeannie Cawley

4 months ago

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Hey Carmen. I received an invite from this person. I don't know how to screen shot the image to you. But the guy is using your image. That is how he is spelling it to get past people. I can't stand phony people. Just wanted you to know. Have a good day.
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Clutch Cousin

4 months ago

Aaaaahhh being 40 years old, we love babies too. But are still a free work was the reason.

Martin Vatter

4 months ago

So like the song cry like a baby interesting but you are a babe for sure dan good looking and so smart Carmen Electra

Brooke Lemke

4 months ago

Dear Carmen can we please have a world on love and compassion i think everyone would agree they would rather have a good time,,but for cool things natural comotion will happen but then practice on behaving again,, the past scares me and some futures look very frightening too sustain and maintain is a good thing

Zeeshan Islam

5 months ago

It is ugly...isn't ?

Chiara Carpentieri

5 months ago

I especially and truly love you Carmen Electra.

Every time I'm with this man, another film or TV show is coming. #actingcoach I'm back in it!

Imi Vajda

5 months ago

So why'd you share it? Now more people can't because of it. Lol.

Anthony J Magee

5 months ago

If that was minimouse it would be you without a wig.He,He just grappling hun.C-MAN

Vishal Marshall

5 months ago

Your surprised?

Why is it that women who have ALWAYS BEEN INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS think that this is what all men represent? AMAZING !

Yeah I said that with a straight face.

Someone left half their lunch on the table. Must have gotten distracted!

César Yurivilca

5 months ago

Alessandro Oliva vatti a confessare insieme a lei...Un'altra peccatrice. Andate a fare insieme le genuflessioni.e poi iscrivetevi al catechismo

Colleen Wessman

5 months ago

No lettuce on that bun Rob? Xx

Heather Johns

5 months ago

Oh no. Finish lunch. Then turn around for dessert. Wonderful pic. :)

Jarred Runk

5 months ago

I hope iT was warm 😂

Brandon Vs Blais

5 months ago

Wow how inlighting such a great since on humor man o mighty you are Georgous Carmen Electra

Liz Allan

5 months ago

So painful to watch! E.T. is more intune with his emotions...

OMG! I thought I was such a badass!

Denise Leslie

5 months ago

And your still as sexy as than! My all time crush!!!

Cheryl Sweeney

5 months ago

You'll always have dat lovely Badass!! GF! <3 Shake it baby you won't break it! :)

Cacá Ayres

5 months ago

Now that's what I'm talking bout you were and still a badass definitely a Hall Of Fame Chick all the right ingredients