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Reminiscing this morning. As usual. Proud of my continuing journey

Nicolas Kudla

5 hours ago

Wow oh my God baby you very nice beautiful baby

Susan Anderson

5 hours ago

Happy birthday hope your journey went well x

Beth Perrine

5 hours ago

journey to my house Carmen, 🎂🎂💪😀😇 it's my birthday

Once again! Shopping so I could look cute at #Coachella. I know it sounds shallow, but some celebs can dress like they're homeless and make it look good and get away with it. I dont have that luxury 😫

Kristen Lee

12 hours ago

Yeah whatever Carmen you could walk into any party covered in mud shrimp in your hair and seaweed draping from your entire body and still look absolutely amazing might need to get a little cleaned up but yet still look amazing😍😍😍😍

Roel Lopez

21 hours ago

Hope to see you @Coachella.. you could wear a potato sack and still be cute! :)

Kristy Colville

21 hours ago

Carmen Electra you very beautiful and gorgeous and stunning and breathtaking either dressed up or down . Very fashionable 👍😊👏🌹❤️️🔥💜

Jonas Gustafsson

a day ago

Take what comes your way, hold your head high, because you're way above everyone else....the scars are a tribute to your inner strength..

Gladys Aguilar Ch

2 days ago

Hey Carmen thanks for sharing this post Cheers!!

Nøra Sedrakyan

2 days ago

A lot of my scars just tell me I was an idiot when I was younger. I don't know if that was life trying to defeat me. Or me trying to defeat life?

This is my transformation Tuesday pic. I squatted like a running back for months for this shoot.

Jane Fischer Bettendorf

a day ago

OMG!!!There just aren't enough quality tight ends in the needs to be reminded of🙃😮 commitment to excellence.Draft day brought me here!Bravo!🤗😍 .

Lais Castro

2 days ago

You're even more beautiful now than you were the very first time I saw you in the video for "Get On Up", when my jaw then dropped, and I was going..."who the HELL is THAT??!!".

Robbie McNail

2 days ago

That’s Amazingly Electric!!!

Funny how people perceive me as a beautiful model but dont know that I'd fight a UFC guy in the octagon if I had to!

Patricia Quiroz

3 days ago

I would certainly believe that for sure, you are a lady that I would not take lightly if it came to a physical altercation, I think that you are definitely a lady not to be taken lightly. :) ;) 👍😎😜😬💪👊🤼‍♂️ <3

Tomáš Klinka

3 days ago

You could kill a pack of lions with a single glance, why would a UFC fighter want to get into an octagon with you? LOL.

Grace Dorothy Barber

3 days ago

So basically not only is she hot as hell she can kick your booty and steal your blade to eat steaks with. #jk #orami

Even on the road, I get up, stretch and exercise. As long as quarters still bounce off my butt, I'm happy!

Kevin Badger

4 days ago

Yes,it looks like they still will!

Ken Hicks

5 days ago

I would like to meet you Carmen. My medical condition some times keeps me in my apartment. Your truly beautiful. I hope you come to Massachusetts

Fabio Dall'Acqua

5 days ago

Ok trying to picture the quarter bouncing off the buttocks. I have a roll of quarters. Hey I have to prove what you just said. Numerous times should prove it. NYC gent sarcastic and that’s all.


Cathy A Wright

5 days ago

Love to actually meet you one of these days!

Kriszti Horváth

5 days ago

Carmen Thank you for for reconizing one your fans!!!!

Humayun Badsha Nawab

5 days ago

I am always happy to see your beautiful face, Carmen!!!

A typical morning selfie. No makeup no excuses. I'm still in love with ME! #loveyourself

Brian Hollifield

6 days ago

You always have very good taste in make up but, this pic proves you are gorgeous without it!😍

Dakarir Stewart

6 days ago

So beautiful Carmen! Shows your real beauty....

Chan Mia

6 days ago

A face I could wake up to everyday. Have a Blessed day.

Who would you call if you were in the phone booth with me? I'm meant after 911!😜

Brian Walker

7 days ago

I would call your cell phone so we could get some dinner and drinks.
We will need to refuel for more!!;)

Norma Acosta Villarreal

7 days ago

yes, happy Friday, get on my mind racy Carmen, gosh, I be speechless to call, to ever be so close to your stunning smooth form, have to call slippery lotion control 😍😜Best


7 days ago

Myself. Just to leave a voicemail to remember that moment. Lol.
#friends #chandlertrappedwithpornstar

Found another TBT pic. Total dancer's legs. I could squat a Smart Car! 💪
Talk about TBT. I think I have was 16 here! I thought I was such a badass!

Karlos Antl

9 days ago

Let's be honest. You still think you're a badass. 😉

Lauren Alford

9 days ago

Remember the handsome guy built body in the blue corvette

Paul McGowan

9 days ago

Sweet blast from the past so are you a bad ass now. Intoxicating beauty Carmen Electra

Happy #nationalpetday In loving memory of Daisy & Roxy ! #rip #daisy 💕😇

Warrior of light 🙏🏼 crown of smoke 🙏🏼

Congrats @jasminebatista for bringing adorable lil baby Easton into this world !!!! Yay I’m Auntie 💙💙💙

Simple, but one of my favs. There's something iconic looking about it.

Amy Garcia

9 days ago

Carmen Electra you are the most lovely and beautiful woman there is with such gorgeous eyes and beautiful smile is seeing the beauty of a heart of a woman like you which i admire and respect very much

Ivette Guerrero

9 days ago

On the third day in every month a society comes down to earth from the violet planet. The leader is Bunk Hubba. They work with the chemistry of earth. They make photos of earth. One of them is the devil. Your photo is very good. I am the king of plays. TKOP.

David Garcia

9 days ago

Goddamit I thought it was you Juulia 😂

Always go prepared, be a better listener than talker, and bring that freaken A Game! 💪💪

Mphuthing Lepota JP

10 days ago

Speaking of business women... I have a simple question. Do you or have you ever owned a Jeep Wrangler? I am looking to start up a business for a product I have dreamt up that directly relates to Wranglers. You throughout my youth to current have always been a crowd favorite to me. I ask this question because if I go full force with this idea I would need a spokesperson and you are the first that comes to mind. I know it’s a far stretch but sometime you have to go out on a thin limb to make it to the top. 😉

Steve Brogan

10 days ago

Ure a very Gorgeous woman Carmen have a wonderful day

Pat Taylor

10 days ago

You should petition for a role in the Fast And Furious franchise.It would be a great kickstart for you.I've been thinking about that for a while now.Definitely give it a thought.

This is my Monday morning climbing out of bed look. I hope I don't underwhelm you, but hey, this is me! #riseandgrind

Charlotte Bailon

12 days ago

lookin amazing miss electra

Edu Gonzalez

12 days ago

Still a beauty 💕💕💕💕

Karen Etter

12 days ago

Good morning have a beautiful day

Getting my clothes together for #Coachella and always gotta Google my damn self to make sure I don't wear something similar to other years. The press has ALWAYS been good to me, but some others, not so much. The Fashion Police ain't pullin THIS CHICK over!

Mohd Dino Dino

12 days ago

It shouldn't matter what you wear as long you like and feel good about yourself then it's all good 😊😉 besides you could wear a trash bag and look good lol don't but I'm just saying you're definitely blessed 💖😘🙏😎

Jaime Gomez

12 days ago

It doesn't matter what you wear, you always look amazing & you also have inner beauty and it shows & if the fashion police don't like that, then screw them

Marvin Lemm

12 days ago

It really shouldn't matter what you wear, I have 'ALWAYS' thought you were beautiful!!! Inside or outside, you matter, Carmen Electra!!!!! #fanforlife

I woke up like this morning like this, I swear!🤞

That's because your a goddess carmen.

Omar Sanchez

13 days ago

I woke up dreaming about you. Now I think I will go back to bed to do some more. Have a wonderful weekend!

Debbie Brown

13 days ago

Hi Carmen Electra, an exceptionally exciting delight!!!

Ok ok, so I'm a poser. Don't shoot me.

Monica Goia

13 days ago

You certainly do wonders for a bra and panties, Carmen, quite impressive indeed, one of the few wonders of the world. 😀😉😘😍😉

Felipe Garcia

14 days ago

Carmen Electra actually took the word, "poser" and turned it into something positive. Since she's brought up random topics, I might as well mention that there's a website called Topsynergy and it contains the personalities of various celebrities. Carmen Electra's page on that website states that it's easier for her to show people how she feels than to tell them. This would indicate that she has some sort of artistic flare. That description sounds about right. I suppose if people ask why she doesn't react or respond to their comments, you can also take that under consideration. It's difficult for celebrities to come up with different responses to their various fans as it is.

Angela Vee

14 days ago

Wow u are so lovely n sexy in ure underwear very Gorgeous woman

A hot dog or a pretzel is synonymous with New York City, a burito for The Bay. Deep dish Pizza for Chi town, what other street foods go with other cities!? (Mind you, this sorta useless crap will stay in my head all damn day. HELP!)

Chris George

14 days ago

I can honestly say that I tried and failed as Britain seems to not have a street food...we just stole some from other places like pizza and kebabs but that is Britain's whole deal

Kendra Clark

14 days ago

Love the amazing look Carmen Electra how can you stay so attractive you never age and seen to be more beautiful each day

LaToya Valdez

14 days ago

Melbourne has the Vietnamese pork roll, dim sims, potato cakes, four and twenty meat pies and Awesome lamb and chicken Kebabs

I'm getting obsessed with memes, like I used to with bad men! 😎

Ashley Maliane

14 days ago

President Trump, you should understand trade war with China will push up commodity prices and reduce exports to China. As a consequence, job posts in your Country will be lost and the Poor will suffer most. Please think about your Country and your People !

Karina Gardea

14 days ago

I don’t really see people smoke cigars over here in England but if you did smoke that over here Carmen, you’d probably be crowned queen and have us all on our knees 😍

Hope you had a good shoot yesterday and survived the earthquake ok such a beautiful woman accomplish actress, model, singer and smart also you inspire me reading about all you have succeeded at thanks Carmen Electra

Showroom gag 💕 @lapnky

Rush hour blond !!!!!!!! #haircolor by @dawntraceyhair

Good morning! Hope your day is blessed and seductive. Oops, I meant productive! 😎

Chelsea Behr

16 days ago

Omg is so tired all that you are 50 no 20

Luis Angel Garcia

16 days ago

Wow oh my God beautiful baby wow very nice baby

Sharika Denise

16 days ago

That my belt lady where i leave that belt. Looks like i need too find this bad ass lady. Where you at lady ( girl ) !!! # JEM3

Always project power.

Aaron Bayani Rafael

17 days ago

I love these positive quotes on your page. You have always been an inspiration!

James Kemp

17 days ago

You'll always be a winner!!

Tiffany Pehrson

17 days ago


Always be that warrior!

Shinichi Tasaki

17 days ago

my storm continuous now for so long that I forget what calm water is like

Maria Saenz

17 days ago

What an excellent way to look at that

Mamud Abdulahi Mohammed

17 days ago

Very good words to live by Carmen... Had that on my page for a long time...

I will always support this cause.

Ney Vazquez

17 days ago

I agree with that, Carmen.

Muñeca Cantu

18 days ago

Carmen Electra this means a lot coming from someone like you. I have autism and it's not always easy to deal with. I am learning to deal with it more and more each day. So thanks for the support, you put a smile on my face.

Kendall Salazar

18 days ago

Carmen, from someone who has autism, it really means a lot to me that you are spreading the word about it. Thank you very much!!

I get booked for a commercial shooting this Thursday. They send me this pic just now saying, "this is the look we are going after! Do they know how many YEARS AGO that was!? So if you see a chick running in the street for the next 4 days with a 5 hefty bags wrapped around her body and 3 cherry tomatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that would me me! 😟

Real Washington

18 days ago

Your a good heart, classy lady and gorgeous I like your look now and then!

Cordova Alberca Luis

18 days ago

Oh you're gorgeous and you know it 😍

Bee Linfield

18 days ago

Never sell yourself short. Face expression will now have real experience and that will be the money shot. Go get it.

Oh look I have a pair ! ....and a King and an ace 😱 #happyeaster

Wow! Someone sent this to me. Of course I instantly remember what movie it was. Do you?

Владимир Прокопов

18 days ago

Carmen. we dont see you in performing anymore. I hope youre alright.😘

Portia Johnson

19 days ago

Carmen your name is beautiful,but your face more beautiful than your name.Your face Camen beautiful like moon.

Amy A. Price

19 days ago

Jane and the virgin looking gorgeous my love💋💋💋💋💓💓💓💓💓

MUCH love from the mansion 💋 hugs & kisses from the BUNNIES #eastersunday #FB

Dylan Spence

19 days ago

Very beautiful, young kids now a days need more role models like you. They need to know hard work, always pays off, and it’s never too late to jump back in the saddle and take life by the reins and steer it to success.

Linda Johnson Garrett

19 days ago

What can I say about this photo Carmen, double WOW, sensational, awesome, sexy, captivating, amazing, tantalizing and such a very beautiful photo, words cannot describe. You are really looking so really extraordinary! :) ;) <3

Dominique Sancho

20 days ago

I mean I would love a chance ya know. Loved you for over 20yrs isn't that worthy? Hahahah. Playing. Happy Easter...

When ya gotta go , ya gotta go! #keepinitreal

Anita Marsh

21 days ago

Wow oh my God baby wow very nice baby and looking good

Gary Seagrave Jr

21 days ago

I Love your gorgeous face and sexy hot body baby

Jason Smith

21 days ago

I’d give her the best two minutes of her life!!!! 🤪😆

Jerome Mercado

21 days ago

So good" with that hoodie.." Vibe.." And the blonde BlondiE action.." 💕

Hello from your future ex husband in Miami. come to south Florida and take this SWM, 49, to dinner.

Aislinn Morales

21 days ago

Ageless wonder!!Makes me foget the self- absorbed media absorption of Kardashian nation😬 with one beautifically innocent post.Bring it Ms.Carmen Electra🤗😍so humble,so sweet😮😃


This had me in tears! Lmao

Louis Rostand

21 days ago

death this is..needs to be.

Halinka Nowak

22 days ago

kiss the frog Carmen, and I'll be ur prince

Kathy Miller

22 days ago

Dan Morris.."thats a tall threat"...:D

Blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family ! #friendship @elispacheco

De McLain

23 days ago

some stage of anyone life God there only friend. I'm at that "stage of anyone life!

James Raymond

23 days ago

Looks like Bruce Buffer.

Ivo Petrov

23 days ago

I'd need two hands

Amazing business meeting. I'm back!

Grace Bennet

23 days ago

Always the finest in the place

Tracy Walker

23 days ago

You still my, +++BAY+WATCH+++ favorite +++LADY+++...GOD+BLESS...BABYMOTHER...$$$+CP+$$$

Anyelis Del Carmen Pitre Amaya

23 days ago

Yes you look great keep up the good work Electra

20 years later, but twice as much work. #morningmotivation. Elliptical machine, I'm coming for you!

Roy Van't Geloof

23 days ago

You'll always be a smoking hot babe.

Elisa Rodrigues Montanheri

23 days ago

I think you look better now then 20 years ago..👌🏼if people ask me who's the most pretty woman in the world,my answer is Carmen are awesome

Rynnatta Silva

23 days ago

Also, your new swimsuit is nicer than the old one.

Hats off 🌹 #editorial #photography @nylonespanol

What am I thinking ? #makeup by @ash_kholm #glam Rodeo #photoshoot 🖤

Happy #nationalpuppyday 💕 Roxy is 10yrs old but still looks like a puppy to me 💋

Acting natural. 😂

Dpñ D Rä

a month ago

God your just a walking Contour! Carmen Electra!

Frederick Bennett

a month ago

Loved you of Worst Cook! Wish you could have finished! You're welcome to cook for me anytime!

Efrain Jesus Ticona

a month ago

Hmm Carmen kiss you all over total yummy

Acting natural 😂 #adidas #sunny #letsgo

Still raining in #losangeles Waiting for the sun #thedoors 💦

Takin it back to Scary Movie for a little laugh #lol 🤣

Never know what’s gonna happen with this team ! #bts shoot #lingerie #loungewear #stockings #withlovefromcarmen ❤️ @gio_berms @ash_kholm @bobbyeliot @willstyleux

Omg 😳 the life of a dancer ! #cupping #acupuncture #massage #health