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Throwback to exploring London with the boys! Can't wait to be back for #PieceOfMe next week! 🍎🍎🍎 #TBT
‪The world lost an incredibly talented woman today. Rest In Peace, Aretha Franklin... your legacy and music will forever inspire us and future generations 💛‬

Damian Koroch

a day ago

Brit don't go to a inverted toilette you have driven a car and made this! I'm not standing there. Lg Lukas Schuster

Brecht Lry

a day ago

I just think it’s adorable she looks so regular here lol

Joseph Valentine

2 days ago

Pauline reason number one for sightseeing 😂😂 Gemma


Crystal Lewis

3 days ago

Eyup Britney, how's it going? If you're still in Scarborough on Saturday me and my mates are having BBQ, you welcome to come have afew beers and chill in the hot tub

Mia James Brown

3 days ago

Dang ky thanh cong goi D7 (7000d/1,2GB, het luu luong mien phi ngung truy cap Internet). Hieu luc su dung 24h ke tu thoi diem dang ky. Goi cuoc duoc gia han tu dong.

Jorge Garcia

3 days ago

Wow Britney Beautiful!! Jesus Loves You✝️ and all you have to do to be saved is to accept Jesus as you Lord and Saviour, He'll forgive you Amen!! You are Stunning and Beautiful Love ❤️you. God Bless!!

📷: Frances Iacuzzi

John McKelvie

4 days ago

You can also back in chat Baby.
Sam knows that we text from an year circa or maybe more..
Change with the boys.
Not a good fact for him as man.
Good that they're back to school.

Steve Shih

4 days ago

So happy to see you my Idol here in Belgium 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️Never change still beautiful and sexy omg fantastic live❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jayesh Choure

4 days ago

Pretty color. Together with light blue as Vanessa Paradise in Joel de Taxi video. Enjoy. Thankyou for the show in Telenor Arena. I think the atmosphere there was better than ever. 💕

Eric Ward

8 days ago

I love you Britney so wish that you'd do this tour in Australia too cause you have hundreds of thousands of fans over here too!

Daphne Stayer

9 days ago

First time for me to post on a celebrity's page but I have to say that Britney's videos helped me to lose weight, lose inches around my hips (my biggest problem area), and maintain hope and peace. I lost my little sister in January then my job in June but I never lost hope on improving myself. THANK YOU Britney!!

Aleasha Laing

9 days ago

Quần Aó đẹp đấy....Hố hố hố....Britney Spears...Hôm nọ Tao viết nhầm...Mày có chuyển tiền sang cho Tao thì chuyển 100 NGHÀN DOLA mới bõ nộp thuế....Hiểu không ? 😎 Mẹ Kiếp ! Hắc hắc hắc...Tao không trêu mày đâu....Nói thật đấy....Mẹ Kiếp !

I’ve always loved the UK and this night just made me love it even more 🌈🌈🌈 #BrightonPride

Danny Epperson

11 days ago

All fan beautiful and talented britney spears if you want also my fan(giampaolo matocci singer rap,guitarist heavy metal,philosopher,etc..artist serious and great culture)see also my video music

Yögesh Sëhläñgïä

12 days ago

Britney it was amazing to see u at Brighton pride, I’ve loved u ever since baby one more time, and seeing u was an absolute dream come true! 🏳️‍🌈❤️

Ashley Noel

12 days ago

Rudy Rudarto, don’t u love things more after experiencing like those things during thee nite and like talk about those things w a fierce selfie and such as?? 🤔❤️😜

‪Me and the boys 😜👒🌹👒😜 #PieceOfMe‬

Mirco Bader

17 days ago

All fan beautiful and talented britney spears if you want also my fan..(giampaolo matocci singer rap,guitarist heavy metal..etc..)

Mirco Bader

17 days ago

Britney are you invite for the Miriam’s barbecue on this Friday in Marques de Vadillo! There will be, cervecita and carnecita rica. And also very very nice people and one couple of marqueses (VIP people). Maybe we can play all together to the bingo! We will waiting for you 💖

Celia Lammert

17 days ago

I really like the layout very creative!!!

Me and the boys enjoying a fruit plate before last night's show 😂 Thanks for the hospitality and perfect end to our US run, Florida!! Now off to the UK and Europe!!!! #PieceOfMe 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️🌷🌸🍀

David Yellowbird

19 days ago

So wish I was seeing you in Glasgow in a few weeks but couldn’t get tickets - would loved to have seen you live at last, I admire you so much. Xxx

Sydney Throop

19 days ago

Come back to Vegas!! ❤️🎶 congrats 🍾 TeamBrit.

Jessica Guardado Velázquez

19 days ago

Best birthday gift ever to see you in Dublin on 20th Aug #BritneyFanatic i love you Britney!

I cant wait Gracelyn

Found these pics from a trip I took years ago... wow what a beautiful place! 💐🐠🍀⭐️🐘🌺

Susanne Bergenhök

21 days ago

Love you very much to my good special heart

Waynie Calvert

21 days ago

Wow very nice and a beautiful place.Thanks so much God of my our beloved so much Almigty God of a Jesus Christ.

Becky Lynn

21 days ago

This is the place that Belinda Carlisle describe in her big hit "HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH!" and now I'm really more "MAD ABOUT YOU!" dear HONEY B! :-*

‪One of my favorite stage outfits 🖤 Hollywood, FL are you ready for #PieceOfMe tonight?? #FBF 🐇👠🍀🍎🌸🌺👒🗝🌷‬

Gong Xueqin

22 days ago

Natasha how is this her fave outfit? There's barely any material. #BestVegasConcert Luv ya Brit💋

Kayla Garrett

22 days ago

Britney is like my pegasus i ride her kind of natural weather balloons to a fresh part in the galaxy beneath the authorised recommended hatred and its temporary used up minions then hop off like a "gerbil" by the wayside and scratch her main to sounds of britney watching tv upon mcdonalds table

Kgaogelo Mathonsi

22 days ago

Hi Britney Spears please call Merlino Teresa for a duo. She is one of the most important voice of Puglia che Albano Carrisi levati proprio. If you need informations call me. See you!

Playing Radio City Music Hall never tasted so good… 😉

Dijana Brozović

24 days ago

Such a beautiful picture Britney. You always look so amazing. This picture reminds me of the Pepsi commercial you did. Always so beautiful.😀

Alexandria Woods

25 days ago

I love that she is again with Pepsi♥, but it seems that the person who edited this photo was a beginner, or worse, who has not studied. I do not know if they do it on purpose, but it seems that yes, but this is a poor advertising photo ... This advertising photo was edited very badly. This edition is a mockery for true designers or photo editors ... Britney Spears is very pretty, does not need much editing, and has had a better publicity photo for other brands, such as Kenzo, but this is a totally deficient photo. They lacked a good graphic designer or editor.

Ian Baldelovar

a month ago

Lori Smith my sister in law went last nite...she took a video of almost the whole show...she had super close looked AMAZING

📷: Herb Ritts #tbt

Apostle R R Nthambeleni

a month ago

Brittney you and Carmen Electra aren't my favorites anymore, it's Sharon Case-- she's the most beautiful lady in the world.

Zita Tari

a month ago

She’s such a phenomenon. Only artist who can take years off for a break and come back n still be relevant. How many have tried and come up short doing that. Some how the name Britney that matches that face and that reputation rises each time. She is the epitome of legacy.

Alex Livesey

a month ago

No wonder you used to get pulled over all the time back then!

Took a lovely walk with my boys yesterday. Ready for Bethlehem tonight!!! 🍏⭐️🍀 #PieceOfMe

Shigeo Komazaki

a month ago

That's Your #Prerogative right?!

"Don't just try make it happen and do it today baby"

Yes, We Can.
If you only #GetBack into #Phonography little girl!

Zach Comer

a month ago

Great concert last night!! Love this park you were at, it's near my house!

Mike Ridge

a month ago

Supreme💖, It's a dream. An illusion. My vision💖, there will be a collision. This eternal star. It's not that very far.🦖

I leave the snake handling to the boys these days... I was ready to run 😂

Kylie Kropik

a month ago

Baby.. you're in the backstage..
I follow quite all I can.
I wrote to you again..

I'll take a pause from all socials
For dinner then I back up in my room and I do some things but I'm still on if you want to talk..

Jacob Murray

a month ago

Omg your son is adorable. Looks just like his mother!!

Nabay Aboubakar Sidiki

a month ago

Ur just like my mum with snakes but then there's me... Loves snakes. I held one just the other day, a bit bigger then that one, but it knew I was calm around it so it was chilling with me haha. And yes I do know a bit about animals hehe

Getting silly with my kids on our day off from tour! #PieceOfMe is back tonight. See you soon, Connecticut! 🍏🍏🍎🍎

Joey Ranieri

a month ago

I took a pic there right after you and the made my life last night in CT! Love you 😍

John Stopford

a month ago

7/17 show is almost here and I can’t wait!!!! Love you Britney ❤️

Violeta Mauricio

a month ago

My heart beats fast at just one glance
it makes me love this amazing romance
I just have to hear your voice and I fall to my knees there are many few words of how how much you mean to me
I see you face and I can’t help but smile to see you I would run for miles and miles my love Britney is true
but only to you
my love so true
oh my love I love you

‪📷: Frances Iacuzzi ‬

Robert Capper

a month ago

I love you girl ,,,,,, I just want you to know that ,,,,,, it was not me ,,,,, pink noising my PA system at 8:00am at the Malibu pow waw it was that guy

Anthony Gouge

a month ago

Настроения поганое нечего не радует ! Пойду займусь наркоманией, алкоголизмом ,терроризмом и само убийством ! Нет идей как поднять настроение ! Пиздец! да мужики я нечего не решаю !

Maria Glassmire

a month ago

😎😅😊The color of your dress fits you wonderfully! I wish you much success with your hits! And I'm looking forward to your performances in August in Germany! 👍👍👍

Feels so good to be back on stage!!!! Thank you DC for an amazing start to the #PieceOfMe tour! ❤️

Kevin Lomax

a month ago

It’s been a while, I know I shouldn’t have kept you waiting, but I’m here now...😂 April Lynn Garza

Vicky Tovar

a month ago

Are you coming to Australia would love to see your concert again I lived circus

Ashley Stacey

a month ago

For those that went to this show; does she start exactly on time or is there an opening act? I’m seeing her tomorrow and the show starts at 7:30. Please let me know fellow Britney fans 🙂

I adore Sophia Webster! These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes 🌷🌷🌷

Scottso Riker

a month ago

Ely Martinez y yo no consideramos que bien padre. Pero tu sabes. Una vez permitimos que una amiga rayara una playera interior con su nombre y esta vez no pensamos cometer el mismo error. Saludos. Te amamos 💕

Dany Nucci

a month ago

You love them that's all that matters! But I think they would be much better with two of the top too are then whatever the purple is suppose to be

Juvenal Salgado Miranda

a month ago

What ever happened to if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all? She was just saying she loved the shoes. Didn’t ask for opinion. Also isn’t this a fan page? Some don’t sound like fans. Gotta love social media

‪📷: Frances Iacuzzi ‬

Terri Atkinson

a month ago

Yesssss Britney! Keep this look coming! The natural beachy look with the golden glow is definitely what works for you! 🌸💋🌼

Alex Romero

a month ago

I wish you good luck on this piece of me tour and remember Britney army it's the best to make you happy and support thisem time

Roy Nicole

a month ago

You look so beautiful Brit you always do 😊

‪📷: Frances Iacuzzi ‬

Róbert Váradi

a month ago

Hi Sweetheart..
Sorry to bother were in my dreams last night. In one of them, I 'remembered' something you used to enjoy..but, most likely don't get to do very often anymore..

'For the life of me'..I, Ian Lang cannot remember, what it was, now that I'm awake, lol.

I, wouldn't be surprised, if the boys and your boyfriend enjoy 'whatever' it was..sooo, if you know what I'm referring to...perhaps you should see if they are interested. wishes to you.

Love Ya, Dork!

Frederick Wilkins

a month ago

Hi Britney
You're still in great shape! Where do you get your energy? Being a mom and residency in Las Vegas is hard work!
God bless you!

Mary Ann Salvana-Hoefel

a month ago

Ohhhh mama!!!....I wish I could run my wet tongue all over you baby....I'll get you wet so good that you won't have you use your fancy luxury bathroom for days!!!

Happy #4thofJuly!!! 🇺🇸🎆

Angie Ford

a month ago

Happy 4th of July Britney Spears. God bless❤.

Liliana Guzmán Nahuelpan

a month ago

Happy 4th of July to you too Britney

Jody Malone

a month ago

Happy 4th. The best to you and your family.

‪📷: Frances Iacuzzi ‬

Tonči Tafra

a month ago

So beautiful and gorgeous back then and today you still look so stunning. I've been listening to your music for a long time and I hope you come to Sacramento to perform.

Deb Pat Rohaley

a month ago

Dam Britney you are hotter then this heat wave and the fireworks i love you god bless hope u and the family have a fun and safe time

Rickey Sharma

a month ago

I want my wife back, I was so patient with Britney, three years I'm waiting her to come to Greece and live with me side by side here. She flirted with a horrible guy from Iran for 2 years almost, she cheated on me and I'm still waiting for her arrival here in Greece. Britney Spears is my spouse and this is official, we know each other from 1999 onwards, well she's almost my first love!

Great trip to Miami! Thank you The Setai, Miami Beach 🌞 #thankyouforthisgift

S Demetric Whitegoat

2 months ago

The Theater at MGM National Harbor Concerts Tickets available if your interested kindly inbox me for enquiry

Mētålliçæ Pöön

2 months ago

Nie widze zdjecia z twuj partner jest zabity , zanim bedziesz zemna to napewno go zabijesz bo jak nie to nawet cie nie chce !!! Oddaj pieniadze ty pojebana kurwo !!!!

Adriana Jazmin Huarquila Henriquez

2 months ago

You look beautiful Britney I you so much I hope we see together on this year, god bless you Britney <3

‪Having the best time with my other half ❤️‬

Lav J Lîôr Àvn

2 months ago

I've got me a French Arab myself lol. They are so hot! I am not sure if ur boy has French in him or not, but hot, both of you and yet again eat baby. You look good with some meat on ya, not too much.... yes I know she's too big now she's too small. I actually completely understand how you feel lol. Love you Britney!

Bridget Herr-Fry

2 months ago

Will we ever experience having the best time of our lives w future halves in our nation Rudy Rudarto???

Shakyra Maltbia

2 months ago

You two look really happy together so happy for you Brit may God bless you guys and watch over you both 🙏😊

‪Look who I found in Miami 🍎😻‬

HLee Wilkerson-Mitchell

2 months ago

Every time I see them together I pray to God he wouldn't accidentally sit on her and squeeze her to death

Basia Agata Wójs Banaszak

2 months ago

Is that your plastic surgeon? He didnt do a very good job.

Cesar De Leon

2 months ago

Chance Wyatt Julian Puhringer Tye Goettle I lurrrv how Mom is the most fashionablist on her off days.

Magic is everywhere

Cynthia Herraz Herraz

2 months ago

edward ,... look! no hands..! / Britney's MAGIC !! ..youareinit!!

Lea Sarkisova

2 months ago

I thought in Harry potter when I read this!

Lisa Poitra-Laducer

2 months ago

You haven't experienced magic yet Britney...

Me and Pres having a chill day at our favorite spot in Miami! 🎨🍒🍇🍎🌸🌼☘️🍀🐠🐯🐭👙👗👡

Alessandro Babbuzzi Galante

2 months ago

Nice reflection in your sunglasses is that the pool boy or you just dreaming of someone like me lmao

Dora Mendoza Camarillo

2 months ago

You are so beautiful and both of your sons are so handsome. It must be nice to be able to go somewhere for some down time. Love ya

Adel Lizbeth

2 months ago

A)You look AMAZING Brit!😍🤪😍💯 Yet,....if my MOM looked like that,...think I’d be on my way to the analyst!!

My first photo with Portrait Mode just before having sushi with friends last night!!!!! 🍎👛🍎👠🍀🍏⭐️🌸🐯


2 months ago

Hannah Shea Her "friend" still managed to get a blurry picture with portrait mode. Girl, you need new friends. These cannot be trusted.

Gwen Doline

2 months ago

Brit I can't have enough of your "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know" music video. From Philippines with much love. 🇵🇭😘❤️

Cassandra Celia Texada

2 months ago

Sarah Schafenacker I have many questions. Why sushi? Which friends? Why now?

‪It’s been way too long since I’ve seen these boys! Had an amazing time on set 😜😜🍎🍎👠🍎‬

Kuba Šaroch

3 months ago

Along with new music; how's about a new fragrance? One for men. You've got enough variety out there for the ladies. Share the love....Please? :)

Layla Cruz

3 months ago

I LOVE You Brit but.. I don,t like the outfits You are wearing now,I love more the clothes You used to use in the past

Kyoko Yoshinaga

3 months ago

Still hot as ever Brit
I have never loved blonde curly hair as much as in your criminal video
Haven't watched it in like 2 years and still remember it!!!!

Love when we go to our favorite spot on Sundays 💕🥞 The boys are bigger than me now!!!!! 😜

Matt Von Schondorf

3 months ago

Yeah right britney , your boys are teenager right now , and you'll need a little britney spears , you creat n0w baby with sam to have u a little girl #britney

Davide Valoppi

3 months ago

fight for your boys they olde enough to tell the judge who they want to be with now let kevin take care his other family with his owm money

Eve Chipata

3 months ago

Those are going to make some beautiful boys I probably don't break a lot of girls hearts and they are growing up quick

Perfect start to the weekend!! 🍳🥓🍽

Bonxsue Sebayan

3 months ago

That is one of my favourite breakfasts if not my best.Just a nice sqirt of tomato ketchup & some propper english bacon.Yours looks a bit sorry for itself

Glenjie Patricio Dela Cruz

3 months ago

@britneyspears it's right that you know that the tone under ya profiles and in forums is totally different and by the same people.

Basing me on what I read on

Narelyn Rema Remmy

3 months ago

Hi WIFE MOMS baby AnnA. c Agnetha and DIS. ANGELS ON EARTH. Angels really can be born. On earth. But they are simpletons. 👠👠👠👑👑👑

👒👒👒 #fbf
📷: Gilles Bensimon

Carmen Hamdan

3 months ago

One day, I saw a Britney SPEAR interviewed in her home; I love her cross pending from her neck; her dress was very nice & simple, but did show her greatness, faith & big strength no matter her beautiful slim muscle body. Many other times, I saw her in troubles, but it she THE one who is standing as one getting big. I sincerely admired you, Kate and all those who care for their babies as I do. Thank God for helping us & bless us every day.

Sadik Findley

3 months ago





Marim Batoul

3 months ago

One of my all time favourite iconic mag spreads

#FBF 👠👠👠 photo by Steven Klein

Maria Nedelcu

4 months ago

That situation with your live-in self-appointed manager. Aren't you again in this situation? These people manage you. Do you attract such people and such situations?

Joe Juliano

4 months ago

Sometimes singers are strongly associated with some group or party and are punished when the group loses. In Iran, there was a singer who had been famous under the Shah, but under the ayatollahs, he had to play on beaches like a beggar, scraping a living. In Pol Pot's Cambodia, rockmen were executed.

Carolyn Dubie

4 months ago

Hi Britney, honey! You are very much in this photo, and you are very beautiful too. Your live show in London by YourTube was a great success, I really enjoyed it because you were in white dress and very men dancing at your side dancing as well. It was a great spectacle, the city of London is also well known for its evening party.
Have a great weekend, my darling, a big hug and a kiss.

🎩 #tbt
📷: Ellen Von Unwerth

Gavyn Winn

4 months ago

I Have to ask whats that hanngin in the middle. It kinda looks like a sock but probly sonthing else like maybe workout rag or somthing?

Luis Francisco

4 months ago

Oh you are very beautiful and a singer. We should all party together like with Aida Garifullina Very welcome singers!

Julie Flottorp

4 months ago

Wow, you take my breath away... should have been more Britney's in the wrld. You amaze me... kiss kiss. Love you.

Sending my love to the people of Toronto and all those affected ❤️

Jessica Staley

4 months ago

Es lamentable que ocurran este tipo de tragedias en el mundo, me sumo a tu amor Brit para los afectados de Toronto ❤️

Ale Cooper

4 months ago

Thanks Britney Spears we are humbled you took time out of your day to support us with the sudden and needless attack.

Manuel Ghidoli

4 months ago

Toranto...been going there my whole everywhere...
Thanks for posting this..

This video shoot was incredible!!! What dreams are made of... #Slave4U

Surya Sebayang

4 months ago

Hi Britney, honey! I also loved this video, you are very sexy, it is a fantastic video Slave4U. Have a great week, a big hug.

Isao Yamamoto

4 months ago

Baby dont u wanna dance up on me to another time and place...get it get it 😄😄😄 somethin like that, where's the Phyton by the way🤣

Alice Taylor

4 months ago

Love, love, love it. One of my favorite videos and songs. You look great now but I thought you looked amazing then especially in that video!

What an incredibly moving evening celebrating love and acceptance at the #GLAADawards! I'm so proud to be an ally of the LGBTQ community and it was an absolute honor to receive the GLAAD Vanguard Award last night!!

Shahab Asgari

4 months ago

Well done on your award Britney you deserve all of your accolades. I expect you have a few awards now your talent in performing arts has made you the star you are. Well deserved mate!

Ginger Ann Lee

4 months ago

Congrats and we'll don't Britney. However I believe your choice of dress was not appropriate. You are a stunning intelligent woman and have a platform to reach millions in a positive manner. You don't need to show so much skin for an award like this. Costumes like that is for your stage production and concerts. Please know you looked amazing but inappropriate.

Leonel Zali

4 months ago

theres more letters than LGBTQ and freaks out there remember their the outsiders we aint thats why they made the TLC channel... to make fun of them and embarass them to the networks on tv that we all get sick on if we watch block it. they more you support these freaks the more they get OFF i dont accept it but other countries will cause their a disgrace country thats why.

✨GLAAD awards tonight ✨ #GLAADawards

Meagan Lee

4 months ago

Olympic gymnasts wear less than this yet dont look this good, so whats the problem? To those of you trying to stomp on Britney, may your loved ones get cancer. Thatll teach you to mess with Brit 😝

Ana Paula Castañeda

4 months ago

Come to SW Florida and you'll see what aging looks like. Sometimes, I can't tell these women from the designer bags they carry. Sunblock is magical, but you already look like leather, so don't bother. The Botox doesn't help. Guess that's what too much money and too much time looks like.

Răzvan Frunză

4 months ago

People are so rude. Not used to seeing someone without 50 filters. Yes she has aged. We all do. She is still beautiful. Congrats on your award.

Martha Alicia Hernandezolivo

5 months ago

I grew up with Price Club, that's currently called Costco but I purchased your first CD, actually my mom did for me but I was with her at Sam's Club in Tulsa. Best day of my life and any and all reminders of a simple and pretty good life are burly! Take these snaps for example, totally tubular

Kezia Danae Thompson

5 months ago

Before I die I want God to send an Angel that looks just like you. I will feel so loved and die without fear.

Thanh Tuyền

5 months ago

Sweet beautiful Angel of love. You bring so much joy into my heart. God bless you sweetheart and know that I will always love you. Peace babydoll. And have a most beautiful Easter. ✌🌹🌹🌹💝🐰🐶😜

⭐️⭐️ 📷: @markseliger
Found my white booty shorts 😉😉😉😉

Tiffani Edge

5 months ago

Ugh. I’m shook. You give me life.. then kill me .. then bring me back to life. I love you soooo much that i make myself 🤢🤢🤮 something! Gorgeous

Nikyah Fields

5 months ago

Still stunning. If your ever in the mood for just just a normal guy with a lot of friends and family that's actually loyal. Let me know

Hunter Hein

5 months ago

I don’t have words to say how I feel...Britney you have showed the world you’re sooooo much STROOONNGER! ....than yesterday.....

Found my white booty shorts 😉😉😉😉

Muhammed Tuco

5 months ago

Hey Britney, I’m sure you’ll never see this but my cousin, Analisa is an MSD survivor. She knows everyone of your songs & you are her absolute idol. When she found out you posted this, she freaked out!! Everyone please help me get Analisa to Britney by using the hashtag #AnalisatoBritney . Please help us lift her spirits in this hard time🙏🏼

Alberto Pavesi

5 months ago

Hi, wonderful girl. Still wonder if you remember me from red rocks in 98. I had to leave to get married. Wish I would have stayed with you all. Guy playing guitar on stage when you got there.😉 I've written over 10,000 songs Brit. Many for female. Tim McGraw stole daddy's girl from me! Working for him in Omaha and gave a cd to Kevin his driver. It's nothing for me to write cause I am a loving, forgiving person. I hear music constantly when I'm in silence.

Chandra Galahitiyawa

5 months ago

shes deffinatly a wack case, but shes still a sharp looker. used to feed her n her sister once in a while.

Charline Chou

5 months ago

You have millions from your Las Vegas tour why don't you donate that instead of begging of money of much poorer people to donate so you don't have to. This is theft at it peril!

Tomoko Masuyama

5 months ago

Cuidemos el agua. El recurso mas valioso de nuestro planeta, pero a su vez el que menos personas tienen a su disposición.

Good on you BRITNEY.
We need more celebrities like you.
You have a water shortage in California too....water conservation is important.

La Collection Memento No2 from @KENZO 📷: @therealpeterlindbergh #kenzolovesbritney #collectionmemento2

Wantoe Eyotzz

5 months ago

Dan had 2 Nameless planets and 8 clone planets we will have 8 zillion Baby’s #BritneySpearsReal I love you no respond no Transmit get out of there

Skye Isabella

5 months ago

Rainha mais perfeita do mundo,Britney uma verdadeira Barbie 👏🏻😍😍😍👏🏻👑👑👑

Uriel Omar Arias

5 months ago

I wonder what retailers this collection will be available at other than Kenzo... would love to see this at Neiman Marcus ❤

So excited to announce my new campaign for KENZO’s La Collection Memento No2 shot by Peter Lindbergh!!!

Kelley Collins

5 months ago

There's always something to be said for feeling grand and feeling comfortable but to make real such a vivid statement alike #KenzoLovesBritney, this pic does justice

Linda George

5 months ago

Actually Britney may I m typing at night but still while u have voice such like that u don't need to. . . . . . . . . . .
With love and respect to your voice it's just my point of view
Sorry if I hurt u
Then I tell you u r a sehezada, my phone suddenly blinks by such words
Oops I didn't lie
Sorry, if I told anything wrong to you

May god bless all over the world

Brenda Medina

5 months ago

Aww,You now have a new line.I'm happy I can Inspire you,You Going Back To your days as a little Child.And It Is Adorable.

☕️☕️☕️ 🎨: @makeandtellblog

Erika Sanchez

5 months ago

Try ma reciption/i mixed in sugar coffee and cacao(no water)-and with a spoon i eat@;-)

Md Nurul Alom Saddar

5 months ago

Alguém declara a brit como filósofa do século 21?

Lindsey Treleaven

5 months ago

You should be limiting your caffeine. I'm surprised someone as in shape as you isn't already doing this.

Feeling so inspired by #SHINE, a song written and performed by students from Stoneman Douglas who survived the tragedy in Parkland. All proceeds from this song benefit the MSD student survivors! Listen: ❤️
Shine MSD March for our Lives
#MSDStrong #NeverAgain

Daiana Andréa da Silva

5 months ago

Has Britney been shot?
A shooting just occurred at A Thousand Oaks Mall.
Shooter still at large.

Jazmin Herrera Ponce

5 months ago

She's jest don't give a dam and that's the rich for you they don't give a dam 😠😠😠they have to much and there still not happy

Nitin Dominic

5 months ago

Don't you think that money could be used to better lives instead of a shrine
Not going to bring them back so use
The money to help the victims family
And the fight for banning assault wepons.

🎀🌹🎀 #tbt
📷: Mark Liddell

Ransford Ptyalin Opare Stancaro

5 months ago

Hi Moms. Since you know Availability Date our trip to N Korea has a departure date. The IV should come with us. I've been spaceing out for a longer period of time. Dr T said don't wake him up. Oh well. JC said Mr I. 👑👑👑👠👠👠

Irina Yepez

5 months ago

Liebe Britney, du siehst sehr hübsch aus auf diesem Foto, ich wünsche dir alles Gute und viel Liebe von mir. Ich habe dich sehr gern Britney, ich hoffe das ich dich mal im Leben sehe und treffe, damit wir mal zusammen in Ruhe reden können. All my love and all the best, >>> ELVEDIN <3

Taposhi Bentley

5 months ago

Been in love with her since I stocked her debut album at Kmart in 1998, opened the box and was like wow! Christina Aguileras debut album was also in that box.


Bárbara de Moura

5 months ago

Britney you are so beautiful!!! But you are putting too much black makeup. Fix your makeup and you will look even prettier <3

Joy Cigliutti

5 months ago

Looking very nice and beautiful i wish i was with you there , i love dancing and i would dance for hours at time specially in my home (weekendtime!!)

Hannah Lay

5 months ago

Hey BJS thats a perfect wedding dress. Had a dream of you winning Oscar at Crossroads 2. Smitten, Brian PS Happy Belated Birthday 😍

just give me a kiss, like this #tbt
Talk this way
Walk this way
‪🎨: Kasi Turpin‬

Katie Hides

5 months ago

Throwback to the the best Super Bowl halftime show of all time! Until Britney does another one! #Queen #itsbritneybitch Carly Yvonne Orr Emily Ball

Nolwazi Yoliswa Manyika

5 months ago

When do you post something about your music and not your body?

Javi Sosa

5 months ago

The only half time show I've ever watched. Have it on VHS.